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									5 Marketing Strategies that Will Win New
There are many professionals who are struggling to acquire new customers for the products or
services that their businesses deal with. Regardless of the type of small/medium business you are
doing, there are many marketing strategies that will help you fine tune your marketing plans.
Remember that the heart and soul of any business is the client/customer base. The success of any
type of business wholly and solely depends on the customers. Therefore, it is necessary for
businesses to make a marketing plan that retains their old customers and at the same time sketch
out strategies to acquire new ones. Through various marketing surveys, you can understand the
requirements of your existing customers better, and also unveil innovative methods to reach out
to new customers.

It goes without saying that your loyal customers are the most satisfied customers using word of
mouth for publicity of your product and will not pay much attention to your competitors. Not
only will satisfied customers show a tendency to buy any new products introduced by you in the
future, they will continue to buy your old products. Here we look into a few marketing strategies
that will help you in luring new clients/customers while retaining old ones.

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       Create an identity – Before you launch a product into the market, it is necessary that
       you do a bit of branding. The reason being, branding helps the customers (new and old)
       identify your business. Branding, advertising, and marketing go hand in hand. Branding
       involves the logo designing which involves the colors and the fonts. Through branding
       you are creating a strong identity which the customers can relate to your business.
       However, keep the identity professional.

       Have a Website – Today, it is a trend to search for the credentials of a product or a
       business organization on the Internet. Therefore, it is wise to have a good website with
       quality content. Apart from that, you can publish the product information on electronic
   magazines, other websites and trade publications. When you publish quality and up to
   date content you are establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

       Holding Seminars and Trade Fairs – Another prominent marketing strategy is to
       arrange for free seminars and to participate in trade fairs. Through this you can introduce
       your new or existing products and also establish your credentials. You will also get a list
       of prospective client/customer database.

       Freebies – Through your seminars you can give away the samples of your products and
       services. This is an amazing away to enter the market. Though some business may
       consider this as an additional cost, it will be worth the try. Consider the cost of the
       freebies a part of your advertising campaigns.

       Reliability – Last but not the least, keep in mind that customers prefer to do business
       with companies who offer quality products and services consistently. As mentioned
       earlier, customers are the success of your business. Offer them good services and quality
       products to gain their confidence.

Marketing plays an important part in the success of any business. You need to plan out effective
marketing strategies according to the current market scenario to create a whole new customer

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