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									                                         Fresno City College
                           Curriculum Committee
                                   January 22, 2007, Meeting
                                     3:00-5:00 p.m., LI-142

                                      Proposed curriculum material available at:

Members Present
S. Alvarado, K. Blanco, C. Boltz, D. Byrns, P. Demanett, M. Dunklin , J. Franz, M. Gilbert, L. Honda (for M.
Swanson), S. Johal, C. Kadingo, A. Khoury, W. Stephenson, R. Stock, M. Taylor, C. Vellandi, S. Villalobos, V.
Yang, K. Zamora

Members Absent
T. Cantú, D. Chandler, S. Grover, D. Mohle, J. Pacheco,

Others Present
J. Blackwood, M. Dana

A.   Call to Order

     Curriculum Committee Chair M. Taylor called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m. A quorum was present.

B.   Approval of Minutes of November 20, 2006

     Approved as corrected.

C.   Open Forum


D.   Curriculum Action

     1.   First Hearing

          a. Emergency Cycle Curriculum, effective Summer 2007

              Distance Education
              (1) Music 16, Jazz History and Appreciation
              (2) Music 111, The Music Business

          b. Five-Year Review, revisions effective Fall 2007*

              Revisions recommended.
              (1) *Music 1A, Music Theory I
              No revisions recommended.
              (2) *Music 1B, Music Theory II
              (3) *Music 2A, Music Theory III
              (4) *Music 2B, Music Theory IV
Fresno City College, Curriculum Committee Minutes, January 22, 2007                   Page 2

            Revisions recommended.
            (5) *Music 3, Music Fundamentals
            (6) *Music 4, Jazz Theory
            No revisions recommended.
            (7) *Music 5, MIDI Music Production
            Revisions recommended.
            (8) *Music 6, Jazz Arranging
            No revisions recommended.
            (9) *Music 7A, Ear Training: Level I
            (10) *Music 7B, Ear Training: Level II
            (11) *Music 8, Audio Engineering
            (12) *Music 9, Composition
            (13) Music 10A, Beginning Jazz Improvisation
            (14) Music 10B, Intermediate/Advanced Jazz Improvisation
            (15) Music 12, Music Appreciation
                        Music 12 (Distance Learning, 100% Internet-based)
            (16) *Music 13, History of Music
            (17) *Music 14, Opera Appreciation
            (18) Music 16 Jazz History and Appreciation
            (19) *Music 18, Basic Conducting and Score Reading
            Revisions recommended.
            (20) *Music 20, Beginning Piano: Level I
            No revisions recommended.
            (21) *Music 21, Beginning Piano: Level II
            (22) *Music 22, Intermediate/Advanced Piano
            (23) Music 24, Elementary Voice: Level I
            (24) Music 25, Elementary Voice: Level II
            Revisions recommended.
            (25) Music 26, Intermediate/Advanced Voice
            No revisions recommended.
            (26) Music 27, Beginning Guitar: Level I
            (27) Music 28, Beginning Guitar: Level II
            (28) *Music 29, Intermediate/Advanced Guitar
            (29) Music 30, College Choir
            (30) *Music 32, Musical Theatre Performance
            (31) *Music 34, Fresno Chorale
            Revisions recommended.
            (32) *Music 35, City Singers (Chamber Singers)
            (33) *Music 36, Women’s Chorale
            No revisions recommended.
            (34) *Music 39, Opera and Musical Theatre Workshop
            (35) *Music 40, Concert Band
            (36) *Music 41, Jazz Ensemble
            (37) *Music 42A, Intermediate/Advanced Brass (Brass Choir)
            (38) *Music 42B, Intermediate/Advanced Woodwinds (Woodwind Choir)
            (39) *Music 42C, Intermediate/Advanced Strings (String Orchestra)
            (40) *Music 42D, Intermediate/Advanced Percussion (Percussion Ensemble)
            (41) *Music 46, Symphony Orchestra
            Revisions recommended.
            (42) *Music 47, Jazz Combo
            (43) Music 48/Chicano-Latino Studies 18, Latin Jazz Combo
            No revisions recommended.
            (44) *Music 49, Advanced Large Ensembles
            (45) *Music 57, Solo Repertoire Studies
            (46) *Music 58, Solo repertoire Studies II
            (47) *Music 59, Advanced Small Ensembles
            Revisions recommended.
Fresno City College, Curriculum Committee Minutes, January 22, 2007                        Page 3

              (48) *Music 60, Symphonic Choir
              No revisions recommended.
              (49) *Music 61, A Cappella Choir
              Revisions recommended.
              (50) *Music 63, Chamber Singers
              No revisions recommended.
              (51) *Music 64, Vocal Ensemble
              Revisions recommended.
              (52) Music 66, Opera Performance Practices
              (53) Music 67, Musical Theater Performance Practices
              No revisions recommended.
              (54) *Music 68, Symphonic Band
              (55) Music 69, Wind Band
              (56) *Music 70, Studio Jazz Ensemble
              (57) Music 71, Lab Jazz Ensemble
              (58) Music 72, Jazz Composer’s Orchestra
              (59) Music 73A, Intermediate/Advanced Chamber Ensemble (Brass)
              (60) *Music 73B, Intermediate/Advanced Chamber Ensemble (Woodwinds)
              (61) *Music 73C, Intermediate/Advanced Chamber Ensemble (Strings)
              (62) Music 73D, Intermediate/Advanced Chamber Ensemble (Percussion)
              (63) Music 74A, Intermediate/Advanced Brass Performance Practices
              (64) *Music 74B, Intermediate/Advanced Woodwind Performance Practices
              (65) Music 74C, Intermediate/Advance String Performance Practices
              (66) Music 74D, Intermediate/Advanced Percussion Performance Practices
              (67) Music 75, Community Orchestra
              (68) Music 76, College Philharmonic Orchestra
              (69) *Music 77, Studio Jazz Combo
              (70) Music 78, Lab Jazz Combo
              (71) Music 111, The Music Business
              (72) Music 112, Introduction to Finale
              (73) *Music 250, Piano Teaching I
              (74) *Music 251, Piano Teaching II

              Course, deleted
              (75) Music 23, Piano Ensemble/Accompanist

E.   Unfinished Business

F.   New Business

G.   Non-Agenda Items

     1.   M. Taylor distributed copies of an Action Plan for the purchase of CurricUNET.

H.   Adjournment

     The meeting adjourned at 5:33 p.m.

Kelli O’Rourke

Curriculum Committee
Tony Cantú, Vice President of Instruction
Rose Stock, Articulation Officer
Ned Doffoney, President
Michael Quinn, Interim Vice Chancellor, Educational Services and Planning
Fresno City College, Curriculum Committee Minutes, January 22, 2007     Page 4

John Cummings, Vice President of Admissions and Records, Districtwide
Division Deans
Sonya Hildreth, Dean of Students, Counseling and Guidance
Janice Emerzian, Director, Disabled Students Programs and Services
Monta Denver, Co-Director, Dental Hygiene
Jean Kulbeth, Co-Director, Dental Hygiene
Richard Lindstrom, Director, Police Academy
Vacant, Director, Nursing
Vacant, Director, Student Success and Honors
Rick Santos, President, Academic Senate
Department Chairs

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