“Triumph” for school students by yaosaigeng


									                                                                     November 29, 2008
In this issue
ACFI in voluntary

Fire destroys
Echuca church hall

                                   Avondale Primary School students in their performance of “Terror
                                       to triumph,” a musical written by a teacher at the school.

                                    “Triumph” for
                                   school students
                                              COORANBONG, NEW SOUTH WALES

                         n term 3, 215 students from Avondale        ing the audience that God has the power to
                         Primary School performed “Terror to         bring people through situations that seem
                         triumph.” Written by Kindergarten           impossible.
                         teacher Coralie Fraser, the musical fol-       The lead character, Joseph, was played by
                     lows the storyline of the biblical character    Year 5 student Zelman Wilkinson. Other
                     of Joseph.                                      significant roles were taken by Peter Gould

ABCs find              Nine classes were involved, covering
                     Years 4 to 6, with every student taking an
                     active role. The musical was held at Avon-
                                                                     (Pharaoh), Emily Chermside (Potiphar’s
                                                                     wife) and Nicholas Borrot (Potiphar).
                                                                        While music teacher Dianne Grieve di-

open day
                     dale College church and attendance was          rected the music, John Venegas was stage
                     “encouragingly high.”                           director for the musical, with Sam Livinston
                       “Terror to triumph” reflected on themes        managing the stage and props. Cami Ward
                     concerning God’s ability to turn bad cir-       coordinated the event.

success              cumstances into stories of success. Its mes-
                     sage was one of hope and power, remind-

                                     ISSN 0819-5633
                                                                        DVDs of the production are available
                                                                     from the school.—Susan Rogers

                                                                    The stronger, deeper and more profound
                                                                          the hope, the greater the audacity.

                             “The audacity of hope”
         have no qualms about borrowing                           works well as a kind of shorthand way of                   His action. But somehow, we are invited to
         this title from United States president-                 describing our expectations of God’s plans                 become part of enacting, incarnating and
         elect Barack Obama, given that he also                   for our world, we need to be careful not                   inaugurating God’s kingdom in our lives,
         borrowed it from a sermon he heard                       to cheapen hope to just a slogan, label or                 through our church community and by our
    a number of years ago. But the phrase—                        TV channel.                                                influence, as a way of making this kingdom
    “the audacity of hope”— has echoed in my                         We also need to guard against thinking                  a present reality and a future certainty:
    thoughts since reading Obama’s book of                        we are offering hope when we are really                    “Our great desire is that you will keep right
    that title earlier this year.                                 practising despair. Too often, our view of                 on loving others as long as life lasts, in order
       By its nature, hope is audacious. It takes                 the future might be perceived by those                     to make certain that what you hope for will
    some measure of boldness to look at what                      with whom we might be trying to share                      come true” (Hebrews 6:11).
    is and see what could be. And it requires                     it as almost overwhelmingly bleak with a                      More than a profound book title, the
    audacity to begin to act as if the “could be”                 “happily ever after” tacked—sometimes                      importance of hope has been a recurring
    is a kind of reality. Without such audacity,                  awkwardly—on the end.                                      theme of Obama’s public career and a
    hope remains merely a wish or a nice but                         Sometimes the subtext seems to be that                  significant motif in his successful election
    fuzzy idea.                                                   there is nothing significant we can do to                   campaign. In a speech given in 2004, he
       The stronger, deeper and more profound                     change the way things are, to really help the              emphasised this focus: “Hope in the face of
    the hope, the greater the audacity. So when                   hurting or oppressed, or to otherwise make                 difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty.
    we say with many Bible writers, “I will put                   a difference. And when our understanding                   The audacity of hope! In the end, that is
    my hope in God!” (see, for example, Psalms                    of faith—particularly in our attitudes to                  God’s greatest gift to us.”
    42:11*), how audacious should our hope be,                    the future—tends to encourage us toward                       We should recognise the good that can
    built as it is on the history, promises and                   withdrawal, suspicion or a preoccupation                   come when people are inspired positively
    goodness of God?                                              with escape, we need a bigger view of the                  by hope in various ways. But as people
       Because “we have this hope,” we can risk                   hope God offers us—which He also offers                    of God—more than any other group in
    ourselves by reaching out, embracing and                      to others, often through us.                               our world—we are called to live with the
    including. We can be more generous in our                        An audacious hope is not about a distant                audacity of hope. Indeed, the Bible sug-
    lives of faith, how we believe and how we                     spot of light. Almost counterintuitively,                  gests that to live with an audacious hope
    live. At the same time as speaking up for                     hope is more about today than tomorrow.                    is integral to what it means to be part of
    what we believe, we can listen to and learn                   While hope looks to the future, a proper un-               God’s kingdom now: “And we are God’s
    from those who are different from us. And                     derstanding of hope lights and transforms                  household, if we keep up our courage and
    we can dare to bring change to our com-                       the present. With the audacity of hope, we                 remain confident in our hope in Christ”
    munities and our world. Audacious hope                        begin to live now as we expect to in the fu-               (Hebrews 3:6).
    is active, engaged and enlarging.                             ture, and we begin working to make a dif-
       As a church, we have tried at times to                     ference now in ways that fit with how we                    *All Bible quotations are from the New Living
    market ourselves as “people with hope”                        expect the world will be one day.
    or such similar formulations. Hope has                           Of course, ultimately the kingdom of
    almost become a brand. But while hope                         God will be made complete by God and                                                     Nathan Brown

