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					          Vol. XXV, Issue 18                                       Hu\wa\z`uk wira | Elk Calling Moon                                      September 23, 2011

                              Don’t forget to Vote on                                                                             Summary of
                              September 23, 2011 for                                                                            2011 Resolutions
                                Area III Legislator.                                                                              that passed.
                                                                                                                                                                       Page 7

Labor Day Weekend Pow-Wow 2011
  Sanford LittleEagle                            word from the Committee
  Staff Writer                                   that the dancers and singers
  The annual Ho-Chunk Nation                     from the Drum contest
Labor Day Weekend Pow-Wow held                   were excused, and asked
September 3-5, 2011 was themed as                the Ho-Chunk Drums to
“Honoring the Workforce”; to honor               make room under the arbor
all Emergency Service Workers.                   or get in together and sing
Buffalo Clan members Lance Long,                 round dance, as they shut the
and newcomer Shawnee Hunt,                       power off and went off the
served as this year’s Master of                  air for the evening.
Ceremonies. Russell St. Cyr from                    Sundays weather was
Sioux City even made his way over                more cooperative and
to serve his duty as Arena Director              above the arena the foot
and Head singing judge for the                   traffic was busy as tweens,
special drum contest that also took              spectators, and those looking
place.                                           for good seats moved all
  With partly cloudy skies and the               around for a good Sunday
smell of rain in the air with glooms             turnout. After Grand Entry,
of dark clouds approaching Black                 the Drum Contest started;
River Falls, the Andrew Blackhawk                Mato Pejuta from the Isanti
Post 129, with Auxiliary in tow,                 Dakota Nation started it
began the first Grand Entry of the                off as they went down the
weekend.                                         line, Eagle Feather of Tama
  After one full go round of the Host            Iowa, Smokey Town from
Drums: Iron Mound, Thundercloud,                 the Land of the Menominee,
Lake Delton, Thunder Bear, Bear                  Black River’s own Wazi
                                                 Jaci, Iron Boy from St.         Honoring the Workforce, President Jon Greendeer leads those Honored in the
Clan, Little Thunder, and Winnebago                                              dance arena.
Sons, the contest drums were on                  Paul Minnesota, Young
deck for their first contest song. As             Firekeepers from Milwaukee      Contest singing and a show      not to be seen or heard (just    outlasting the drums’ trick
the last drum sang, and sprinkles of             WI, WhiteTail Boyz from         of adult exhibition dancing.    in case) they moved a little     songs; however through
rain began, there was no stopping                Macy Nebraska, Southern         Although the ground was         bit over beat; if so, he’d let   the first four starts of the
and it was there to stay for the night.          Boyz of Lawton Oklahoma,        a bit wet and cold, many        them know it was time to         first drum’s song, the fellas
Emcee Lance Long had relayed                     and Southern Tunez also         participated in the Green       dance their selves off the       were dropping like flies.
                                                 from Macy, Nebraska sang        Corn dance sung by a            arena. There were many out
                                                 6 starts for their Contest      combination of Ho-Chunk         the first song, but four songs    Continued on Page 9
                                                 Songs. After the singing        singing groups, and several     later, a handful were still in
   U.S. Postage Paid

                                                 contest, emcee Shawnee          that stepped into the arena     it to win it. Wazi Jaci made
   Permit No. 203

                                                 Hunt brought every one
   Eau Claire, WI

                                                                                 for a trick song winner take    the last ones standing drop
                                                 through announcing
   First Class

                                                                                 all special for $250. First     quickly and the showdown
                                                 the adult categories for        up were the women dancers       was on, as Jennifer
                                                 exhibition dancing, followed    with everyone eyeballing        Dominguez scrubbed on to
                                                 by the juniors and teens        them to make sure they          outlast and be the night’s
                                                 performing the Fish Dance       didn’t stop early, or go that   victor.
                                                 lead by Terrance Cleveland      extra bounce over. Russell         Next up were the men
                                                 and the Swan Dance lead by      , a.k.a. Hayna Boy, kept        with Southern Tunez singing
                                                 Denessa White.                  a watchful eye as some          the first trick song. The guys     INSIDE SCOOP...
                                                    During Sunday evening’s      contestants tried very hard     were supposed to dance            Letters             Page 2
                                                 session, there was more
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PAGE 2                                                                LETTERS                                                             Hu\wa\z`uk wira 23, 2011

Mark Trahant: A new era of
contraction coming to
Indian Country
Submitted by                      The new U.S. policy of            Department of Health and               I also think every tribe
Rep. Robert Twobears              contraction -- one that           Human Services announced            should create a community
  It’s nearly impossible to       will impact all Americans,        $10 million in planning             foundation, building up assets
know when a new political         including American Indians,       grants for 129 organizations        now (before the cuts come)
era has begun for certain.        for years to come -- probably     to become community health          that can be used to support
  Congress enacted House          started after the November        centers, including here in my       and fund tribal priorities.
Resolution 108 on August 1,       2010 elections. But the actual    community, Fort Hall, Idaho,        How do you raise money for
1953, officially beginning the     policy implications remain        for the Shoshone-Bannock            such a venture? Every tribe
era of tribal termination. This   distant, more threat than         Tribes. In the past it’s been       spends money with vendors,
dreadful policy was supposed      actual destructive force. But     easy for tribes to count on         whether a government
to abolish federal supervision    make no mistake: This policy      the Indian Health Service           program, business or casino.
over American Indian tribes       route is set and based on a       for basic services, even if         So any company or individual
and to subject tribal members     terrible idea that will slowly    underfunded. But that is no         who does business with a
to state and county authority.    evolve into a disastrous          longer the case. The Indian         tribe should be given “the
  Yet termination didn’t really   policy.                           Health Service will likely see      opportunity” (as they say        Robert Twobears
take off as policy until the         This policy of contraction     a steady decline of resources       in fundraising circles) to
late 1950s and 1960s. It was      is certain because both           during this era of contraction.     help launch a community
a terrible idea that slowly       Republicans and Democrats         This year it might be a 2.5         foundation.                      Indian Country must once
evolved into a disastrous         have bought into the premise.     percent cut (while populations         Some tribes might focus       again adapt. Quickly.
policy.                           As President Barack Obama         continue to grow) but that is       their nonprofit organizations        Mark Trahant is a writer,
  It was a similar shift when     said Monday, “Washington          only the beginning.                 on health care or scholarships   speaker and Twitter poet. He
President Richard Nixon           has to live within its means.        So as the policy of              for young people -- all worth    is a member of the Shoshone-
announced the new policy of       The government has to do          contraction unfolds, I think        while enterprises. The key, to   Bannock Tribes and lives in
self-determination without        what families across this         it’s essential for tribes to seek   me, at least, is to engage new   Fort Hall, Idaho. Trahant’s
termination on July 8, 1970.      country have been doing for       out multiple revenue streams,       revenue streams that could       new book, “The Last Great
“It is long past time that        years. We have to cut what we     finding money both from              continue to build community      Battle of the Indian Wars,”
the Indian policies of the        can’t afford to pay for what      government and from private         while the United States is       is the story of Sen. Henry
federal government began to       really matters.”                  sources. Where ever and when        busy shrinking its economy.      Jackson and Forrest Gerard.
recognize and build upon the         The president, at least,       ever possible. Converting a            It may be impossible
capacities and insights of the    understands that the Bush-era     tribal, or federal IHS clinic,      to know when the era of
Indian people,” the president     tax cuts and two wars did as      into a Community Health             contraction began, but I do
said. “... we must begin to       much as anything to bury the      Center is one way to do that.       know for certain it’s here and
act on the basis of what the      country in deficits. He also
Indians themselves have long      appreciates that domestic
been telling us. The time has     spending isn’t the long term                            CHILDRENS TRUST FUND TASK FORCE UPDATE
come to break decisively          problem; it’s a demographic
with the past and to create       issue. But in the end that back                   On August 23, 2011 Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature approved
the conditions for a new era      and forth is nearly irrelevant.
in which the Indian future is        What matters is that tribal                    the Trust and Investment Committee and Organization Act
determined by Indian acts and     governments are soon going                        and took a big step forward to strengthen the oversight and
Indian decisions.”                to have to completely change         provide enhanced protection over the Nation’s investments. The Ho-Chunk
  Five years later Congress       what they do, how they              Trust and Investment Committee will be responsible for the oversight of the
enacted the Indian Self-          operate and how they pay for
Determination and Education       government services because         Nations investments, including investments on behalf of minors and legally
Assistance Act.                   of these larger policy shifts.      incompetent members, employer retirement plan funds (401 k), and any
  And so it goes again.              Last week the U.S.               other investments made by the Nation with a time horizon of at least one
                                                                      year for the Nations long and short term portfolios.
                                                                        The approval of the Trust and Investment Committee has created a tre-
 DRAFT CODES                                                          mendous opportunity for qualified Tribal Members to lend their expertise
                                                                      and help guide the Nation’s investment decisions. To be eligible for appoint-
 Code Title                           Review end date                 ment or election Committee Members shall be Enrolled Members of the Ho-
                                                                      Chunk Nation and shall have one or more of the following qualifications:
                                                                        · Certified Public Accountant or Charter Financial Analyst
 COMMITTEE            August 15, 2011
                                                                        · An associates or, preferably, a bachelors degree in accounting, business
                                                                           or finance.
 OF 2001
                                                                        · Financial professional certification
                                                                        · At least five years proven experience managing investments as a fidu-
 Public Nuisance Act of 2000 October 17, 2011
                                                                           ciary on another’s behalf.
 Legislative Org Act of 2011          October 24, 2011                  The Committee shall consist of seven voting members. Each of the voting
                                                                      members must be an enrolled member of the Nation who is eligible to vote
                                                                      in the Nations elections. The seven voting Committee members shall be
  The Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature wants to encourage                  initially appointed by the Legislature. Every two years the Nation shall hold
 all Tribal Members to provide comments on any Codes                  elections to fill the Committee openings.
 that have been placed out for public comment. To ac-                   For all those who would like to make a difference in the lives of not only
 complish this you may contact your Legislator(s) or Ho-              the Nation’s minors, but also the entire Nation, apply for the Committee by
 Chunk Nation Legislative Paralegal Melanie Stacy. To                 submitting a letter of interest and a resume to:
 contact Melanie Stacy you may contact her by:                                               Ho-Chunk Nation CTF Task Force
 (1) Email at;                                   c/o Kelley Thundercloud, PO Box 667, Black River Falls, WI 54615
 (2) Telephone at (800) 294-9343 or (715) 284-9343,                     To review the Trust and Investment Committee Establishment act in its
         Ext. 1342; or                                                entirety on the Nation’s website, please see:
 (3) Regular mail at Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature;             
         P.O. Box 667; W9814 Airport Road;                            tion%20Trust%20and%20Investment%20Committee%20Establishment%20
          Black River Falls, WI 54615                                 Act.pdf
September 23, 2011                                                      HEALTH                                                                                                         PAGE 3

