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									    Irina GORIN
Piano Studio POLICY
   Irina Gorin Piano Studio
    5807 Sedgegrass Crossing
       Carmel, IN 46033

     Phone: (317) 571-1902
     Phone: (317) 432-8478
     Fax:   (317) 571-1337
This policy has evolved from three decades of my private teaching
experience as well as other piano studios throughout United States. It aims
to benefit your child musical study every minute of every lesson.

                                       Annual Fees
 Annual materials/registration fee for one student is $25.00 per year.
 Annual materials/registration fee for family is $40.00 per year.
The yearly fee is collected in June, to reserve a place in the schedule for lessons
the following year. Materials fees go toward office supplies, Compact Discs, and
videos used to enhance piano study. New students pay the materials fee at the initial
 ―Piano Explorer‖ magazine yearly subscription is $6.00 (optional).
 Theory book is $15.00 (if needed for a new level).

 Lessons during the school year are based on a monthly tuition which reserves your
child a specific weekly time slot and membership within the studio. Tuition covers your
private and group lessons during the school year, as well as teacher’s time spent planning
each lesson, attending professional meetings, and Piano Teachers’ Organizations fees.
Tuition will remain fixed from month to month, regardless of the number of lessons.
 Lessons falling during holidays and breaks listed in the Studio Calendar below are
included in the monthly rate and will not be credited or refunded.
 Monthly tuition is based on four lessons at an hourly rate and a group lesson fee.
   Hourly rate: -$27.00 for 30 min lesson
                -$38.00 for 45 min lesson
                 -$50.00 for 1 hour lesson
 Tuition is due in advance, no later than by the first week of the month. If you are not
at the first lesson of the month for any reason, you must pay the tuition the week before or
mail in the tuition by the due date. Late payments upset instructor’s personal bill-paying
process as well as personal income. It is necessary to ensure that these payments are
received on time. Therefore, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed for any payments received
after the 10th of each month. This late charge would best be paid at the time that the
monthly tuition is received, or it will effect the following month's payment.
 Parent-teacher conferences are held during the lessons and are included in the
monthly tuition.
 Special discounts will be considered in certain situations such as piano lessons taken
by two or more children in the same family, lessons taken twice a week, and family’s
financial difficulties due to sudden unemployment of one or both parents.
                             2009-2010 Studio Calendar

Tuition during the school year is the same amount each month, regardless of holiday
 schedule. Please bear in mind that some months contain an extra week for which there is
no additional charge.
There will be no lessons held on the following dates:

    Labor Day (Monday, September 7)
    Fall Break (Tuesday, October 20 – Sunday, October 26) *
    Thanksgiving Break (Thursday, November 26 - Saturday, November 28)*
    Christmas Break (Wednesday, December 23- Saturday, January 2)*
    Spring Break (Saturday, April 3 - Saturday, April 10)*
    Memorial Day (Monday, May 26)
*Note: Irina Gorin Piano Studio follows the Carmel school calendar for Thanksgiving,
Fall, Winter, and Spring Breaks.

                           Summer Schedule and Tuition
 It is important that students keep the momentum of their musical progress throughout
the year. However, there will be more flexibility in the summer schedule to accommodate
family vacations and other special activities. During the summer months, each lesson will
be paid at an hourly rate. There should be at least six lessons per student in June –
 In the rare case of an extended summer absence of six or more weeks, a payment of
$100 per student is required in order to hold a lesson slot in the fall.

 Regular attendance of lessons is an issue of responsibility and choice on the part of
parents and students. The studio will not assume any financial responsibility for student's
absence(s) due to illness, weather, sports, etc. Please bear in mind that some months
contain an extra week for which there is no additional charge. The studio will, however,
assume financial responsibility should the instructor become ill, be out of town, or cancel
for any reason. In such case, credit will be given towards the following month’s tuition.

 The piano studio will be open on official school ―snow days‖. Lessons missed due to
weather can not be made-up or refunded.
 In case of an upcoming scheduling conflict you are aware about in advance, you may
swap the lesson times with another family.
 If possible, please provide 24 hours courtesy notice when your child is ill. Please do
not come to your lesson sick. If he/she is not well enough to attend school, he/she is not
well enough for a piano lesson.
 Emergency situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
 TARDINESS: Please be on time! If a student arrives late, time will not be taken from
the following student’s lesson to accommodate late arrivals.

                           Theory and Group Lessons Fee
 Theory Group Lessons are required for all students elementary through middle
school. They are offered once a month (September – May).
 Group lessons fee is included in the flat monthly fee and is not refundable.
 Theory lesson fee is $15.00 per 55 min. lesson.

