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    Summer 2010



        TIM AND DEIDRE BAINBRIDGE                                                                           Douglas W. Scha
                                                                                                                           rre, MD, CMD


                                                                                                           Central Ohio Chapter
   Inside this Issue...                                      The	Outlook	on	ALZHEIMER’S
   2	      Outlook
                                                            Almost	every	day,	the	staff	at	the	Alzheimer’s	Association	is	asked	about		
   3	      In	His	Own	Words                                 the	latest	research	advancements,	and	if	a	cure	is	coming.	We	are	proud		
   					   Why	We	Advocate                                  to	be	able	to	say	that	we	are	the	largest	private	funder	of	Alzheimer’s		
   4	      Research	Advances	 	                             research	and	have	been	involved	in	every	major	advancement	in		
   5	      OSU	Researchers	You                              Alzheimer’s	research	since	the	1980’s	awarding	in	excess	of	$265	million	
   	       Should	Know                                      to	more	than	1,800	projects.
   7	      Medical	&	Professional                          But	there	is	more	to	be	done.	In	July,	the	Alzheimer’s	Association		
   	       Advisory	Committee       Greg Winslow
                                    Interim Executive      International	Conference	on	Alzheimer’s	Disease	2010	(AAICAD)	was	
   8	      Caring	For	Alzheimer’s   Director and CEO       held	in	Honolulu,	Hawaii.	More	than	3,800	of	the	best	researchers	from	
   			     Are	You	AWARE                                   around	the	world	gathered	in	an	effort	to	speed	research	breakthroughs	
                                                           toward	diagnosis,	treatment,	prevention	and	a	cure.	It	is	the	privilege	of		
   9	      Come	Rock	the	Night
   	       Away                     the	Alzheimer’s	Association	to	host	this	global	event.
   10	     Dehydration	A	Risk       At	AAICAD,	we	announced	the	launch	of	our	new	research	microsite	at	
   11	     Program	Updates          We	look	forward	to	this	site	becoming	a	hub	for	the	research	community	and	others	who	are		
   12	     Memory	Walk	Updates      seeking	the	latest	in	Alzheimer’s	research	information.	We	also	publically	launched	Alzheimer’s	
                                    Association	TrialMatchTM,	a	confidential	and	free	interactive	tool	that	provides	comprehensive	
                                    clinical	trial	information	and	an	individualized	trial	matching	service	for	people	with	Alzheimer’s	
                                    disease	and	related	dementias.	
   To	eliminate	Alzheimer’s	        In	central	Ohio,	we	are	honored	to	have	multiple	recipients	of	Alzheimer’s	Association	research	
   disease	through	the		            grant	awards	and	the	Memory	Disorders	and	Neurobehavioral	Clinics	at	The	Ohio	State		
   advancement	of	research;	        University.	It	is	exciting	to	be	involved	in	ground	breaking	efforts	to	assist	those	with	Alzheimer’s	
   to	provide	and	enhance	          disease	and	related	dementias	and	the	persons	who	care	for	them.
   care	and	support	for	all		       In	this	issue	of	Alzheimer’s	Outlook	you	will	find	more	information	on	our	research	efforts	and	
   affected;	and	to	reduce	the	     the	outcomes	of	AAICAD	including	the	launch	of	TrialMatchTM.
   risk	of	dementia	through	
   the	promotion	of	brain	          Thank	you	for	continuing	to	move	forward	the	vision	of	a	world	without	Alzheimer’s	disease.		

   A	world	without		
   Alzheimer’s	disease.             Gregory J. Winslow
                                    Interim	Executive	Director	and	CEO

                                                                              Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride
                                                                              From July 17-Sept. 1, researchers will cycle across
                                                                              country, relay-style, to collect 50,000 signatures.
                                                                              Follow Alzheimer researchers as they ride
                                                                              cross-country to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s
   Cover Caption: Read about                                                  Breakthrough Act and other legislation to make
   research activities at OSU on                                              Alzheimer’s a national priority.
   pages 5 & 6.
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                                                                              attend a signing event in Cleveland on Monday,
                                                                              September 13th. Visit the web at

In	His	Own	Words....Tim	Bainbridge
Following	my	wife’s	diagnosis	of	early	on-set	Alzheimer’s	in	the	fall	of	
2003	it	was	suggested	that	we	consider	participating	in	a	medical	trial.		
As	we	mulled	that	idea	over,	I	thought	to	myself,	“an	experimental	medi-
cation,	why	not?”	Deidre	and	I	would	tackle	this	diagnosis	with	the	same	
spirit	we’d	confronted	every	other	problem	in	our	lives.		
We’d	not	have	regrets,	or	reach	the	end	of	this	and	wish	we’d	tried		
to	do	more.	We	knew	this	dreaded	disease	was	very	progressive	and		
degenerative.	We	not	only	wanted	to	slow	the	progression	of	the		
disease	down	and	minimize	the	degenerative	effects	of	it	for	her,	but		
                                                                               Deidre and Tim Bainbridge
the lawyer in me wanted to fight, and the nurse in her wanted to help
others, and the parent in each of us wanted to do anything we could            own	and	discussions	with	the	OSU	Department	of		
to assist others who might someday suffer from this disease, our               Neurology	Memory	Disorder	Section	and	the	Alzheimer’s	Association	
children included.                                                             Central	Ohio	Chapter,	that	we	could	find	a	study	that	would	offer	us	
I’d	sought	the	counsel	of	a	trusted	colleague,	who	is	also	a	physician	and	    hope	of	slowing	the	degenerative	process,	while	producing	the	least	
someone	with	whom	I’d	attended	high	school	and	college.	He	helped	             amount	of	negative	side	effects.
convince	me	that	the	best	course	of	treatment	for	Deidre	was	to	go	ahead	 We	knew	going	in	to	this	that	our	choice	might	not	be	the	appropriate	
and	participate	in	an	experimental	study.	While	research	medications	       choice	for	all	patients	and	their	families,	but	in	our	situation,	it	was	best.	
may	have	some	significant	negatives,	I	felt	that	with	some	research	of	my	 We	absolutely	did	not	want	to	ignore	any	possible	alternative	that	might	

