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Snack bar refit goes ahead


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Snack bar refit                                                                                                                Unions
goes ahead                                                                                                                     Student Unions are alarmed by a
                                                                                                                               nationwide survey launched by the
                                                                                                                               Department of Education and
                                                                                                                               Science (DES). The survey asks for
The Union has allocated £ 4 0 , 0 0 0 to                                                                                       detailed breakdowns of union
refurbish the Union Snack Bar and                                                                                              finances, and voting procedures. It
the Entertainments Lounge over the                                                                                             also contains an extensive section
Summer. Work has already begun                                                                                                 asking unions to evaluate the
on the refit, which, the Union                                                                                                 services they receive from the
hopes, will encourage more                                                                                                     National Union of Students (NUS).
students to use the Union facilities.                                                                                            A twenty-one page questionnaire
   The new Snack Bar will contain                                                                                              has been circulated to the Vice-
seating for one hundred people and                                                                                             Chancellors,        Directors    and
will feature a lowered ceiling and an                                                                                          Principals in seventy universities,
improved lighting system. The new                                                                                              polytechnics and colleges of further
serving area has been designed to                                                                                              education. Brunei, Heriot-Watt,
reduce queueing time and will run                                                                                              Bristol,    Loughborough         and
on a self service basis with an extra                                                                                          Newcastle Universities are amongst
till at peaktimes. The Uni6*n are                                                                                              those on the list. The questionnaires
buying new cookers, a food mixer, a                                                                                            are due for completion by October
dishwasher and new cutlery and                                                                                                 31, after which the Government will
crockery for the Snack Bar. The new                                                                                            draw 'conclusions on the best action
Snack Bar will feature fabric                                                                                                  to take.'
wallpaper and will be decorated in                                                                                               City College Union President,
what has been described as a subtle                                                                                            Geoff Ellingham told FELIX that he
red, white and blue style. In                                                                                                  was surprised that the survey asks
addition, vending machines offering         repainted. The room will be              Office over the choice of contractors.    students to quantify N U S services
confectionery, sandwiches, rolls and        carpeted and a Dance Floor              Union Deputy president, Chas               in monetary terms.
hot and cold drinks will be installed       installed. Plans are also being         Brereton told FELIX that former              University of London Union
in the dining area.                         considered for a second food outlet     Union President, Sydney Harbour            (ULU) President, Stewart Jackson
  A catering consultant has been           or a bar behind the serving hatch in     Bridge had asked a second firm to          said that U L U view the survey with
commissioned by the Union to               the lounge.                              produce a quotation for the dias           great concern and are very worried
improve the range of food on offer.           In the Union Bar, woodwork will       when the original contractors,             about the ramifications for student
Union Manager, David Peacock told          be sanded and stained and new            Francis Bell and Austin were felt to       union autonomy.
FELIX that new Snack Bar will be           brass lighting is to be fitted. The      be too costly. When the new                  The      survey     follows     an
geared towards healthy eating with         wooden panels at the bar entrance        contractors were found to be even          announcement by Secretary of State
vegetarian, low sugar and low fat          are to be replaced with glass panels     more expensive it was too late for         for Education and Science, Kenneth
foods. One or two meat dishes each         in an attempt to make the bar more       the original contractors to install the    Baker, in April. Mr Baker said the
day are also planned. 'We are trying       welcoming and the stonework will         dias in time.                              Government recognised that 'many
to help people get into a good eating      be cleaned.                                In addition to the work being            individual students do not wish to
kick,' he said.                               Speaking on the modifications,        funded by the Union, the College is        be represented by °the National
  The seating currently in the Snack       Deputy President Chas Brereton           providing £ 2 0 , 0 0 0 to refurbish the   Union of Students.' He went on to
Bar will be moved into the                 said 'we have to compete with            Union Central Staircase and the            say that taxpayers' money should be
Entertainments Lounge. A new               College and offer a good service to      main toilets. The toilets, currently a     used to provide services for students
stage is to be constructed in the          students. If we don't get them in the    gents, will be converted into toilets      and not for political campaigning.
Lounge along with a new lighting           first week we lose them forever.'        for male and female students.                The survey shows a number of
tower, paid for by the College, and           A raised dias originally planned        Union President Nigel Baker said         similarities to an Early Day Motion
a storage area for Entertainments          for installation in the Snack Bar over   that he was relieved that work had         on the 'National Union of Students
Committee. The Dramatic Society            the Summer has been delayed until        started and added 'the Snack Bar           closed shop' put forward by
will be installing new disco lights for    the Christmas vacation following a       will be a hell of a lot less like a
the Union, and the Lounge will be          disagreement within the Union            refectory'.                                           . continued on back page.

ISSUE 809                                                                                                                            26 AUG 19
Geology    Death on                                                               Car park to expand
field work the
cut        Thames
 The Geology Department will be         The recent U L U Sri Lanka Society
 dropping field work during the         Dinner and Dance was ruined
 holiday periods and reducing           according to FELIX eye in the sky
 lecture hours from the start of next   reporter, Charles Brereton, when
 term. The department believe that      the boat crashed into a bridge.
 the number of staff student contact      The starboard side of the craft was
 hours is excessive and all lecture     'completely wrecked' and two
 courses will be cut to accommodate     people were injured as the skipper
 the changes. Independent Mapping       corrected too late to avoid a
 projects over the Summer holidays      collision.
 will continue during the second          Panes of glass were ejected and
 year.                                  ICU Deputy President Charles
    'In the past we have tended to      Brereton told FELIX that 'if it hadn't
 over lecture which is bad for staff    been safety glass it could have been
 and students,' explained Dr Richard    bloody carnage'.
 Selley, Head of Department.              He went on to say 'it ruined our        Construction work to extend the          scheme to repair Imperial College
    The move is part of a general       evening. It could have been death         main College car park by 50 places       Road. The extension will initially
 restructuring within the department    on the Thames'.                           has begun on the North East side         act as an overflow whilst repairs
 which, amongst other changes led                                                 of the Queens T o w e r . The            are made to the rest of the car
 to the introduction of a group                                                   extension, due for completion by         park.
 tutorial system at the start of the
 year. The department are also
                                        Fisher                                    October is part of a £150,000

 considering the introduction of a
 tfiird year option in Management
 Science.                               gets new                                  O b i t u a r y

