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on the edge

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					                       Toowoomba Clubhouse News

Ph 46324688
                               On The Edge                               20 September 2011

                           Breaking the cycle of stigma
               By empowering sufferers of mental health problems
                            to lead proactive healthy life styles

                                  and educating the public.

                  Events for the week, and items of interest.

                                     Friday 9th September
 Planning day for all units was the activity at the house. Member numbers was low sadly as it was
 a great time to apply the Standards of members making decisions in the house functioning.
 Having a say a Choice in the functioning of the unit that you choose in your Individual plan or at
 least empowerment to have a say in what you want to change or implement here at the house.

 Each unit had brain storming ideas and outcomes to be implemented to enjoy and improve
 member‟s enjoyment of their time at the clubhouse. Of those that were here great ideas flowed
 and staff and member alike put forth and consolidated an action plan on the ideas that came
 forth. See the Earn and Learn outcomes below. The Kitchen unit gathering stressed the
 application of a more nutritionally diverse luncheon options catering for the gluten intolerant
 and other food intolerances. The making of pizza bases with yeast and as a lunch option was
 viable. The full report from all units shall be edite3d in following editions.

 Social rec activity following this was a trip to the Council art gallery. This to me was a sight to be
 seen, several artists had varying mediums of art works, the metal etchings to the right when you
 enter was the exhibit I enjoyed the most. Below are the pamphlets from the gallery on what‟s still
 on and new exhibits on at present. Well worth a look.         A 5 STAR RATIONG ACTIVITY.*****

                                  Breaking the stagnation of mental illness, offering recovery
                                  options even to employment.

A word that has a huge meaning, and means a lot in life . It caused explorers to traverse the
world people to raise the mark to become so good at their sport that they enter the Olympics or
become famous sports icons just mention the word rugby league or AFL and your mind will
automatically recall a person. So what do you use for motivation? Where can motivation be
utilised best in your life and what happens if we lack motivation, to our work place, home
relationships, clubhouse and rehabilitation, love lives and physical wellbeing. Obviously we need
it it‟s involved in survival to living a happy well balanced and successful life in society.

Macquarie Concise Dictionary defines motivation in 2 ways, and does clubhouse offer an answer
to the definition as it‟s mission.

1 a motivating; a providing of a motive; inducement.

2 Purpose; drive.

Motivate : 1 to provide with a motive or motives. 2 To enthuse or inspire;

How can an individual increase their motivation? Find a motive as the dictionary explains motive
is something that prompts a person to act in a certain way or that determines volution; an
incentive. Hence greed and revenge can be strong motives for persons to act and they can suffice
to a point in the act of rehabilitation from mental illness. Things like” I will show them can turn
a negative broken spirit and anger into a positive”. The deal is its got you motivated and anger
will motivate so now turn it into a positive, such as success go to university or act out of the drive
of it and get a training course with a career, not just a job as the out come of the in revenge or
anger motive. You win !!! it is a better option it will lead to you completing a course you started ,
and change in life style making you strong enough to ditch the abusive person in your life,
whom doesn‟t respect you and treats you like crap. These things you can implement, it‟s the
driving force by which motivation can be acted out and improve your life style. Remember to
keep it from causing you to break the law and blowing up a place or physically attacking
someone okay.

Okay now how can we utilise this knowledge at clubhouse? It is a facility that offers many types
of equipment to utilise in your attempt of “I will show them”, “ I will succeed at my chosen plan I
have for when I come here” my individual planI can use the computers and other clerical
equipment, this can facilitate the completion of the course you always wanted to do or finish it.
Lots of options exist at the clubhouse and it is a unique place or facility for what its standards
provide and give you, and it creates a place to make a change in your life, socialise, educate
reapply skills in these areas that psych meds and or illness has left you feeling scared or
floundering. There is enough staff employed to help with members to achieve all the tasks to be
done in a week through the Work Order Day and hence a means of motivation to be here and
actively included in tasks here is that others rely on you to do you bit so all benefit and clubhouse
can continue to offer a standard of functioning, and deliver its services to members and the
community. So in summary motivation can be to get here and get involved in your own goals set
in your individual plans to recovery. And the team needs you to achieve its goals as a club. If you
choose to be a solo traveller at the club it would be very difficult for full recovery to occur as
mixing in society and social functions occur in life at a regular basis. That‟s not to say you are
required to be an extravert or sanguine character that is the life of the party, but social
interaction is integral to recovery and being in a club requires your interaction at times if not
more often, for you to gain the most of the experience whilst here and to give the most.

