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									                   A Few Twitter Tips Novices Should be Aware of

Before jumping on the bandwagon of micro-blogging website – Twitter, novices
should know certain things to make their stay on Twitter meaningful and enjoyable.
Following are a few tips to take a glance at:

The first thing to learn is the different Twitter abbreviations and phrases. Some
fundamental ones include RT, DM, hashtag, etc.

RT is the acronym for 'retweet' which signifies that a user shares a different user’s
post using exactly the same words while crediting the actual tweeter. A retweet is
normally done in the following format: RT@[username] succeeded by the tweet.

Moving on, DM denotes a direct message which comprises a maximum of 140
characters. It is sent to another particular user only and not to all those included in
a user’s Twitter followers. A ‘DM fail’ implies direct messages that were thought to
be personal were unexpectedly shared with all the Twitter followers of a user. For
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