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                                        Why	We	Advocate...	
                                        Making	Alzheimer’s	disease	a	          ments,	the	cumulative	costs	of	care	    period,	Medicaid	costs	will	soar	
                                        national	priority	is	the	work	of	      for	people	with	Alzheimer’s	from	       400	percent,	from	$34	billion	to	
                                        everyone	–	persons	with	the		          2010	to	2050	will	exceed	$20		          $178	billion.	One	factor	driving	
                                        disease,	their	caregivers,	their	      trillion	in	today’s	dollars.	The		      the	exploding	costs	by	2050	is	that	
                                        elected	officials,	policymakers,	      report,	also	shows	that	the	number	     nearly	half	(48	percent)	of	the	
                                        leaders	in	health	care,		insurance	    of	Americans	age	65	and	older	          projected	13.5	million	people	with	
                                        and…their	friends	and	neighbors.	      who	have	this	condition	will		          Alzheimer’s	will	be	in	the	severe	
Gail Thomas                             At	the	heart	of	this	effort	you	       increase	from	the	5.3	million	today	    stage	of	the	disease	when	more	
Director, Community Relations           find	the	most	passionate,	loyal,	      to	13.5	million	by	mid-century.	        expensive,	intensive	around-the-
& Advocacy                         under-paid	and	under-recognized	                                               clock	care	is	often	necessary.	
                                        caregiver	of	their	loved	one		         Total	costs	of	care	for	individuals	
                                        diagnosed	with	Alzheimer’s	or	         with	Alzheimer’s	disease	by	all		       The	new	report	is	not	all	bad	
                                        related	dementia	disease.		            payers	will	soar	from	$172	billion	     news,	however,	as	it	shows	that		
                                                                               in	2010	to	more	than	$1	trillion	in	    Medicare	and	Medicaid	can	
                                        “Changing	the	Trajectory	of	           2050,	with	Medicare	costs	increas-      achieve	dramatic	savings	–		
                                        Alzheimer’s	Disease:	A	National		      ing	more	than	600	percent,	from		       and	lives	could	be	significantly		
                                        Imperative”	shows	that	in	the	         $88	billion	today	to	$627	billion	      improved	–	with	even	incremental	
                                        absence	of	disease-modifying	treat-    in	2050.	During	the	same	time	          treatment	improvements.

                                              “Changing the Trajectory of Alzheimer’s Disease: A National
                                                           Imperative” is available on line at
                                                                                                                               | 3
   Alzheimer’s	Association		
   2010	International	Conference	on	Alzheimer’s	Disease
   This	July,	nearly	4,000	scientists	from	around	the	world	gathered	to	
   report	and	discuss	the	latest	advances	in	research	on	treatments,	risk	
   factors,	and	diagnosis	for	the	health	epidemic	of	the	21st	century	–		
   Alzheimer’s	disease	–	at	the	Alzheimer’s	Association	2010	International	
   Conference	on	Alzheimer’s	Disease	(AAICAD	2010)	in	Honolulu.	

   “With	an	aging	baby	boomer	generation,	the	Alzheimer’s	disease	crisis	
   will	continue	to	touch	more	lives	and	create	an	unsustainable	fiscal		
   toll	on	the	nation’s	healthcare	system	–	particularly	Medicare	and		
   Medicaid,”	said	William	Thies,	PhD,	Chief	Medical	and	Scientific		
   Officer	at	the	Alzheimer’s	Association.	

   “This	week	we	saw	promising	investigations	being	pursued	on	a	variety	
   of	fronts	–	avenues	that	could	very	well	lead	to	significant	changes		
   in	Alzheimer	diagnosis	and	treatment.	However,	the	chronic		                   ICAD 2010 focused on new Association
   underinvestment	in	Alzheimer	research	continues	to	be	the	greatest		           programs and activities in addition to the
   obstacle	to	bringing	new,	more	effective	therapies	to	people,”	Thies	said.	
                                                                                  featured research, including:
   “Every	day,	researchers	go	to	work	with	the	sole	purpose	of	advancing	         • Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch™
   our	understanding	and	knowledge	about	Alzheimer’s,	which	is	the	               • Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act
   defining	disease	of	the	baby	boomer	generation.	We	need	a	government	
   response	that	shows	equal	commitment	by	providing	the	level	of		                                    Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch™ is a free,
   funding	for	research	that	will	get	us	better	diagnostic	tests,	treatments,	                         confidential service that provides comprehensive
   and	a	cure,”	Thies	added.		                                                                         clinical trial information and an individualized trial
                                                                                                       matching service for people with Alzheimer’s
   As	in	previous	years,	there	was	a	broad	array	of	research	and	data		                                disease and related dementias, friends and family
   presented	at	ICAD	2010,	including	risk	factors,	biomarkers	and	new	                                 members, and healthy volunteers. This service is
   early	therapy	concepts.		                                                     a first in the Alzheimer field.