 New                                    locks                                     Professor Neil Watson
                                        Following two break-ins earlier this      The untimely death on June 28 of           Despite the time and effort

 offices                                month, the College plans to install
                                        a new lock system in Fisher Hall in
                                        Evelyn Gardens. The existing ten
                                                                                  Neil Watson, Professor of Internal
                                                                                  Combustion Engineering at the
                                                                                  University of London, following a
                                                                                                                           required by these activities Neil was
                                                                                                                           a fully committed member of his
                                                                                                                           department at Imperial College
 A new office block for companies       front door entrances will be reduced      fall at his home, deprives the           where he willingly continued to
 liaising with Imperial College is      to three. A 'Corley' magnetically         engineering industry of one of its       shoulder heavy teaching and
 due to be constructed i n the space    coded key system, similar to that         leading researchers and is an almost     administrative duties.
 between the Civil and Electrical       installed in Montpelier Hall a yeat       irreplaceable loss to the staff and       Neil's zest for work, his straightfor-
 Engineering Departments. The           ago, will also be fitted to the front     students of the Mechanical               wardness, his readiness to help
 Office Block, containing twelve        doors.                                    Engineering Department.                  others and his complete absence of
 office suites is due for completion       The current Union and Yale                Born i n London in 1944, Neil         egotism were qualities which made
 by September 1989. The suites          system will be replaced by an             Watson was educated at Allen's           him a colleague who will greatly be
 will be let out on short term leases   ' E W A ' master key system at a total    School and Queen Mary College.           missed. He is survived by his wife
 to companies who are making use        cost of around £6000 from the             After a short period in the computer     Elaine and two daughters.
 of Imperial College's research         College residence account.                peripheral manufacturing industry,
 facilities. The cost of the building      Managing Surveyor of Residen-          Neil joined the staff of Imperial
 is estimated at a quarter of a         ces, Peter Hallworth, told FELIX          College i n 1971 as a lecturer.
 million pounds.                        that the external door locks will be         In 1973 he initiated, jointly with
                                        installed by the beginning of nexl        Professor Janota, an industrially
                                        term although the internal locks will     oriented post-experience course on

 Student                                not be replaced until Christmas due
                                        to problems with delivery.
                                                                                  turbo-charging which attracted
                                                                                  participants from firms in the U K
                                                                                  and continental Europe. At the
                                                                                  suggestion of Dartmouth College,

 vouchers                               Finance                                   New Hampshire he repeated the
                                                                                  course at the College and updated
                                                                                  versions, given alternatively in the
 The Government is considering
 introducing student vouchers as a
 means of funding universities,
 according to a report i n the
                                        go-ahead                                  U K and USA bacame a regular and
                                                                                  prominent event in the engineering
                                                                                  w o r l d . N e i l ' s qualities as a
 Guardian. Under the proposal           Estimates from clubs and societies,       communicator were soon revealed
 Universities would not be funded       approved by U n i o n Finance             and after won for him many awards
 directly, but students would be        Committee for next year will be           in both countries for the excellence
 given a voucher to be spent on a       fulfilled despite a cut of £4000 by the   of his lectures and papers; he was
 University of their choice. The        College. Chas Brereton told FELIX          subsequently greatly in demand as
                                                                                  a lecturer and industrial consultant     The late Professor
 scheme is reported to be receiving;    that Union Finance Officer, Reggie
 growing support from academics         Blennerhassett was confident that         in the U K , continental Europe, the     Neil W atson
 and Vice Chancellors.                  the shortfall would be met.               US A and Asia.                           1944-1988

Page 2                                                                      FELIX                                                                August 26 1988