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2   November 29, 2008

ACFI placed in voluntary administration
COORANBONG, NEW SOUTH WALES                        November 6, and was attended by more              We feel very much for those who have suf-
                                                   than 130 people. Telephone linkups were           fered loss at this time.”

         vondale College Foundation In-            also held in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne,          Mr Brady says, “There’s been a great deal
         vestments Ltd (ACFI) was placed           Perth and Port Macquarie for creditors un-        of anxiety as to what’s really been going on
         in voluntary administration on Oc-        able to attend the Sydney meeting.                and what the likely outcome of it will be.”
         tober 29, with the appointment of            Subject to the investigation and work          He believes, however, the meeting with
PPB’s Stephen Parbery and James Lord as            done by PPB’s administrators, it is esti-         the administrators helped to answer a lot
administrators. PPB is one of Australia’s          mated those with deposits in ACFI may be          of questions and dispel rumours that had
leading independent strategic and advisory         able to receive around 85 per cent of their       been circulating.
practices.                                         money back. ACFI has deposits of around              Mr Brady also addressed questions of
   In a statement released on the PPB web-         $A54 million.                                     whether the SPD will help those who
site, Mr Parbery said administrators were             A second meeting is tentatively planned        have invested in ACFI. “While we look
appointed as a direct result of deteriorating      for December 2, although the date may             at these things with our hearts, the money
conditions in investment markets, resulting        change. More information can be obtained          the church has been given is tithes and of-
in ACFI directors forming the view it was in       from the PPB website, <http://ppb.com.au/         ferings, and money given to operate the
the best interests of depositors for the com-      site/Creditor-Info.html>. A written report        church. We face constraints under tax and
pany to enter voluntary administration.            will be provided to creditors at least five days   charitable laws, and some of the trusts we
   ACFI is a not-for-profit, unlisted invest-       before the second meeting.                        have, on how they can be appropriately
ment fund that managed investments on                 The South Pacific Division (SPD) is con-        given for a specific purpose. We can’t redi-
behalf of depositors. It was established by        fident steps taken by the ACFI board of di-        rect those tithes, offerings and other funds
the Avondale College Foundation (ACF) in           rectors and PPB administrators will result in     to what is investment losses. It’s hard to say
1978, to provide income to the foundation          the best possible outcome for depositors.         but those are the constraints we’re under
who, in turn, donated it to the college. ACFI         Dr Barry Oliver, SPD president, and            as a church.”
contributed around 90 per cent of income to        Rodney Brady, SPD chief financial officer,             Dr Oliver encouraged depositors to re-
the foundation. ACF had donated around             attended the meetings and later appeared on       member the good the investments had
$A6 million to the college in the past 25 years,   an InFocus special webcast about the matter,      brought about, saying, “The assets and in-
which covered a variety of costs, including        which can be viewed on the division’s web-        come from this company have been used
scholarships for students. The college has         site <http://spd.adventistconnect.org>.           to assist students, to assist staff members
contacted all students expected to receive            Dr Oliver says, “We’ve spent a lot of          with research and to forward the mission of
ACFI scholarships.                                 time praying for people, praying for those        Avondale College, and that’s been absolutely
   A meeting for creditors of ACFI was held        affected and talking about how the church         tremendous.”—Adele Nash/AMN staff
at Wesley Conference Centre in Sydney on           can respond in a situation such as this. . . .      More @ http://spd.adventistconnect.org