                                                                                 Easily accessible at: or by calling the
                                                                                 Alzheimer’s helpline -hours-a day – 1-800-7-3900.

                                                                                 Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act (S. 1492 & H.R. 3286) is a
                                                                                 tremendous step in the fight against Alzheimer’s. The bipartisan
                                                                                 legislation, offered in the Senate by Sens. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.)
                                                                                 and Christopher Bond (R-Mo.) and by Reps. Edward Markey
                                                                                 (D-Mass.) and Christopher Smith (R-N.J.) in the House, offers great
                                                                                 promise for someday having a world without Alzheimer’s disease.

                                                                                 For the last six years, federal funding for Alzheimer research has
                                                                                 declined in real terms. In fact, for every dollar the government spends
                                                                                 on the costs of Alzheimer care, it invests less than a penny in research
                                                                                 to find a cure. This is all while the loss of lives and costs to Medicare
                                                                                 and Medicaid continue to soar.

                                                                                 By calling for a significant increase of funding for Alzheimer’s at
                                                                                 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to $2 billion, this legislation
                                                                                 authorizes the necessary resources to restore momentum in the
                                                                                 pursuit of better diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

Researchers	You	Should	Know	
by Gail Thomas, Director, Community Relations & Advocacy

Douglas W. Scharre, MD, CMD
Douglas	W.	Scharre,	MD,	CMD,	is	the	Director,	Division	of	          “Here	at	OSU,	we	have		
Cognitive	Neurology	and	Associate	Professor	of	Clinical	Neu-        designed	the	Self-Administered	
rology	and	Psychiatry,	Department	of	Neurology	at	The	Ohio	         Gerocognitive	Test	(SAGE),	
State	University.	He	is	an	active	participant	in	the	American	      which	is	a	very	straightforward	
Academy	of	Neurology	(AAN)	and	the	American	Medical	                test	that	is	amazingly	simple	
Directors	Association	(AMDA)	Foundation	and	Long-Term	              to	administer.	Freely	available,	
Care	Research	Network.	He	is	the	Medical	Director	of	an	all	        the	test	can	be	used	by	any	
dementia	long-term	care	facility.	He	was	selected	by	his	peers	     doctor	anywhere	to	identify	
as	one	of	the	Best	Doctors	in	America	for	the	years	2005-2006,	     potential	dementia	in	people	
2007-2008,	and	2009-2010.                                           at	an	earlier	stage.	SAGE	is	
                                                                    extremely	cost	effective	and	
His	research	focuses	on	early	detection	of	Mild	Cognitive	Im-       is	gaining	traction	and	at-
pairment	(MCI)	and	dementia,	using	cognitive	evaluation	and	        tention.”                        Douglas W. Scha
                                                                                                                    rre, MD, CMD
functional	neuroimaging.		He	also	performs	outcomes	studies	
of	behavioral	pharmacotherapy	in	Alzheimer’s	disease	and		          What’s next on your
dementia	patients.	He	has		participated	in	more	than	100	           professional radar?
multi-center	clinical	trials	in	dementia	including	those	spon-      	“It’s	all	merging	together;	we	use	SAGE	to	identify	early	cog-
sored	by	industry	and	the	National	Institute	of	Health	(NIH).	      nitive	symptoms	and	then	use	diagnostic	tools	to	find	these	
He	has	published	on	dementia,	Alzheimer’s	disease,	Parkinson’s	     abnormal	proteins	that	identify	those	that	may	develop	serious	
disease,	dementia	with	Lewy	bodies,	frontotemporal	dementia,	       dementia	conditions	so	that	they	can	be	started	on	treatment	
neuroimaging	in	dementia,	and	neuropsychiatric	aspects	of	          early.	The	biggest	drawback	to	increasing	the	number	of	par-
neurological	disease.                                               ticipants	for	some	of	our	early	treatment	trials	is	the	lack	of	
How does your research tie in with others?                          awareness	by	the	medical	community,	especially	primary	care	
                                                                    doctors	that	their	patient	is	having	cognitive	issues.		And,	in	
“Early	and	accurate	diagnosis	offers	the	best	chance	of	treat-      some	cases,	people’s	fear	of		the	results	hinders	involvement.	
ing	Alzheimer’s	symptoms	and	helps	to	give	patients	and	their	      Since	SAGE	requires	no	one’s	time	to	administer	the	test,	it	
families	more	time	to	evaluate	and	discuss	their	treatment	and	     can	be	easily	given	in	a	primary	care	physician’s	office	which	
care	options.	If	we	can	identify	proteins	in	cerebrospinal	fluid	   allows	the	physician	to	recognize	early	cognitive	impairments	
and/or	with	brain	imaging	tests…then	we’re	closer	to	finding	a	     in	their	patients.
cure.	For	this	reason,	doctors	are	working	on	ways	to	improve	
early	detection.

