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									                 H OMEBOUND
              S ERVICES BY M AIL
                A Free Homebound Service from
                 Schlow Centre Region Library

                  211 S. Allen Street
               State College, PA 16801
     235-7816 or e-mail:

                 LIBRARY HOURS
               Monday-Wednesday, 9-9
                   Thursday, 12-9
                      Friday, 9-6
                    Saturday, 9-5
              Sunday, 1:30-5 (Sept.-May)

•   Books                   •   Compact Discs
•   Magazines               •   Large Print Books
•   Cassette Tapes          •   Phone Reference
•   E-mail Renewals             Questions
Welcome to Schlow Centre Region Library’s Homebound Services by Mail. This free ser-
vice can be used by any resident of Centre County who is permanently or temporarily un-
able to leave his/her home.
       To register, please fill out the form below and return it with the completed library
card application. Be sure to state whether you wish to receive regular print, LARGE PRINT
and/or audio books on CD or tape.
       You will receive your first items about a week after you return the request form. A
new request form will be included in one of the items in each bag of library materials sent
to you. The mailing label on your package can be turned over and used as a postage-paid
return label.
       We hope you enjoy the Homebound Services by Mail program. If you have any
questions now or in the future, or would like to request or renew materials, please call
Schlow Centre Region Library at 235-7816 and ask for Isabelle, or e-mail
Homebound Person                                Second Contact Person (required)
Name: __________________________________        Name: __________________________________
Address: ________________________________       Address: ________________________________
________________________________________        ________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________       Phone: __________________________________
E-mail address: ___________________________     E-mail address: ___________________________

Do you prefer:                        Will you accept:
Regular Print     _____               Books with strong language? Yes ____ No ____
LARGE PRINT       _____               Books with explicit sex?        Yes ____ No ____
Books on Tape     _____
                                      Books with violence?            Yes ____ No ____

 Will you accept substitutes when titles you request are not immediately available?
                                   Yes _____ No _____
                        Check the categories you enjoy reading:

_____ Adventure              _____ Humor                         _____ Spy Stories
_____ Animal Stories         _____ Mysteries                     _____ Travel
_____ Best Sellers           _____ Pioneer & Frontier Life       _____Western
_____ Biographies            _____ Poetry                        _____ Other
_____ Classics               _____ Religious/Inspirational       __________________
_____ Cookbooks              _____ Romance                       __________________
_____ Historical Novels      _____ Science Fiction

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