And motivation is what will bring you here day after day and that brings to mind house meetings
and unit meetings and planning days. Why not get to them and get involved is the question that
you should ask yourself and the reality of I can and I will ge more out of this time at clubhouse if
I get more involved is the statement that should spring to mind, and ask yourself why am I not
going to these meetings and getting my say in, or hearing future plans that get discussed there
that affect me and help me and others?. Use that motivation.

We miss you at the house meetings when you were here at lunch and having a conversation with
you and then your Gone. What is it that makes you miss these great opportunity to get more of
what it is you need to get better and rehab or even learn a whole new thing like face book or
emails as an example? It‟s like being in a family and your not there when everyone else made a
discussion to go to the beach so you get left behind and left out because we aren‟t mind readers
and couldn‟t know you wanted to come. Who losses out ? yer you. So please get motivated by
what ever means but get here to these functions that would benefit you so much, or discuss with
me so I can print up in next issue the main reasons members don‟t fully participate in all that a
clubhouse offers to them, and inform staff. I‟m serious you have to be in it to win it or send a
representative to speak your point for you. Or come to the house meeting we want to hear what
you have to say.

Motivated is ambitious, determined, energetic and with the correct motive you will be set to
achieve the best and all that the Toowoomba Clubhouse has to offer. It‟s needed in life and all it‟s
aspects and in rehab especially.

Enemies to motivation; 1 Not feeling valued by others at the club.2 Poor time planning because
you don‟t quite know how to do it effectively. Does what you do mean anything to others and
hence matters. Answer Wednesdays house meeting offers an avenue for you and your
achievements to be celebrated in an open forum. But if your not there you miss out on the
feedback you may need. So yes it matters. I write this to inspire you to attend and be here for the
house meetings and to attend social rec activities you put your name down to do . To encourage
you by informing you that you matter and I want you to get the most out of your recovery here at
Toowoomba Clubhouse. Keep a diary and read it etc. LOL

                                       Outreach and Inreach
Wed 12th meeting followed through with discussions on were when and how to deliver outreach
and inreach. Could schools be a place to deliver prevention discussions and how could it be
delivered. If you feel you have solutions to these questions and much more see Andrew Bowly or
attend the next Outreach meeting your welcome and help is required to meet the full capacity of
this subject. Motivation at meetings, belonging, your input is important come join us.


Clubhouse New car options or better driving lessons for crash free driving. Which 1 should we go

Drivers are having some problems with YANG our black I max which of these would you choose in
case we loose him at the panel beaters
Try this read let me know what you thought of it. It‟s laugh time

                    A few page each issue ought to get us to “ The End”. Enjoy
  Poets Corner                                                           Naturopaths corner
                                                   Diabetes and depression all mature age diabetics

I am the family face;                                Thats type 2 non reliant on insulin, cause is

Flesh perishes, I live on,                            primarily over worked pancrease and liver.

                                            Excesses of alcohol and or sweets on top of acetacholine

Projecting traits and trace                    because of this cause the safest and best action plan

Through time to times anon,                       is to organise a daily diet resigme of a balance of

And leaping from place to place                      Food groups as an essencial, Lower your Carbs

Over oblivian.                                   Reduce alcohol, and eat more protien foods.

                                            An average day may be eggs scrambled,or baked beans

                                                 Protien start to the day, no sugar in tea and coffee,

                                     Salad and meat, on a roll, no more then 2 slices of bread a day

                                             Or the main meal here at clubhouse its a well balanced

                  Nutritious meals low in carbsiand high protien consumme small meals regularly.

                              No binge eating and fish oils with the Omega fatty acids take regularly

                                                  If on low budget eat can tuna, salmon,or sardines.

                   Vit C assists with tissue repair esspecially the blood vessels. Happy Health eating

                                 Depression in diabetes arises from the acidic condition of the body
Diabetes cont....Due to the heat created in the body from eating to much carbs and sweet drinks,
it‟s theis that damages blood vessels and all th a long term insidious detruction with in the body
of many areas. The heat creates irritation lowered immunity and anger ongoing it results in
depression. The advent of seritonin medication can create more cors heat problems and lethargy
sets in, a vicios cicrle and one thing causing the other with end result, a need to change a
lifestyle sooner then later. The easy thing is its just increase the protien and lower the carbs,
keep a diary and get together with your doctor and plan it. If unchecked life expectancy is
greatly reduced yet solutions to better outcomes is attainable. And you will feel more energetic
with the heat of summer give it a go. If you would like a personal consult with me please speak
up. Lesley little ND. Dip Hom, Dip Nut.....