Editorial                                       Calling all Postgraduates
 The Mormon Church. The centre
 pages of this issue contain a
 controversial opinion article o n              Postgraduate articles in FELIX are           affairs within their department.
 the Mormon Church. I would like                usually very few and far between,            These will be mainly social and
 to point out that the article does             but that is now all going to change,         academic matters. They will also sit
 not necessarily reflect the views              I hope. We have a P G reporter for           on the P G Affairs Committee with
                                                FELIX, we have three summer P G              the Union President and the P G A O .
 of FELIX or of the Editor. I have
                                                FELIXES promised (this being                 To raise issues within their own
 to say that I visited the M o r m o n
                                                number two), and we have a new               departments,       they   will    be
 Church on Exhibition Road earlier              and        enthusiastic            PGAO      encouraged to set up their own
 this week and that the people                  (Postgraduate Affairs Officer,               departmental P G committees, with
 there were very friendly and very              namely myself, Dave Clements)                help from the P G A O and Union
 sincere about their faith. I would             who is going to write some of these          President, with representatives from
 h o p e that M e m b e r s of the              articles. All in all the aim is to let you   each research group or section. A n
 M o r m o n Church would take the              all realise that there is a complete         MSc representative should also sit
 opportunity to put forward their               college outside the lab with activities      on the committee from each major
                                                to offer you and help to give you if         MSc course in the department. This
 side of the story.
                                                you are having problems, and that            will result in a formal structure
   O p i n i o n articles will be a             there are plenty of people involved          through which PGs will be abie to
 regular feature in FELIX this year.            in running the place who are trying          organise events and discuss
                                                                                                                                            Dave Clements (PGAO)
 They represent your opportunity                to make Imperial a better place to do        problems with their departments
 to put forward your views.                     PhDs and MScs.                               and the Union. This is shown
 Articles on any subject will be                  The first question you may well            below.                                    about anything not directly related
 accepted provided they are not                 ask, is what have we done up to              It is understood that some                to their field of study. However, we
 offensive            or  anonymous,            now? Aside from the social aspects           departments        already      have     jfeel that this is very important, both
 although, with good reason,                    of the P G Group at IC (yes there is         committees similar to these, and so      'for helping individual P G students
                                                one), which provides money for               less work setting up the system will      through the problems that some
 names may be withheld from
                                                departmental P G events, and                 need to be done in those areas.           inevitably face^ and so as to improve
 p u b l i c a t i o n at the e d i t o r ' s
                                                arranges some events centrally,                 Once these committees are set up       the overall level of supervision and
 discretion.                                    such as the P G Squash Tournament                                                      P G course at the College. This
                                                                                             and running, it will then be possible
                                                you will have read about in the last         to ask College for a Senior P G Tutor     should eventually lead to better
   The Union Refit. The refur-                  issue, we have been making it easier         who would be responsible for all P G      these submission rates and a
 bishment of the U n i o n Refectory            for you to get help in departments           academic        matters.       David      generally higher standard in IC
 and the U n i o n Lounge is not                when things are going wrong. Up              Goodgame, who will take over as           postgraduates.
 before time. Over the years the                until last year many departments             Senior College Tutor in October, is         What     we need from         the
                                                did not have a Postgraduate Tutor,           in favour of this idea and so there      postgraduates in the College now is
 Union Building has been allowed
                                                since such a post was not required           should be no real problems in            some feedback on the ideas we have
 to degenerate to its current
                                                by College. I have certainly found           getting someone appointed to this        presented above and we'd also like
 shabby state. It is not surprising             the P G Tutor in Physics, who have           post. The Senior P G Tutor will come     to hear form anyone interested in
 that students have shown little                had one for many years, to be very           from a different department from         becoming a P G Dep Rep. We will be
 interest in the U n i o n and its              helpful in offering impartial advice         the College Senior Tutor so that         holding an open meeting in the
 facilities. The -refit is the most             on various aspects of my research.           students have the option of talking      Union Dining Hall (that's on the
 significant thing the U n i o n have           The good news is that now the                to    someone       outside     their    first floor of the Union Building) at
 carried out in a long time.                    College have seen that such posts            departments if they so wish.             12.30pm on Thursday 1 September.
                                                are a good idea and have asked                 At     present      undergraduate      Anyone with comments on these
                                                every department to assign a                 students fill in lecturer evaluation     proposals will be most welcome, as
    This issue would have been
                                                member of staff to the position of           sheets at the end of the year so that    would anybody who is interested in
 much worse if it were not for the
                                                Postgraduate Tutor. You'll find a list       the performance of individual            joining in with the social activities
 valiant efforts of the staff. Thanks           of these below. You can now go and           lecturers can be assessed. It is hoped   of the P G Group, which will be
 to Dave Smedley for looking after              see these people if you have any                                                      expanded next year.
                                                                                             that this will be extended to lectured
 the news, D o u g King for taking              problems you need impartial advice           PG courses and PhD supervisors in          We can, of course, discuss any
 the photographs, writing about                 on, or to discuss matters you do not         the near future, and it is proposed      specific gripes or problems you have
 Cropredy and dashing across half               feel you are able to discuss with            that this will be done through the       there or after the meeting.
 of L o n d o n for a picture of                your supervisors.                            PG committees.                             Hope to see you all at the P G
 Kenneth Baker, Steve Meyfroidt                   However, we are not going to                 There are some fairly radical ideas    meeting on 1 September.
 for his wacky pasteups, Dave                   stop there. While the P G Tutors will        in the scheme outlined above, with         Dave Clements PGAO
 Clements and Nigel Baker for the               be able to help with individual              the first major obstacle being the       (Astrophysics)
 P G page, and Julian Butcher for               problems, more general difficulties          traditional Postgraduate apathy            Nigel D Baker, Union President.
 his opinion article.                           and comments, about lecture
                                                courses for example, or P G common
                                                rooms, are not so easily handled by                           PG Affairs Committee (Chaired by PGAO)
   XT ISSUE...NEXT ISSUE...NEXT ISSU            this      route.      Traditionally
                                                representations to departments on
      The next issue of                         such matters has been the job of the
                                                Department Representatives (Dep                   Aero Biochem                                             MRE Physics
      FELIX will be on                          Reps) who are almost always                       Rep    Rep                                               Rep  Rep
       September 8th                            undergraduates. They do not feel
                                                they can adequately represent PGs
            Letters and                         and in many cases neither the PGs                i         r ~ r ~ i — i
                                                or Dep Reps know that this is part              Aerodynamics      Aeronautical Structures
           contributions                        of their job. We are therefore
             welcome                            proposing a system of Postgraduate            I        1    1   1 1 1
   ISSUE...NEXT ISSUE...NEXT ISSUE...NE         Dep Reps. Once chosen/elected,                         Individual Students
                                                they will be responsible for P G

August 26 1988                                                                          FELIX                                                                          IV-      3