D-Day – Diabetes, Denial and Damage
By Kathleen Clemons,                  sugar on a regular basis.      seriously, the Diabetes
MS, CES, RCEP                         You don’t check, you don’t     Team has been presenting
   “For some people, living           know the number and you        on the topic. New research
with diabetes is like standing        are able to avoid doing        is demonstrating that
in the path of an oncoming            anything about it.             many of the complications
freight train. The train may       • Not taking prescribed           of diabetes are actually
be far off in the distance and        medications. If you skip       starting 10-20 years before
it may be moving slowly, but          your medications, you can      a person is even diagnosed.
it is coming. The train cannot        almost convince yourself       Research is demonstrating
be stopped, and there is no           that you don’t have            that nerve disease, retinal
way to get off the tracks, so         diabetes.                      disease, kidney disease and
the best thing to do is just       • Flat out denying that you       destruction of the beta cells
pretend it isn’t coming. This         have diabetes despite          (cells that produce insulin)
is the essence of denial. The         diagnostic evidence that you   are beginning while a person
degree to which you ignore            clearly have it.               has pre-diabetes (diagnosed
the seriousness of diabetes or        It can be easy to deny         if your fasting blood sugar is
try to avoid thinking about        the seriousness of diabetes       between 100 and 125 or your
the illness can play a large       because many people feel          A1c is 5.7 to 6.4). A person
role in your overall health for                                      may not have any symptoms                 • Treatment plan options                     for heart disease. We highly
                                   fine. The body has an                                                        • Carbohydrate counting                      encourage you to take your
years to come. Denial is a         amazing ability to adapt to       with pre-diabetes and may
critical problem that must be                                        never go to the doctor because            • Lowering your risk of heart                medications. Of all the self-
                                   high blood sugar…you may                                                      disease                                    care methods you can use, this
addressed.” (Excerpt from the      have symptoms at first but         they feel fine.
book, Diabetes Burnout by                                               It is important to realize             • Preventing and managing                    is the absolute easiest one to
                                   they become less apparent as                                                  complications                              do…way easier than changing
William Polonsky).                 the body adapts. However,         that denial of diabetes is
   Denial of diabetes or                                             based on the false idea that              • Goal setting                               eating habits and exercising
                                   even though you feel fine,                                                   • Problem solving                            regularly (although we highly
ignoring anything in your          the high blood sugar is still     there is nothing you can do to
life that is upsetting is a tool                                     improve your situation. There             • Living well with Diabetes                  encourage these too).
                                   doing damage. High blood                                                                                                    To get enrolled in these
that can help you cope during      sugar can damage almost           is a lot you can do to manage                The Diabetes Team
difficult times when you feel                                         your diabetes and a first step                                                          classes and taking control of
                                   every organ system in your                                                  encourages everyone to                       your diabetes now, contact
overwhelmed. Occasional            body. We tend to think of the     can be participating in the               get regular comprehensive
diabetes “vacations” may be                                          Diabetes Basics Program.                                                               Tina McArthur at 715-284-
                                   eyes, kidneys, feet, and heart                                              physical exams because                       9851, ext 5359 or Rachel
necessary to help you feel         because that is what we hear      You are encouraged to take                you simply can’t feel all the
renewed and more inspired                                            these classes if you have pre-                                                         Montana at ext 5039. The
                                   most about. Many people                                                     things going on in your body.                freight train may be coming,
to care for your health.           don’t know that diabetes can      diabetes or diabetes. Many                Other risk factors that can
Occasional means one night                                           topics are covered in the                                                              but you are not tied to the
                                   damage your gastrointestinal                                                be high that you don’t feel                  tracks. You can live well with
each week or one weekend           system and lead to chronic        classes including:                        can be high blood pressure,
a month, not long stretches                                                                                                                                 diabetes!
                                   constipation or diarrhea. It      • Proper exercise                         high cholesterol and high
at a time. However, when           can damage nerves throughout                                                triglycerides. These are some
denial becomes your only                                             • Diabetes medications
                                   your body, not just your feet,                                              of the leading risk factors
way of coping with difficult        and lead to things such as
situations, this is now your       silent heart attacks. Denial
way of life. It has been

                                                                       The Flu
                                   does not stop this damage
shown that people who use          from occurring.
denial as their primary way           We know now that diabetes
of coping with diabetes tend       does damage but what about
to manage their illness poorly

                                   pre-diabetes? Because so
and have high blood sugar. A       many people do not take the
few forms of denial include:       diagnosis of pre-diabetes
• Not checking your blood

                                                                       By Criss Swanson RN; Nurse Educator

                                                                         The flu season is arriving once again.
                                                                       Vaccinations are the best protection against
                                                                       the flu virus. Everyone should get a flu
                                                                       vaccine, but the people who need it most

Fitness Events
                                                                                                                                         The flu virus changes every year, thus
                                                                       • Pregnant women                                               the reason for yearly flu shots. Once you
By Kathleen Clemons,                                                   • Children 6 months old to 2 years of age                      receive the shot, you may develop some
MS, CES, RCEP                                                          • Anyone 50 years of age or older                              soreness, redness, or swelling where the
  If you are looking for fitness events to participate in as an                                                                        shot was given, a low grade fever that
                                                                         Also, anyone with certain chronic medical                    is described as 99.8 to 100.8 degrees
individual or family, there are many opportunities around              conditions such as diabetes, compromised
Wisconsin. Log onto and click on races                                                                           Fahrenheit and possibly some body aches.
                                                                       immune system, suffers from asthma, or has                     These symptoms generally last for 24 to 48
then calendar and you will see a variety of events to participate      been diagnosed with cancer. All caretakers
in. I am listing a few below for October but events go all year                                                                       hours and are your body’s normal response
                                                                       of newborns should become vaccinated,                          to develop antibodies. These antibodies
round. If you have never tried a snowshoeing 5K give it a try!         (since newborns to 6 months of age are not
They are a lot of fun and well attended. Hope to see you out                                                                          take about 2 weeks to fully develop before it
                                                                       eligible to receive the vaccine).                              protects you from the actual flu virus. So, if
there at some of these events.
                                                                                                                                      you come into contact with a flu virus before
October 1st - Higher Education Hustle                                                                                                 your flu shot or 10 to 12 days after your flu
 5k run/walk, Eau Claire                                                                                                              shot, you may get the flu. Therefore, getting
October 1st – Halmstad Hawk                                                                                                           the flu vaccination early is your best defense
 5k and 1 mile walk run, Chippewa Falls                                                                                               for staying healthy once vaccinations are
October 1st – Blue Devil Run / Walk                                                                                                   available in your community.
 5k run and walk, 10K, Menonomie
October 1st – Big Muddy
 5k or 1 mile, La Crosse
October 7th – Friday 5k, Eau Claire                                          The Hocak Worak is a periodical published twice monthly by the Ho-Chunk Nation. Editorials and articles appearing
October 8th- St. Patrick 5k, La Crosse                                   in the Hocak Worak are the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or attitude of the
                                                                         Hocak Worak staff or the Ho-Chunk Nation.
October 8th – Moon Walk Wisconsin                                            The Hocak Worak encourages the submission of letters to the Editor. All letters must include the signature, address
 4 and 8 mile walk, Plover                                               and telephone number of the author. Letters are subject to editing for grammar, length, malicious and libelous content.
October 15th – Harvest Hustle                                                The Hocak Worak reserves the right to reject any advertising, material, or letters submitted for publication. The
                                                                         submission of articles, poetry, artwork and photos is encouraged. The Editor makes the sole decision of what is
 2k walk/run, 10 K run, ½ marathon, Eau Claire                           published in the Hocak Worak. The Hocak Worak will not assume any responsibility for unsolicited material.
October 22nd – Warrior Waddle, 5K, Winona                                    Submissions deadlines for the Hocak Worak are by 4:30 PM. We cannot guarantee the publication of submissions
October 29th – Haunted Hustle                                            meeting these deadlines if the space is not available. No part of this publication may be produced without express
                                                                         written consent from the Editor.
 10k, ½ marathon and full marathon, Middleton
                                                                                                                                             HOCAK WORAK NEWSLETTER
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  For more information on these races and many more, check                                                                                                  P.O. Box 667
out the Indianhead Track Club website listed above. Having               STAFF WRITER .............Sanford LittleEagle                              Black River Falls, WI 54615
something to train for can keep you motivated all year round.            Administrative Assistant ....Anna Reichenbach
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    1015 if you have a change of address or would                        The Native American
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         like to be placed on the mailing list.
PAGE 4                                                                     NEWS                                                        Hu\wa\z`uk wira 23, 2011

Ho-Chunk Gaming holds collection to
benefit Ronald McDonald House
of Marshfield
Submitted by                      and this year ended with an
Michelle Ramberg, Senior          even more exciting twist
Manager-Public Relation,          with one department setting
HCG-BRF                           the bar high for next year.
  The saying “there are           The Finance Department
strength in numbers” was          at Ho-Chunk Gaming
proven true once again by         Black River Falls raised an
Ho-Chunk Gaming Black             additional $600 to donate
River Falls through a             to the Ronald McDonald
collection of pop tabs for the    House of Marshfield on top
Ronald McDonald House of          of their 72.5 pounds of tabs
Marshfield. Demonstrating          collected. The additional
their compassion to giving        money was collected through
back to a great cause, the        the recycling of aluminum
employees of Ho-Chunk             cans. Also contributing to
Gaming Black River Falls          their success, outside friends
were able to collect a total of   and family gave the finance
417,920 pop tabs, weighing in     department their own personal
at 326.5 pounds.                  collection of cans.
  “Through our incentive            A little boy, Jaden
committee, this collection        Rowekamp, played an
of pop tabs has become a          important role in the extra
yearly competition between        effort set forth by the Finance
departments attempting to         team. As a personal friend
collect the highest number of     to one of the department
tabs with all proceeds going      members, Jaden, was
to the local Ronald McDonald      diagnosed with Leukemia
House Charities,” stated          2 ½ years ago. “I am still        Ho-Chunk Gaming –Black River Falls employees along with Sandy Zygarlicke (far
Angie Melbye, Incentive           amazed by the resilience and      left), House Director of Ronald Mc Donald House of Marshfield. Total pop tabs
Committee Vice Chair Person/      strength he possesses each        collect: 417,920 =326.5 pounds
Marketing Assistant. Each         and every day as he moves
year we grow in numbers           towards recovery. He is
                                                                    the inspiration behind our       not only collect the pop tabs,   Executive Department coming
                                                                    collection,” explained Nicole    but to also raise additional     in a close second with a total
                                                                    Christopherson, Revenue          funds to assist another child    of 70.5 pounds collected and

                                   Community                        Audit Manager at Ho-Chunk
                                                                    Gaming Black River Falls
                                                                    and the captain of the Finance
                                                                    Department Team. “His daily
                                                                                                     that may also be in a similar
                                                                                                     situation as Jaden.”
                                                                                                        Additional winners from
                                                                                                     the Ho-Chunk Gaming
                                                                                                                                      Bingo employees coming in
                                                                                                                                      third with a total of 68 pounds
                                                                                                                                      collected. Ho-Chunk Gaming
                                                                                                                                      Black River Falls continues to

                                   Corner                           struggle to fight against this
                                                                    disease, at his age, has given
                                                                    us a more significant reason to
                                                                                                     Black River Falls pop tab,
                                                                                                     inner departmental, casino
                                                                                                     wide challenge, included the
                                                                                                                                      be a front runner, supporting
                                                                                                                                      charities within the local