1 member needed to work with Dan at USQ with his Honors suvey and such please see him if you
want to help him out.

1 Tall dark hansom loving and good in bed man for mid age women. Interest must include
candle light dinner a home and swimming pool, the environment travelling overseas and
needing a wonderful women to love. Please resond to the editor if you fit the catergory above.

Moday saw the house empty of most staff, and the director again. The director after returning
from holidays felt Danae needed to go again and again to Steeping Stone, why only he knows but
we did an awesome roast to farewell Ron Cussons whom is now having 3 wks holidays. Our sucess
at achieving a superb lunch and running smotherly a clubhouse indicates what?, I let you fill in
the missing link the clue is missing or away. And how it didn‟t upset the WOD.

Diabetes and Depression forum Jacaranda room last week held by diabetes and depression
support network was enlightening, what did you think.

GARDEN UNIT Ron‟s away for 3 weeks and with the hot weather and new hoses to play with can
make watering of the gardens fun and it is a priority over summer. Before 10am council water
except Monday, Sunday any time art group paint a picture with our wet garden. Thanks.

Breaking Free Concert
Sunday, 9th October 2011 Guest speakers and entertainment will be there plus displays and
refreshments. See flyer in Clerical for exact detail. Booking are essential a sign up sheet at
reception for you if your going.

Congratulations to Will Hogg a great performance at the Toowoomba repertory, your
performance of the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. You did it justice and a superb performance Will,
thanks much enjoyed observer.
Youth Environmental Summit is coming up and is a week affair if you have access to kids in the
family encourage them to get involved all schools are and perhaps Clubhouse may help out too.

Have a great week all and everyone. Welcome back Luke hope you and family had a great
holiday time.

Jon's staff profile of Mark Cook-Long

 Mark Cook-Long.
Mark is a Rehab-Worker, Works mainly on Housing Issues for Members that need support with problems,
Advocacy- helping people stand up for their rights.

Helping people with applications, support members to help support members to support members to
support members to support members to support members, did you know he supports members to support
members. help refer members to other services, development of housing plans for members.

Once when he lived at Ravensbourne, he was given a Dairy Cow and Calf, Once when he was milking the
cow the calf peeeeeeeeeeed must have a big bladder in the Bouquet. sorry bucket and also he went to get
a poddy calf that was tied on a long rope to a fence post, ended up getting distracted by something ( doe
his wife know who she is) and ended up getting roped by the calf, don‟t see that at Rodeo‟s, His Wife and
Friends up on the Veranda cracked up as it was that funny. He can make a Hall Runner out of Hair on his
Back, EUH who says yeti ‟s don‟t‟ exist, his favourite group is Joy Division, a punk band of the 70‟s a bit
like the Sex Pistols, it was on the good ship Venus by C#$%^& you should have seen us.

                                         New Member Interview

Judy Karrigan ; Age 48; School Barcaldine State School. “ Central Queensland, was fun place to
grow up. We had the Alice River to swim in and bush walking adventures were a big part of my
growing up. “It was less dangerous, and a simple life. I worked for my family mainly in retail
business as my working career”, I married the wrong man at 27yrs but had a beautiful son which
I raised as a single mum. He is now a senior manager for One Steel in England.

Hobbies? ; “My Dogs King Charles Chevalier Spaniels and my lad are what I live for. I‟d like to
consider breeding dogs later when I get settled more”.

Music choice? ; “ Aussie Country Rock”.

Why Clubhouse? As recovery when I moved to Toowoomba and got out of Hospital I heard about
clubhouse and thought it would be a good place to come and meet people to stop isolation. Later
I heard of job opportunities and am happy to say that I‟ve just done a week of Customer relations

at the Golf Club. Driving customer pick up in the limousine Golf buggy, I like it and to be working
again, it‟s exciting and stress if you know what I mean. I‟m going to stick to it and I „m thankful.
                             Ph 46324688

The End. And its only Wed.

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