Kenya or not by hedongchenchen


									                                      Kenya or not
             Look at the following statements and decided whether they are fact or opinion

                               Statement                                          Fact       Fiction
          The Portuguese were the first Europeans to explore Kenya
   Kenya comprises seven provinces each headed by a centrally-appointed
                     Provincial Commissioner, and one area
     Kenya covers an area of 582,646 Square kilometres (224,961 sq. mi).
   The Kenyan Highlands comprise one of the most successful agricultural
                           production regions in Africa.
The highlands are the site of the highest point in Kenya: Mount Kenya, which
        reaches 5,199 metres (17,057 ft) and is also the site of glaciers.
        Climate varies from tropical along the coast to arid in interior.
The "Big Five" animals of Africa can also be found in Kenya and these include
 the Lion, the Leopard, the Buffalo, the Rhino and the biggest one of them -
                                   the Elephant.
 The hottest period is from February to March and coldest in July to August.
      Kenya's main economic strengths include tourism and agriculture.
Chief among Kenya's exports are: flowers (horticulture), fruits and vegetables,
                                  tea, and coffee
     Kenya is a diverse country, with many different cultures represented.
 The guitar is the most popular instrument in Kenyan music, and songs often
                         feature intricate guitar rhythms.
   The colors on the flag symbolize black majority, red for the blood shed
   during the struggle for freedom and green for natural wealth; the white
                fimbriation was added later and symbolizes peace.
                             Population is 28 million
                   The Uk has a higher population than Kenya.
                     Average wage $1,200 (GDP per capita)
                         The equator runs through Kenya
                     Kenya is double the size of Great Britain

             Additional Activity – Write definitions of the words
                 that are underlined in your exercise book.

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