 Lessons are by appointment only. Time slots are scheduled prior to the start of each
school year.
 Students must arrive for their scheduled lesson time and be picked up immediately
after the lessons. Students are expected to bring all necessary music and materials to the
 Lesson time must remain as focused as possible - siblings or visitors are welcome to
attend provided they remain quiet.

                            Studio and Studio Procedures

 REMEMBER—the studio is an extension of the private residence and must be
regarded and respected as such. Please remove your shoes before entering the studio. You
may bring a clean pair of socks to wear in the studio.

 No food or drinks (except water) is allowed in the studio! An exception may be
made for adults only, provided that they assume full responsibility for the expense of
cleanup or repair of damage to the studio due to spills or other like accidents.
 Students must wash their hands immediately before lessons. Instruments are expensive
and require exceptional respect. Clean hands and fingers are a must before playing any
instrument. Additionally, piano keys can be a medium for communicable diseases: simple
cleanliness and personal hygiene on everyone’s part can help reduce disease transmission.
 Students are to come to the lessons ready to learn. Shortly trimmed nails are a must.
Girls should have their hair pulled up and away from the face, as that maybe a distraction.
 PARKING. All long-term parking is along the street only, either side is acceptable.
The driveway is off limits to all vehicles and is not to be used to head in/back out for
turnaround purposes. At no time is prolonged parking in the driveway permitted.
Please—do not use any of the neighbors' driveways for any reason.

                                       Your Piano
 Home environment should include a satisfactory, playable acoustic piano. The
instrument should be tuned at least once a year.
 Ask your piano technician to check the functions of all pedals and keys. Practicing a
fine, tuned instrument with even tone and consistent key action is necessary for
students of all levels.
                   Recommended Piano Technician: Myron Gorin
                             Telephone #: ( 317) 432-2328

                              Recitals and competitions
 During the year, several performing opportunities are made available to qualified
students. These events provide pupils with further incentive to practice and excel and can
have a positive effect on a student's sense of accomplishment. Recitals build confidence
and reinforce the concept that good practice habits make good pianists.
 When students reach an appropriate level of advancement, they will be eligible to
participate in the studio's class recitals. Those students whose piece(s) is/are not
performance level two weeks prior to the scheduled event will be withdrawn from the
 Studio recitals are held 2 times per year.
 Solo Recital fee is $5 per student. Duet and Concerto recital fee is$10 per student.
This fee includes rental charges, programs cost and instructor/accompanist’s time.
 Dress for student recitals is formal concert attire. Suitable attire: sport coat/tie or
white shirt /tie—for boys. Dresses or tea length skirts—for girls. Absolutely no shorts,
short skirts, jeans, gym shoes, boots or flip-flops/slip off shoes. Inappropriately dressed
students will not be allowed to perform at recitals.
 The last lesson before a recital or a competition is a dress-up rehearsal.
 The day of the recital or competition, performers must be at the facility no later than
15 minutes before the beginning of the recital. Participating students and their families
are expected to remain for the duration of the entire recital, thereby providing ample
audience and respect for all performers.
 Each year, the various organizations, of which studio is a member, provide educational
and competitive opportunities for qualified students. Such events may be offered by the
instructor to those students who seem to possess the necessary maturity, discipline, and
preparation to participate in such events. Bear in mind that these opportunities require a
high level of determination, more serious practice habits-and the ability to perform in a
competitive arena with a high level of confidence and intensity.
 For students to be able to participate in the competitions outside of Indianapolis area,
there will be an additional charge (depending on distance, traveling expenses). For
participants of the World Piano Competition, the charge is $50.00 per student, $75.00 per
 Instructor’s accompaniment fee will be applied for concerto competitions on an hourly
rate basis.

                                  Termination Policy
 The Studio requires 30 days written notice for students terminating lessons for any
reason. Following the termination notification, a 30 day tuition payment is required. In
addition, the Studio reserves the right to terminate lessons with any student for non-
compliance with any of the stated lesson policies and requirements.

 By signing this agreement, I hereby agree that Irina Gorin Piano Studio is not
responsible or liable for any injuries sustained on the studio premises or the premises
surrounding. The Irina Gorin Piano Studio retains the right to terminate lessons with any
student or guardian of student who displays inappropriate behavior or who fails to respect
studio policy.
 I agree to all of the policies put forth in this agreement and understand that all tuition
payments are non-refundable.


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