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Kiwi Benefits 8-15 Cabins Guava


									       NCL America has a great, new way to help our travel partners increase their group sales – and increase
              their bottom line – through a new program specifically targeting Hawai`i Affinity Groups.

  NCL America’s Hawai`i Affinity Groups Program is exclusively designed to help you, our travel partner, get Affinity
  Groups on board selected 2007 and 2008 NCLA Hawai`i cruises by offering a variety of onboard benefits. Everyone
           loves a little something extra, so take advantage and offer your clients these group benefits now!

                                         Here’s how the program works:*
   Travel partners can easily identify selected 2007 and 2008 cruises by logging on to the Travel Partners section of and downloading NCL’s Sales PAL. Cruises that qualify for the Hawai`i Affinity Groups benefits will be
    marked yes with a “y” under the NCL America Affinity Groups Program column. Benefits will be based on the
      final group size. And there’s more! All affinity groups that have already been booked on applicable sailings
                               will be grandfathered in to receive these great benefits!

Kiwi Benefits: 8-15 Cabins              Mango Benefits: 24-49 Cabins                                  Coconut Benefits: 50-99 Cabins
$25/cabin OBC and one bottle            Pick 3:                                                       Pick 4:
of wine                                 a. Cocktail Party                                             a. Cocktail Party
                                           (1 Hour with Dry Snacks)                                      (1 Hour with Dry Snacks)
Guava Benefits: 16-23 Cabins            b. 1 for 12 Tour Conductor                                    b. 1 for 12 Tour Conductor
Pick 2:                                 c. Group Photo (5x7)                                          c. Group Photo (5x7)
a. Cocktail Party                       d. $25 OBC Inside, $50 OBC                                    d. $50 OBC Inside, $75 OBC
   (1 Hour with Dry Snacks)                Oceanview, $75 OBC                                            Oceanview, $100 OBC
                                           Balcony/Mini Suite,                                           Balcony/Mini Suite,
b. 1 for 12 Tour Conductor
                                           $100 Suites (OBC’s                                            $150 Suites (OBC’s
c. Group Photo (5x7)                                                                                     are per cabin)
                                           are per cabin)
d. $25/cabin OBC all categories                                                                       e. Upgrade to Balcony cabin for
                                        e. Bottle of wine per cabin
e. Bottle of wine per cabin                                                                              one Group Leader (from earned
                                                                                                         tour conductors)**
                                                                                                      f. Bottle of wine per cabin

                                                        For more information about NCL America’s
                                                  Hawai`i Affinity Groups Program, call 1-800-327-7030.
                                              Start booking your Affinity Groups on board NCL America now!
                                          *Program is valid for select 2007 and 2008 sailings only. Applies to Hawai`i Affinity Groups of 99 cabins or less only.
                                          Groups larger than this will revert to NCL’s Large Group Contract terms and conditions. **Subject to availability at
                                          finalization or when 50 cabins are assigned with names and confirming deposit. Not applicable to NET groups.

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