Dirt Cake Recipe

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					                                      Dirt Cake Recipe

Materials Needed:                          Ingredients:
1- 3 quart plastic flower pot              1- 1 lb. package chocolate, cream-filled cookies
3- large mixing bowls                      2- 8 oz. packages cream cheese
2- measuring cups                          ¼- cup margarine or butter

3- stirring spoons                         1- cup powdered sugar
3- artificial flowers                      1- 5.9 oz. packages of chocolate instant pudding
                                           3- cups milk
                                           1- 8 oz. non-dairy whipped topping
                                           1- package candy worms

   1. Crush cookies into bowl #1.
   2. Mix together cream cheese, butter, and powdered sugar in bowl #2. (Hint: allow
      ingredients to warm up to room temperature.)
   3. Make chocolate pudding with milk in bowl #3.
   4. Fold whipped cream into pudding into bowl #3.
   5. Mix ingredients in bowl #3 with bowl #2. Blend well.
   6. In a clean, plastic flower pot, layer the creamed ingredients with the crushed cookies.
      Start with crushed cookies in the bottom of the pot. End with crushed cookies as the
      top layer.
   7. Decorate your cake with candy worms and artificial flowers. Eat immediately or

       Yields about 24 one-half cup servings.

Other ideas: Use individual small flower pots instead of one big one. Try making the recipe
with other kinds of cookies and cake mixes. Try different puddings.

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