Island of the Blue Dolphins Island of the Blue Dolphins Cliffhanger • by liaoqinmei

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									Island of the Blue Dolphins

• In order to create a sense of excitement
  and motivate the reader to move on to the
  next chapter, a writer often leaves an
  important question unanswered at the end
  of a chapter.
• What was the cliffhanger at the end of
  chapter three?
Question for discussion

• Do you think the author wants us to
 believe that the battle flared due to
 accident or just cause? Explain your
Context Clues

• When you come across a word you don’t
 know, context clues can often help you
 figure out what a word means. Context
 clues may be other words or phrases in
 the sentence, or they may be the way the
 unfamiliar word is used in the sentence.

• What character traits did Karana display
  when she chose to return to her brother
  on the island?
• How do you think these qualities will
  affect her chances for survival on the
  island? Explain.

• Using observations or experiences to
 make a reasonable guess about what will
Question for discussion

• How did Karana satisfy two of the basic
  elements of survival- food and shelter?
• Why do you think the element of clothing
  did not seem important?
Questions for discussion
• How might you treat common health problems
    such as a sprain, a cut, a common cold, or a
    stomach ache if you had no access to a doctor
    or pharmacy?
•   Why do you think Karana nursed the leader of
    the pack of wild dogs back to health?
•   Do you think Karana was justified in not aiding
    Rontu in his fight? Explain.

• Authors don’t always tell their readers
 exactly how the story characters are
 feeling or what they are doing.
 Sometimes the authors give clues about
 what is happening. Then it is up to the
 reader to make inferences based on the
 clues and their own experiences to figure
 out what is happening
Question for discussion

• What evidence do you have that the
 author, Scott O’Dell, is a naturalist who
 carefully studied animal behavior before
 writing this book?
Personification-giving human
qualities to inanimate objects
• Example: The earth seemed to be holding
 its breath, as though it were waiting for
 something to happen.
  – What is being personified?
  – How did this statement reflect Karana’s mood
    before the storm began?
  – Find another example of personification in the
    novel. Provide the page number.
Drawing conclusions

• Reaching a decision or making a judgment
 based on a body of evidence or a group of

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