Jeff Kuret, Ph.D.

Dr.		Jeff	Kuret	is	a	Professor	of	Molecular	and	Cellular	Bio-       Dr.	Kuret’s	laboratory	focuses	primarily	on	tau	aggregation	and	
chemistry	at	The	Ohio	State	University.		He	currently	serves	       neurofibrillary	lesion	formation	in	Alzheimer’s	disease	and	
on	the	Synapse	Cytoskeleton	and	Trafficking	(SYN)	and	              frontotemporal	lobar	degeneration,	and	is	funded	by	the	Na-
Drug	Discovery	(MNPS-C)	review	panels	at	the	NIH	Center	            tional	Institute	on	Aging	and	the	Alzheimer’s	Drug	Discovery	
for	Scientific	Review	and	on	the	editorial	boards	of	Journal	       Foundation.
of	Biological	Chemistry,	Current	Alzheimer	Research,	and	
International	Journal	of	Alzheimer’s	Disease.	He	also	serves	on	    How does your research tie in with others?
the	Scientific	Advisory	Board	of	the	Alzheimer’s	Disease	Drug	      “We	are	developing	small-molecule	imaging	agents	for	selec-
Discovery	Foundation	and	the	Initial	Review	Board	of	the	           tive	detection	of	these	lesions,	pulling	the	gold	standard	of	
Medical	and	Scientific	Advisory	Council	of	the	Alzheimer’s	         postmortem	diagnosis	forward	so	that	disease	can	be	diagnosed	
Association.                                                        and	staged	in	living	people.	The	approach	offers	the	prospect	

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                                            Jeff Kuret, Ph.D. continued...

                                             of	earlier	detection	than	currently	possible	with	amyloid-based	imaging	agents,	which	can	
                                             help	maximize	the	efficacy	of	new	therapies	under	development	around	the	world.”
                                              What’s next on your professional radar?
                                              “I	am	working	with	clinicians	and	other	basic	scientists	at	OSU	and	University	of	Toledo	
                                              to	bring	a	federally	funded	Alzheimer’s	disease	center	to	Ohio.		The	center	would	com-
                                               bine	state	of	the	art	care,	which	offers	local	citizens	access	to	the	latest	investigational	
                                               procedures,	with	a	basic	research	effort	aimed	at	developing	new	approaches	to	diagnose	
                                               and	treat	disease.		Our	efforts	will	focus	on	the	unique	patient	populations	in	Ohio,	with	
                                                special	emphasis	on	outreach	to	rural	communities.		The	center	will	tie	together	the	
                                                strengths	of	researchers	and	clinicians	at	multiple	Ohio	universities	in	a	coordinated	and	
                                                 integrated	attack	on	AD	and	frontotemporal	dementia.”			
                              Jeff Kuret, Ph.D

   Michelle Bourgeois, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
   Dr.	Michelle	Bourgeois	is	a	Professor	in	the	Department		              How does your
   of	Speech	&	Hearing	Science,	The	Ohio	State	University.	               research tie in with
   She	has	received	numerous	grants	from	the	National		                   others?
   Institutes	of	Aging	(NIA)	and	the	Alzheimer’s	Association	             My	research	and	clinical	
   to	investigate	interventions	for	spousal	and	nursing	home	             experiences	complement	
   caregivers	designed	to	improve	the	quality	and	quantity	of	            those	of	Dr.	Scharre,	
   communicative	interactions	with	residents	with	dementia,	              with	whom	I	am		
   to	evaluate	memory	aids	and	interventions	for	persons	with	            collaborating	on	several	
   dementia	and	traumatic	brain	injury,	and	to	develop	training	          projects	and	grants.	His	
   programs	for	institutional	caregivers.	A	clinical	researcher,		        research	team	and	my	
   Dr.	Bourgeois	has	published	numerous	research	articles,		              student	clinicians	are	
   training	manuals	and	CDs,	and	books.	She	was	the	recipient	            working	together	to	      Michelle Bourge
                                                                                                                   ois, Ph.D., CCC-
   of	the	2007	Barry	Reisberg	Award	for	Non-Pharmacologic		                                                                        SLP
                                                                          offer	memory	screen-
   Research,	Theory,	and	Clinical	Practice.	                              ings	at	community	
   “Since	1988	when	the	Alzheimer’s	Association	funded	my		               health	fairs	in	Columbus	and	surrounding	counties.	
   very	first	grant,	I	have	been	pleased	to	be	part	of	the	effort		       What’s next on your professional radar?
   to	address	the	challenges	of	living	with	Alzheimer’s	disease.		
   In	addition	to	my	research,	I	am	committed	to	teaching		               I	am	completing	the	data	collection	for	my	Alzheimer	Associa-
   and	inspiring	the	next	generation	of	students,	caregivers		            tion	funded	grant,	Determining Quality of Life in Dementia with
   and	professionals	to	provide	the	best	quality	care	possible		          Visual and Written Stimuli,	and	will	be	analyzing	and	present-
   and	to	enhancing	the	lives	of	the	person	with	dementia		               ing	the	results	at	professional	conferences.	Next	I	hope	to	be	
   and	their	caregivers.	I	am	pleased	to	share	my	insights	               working	other	grants	that	will	allow	me	and	my	colleagues	to	
   through	presentations	and	conversations	with	caregivers		              make	additional	contributions	to	improving	the	lives	of	per-
   in	the	community,	at	support	groups,	and	in	a	variety	of	resi-         sons	with	dementia	and	their	caregivers.	
   dential	settings.	“

