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Winter 2010


An Invitation from a prophet
                                                 All classes and activities are free!                                                The Church of
“I ask you to make participa-                                                                                                         Jesus Christ
tion in institute a priority. . .                        Area Singles Units                                                       of Latter-day Saints
Think of it. Friends will be
made, the Spirit will be felt,                            Colonial First Ward
and faith will be strengthened.                      Bishop Wellington (703) 380-1045
I promise you that as you par-
ticipate in institute and study
                                                           Mount Vernon Chapel                                            Northern
                                                     2000 George Washington Parkway,
the scriptures diligently, your power to avoid
                                                               Alexandria                                                  Virginia
temptation and to receive direction of the
Holy Ghost in all you do will be increased.               Colonial Second Ward                                         Institute of
Divine favor will attend those who humbly
seek it. That is a promise which I leave with
                                                          Bishop Boyd (703) 313-6249                                       Religion
you.” (President Thomas S. Monson, May                    Mount Vernon Stake Center
21, 2009)                                                 6219 Villa Street, Alexandria
                                                               Langley Ward
                                                          Bishop Larsen (703)812-8922
                    Institute is                              Scott’s Run Chapel
                                                     1325 Scott’s Run Road, McLean 22102
                   provided for all
                                                           Shenandoah Ward
                 Young Single Adults                   Bishop Odiorne (703) 481-5068
                   ages 18-30 and                      22066 Circle Drive, Sterling Park
                  married students!                        Union Mill Ward
                                                        Bishop Fox (703) 266-2727
                                                         Centreville Stake Center
                                                    14150 Upperridge Drive, Centreville
                                                          Occaquan Branch
                                                      President Weir (703) 491-9550
Institute Activities                                     Woodbridge Stake Center
Check out our online Institute calendar             3718 Old Bridge Road, Woodbridge                                     Winter 2010
    for dates and information on
  Institute-sponsored activities and                           INSTITUTE GRADUATION
                                                 Those who participate in Institute are eligible for Institute Gradua-
 Regional Young Single Adult activity                    tion and Certificates of Advanced Achievement.
         dates and locations at                                                                                              (703) 802-9613
                                                            GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS
                                                 Students must complete 14 semester hours in approved Institute
                                                 courses and receive a worthiness clearance from their bishop. The
                                                 14 semester hours must include at least 8 semester hours in scrip-       REGISTER ONLINE
                                                 ture-based courses, and at least 4 of those semester hours must be                  or
                                                 in a Book of Mormon course. Most courses are 2 semester hours
                                                 each. Certificates of Advanced Achievement may be earned for                at Institute class
                                                 each 8 additional semester hours subsequent to Institute graduation.
             Winter 2010 Course Offerings
                                                    Classes begin the week of January 4th!
                                                                          *except where noted

      NOVA Community College                                   George Mason University                               Centreville Stake Center
    Annandale Campus TBA (class begins 1/12)                                 SUB II Rm 3                          14150 Upperridge Drive, Centreville
      8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale                               (class begins 1/20)

                    Tuesday                                                Wednesday                                             Thursday
  Time            Class              Instructor           Time               Class              Instructor    Time                 Class            Instructor

             Book of Mormon                                                                                                  NOVA Institute
12:30-1:30                            Sowby              12:00 pm     Book of Mormon 122         Sowby       6:30-7:25                             Toma/Sowby
                   122                                                                                                      Concert Choir 110R

                                                                                                              7:30 pm      Book of Mormon 422      Toma/Sowby

         Mt. Vernon Stake Center                                   Annandale Stake Center
           6219 Villa Street, Alexandria                                High Council Room
                                                                    3900 Howard Street, Annandale                  Woodbridge Stake Center
                    Tuesday                                                                                       3718 Old Bridge Road, Woodbridge
  Time               Class             Instructor
                                                          Time               Class              Instructor                       Thursday
                NOVA Institute                                                                                Time                 Class            Instructor
 6:30-7:25                            Toma/Sowby         7:30 pm      Book of Mormon 122          Sowby
               Concert Choir 110R
                                                                                                             7:30 pm       Book of Mormon 122          Hatch
 7:30 pm       Old Testament 302
 7:30 pm      Book of Mormon 422         Toma
                                                           Institute Choir                                   Other Institute Locations
                                                          Lend your voice to the NOVA Institute
               The Gospel and the                                                                                         Ashburn Institute (Tuesday)
 7:30 pm
               Productive Life 150
                                         Sowby             Concert Choir! No prior experience
                                                                                                                               Ashburn Stake Center
                                                          necessary. All YA (18-30) are invited to                       21015 Claiborne Parkway, Ashburn
                                                                                                                  Fredericksburg Institute (Wednesday)
    Register online at                                    We are also looking for instrumentalists and                         Bragg Road Chapel
                                                                                                                         1710 Bragg Road, Fredericksburg
                                                         accompanists. See rehearsal schedule in course                                                       offerings.                                     McLean Institute (Thursday)
                                                                                                                              Scott’s Run Chapel
                                                                   Email:                       1325 Scott’s Run Road, McLean 22102
                                                                    for more information

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