  God Chose America
Julian Butcher casts a critical eye over the
faith and beliefs of the Mormon church.
I think we are all aware of the presence of the Mormon Church with its
impressive gold steeple immediately opposite the Mechanical Engineering
building, but it is surely less certain in most people's minds as to who
they are or what they believe. Often they are regarded with some caution,
being seen as not quite on a par with evangelical Christians, indeed rather
more readily being equated with the Jehova's Witnesses due to their
mutual door-knocking activities. For many they seem to be just another
denomination, after all their name seems quite inoffensive—'The Church
of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints', and of course, the Mormon choirs
are reasonably famous and respected throughout the western world.
Perhaps the only well-known peculiarity about them is their history of
polygamy, which found its way into the faith under Brigham Young, but
which is no longer encouraged. My intention is to show that Mormonism
is full of peculiarities, that it is not Christian and that its foundation is
one of blind faith.
                                                                                     The Mormon Church in Exhibition Road
   A short history runs something          Egyptian' spontaneously into
like this: In the early part of the last   English. This he claimed to have          new passages concerning the              foundation is shaky and open to
century a young American lad, who          done, and the "Three Witnesses',          rebellion of Satan, which Smith has      abuse; especially in light of the fact
was a 'keen seeker after Truth',           David Whitmer, Martin Harris and          inserted with impunity; since the        that for the Mormon, God can be
found himself totally exasperated by                                                 Book of Mormon explicitly states         seen flatly to contradict Himself in
the disunity in the Church. He was                                                   that the Mormon Church leadership        Scripture and revelation.
particularly averse to the doctrinal       ...Mormonism is full                      enjoys the privilege of direct
nit-picking and apparent impotence                                                   revelation from G o d , the authority      The Book of Mormon claims to be
of the Church with regard to                  of peculiarities...                    of which is comparable to that of        a set of historical writings, handed
spiritual gifts from God—(eg                                                         Scripture, if not superior to it.        down from generations of Jews who
prophesy, healing, etc). The lad's                                                   (Hence polygamy under Brigham            had travelled from the Middle East
name was Joseph Smith, and                 Oliver Cowdry testify to this.            Young, when both the Bible and the       to settle in America around 600BC.
despite his having received a poor         (Martin Harris was the financier for      Book of Mormon blatantly condemn         Most of the pages are preoccupied
education, he was chosen and               the first publication). (Interestingly,   the practice). This fact of 'divinely'   '•ith boring pseudo-histories of
enabled by God to perform a great          the Mormons claimed to have               inspired leadership (with apparently     wars, factions and prophesies (and
task. This task was declared to him        consulted a respected authority on        little constraint) is clearly the most   of course genealogies). A lot of it is
by an angel, who appeared to Smith,        hieroglyphics with regard to the          disturbing aspect of Mormonism, its      padded out with straight copies of
whilst in prayer, and who informed!        'Reformed Egyptian', who is said to
                                           have recognised the characters and
                                           praised the text for its unique
      Smith was                            quality. In a later letter however, he
                                           denies this vehemently.)
 miraculously able to                      The result of all this was the Book
                                        of Mormon—Another Testimony of
 translate 'Reformed                    Jesus Christ, which was claimed by
                                        Smith to have equal (if not superior)
    Egyptian' into                      authority with the Bible. After all,
                                        if G o d had miraculously generated
        English                         perfect translation through the Urim
                                        and T h u m m i m , the Book of
                                        Mormom must be devoid of all
 him of an ancient set of gold and      errors and other           translation
 brass plates, which contained many     problems, (such as idiomatic
 'precious' things that had been variations and chr.nged emphases
 omitted from the Bible, and which      etc). Indeed he accepted the Bible's
 he was then required to translate      authority only insofar 'as it was
 into English. For four years, on the   translated      correctly',      which
 same date each year, the angel took    (although seemingly innocuous)
 him to the hill in which the plates    actually exposes the Bible Scripture
 were buried, but not until the fourth  to be subject to any and every whim
 year was Smith allowed to view the     of Joseph Smith. Granted it is no
 writing. Eventually however, the       longer generally used, but Joseph
 box was opened (with the use of a       Smith's version of the Bible includes
 lever) and the plates revealed,         extra passages 'clarifying' certain
 together with a pair of divine          doctrinal position, which have no
 spectacles the Urim and Thummim)        basis in      early      manuscripts
 with which Smith was miraculously       whatsoever. The Book of Genesis
  able to translate the 'Reformed: for example includes completely                    Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith in 1823

Page 4                                                                          FELIX                                                                August 26 1988
passages from Isaiah. This all              most Christians believe in Mary's                                                  for looking at the general doctrinal
reaches a climax with the                   virginity before Christ's birth is not                                             teaching of the Book of Mormon
appearance of Jesus Christ in              the issue, since what is being shown           The Mormons                          (supposedly the basis of belief).
America after his Resurrection             as over-accurate prophesy and a                                                     There seems to be little difference
appearances in Jerusalem.                  distinct obsession with making              clearly state that all                  between them and evangelists. So
                                           certain doctrinal points too                                                        what is the problem? It is the pure
   Apparently then, Christ chose to
recant His words in John 16.10:            -bundantly clear—which leads to             other Christians are                    assertion that the Mormon Church
                                           the next consideration.                                                             is, without good reason, the Only
'...because I go to the Father and
you will see me no more...,' and to           In light of Smith's disgust at the           of the Devil                        Church and so has unique authority
                                           Church for its wars over doctrinal                                                  to disciple Christians. Then of
disprove Mark's words in M K 16.19;
                                           issues, would it not seem only took                                                 course with the extra teaching, the
'...the Lord Jesus after He had
                                           likely that 'he' should pack the Book                                               doctrines run into clear heresies and
spoken to them, was taken up into
                                           of       Mormon        with      clear                                              one is left with non-Christian
heaven, and sat down at the right
                                           commandments which once and for                                                     Organisations with great power
hand of G o d . ' Rather, He went to
                                           all settle all the arguments? Indeed                                                over its members, built on the
America and preached over there.
                                           we find just this. When viewed in                                                   foundation of a manifestly spurious
   The more improbable the history,
                                           this manner, the whole book                                                         Book, which seems Christian. The
the more attractive it seems to be.
                                           becomes transparent in a flash, for                                                 Mormon danger is in shifting
For example, the Jews were
                                           it is certain that whole chapters have                                              Salvation through Christ onto the
apparently transported to the
                                           been constructed for the sole                                                       Organisation. (From a Christian
Americas in pre-Christian, dish-
                                           purpose of making one or two                                                        perspective, it might well be
shaped submarines, which had the
                                           assertions, embellished heavily of                                                  injudicious to suppose that all
facility of plugged air holes, to be
                                           course       with    quasi-historical                                               Mormons are necessarily not
unstopped upon surfacing, and
                                           padding. Examples include the                                                        Christian, for it is surely conceivable,
which were lit inside by magically
                                           arguments over the existence of hell                                                that some of them do know Christ,
glowing stones. Miraculously the
                                           and the state of the soul at death,                                                  despite the clear fact that
vessels reached the other side of the
                                           and whereas the Adventist's were                                                     membership of the Organisation is
Atlantic all together and intact, with
                                           arguing that Scripture may be                                                        not conducive to encouraging this
the task of establishing a community
                                           interpreted as disclosing the fact of                                               relationship.)
then being taken in hand. One                                                         equality with God the Father at
problem with the history, although          'soul-extinction' at death and            some future date, and then proceed          A n d finally, Smith did not write
carefully mapped out to avoid               'annihilation' of the wicked as           to govern his own universe in much       the Book. The Mormons claim that
 inconsistencies, is the glaring           opposed to everlasting torment, the        the same way as our God (once            he translated it in a few days, and
 presence of anachronisms, such as         Book of Mormon improves on                 human like us) governs the present       that this time constraint and his
 the 'compass' (not invented until          God's Biblical revelation by bluntly      one. This sort of contradiction is far   semi-illiterate state verify the
 the twelfth century AD) and the           affirming eternal torment and the          from unique, and I feel it casts         miraculous nature of the events.
 rather too familiar references to the     transitional life of the soul between      further doubt on Smith's authorship      Again this is odd logic. As you will
 'horse' (which was not introduced          death and resurrection. I am not          of the Book, which is the subject of     remember, Smith had four years of
 to America until the Europeans                                                       the final paragraph. Also Smith's        relative inactivity in which to write
 arrived).                                                                            character is somewhat in doubt.          it (or copy it) in his own handwriting