                                      taking the offer of the baton         ranks of the choir, the result-     tastic and the event certainly
                                      from the Henderson choirmas-          ant sounds are extraordinary.       showcased our college,” says
                                      ter, Samson Helu, and giving a        —Evan Fray                          principal Guy Lawson. The fair
                                      very animated and engaging                                                day had face painting, ice-cream
                                      display. Mr Sibanda has a tech-       ◆ Gold Coast Christian College,     and coffee vans, a sausage siz-
                                      nique that involves not only          Qld, is abuzz with excitement       zle, two massive jumping castles
◆ Two Adventist church choirs         the use of his hands to con-          after holding its second Chris-     and a special visit from Gold
performed at the official open-       duct but also involves the eyes,      tian book fair and grandpar-        Coast’s Life FM. Lastly, an over-
ing of the Pacifica Festival in       mouth, shoulders and knees in         ent’s day in October. The book      whelming number of grand-
West Auckland, NZ. The New            lively motion. Mr Helu has pro-       fair is an excellent opportunity    parents attended to share in an
Lynn Samoan and Henderson             duced a very professional and         for the community to get to         afternoon of college work with
choirs shared centre stage            polished singing group, which         know the college and purchase       their grandchildren. Some 125
while local dignatries present-       has become a major attraction         Christian literature. This year,    grandparents got involved in
ed their speeches. Hender-            for church services both locally      almost 1000 people attended         Maths, English, Science, stories
son sang an African-language          and nationally and, with the          the book fair and, on average,      and afternoon tea, served by
song, with guest conductor            involvement of most Pacific           each person spent over $A10         the college students.—Sean
Esau Sibanda from Zimbabwe            Island nationalities within the       each. “The book fair was fan-       Berkeley

                                   BELIEVE IN CHRIST > LIVE THE LIFE @ WWW.EDGEONWEB.ORG

                                                                                                                            November 29, 2008         3

    ABCs find open day success                                                                            Record graduating
    WARBURTON, VICTORIA                                North New Zealand Conference, says, “We
                                                                                                          class for LAC
                                                       had more than 500 people in the shop—a             LONGBURN, NEW ZEALAND

             dventist Book Centre (ABC) an-            number of them in their ‘Sunday best’ after

