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					Online Business Partner Networks
Business partners have been around almost as long as businesses have. Choosing a business
partner has never been an easy task. It’s about bringing together two or more people that can
each bring something to a business. Today finding business partners is actually quite easy, thanks
to the many online business partner networks that exist.

If you aren’t familiar with the online business partner networks and you are considering a partner
you should really become familiar with them. There are many different networks and each has
their own focus. Sites like and offer you all kinds of
services. Some sites have basic resources and premium resources. For most the focus is on
connecting parties that make a good match.

For example, let’s say you want to open Widget Shop XYZ. You have the experience in running
this kind of business but you need some working capital but you don’t want that person making
management decisions. Using one of the online business partner networks you can look
specifically for someone that meets that criteria. Alternatively, perhaps you need a certain set of
skills that you don’t have and that’s what you are looking for in a business partner, then you can
search for a partner that matches that skill set.

Some online business partner networks have an annual fee, others charge a monthly fee, and
some are free. Many have message boards and forums where you can chat with other members
offering a great way to meet like-minded people and learn from their experiences.

A business partner can be a valuable asset but at the same time the wrong business partner can
lead to the biggest mistake a business makes, so much so that it can cause the failure of a
business. Give choosing a business partner the attention it deserves and make sure you have a
full understanding of how bringing a partner into your business is going to affect your business.

While traditional methods of locating a business partners are still available, using online
resources such as business partner networks open up significantly more opportunities.

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Teaming up with a business partner is a lot like marriage. While you might bring different skills
to the table you should agree on company goals, direction and values. You’re in it for the long
haul and if things don’t work out – a separation can be quite messy. Make sure when you enter
into a partnership that you have the correct legal documents drawn up to protect both your

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