   Actually the history is the least
                                              The doctrines run                       Apparently, he at one point eloped       (had that been necessary), and
                                                                                      with a young lady since her father       although theories suggesting Smith
 significant pointer to the Book's
 validity, for the prophesies and
                                              into clear heresies                     would not countenance their              to have possessed a dual personality
                                                                                      marriage, for the reason that he         (one side dull—the other containing
 doctrinal assertions are far more
                                                                                      knew Smith to have spent much            hidden brilliance) have been
 iUuminating in this respect. Without      endeavouring to favour either view
                                                                                      time engaged in searching for            forthcoming, surely the obvious
 being too detailed, it is worthy to       here, but simply illustrating my
                                                                                      hidden treasure with the aid of          solution points to his having either
 notice that the Book's prophesies         point. Another important one (yet
                                                                                      magic 'peep stones'. Although the
 regarding Jesus Christ far outstrip       ironical in view of later teaching by
                                                                                      observation will seem immaterial to
 the accuracy of the Old Testament;
 and despite the Mormons' holding
                                           Smith) is Christ's deity. It is
                                           significant to understand that
                                                                                      the 'materialists', it is worth noting        The Jews were
                                                                                      that the practice of divination is
 them to be evidence of the Book's
 divine origin, it is easier to see this
                                           although His deity is clearly taught
                                           in the Bible, it is never stated bluntly
                                                                                      expressly forbidden in the Bible, and           apparently
                                                                                      that this occupation hardly lends
 rather as prophesy in retrospect. For
 example, Jesus' mother has her
                                           in a way completely immune to
                                           misinterpretation. But again the
                                                                                      weight to the Mormon's evaluation           transported to the
                                                                                      of Smith as a seeker after Truth. As
 name prophesied, 'Mary' and her
 connubial state 'Virgin'. Neither is
                                           issue is not here, but the fact of
                                           Smith's 'clarifications'. Christ is
                                                                                      is the case with the Jehova's                Americas in pre-
                                                                                      Witnesses with regard to the
 prophesied in the Old Testament,
 for although Isaiah 7.14 does forsee
                                           frequently and directly called G o d ,
                                           in a way that permits of no personal
                                                                                      doubtful character of their founder            Christian dish
                                                                                      Charles Taze Russell (prosecuted for
                                           discovery, and which rather
                                           obscures the beauty of the Trinity.
                                                                                      selling 'miracle wheat' at exorbitant      shaped submarines
  The most offensive                         A n d now their weakest area—
                                                                                      prices, amongst other things), the
                                                                                      M o r m o n ' s are not keen on
                                                                                                                                 persuaded someone to write the
        fact about                         Jospeh Smith himself. Regarding
                                           the above, 'Smith's' divinely
                                                                                      discussion of Smith's character, and
                                                                                      seem to know little about him. Any
                                                                                                                                 book for him, or to his having been
                                                                                                                                 used by someone else as an unlikely
   Mormonism is its                        infallible translation of the Book of
                                           Mormon clearly affirms the doctrine
                                                                                      accusation against him is, of course,
                                                                                      immediately assumed to have been
                                                                                                                                 prophet to astound the credulous.
                                                                                                                                 Whatever, as mentioned previously,
  total intolerence for                    of the Trinity (again far more
                                           clinically than the Bible), and yet
                                                                                       fabricated and to be Satanically
                                                                                       inspired—which brings me to their
                                                                                                                                 Smith's subsequent teachings are by-
                                                                                                                                 no means always consistent with
      anyone else                          Smith is documented as having
                                           preached on the 'plurality of gods',
                                                                                      view of the Church.
                                                                                                                                 the very carefully defined doctrinal
                                           in utter contradiction to the                 Perhaps the most offensive fact         assertions of the Book, and so his
 Christ's birth hundreds of years          Trinitarian position, and today you        about Mormonism, is its total              authorship is probably out of the
 before the event, the Hebrew may          will find that the Trinity is not          intolerance for anyone else at all. So     question. A n d these later teachings,
 perhaps better be translated a            fashionable for the contemporary           much for Christ's prayer for the           it must be recalled are in no way less
 'young woman'. ('Behold, a 'young         Mormon, for he has been informed           unity of His Church in John 17—the         authoritative than the Book, even
 woman' shall conceive and bear a          by Smith since the translation of the      Mormons clearly state that all other       though they conflict heavily at
 son, and shall call his name              infallible Book, that he, and every        Christians are of the Devil. Again         times,     making       the     whole
 Immanual (God is with us).) That          other faithful Mormon, shall reach          this is fundamentally an assertion,     i Organisation a house built on sand.

