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									By Rabia Asif
Moroccan Foods
Moroccan Spices
Morocco’s Five Senses
Moroccan Clothing
Moroccan Music
Moroccan Holidays
Moroccan Flag
One of Morocco’s foods are couscous.
Couscous looks like rice but it isn’t.
Dates are eaten in the fasting months.
Beef is a special food in Morocco,
but isn’t eaten too much.
Lamb is a kind of meat eaten in Morocco.
Black Pepper is a spice used for
different things.
Chili Powder is another kind of spice
in Morocco used for many things.
Salt is a kind of spice too!
Feel – If I were in morocco I will feel the
softness of the Sahara Desert.
Taste – If I were in Morocco I would taste
the yummy foods.
Smell – If I were in Morocco I would smell
the different things there.
Hear – If I were in Morocco the soft music
of the malls.
See – If I were in Morocco I would see the
different categories and the world.
Most of Morocco’s clothing is made
out of leather. Leather is made out of
animals skins. When a animal dies
people take it’s skin and it makes
Some people use animal bones to
make part of their clothing.
One of Morocco’s music is Berber
music. Berber music is an old
traditional kind of music. It has been
sang for years and years.
One of the Morocco's holidays is the
Islamic New Year. The Islamic New
Year lasts less than a year.
The Moroccan flag has the colors
green and red. Red stands for
courage and bravery. Green stands
for peace. Also, the color green is a
star. The star stands for the Seal of

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