Medical	&	Professional	Advisory	                                                                              continued from page 3

Committee	(MPAC)		                                                                                            In His Own Words...
by Mari Dannhauer, MSW, LSW                                                                                   Tim Bainbridge

                              With	the	expanding	role	research	plays	in	the	fight	against	Alzheimer’s,		      alleviate	or	delay	the	degenerative	
                              the	Alzheimer’s	Association,	Central	Ohio	Chapter	has	re-established	its	       process.		
                              Medical & Professional Advisory Committee (MPAC).
                                                                                                              With	numerous	experimental	
                             The	primary	goal	of	MPAC	is	to:                                                  studies	being	conducted	through-
                             •	Develop	and	lead	peer	to	peer	education	on	the	subject	of	Alzheimer’s		        out	the	country,	selecting	which	
                             disease	to	urge	physicians	to	encourage	and	engage	their	patients	in		           one	to	participate	in	was	of	
                             discussing	their	presenting	symptoms	concerning	memory	loss.                     monumental	importance.		
                             •	Advise	the	chapter’s	education	coordinator	on	new	and		                        Coupling	our	own	investigation	
Mari Dannhauer, MSW, LSW
                             exciting	research	topics	and	help	the	chapter	recruit	health	and	research	       with	the	assistance	of		
Program Director             professionals	to	lecture	and	participate	in	the	chapter’s	educational		          Dr.	Scharre,	neurologist	at	OSU,           seminars.                                                                        and	his	very	capable	staff,	we	
                             •	Assist	and	encourage	college	students	to	become	aware	of	careers	in		          were	drawn	to	a	study	involving	
                             geriatrics	and	ways	to	help	those	living	with	Alzheimer’s	disease	and	related	   an	antibiotic,	Bapineuzumab,	
                             dementias.                                                                       which	would	be	given	to	Deidre	
•	Write	and	submit	timely	articles	on	Alzheimer’s	research	including	the	chapter’s	newsletter.                intravenously	every	twelve	weeks.
The	Medical and Professional Advisory Committee	membership	represents	the	range	of	expertise	                 The	actual	study	is	incredibly	
needed	and	includes	professionals	and	stakeholders	from	the	medical,	health	or	science	fields	who	have	a	     time	consuming,	for	beyond	the	
specific	area	of	interest	in	Alzheimer’s	disease	and	other	dementias	as	well	as	caregiving.	The	committee	    actual	treatments,	researchers	
is	staffed	by	a	member	of	the	Central	Ohio	Chapter’s	board	Dr.	John	Burkhart,	Chapter	Program	Direc-          must	accumulate	a	tremendous	
tor	Mari	Dannhauer,	and	Chapter	Clinical	Team	member	and	registered	nurse	Anne	Bare.                          amount	of	data	by	questioning	
                                                                                                              Deidre	and	me.	The	types	of	
                                                                                                              questions	addressed	to	me	are	not	
                                                                                                              nearly	as	involved	or	lengthy	as	
  Alzheimer’s Association, Central Ohio Chapter Medical &                                                     the	ones	Deidre	must	answer.
  Professional Advisory Committee Members:
                                                                                                              We	are	hopeful	that	this	drug	
  Physicians                                                                                                  may	delay	Deidre’s	degenerative	
  Marian Schuda, MD, Gerlach Center for Senior Health
  Jeffrey Milks, MD, Riverside Family Practice Center
                                                                                                              process.	We	know	that	it	may	not	
                                                                                                              change	some	of	the	cells	that	are	
  Donald Freidenberg, D.O., Neurology and Neurobehavior
                                                                                                              already	“tangled,”	but	we	are		
  Douglas Scharre, M.D., OSU Medical Center, Dept. of Neurology                                               optimistic	that	it	will	at	least	
  Nursing                                                                                                     delay	or	possibly	prevent	further	
  Nancy Rowe, PhD, RN, CNS, Mount Carmel College of Nursing                                                   “tangles”	from	occurring.
  Speech & Hearing                                                                                            Regardless	of	the	results	of	our	
  Michelle Bourgeois, PhD, Professor, OSU College of Social and                                               particular	study,	we	continue	to	
  Behavioral Sciences
                                                                                                              feel	good	about	our	decision	to	
  Social Workers                                                                                              participate	in	a	research	effort.	
  Virginia Richardson, PhD Professor, OSU College of Social Work
  Holly Dabelko-Schoeny, PhD, Assistant Professor, OSU College                                                We	fully	believe	that	with	the	
  of Social Work                                                                                              multitude	of	experimental		
  Eldercare Advisor                                                                                           studies	being	conducted	by	
  Michelle Aweshah, CSA, Elder Care Advisor, A Place for Mom                                                  pharmaceutical	companies	and	
                                                                    John Burkhart, M.D.
                                                                                                              research	hospitals	the	world	over,	
                                                                                                              that	somewhere	in	some	test		
                                                                                                              tube	there	is	a	cure	for	this		
                                                                                                              terrible	disease.

