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Jan Schaffer
1747 Orchard Ave.
Galva, IA 51020
(712) 282-4284

          The Americanism Program of the American Legion Auxiliary is every members chance to fulfill
the commitment made each time the Preamble to the Constitution is recited. “TO FOSTER AND
PERPETUATE A ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AMERICANISM.” “Americanism means the virtues of
courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood - the virtues that made America. The things that
will destroy America are prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first, the
love of soft living and the get rich quick theory of life.” This is a quote by President Theodore Roosevelt,
that is as relevant today as it was during his administration. “FOR GOD AND COUNTRY WE
ASSOCIATE OURSELVES TOGETHER.“ Thomas Jefferson attributed our rights of life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness to the Creator, not to the government. “FAITH in the origin of these basic human
rights is necessary if we are to keep them.” The Americanism Programs are selected in inspire patriotism
and good citizenship, to instill a sense of pride and respect for our country and our American values, and
to increase an appreciation of our freedoms and the American way of life. For 2007-2008 special
emphasis of the Americanism program is to mentor our youth to develop these values.
          The Americanism Essay contest using the title theme: “America ~ Home of the Brave, Land that I
Love” will require that schools be contacted early so that it can be added to the curriculum, offer a savings
bond or monetary reward for winning participants, get every Junior member involved. . Americanism
Youth Conference hosted by Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to be held March 13-
16, 2008, is open to all students in grades 10, 11, and 12 who participated in this essay contest. The
National American Legion Auxiliary will pay the $420.00 registration fee and a transportation stipend of
$200.00. Donations to this worthy program are always welcomed. When you talk to the schools early,
give them brochures on the Americanism Youth Conference to get their interest. Work with the American
Legion to promote this Program. If your community is fortunate enough to have a Girl Scout troop, work
with them and encourage them to enter the Gold Award. Honor the recipient with recognition in your Unit.
Work with the Juniors in your own Unit. Encourage them to participate in the Essay Contests, Pocket Flag
Program, Girl Scout Achievement Award, Oratorical Contest, Flag Etiquette, Kids Vote and Observance
of Patriotic Holidays. Encourage your Juniors to be leaders and mentors by displaying proper flag
etiquette at sporting events and to spread the word about what they are doing. Teach your Juniors about
voting, lead them by example. Work with other civic groups in your community to sponsor a MEET THE
CANDIDATE forum, offer rides to the elderly and disabled so they may exercise their right to vote. Hold a
KIDS VOTE event. Tell them to listen to the candidates, hold a discussion group regarding the candidates
and then let them vote.. Parents will take interest in what their children are doing and become better
informed voters. Dare to tell someone the proper Flag etiquette, be an example, be sure you know the
proper flag etiquette. Distribute information to your community regarding Flag Etiquette, and the Pledge of
Allegiance. Go to your schools with this information and show them, teach them.
Observe Patriotic Holidays bring back the original intent and history of these days.
Create public announcements, encourage them to fly their flags, plan patriotic activities
within the community and schools.
          Other events you need to be aware of : Healing Fields, more information can
be found at .or call 866-375-3524. Month of the Military Child, join
the National Security Committee in honoring the Military Child during the month of
April. The Pocket Flag Project go to or write to Pocket Flag
Project, PO Box 740847, Arvada, CO 80006. National Anthem Project, Add you voices
on September 14 when schools and communities across the nation will be singing “The Star Spangled
Banner”, all Units are encouraged to participate in this event. Go to, or
call (800) 336-3768. National Flag Foundation: With focus on youth to teach respect for the flag, pride in
our country, and responsible citizenship., (412) 261-1776. And the big one the
CITIZEN’S FLAG ALLIANCE. Work with The American Legion and other member organizations to secure
passage of the Flag Amendment in the 111 Congress. We can make it happen.

Plan of Work 2007-2008
                                                     NATIONAL CONTESTS

1.   National Presidents Award for Excellence: Unit program must meet all required elements of:
     Americanism Youth Conference, Americanism Essay Contest, Get Out the Vote, Kids Vote, Junior
     Programs, observation of patriotic holidays and support for the Citizen’s Flag Alliance. Submit a 1500
     word, typed report. Listing Program title, contact name and information, short program description, list
     other organizations involved in this program, Plan Goal, Success & impact of the program. Sent to me
     on or before April 30 , 2008

2.   Americanism Essay Contest: Essay Title for all Classes, “America ~ Home of the Brave, Land that I
     Love” : I must receive these on or before April 30 , 2008.

                                                     Word Requirement
                 1.   Class 1   - Grades 3 and 4      150-250
                 2.   Class 2   - Grades 5 and 6      250-300
                 3.   Class 3   - Grades 7 and 8      350-400
                 4.   Class 4   - Grades 9 and 10     450-500
                 5.   Class 5   - Grades 11 and 12    450-500

3.   (National) Dorothy Pearl Plaque: Engraved plaque presented to the unit reporting the Most
     Outstanding Americanism Program targeted at children and youth. Narrative form not to exceed 1000
     words. May include pictures (no more then 5) and news articles. Sent to me by April 30 , 2008.

4.   Girl Scout of the Year. This application and information is available online at Submit application to me on or before April 30, 2008.

                                           DEPARTMENT CONTESTS
Department entries are due April 30 and should be a separate page attached to Annual Americanism
Report and sent to me. Pictures may be included with all reports

1.   Seniors: Best Year Round Americanism Program. Three winners will be chosen from all reports
     received explaining their year round program. Please type or neatly handwrite up to 300 words on
     what your Unit has done, and attach it to your Annual Americanism Report. Be sure to add Unit
     name, Number and District.

2.   Juniors: Best Year Round Americanism Program. There are 2 age categories for entries. Please type
     or handwrite neatly up to 200 words explaining your Americanism activities. Awards will be given at
     Department Junior Convention. Include your name, age, Unit name, Unit Number, Town and District.
     3. Class A - Ages 10 and under
     4. Class B - Ages 11 - 18

I have FAITH that the Roses and Rosebuds of the Department of Iowa will bloom and flourish in 2007 -
2008. Remember to use : Forward Thinking - A Ripple Today, A Wave Tomorrow. (National President Jan
Pulvermacher - Ryan’s theme)

Has it been mentioned enough.. Deadline for all entries is April 30, 2008.

Please send all reports to: Jan Schaffer
                            Americanism Chairman
                            1747 Orchard Ave.
                            Galva, IA 51020

Plan of Work 2007-2008

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