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									                         CORSO DI LAUREA IN INFERMIERISTICA
                            SEDE DI ORBASSANO E CUNEO


INSEGNAMENTO: Pathology and laboratory diagnosis.

Educational objectives                     Microbiology and clinical microbiology:
                                           To know the meaning of infection and
                                           infectious disease. To know the most important
                                           microorganisms responsible of the main
                                           infectious diseases. To know the principal
                                           techniques regarding antisepsis, disinfection and
                                           sterilization, and the means to prevent
                                           infections. To know how to take, to transport
                                           and to preserve a sample for microbiological
                                           diagnosis. To know the main concepts of the
                                           antibiotic therapy. To know the main infective
                                           complications linked to nursing procedures.
                                           To know the conditions promoting the rise up of
                                           infections and the prevention options.

                                           Clinical pathology and transfusional medicine:
                                           Acquire the knowledge necessary for a correct application
                                           of diagnostic and laboratory tests for disease prevention,
                                           assistance to the patient and health education.

                                           This course is aimed at providing a basic
                                           understanding of the cellular and molecular
                                           basis of immune responsiveness and the roles of
                                           the immune system in both maintaining health
                                           and contributing to disease.

                                           General Pathology and pathophysiology:
                                           Knowledge of environmental agents (chemical,
                                           physical, biological) of damage, cell and tissue
                                           damage mechanisms and inflammatory response
                                           involved in human disease development.
                                           Basements of molecular mechanisms involved
                                           in tumour initiation and progression .
                                           The student should acquire the basic
                                           knowledges of pathophysiology of organ
                                           Particularly the student should be able to
                                           analytically illustrate the pathophysiology of the
                                           cardiovascular, liver and respiratory diseases
                                           and diabetes.

Contents                                   Microbiology and clinical microbiology:
                                           Short accounts on the importance of
                                           microorganisms and their classification.
Host-parasite interaction and ways of infection.
General characters of bacteria and viruses and
their moltiplication. Main concepts of
microbiological diagnosis. Prevention of
infections: antisepsis, disinfection, sterilization;
vaccines and sera. Chemotherapics and
antibiotics; importance of resistance. Main
concepts on the pathologies determined by the
most important bacteria and viruses. Short
accounts on the infections caused by fungi and

Clinical pathology and transfusional
Variability and test evaluation
Specimens collection
Plasma proteins
 Renal function and main renal syndromes
Cardiovascular markers
Clinical pathology of the liver
Coagulation disorders
Hemocrome tests and related disorders.
Blood transfusion therapy
Immunological tests and acute phase proteins
The course will introduce the students to the
fundamental concepts of modern immunology.
The course will cover structure and function of
the immune system, antigens and antibodies,
complement, genetic basis of the immune
response, humoral and cellular immunity,
immunological tolerance, organ and tissue
transplantation, allergy and autoimmunity.

General Pathology and pathophysiology:
Cell growth adaptation: hypertrophy,
hyperplasia, atrophy, dysplasia, metaplasia.
Cell death: necrosis, apoptosis.
Environmental pathology – physical causes:
radiation, high and low pressure diseases,
hyper/hypothermia. Environmental hazards:
drug abuse, smoke, pharmaceutical drugs
Acute and Chronic inflammation. Wound
healing Tumours: concept of benignity and
malignancy, cancer development (initiation,
promotion, progression), aetiology,
The fever. Vascular pathology: arterial
                                                     hypertension        and       hypotension,        shock,
                                                     hemorrhages,         atherosclerosis,       thrombosis,
                                                     embolism, heart attack. Coronary disease,
                                                     ischemic cardiomyopathy (stable and unstable
                                                     angina, myocardial infarction), rheumatic
                                                     illness. Pathophysiology of the respiratory
                                                     system (asthma, emphysema, bronchiectasis,
                                                     chronic obstructive pulmonary disease…) .
                                                     Liver diseases: acute and chronic insufficiency,
                                                     encephalopathy, jaundices, alcoholic hepatitis,
                                                     steatosis and cirrhosis, portal hypertension,
                                                     ascites. Neurodegenerative diseases. Diabetes
                                                     type I and II.
Text:                                                Microbiology and clinical microbiology:
                                                     Materials online on Campusnet.
                                                     Principi di microbiologia clinica (Lanciotti, Casa
                                                     Editrice Ambrosiana, Milano).

                                                     Clinical Pathology and trasfusional medicine:
                                                     Materials online on Campusnet.

                                                     Quaglino, Cavallo, Forni. Le difese
                                                     immunitarie. Piccin editore

                                                     General Pathology and pathophysiology:
                                                     Patologia e Fisiopatologia Generale”. Per i corsi
                                                     di Laurea in Professioni Sanitarie (G.M.
                                                     Pontieri, Piccin ed.)

Prerequisiti (conoscenze di base che lo studente
deve possedere per accedere al corso, nel caso non   NONE
siano previste indicare “NESSUNA”)

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