 Dear Ho-Chunk Parents
   The Ho-Chunk Nation Child and Family Services
 Division, in an effort to provide Ho-Chunk Communities
                                                                        Attention Native American Parents!
 with current updates regarding parenting issues, will be
 providing a monthly column in the “Hocak Worak.” Please                                                 The Ho-Chunk Nation Health Department is
 contact CFS with any questions or to obtain referral                                                              proud to sponsor
 information regarding the monthly Community Corner
 articles. 715-284-2622 Ext. 5136.                                                                                  Partners in Parenting
                                                                                                             A monthly educational session that
 Baby Bottle Mouth                                                                                               includes fellowship and a
                                                                                                              nutritious and delicious brunch.
    Baby bottle tooth decay is the progressive breakdown
 of teeth in an infant or toddler. The teeth most likely to be                                           Brunches will be on Fourth Thursdays
 damaged are the upper front teeth. The decay usually begins
 in the front teeth and moves back to the molars. The decay                                                           11:30am to 1:00pm
 comes from sugars and bacteria found in the mouth that                                                               Alberta Day Room
 turn into acids and erode enamel turning teeth black and                                                         The House of Wellness in Baraboo
 pitted. The enamel is a protective coating on the teeth and
 when it is gone, decay can lead to an abscess, cavities and
 often severe pain. When a baby drinks liquids through a                                         Topics of discussion include:
 bottle, the liquids can pool near the gums and teeth. Most
 liquids contain sugars. In fact, most foods that people eat               Prenatal Education: Nutrition, what to expect at your prenatal
 ultimately break down to become sugar. Baby bottle tooth                       appointments, understanding baby’s development,
 decay occurs when any liquid other than water is in contact                    and how to cope with the discomforts of pregnancy.
 with the teeth for a long time. Infants and children who
 are allowed to fall asleep with a bottle are at risk. Milk,
 formula, fruit juice and soft drinks can all cause baby bottle       Childbirth Education: What happens during labor, massage, the birth
 decay.                                                                                ball, labor positions, and Lamaze.
    The signs and symptoms that acids are eroding enamel
 include: fever from gum or tooth infection, bleeding of the
 gums, pain or irritability, red gums, or white spots on the         Postpartum Education: Taking care of baby, what to expect during the
 teeth.                                                              postpartum period, ways new mothers can take care of themselves while
    Sometimes parents do not realize that a baby’s teeth are                       caring for their baby, and breastfeeding.
 susceptible to decay as soon as they appear in the mouth.
 Parents CAN prevent baby bottle decay by never putting                            Help with car seat installation plus a free car seat,
 a child to bed with a bottle of milk, formula, fruit juice or
 sweetened liquid. If a baby needs a bottle in order to sleep,                                baby gifts and much more!
 use only water. The longer the sweetened liquids sit in the
 mouth, the more likely baby bottle tooth decay will occur.
 Parents can wipe a baby’s gums and any new teeth with a                                                 Family welcome.
 washcloth after each feeding. Toddlers can have their teeth
 brushed and checked.
    Research suggests that children who have baby bottle
 tooth decay are at risk for more dental problems later in                                          Call 355.1240 ext. 5607
 childhood. Parents are advised to start dental visits between                                   If any questions or concerns
 six and twelve months of age.
September 23, 2011                               ORGANIC GARDENING                                                                                      PAGE 5

Cultural & Community Education Division
HCN - Organic Gardening Cooperative
Project Summary:
Submitted by Woodrow            develop curriculum, media
White, Project Manager for      and website resources for
the Education Department        students and all lifelong
   • The priority objective     learners out there. We are in
is to revitalize the cultural   contact with U.W. – Madison
and spiritual lifestyle and     Agriculture and Natural
indigenous knowledge our        Science resource faculty who
tribe’s horticultural and       can arrange student interns to
gardening heritage. The         do some work in our gardens
project starts the new year     so our middle school and high
“gardening season” with a       school students can work
prayer to the Creator and       with them to get a taste of
the creative and nurturing      entomology, microbiology
energy of Grandmother           and botany. The project
Earth and culminating with      promotes healthier organic
our traditional Green Corn      foods to improve health and
Ceremony and Celebration        nutrition and will present
during peak harvest. This is    information on the benefits
our Thanksgiving.               of organic foods and organic
   • Educationally the          cooking vs commercial foods
project seeks to teach the      and fast foods.
old indigenous gardening          • The project seeks to
and horticultural practices     establish a base site to
and history along with the      develop an organic gardening
techniques and methods of       system at the Whirling
organic gardening systems.      Thunder Ranch property
To do this our Cultural         outside of Tomah, WI. The
Curriculum Development          Whirling Thunder gardens
team will research and          have already achieved organic
                                                                 Big Red, a 1954 “Super M” International-Farmall will make gardening an easy

                                                                 certification through the        they can be the teachers of the    crops, which will make a lot
                                                                 Midwest Organic Services        culture and will eventually        more room for more organic
                                                                 Association and will            bring out more family and          gardens next season. It is
                                                                 now begin marketing out         community members to feel          a tremendous undertaking
                                                                 vegetables and melons to        and live their gardening           to convert old pastures into
                                                                 our Headstart schools, Tribal   heritage. Also for the work        organic garden plots and most
                                                                 Aging Units and farmers         that family members help out       farmers and organic gardeners
                                                                 markets at the Nation’s         with they can take home some       say it takes at least three
                                                                 worksites and local farmer’s    fresh vegetables or melons.        years to convert old weeded
                                                                 markets. The objective here        The 2011 gardening season       pastures into productive soil
                                                                 is to become sustainable with   was again a challenge in that      fields.
                                                                 a self supporting revenue       we got a late start because          * We have secured an
                                                                 which will help the Nation      of not having any farm             Agricultural Lease from the
                                                                 to develop and expand into      machinery to use on a steady       Division of Natural Resources
                                                                 establishing community          basis. We have had to borrow       to farm 9.1 acres, to have use
                                                                 gardens in other Ho-Chunk       equipment and have the             of the Horse stables building,
                                                                 communities, to grow other      Division of Natural Resources      and the South hay barn.
                                                                 organic crops and start an      till up our garden plots in          * We have now purchased
                                                                 organic poultry operation.      order to plant. However            our own tractor (Big Red), a
Tomatoes and other vegetables waiting in the green-              Tribal community volunteers     with the heavy clay soil by        1954 “Super M” International
house to be planted in the garden.                               are always welcome because      the time we were ready to          – Farmall, a new tiller and
                                                                                                 plant the already tilled soil      a new row hipper. We will
                                                                                                 was rock hard again and            be purchasing a seeder
                                                                                                 needed tilling again and the       implement by the middle of
                                                                                                 tractor was not available;         September.
                                                                                                 so we proceeded to modify            * We hosted a Summer
                                                                                                 our budget and create a line       Youth class, which was a
                                                                                                 item to buy an old tractor and     very valuable and fun for
                                                                                                 some new implements (tiller,       all the students and the
                                                                                                 row hipper). By the time           staff. The students received
                                                                                                 we purchased the tractor and       cultural – historical, Ho-
                                                                                                 our implements it was June         Chunk language lessons
                                                                                                 already and we had a short         and stories about our Ho-
                                                                                                 growing season which will          Chunk gardening culture
                                                                                                 result in a small harvest. But     first thing every day; then the
                                                                                                 the vegetables and melons          students learned the various
                                                                                                 that we did grow are very          stages of organic gardening;
                                                                                                 good quality organic produce.      greenhouse work, planting,
                                                                                                                                    indigenous plants (edible,
                                                                                                 Successes and highlights:          medicinal), making compost
                                                                                                   * We achieved our organic        tea and yes - weeding. The
                                                                                                 certification for the organic       students received Organic
                                                                                                 gardens, which includes            Gardening manuals for their
                                                                                                 putting another four acres         families use. They also
                                                                                                 under organic green crops,         constructed Indian-Ho-Chunk
                                                                                                 which builds up the fertility of   “scare crows” and they did
                                                                                                 the soil.                          look scary. They ate the first
                                                                                                   * We increased our land          cucumbers and apples this
                                                                                                 use from planting 1 acre last      year along with their lunches,
                                                                                                 year to planting almost 2 acres    but mostly they enjoyed being
Melons planted for room to grow.                                                                 of vegetables and melons           there and said so in their
                                                                                                 and planting 4 acres of green      journals.
PAGE 6                                                                CULTURE                                                           Hu\wa\z`uk wira 23, 2011

Ho-Chunk Nation celebrates
Dells Dam property into trust
Sanford LittleEagle               called the Myrle Thompson         that time. She talked about
Staff Writer                      / Indian George Homestead,        the good feeling how families
  On Thursday September           White Bear, and the Plum          cared about each other and
15th, 2011 the Ho-Chunk           Creek Forty.                      shared and feed each other, a
Nation held a Celebration at         Dells Dam residents were       way of life where our people
the Tribal Office Building in      asked to come and speak about     come from that is not how
Black River Falls to announce     the area, Annabelle Littlewolf-   we live amongst each other
and recognize the hard work       Lowe was great to listen to.      like that anymore. It was very
and the return of lands that      She spoke in Ho-Chunk and         heartwarming to sit and listen
were once our ancestral           talked about many different       and see her years of living turn
lands, back to the rightful       experiences growing up out in     into the storyteller and unfold
inhabitants; the Ho-Chunk.        the area there in Dells Dam.      a glimpse of the past. She had
  The afternoon opened with       Annabelle spoke of time in        a good feeling in the words
Gordon Thunder speaking           Dells Dam when there was no       she spoke and brought some to
in Ho-Chunk to those in           electricity, no automobiles,      tears.
attendance and then speaking      when Ho-Chunks would travel          Annabelle recalled when
in English letting us all know    by horse and foot from great      her mother would go way
the thoughts that those had       distances and there were Scalp    out in the woods and pound
had in offering history and       Dances, Medicine Dances, and      ash for baskets and peel by
gratitude for the achievement     Feasts. She recalled and said     herself, she said in English
of the Nation to put the land     she would see the Ciporokes       “We weren’t poor or hard
in to trust status. Gordon then   go up and sometimes they          up, that’s how we took care
asked the Ho-Chunk Nation         were there weeks before and       of ourselves.” Her voice was
drum for a Welcome Song.          weeks after one of the dances     pleasant to hear, her laugh
  There were three properties     or feasts. When Annabelle         forced you to smile. To think
in Dells Dam that were            spoke in Ho-Chunk about           about one elder like Annabelle
accepted into trust on            this way of life those seated     stories lets us know that there
September 7th. They are           listening to her remembered       are many stories about what

                                                                                                       Three properties in Dells Dam accepted in Trust:
                                                                                                       MyrleThompson/Indian George Homestead, White
                                                                                                       Bear, and the Plum Creek Forty.
                                                                                                       Dells Dam was like for a        Watenphul, Patti Hanson,
                                                                                                       young a Ho-Chunk girl at that   Dells Dam residents Myrle
                                                                                                       time.                           Thompson, Crystal Young, and
                                                                                                         They were many people to      Rita Kingswan.
                                                                                                       thank for this whole process.     The Division of Natural
                                                                                                       Neil Whitegull, Paul Tysse,     Resources provided a cake
                                                                                                       Jay Toth, Bill Quackenbush,     and coffee. The cake had
Desmond Mike and Bennett Blackdeer, residents of                    Gordon Thunder offering            Paul Rosheim, Patricia          one word that described the
Dells Dam.                                                          a Prayer                           Hagen, Julie Johnson, Nancy     achievement, Pinagigi.

