th Grade Language Arts

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					                                                                 Flickertail Days: Flickertail Days are a monthly incentive that
                                                                 students can work towards and earn every month. Flickertail
                                                                 Day activities will vary from month to month. Students who
                                                                 accumulate 3 or more Red Slips throughout the month or
                                                                 receive a Below-the-Line Slip in any class will not be eligible
                                                                 to participate in the Flickertail Day activities for that month.

                                                                 Grading: The following grading scale will be used this year:

                                                                         A+       99-100                    C+       81-82
      6th Grade Language Arts                                            A
                                                                         B+       90-91                     D+       72-73
   Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts at Mandan Middle                   B        85-89                     D        67-71
School! My name is Mrs. Liepitz and I will be your Language              B-       83-84                     D-       65-66
  Arts teacher this year. I am really excited to get to know
             you and have a great year together!                 64% and below is failing (F)

About Your Teacher: My name is Mrs. Liepitz and I am a           Grades will be weighted as follows:
Mandan Brave at heart, born and raised! I graduated from
Dickinson State University with a degree in Elementary           Daily Homework (1x)
Education and a Middle School Endorsement in Health and          Quizzes (2x)
Science. I have been married for 3 years and enjoy walking       Tests (3x)
and playing volleyball with my husband. In my spare time I
enjoy cooking, scrapbooking, stamping, and writing. This         * The weighting of grades can be seen in PowerSchool.
will be my 2nd year teaching 6th grade.
Absences: If you are ill, you will have two days to complete
assignments and notes for each day you were absent. For                  Assignments: Workbook assignments are to be done
example, if you are absent on Monday and return to school                on a loose-leaf sheet of paper. Once assignments
Tuesday, all assignments are due Thursday.                               have been scored and recorded they will be
                                                                         returned to you. Please place graded assignments in
Contact Information: Parents, please feel free to contact me             your folder for the remainder of the unit. These will
if you have any questions regarding your child’s performance             be a good reference tool as you do future
or behavior in the classroom. You may reach me by email at               assignments and study for your quizzes/tests. or by phone at 663-7491.
                                                                         Notebook: Students will be required to keep a
Daily Language Packets: Language Packets are a weekly                    grammar notebook. Notes will consist of grammar
review of Language Arts skills. Skills reviewed in the packets           rules, definitions, and examples. This is a great
vary by week, but may include sentence writing,                          resource to use while completing assignments and
prefixes/suffixes, homophones/homonyms, parts of speech                  studying for quizzes and tests. Notebooks will be
etc. Language Packets will be handed out on Friday of each               collected and graded periodically for completeness.
week. Clues will be given on Friday to a few select                      If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask a
problems. Language Packets are due the following Friday (or              peer for the notes you missed.
the last day of the week) when you come to class. You may
earn a 100% on your packet each week. Packets may be                     Quizzes: Quizzes will be given periodically to check
turned in to be checked and returned as many times as                    for understanding of the current grammar skills. Be
needed in order to achieve a 100%. Hand your packet in to                sure to study your notes, worksheets, and workbook
the “DLP” tray and pick it up the next day in the tray                   assignments to prepare for each quiz.
marked with your class period. Revise your packet and
repeat the process. Be sure to manage your time throughout               Tests: Tests will be given at the end of each
the week as you may not ask questions of Mrs. Liepitz or                 grammar unit. Tests are generally 25-40 questions in
have your packet checked on Friday.                                      length, depending on the length of the unit. Students
                                                                         will be notified of a test at least two weeks prior to
Extra Credit: Extra credit opportunities will be given                   the test date.
periodically throughout the semester. You are encouraged to
take advantage of any extra credit opportunities given to        Homework: Good learning takes place when daily work is
improve or buffer your grade. Extra credit opportunities will    completed on time. This may or may not require some
be offered to ALL students when offered and students may         homework. Homework will be minimal if you use your
not ask for extra credit.                                        class work time wisely. All assignments are due the following
                                                                 day unless otherwise noted.
Late Work: All assigned homework is due at the start of the              activities are the “small” writing activities that
class period. For all incomplete work, students will be given            prepare the students to complete a larger writing
a Red Slip which will need to be read and signed by the                  project.
student and a parent. Students will be docked 20% for each
day their work is late, up to 5 days in which the student will           Writing Process: Students will engage in the Writing
be given a 0.                                                            Process as they complete a writing project. Rough
                                                                         drafts will always be completed on a sheet of loose-
Learning Activities: The Language Arts Standards and                     leaf paper and will be kept in the student’s “Writing
Benchmarks set by the state of North Dakota will be                      Folder.” Students are required to skip every other
addressed through a variety of learning activities in the                line when writing a rough draft in order to leave
classroom including, but not limited to, hands-on-activities,            room for editing.
discussion, independent activities, group activities, Daily
Language Packets, Mountain Language, and Writer’s                        Writing Projects: Students will complete 1-2 small
Notebook activities.                                                     writing projects per month to demonstrate their
                                                                         newly acquired writing skills. Requirements, rubrics,
Materials: Students are required to bring the following                  and deadlines will be handed out at the beginning
materials with to class each day: Language textbook, folder,             of each writing project.
grammar notebook, loose-leaf paper, pencil, and red pen.
                                                                 Please keep this syllabus in a safe spot throughout the year. It
PowerSchool: Grades will be updated by Friday of each            is a great reference tool and can answer many questions you
week, with the exception of late work and assignments that           may have! We are going to have a great year together!
are redone. Please check the comments written on
PowerSchool. These comments will help to clarify any
questions you may have.

Redo Policy: Students may redo any daily assignment if they
feel that they could improve their score. Redo assignments
must be completed by the next day. Scores will be changed
in PowerSchool once the redo has been turned in and
rescored. 10% will be deducted from the students score and
the maximum score that a student can earn on an assignment
that is redone is a 90%.

Team Website: Please refer to our Flickertail Team website
for important information regarding our team. You can
access our team website by going to

Tutoring: If you are struggling with a concept in Language
Arts, please see me. I would be happy to re-teach the lesson
in order for you to understand the concept. Many questions
can be answered through a one-on-one tutoring session.
You must show your work to receive help. I will help you to
understand your assignment, but will not complete your
assignment for you.


        Writer’s Café: At the end of each quarter, students
        will engage in a Writer’s Café. Students will choose
        their favorite piece of writing from the quarter to
        present to the class. Students will be chosen at
        random to read their writing piece to the rest of the
        students. Snacks will be served during Writer’s Café!

        Writer’s Notebook: Students will engage in Writer’s
        Notebook activities on a weekly basis. Writer’s
        Notebook entries may include, but are not limited
        to, brainstorming webs, lists, poetry, beautiful
        language, charts, conversations, dreams, facts,
        favorites, feelings, kernels etc. Writer’s Notebook

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