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Software Solutions to Improve Business Efficiency


									Software Solutions to Improve Business
If anyone should know what it takes to be highly effective and efficient in today’s economy it
should be Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive.

An email sent out by Ballmer just prior to doing a talk about Microsoft’s lineup for the season
read, indicated that businesses needed to save more, spend less, and learn to use technology for
the maximum value. It seems the economic tides are redefining what’s normal for today’s

What does the new business normal look like?

        It entails cutting costs – in fact, this is key to the future success of today’s business.
        Building a competitive advantage that you can sustain your business over a long period of
        Increase productivity
        Increase your capacity for innovation
        Take advantage of information technology whenever possible.

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Today’s work environment looks nothing like the work environment of our parents. Workforces
are spread out across a state or country. Some members never go to an office working directly
from home. Employees are more mobile and they are certainly more accessible day or night.
This mobility allows employees to travel and cover more area while being constantly in touch
with their office. At the same time, government regulations are on the increase, compliance
requirements are becoming more complex and more demanding.

One place companies can look to for streamlining your business is computer software. Windows
7 appears to be one of the solutions that can dramatically impact the efficiency of a business.

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Convergent Computing, located in California, anticipates saving more than $40,000 annually by
switching to Windows 7.

Another software option every business should consider in streamlining their business is CRM
software. CRM stands for customer relations management, and a good CRM software program
will streamline how you manage your customers, how you track your sales, and provide
management with detailed reports that allow sound decision making based on sales history.

Virtual meetings are being used more and more. You will need a webcam and web conferencing
software. With these tools, you can have employees all over the world and still conduct a “good
old fashion meeting,” but in virtual space.

Other tools you should consider using are social media sites. Facebook is a great example of how
you bring customers to you by offering support, providing information, and even running
contests. A page can be built in minutes but the rewards will go on for long after that. Twitter is
also growing in popularity for quick updates to your followers.

The new normal for business efficiency focuses on utilizing technology in the best possible way
to increase productivity and decrease operating costs.

© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.

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