Indian Corn
Sanford LittleEagle, Staff Writer                           If you see that reddish,
   The process to “make” Indian Corn relies all          purple, blue kernels of corn
on timing, elbow grease, and patience; not to be         you have struck gold.
confused with ashy elbows. First you need supplies.         Start yanking the corn
A good running indian car, truck, or van, a corn field    off the stalks and one by
that has not been picked over, and more importantly      one the basket, bag or
a good crew of HELPERS!!! Then there is also the         blanket begin to fill up.
list of items such as screens, fans, a good Pow-wow      Before it gets too heavy
tape/CD, firewood, stock pots, and for heaven’s           and overloading, go unload
sake Spoons! A little sun and warm day doesn’t hurt      the heap of corn while the
either. Oh let’s just throw in some relative humidity    pit crew begins husking
while we’re at it. Now that the conditions and           the corn that has already
supplies are in order, let’s get to some soup.           been unloaded. That way
   You go out in the field with your Gaga, Cuwi\,         you’re not there all night Make sure to grab the corn close to the Beautiful, the look of
Nani\, or Jaji, Tega, Do-do, Ni\-ni\, Haksiga\, Hayna,   doing it yourself.             bottom of the stock and pull downward ready Indian corn.
or else your Cuwi\’s Cuz`a\k’s Coka from her Hicito’s       By the time you get         for a clean getaway.
side Hini\k put some Waksi\k Tani\ down, say a prayer    back to Indian Corn                                     mosquito netting and some lumber either two by
and give thanks and pray your findings and hard           Headquarters a.k.a., “Base of Operations”, there is     fours or wood slats. Then, affix in corner joints to
work will go easy.                                       a fire going with two old cinder blocks holding up a form what is almost a door frame with screen or
   Then you peel that first husk off the cob and see if   cooking rack or grate. It is now time to blanch the     netting stretched across to give your corn maximum
it’s ready.                                              corn. Get the water boiling and drop in husked corn. aeration.
                                                         Let it sit in the boiling water for about 5- 10 minutes   This all sounds easy, but let me reassure you a
                                                         but if you’re an old pro, then over the years you just bowl of corn soup is much more treasured after
                                                         know when it’s ready to come out. Some people           putting in so much work into your corn. Whether
                                                         reuse the water and some dump it out every so often you prepare your corn for feasts, meals, holidays, or
                                                         and refill it. After you have blanched a few dozen,      birthdays it is well worth the wait and time you put
                                                         here comes the fun part. Kiss the appearance of your into it.
                                                         fingernails, palms and the skin on and around your         On a personal note, I was taught to pray when
                                                         thumbs good bye!                                        starting this process, while doing it and drying it.
                                                            Take your spoon and scrape the kernels, as not to    Many of quarts of corn that I have prepared have
                                                         smoosh them; if it is mushy you have boiled your        gone on to many families and elder homes and have
                                                         corn waaaay too long. Scrape your kernels in to         been used to celebrate some very important times.
                                                         large bowls and once you have your first bowl filled My Indian corn has made its way to many of kettles
                                                         it is almost time to start the process. Take your bowl at Medicine Dances and Prayer Meetings, and
                                                         over to the drying screens. A lot of people use old     relatives birthdays or Graduation meals. So praying
                                                         screen windows, some pick up old screen doors           for the offering is not a waste of time. You receive
                                                         from the spring/summer seasons of waruhahas and         the benefits of where your hard work went to.
                                                         some people have begun to fashion their own super         So don’t be cheap and buy beef, chicken or pork
                                                         sized custom drying screens. This involves a trip       from Wallyworld, go to a good meat locker and get
Jackpot! The first check to see if the corn is            to your local hardware store and buying screen or
ready for picking.                                                                                               some quality meats that match your efforts.
September 23, 2011                                                      NEWS                                                                              PAGE 7

Blackdeer to represent 35 Tribes
Sanford LittleEagle              by the Federal Highway          Community Band of
Staff Writer                     Administration (FHWA) and       Potawatomi. Blackdeer
  On March 9th 2011              the Bureau of Indian Affairs    wishes to express his gratitude
Brett Blackdeer had been         (BIA) and meets to provide      and gives thanks to each of
nominated to the Indian          recommendations to the          the Nations that will rely on
Reservation Roads Program        proper implementation of the    him to represent their tribe.
Coordinating Committee           Indian Reservation Roads           While an Alternate, Brett
for the Midwest Region           (IRR) Program, as authorized    still serves in a vital role,
and designated Alternate         in the IRR Program              often times Delegate Michael
to the IRRPCC by the Ho-         regulations, 25 C.F.R. Part     Moilanen of the Mille Lacs
Chunk Nation Legislature.        170. Transportation needs       Band of Oijbwe may not
On August 9th 2011, LeRoy        of tribes are addressed by      be available, and Brett will
Gishi, Chief Division of         providing funds for planning,   step in and will vote and
Transportation, Bureau of        designing, construction, and    make recommendations on
Indian Affairs had announced     maintenance activities.         behalf of those tribes without
that the IRRPCC had voted          Letters of recommendations    reservations, such as the Ho-
and accepted Blackdeer to        were sent on behalf of Brett    Chunk Nation.
their Committee.                 Blackdeer from Match-E-            Brett currently works as
  The Indian Reservation         Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of        the Transportation Planning
Roads Program Coordinating       Pottawatomi Indians, Gun        Technician for the BIA Roads       Brett Blackdeer nominated to the Indian Reservation
Committee is a Federal           Lake Band of Michigan,          Division out of Tomah,             Roads Program Coordinating Committee for the Mid-
program jointly administered     and the Hannahville Indian      Wisconsin.                         west Region and designated Alternate to the IRRPCC.

Ho-Chunk Nation holds its
Annual General Council
Sanford LittleEagle              General Council at General      White and Blue, the Ho-
Staff Writer                     Council Agency meeting held     Chunk Nation Flag, and the
  1,796 tribal members of the    in Black River Falls, WI in     P.O.W. /M.I.A. Flag as the
Ho-Chunk Nation registered       May 2011                        Hochungra stood to Honor
to participate in this year’s      On September 17th, 2011       this tradition.
General Council. As written      the Annual General Council        With reaching quorum at
in the Constitution of the       meeting was held at the Ho-     1,051 members, business got
Ho-Chunk Nation ARTICLE          Chunk Gaming Wisconsin          under way. There were tribal
IV - GENERAL COUNCIL             Dells Hotel & Convention        members from as many as
Section 5. Annual Meetings.      Center. Tribal member Willy     29 counties from Wisconsin,
The People shall meet in         Cleveland was selected as       and 7 states present at this
General Council at least one     this year’s Chair to run the    year’s General Council. Many
time each year, which shall      meeting. Shirley Lonetree was   enjoyed seeing their relatives
be called by the President,      selected to be the recording    and stopping at different tribal
and at other times as provided   secretary. Cloud Boy served     booths, and craft stands. There
in Section 6 of this Article.    as this year’s Host Drum as     was no child care provided
Notice shall be provided by      they sang the Grand Entry       this year and that did not
the President for all Annual     song the Andrew Blackhawk       seem to be a problem as some       Emcee Parmenton Decorah introduces the Youth
Meetings of the General          American Legion Post #129       had anticipated. There were        General Council of the Ho-Chunk Nation.
Council. President Wilfrid       Black River Falls, WI brought   many non-members present,
Cleveland had called for         in their Eagle Staff, The Red   but in speaking with a GCA
                                                                 member who did not wish
                                                                 to be identified, “Thought it       tribal members, they were not     some resolutions were passed
                                                                 was allowable, because there       pleased with many non-tribal      that will help the Nation down
                                                                 was no child care and in a         members present and were          the road, when set properly in
                                                                 public venue.” Whether that        suspicious of media.              place and funding is available.
                                                                 remains to be a factor in the         All in all, it was positive.
                                                                 future, in speaking with some      No Legislators were removed,

                                                                         2011 RESOLUTIONS THAT PASSED AT
                                                                                 GENERAL COUNCIL
                                                                    No. 09/17/11- 01
                                                                    DISENROLLMENT OF ENROLLED HO-CHUNK NATION TRIBAL
                                                                    MEMBERS TO BE ADDRESSED FIRST (1ST) ON THE AGENDA UNDER
Chief of the Ho-Chunk Nation Clayton Winneshiek sit-                NEW BUSINESS AT ANY AND ALL DULY CALLED SPECIAL OR ANNUAL
ting, listening, and smiling.                                       MEETING(S) OF THE HO-CHUNK NATION GENERAL COUNCIL – PASSED
                                                                    No. 09/17/11- 02
                                                                    DISENROLLMENT OF DONNIE TROY SCHAITEL ID# 439A006339 -
                                                                    No. 09/17/11- 03
                                                                    DISENROLLMENT OF DARIA MARIANNA POWLESS ID# 439A004799 –
                                                                    N0. 09-17-11- 05
                                                                    DISENROLLMENT OF JENNA C. LITTLEGEORGE ID# ID# 439A004089 –
                                                                    NO. 09-17-2011- 06
                                                                    Hocak Wazijaci Nation Veterans Home Ownership Program Resolution – PASSED
                                                                    NO. 09-17-2011- 12
                                                                    RESOLUTION TO AMEND THE CONSTITUION REPEALING AMENDMENT
                                                                    V, WHICH REQUIRES A BACHELORS DEGREE TO SERVE AS A
Members of the Andrew Blackhawk American Legion                     LEGISLATOR - PASSED
Post #129 Black River Falls, WI bring in the Colors
and stand as the Flag song is sung.
PAGE 8                          LABOR DAY SOFTBALL RESULTS                                                            Hu\wa\z`uk wira 23, 2011

14th Annual Co-ed Softball
Tournament Winners
1st place - $4,500, Trophy, Jackets
Team Haskell, Lawrence, Kansas
                                                                                                               Sponsored by the
                                                                                                               Ho-Chunk Nation
                                                                                                               There were eleven (11) teams that
                                                                                                               participated. The teams with two
                                                                                                               losses on the first day of play were
                                                                                                               randomly placed into a Consola-
                                                                                                               tion Bracket. All of the teams in the
                                                                                                               consolation bracket received a free

                                                                                                               (not pictured)
                                                                                                               2nd Consolation Winner
                                                                                                               Josh Webster Memorial
                                                                                                               (Oneida) - $250
                                                                                                               Jermaine Webster (Oneida), Jennie
                                                                                                               White (Menominee), Jason Denny
                                                                                                               (Oneida), Dominic White (Oneida),
                                                                                                               Dionne Madosh (Menominee),
                                                                                                               Alex Montgomery (Potawatomi),
                                                                                                               Nasbah Hill (Oneida), Brian Denny
                                                                                                               Jr. (Oneida), Josh VanZile (Mole
                                                                                                               Lake), Heather Pauliot (Potawato-
                                                                                                               mi), Roman Leonard (Menominee).
Jason Martinez (Oneida), Jed Summers (Oneida), Martin Thunder (Oneida), Gonzalo Castillo (Oneida), Mike
Bendorf (Ponca), Arthur King Jr. (Oneida), Leslie Bowman (Menominee), April Johnston (Cherokee), Ashley Hoa-
glen (Wailaki), Leah Eike (Cherokee), Nicole Bennett (Washoe).

2nd place - $3,500, Trophy                                              3rd place - $2,500, Trophy
Big Smokey Falls Rafting (Menominee)                                    Tom Rasmussen Memorial (Oneida)

Brandon Frechette, Anthony Leaman Jr, Kristin Boivin, Maniyan Pya-      Brad Skenandore, Leslie Doxtater, Kathy Doxtater, Kory Wesaw, Gerald
wasay, Pam “Hootsie” Frechette, Cathe.rine Pocan, Lowell Waupoose,      Danforth, DaBen King, Stevi Skenandore, Gene Rasmussen, Shakira
Mequon Corn, Daryl Wilken, Michelle Mauritson, Mary Nahwahquaw,         Rasmussen, Melinda Danforth, Presley Moore, Irene Danforth, Isaac
Diana Okimosh.                                                          Yellowbank.
                                                                        Consolation Winner - $750:
4th place - $1,500                                                      Tuna Wranglers (Saginaw Chippewa, Grand Traverse)
Ho-Chunk Gaming (Ho-Chunk)

Ira Anderson, Wesley Cloud, Derek Youngthunder, Rob Mudd, Damion        Angie Shinos, Emilio Sanchez, Moses Cleveland (Ho-Chunk), Melissa
Whitegull, Rhonda Anderson, Cherisse Cherwenka, Christine Mach,         Montoya, James Trepanier, Tonia Gasco, Marlene Gasco, Jeff Gasco,
Erica Rave, Tina Boisen, Raquel Greendeer, Rosalind Cleveland.          Michelle Shaw, Michael McSawby, Michael Shaw.
September 23, 2011                                                LABOR DAY                                                                            PAGE 9

                          This one was out of the park!                                                             After the rain came and went, the
                                                                                                                    skies cleared up and the games kept
                                                                                                                    going to see who would be the 2011

                                                                    Derek Youngthunder aka Wheelz.