August 26 1988                                                                   FELIX                                                                           Page 5

                                    CROPREDY '88
The peaceful village of Cropredy in             festival and will be going on tour     excellent job ofj        jg the crowd       year     touring   with      Ashley
Oxfordshire reeled last weekend                 with them later in the year. Richard                                               Hutchings' All Stars, apart from
under the onslaught of thousands                has released two collaborative                  change in programme was            being in demand for session work
of fans attending the           Fairport        albums in the past year, most                      e late arrival of tAe Kursaal   with all sorts of famous names.
Convention annual reunion.                      notably the soundtrack from the                   recently rehi8BSid>70s rock
                                                                                                                     !             Apart from opening for Tull on their
  Cropredy, now the biggest festival            BBC series The Marksman, and has       blipf*                           •
                                                                                                                        > •        US tour with Simon Nicol (guitar,
of its kind in Europe, ijt^aUy just             an album of his own due out in the         Next was the superb Filarfolket         vocals), Ric Sanders (electric fiddle)
an excuse to hear s o r n # ^ ^ ^ » e s t ^     autumn.                                f r o n W S j ^ e n . TfefiPgroup has       has been working with Andy
Folk/Folk Rock music flMpfffliiiil to.     Thousands of people camped out              b e c o m e . ^ vvldely       acclaimed     Cronshaw.
consume vast quantilljrapjf beer.        during the weekend. Those                     throughout Europe and Cropredy
This is apart from "tJie main            unfortunate enough to be on the far           provided a rare opportunity to see
purpose—to bring the melp>ers o £        side of the site had about a half mile        them perform in this country.
Fairport back together fd* theip         walk back.'More people turned up              Filarfoket play a very exciting and
biggest gig of the year, and to unite    by car on Saturday and by the time            danceable blend of traditional
any ex-members of the band whey          F&irport came on the festival field
                                            -                                          Swedish folk with distinctly Afro-
can make it.                          X2 was packed to capacity. Weeks had
                                                                                       Carribean rythms. This band also
    For the cjMMMhe entertammeftt ^beenlspent constructing the vast                    delighted the crowd by persuading
 started otd tU|Tliday night-with a      stagtf with superb lighting effects           June Tabor to make a surprise
 line up J t j M j bands. First was a    and!an overpowering PA. It was                performance. In fact, the band so
 set from a'i&nch ot cetf&iOckers.       possible to sit in your tent on the           impressed the crowd that the
 Collaboration, who playe^'very fast campsite and catch every note.                    number of encores considerably
 and exciting arrangements of .^Saturday dawned clear and bright                       delayed the appearance of the next
 traditional Celtic tunes. Tfiey were / b u t by lunchtime, and the start of           act.
 followed by an excellent solo           the entertainment,        rain was              By now it had started to rain but
 guitarist Mike Silver. But the set of   threatening. The first peformance             most people h u d d l e d under
 the evening was just over two hours     was from Sally Barker. Sally plays            umbrellas or polythene rather than
 from The Richard Thompson Band. guitar and sings a very classy blend                  miss The Steve Gibbons Band. Steve
 Richard had been persuaded to           of contemporary and blues. Despite            emerged onto the Birmingham
 reform his original band for the        having to perform first she did an            scene in the late 60s and joined the
                                                                                       stable of the Who in 1975. Steve has
                                                                                       continually produced a high
                                                                                       standard      of   music     though
                     The tnulti talented Martin Allcock •                              superstardom has elluded him.
                                                                                         Next came Dan Ar Bras with his
                                                                                       electric band. Dan joined Fairport
                                                                                       briefly in 1977 before starting his
                                                                                       solo career. He played a selection of
                                                                                       traditional melodies and his own                        June Tabor•
                                                                                       compositions using the latest in
                                                                                       electric music technology.
                                                                                         By this time the crowd were                 In addition to the current lineup
                                                                                       packed into the field and in a state        Fairport invited back Jerry Donahue
                                                                                       of riotous enthusiasm waiting for           who has most recently been
                                                                                       the event of the weekend. Fairport          supporting Gerry Rafferty on his
                                                                                                                   Convention      album North and South, and Chris
                                                                                                                was formed         Rea on Dancing with Strangers. Also
                                                                                                                in 1967 and        joining Fairport for their set were
                                                                                                             over the years        Richard Thompson and two Welsh
                                                                                                          has churned out          lovelies Sheila and Sheryl Parker
                                                                                                   albums and undergone            who provided additional vocals.
                                                                                       numerous changes of lineup. The               The set started with a few classic
                                                                                       band broke, up in - l^?9~4injy to           numbers including Joni Mitchell's
                                                                                       reform almost immediate!y718|;ely           Carrie sung by the Parker Sisters,
                                                                                       unchanged since then.                       several Richard Thompson numbers
                                                                                         It is since MMtand's reformation          and     a   brief   selection      of
                                                                                       that they have'been holding annual          instrumentals from Jerry's first solo
                                                                                       reunions 1 Dave Pegg (Bass,                 album. After that the guests put in
                                                                                       Mandoline)*- and Martin Allcock             only brief appearances leaving
                                                                                       (midti-instrumerit51) fleWBSck from         Fairport to get on with their
                                                                                       Brazil, two days before the festival,       business.
                                                                                       where they had been playing with               Simon Nicol's vocals were as
                                                                                       Jethro Tull, abandoning Ian                 vibrant and evocative as ever. Peggy
                                                                                       Anderson and company in mid-                (Dave Pegg) played several very
                                                                                       tour. Dave Mattacks' (drums,                lively mandolin pieces as well as
                                                                                       keyboards) has spent much of the            bass. Martin Alcock, as usual,

Page 6                                                                             FELIX                                                                 August 26 1988

