2010 Holiday Giving Opportunities by pengxiuhui


									                                                                     2010 Holiday Giving Opportunities

     Organization Name                     Contact                     What is planned?                   Dates & location                  How You Can Help                   Collaborations
                                                                                                                                    Contact them to host a holiday
                                                                                                                                      gift card drive in your office,
                                                                                                                                                                          A New Leaf has multiple
                                                                  Holiday gift card drive to                                         faith group or family. Groups
                                          Maria Sala                                                                                                                          collaborators and
                                                                 accommodate hundreds of                                                over 18 are welcome to
          A New Leaf               Development Coordinator                                                       N/A                                                       solicit/distribute all our
                                                                homeless clients; distribution of                                    purchase, prepare and serve
                                    msala@turnanewleaf.org                                                                                                               holiday donations through
                                                                basic items for clients in need.                                    meals at the East Valley Men's
                                                                                                                                                                          one contact and office.
                                                                                                                                      Homeless Shelter 365 days a

                                                                                                      Donate items to
                                     Bronwyn Paes APPP
   Adolescent Pregnancy &                                       Help student teen parents and     Compadre High School,              Volunteers can host a diaper
                                   Coordinator 480-752-3571                                                                                                                         N/A
     Parenting Program                                        their babies by providing diapers. 500 West Guadalupe Road                        drive.
                                                                                                  Attn: TAPP/Bronwyn Paes

                                                                                                                                                                         Kiwanis Club of Tempe, our
                                      C Michelle Duenas                                                                                Purchase holiday gifts for        Branch Boards and the LDS
   Boys & Girls Clubs of the
                                   michelled@clubzona.org        Adopt a Family for Christmas                    N/A                 members ages 5-16 ($25 limit       Singles Wards at ASU, Tempe
         East Valley
                                        480 820 3688                                                                                  per gift) or host a gift drive      Schools Credit Union and
                                                                                                                                                                             Tempe Police Dept.

                                                              CASS serves nearly 1,000 people a
                                                              night & holiday activities focus on
                                                              meeting their basic needs. Need                                       Yes, volunteers can organize
                                                                   donations from groups or       Holiday wish list litems to       donation drives or fundraisers.
                                   Brenda Cash, Volunteer &
                                                                individuals. Needed: totes, new be collected until January            Please contact Brenda if
Central Arizona Shelter Services     Community Relations
                                                               socks & undergarments, diapers,     1, 2011. Items can be                guidance is needed.                 Community support
             (CASS)                Coordinator 602-256-6945
                                                                 hair brushes, key locks, aerosol  donated at 230 S. 12th            Volunteers needed to sort
                                                                  deodorant, shower shoes, $5       Avenue, Phoenix, AZ             donations, create holiday gift
                                                                     McDonald's Gift cards,                                                  bags, etc.
                                                                 appointment books, USB flash
                                                                           drives, pens.
                                                                                                        Gift trees in stores and
                                                                                                       businesses in east valley,
      Child Crisis Center                                       Teen shopping event, holiday                                          Can use volunteers at both        Desert Palm United Church
                                        Marcia Reck                                                   Shopping event at Target
 Arizona Adoption and Foster                                  party for foster families, holiday gift                                events, also helping with gift     of Christ, National Charity
                                   marcia.reck@aafcaz.org                                               Tempe Market Place
            Care                                                    drive for foster children                                           delivery and pickup.               League, Wells Fargo
                                                                                                        Dec.4', Party Dec. 11
                                                                                                         Desert Breeze Park.

