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Top 10 Online Business Ideas With the Highest Return


									Top 10 Online Business Ideas With the
Highest Return
As you already know, there are all kinds of online business opportunities, but choosing can be a
bit of a guessing game. So let’s look at the top 10 online business ideas with the highest return.
What if you could make 100% ROI – 500% ROI – 1000% ROI? You can and you will choose
from these top 10 online business ideas.

1. Web Hosting Reselling Business – For as little as $25 a month you can purchase reselling
hosing with 50 spaces to rent. Charge $8 a month and that’s $400 a month in your pocket.

2. Flipping Websites – This highly profitable and highly overlooked opportunity has you flip
websites or blogs. Buy low, give them a facelift, and then sell high.

3. Create and Establish an Online Business – This is one of the classic ways to make a high
return on your investment. Create a site, market it, establish it, and then sell it.

4. Membership Sites – This niche market stands to show immense profits. You build a
membership site that offers some type of insider information on a niche market to paying
members. Invest a couple of hundred dollars and enjoy thousands in return.

5. Site Reviews – There’s an endless number of products to review out there from diet to web
hosting. Join the affiliate program and then you can market that product. Look for niche markets
that pay high. However, the higher the payout the more competition.

6. Build Websites – Buy a domain name for less than $10, add about $20 in web hosting, your
time to build the site and sell a well built site for more than a $1000. Sites range from $100 to
more than $2500.

7. Create a Startup Online Business, Then Sell it Online – It’s the online version of a
traditional business. You create your business, then you sell it online for a profit.

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8. Content Writing – Today’s web site requires top quality content and there’s plenty of money
to be made here. You can outsource writing for a dollar or two and sell that same content for
more than $20.

9. Build a Blog Network – A network of 50 blogs or so can attract the type of advertising that
can make you hundreds of dollars each month.

10. Develop a Niche Site – Maybe you sell collectible shaving equipment, or perhaps you
collect cards. Find a niche market and then build a site to sell those niche items.

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With the right online business, you stand to make a high return on investment. Why not get

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