             nual open day sales are significantly      going to their local church, as word of the                 ovember 8 saw not only the 96th
             up from 2007 in contrast to current       open day sale had gotten around.”                           graduation ceremony for Long-
             negative economic climate, reports           Paul White, ABC manager for the North-                   burn Adventist College (LAC) but
    Liz Dunstan, Signs Publishing Company’s            ern Australian Conference, held his open                    also the largest number of students
    book department manager. The rise was              day on Saturday night, as it works better in       graduating. The class of 2008 had 47 stu-
    reflected across the division, with the low-        the warmer weather. “Sales at the till were        dents, all of whom achieved National Cer-
    est percentage increase still hitting 10 per       double our normal open day, and we still had       tificate of Educational Achievement Level
    cent, while the highest was more than 200          phone orders coming in,” he says. Tina Gil-        3 before sitting their external exams.
    per cent.                                          christ, ABC manager for the Victorian Con-            Students, family and staff attended the
       “In light of the economic situation, this       ference, reported a “busy” day, as many of         graduation weekend ceremonies.
    appears to be remarkable but in terms of           the books were bargain-priced and the high            LAC principal Bruce Sharp believes the
    the times in which we live, not altogether         sales activity would not be directly reflected      students from the 2008 graduating class
    surprising,” says Mrs Dunstan. “I think            in the till. She nominated those books that        will be missed and their contributions to
    church members perceive the world’s need           “got people excited” as Storytime, Real He-        the school won’t go unnoticed.
    for certainty and are seeking an explanation       roes, We Believe and Best News Ever, and the          He adds, “This very large class encour-
    in Adventist literature. After all, through the    “most excited” as Touched By a Miracle.            aged and pushed each other along to suc-
    Spirit of Prophecy, we have insight into where        Mrs Dunstan says that while she was             ceed. Their collective desire to succeed
    we stand as a church, in history.”                 still to receive final reports from the Pacific      ensured no-one was left behind.”—Julene
       ABC managers and supervisors report             ABCs, anecdotally sales reflected those of          Duerksen-Kapao
    having had an “amazing day.” Nerelle               home unions. “We’re expecting big things
    Steele, ABC manager for the Greater Sydney         out there, as our pre-open day shipments
    Conference, says, “One man waited on our           from Signs Publishing to the islands were
    doorstep from 8 am until we opened at 10           huge.” She said that in the Pacific, open days
    am, all so he could purchase Ellen White’s         often run for more than one weekend in
    Steps to Christ at the open day price—a            order to allow more access to the less-mobile
    price at which we could have sold 1000 on          population. The Pacific ABCs are situated
    the day. However, we were pleased with             throughout Papua New Guinea, Solomon
    the results.”                                      Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa, Fiji and Tahiti.          Student Talia Brady accepting her certificates
       Cameron James, ABC manager for the              —RECORD staff/Liz Dunstan                          and awards from LAC principal Bruce Sharp.

                                          invested with the new Pathfinder      Mark Falconer says, “To have          and their teachers pulled out
                                          Leadership Award (PLA). This is       this number of leaders com-           Pink Ragwort, an aggressive
                                          the first group in the South Pacif-   plete this course is indicative of    weed, at the Tangimoana beach.
                                          ic Division to graduate under         the strength and dedication of        “The DOC staff were amazing—
                                          the new PLA program. The new          our Pathfinder leaders in NNZC.”      incredibly helpful and friendly,”
                                          curriculum is in response to the      —Mark Falconer                        says Ms Carter. A highlight for
    ◆ The North New Zealand Con-          increased demands of govern-                                                some was to see a katipo spider’s
    ference (NNZC) youth depart-          ment regulations, which now           ◆ Longburn Adventist College          house. The Social Studies cur-
    ment held their Pathfinder and        require a higher level of compe-      (LAC), NZ, Year 9 students are        riculum encourages students to
    Adventurer rally and fair week-       tency-based training for those        taking a practical approach to        be both involved in the commu-
    end over New Zealand’s Labour         leading young people in out-          helping out the environment.          nity and environmentally aware.
    Day weekend, October 24 to 26.        door activities. It integrates New    For several years running, Marie      This yearly daytrip has become
    The event was well attended,          Zealand Qualification Author-         Carter (LAC teacher) has taken        a great opportunity for both.
    with more than 300 Adventurers        ity units, which are government       the Year 9 Social Studies class out   —Julene Deurksen-Kapao
    and 500 Pathfinders converg-          recognised. New Zealand Pacific       into the environment. Working
    ing at Tui Ridge Park. During         Union Conference youth min-           with the Department of Con-           ◆ Avondale College students
    the weekend, 22 leaders were          istries associate director Pastor     servation (DOC), 31 students          have dedicated their 2008 year-


4   November 29, 2008

Good News plans circulation growth
RINGWOOD, VICTORIA                               outreach program, which employed pastors
                                                 Alec Thompson and George Quinlin.