                                                                                   Anita Walker and a
                                                                                   close force out.

                                                                                    Cari Spera VS Jesse “Kunu” Walker
                                                                                    on the green team.

  Moses Cleveland says, “Cheese!”

  Thanks to the ground crew for keeping the fields ready to go.

Labor Day Weekend Pow-Wow 2011
Continued from Page 1            Police, along with Emergency     with the Ho-Chunk Nation on       many tribal members who         showed their appreciation
                                 Services from Black River        the Labor Day Holiday.” The       put their lives on the line     by coming out to shake their
Congratulations to Skkyler       Falls came to display their      Med-Link Air helicopter from      with the work they do. Just     hands and dance with them.
M. Snowball who was the          vehicles at the Pow-Wow.         Gundersen Lutheran Hospital       to name a few of the tribal       As the pow-wow started to
last man standing. For those     Race Car Driver (tribal          was the first time they were       members who were invited to     wind down, the colors were
that stuck it out in the cold,   member) Ken Lewis also took      asked by the Ho-Chunk             attend: James Pidgeon-Wood      retired and the contest drums
there was also a 49 Contest      time to put one of his Race      Nation to participate and said,   County Sheriff’s Dept., Earl    patiently awaited the outcome
as well. The deciding factor     Cars proudly on display. Cara    “We’re happy to have been         Lemieux and Mike Rave of        of the Drum Contest. Results:
was not easy, so the pow-wow     Lee Murphy of Post #129          here.”                            Jackson County Sheriff’s
committee chose to have two                                                                                                           • 5th Place - Wazi Jaci –
                                 Pow-Wow Committee said,            As the Veterans brought         Dept. The Committee also        Black River Falls, Wisconsin
winners, both taking home        “We’re especially grateful       in the Staff and Colors for       recognized Ian Littlejohn;
$250.                                                                                                                                 • 4th Place - Southern
                                 that Medlink, Black River        the last time for the Labor       an active Firefighter, EMT,      Boyz – Lawton, Oklahoma
  On Monday, the emergency       Falls Ambulance and EMT          Day pow-wow weekend;              and Instructor for the last
medical helicopter for                                                                                                                • 3rd Place - Eagle Feather
                                 Service could take time out on   Smokey the Bear also made         15 years. All those honored     – Tama, Iowa
Gundersen Lutheran Medical       a holiday weekend to be with     his presence and came in          received plaques in gratitude
Center “MedLink AIR”, and                                                                                                             • 2nd Place - Smokey Town
                                 our Ho-Chunk Nation. They        Grand Entry. Smokey waved         for their service and were      – Zoar, Wisconsin
Law Enforcement vehicles         could have been elsewhere        to the crowd and danced           taken around the arena in
from Juneau and Jackson                                                                                                               • 1st Place – Iron Boy –
                                 and made time to come be         hard. As Veterans, families       dance by President Jon          St. Paul, Minnesota
Counties, Menominee Tribal                                        of Veterans, and those still      Greendeer. Many came and
                                                                  serving on leave, and those
                                                                  in the reserves came out and
                                                                  danced during their song
                                                                  (Army, Navy, Marine, and
                                                                  Air Force); it was back to the
                                                                  singing contest. The third and
                                                                  final go-around for the drum
                                                                  contest was one to have been
                                                                  there for, strong singing all
                                                                  the way down the line.
                                                                    The Committee also
                                                                  honored the Workforce,
                                                                  those that put their lives
                                                                  on the line on a daily basis
                                                                  in public service, Law                Smokey the Bear being lead around the arena
                                                                  Enforcement, Emergency                as the Junior Girls Traditional makes their way
  Terrance Cleveland (far right) leading the Junior               Services, and Fire Fighters.          through Grand Entry.
  & Teen Boys in the Fish Dance.                                  The Ho-Chunk Nation has
PAGE 10                                               SPECIAL ELECTION                                                                  Hu\wa\z`uk wira 23, 2011

