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					Stephanie Anderson

Health care setting: Other - Palliative Care & Hospice
Nominee’s role: Director of Nursing

1. Describe how your nominee has shown concern for humanity.

End-of-life care can be a challenging and difficult field in which to work. End-of-life care providers need a leader who is supportive,
compassionate and understanding in order to continue to do this demanding work. Stephanie offers all these things to staff. She has
established a supportive work environment which has ignited a renewed passion for providing quality care for patients and families
among the staff in this rewarding field of practice. &LF;Stephanie shows deep respect for all staff members. In return, staff members
feel valued. For example, she is very intentional about keeping staff well-informed of plans and issues in the hospital. Stephanie has
embraced the shared governance model and actively encourages staff participation. She models her respect for all in the way that she
is truly present, as she actively listens and responds to staff. Through mentoring, she sets an example for staff as they implement this
core value in their work.

2. What do you consider your nominee’s most significant contribution to the nursing profession?

As the former Coordinator of Palliative Care and now as Director of Palliative Care and Hospice, Stephanie’s focus is consistently
patients first. She mentors staff in ways that emphasize this core value. She encourages staff to actively listen to the needs of patients
and their families and to effectively communicate across disciplines to meet those needs. Stephanie’s commitment to patient and
family concerns is further evidenced by her work to insure that patient’s goals of care are honored across the health care continuum.
She has been the driving force behind the community project to implement the Physician’s Order for Life Sustaining Treatment
(POLST), a portable order that details the patient’s wishes related to the use of life-sustaining procedures in a variety of potential
circumstances. Her desire to offer the best possible end-of-life care for patients is reflected in her leadership in creating the Comfort
Care Order Sets for both adult and pediatric patients. In conjunction with this, she led the effort to create a new End-of-Life SOP for
St. Luke’s Hospital. Stephanie is an advocate and exemplar of the value “Patients First.”

3. Give an example of how your nominee has shown leadership through mentoring, or served as a role model for others.

Stephanie has proven to be an outstanding leader in her new role as Director of Palliative Care and Hospice. She has a tireless
commitment to quality patient care and teamwork. Her excellent management skills provide a supportive work environment. She
motivates staff to provide the healthcare we’d like our loved ones to receive. Stephanie is committed to her own professional growth
so that she can continue to provide the best possible leadership. She is completing her work on a MSN degree with emphasis in
nursing administration at the University of Iowa

4. Was there a specific event that prompted you to nominate this nurse? If so, please tell your story.

Stephanie adheres to the highest patient care and ethical standards. She is an active member of the Ethics Committee, where she
demonstrates a commitment to develop her professional awareness of ethical issues and standards. She fosters the growth of
committee members in their understanding and application of ethical standards through the case studies which she brings to the
committee. &LF;On several occasions, she has proven herself to be a most effective facilitator of ethics consultations for the benefit of
patients, families and the medical staff. Stephanie’s widely recognized commitment to collegiality and mutual respect contributes to
her credibility among her peers in cases in which she believes uncomfortable issues must be raised. At such times, she speaks directly
to the point without rancor or accusation and remains open to the thoughts, experiences and opinions of others. All of this is
accomplished with a strict adherence to the requirements of confidentiality and always with the patient’s best interest in
mind.&LF;&LF;Stephanie’s vision for Palliative Care and Hospice embodies her passion for doing the right thing for patients and
families. In developing the Palliative Care program, she has spent countless hours providing education on the philosophy and benefits
of Palliative Care to frontline staff, administration, St. Luke’s Hospital Board of Directors and state legislators. If asked, staff knows
Stephanie’s response for all the work that she does would be, “It is the right thing to do.”

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