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Into Infinity ~ outline

Teaser - [x] looking out over the empty land, realizing how wrong he was to do the
government's bidding. Asking higher power(s) for forgiveness even though he knows he
does not deserve it.

Act one ~ DS9
-- Sarea leaving the station temple after a final visit, runs into Brilgar (they are old
friends). He walks her to airlock, wishes her well.
-- George in ready room, talking to Alley on subspace with instructions of the first four
worlds to visit. Jeanette comes in, first talk. We find out Jeanette turned down her own
command for the chance to explore Gamma.
-- Linda in sickbay on subspace w Chuck. Working on finishing up the Luna-class
vessels--Chuck knows/works with Xin Ra-Havreii, expresses semi-frustration at Ra-
Havreii's fits of panic and worry over other problems with the Luna vessels. Convo
interrupted by launch prep notice.
-- ship launches from DS9 into the wormhole.

Act two ~ Gamma
-- ship has just reached Craynori Prime when sensors detect small craft heading for them
with larger craft in pursuit. They are hailed, first by [x] who makes his plea/claim.
Second, by the larger craft, government craft, who demands turnover of [x] for his crime.
George says instead they should both come to ship to discuss. temp asylum is granted to
[x] until George can fully investigate both sides of claim.
-- while [x] speaks to George, Jeanette and Torrance listen to the govt rep. [x] tells
George that the govt is trying to silence him for exposing their murder of a certain sect of
towns, denying them medication needed to stop a plague. Govt rep tells J and T that [x]
is responsible for the deaths of those towns--that he used for work for govt himself and
gave the order to deny the meds, and that is why he's now a wanted man.
-- During this time, Sorbet and others in sec are doing their own research, in which they
find out more abt the area where the deaths were most prevalent and the cultures of the
Craynori (that most of those who died were considered a lower class--AND that [x] is
from that area). The final piece of evidence is that the govt rep is telling the truth--that
[x] was a high-ranking govt worker for the past several years and was in charge of
handling the plague crisis.

Act three ~ Craynori Prime
-- senior staff meeting...crew in various stages of disbelief that [x] is what the govt says
he is. Yet there are still questions and suspicions....[x] has not changed his story once
despite being talked to several times but security reports that the govt rep has avoided the
fact that [x] is from the area affected, brushing it off as "unimportant". This makes
Torrance suspicious that there is more to the story than is out in the open. The unspoken
question lingers--why would [x] condemn his own family and neighbors to death?
-- Sorbet and sec do more digging, uncovering the govt's little secret--that an "unofficial"
class system exists, something they hid from their Fed contact when asking for alliance
and membership. The history records show when the caste system was abolished by law,
the classes mingled together for a few centuries, then as recently as fifty years prior, it
appeared to be subtly put back in place, with relocations and the like. This shifted all of
[x]'s people (the "lower class" people) into the same area, therefore making it easier for
most of them to die when the plague hit.
-- George decides to talk to [x] again, armed w the info uncovered by security. He admits
that he is from that area. he tries one last time to say that he was not in charge--that the
govt falsified those records. Knowing he is not telling the truth, George reluctantly calls
for security to take him to the govt ship. [x] protests to George, but he doesn't budge.
Govt rep pops in almost immediately, as if he'd been listening through the door and sec
follows shortly after. [x] is furious at govt rep, who is smug abt getting his own way.
-- they are stopped at the transporter room by Sorbet and Torrance, who now have the
REAL truth--about the subtle relocations and an encoded msg came on what looked like
subspace interference. In it was a contact code and both of them spoke to and provided
evidence that the govt was attempting to get rid of the "lower class" people. One
overheard convo between [x] and those who gave him his orders, also a convo about
"replacing" [x] if he continued to be so reluctant, the other is the person who took [x]'s
position and provides the outlined plan (stamped/signed by several govt reps, including
the one onboard ship) to do the same thing that was done to [x]'s home area on other
areas of the planet. The govt rep plays it off by saying that even with the law abolishing
the class system, that many still felt more comfortable "existing among their own" and
over time, shifted themselves into their "groups".
-- George informs the govt rep that he strongly recommends they not continue to harass
[x] and admit their wrongdoings to the people.