                                                                                                                   | 7
   Caring	for	Alzheimer’s
   No	two	people	experience	Alzheimer’s	
   disease	in	the	same	way.	As	a	result,	
   there’s	no	one	approach	to	caregiving.	
   Your	responsibilities	can	range	from	
   making	financial	decisions,	managing	
   changes	in	behavior,	to	helping	a	loved	
   one	get	dressed	in	the	morning.
   Handling	these	duties	is	hard	work.	But	
   by	learning	caregiving	skills,	you	can	
   make	sure	that	your	loved	one	feels		
   supported	and	is	living	a	full	life.	You		
   can	also	ensure	that	you	are	taking	steps	
   to	preserve	your	own	well-being.
   Daily Care.	As	Alzheimer’s	disease	
   progresses,	the	abilities	of	a	person	with	
   dementia	will	change.	As	a	caregiver,		
   you	can	adapt	a	daily	routine	to	support	
   these	changes	with	some	creativity,		
                                                        tension,	particularly	between	the	person	    that	caregivers	look	after	their	own		
   flexibility	and	problem	solving.
                                                        with	dementia	and	the	caregiver.	It	is		     physical	and	mental	health.	
   Behaviors.	Alzheimer’s	disease	and	                  important	to	understand	that	the	person	
                                                                                                     Caregiving can be stressful. Get the
   related	dementias	can	cause	a	person	                is	not	acting	that	way	on	purpose.	
                                                                                                     help you need.
   to	act	in	different	and	unpredictable	
                                                        Coping.	Caring	for	someone	who	has	
   ways.	Some	individuals	with	Alzheimer’s	                                                          Are	you	a	caregiver	for	someone	with	a	
                                                        Alzheimer’s	disease	can	be	overwhelm-
   become	anxious	or	aggressive.	Others	                                                             disabling	condition	such	as	Alzheimer’s?	
                                                        ing,	exhausting	and	stressful.	A	family	
   repeat	certain	questions	and	gestures.	                                                           Do	you	feel	overwhelmed?	You	may	be	
                                                        caregiver	may	feel	loss	over	changes	
   Many	misinterpret	what	they	see	or	hear.	                                                         putting	your	own	health	at	risk.	Get	the	
                                                        in	relationships	with	a	loved	one	with	
                                                                                                     resources	that	can	help	by	calling	24/7	
   These	types	of	reactions	can	lead	to		               Alzheimer’s,	other	family	members	and	
                                                                                                     Helpline:		1-800-272-3900
   misunderstanding,	frustration	and		                  friends.	During	this	time,	it	is	critical	

Are you
                                                        Do you feel that this disease has taken enough from all of us and you would like
                                                        to fight back, then we would like to have you bring your energy and talents to

                                                        this exciting new volunteer association. Join us as we launch AWARE…
                                                        Alzheimer’s Women’s Association to Reach and Engage.

                                                        “Timing is perfect. We can turn the tide in the fight against Alzheimer’s. That’s
there’s a new way                                       why I’m inviting women throughout central Ohio to join me and be part of the
  to fight Alzheimer’s?                                 AWARE team. AWARE has such potential: I can’t wait to see where we are a
                                                        year from now - I know we are really going to make a difference.”

                                                                                For more information please call,
                                                                                Pam Liebert at 614-488-8145 or email
                      Alzheimer’s Women’s Association                 
                      to Reach and Engage
                                                        Pam Liebert
                                                        AWARE President
8 |
Rockin	the	Night	Away                                                                               I am so proud of our
                                                                                                    team of supporters. Once
After	more	than	20	years	of	Gala	history,	the	Alzheimer’s	                                          again, they’re “polishing
Association	is	putting	on	blue	suede	shoes	and	celebrates	the	
1950’s	era	of	rock	and	roll.		Join	us	on	October	15,	2010	as	the	                                   their dancing shoes” to
Gala	returns	as	a	sock-hopping	celebration	of	the	Alzheimer’s	                                      sustain the increasingly
Association	Central	Ohio	Chapter.		We	will	“rock	the	night	                                         important work of the
away”	and	acknowledge			a	year	of	successes,	and	continue	to	
raise	awareness	and	funds	so	the	vital	work	of	the	Alzheimer’s	
                                                                                                    Alzheimer’s Association
Association	can	continue.	                                          Joanie Johnson,                 Central Ohio Chapter.
                                                                    President, Board of Directors   Please join us on
Angela	An,	of	WBNS	10TV,	will	emcee	the	event	which		
will	include	an	appearance	by	Elvis	as	well	as	silent	and	live	                                     October 15th and
auctions.	The	auctions	will	include	opportunities	to	bid	on		                                       rock the night away.
destination	accommodations	and	bop	across	the	country		
to	such	locations	as	New	York	City,	Cape	Cod,	and	Deer		
Valley,	Utah.	
The	2010	Gala	will	be	the	fifth	consecutive	year	the	event		
has	featured	Dancing	with	the	Stars	styled	entertainment	as		
Dr.	Phil	Paul,	Jacob	Neal,	Jessica	Germain,	Kim	Germain,	
Maureen	Andrews,	Claudia	Walter,	Kathy	Ransier,	Candy		
Tesner,	Bob	Behal		and	others	will	team	up	with	the		
professionals	at	DancePlus	Ballroom	to	lead	the	rocking	and	
the	rolling	in	what	is	to	be	a	night	of	fifties,	food	and	fun.
Each	year,	the	Gala	represents	an	important	cause	for	the	
Alzheimer’s	Association	as	well	as	to	the	community	the		
                                                                    Save the Date
organization	supports.	As	the	population	of	Alzheimer’s		
patients	and	their	caregivers	dramatically	increases	loved	ones	    Friday
continue	to	feel	the	devastating	effects	of	the	disease.		Our	      October 15, 2010
Gala	is	a	fun-filled	evening	in	support	of	the	Alzheimer’s		
Association	Central	Ohio	Chapter‘s	mission.                         Time:     7:00 PM
                                                                    Location: Hyatt Regency Columbus
                                                                              Regency Ballroom
                                                                              350 N. High Street
                                                                              Columbus, Ohio 43215

