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									Introduction to the Secure SMTP Server service
Secure SMTP server is a secure, reliable SMTP mail
relay server for your outgoing mail.

Secure SMTP service gives its members more
possibilities than a standard SMTP server does.
1 Strong security and privacy
   Secure SMTP server provides enhanced email
    security by using TLS/SSL encrypted channels.

   We take strong measures to protect all
    customer data from unauthorized access or
    disclosure, misuse, loss, alteration or

   Strong authentication protects users from
    identity fraud.
2 Location – independent access
    to SMTP mail service

   In cases where the Internet Service
    Provider or a network administrator blocks
    port 25 (the standard email port),
     the service will work through
     an alternative SMTP port.
3 Ultra-reliable SMTP engine
   E-mail delivery is not always successful on
    a first attempt even if the recipient's
    address is valid.

     When an email fails to be delivered it will
    be re-sent every 2 hours for 3 days until
    The message delivery status is available
    for preview in the Control panel.
4 Flexible service plans starting
    from $US 4.95/month

   A subscription contains multiple SMTP accounts,
    which can be assigned to a group of users.

   Service plans include a unique Pay per Mail plan.
    Free secure email accounts are available during a
    15-day trial period. There is no size limitation on
    the email body and attachments.
5 Online technical support
   Email:
   Toll-Free Line: 1 (877) 477-3553
    International Line: 1 (905) 812-8434
                                                                                                 3 members send emails
                                                                                                 via any email client. The email client
                                                                                                 authorizes and establishes an encrypted
                                                                                                 connection (SSL / TLS) to the Secure SMTP
                                                                                                 server and securely transmits a mail message
                                                                                                 on port 25* (default port to send e-mail).

                                                                                                 4 forwards a message from
                                                                                                 an email client to the queue and logs it into the
                                                                                                 journal for the client to be able to view the
                                                                                                 outgoing history. If the Recipient Server is not
                                                                                                 available, forwards the email
                                                                                                 message to a holding area and tries to send it
                                                                                                 every couple of hours for several days. Secure
                                                                                                 SMTP members can check the current status of

                                                                                                 each email and the history of connection
1 members      members configure their email         attempts in the delivery log in Control Panel.
configure and manage their                clients (MS Outlook, Pocket PC, etc) to use SMTP-
accounts, billing and service plan
information, set security level for
                                 as a default Outgoing Mail Server and set
                                          up SMTP account parameters selected on step   1.       5   Mail recipients use their different email
outgoing emails, receive delivery                                                                 clients to contact the Recipient Server
confirmation notifications via the                                                                (POP3 mail server) and download e-mail
                                          These are primary SMTP parameters:
Secure SMTP Control Panel.                                                                        messages into the Inbox.
                                              SMTP Server Name:
                                              SMTP User Name                                      Note:
                                              SMTP Password                                       In this step SSL/TLS security cannot be
                                              TCP Port: 1-5000 except 53,137,139,443,445          guaranteed as it depends exclusively on the
                                              SSL/TLS encrypted or non-encrypted connection       Recipient Server (POP3 mail server like
                                                                                         or and the Recipient
                                                                                                  Client (POP3 mail client like Outlook, or
                                                                                                  Netscape) configuration.
  Location independent SMTP provider

 Increased level of security and reliability

 Outgoing mail tracking and reporting

Low cost Family plan                Notifications
         High performance and reliability

         Strong security                Notifications

        Outgoing mail tracking and reporting

A variety of service plans to choose from
     Basic Plan
    You can send emails through the Secure SMTP server using a single email address.
    The maximum number of emails sent per day is 50.

     Family Plan
You can send emails through the Secure SMTP server up to from 5 email addresses.
The maximum number of emails sent per day is 100
(total is shared over the 5 SMTP accounts).

     Pay per Mail Plan
This plan is ideal for those who prefer a pay-per-use scheme without worrying about exceeding
quantity limits as in other plans.

     Business I-V Plans
Within these five types of Business Plans, you can send emails through the Secure SMTP server from any
of up to 5 to 100 email addresses.
The Free Trial period ends after 15 days or when up to 50 emails have been sent.
Account Summary
Current Plan section contains
1.SMTP Traffic report:
       Number of messages you have
       sent on the current day / month
       SMTP Traffic size in Mb
2. Service plan name,
3. Service plan status (Active,
Deactivated or Temporarily stopped)
4. Edit / Upgrade Service option
Time zone.

Web Activity Report
It shows information about the time and
date a user from a certain IP address has
accessed your account and which
changes were made to your account.

Mail Delivery Report
It shows your message details and
delivery events which happened when
your message left the mailbox.
Settings menu

You can edit the Account Information:
change your password, email address, or upgrade the
service plan; edit the Billing information to update your
billing and credit card information.

The Notifications service allows you to receive a
SMTP Traffic report, a Web Activity report, and a Mail
Delivery report by email based on the selected
frequency. It is also used to inform our members of
important changes to our service.

In the Security section you are able to hide your IP,
Domain name, Host name (in the message header)
and use a SSL/TLS connection by default.
Web Activity reports retain information for the following
web events:

      IP address
             Account Registered
             Forgotten Password Recovered
             Control Panel Logged On
             Control Panel Logged Off
             Web Password Changed
             Primary SMTP Account Changed
             SMTP Account Removed
             SMTP Account Added
             SMTP Account Changed
             Service Plan Changed
             Billing Information Changed
             Time Zone Changed
             Notifications Changed
             Service Manually Stopped
             Service Resumed
             Service Started
             Successful Payment
             Unsuccessful Payment
             Service Blocked
             Security Settings Changed
Mail Delivery reports contain the following fields:

       Secure connection status: SSL or insecure
       Message Date /Time
       IP Address
       Message Subject
       Message Size
       Delivery Status
       Delivery Details
With a single subscription you can create multiple
SMTP Accounts for a group of users such as: your
co-workers, family or friends.
 The number of accounts is limited only by the
service plan, that can be changed by clicking
on Edit your Service Plan link.

You can have e-mails sent from as many accounts
as you like.
Every account can have its unique SMTP
Account Name, Email "From" address,
Priority Status and authentication
parameters: SMTP User Name and SMTP
Give your SMTP account any name you wish.

 It can be your "alias" name used with online friends, any
keyword to remember the account, your full name or just
 a few letters to make it quick and short.

The SMTP User Name is your primary email address which
is used by default.

You can change your SMTP User Name and SMTP
Password anytime.

They should be unique for every SMTP Account to identify
the SMTP Accounts properly.
   Subscribing to SMTP is quick and easy:

           Provide the information requested in the 3-step registration,
           confirm your order, and you'll be sending emails in minutes!

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