                                                                                C i n e m a
                                                                                You would think that a film about
                                                                                terminally ill people would be a
 excelled at any number of                                                      good recipe for a gloomy load of
 instruments including playing a                                                crap, but, in fact, the brilliant and
 synthesiser through a midi interface                                           often black humour in this film very
                                              'Filarfolket fiddler-             adequately counter-balances any
 to his guitar. We didn'i^ee much of
 Dave Mattacks, hicWft^s he was                                                 signs of sentimentality that appear.
 behind a large YamAlhlrTTOqt, but                                              Bancroft (Timothy Dalton), a
 we couldn't nljss TU^S styra^JRic                                              successful, if somewhat horny,
 Sanders,, **n&se stage pr^senceTsgB                                            English lawyer and Decker
 be a bit overpowering, wastbis usHal                                           (Anthony Edwards) find themselves
 exuberant self.   x    \                                                       in the same ward and dying of the
                                                                                same disease. It is possible to see the     Angeles (where else?). Adopted as
    As the band worked Iheir way
                                                                                humour in lines such as; " Y o u            a child and whisked away to
 through a range oi everybody's
                                                                                wanna pack suicide in if it's just          America, Jenny is trying to trace her
 favourites the crowd swayed and
                                                                                gonna depress y o u " when Decker           natural parents, whose last known
 some danced. Finally, after some
                                                                                is contemplating throwing himself           address is Diana's marital home.
 three hours, on the second, or was
                                                                                off the top of the hospital building.       She rescues Diana from the clutches
 it third? encore they played the
 number that has ended every                                                       The idea of going out with a             of the local gutter press (Jimmy Nail
 Cropredy to date—Meet on the                                                    'bang' occurs to the two men when          and Tim Spall) who are after
 Ledge—and everybody sang along.                                                Decker mentions a whorehouse on             Oliver's 'length', as it were. From
 Then it was over for another year.                                             five floors "Like a parking garage"         there, it all goes horribly wrong.
 Most of us wandered back to our                                                in Amsterdam, and they finally              Jenny and Diana have the power to
 tents humming the last number,                                                 agree that stealing an ambulance is         trap people in their dreams and turn
 feeling strangely desolate. Such is                                            actually the most appropriate and           them into hideous parodies of what
 the impact and atmosphere                                                      practical way of fulfilling their final     looked uncannily like            Roy
 generated by Cropredy.                                                         ambition. Although very eager to            Hattersley. The dreams become
                                                                                get to the attractions of 'Sin City',     | more and more horrific until the
                                           If anyone wants to sample the        they think that their luck is in when     I truth of Jenny's past is revealed.
                                         folk-rock scene then I would           they see two girls next to a broken           Dream Demon is certainly a very
                                         recommend Fairport's album In Real     down 2CV and decide to stop to             frightening film, not least because
                                         Time recorded live at Cropredy in      lend a hand believing that the two         it marks the screen debut of yet
                                         1987 or Jethro Tull's album Crest of   females must be French. They are           another Bloody Redgrave. The
                                         a Knave featuring Peggy on bass.       not French, and on closer inspection       disturbing special effects were
                                         Also worth hearing are Sally Barkers   it is doubtful whether one of them         produced by Animated Extras of
                                         album In the Spotlight, and Jerry      is actually a woman or a giraffe.          Aliens and Company of Wolves fame
                                         Donahue's   Telecasting.     Richard      Timothy Dalton and Janet McTeer         and the atmosphere is heightened
                                         Thompson's albunrASii^^out this        as the pregnant Hazel, fill the screen     by some well-freaky music from Bill
                                         autumn should f i n M s B I worth      with an almost slap-stick comedy to        Nelson.
                                         looking out for. ifm                   make even the most depressed                  If Fatal Attraction made the men
                                                                                person feel happy. Go and see this         who saw it think twice about having
                                                                                film and come out of the cinema            affairs, Dream Demon should be the
                                                                                with a smile on your face and              film to make women think twice
                                                                                possible a tear in your eye (quite a       about getting married in the first
                                                                                combination, eh?).                         place.
                                                                                   Rose Atkins.                              Rob Causey.

                                                                                             N                            Apparently, Americans have
                                                                                                                          absolutely no idea that the word
        •Filarfolket fiddler-
                                          R eview                     I        Dream Demon is a British-made
                                                                               haunted house thriller in the old
                                                                               Hammer tradition. Diana (Jemma
                                                                               Redgrave) is to marry Falklands
                                                                                                                          'Shag' has anything to do with sex,
                                                                                                                          in fact, I often wonder if Americans
                                                                                                                          have any idea about sex at all and
                                                                                                                          this film in places, would certainly
   For those of you with a yen to see       Would you like to become part ofhero Oliver (Mark Greenstreet).               serve to confirm my thoughts.
 Fairport Convention live they will be          the FELIX reviews team?        Unfortunately, her subconscious              'Shag', according to this film, is
 playing two London venus on their        If you would like to write about an  can't quite come to terms with the         a dance, well a kind of foot shuffle
 forthcoming winter tour:                                                      idea and it's easy to see why.             really, specially designed for the
                                          event you think would be of interest
   Wimbledon Theatre (SW19),                                                   Diana's dreams are full of images of       young middle-class white kids (not
                                          to readers of FELIX, or if you want
 January 8th 1989 and the Dominion                                             a married life in which one partner        a black face in sight apart from the
                                          to go and see a free film preview or
 Theatre (Tottenham Ct Rd),                                                    somehow always seems to be                 the big fat mama cleaner who comes
                                          write a review of a good book you
 February 17th 1989.                                                           decapitated. Bound to end in tears,        out with things like; T ain't seen
                                          have just read pop into the FELIX
   Or alternatively catch up with                                              really.                                    such hawny white fowks befaw').
                                               Office and find out more!                                                  Oh well, this dross must appeal to
 them for their warm-up gigs at the                                              The dreams become worse after
 Half M o o n in Putney during                                                 the arrival of the punk-rocking            some people.
 December.                                                                     Jenny (Kathleen Wilhoite) from Los           Rose Atkins.

August 26 1988                                                             FELIX                                                                           Page 7
                                              Further computer Evelyn
continued from front page.

