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									    User Guide for Component Trade Secret

Written for Hazox Corporation by:
                                    Robert Carsto
                                    Jim Karcher
                                    Michael Thurston

                                    April 1, 2004
                       Pure Component Info button
As of the 3/30/2004 release of the Hazox EMS Client, you get the Pure Component Info
button inside the Chemical Maintenance window.

In order to gather data from this button, you need the PURECOMPONENTINFO
Fieldset. The Fields in this Fieldset must be Component-Only or they will not be
displayed when the button is pressed.
The Pure Component Info button will, if clicked, then present a summarized display of all
leaf level components within the chemical record, for the Fields included in the

                                       Example 1

These are the fields inside the PURECOMPONENTINFO Fieldset in Example 1 above:

The flag Fields above are set up as follows:
       Field ID                Field Name
       Validation Function VALIDATE
       Source level            Component-only
       Default Value           N
       User Function
       Reference Field
       Parameter Value
Formulation (Field generation)
A formulation user function is developed to generate the information necessary to resolve
the component trade secret information at generation time utilizing the trade secret flag.

A new field rule must be defined for each unit of data that is affected by trade secret
disclosure rules. Each field rule should have the following characteristics:

       Field ID         <Any user defined field ID>
       Description      Disclose data based on trade secret designation.
       Source Level     Component-Only, All or Top down.

                        The source level of the field must be a component –only, top
                        down or all. A product level field cannot be used.
       User             TRADE SECRET DISCLOSURE
       Reference        Field containing data used for full disclosure.
                        This field is an existing field already used in the chemical
       Parameter        Trade secret protected value. A phrase ID, a string or a field
       value            reference with a second value separated by a semi colon
                        identifying the trade secret flag field to be used to determine the
                        resulting value.

                        This column contains the data that is to be displayed if the
                        component is a trade secret.
       Entry            Do not enter. Calculated values only.
       Field ID         02CAS_TS                   02COMPNAME_TS
       Source level     Component-only             Component-only
       User Function    TRADE SECRET               TRADE SECRET DISCLOSURE
       Reference        02CAS                      01CHEMNAME
       Parameter        {{02CAS_TRADESECR          {PHRASE:OSHA_TRADE_SECRE
       Value            ET};02FLAG_TS              T};02FLAG_TS

During field generation, the TRADE SECRET DISCLOSURE user function generates a
value for each component using the reference field and parameter values supplied in the
field rule.
                        Field Value Copy Change
To prevent the accidental assignment of the Trade Secret field values to chemicals when
copying a Chemical or Field Set, there is the need to add a list of fields that are not
copied from the source chemical to the new record. We have added a system table called
FIELDS_NOT_TO_COPY that will be used as a filter to prevent certain field’s values
from being copied to new chemicals. This system table is maintainable by the user,
provided they have System Table Maintenance rights.

Each line of the FIELDS_NOT_TO_COPY System Table indicates a Field that will not
be copied when the Chemical is copied.

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