                                                                    Gala Steering Committee Chairperson
                                                                    Pam Liebert
Suzy Rudolph,                                                       Angela An
2010 Gala Coordinator                                               News Anchor/Reporter WBNS 10TV – Alzheimer’s Advocate
                                                                    Ralph and Billie Hazelbaker Award Recipients
                                                                    Jay and Diane Vorys
For more information, tickets and
                                                                    010 Celebrity Dancers
sponsorship information contact                                     Kathy Ransier | Candy Tesner | Bob Behal
Suzy Rudolph at 614-457-6003 or
                                                                    Reunion Dancers: Visit our website at                              Dr. Phil Paul | Jacob Neal | Jessica Germain and                                            Kim Germain | Claudia Walter

                                                                    For more information contact Suzy Rudolph at 614-457-
                                                                    6003 or or visit

                                                                                                   | 9
                                                                                           Local Resources
                                                                                           & Referrals
                                                                                           We maintain updated information
                                                                                           on home care, adult day care,
                                                                                           care coordination, assisted living,
                                                                                           skilled nursing facilities, eldercare
                                                                                           lawyers and transportation avail-
                                                                                           able in the community. Our staff
                                                                                           and trained professionals can
                                                                                           help assess whether a specific
                                                                                           care provider meets the needs of
                                                                                           an individual with Alzheimer’s.

                                                                                           Help is available 24/7 at

                                                                                           Support Groups
                                                                                           We offer a variety of support
   Dehydration: A Risk for Older Persons                                                   groups for all individuals affected
   In the summer months, dehydration may occur in older adults. Due to several             by Alzheimer’s disease. Groups
   factors, elderly persons are particularly susceptible to dehydration, including         are facilitated by professionals
   those with dementia. To avoid dehydration, there are several ways to encour-            and/or trained volunteers. Spe-
   age proper hydration and maintain a healthy level of fluid intake.                      cialized groups include early-
                                                                                           onset for caregivers and the
   Causes of Dehydration                                                                   person with dementia, Frontotem-
                                                                                           poral dementia, adult children,
   • Prolonged fever or infection
   • Not wanting to or not remembering to drink
                                                                                           and men’s breakfast.
   • Extensive use of laxatives and diuretics
   • High salt intake with inadequate fluid replacement                                    For the most current
   • Difficulty in swallowing or obtaining foods or fluids
   • A deliberate restriction of fluids to prevent incontinence, especially at nighttime   support group offerings
                                                                                           contact Colleen at
   Symptoms of Dehydration
                                                                                           614-457-6003 or
   • Sudden fever
   • Poor skin elasticity, flush, dry skin and mucous membranes                  
   • Complaining of thirst
   • Weakness or lethargy
   • Weight loss
   • Decreased urinary output, constipation
   • Confusion, irritability, sunken eyes

   Ways to Stay Hydrated                                                                      24/7 WE’RE HERE
   • Encourage drinking 6-8 cups of liquid every day
   • Offer liquids anytime that a person is sitting down                                          FOR YOU
   • Provide a spill proof cup with a straw in the car
   • Serve beverages at the temperature that seems best tolerated
   • Provide watermelon, cantaloupe or other fruits high in fluid
   • Provide soup, jello, popsicles or other high-liquid foods
   • Avoid caffeine

