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Name: Muhammad Umair Sheikh Roll# NI-F7-BBA-212

Microsoft’s Mission Statement
Microsoft work to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. This is Microsoft’s mission. Everything Microsoft does reflect this mission and the values that make it possible.

Microsoft’s Value
As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. Microsoft is committed to Microsoft’s customers and partners and has a passion for technology. Microsoft takes on big challenges, and prides ourselves on seeing them through. Microsoft hold ourselves accountable to Microsoft’s customers, shareholders, partners, and employees by honoring Microsoft’s commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality.

Microsoft’s Vision Statement
To get a workstation running Microsoft’s software onto every desk and eventually in every home

Experience and Dedication
Microsoft’s employees are experienced, passionate about their work and dedicated to meeting the goals of the company. Every employee understands that Microsoft’s customers are the most import asset of the company. Microsoft’s managers create a positive atmosphere that encourages both creativity and a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Each employee participates in the quality process, ensuring that Microsoft’s customers always get Microsoft’s best effort, every time. Total employees are 89,809 in 105 countries and Employee growth rate is 11.3%.

Microsoft’s Majors Products
          Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office Microsoft Servers Developer Tools Microsoft Expression Business Solutions Games & Xbox 360 Windows Live Windows Mobile Zune

Business Culture
Microsoft has often been described as having a developer-centric business culture. A great deal of time and money is spent each year on recruiting young university-trained software developers and on keeping them in the company. For example, while many software companies often place an entry-level software developer in a cubicle desk within a large office space filled with other cubicles, Microsoft assigns a private or semiprivate closed office to every developer or pair of developers. In addition, key decision makers at every level are either developers or former developers. In a sense, the software developers at Microsoft are considered the "stars" of the company in the same way that the sales staff at IBM is considered the "stars" of their company. Within Microsoft the expression "eating our own dog food" is used to describe the policy of using the latest Microsoft products inside the company in an effort to test them in "real-world" situations. Only prerelease and beta versions of products are considered dog food. This is usually shortened to just "dogfood" and is used as noun, verb, and adjective. The company is also known for their hiring process, dubbed the "Microsoft interview", which is notorious for off-the-wall questions such as "Why is a manhole cover round?" and is a process often mimicked in other organizations, although these types of questions are rarer now than they Microsoftre in the past. For fun, Microsoft also hosts the Microsoft Puzzle Hunt, an annual puzzle hunt (a live puzzle game where teams compete to solve a series of puzzles) held at the Redmond campus. As of 2006, Microsoft employees, not including Bill Gates, have given over $2.5 billion dollars to non-profit organizations worldwide, making Microsoft the worldwide top company in per-employee donations. In January 2007, the Harris Interactive/The Wall Street Journal Reputation Quotient survey concluded that Microsoft had the world's best corporate reputation, citing strong financial performance, vision & leadership, workplace environment rankings, and the charitable deeds of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Technical reference for developers and articles for various Microsoft magazines such as Microsoft Systems Journal (or MSJ) are available through the Microsoft Developer Network, often called MSDN. MSDN also offers subscriptions for companies and individuals, and the more expensive subscriptions usually offer access to pre-release beta versions of Microsoft software. In recent years, Microsoft launched a community site for developers and users, entitled Channel9, which provides many modern features such as a wiki and an Internet forum.[71] Another community site that provides daily videocasts and other services,, launched on March 3, 2006. Most free technical support available through Microsoft is provided through online Usenet newsgroups (in the early days it was also provided on CompuServe). There are several of these newsgroups for nearly every product Microsoft provides, and often they are monitored by Microsoft employees. People who are helpful on the newsgroups can be elected by other peers or Microsoft employees for Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status, which entitles people to a sort of special social status, in addition to possibilities for awards and other benefits.

Microsoft’s Environment
Microsoft has taken actions to become more environmentally friendly. Some examples include:   Microsoft's newest building on its campus in Hyderabad, India was built as an environmentally friendly structure. Microsoft has phased out the use of polyvinyl chloride plastic in its packaging material, due to environmental concerns. Polyvinyl chloride also referred to as PVC or vinyl, can release toxins into the environment during production and if it is burned after production. These toxins are synthetic chemicals that can be linked to cancer, and issues with the reproductive and immune systems. In six months time, Microsoft was able to eliminate approximately 361,000 pounds of polyvinyl packaging by transitioning to a packaging utilizing polyethylene terephthalate plastic (PET). The company continues to research further eco-friendly packaging made of corn starch, sugar, and vegetable oil.


Microsoft is using some renewable energy sources in its Silicon Valley campus, where the company has installed over 2,000 solar panels spanning 30,000 square feet on top of its buildings.[96] These panels supply 480 kilowatts of power, generating approximately 15 percent of the total energy needed by the campus and cutting the greenhouse gasses that would otherwise be produced to supply that power.

 

Microsoft employs a free mass transit system for its 35,000 employees in the Seattle area and shuttles its workers with hybrid cars on its main campus. The company uses an irrigation system at its Redmond campus that senses upcoming weather changes, saving 11 million gallons of water per year. The company has received a silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program for environmental design.

   Google IBM Oracle

Concern for survival, growth & profitability
         Sales: US$ 51,122.0 Million One year growth: 15.4% Net income: US$ 17.681 Billion Income growth: 17.6% Market cap: US$ 259.75 Billion Revenue: US$ 60.420 Billion Operating income: US$ 22.492 Billion Total assets: US$ 72.793 Billion Total equity: US$ 36.286 Billion

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