        lans are underway for the Aboriginal        From there, the magazine has grown sig-
        and Torres Strait Islander Ministries    nificantly, largely dependent on its budget.
        (ATSIM) quarterly magazine Good          When Mr Piez took on the role of editor,
        News to have its circulation increased   circulation of Good News was at about 6000
from 8000 copies per issue to 10,000.            copies per issue. He and his wife, Kym, edit
   Steve Piez, ATSIM director for the Aus-       the magazine and now publish it in full col-
tralian Union Conference, says, “A circula-      our. “We wanted it to have more of a ‘news-
tion of 10,000 copies per issue is our target    paper’ look. This is a contact magazine—it’s
for early next year. We currently have a         more than a newsletter,” says Mr Piez.
union budget that just covers current costs         He adds, “It’s clearly one of the most
                                                                                                   Copies of the ATSIM magazine Good News.
but we’re going ahead in faith and wherever      popular magazines of its type in Australia,
I talk, preach or share with people our bur-     and we’ve constantly had requests to increase     News and vice versa. There are only around
den to do this, donations have been coming       the number we produce each year. We cur-          400,000 Indigenous people in Australia, so
in and we should have enough to take our         rently produce one issue per quarter, plus        it’s an achievable target.
number to 10,000.”                               a magazine. People would like to see it bi-          “When you’re part of a small minority
   Production currently costs about 80 cents     monthly but unfortunately, we don’t have          group, go to church and don’t see others like
per magazine to print and distribute. Do-        the funds at this stage.”                         you there, it can be a bit daunting. It’s good
nations for the initiative have been coming         Mr Piez says a wide range of Indigenous        to have something that shows people they’re
in from many Indigenous readers of the           people read Good News, which is why a             part of the larger church. It’s a great way to
magazine.                                        broad spectrum of articles are included,          connect people and, other than Mamarapha
   Pastor Bruce Roberts, ATSIM founder,          to appeal to as many people as possible. “I       College, is one of the most successful things
started Good News, which was launched            suppose, ultimately, we see Good News as          ATSIM has done.”
on July 5, 1982. Pastor Roberts wanted to        the Signs of the Times equivalent for Indig-         Good News is hand-delivered where pos-
start a newsletter that would connect with       enous Australians,” he says. “It makes an         sible and Mr Piez says, “This builds connec-
the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander        impact on their lives and the majority of         tions with people and makes friends. In turn,
people, and chose this particular name to        readers aren’t Adventist, so it’s on the front    this makes them more likely to go along
link with a magazine of the same name,           lines with outreach. We can see the need          to a church if they know someone there.”
published by Mary Stellmakers in the North       out there and we’d like to see this become        —Adele Nash
New South Wales Conference in the late           so well known that when Indigenous peo-                     More @ http://atsim.adventist
1970s. The conference had an Indigenous          ple think of Adventists, they think of Good                                   connect.org

                                     to Dr Cox in recognition of his      ing the Ukranian government in       states that care about national
                                     30 years of service to Avondale.     a new program designed to fight      health.—Ukranian Government
                                     Dr Jane Fernandez, a senior lec-     narcotism, smoking and alcohol-      press release
                                     turer in the Faculty of Arts and     ism. General Conference presi-
                                     one of Dr Cox’s former students,     dent Jan Paulsen assured Ukra-       ◆ Students in Rwanda are receiv-
                                     wrote the dedication. “It is apt     nian vice-prime minister Ivan        ing the gift of enhanced science
book to retiring president Dr John   that a Jacaranda theme like ‘Sea-    Vasiunyk of the church’s support     and technology learning from
Cox (pictured). “I am surprised,     sons’ should be dedicated to Dr      in the course of their meeting. By   the Adventist Development
overwhelmed and honoured,”           John Cox. This dedication is both    commission of the president of       and Relief Agency. The agency
Dr Cox said, as he took the stage    a celebration of achievement         the Ukraine, Mr Vasiunyk is lead-    recently donated 18,000 Science
during the fairytale-themed Jaca-    and a signature of gratitude to      ing a large-scale humanitarian       textbooks to Rwanda’s ministry
randa Banquet on November 2.         a man whose career spans sev-        program “Sound nation,” which        of Education. The gift was made
“I’ve enjoyed Avondale. It’s been    eral seasons at Avondale College.”   is to be completed soon. Pas-        in response to Rwanda’s Vision
such a big part of my life.” Sara    —Christel Price                      tor Paulsen assured Mr Vasiunyk      2020 program, which aims to
Tui Miles, who spent about 300                                            that his church wants people to      promote national development
hours editing the yearbook, said     ◆ The Seventh-day Adventist          be healthy, which is why he will     in technology through education.
the team dedicated Jacaranda         Church has committed to help-        cooperate with governments of        —Gleaner