10 |
Caring For You
EDUCATION PROGRAMS                                                   CAREGIVING 101 & 201
Fayette County                                                       Franklin County
November 2:       Hope for the Holidays                              CAREGIVING 101*
Time:             5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
                                                                     October 7, 14, 21 & 28
Location:         Commission on Aging, 1179 S. Elm St.,
                                                                     Time:      6:30 to 8:30
                  Washington Courthouse
                                                                     Location: Emeritus at Pinnacle, 1305 Lamplighter Dr.,
Cost:             Free
                                                                                Grove City
Reservations Required. Call: 614-457-6003                            Cost:      $35 for first family member – additional family
                                                                                member $5 each (includes optional session on
Fairfield County                                                                legal and financial planning)
September 15:     Hospitalization and Physicians Visit               Reservations Required. Call: 614-457-6003
November 17:      Improving Communication with your
                  Loved One
Time:             6:30 p.m. -- 7:30 p.m.                             LEGAL AND FINANCIAL PLANNING
Location:         Inn at Fairfield Village, 1834 Country Side Dr.,   November 4
                  Lancaster                                          Time:     6:30 p.m. – 8:30p.m.
Cost:             Free                                               Location: Emeritus at Pinnacle, 1305 Lamplighter Dr.,
Reservations Required. Call: 614-457-6003                                      Grove City
                                                                     Cost:     $5.00
Pickaway County                                                      Reservations Required. Call: 614-457-6003
September 27:     Medical Issues that affect Dementia
November 22:      Hospitalization and Physician Visits               CAREGIVING 201*
Time:             2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location:         Berger Hospital, 600 N. Pickaway St.,              October 27, November 3, 10 & 17
                  Circleville                                        Time:      6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Cost:             Free                                               Location: Chapter Office, 3380 Tremont Road, Columbus
                                                                     Cost:      $35 for first family member – additional family
Reservations Required. Call: 740-420-8842                                       member $5 each
Union County                                                         Reservations Required. Call: 614-457-6003
September 9:      Types of Dementia
October 14:       Community Resources                                Licking County
November 11:      Transitioning into Long-Term Care                  CAREGIVING 201*
Time:             4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Location:         The Gables at Green Pastures, 390 Gables Dr.,      October 8
                  Marysville                                         Time:     9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Cost:             Free                                               Location: Zerger Hall Senior Center, 745 E. Main St., Newark
                                                                     Cost:     Free
Reservations Required. Call: 614-457-6003
                                                                     Reservations Required. Call: 614-457-6003 or 1-800-272-3900

                                                                     Union County
2010 CHAPTER LECTURE SERIES                                          CAREGIVING 101*
Wednesday, September 1: “Benefits of Adult Day Care” by Michele      August 24, 31 and September 7
Stokes, MS, PhD.                                                     Time:      6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
                                                                     Location: Carriage Court of Marysville, 717 S. Walnut St.,
Wednesday, October 1: “Pain Management for the person with                      Marysville, OH 43040
Memory Loss” by Anne Bare, RN, BS                                    Cost:      Free
Wednesday, November 5: “Managing Stress using Yoga” by Pat           Reservations Required. Call: 614-457-6003 or 1-800-272-3900
Henderson, LISW, RYT
Location:   Worthington United Methodist Church,                     CAREGIVING 201*
            600 North High St., Worthington
Time:       Lunch at 11:30, Program at 11:45                         October 29
Cost:       $5.00 for Lunch, Lecture and Respite                     Time:      9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
                                                                     Location: Union County Senior Services – Buckeye Room,
Reservations Required. Call: 614-457-6003. For additional informa-              18000 Route 4, Marysville, OH 43040
tion visit                                   Cost:      Free
                                                                     Reservations Required. Call: 614-457-6003 or 1-800-272-3900

                                                                                                   | 11
                             Central Ohio Chapter

                      3380 Tremont Road
                   Columbus, Ohio 43221

Memory Walks are an enjoyable way to be with family and friends                                  2010 Board of
and support the work of the Alzheimer’s Association                                              Directors
A Memory Walk is coming your way…                                                                Central Ohio Chapter
Thursday, August 26, 2010                                Saturday, November 13, 2010             President	
Pickaway County                                          Marion County                           JOANIE JOHNSON
Mary Virginia Crites Hannan Community Park               Marion Centre                           Community	Volunteer        Vice	President
                                                                                                 GREGORY COMFORT
Saturday, November 6, 2010                                                                       EMH&T,	Inc.
Delaware County
                                                                                                 Vice	President
Polaris Fashion Place                                                                            LARRY THORNHILL                                                          OhioHealth
                                                                                                 JOHN PETRO
                                                                                                 Williams	&	Petro	Co.,	LLC
For more information contact the Alzheimer’s
Association, Central Ohio Chapter at (614) 457-6003 or
contact                                                                           Members
                                                                                                 Bill	Black,	ELEVATE Thinking
                                                                                                 John	Burkhart,	MD,	Gates McDonald,
                                                         Thank you to the sponsors               James	Flynn,	Bricker & Eckler
                                                                                                 Susan	Holcomb,	Holcomb Gallaher
                                                         of the 2010 Franklin County                Adams, Inc.
                                                         Memory Walk!                            Mark	S.	Kelly,	Heartland Bank
                                                                                                 Patrick	Kelly,	Huntington National Bank
                                                                                                 Steven	Moore,	Moore & Co. Capital
                                                         Brookdale Senior Living                    Management
                                                         Columbus Alzheimer’s Care Center        Bernie	Ostrowski,	Plante & Moran,
                                                         Emeritus Senior Living                     PLLC
                                                                                                 Jeanny	Simaitis,	Nationwide
                                                         First Community                         Brenda	Sprite,	Navigator Management
                                                         Forest Hills                               Partners
                                                         InCare                                  Chuck	White,	Media Consultant
                                                         Interim Healthcare                      Interim	Executive	Director	&	CEO
Save the Date!                                           Jarvis Law Firm                         Gregory J. Winslow
2011 Franklin County                                     Monterey Care Center          

Memory Walk                                              Sunrise Senior Living
                                                         The Forum at Knightsbridge
Fred Beekman Park                                        Traditions of Mill Run
Saturday, June 18, 2011                                  Wesley Ridge/Wesley Glen

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