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					                ‘Reasons why’ paragraphs for the Sterling ISA

This document has sample reasons why paragraphs to be used in your client's
suitability letter. The paragraphs are only a guide and must be approved by your
own compliance officer.

Why choose Sterling?

     Financial Strength
The Sterling ISA is provided by Sterling ISA Managers Limited, which is part of
the Zurich Financial Services Group, an insurance-based financial services
provider with a global network of subsidiaries and offices in North America and
Europe as well as Asia Pacific, Latin America and other markets

    Service
Sterling has won a five-star service award, nine years running in the Financial
Adviser Service Awards. Judged by an intermediary audience, the awards
recognise performance in areas including personal contact, processing and
product support.

Why choose the Sterling ISA

The Sterling ISA is a tax-efficient savings wrapper which aims to increase the
value of the money invested without you paying tax on any income or capital
gain. It is a ‘stocks and shares’ ISA where the assets are invested into unit trusts
and open-ended investment companies (OEICs).

What you get back when you cash in your investment isn't guaranteed. It will
depend on investment performance and you may not get back the amount

Death benefit

If you die within ten years of making your initial investment, Sterling will pay
your representatives the greater of the current value of your ISA or, the value of
the original investments you made, less any distributed income or withdrawals
taken. If you die after ten years, Sterling will pay the current ISA value.

Wide investment choice

The Sterling ISA offers a wide range of funds, providing access to some of the
UK’s largest investment houses. The wide and flexible investment choice available
through the Sterling ISA allows you to keep your ISA investment in one wrapper,
for easier management and administration between different funds and
managers. Sterling does not currently charge for switching funds, so you can
change the way your money is invested if you decide you need a different mix of
funds. Please note, the fund manager may take an initial charge on the new fund.
Flexibility payment options

You can choose to make single payments, monthly payments or both. The
minimum initial lump sum payment is £3,000 and £1,000 for any subsequent
investment. The minimum regular investment is £100 a month or £50 a month if
made with a lump sum payment and £25 a month for any subsequent
investment. Any income generated by funds can either be distributed to you or
reinvested into the ISA to increase its value.

Flexible withdrawal options

      One-off withdrawals

You can withdraw any amount from the Sterling ISA, subject to at least £2,000
remaining in the account at any time. There is no notice period required and you
will not occur any additional charges.

      Regular withdrawals

You can take regular withdrawals on a monthly, quarterly, termly (three times a
year), half yearly or yearly basis.

Up to 7.5% of the value of the ISA can be taken as a regular withdrawal, (subject
to a minimum amount of £50 per withdrawal), either as a fixed amount or a
percentage of the fund. Alternatively, the income distributions can be taken
quarterly, leaving the capital intact.

Withdrawals can be taken proportionately across all funds or from specified funds
as a percentage or a monetary amount and they can be indexed at AEI, RPI or a
fixed percentage, up to a maximum of 10% a year.

Withdrawals can be stopped and started, increased and decreased, and the
frequency changed at any time, without additional charges.

Clear and transparent charges

Sterling expresses the funds’ Total Expense Ratios (TERs) on their Product
Charges and Summary sheet, so that all the charges are clear.

Sterling take charges in two ways: an initial charge from your payment(s) and a
yearly account charge from the ISA’s fund value.

The current Initial charge is 4.75% of the amount invested for regular payments
and 4.00% of the amount invested for single lump sum payments/transfers.

The Yearly Account charge is 0.5% of the fund value (subject to a minimum
charge of £25 plus VAT and a maximum charge of £57.88 plus VAT). The
maximum charge will increase in line with NAEI each year in December.

For use by professional financial advisers only. No other person should
rely on, or act on any information in this advertisement when making an
investment decision. This advertisement has not been approved for use
with clients.

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