                                                      Tempe Community Council - Connecting those in need with those who care

                                                                         2010 Holiday Giving Opportunities

      Organization Name                      Contact                       What is planned?                 Dates & location               How can I help?                 Collaborations
                                                                   We provide each family with a
                                             Vicki Pina                                                                                                                 Christmas Angel Tree
                                                                      holiday sponsor. Sponsors                                      No volunteer help needed at
      Homeward Bound                      602 384-8735 or                                                      Oct - Dec.                                            Scottsdale United Methodist
                                                                  purchase a holiday meal, gifts and                                           this time
                                        v.pina@hbphx.org                                                                                                                       Church
                                                                           household items.
                                                                                                         Ongoing - requests to
                                                                  Bottled Water and prepared meals
                                                                                                      individuals & groups. Items
                                                                   needed for pregnant teenagers
Open Horizons Teen Scholarship           Lynette Stonefeld                                              are accepted at Tempe        Host a drive, collect goods,
                                                                  attending high school. Storage for                                                                   Compadre High School
          Program                          480-858-2316                                                   Community Council               donate gift cards
                                                                   meals includes a refrigerator with
                                                                                                        Offices, 34 E. 7th Street,
                                                                                                               Tempe AZ
                                    Susanna & Albert Marquez
    Our Lady of Mt. Carmel                                          Thanksgiving Food Baskets and                                    No volunteer help needed at         St Vincent de Paul
                                      almarquez7@msn.com                                                  Nov through Dec 20
        Catholic Parish                                              Adopt a Family for Christmas                                              this time                     Conference
                                    Holiday Sponsorship Hotline
                                                                   Thanksgiving Basket Sponsorship                                     Contact hotline for more
        Save the Family                  480-898-0228 x240                                                    Oct 1- Filled                                                     N/A
                                                                     Christmas Family Sponsorship                                           information
                                                                      Ongoing need for janitorial       Ongoing - requests to
                                                                       supplies. Residents would     individuals & groups. Items
                                      Catherine MacDonald                                                                            Host a drive, collect goods,
Shared Living Village for Seniors                                    appreciate new kitchenware        are accepted at Tempe                                                    N/A
                                          480-858-2308                                                                                    donate gift cards
                                                                  including towels and cookware for      Community Council
                                                                                four homes.            Offices, 34 E. 7th Street,
                                                                    Holiday Toy Shoppe for working                                                                      IKEA, Salvation Army,
                                          Stephen Sparks                                                                             20-50 volunteers needed to
  Tempe Community Action                                              poor families engaged with                                                                      Lutheran Social Ministries,
                                         480-350-5893 or                                                Dec 13-17 IKEA-Tempe         help families shop in the Toy
         Agency                                                     services through TCAA and gift                                                                   and St Vincent De Paul at
                                    Kathy Estrada 480-350-5884                                                                        Shoppe and to wrap gifts.
                                                                       distribution to IHELP guests.                                                                 Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

                                                         Tempe Community Council - Connecting those in need with those who care

                                                                     2010 Holiday Giving Opportunities

    Organization Name                    Contact                      What is planned?                Dates & location             How can I help?                  Collaborations
                                                                                                                            Purchase a gift for a child in
                                     Diane Fernichio
                                                                                                                            need. Volunteer to work the
                                  Volunteer Coordinator
                                                                                                                            Angel Tree Table at Arizona
                                                              Angel Tree program that provides Arizona Mills Mall near the Mills Mall everyday during mall
   Tempe Salvation Army         Captain Stephanie Bridgeo                                                                                                       Looking for partnerships
                                                                 toys for over 3000 children.         food court.                hours, or sort toys for
                                                                                                                           distribution. In need of a large
                                     George Eastlick
                                                                                                                              storage facility for Dec 23

                                                               "Adopt a Home" by offering gifts,
 The Centers for Habilitation         Dawn Hocking                                                                          Volunteers welcome to contact
                                                              decorating, or providing a potluck            N/A                                                           N/A
           (TCH)                       480-730-4221                                                                             us. Great group project.
                                                                       Holiday dinner
                                                              UMOM provides shelter, food and
                                                                                                  Holiday drives will be from
                                                                services for over 147 homeless
                                                                                                       October 15th to
                                                                 families each day. During the                                  Need 1-5 volunteers to serve
                                     Jessica Gardner                                               December 23rd 2010 at                                       The shelter seeks support
                                                              holidays, with community support,                               lunch from December 1st-23rd.
 UMOM New Day Centers                 602-889-0859 or                                              3333 E Van Buren Street,                                        from those in the
                                                              the shelter strives to provide warm                                Lunch is from 12pm-1pm,
                                   jgardner@umom.org                                              Phoenix AZ 85008. Please                                            community.
                                                               clothing, gifts, and holiday cheer                                     Monday-Friday.
                                                                                                    contact the shelter for
                                                                to all the parents and children
                                                                                                     specific information.
                                                                       living at the shelter.

                                                              Early Thanksgiving meal served on
                                    Kim Van Nimwegen                November 17th 6:00PM
                                   215 E. University Drive,    Supportive Housing Holiday Party                                                                ASU Wesley and Newman
Urban Outreach - Tempe First                                                                                                 Volunteers needed for regular
                                       Tempe, 85281                   on December 18th                      N/A                                                Center students, Valley of
  United Methodist Church                                                                                                      year-round programming
                                    Office: 480-967-3376       Evening program special events                                                                    the Sun United Way
                                kvurbanoutreach@aol.com           on Wednesday evenings in

                                                      Tempe Community Council - Connecting those in need with those who care


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