-- George has a final talk with [x], beams him back to the planet.
-- words a log to Alley/Fed Council that, due to the situation they uncovered, he does not
recommend the Craynori for membership at this time.

 Ruby-Che [editing StarFalls pt 2...143 pages! shoot me now...] says:
   k i think i read it backwards...by off the record, you mean his "strongly suggesting" that
   the govt admit to the ppl what they did, right? (i hope i'm right haha)
 CentralPlexus says:
yeh lol, like "if i were you i would do this, that etc"

They had been tinkering with the idea of a plague to thin the population of 'unwanted
sorts' and let it loose, after buying up all rights to use the needed meds to protect them
and other important people IE the wealthy
Rowan (4:54 PM) :
so shall we say x had relatives among the unwanted? from there, perhaps, but was
considered one of the "betters" because he had made himself better and had a position in
the govt?
The government will set it's own spin of course, what you
need is someone no one really noticed to step up and back
up the guy. All it takes is a cleaning person or something
to back him up because they over heard the orders being
k last question cuz i think i might be getting an idea....how do they contact the Archer without being caught
by a govt person?
Rowan (5:11 PM) :
or should i have someone beam down and they pullt hem aside?
Windfire (5:13 PM) :
the cleaning person? they could send a barely there
signal with a one or two word message like 'the Truth"

Building Blocks

Teaser ~
Show surface of Arctica and wreck of Challenger. Hirst and other officer discuss
McWhorter's death/possible survival of XO. Hint at genetic engineering, argument
ensues. Use phrase "this is nothing like Khan!"

Act one:
Present day. Archer is on the way to [insert place]. While coming up on Arctica, they
come across old distress beacon from Challenger. They follow it to Arctica, where they
are able to hail the settlers. Away team beams down to Arctica, surprised to find people
able to function (breathe) without tech in L-class atmo. Leader brushes it off at first by
explaining that the caves are more M-class (more oxygen) and without prolonged
exposure, they have managed, though things have not always been rosy.

Act two:
One of the senior crew (engineer?) falls ill, agrees to come up to the ship for treatment.
During the course of treatment, Linda discovers the genetic anomalies through standard

Act three:
Hirst takes Ivy Briggs hostage, assuming that George will betray the Arctica settlers to
the Federation due to his ancestor's use of genetic engineering/that they will be turned
over to Fleet Medical to be used as lab rats.

Glenn: Starfleet was founded long before the Federation (which was 2161). Nobody has
an exact, canon date on Starfleet, but it was around long before ENTERPRISE, yeah. The
NX-01 was launched in 2151, and was a Starfleet vessel.

Challenger - NX-03
Discovery - NX-04
Atlantis - NX-05
Endeavour - NX-06
Soyuz - NX-07
Shenzhou - NX-08
Apollo - NX-09
Mir - NX-10

the ep will open in the Enterprise era (haven't picked a year yet). The NX-03, named the
Challenger, has crashlanded on an unknown world.

Three, possibly four generations, depending on the individual. In most cases, three.

Original Challenger crew (* - casualty)
92 original, 53 survive the crash, 47 survive the aftermath - 19 women and 28 men

Captain McWhorter *
XO (Canadian male) *?
Doctor Hirst
COS (Vulcan female)
Doctor Sutton (male)
Engineers Zea Andrevitch, Owens (male) * and Palthey (male)
Astronomer Alexandra Kussmaul (German)
Asst. astronomer Dierlof (male)
Security officers Kwanten (male), Szhoren (female) * and Carys Llewellyn

Notes: Kussmaul and Dierlof are cousins

Arctica settles/current "crew"
Roughly 200-250 people

Rudy Deleon (leader)
XO Andrevitch (male)
Doctor Jameson Hirst
Assistant Doctor Sayna Andrevitch
Assistant doctor #2 (descendant of XO if XO survives?)
Radahan (male) - log keeper
Chief engineer descendant of Dierlof

Notes: Sayna and x are twins.

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