                                              thefts throughout houses
                                              college           merge
                                      Since FELIX reported on computer                         Imperial College may be involved.               Mining House and Southwell
                                      thefts two weeks ago a further                             Security Officer Terry Briley                 House, in Evelyn Gardens, are to be
                                      £ 1 4 , 0 0 0 worth of equipment has                     commented 'Imperial College is                  joined to form a hall for 160 or so
                                      been stolen.                                             here to produce research and we are             students by the beginning of next
                                         Thieves operating         between                     losing our product as a result of               term. Ken Young, the present
                                      Wednesday and Friday last week                           these thefts'. He added that Security           Warden for Southwell House, will
                                      have stolen two printers, one a laser                    were doing their best to control the            be Warden for the new hall.
                                      printer from Electical Engineering,                      thefts but urged College members                   The decision to merger the houses
                                      and a complete system valued at                          to be more aware of security and to             was taken when Catherine Brown,
                                      over £ 1 0 , 0 0 0 from Mechanical                       lock doors and challenge strangers              Warden of Mining House, resigned
                                      Engineering.                                             at night.                                       to complete her PhD and Mr Young
                                         On two occasions keys were used                         Local crime prevention officers               was appointed as Warden of
The Rt Hon Kenneth Baker MP,                                                                                                                   Southwell House. The move is in
                                      to gain access to the equipment,                         will be co-operating with security to
concerned over student union politicalleading College Security to believe                      advise freshers on crime prevention             line with the present Student
campaign spending.                    that current or ex-members of                            next term.                                      Residence Committee (SRC) policy
Timothy Janman MP, in December.                                                                                                                to move towards larger halls and
The E D M , which is an undebated                                                                                                              should lead to an overall increase in
statement of support for an issue
called for the Secretary of State for
Education and Science to take action
                                               Paper recycling                                                                                 the number of student rooms in the
                                                                                                                                                 The SRC are also to consider the

                                               Project launched
over the anomoly which allows the                                                                                                              merger of Willis Jackson House and
N U S to run a 'closed shop' whilst                                                                                                            Holbein House next year. SRC
the 1987 Employment Act aims to                                                                                                                Chairman, Brian Levitt told FELIX
'significantly reverse closed shop                                                                                                             that the present all male Holbein
arrangements.' More recently, Mr                                                                                                               House and the mixed Willis Jackson
Janman proposed an amendment to                                                                                                                House may be interchanged in time
the Government Education Reform                                                                                                                for next year.
Bill. The amendment has been                                                                                                                     The cost of converting the two
described by the N U S as an attempt                                                                                                          houses into one, by knocking walls
to outlaw union affiliation with                                                                                                              through and converting triple rooms
organisations which do not provide                                                                                                            into doubles and singles will be met
goods or services.                                                                                                                            by funds left to the Coliege by Mr
  Maeve Sherlock, N U S President                                                                                                             P R Monk, an ex-lecturer at
told FELIX that the amendment                                                                                                                 Imperial. The legacy of around
could have affected union affiliation                                                                                                         £ 8 0 , 0 0 0 was left by Mr Monk to
with sports leagues as well as with                                                                                                           provide         accommodation     for
the N U S .                                                                                                                                   members of staff. The new hall will
                                                                                                                                              house Mr Young and his wife in a

Sports                                                                                                                                        larger Warden flat than is presently
                                                                                                                                              available and will provide further
                                                                                                                                              student rooms from the second

cup win                                                                                                                                       redundant Warden flat. The naming
                                                                                                                                              of the new hall is currently under
                                                                                                                                              debate although 'Southwell Hall'
Imperial College has won the                                                                                                                  and ' M o n k H a l l ' have been
Universities Athletic Union H G                                                                                                               mentioned as possibilities. Imperial
Messer trophy for the most                                                                                                                    College President, Nigel Baker, told
improved College in this year's                                                                                                               FELIX that he and Mr Young
mens' sports championships. The                                                                                                               preferred 'Monk Hall' as a possible
mens' team came 12th out of 41                 The Ideal Paper Recycling Company depot receives another scrap paper                         delivery.since they felt that renaming
Colleges, an improvment of 22                  Imperial College U n i o n has                  photocopier          paper        and          it 'Southwell Hall' could lead to ill-
places.                                        launched an eight week project to               computerpaper where potential                  feeling from Mining House drinking
   T Knew we'd done well by getting            investigate paper recycling on                  sources of income. He said that                club, "The Diggers'.
a few teams in the top 16 but I didn't         campus. The project aims to set up              three recycling schemes were under
think we'd done so well overall' said          a pilot recycling scheme at IC and              consideration mcluding a propsosal
Athletics Clubs' Committee Vice                to produce a report for distribution            by Westminster City Council which
Chairman, Mark Harris.
   Imperial managed to achieve
places in the top sixteen in many of
                                               to other Universities, on the
                                               scheme's feasibility.
                                                 The project is being funded by
                                                                                               would involve free refuse collection
                                                                                               in return for waste paper.
                                                                                                 Trewin Restdrick told FELIX that
the sports. The overall winners of             Friends of the Earth and the                    Friends of the Earth have received              Professor G . New, from the Physics
the      Championship           were           Undergraduate              Research             a number of enquiries on paper                  department, was appointed by the
Loughborough University, with                  Opportunities Programme (UROP)                  recycling in universities. He went on           college rector as chairman of the
Birmingham University in second                to the tune of £ 1 0 0 0 .                      to say that the project, if successful,         Wardens Subcommittee on 22nd
place. Imperial College has been a               Richard Heap, the student                     could be reciprocated in other                  August. Professor New replaces
member of the Universities Athletic            selected to conduct the study told              universities.                                   former Linstead Hall warden,
Union since 1983.                              FELIX that white printed paper,                                                                 Richard Clarke.

FELIX is published by the Editor for and on behalf of Imperial College Union Publication Board and is printed by the Imperial College Union Print Unit, Prince Consort Road, London, SW7 2BB
              (Tel 01-589 5111 ext 3515). Editor: Bill Goodwin. Business Manager: Andrew Thompson. Advertising Manager: Sumeet Ghaie. Copyright F E U X 1988 ISSN 1040-0711.

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