The Olympic games by NuL38ns


									The Olympic games
    Ancient and modern!
              What are Olympics?

Olympics are a great sporting event that happens every
  four years. They have nearly every sport that you
  can think of. The minimum age is different for each
  sport, but the lowest is 13. In the ancient Olympics, it
  was different. So were a lot of things, like women
  were not allowed to compete. In fact only unmarried
  women were allowed to watch!!!
               Ancient Olympics
The Olympics were invented by the ancient Greeks.
They had events like the
 foot race,
long jump,
Javelin and discus.
The ancient Olympics were performed in honour of the
   king of the gods, Zeus. The first recorded Olympic
   event was in 776bc. Women were not allowed to
        More ancient Olympics.
The Olympics were called Olympics because they were
  performed in Olympia, Greece. (Mount Olympus is
  where the where the Greeks believed the royal gods,
  Zeus and his wife, Hera lived. That was because it
  was always cloudy at the top. But mount Olympus is
  NOT in Olympia. They also believed that the other
  major gods lived there. Like Athena, Apollo,
  Poseidon and Zeus.)
             Modern Olympics
The ancient Olympics were stopped by the Romans when
  they took over Greece. That was in 394 AD. Then years
  and years later on April the sixth, 1896, archaeologists
  found out about Olympics and started them again. But as
  that was a long time after the ancient Olympics they
  called it the modern Olympics. Modern Olympics were
  very different. First of all they had different, more
  modern, events . Also the olympics were held every four
  years in a different country.
One of the big traditions in Olympics is the opening
  ceremony. There are lots of fireworks, music and all
  sorts of celebration . Another traditional part is the hand
  over ceremony, where the country it was just held in,
  hand over a flaming torch.
              Similarities and differences.
We still have discus,            They used to sprint but
                                 it wasn't a 100 meters.
javelin, wrestling.
                                 They played NAKED!!!
There are many of the
same events like races
                                  There were no world
  They were also              records in the Ancient Games
held every four years
                              There were no water sports
The winner gets an            There were no winter sports
award that was not money

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