                      NOTICE AND RULES OF
                        SPECIAL ELECTION
                    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2011
                                         to filing the petition declaring her/his   Absentee ballots may be returned by
   District 3, Seat 1
                                         candidacy…Residency is defined as
                                         the permanent physical address
                                         stated on the periodic Address
                                                                                    overnight mail, so they
                                                                                    may be received at the Election
                                                                                    Board Office or the polling places
                                                                                    prior to the Election Day. NOTE
                                         Verification Forms…..
                                                                                    THAT FEDEX and UPS NEXT
   Candidates:                           ELIGIBLE VOTERS:
                                         Any enrolled member of the Ho-             DAY AIR DOES NOT DELIVER
                                         Chunk Nation who is at least               IN BLACK RIVER FALLS ON
                                         eighteen (18) years old and who has        SATURDAYS.
   Allen C. Cloud                        resided in their respective district for                                             OPEN AT 8:00 A.M AND
   Heather Cloud                         at least three (3) months. See             POSTING ELECTION                          CLOSE AT 7:00 P.M.
   Elena Terry                           Election Board Code Sec. 9                 RESULTS:
                                                                                    The Election Board shall certify and       •BLACK RIVER FALLS, WI
   Myrna J. Thompson                                                                post the official election results            TRIBAL AGING UNIT
                                                                                    within three (3) days after the date of        INDIAN MISSION
                                         REGISTRATION                               election.                                         715/284-0811
                                         Each person seeking to vote must
  Notice is hereby served to all         register at the polling place by
  eligible voters of District 3. The     showing identification before              CONTESTING OF                                     •TOMAH, WI
                                                                                    ELECTION RESULTS:                             TRIBAL AGING UNIT
  Ho-Chunk Nation is calling a           receiving an Official Ballot.
  Special Election, which will be        If a person cannot write, that person      Any member of the Ho-Chunk                       358 EOS ROAD
  held due to the resignation of         must sign his/her name with a mark         Nation may challenge the results of                608/372-4547
  Legislator Elena Terry District 3,     before two (2) witnesses. A Ho-            any election results within ten (10)
  Seat 1. The Ho-Chunk Nation            Chunk translator will be available to      days after the Election Board                   •LA CROSSE, WI
  Election Board, in accordance          assist any tribal member who               certifies the results. The Trial Court     LA CROSSE BRANCH OFFICE
  with the Constitution of the Ho-       requests assistance.                       shall hear and decide a challenge to           724 MAIN STREET
  Chunk Nation will conduct a                                                       any election within Twenty (20)                   608/783-6025
  Special Election. ARTICLE IX –         ELIGIBILITY                                days after the challenge is filed in
  ELECTIONS and the Election                                                        the Trial Court. See. HCN                       •BARABOO, WI
  Code 2 HCC Sec. 6, states in           DISPUTES:
                                         Any individual whose name does not         Constitution Article VIII,                   HOUSE OF WELLNESS
  relevant part:
                                         appear on the eligible voters list can     Election, Sec. 7, and Election             S2845 WHITEEAGLE ROAD
  ARTICLE IX-REMOVAL,                    claim the right to vote by presenting                                                        608/355-1254
                                         a written challenge to the Election        Code Sec. 18 (a)
  RECALL AND                             Board. Any eligible voter may                                                           WISCONSIN DELLS, WI
  VACANCIES                              challenge the eligibility of an            ELECTIONEERING:                                 INDIAN HEIGHTS
  Section 10. Vacancies in the           individual’s name appearing on the         There shall be no electioneering               N9557 Dyer Avenue
  Legislature. If a vacancy              eligible voters list by presenting a       within fifty (50) feet of any polling        WISCONSIN DELLS, WI.
  occurs in the legislature              written challenge to the Election          places.                                     (Call Election Board Office)
                                         Board. Challenges must be received
  because of death, mental or            at the Election Office prior to 4:00                                                          715/284-8900
  physical incapacity, removal           P.M. on Friday, September 9, 2011.          SPECIAL ELECTION
  or recall vote, resignation,           Such claims or challenges may be                                                       •WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WI
  felony conviction, or for any;         hand-delivered, faxed or mailed to:              FRIDAY,                             CHAK-HAH-CHEE COMM. BLD.
  other reason, such vacancy                                                         SEPTEMBER 23, 2011                        916 CHAK-HAH-CHEE LANE
  shall be filled in the following                                                                                                    715/886-5444
                                          Ho-Chunk Nation Election Board
  manner:                                     206 South Roosevelt Road                  POST NOTICE OF                            •WITTENBERG, WI
                                                     P.O Box 756                           ELECTION
                                             Black River Falls, WI. 54615                                                         TRIBAL AGING UNIT
      (a) If three (3) months or            TELEPHONE (715)284-8900                   Monday, August 29, 2011                 W17956 WITT-BIRN TOWNLINE
          more remain before the             TOLL FREE (800)890-0583                                                                     ROAD
          next General Election,         FAX NUMBER(715)284-8600                    POST ELIGIBLE VOTERS                              715/253-3536
          the Election Board             E-MAIL:                                              LIST
          shall call a Special                  Tuesday, August 30, 2011                        •CHICAGO, IL
          Election in the                                                                                                      CHICAGO BRANCH OFFICE
          appropriate District to        The Election Board shall rule on             CHALLENGES TO THE                         5744 W IRVING PARK RD
          be held within Thirty          all written challenges to the               ELIGIBLE VOTERS LIST                             773/202-8433
          (30) days.                     eligible voters list immediately              MUST BE RECEIVED
                                         after the close of the challenge                                                          •MILWAUKEE, WI
                                         period. The Election Board                     PRIOR TO 4:30 PM                      MILWAUKEE BRANCH OFFICE
  NOMINATIONS OF                         decision shall be final.                     Friday, September 9, 2011                 3501 S. HOWELL AVENUE
  CANDIDATES                                                                                                                           414/747-8680
  The official candidacy forms may be    ABSENTEE VOTING:                           OFFICIAL NOMINATION
  obtained from the Election Board       A voter may vote by absentee ballot         PETITION DEADLINE                        •ST PAUL/MINNEAPOLIS, MN
  Members or the Election Board
  Office. A candidate for elective
                                         provided the Election Board receives        Friday, September 9, 2011                   MPLS./ST PAUL BRANCH
                                         the absentee ballot request in writing                                                          OFFICE
  office shall submit an Official        no later than Monday, September
  Nomination Petition, Declaration of                                               LAST DAY TO REQUEST                         1821 UNIVERSITY AVENUE
                                         19, 2011 by 4:00 P.M. See                                                                    SUITE # 409 N.
  Candidacy and a $5.00 Filing fee by                                                ABSENTEE BALLOTS
  hand delivery or U.S. Mail to the      Election Board Code, Page 13,                                                                651/641-1801
                                                                                    Monday, September 19, 2011
  Election Board office before the       sec. 11 a(1)
  close of the nomination period on      Requests MUST INCLUDE the                           4:00 PM                                •MADISON, WI
  Friday, September 9, 2011 at 4:30      eligible voter’s name printed or                                                      MADISON BRANCH OFFICE
                                         typed (with signature), physical               SPECIAL                                 1320 MENDOTA STREET
                                         address where the ballot will be                                                             608/277-9964
  OR COPIES WILL NOT BE                  delivered (we use UPS next Day Air          ELECTION DAY
  ACCEPTABLE. To be eligible for         – UPS Next Day Air will not deliver
  Legislative Office, candidates must    to a P.O. Box), daytime telephone               Friday,                                    GREEN BAY, WI
                                                                                                                                     PARISH HALL
  comply with 6e of the Election Code
  which states
                                         number and enrollment number.
                                         Absentee Ballots must be received
                                                                                    September 23, 2011                           2936 FREEDOM ROAD
  “…candidates have resided for at       before 7:00 P.M. on Friday,                8:00 AM TO 7:00 PM                                ONEIDA, WI.
  least one (1) year immediately prior   September 23, 2011.                                                                          920/869-1059
September 23, 2011                                          ENROLLMENT                                                                              PAGE 11
The following individual applicants have met the requirements of the HO-CHUNK NATION CODE (HCC) TITLE 2 – GOVERNMENT CODE SEC-
TION 7 – TRIBAL ENROLLMENT AND MEMBERSHIP CODE, Enacted by Legislature: October 16, 2007 in accordance with the Constitution of the Ho-
Chunk Nation and the Tribal Enrollment and Membership Code. The Enrollment Officer will certify a Notice of Eligibility for Membership and will publish such
Notice in the Nation’s newsletter and on the Nation’s website. Upon publication a sixty (60) Day notice period begins. The Notice of Eligibility for Membership
must include the Applicant’s name, date of birth, Base Roll ancestry, Ho-Chunk Blood and parent. There will be an exemption for adoptions. Pursuant to Wiscon-
sin and other States’ Laws certain information will be neither published nor released. This determination may be appealed to the Committee on Tribal Enrollment
(contact the Office of Tribal Enrollment) by any adult (18 years and older) enrolled Ho-Chunk Nation Member within sixty (60) Days after the date on which the
Office of Tribal Enrollment publishes Notice of Eligibility for Membership.
EOPUB09152011                                     Publication Date: 09/23/2011
APPLICANT NAME                      DATE         BLOOD           ANCESTOR                                 FATHER                      MOTHER
                                    OF BIRTH QUANTUM
ANDERSON, Arrie Jae                 10/15/2009 1/4               No Ro Ho Kah                             ______________              Kristin Marie Hernandez
                                                                 John Thompson, Sr. 1901 - #00631
BEARSKIN, Elias Mateo               10/17/2007 55/128            Homp Dae Mon E Kah                       Benjamin John Bearskin III Adria Jade Sanford
                                                                 John Bearskin N – 1910 - #00594
BEARSKIN, Orion Maceo               10/17/2007 55/128            Homp Dae Mon E Kah                       Benjamin John Bearskin III Adria Jade Sanford
                                                                 John Bearskin N – 1910 - #00594
BROWN, Jimmy Kenneth                01/25/1995 1/4               Chak Shep Me Nunk Kah                    David Kenneth Huling        ______________
                                                                 Henry Mike 1901 - #00199
CLEVELAND, Chanel Jade              01/25/2006 63/128                                                     Gabriel Delano Cleveland Non – MEMBER
                                                                 Silas Cleveland N – 1910 - #00557
CLEVELAND, Delvin Silas             01/12/2011 63/128                                                     Gabriel Delano Cleveland Non – MEMBER
                                                                 Silas Cleveland N – 1910 - #00557
CRUZ, Anthony Carlos JR             09/16/2008 1/2               Na He Kaw                                ------------------------    Leanne Joy Rave
                                                                 Duncan Rave N – 1910 - #00775
CRUZ, Antonia Maria                 10/28/2006 1/2               Na He Kaw                                ------------------------    Leanne Joy Rave
                                                                 Duncan Rave N – 1910 - #00775
CRUZ, Briana Francis                09/24/2004 1/2               Na He Kaw                                ------------------------    Leanne Joy Rave
                                                                 Duncan Rave N – 1910 - #00775
DECORA, Darikka A’Marie             01/31/2011 63/128                                                     Non – MEMBER                Celia Joi Carren White
                                                                 Paul Leland DeCora, Sr. N – 1910 - #00405
DECORAH, Kahlea Jade                02/21/2010 1/4               Wa Con Cha Cho Nee Kah                   Tye Terrill Decorah         ------------------------
                                                                 William Decorie 1881 - #00486
FALCON, Hannah Jo Marie             01/09/2007 1/2               He Wee Chaw Zhau Kay Kah                 Anthony Martin Falcon       Non – MEMBER
                                                                 Thomas Falcon 1881 - #00410
FALCON, Mia Rosemary                09/29/2005 1/2               He Wee Chaw Zhau Kay Kah                 Anthony Martin Falcon       Non – MEMBER
                                                                 Thomas Falcon 1881 - #00410
FUNMAKER, Kayala Marie              05/07/2010 1/4               Wojh Tchaw He Ray Kah                    Caleb George Funmaker       Non – MEMBER
                                                                 George Funmaker, Sr. 1881 - #00328
GREENGRASS, Priscilla               10/08/2009 9/16              Hunk No Choe Che Kaw                     Michael Anthony             Marcella Kathryn
  Joanne                                                         John Snake N – 1910 - #00969               Greengrass                    Redbird
HESER, Marilyn Lily                 01/26/2010 1/4               Wojh Tchaw He Ray Kah                    John Gregory Heser          ------------------------
                                                                 George Funmaker, Sr. 1881 - #00328
HULING, Talon Kenneth               06/19/2007 1/4               Chak Shep Me Nunk Kah                    David Kenneth Huling        ------------------------
                                                                 Henry Mike 1901 - #00199
HULING, Trina Kaye                  05/05/2009 1/4               Chak Shep Me Nunk Kah                    David Kenneth Huling        ------------------------
                                                                 Henry Mike 1901 - #00199
KIESOW, Kaliegh Rain                05/09/2011 1/4               Wa Qua Ho Pin Kah                        ------------------------    Nicole Dawn Thunder
                                                                 Henry Thunder 1881 - #00129
KRAUSE, Kathryn Isabel              01/11/1997 1/4               Wa Con Cha Cho Nee Kah                   ------------------------    Delores Marie
                                                                 William Decorie 1881 - #00486                                          Whiteeagle
LONE TREE, Christian Isaac          07/09/2002 1/4               Na E Nee Kee Kah                         Jonathan Kirk Lonetree, Jr. ------------------------
                                                                 Alec Lonetree 1881 - #00016
LONE TREE, Emily Rose               03/04/2000 1/4               Na E Nee Kee Kah                         Jonathan Kirk Lonetree, Jr. ------------------------
                                                                 Alec Lonetree 1881 - #00016
LONETREE, Jonathan Kirk III         10/20/1998 1/4               Na E Nee Kee Kah                         Jonathan Kirk Lonetree, Jr. ------------------------
                                                                 Alec Lonetree 1881 - #00016
MAHKIMETAS, Alfred                  05/01/2002 1/4               Wo Ship Kah                              ------------------------    Neva Jean Littlegeorge
  Joseph, JR                                                     Harold Fred Blackdeer, Sr. 1901 - #00969
NOTINOKEY, Benjamin                 04/22/2011 1/4               Hoe Hump Chee Kay Ray He Kah             Non – MEMBER                Candy Louise Greengrass
  Joseph Lee                                                     Charlie Greengrass 1881 - #00286
OWEN, Sofia Michelle                 12/06/2010 1/4               Cha Wak Ja Xi Gah                        Michael John Owen           ------------------------
                                                                 Will Greendeer 1901 - #00080
PENLAND, Cayden Mayne               02/08/2011 1/4               Wau Kon Chaw Jho Noo Kah                 Joseph Anthony Penland      ------------------------
                                                                 Frank Winneshiek 1881 - #00395
POSNER, Joel Ezra                   05/12/2008 1/4               Mon Naw Pa She Sheck Kaw                 ------------------------    Stacy And Whitecloud
                                                                 Henry BadSoldier Walker-Stacy 1881 - #00079
RAVE, Cyrus Anthony                 12/11/2010 1/4               Na He Kaw                                Brandon Kurtis Rave         ------------------------
                                                                 Duncan Rave N – 1910 - #00775
RAVE, Kurtis Allen                  12/11/2010 1/4               Na He Kaw                                Brandon Kurtis Rave         ------------------------
                                                                 Duncan Rave N – 1910 - #00775
RAVE, Luke William                  02/28/1998 1/4               Na He Kaw                                Lance D Rave                ------------------------
                                                                 Duncan Rave N – 1910 - #00775
RODRIGUEZ, Juliana Isabela          08/23/2010 15/32                                                      ------------------------    Julie Agnes Climer
                                                                 Reuben Harold Snake, Sr. N – 1912 - #00896
ROCKMAN, Conrad Dain                07/14/1988 19/64             Ma Na Ho La Ja Ga                        Jeffrey Jay Rockman         Non – MEMBER
                                                                 Grover Rockman 1901 - #01115
SCHOCKO, Mahlon Joseph              03/03/2010 1/4               Wojh Tchaw He Ray Kah                    Stacy Richard Gordon        Non – MEMBER
                                                                 George Funmaker, Sr. 1881 - #00328
WINDY BOY, Nahminae                 08/16/2008 1/2               Na E Nee Kee Kah                         Non – MEMBER                Lindsey Sue Lonetree
  Kambree                                                        Alec Lonetree 1881 – #00016
YOUNG, Matthew Joseph               03/19/1996 11/32             No Ro Ho Kah                             Dion Joseph Thompson        Non - MEMBER
                                                                 John Thompson, Sr. 1901 - #00631
PAGE 12                                        EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT                                                                          Hu\wa\z`uk wira 23, 2011

Executive Director, HCN Department of Education
                                                                                                                                               Confirmations submitted by
                                                                                                                                               Katie A.Funmaker
                                                                                                                                               Public Relations Specialist
   Ho-Chunk Name:                 can be particularly difficult        institutions but to stay con-      seek to build connections with
   Ahu gi ni wi                   for Native people due to our        nected and stay grounded in        other tribal Departments to at-
   Department Goals &             collective history with coloni-     our culture and our values.        tempt to fulfill the current and
Objectives: The primary           zation and forced assimilation      As a Nation, we have large         future areas of knowledge and
objective of the Education        efforts through the boarding        issues to address, and we need     skills we’ll need. Ho-Chunk
Department is to assist tribal    schools. I also know that           all of our people to help do       preference means we have to
members in their educational      education can be a tool for         what we can. Each of us has        build the intellectual infra-
pursuits, from Head Start to      healing, strengthening and          something to contribute. In        structure of our Nation. I am
Higher Education. Our cur-        prospering our Nation, and it       my case, I hope it is what I       proud of our people and what
rent primary goal is to pro-      is with this in mind that I put     have learned about the educa-      we’ve been able to accom-
vide support to students and      my mind and efforts towards         tion system, how to help our       plish, particularly since those
families related to educational   the work in this Department.        Ho-Chunk students navigate it      days of this form of govern-
expenses and, in the future, to      Past Accomplishments:            and how we can use education       ment in the early 1960s. It is
grow to also provide student      I believe it is a big accom-        to help all of us live better      our responsibility to continue     Adrienne Thunder
services and support at any       plishment to get one’s formal       lives.                             to build on that hard work and
educational level.                education and still retain one’s       How are you going to help       determination.
   Reason you pursued a           identity and values as a Ho-        Ho-Chunk Members grow                 How will you help Legisla-      resource. The Department of
Higher Education: I learned       Chunk person. In my experi-         & develop their job skills?        tors with district concerns?       Education is about increasing
from my family that my            ence, higher education was          The Nation wants to see its        I aim for Education to be          what each of us is capable of
clan responsibilities include     about learning how to learn         members achieve personal           responsive, courteous and          achieving, which makes us all
service to our people. From       and to think critically but in      and professional success. It       efficient at serving our tribal     the richer, all the stronger as
an early age, I loved learn-      a context that did not neces-       needs skilled professionals        members. I look forward to         a Nation. I want to encour-
ing and academic pursuits,        sarily reflect or appreciate my      at all levels and in all depart-   working well with members          age all of our tribal members
and as I grew older, I came       background or worldview. I          ments. We especially need          from all branches of our gov-      to strive to learn more -- es-
to understand that I can serve    strongly believe it is pos-         knowledgeable tribal mem-          ernment to protect and serve       pecially our language and
my people, and other Native       sible to be a scholar and to be     bers in our leadership posi-       the interests of the Nation.       culture but also a new field or
people too, through education.    Ho-Chunk, but I also believe        tions, since the areas in which       How do you feel you can         subject or even a new hobby.
I understood very early on        that our Ho-Chunk scholars          we need to grow and develop        make the Ho-Chunk Nation
that the educational process      need to take the knowledge          are becoming increasingly          stronger in this position?
is not an easy one and that it    we need from educational            complex and broad. I will          Our people are our greatest

