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					Bronze Level
   1. One split,
   2. Fan split lock knees (lie on back)
   3. Fan roll
   4. Sitting Ext right Leg
   5. Sitting Ext left Leg
Fwd roll series
   6. rock-a-byes
   7. rock-a-byes to stand
   8. Summersalts
   9. Summersalt w/ style
   10. Popcorn roll (summersalt then jump high, legs & arms straight & vertical)
   11. Summersalt & toe touch
   12. Straddle rolls fwd
   13. Partner summersalt
   14. Donut (lying on stomach, head reaches up & back to touch feet)
   15. Bridge (head down, feet flat on floor)
   16. Backbend (head up)
   17. 10 Spider pushups with straight arms
   18. Backbend from knee w/arms overhead (down & up)
   19. Backbend from knee, hands on hips (down & up)
   20. Backbend balance singles
   21. Spider walk, hands first, entire length of mat
   22. Over folded mats
   23. Cartwheel flat mats (sloppy, but landing on feet)
   24. cartwheel w/ style (arms high, legs straight, point toes)
   25. cartwheel on line
   26. prep skip cartwheel
   27. roundoff pattern
Back Rolls
   28. back roll over (may be sloppy)
Head Stands
   29. tripod
   30. tripod to Backbend
Hand Stands
   31. Sore puppy foot across mat (one leg high off mat while traveling hands and single foot across mat)
   32. handstand pattern (hands stay down on mat as the grounded foot jumps up to clap with “sore puppy
   33. handstand from standing (Begin from standing position, arms overhead, one foot pointed in front. End
        same way)
   34. handstand contest (Staying up in balance as long as possible)
   35. handstand to partner hold (standing partner holds ankles 10 sec. then releases one leg at a time)
   36. handstand to BB (Feet must “clap” together at top before landing in a BB with head up. Hold 5 secs.)
   37. kickover pattern (Standing, one knee thrust up at the same time standing foot hops)
   38. kick ups 5x’s in BB (Attempting to kickover, landing back in a solid backbend with head up)
   39. kickover from elevation. (Feet elevated on folded mats, head up, arms straight)
   40. Squat Jump (spring up to both feet simultaneously from kneeling position)
Silver Level
    41. Basic Hip Hop “stall” (shoulder stand)
    42. partner stand (1st partner on hands and knees, 2nd partner “squeeze her tummy” and “freeze” with legs
        high 5 sec.)
    43. Backbend double balance 25 counts (One hand and one foot of choice)
    44. Rock & Hops (In backbend, rock forward and back until hands and feet alternate in lifting)
    45. 3 seal claps (In backbend, shift weight onto feet to lift hands and clap hands. Return back to the
        backbend, no head touch down)
    46. stand from backbend
    47. 2nd split
    48. Open scorpion (foot higher than head, both arms straight and high)
    49. splits with scorpion (hand holds back foot to touch head)
    50. Standing leg extension, (5 seconds, straight arms & legs, arms hi overhead)
    51. 2nd side cartwheel
    52. one handed cartwheel
    53. cross over hand cartwheel
    54. center “clap” cartwheel (feet clap together at exact top, then separate to finish cartwheel)
    55. partner cartwheel single
    56. roundoff with spring
    57. roundoff toe touch
Back Rolls
    58. back roll beginning and ending from standing position
    59. straddle back roll (no bent knees at all)
    60. back shoulder roll (Straight legs in “splits”)
Back Bends
    61. Backbend diamond stretch (shoulders over wrists)
    62. Backbend from sitting (alternate hands)
    63. Backbend from standing
    64. 1 st side Barrel rolls (stink bug, backbend)
    65. 2nd side barrel roll
    66. spider walk feet first
    67. spider walk half turn
Head Stands
    68. headstand 30 sec
    69. headstand from prone
Hand Stands
    70. handstand at wall (Silent placement of feet to wall. Hold balance 3 seconds. Kick down 1 foot at a time.)
    71. Limber: handstand to backbend then stand up in one continuous movement.
    72. handstand to partner’s back with pull over to stand
    73. handstand fwd roll
    74. hand walks 10 steps
    75. handstand to backbend 1 leg up
    76. partner back-to-back pullover to stand (flip category)
    77. kickover from floor
    78. boomerangs 5x’s (kickovers back and forth, hands stay stationary on floor)
    79. back walkover (arms high, one leg ext. front at start and finish, legs straight, point toes, on bal beam)
    80. cartwheel flip
Gold Level
Back Bends
   81. Backbend double balance 4 ways to 25 counts
   82. around the world (hands stay stationary in backbend position, feet run around head in circle 3 x’s)
   83. crab hops hands 1st length of mat
   84. crab hops feet 1st length of mat
   85. 3rd split
   86. Vertical Splits (standing, head to knee, back leg straight up)
   87. splice roll (side split, roll sideways in a circle)
   88. closed extension (both hands hold foot – leg at side)
   89. closed scorpion (both hands hold foot – leg in back)
   90. mounted cartwheel (leap, airborne before hands touch down)
   91. cartwheel splice (swing leg side and forward to land instantly into splits)
   92. Continuous partner cartwheel
   93. aerial cartwheel
Balance & control
   94. headstand poses:(R&Lstags, 3splt, Straddle touch floor, turn, 3 claps)
   95. handstand chest roll
    96. worm
    97. fan & illusion kick R
    98. fan & illusion kick L
    99. Partner fan kick over back
Back Rolls
    100.        backroll to headstand
    101.        back roll to handstand
Kick Overs
    102.        3 or more Continuous back walkovers
    103.        One leg to one leg balance Back walkover
    104.        “switch leg” back walkover
    105.        Backover splice (same idea as cartwheel splice)
    106.        Valdez (back walkover from sitting)
    107.        Valdez splice (same idea as cartwheel splice)
    108.        1 hand back walkover
   109.        forward handspring
   110.        back handspring
   111.        roundoff back handspring
   112.        3 back handsprings in a row
   113.        Back handspring walkout
   114.        Back tuck from roundoff
Front Overs
   115.        forward walkover (feet finish on balance beam line)
   116.         “switch leg” fwd walkover
   117.        Arabians (straight legs “glued” together)
   118.        mounted walkover (airborne before hands touch down)
   119.        1 hand fwd walkover
   120.        aerial walkover
Incentives – A candybar, B milkshake, C dinner out
       splits 1,2,3
       BB bal 25, 50, 100
       Kick over, Back walkover, Back handspring,
       Stand from BB, Front walkover, Aerial cartwheel
       Perfect Pirouettes Jazz style 1, 2, 3 (head spot, connected
        toe, releve`, controlled landing, arm and body posture)
       6 step w/ piroette, side leap, fouettes

Intro to Tumbling
Body awareness
  Point/flex feet and wrists
  Leg stretches: side/Center/Forward
  Straight/bent arms (Keep straight while jumping)
  Straight/bent legs (hands to floor, one leg high)
Line Protocol - Follow the leader:
  Soldier March & line up
  Tootsie rolls
Arm Strength
  Camel walk
  table walk (front and back)
Weight Change/Balance (props: foot prints R red, L blue)
  Jump 2 feet landing
  Leap (1 foot to 1 foot)
  Hop R/L (hold one foot to end of mat)

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