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Kidney Stone Removal - How To Pass A Kidney Stone Naturally! by mvbk143


Right now you are probably feeling terrible. Sharp pains may be shooting through your body as you curl up in pain. Your lower back may feel like it is being stabbed with a hot knife, over and over again. You may even feel like vomiting, or you may have some nausea.

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									Kidney Stone Removal - How To Pass A Kidney Stone Naturally!

If you are suffering from kidney stones, then a simple kidney stones removal remedy might be the best news to get all year! Millions of suffers and thousands of doctors are now trying and recommending natural ways to flush your kidney stones. Because of the newest research, many doctors know that calcium based stones are one of the simplest stones to flush. So simple that typically they can be passed by drinking plenty of water for a few weeks to months. However, most people do not want to deal with pain for that long. Therefore, some of the newest research is showing how calcium is one of the simplest minerals to dissolve naturally. Therefore, you may be able to dissolve and pass any type of kidney stones with an acidic kidney stones remedy. If you are suffering from the pain? If you are sick of drinking gallons of water each day with no luck? If you would like to pass your stones and forget about them? It is time you try the most popular kidney stones removal treatment around. Calcium and Your Kidneys Fact! About 90% of kidney stones are made of calcium oxalate. This is by far the simplest type of kidney stones to pass naturally. Fact! Over 90% of kidney stones are 5 mm or less. If your kidney stone is 7mm or less, a natural remedy is the perfect treatment. Fact! If your remedy is larger than 7 mm, you will need to try the kidney stones removal remedy two to three times over the next three days. The bigger the stone, the more treatments needed. Fact! Some people have more than one kidney stone! Though more difficult to treat, many people have still found success with a natural treatment. If you are still reading this, here are some tips you should consider about a natural treatment for this common problem! Pass Any Type of Kidney Stones Tips 1. As your doctor has already told you, you should drink as much water as possible. If you look at a world map of kidney stone hot stops, you will see that most countries are in areas where it is very hot and humid or there is a limited supply of clean water. Therefore, being dehydrated is a major cause of kidney stones.

Therefore, here is a good rule to remember for flushing them. You should drink about half your body weight in ounces of water each day. If you weigh 150 lbs, you should drink 75 ounces of water. Or about 10 cups of water. 2. Research has revealed that spicy foods increase the chance of developing this disease. One study showed a Fiji tribe who ate only bland foods with no spices had far less occurrences of kidney stones compared with a similar tribe who ate the same base foods, but with curries and spices. 3. You should also reduce your dairy intake and caffeine intake. Experts recommend eliminating both of these for opyimal prevention. 4. Finally, you should use natural acids to remove your kidney stones. This works because your liver (the body's filter) plays no role in acid base regulation. Therefore, any acids that you consume will eventually make there way to the kidneys. Acid remedies work because acids will naturally dissolve weaker compounds (i.e. kidney stones). For instance, a can of Coke will eat right through a car's paint job. Similarly, an acid remedy will be able to dissolve through calcium based kidney stones. The best remedy using phosphoric acid is available at this Kidney Stone Removal website.

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