Executive Director of Social Services
                                  good employee, working to           regard to higher education. It     teacher if we allow ourselves      one of the divisions. I follow-
                                  get a degree will open more         can provide you with a good        to learn from them. I remem-       up and will ask the staff to
                                  doors for better work oppor-        foundation. But, if you can-       ber those who encouraged           explain their understanding
                                  tunities and allow me to have       not connect with people in a       me and I am so grateful they       of the presenting issue. Then,
                                  more choices in the work            respectful and compassion-         did. I look for trainings or op-   I will get back to the tribal
                                  force. I knew it would be           ate manner in the work that        portunities that I believe will    member to share the outcome.
                                  hard work, but I knew I was         you do or to be sensitive to       be beneficial for the social           It is important in this de-
                                  ready to take this new ven-         others with regard to their life   services employees. I am           partment to adhere to confi-
                                  ture. I had two young daugh-        challenges they endure; your       available to staff who want to     dentiality. When a Legislator
                                  ters at this time who were          education cannot provide you       ask me questions about their       makes contact regarding a
                                  depending solely on me to           with this realm of knowledge       work. I offer ideas and will       child protection case, we
                                  provide for them. I worked,         and understanding of the           refer them to someone who          cannot disclose any informa-
                                  took care of my daughters           human spirit. That can only        may be good for them to talk       tion without a signed release
Elizabeth Haller                  and went to school full-time.       come from one’s heart.             to.                                of information from the party
                                  It was probably one of the             Past Accomplishments               How will you help Legisla-      they are inquiring about. Oth-
  Reason you pursued a            most challenging times in my           I guess I would have to say     tors with district concerns?       erwise we are violating the
Higher Education:                 life. There were times when I       it is what I just wrote in the        In the past, for the most       client’s rights.
  When I was in high school,      thought I can’t do all of this.     previous question.                 part, I have been notified             How do you feel you can
no one encouraged me to           But, I hung in there and made          How are you going to help       through OOP that there is a        make the Ho-Chunk Nation
go to college. When I was         it through. Looking back, this      Ho-Chunk members grow              district concern. There are        stronger in this position?
young,                            experience gave me strength         and develop their job skills?      also times when I may receive         When I accomplish most of
  I had reservations with         and it has helped me when I            I already do. I encourage       a call from one of the Leg-        the work before me, then I am
higher ed/academia. I was         face the challenges that come       our Ho-Chunk members not           islators. Depending on the         adding strength to our Na-
one of those who doubted her      before me today.                    to be afraid to grow and try       circumstance, I will either ask    tion. And hopefully, the next
capabilities.                        No one can take your edu-        something new. I make a            them to call our intake so that    person chosen for this posi-
  I had been working in the       cation away from you. I went        point to encourage the social      the information is documented      tion will continue to build and
human services field for over      to complete my bachelors and        service staff to keep growing      and reviewed so see whether        strengthen this Nation. I have
a decade, before I made the       my master’s degrees. So, I          and build on the skills that       we can assist. There are times     been a public servant for most
decision to get a degree. My      am the first in my family to go      they have. I tell them that it     when it is appropriate for me      of my working years. It is not
work colleagues encouraged        to college.                         is okay not to know, it is okay    to talk to a tribal member         easy work. But it has a value
me to go to college. They            In closing, there is one thing   to make mistakes. Sometimes        directly, especially if there is   that makes it worth the chal-
said that even though I was a     that I am very aware of with        our mistakes can be our best       a complaint or concern within      lenges one faces in this field.

Interim Executive Director of Heritage Preservation
  Ho-Chunk Name: Woon-            ment that is very important to      better understanding of native     Notify the President that we
agire Waaksik                     me and our people. It was the       cultures.                          are working with the Leg-
  Department Goals and            article that was published in         How are you going to help        islators to address concerns
Objectives: Ensure that the       The American Legion writ-           Ho-Chunk members grow              as quickly and efficiently as
previous goals & objectives       ten about the tobacco that          & develop their job skills?        possible. Keeping everyone
that were established are car-    is carried by our Ho-Chunk          Instill pride and dignity into     in the loop, so all the informa-
ried out. Set my own goals        Warriors entitled “Sacred To-       the hearts and minds of Ho-        tion disseminated is correct
and objectives for the next       bacco”. This issue is not over      Chunk members by letting           and there is not miscommuni-
year. This will include com-      by any means, this was only         them know that they provide        cation.
bining various departments        the beginning. Being in the         an invaluable services to our         How do you feel you can
in order to provide better        position of Executive Direc-        people. In order to accom-         make the Ho-Chunk Nation           Robert J. Mann
services to our tribal members    tor of Heritage Preservation,       plish that goal I will work        stronger in this position? By
and government.                   I can bring this issue to the       with each of the Division          following our traditions and
  Reason you pursued              forefront. The ultimate goal        Directors in developing a plan     customs in carrying out the        By doing this it will help un-
Higher Education: To utilize      is to make amendments to the        by creating a better working       responsibilities and duties of     derstand the proper etiquette
my GI Education benefits I         Native American Religious           environment and providing          this position, it will remind      when it comes to addressing
earned to help me accomplish      Freedom Act of 1978. By             the tools necessary to carry       our employees and people           or requesting something.
my career goals.                  working cooperatively with          out their duties.                  that we serve, that we must
  Past accomplishments:           the US government this goal           How will you help Legisla-       always put these thoughts in
There is only one accomplish-     can be achieved, creating a         tors with district concerns?       the forefront of our minds.
September 23, 2011                      ADVERTISEMENTS                                                               PAGE 13

                                                                         14th Annual Co-ed
                                                                         Softball Tournament

                                                  Time: 5-7pm
                                                  Date: 9/30/11

                                               Aho Hinikaragi-
                                               wino. Come an get
                                               to know Ho-Chunk
                                               Language appren-
                                               tices working in
                                               your community.           Announcers for the weekend were Roxanne Whiteg-
                                                                         ull, Lawrence Walker, Andi Cloud, and Neil Whitegull.
                                               Dinner will be a pot      Great job!
                                               luck dinner. Feel
                                               free to bring a dish.
    Contact person: Shane Yellow Thunder
                                               We will be playing
                                               waguje kook and
         Ceexhaci Community Building
                                               pinaga. Any and all
                                               are invited!

                                       Myrna J. Thompson
             2011                    District III Legislature
                                 -                                              Ho-Chunk
                                                                                Tribal Elder Issues
     SERVICE                                                                    Veterans’ Issues
          Legislator 1999-2008
                                                                                Controlled Spending
          US Marine Corp ’59-’61,
                                                                                Address Tribal Housing
          Honorably Discharged
          Veteran’s Affairs Advisory
                                                                                Maintain open door, working
                                                                                communications with
          Tribal Aging Unit
          Constitution Reform Task
          Force                                                                 Zero Tolerance
          Niikuusra Community
          School, Nekoosa
          Gaming Commission                 I will serve with HONESTY, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY
     Employed presently as a State          and DEDICATION TO THE HO-CHUNK
     Certified Social Worker for CFS

                                                                         - -
                                       Please feel free to call me at 715-323-5177
PAGE 14                                                               NOTICES                                                                       Hu\wa\z`uk wira 23, 2011

                                                                                             Ho-Chunk Community
                               Language Division
                                                                                       Sponsored by:
                                   is NOW HIRING                                       • Ho-Chunk Head Start • Black River Falls School District
                                                                                       • Jackson County Birth to 3
                                 1 Grant Assistant
                                                                                       Come Play with us!
 Duties and Responsibilities:
                                          position for                                  • Do you have a child who is four years old or older?
                                                                                        • Would you like for your child to have more social inter-
 Assist with the implementation and         the ANA                                       action with other children?
 coordination of the ANA Grant, develop-
                                           Language                                     • Do you have questions or concerns about how your
 ment of new language materials,                                                          child is developing?
                                             Grant                                      • Would you like to know more about your child’s devel-
 timelines and reports as described in                                                    opment?
 the ANA grant.
                                                                                       The Ho-Chunk Community Play Group can address these
                                                                                       questions. Please feel free to contact anyone on the con-
 Ability or willing to learn to speak,               *Hoocąk Waaziija Haci             tact list for more information about our playgroup.
 read and write Hoocąk. Possess basic                Language Division                 Our play dates
 knowledge       and    understanding        of                                                  • September 30, 2011
                                                     N4845 Hwy. 58
                                                                                                 • October 14, 2011
 Hoocąk culture.        Must possess good            Mauston, WI 53948                           • March 30, 2012
 communication, computer, writing and                Application will be taken at                • April 27, 2012
 implementation skills.         Minimum of           the Language Office until         10:30 – 11:30 at:
 Associates degree and must meet
                                                     October 7th during hours of                 Sandpillow Head Start Center
                                                     operation:                                  N7293 Low Cloud Road
 Ho-Chunk Nation ERA requirements.                   8am-4:30pm Mon-Fri
 *For Full Job requirements and application stop                                       Contacts:
                                                                                       Gina White Eagle        Ann Dehmer              Anita Leis                Kristin Geier
 at Hoocąk Waaziija Haci Language Division.                                            Sandpillow Head Start   Ho-Chunk Head Start     Jackson Cty. Birth to 3   Forrest Street
                                                                                       715-284-3331            715-284-9343 ext.1171   715-284-4301 ext. 301     Early Learning Center
                                                                                                                                                                 715-284-9406 ext.4107

                                                                                                                     Please be advised that the
              Save the Date                                                                                    Home Health Aid classes
                                                                                                                  set for September have been
           Ho-Chunk Nation Judiciary                                                                               rescheduled for November.
               16th Annual Law Day                                                                           If you have questions please call:
    Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011                                                                             Cleo Littlegeorge at (715) 284-9851 X 5315 or
          12:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.                                                                                Marilyn Yellow Bird at X 5360.
          Ho-Chunk Nation Courthouse
          (Wa Ehi Hoci)                                                                                                   Monthly Board Meeting
          W9598 Hwy 54E                                                                                                            For
          Black River Falls
                                                                                                        Ho-Chunk Housing and
    Topic: Administrative Adjudication                                                               Community Development Agency
           and Judicial Review
    Annual Golf Outing, Tee Time 9:15 a.m. at
    Skyline Golf Course in Black River Falls                                                                     Thursday, September 22, 2011
                                                                                                                                        6:00 PM
    Dinner at 5:00 p.m., Tentative Social                                                                             HHCDA at Tomah,
    Dance to follow (until dusk)                                                                           corner of Monowau Street & Sime Avenue
                                                                                                               Agenda items by noon, Sept. 15, 2011
    Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association
                                                                                                                Contact Board Secretary at Ext. 222
    Meeting, Friday, October 7, 2011
                                                                                                                 HHCDA (608) 374-1245 Ext. 222
                                                                                                                       Fax: (608) 374-1251

                                            Veterans Healthy Living Fair
                                                                    Thursday October 6th Noon to 8:00 p.m.
                                                          Saturday October 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
                                                   Location: V.A. gym; Building 15 on 4th Street of the V.A. campus
  There will be booths related to many services offered at the V.A.; many educational booths and a vast array of people to assist you with health
  questions, concerns and information to promote health and wellness. Flu vaccines will be provided to Veterans attending. Some areas that will be at
  the Fair are pharmacy, advanced directive information, home care services available, Women’s health, tobacco cessation, exercise information, My
  Healthe Vet info and sign up, weight loss, homelessness information, VA Police with safety materials including gun locks, mental health services
  information and much more. We will have door prizes and refreshments.
                                                              For more information contact
                         Darci Kolb, MSN, FNP-BC; Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program Manager; Tomah V.A.
                                           608-372-3971 extension 64097 or 1-800-872-8662 extension 64097
September 23, 2011                                     ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                  PAGE 15

Submitted by Gary Hall           of the tour. The board is very   cultural and business aspects
   The HAGA Tour concluded       appreciative to the Nation and   throughout the years. As the
its 2011 season at Lake          contributors of the various      tour looks forward to the next
Arrowhead – The Pines            outings throughout the season    year, participation is the key
Course near Nekoosa,             with door prizes, monetary       in keeping the camaraderie in
Wisconsin on Sunday              contributions and of course      the game of golf within the
September 11. The event was      the many volunteer hours         Nation.
hosted by the officers and        it takes to make an event          Once again, this being
board members of the HAGA        successful. The Tour also        the last event of the season
Tour with its funds from         hopes it brings understanding    thirty-eight golfers signed
the Ho-Chunk Nation and          to the general public about      up for this event with three
donations from regular golfers   the Ho-Chunk Nation in its       youth participating, seven
                                                                  of the participants were 65
                                                                  years or older. Temperatures
                                                                  in the high 80’s with a few
                                                                  clouds made for a perfect day,
                                                                  but the long yardage of the      (L-R) Kerry Funmaker, Patty Hall, Greg Krueger and
                                                                  course seemed like a full day    Larry McPeak
                                                                  of work. All 18 holes were
                                                                  covered with flag events along    were announced. In the youth    Littlejohn, Ed Winneshiek
                                                                  with a “skins” game, meaning     category for 9 holes medals     and Joe WhiteEagle. The first
                                                                  extra payouts. The entry fee     were awarded to Courage         place team for this year’s end
                                                                  paid by the golfers included a   Cleveland for first place        of season scramble went to
                                                                  steak dinner prepared by the     with a score of 49, second      Kerry Funmaker, Patty Hall,
                                                                  club’s restaurant which was      place went to James Bird        Greg Krueger and Larry
                                                                  enjoyed while scores were        and Jerrick Bird finished        McPeak with a score of 8
                                                                  tabulated and door prizes        third. In the adult division    under 64.
                                                                  drawn.                           high score trophies were
(L-R) Courage Cleveland, James Bird and Jerrick Bird                 After the meal flag event      presented to the team of
                                                                  winners and team placements      Deedee Greendeer, Greg

Celebrating 93
years with Elder
Nina Cleveland                                                                            Elders Birthdays
Sanford LittleEagle, Staff Writer                                                    1  Rachael Haas                       14     Lona Decorah
  On September 2, 2011 the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren,
along with many friends and relatives, celebrate Nina Rebecca Cleveland’s 93rd          Eleanore Johnson                          John Tudahl
birthday. Breaking it down, Nina gave birth to 9 children, who then produced            Frank Johnson Jr.                         Thomas Redbird Jr.
33 grandchildren, 52 great-grandchildren, and 8 great-great grandchildren.              Vanverd Dick Jr.                   15     Preston Thompson Jr.
  Through the years, Nina lost her first born daughter, a son and one                 2 Dolli Bigjohn                              Deborah Lee Weaver
granddaughter, but never turned her back on the Creator.                                Helen Lonetree                     16     Frances Little Wolf
  She was also blessed with many sons and daughters that were given to her
by her sisters and relatives, which include the White Eagle and Funmaker kids,       3 Kay Lynn Decorah                    17     Parmenton Decorah
along with June White Thunder, Mildred Decorah, Myrtle Long and Johnny                  Joseph White                              Linda Greendeer
White Cloud.                                                                            Sandra Martin                             Ellen Stenseth
                                                                                     4 Bebe Lee                                   Robert Johnson
                                                                                     6 Delbert Cleveland                   18     Gary Funmaker Sr.
                                                                                        Marcella Cloud                            Rose Saylor
                                                                                     7 Andrew Thundercloud Jr.             19     John Funmaker
                                                                                        Gene Whitewater                           Joyce Williams
                                                                                        Archie White Eagle                 20     Leland Shegonee
                                                                                     8 Rhoda Rave                                 Tommy Winneshiek
                                                                                        Irene Keenan                              Peter Oknewski Sr.
                                                                                        Fred Mallory Sr.                   24     Shirley Lonetree
                                                                                     9 Edward Littlejohn Jr.               26     Ida Carrier
                                                                                     11 Harry Whitehorse                          Bradley Smith
                                                                                        Ramona Godsby                             Paulina Brandes
                                                                                     12 Cynthia Decorah                           Lawrence Geyer
                                                                                        Ronald Kirkwood                           David Esau Sr.
                                                                                        Donald St. Cyr                     28     Cynthia Yellowcloud
                                                                                        Sybil Winneshiek                          Geo. Bruce Kearnes
                                                                                        Cleland Goodbear                   29     Benjamin Decorah
                                                                                        Loa Porter                                Colin Carrimon
                                                                                     13 Douglas Littlejohn                 30     Florine Johnson
                                                                                     14 Evelyn Shepard                     31     Judith Buffalo
Nina Cleveland with family. HAPPY            93rd BIRTHDAY!                             Edward Mc Cabe                            Dennis Funmaker

       Three time music award winner Buggin Malone
                       has been nominated for
              Best Rap/Hip-Hop Recording of the Year
          at the Native American Music Awards being held
               October 7th in Seneca Falls, New York.
      Show your support and vote for him so we can bring this award back to Wisconsin!
              Pina Gigi ~
PAGE 16                                                          GOOD NEWS                                                              Hu\wa\z`uk wira 23, 2011

Center for Native American Youth
travels to Wisconsin to support
Dirk Whitebreast’s 262 Mile run
Center plans to run in a youth marathon relay and speak at a
Ho-Chunk Nation suicide prevention event with Tribal Leader
Submitted by Josie Raphaelito,            community by serving as Secretary of
MPH - Program Coordinator Cen-            his tribal council.
ter for Native American Youth               Dirk was touched by the Center’s
  The Center for Native American          mission to improve the lives of Native
Youth will join Tribal Leader Dirk        youth and its efforts to raise awareness
Whitebreast in his 262 mile run, by       of the tragedy of suicide in Indian
participating in a marathon relay with    Country, where suicide rates are
youth from the Ho-Chunk Nation and        nearly 4 times the national average.
the Nation’s President Jon Greendeer.     This is why Dirk reached out to the
In addition, the Center will speak at     Center and wants the organization to
the Ho-Chunk Nation’s Community           benefit from Dirk’s 262 Mile Run.
Action Plan on Suicide Prevention           Dirk will be traveling to Appleton,
dinner and event.                         Wisconsin on September 18 for his
  “It is inspiring that tribal leaders,   second race at the Community First
youth and the Center for Native           Fox Cities Marathon. To support
American Youth will be running            Dirk’s efforts, the Ho-Chunk Youth
together to raise awareness about the     Council and the Wittenberg Youth &
important issues facing American          Learning Center organized two five-
Indian children in this country,” says    person relay teams for the marathon.
the Center’s founder, former US           Josie Raphaelito, the Center’s
Senator Byron Dorgan.                     program coordinator, will be running
  The Center has partnered with Dirk      alongside Ho-Chunk Nation youth
Whitebreast, the 31-year-old tribal       and community members to support
leader from Sac & Fox Tribe of the        Dirk and the Ho-Chunk Nation youth
Mississippi in Iowa, to support his       council.
efforts to raise awareness of youth         “The Ho-Chunk Youth Council
suicide prevention, health promotion,     reached out to the Center to ask how
and emotional healing in Indian           they could support our work with           Dirk Whitebreast and President Greendeer at the end of the race.
Country. In 2003, Dirk suffered the       Dirk’s 262 Mile run. We are excited
tragic loss of his 18-year-old sister,    about the youth council’s enthusiasm
Darcy Jo Keahna, to suicide. Since        and thrilled to participate in their         Following the race, Dirk and the Center will speak at the Ho-Chunk Nation’s
that day, Dirk has committed himself      run and the community’s suicide            Community Action on Suicide Prevention event to introduce the Center’s work
to a healthier lifestyle, becoming an     prevention events,” says the Center’s      and share Dirk’s inspirational story of healing, motivation and success as a
avid runner as well as a leader in his    director Erin Bailey.                      young tribal leader.
                                                                                       For more information or to support Dirk’s 262 Mile Challenge please visit
                                                                            The list of marathons Dirk is registered for is as follows:
                                                                                     The North Face Endurance Challenge - Madison, WI
                                                                                     September 17th, 2011 ** Run is actually in Eagle, WI
                                                                                     Community First Fox Cities Marathon - Appleton, WI
                                                                                     September 18th, 2011
                                                                                     American Birkebeiner Trail Run - Hayward, WI
                                                                                     September 24th, 2011
                                                                                     The Quad Cities Marathon - Moline, IL
                                                                                     September 25th, 2011
                                                                                     Freedom’s Run Marathon - Shepherdstown, WV
                                                                                     October 1st, 2011
                                                                                     Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon - Milwaukee, WI
                                                                                     October 2nd, 2011
                                                                                     Prairie State Marathon - Libertyville, IL
                                                                                     October 8th, 2011
                                                                                     Bank of America Chicago Marathon - Chicago, IL
                                                                                     October 9th, 2011
Barb Kmetz and Danee Walker at the start of the race.
                                                                                     Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon - Kansas City, MO
                                                                                     October 15th, 2011
                                                                                     IMT Des Moines Marathon - Des Moines, IA
                                                                                     October 16th, 2011
                                                                                       The Center for Native American Youth is a new organization Senator Dorgan
                                                                                     created at the Aspen Institute to address the challenges facing Native American
                                                                                     children. Dorgan donated $1 million of excess campaign funds to create the
                                                                                     organization in January of this year at the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC.
                                                                                     For more information about the Center for Native American Youth and its
                                                                                     outreach in Indian Country please visit
                                                                                       The Aspen Institute mission is twofold: to foster values-based leadership,
                                                                                     encouraging individuals to reflect on the ideals and ideas that define a good
                                                                                     society, and to provide a neutral and balanced venue for discussing and
                                                                                     acting on critical issues. The Aspen Institute does this primarily in four ways:
                                                                                     seminars, young-leader fellowships around the globe, policy programs, and
                                                                                     public conferences and events. The Institute is based in Washington, DC;
                                                                                     Aspen, Colorado; and on the Wye River on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It also
                                                                                     has offices in New York City and an international network of partners. For more
                                                                                     information, visit

Signs to support runners along the race course.

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