                                                                                                                          November 29, 2008         5

    Fire destroys church hall                                                                        Tsunami-damaged
                                                                                                     clinic to be replaced
                                                                                                     DOVELE, SOLOMON ISLANDS

            olice are investigating the

            cause of a fire that de-                                                                               ork on the reconstruction of the
            stroyed the community                                                                                 Dovele Clinic, in the Western
            hall at the Echuca Ad-                                                                                Province of the Solomon Is-
    ventist church early on October                                                                               lands, has commenced as part
    29. Echuca Fire Brigade secre-                                                                   of the South Pacific Division’s “Adopt a
    tary Warren Dwyer said up to 20                                                                  clinic” program. The Erina, Narromine and
    members worked for more than                                                                     Tumberumba Adventist churches adopted
    four hours at the site.                                                                          the clinic, which was damaged in the earth-
       The hall was completely de- Detectives, Country Fire Authority members and church             quake and tsunami that struck the Solomon
                                             members inspect the remains of the church hall.
    stroyed but firefighters were                                                                    Islands in April, 2007.
    able to prevent the blaze spreading to the type noises.                                             To date, more than $A32,000 has been
    church building and house at the back of        The building was insured and he says the         raised for the clinic, with local people rais-
    the property.                                church is committed to rebuilding it. Prior         ing $A2000. Some of the manual work of
       Country Fire Authority and Victoria to its destruction, the hall had been used                demolishing the existing buildings and clear-
    Police investigators who worked in the for social functions and lunches following                ing land was completed by local church and
    remains of the building following the 3 am church. All of the hall’s contents were de-           community members.
    fire were unable to find its cause and placed stroyed in the fire, including a piano that              Representatives from the three churches,
    the scene under guard. Police believe the had survived the previous church building              the division, Solomon Islands Mission and
    fire may be linked to other deliberately-lit burning down around 35 years ago.                    members of the Adventist church and clinic
    fires in the area.                               Pastor Ansell’s wife, Rosemary, says of          at Dovele formed a committee, which has
       Church pastor Peter Ansell said he was the fire, “It’s one of those things that happen         helped provide direction to the project.
    “shocked” by the fire and was “pretty sur- and we’re just dealing with it as it comes.”              A “fly ’n’ build” team from Australia
    prised” to have police knock on his door She also expressed gratitude to the Echuca              will visit Dovele to work with the people
    at 4 am in the morning.                      Salvation Army for making its hall avail-           to complete the building in the near fu-
       Former pastor Lyman Ritchie and his able for the graduation dinner for people                 ture, and local people are already work-
    wife live opposite the church, where he who had recently completed the Coronary                  ing on making bricks at the site. The first
    had worked for 20 years. He was one of the Health Improvement Project, conducted by              shipment of building material left Honiara
    first people to call the emergency services the church.—Riverina Herald/Australian                in the first week of November.—Barry
    after being woken up by loud explosion- Broadcasting Corporation                                 Chapman/Leon Hilder

    ◆ Seventh-day Adventist Church       23 countries in the region. A       Puerto Ricans who support the       for gas, bus and train stations.
    leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa        year-end leadership meeting in      campaign. In addition, church       The law will come into effect in
    were counselled and tested for       Johannesburg devoted a full day     members are promoting aware-        2009.—ANN
    HIV on November 2, in a public       of its six-day agenda to discuss    ness in public schools, and have
    statement that the HIV/AIDS          ways to address the HIV/AIDS        distributed thousands of mag-       ◆ A council has banned its employ-
    pandemic requires practical          issue, which affects nearly every   azines promoting family and         ees from using the phrase “sing-
    attention in the community. “It’s    family in the region.—ANN           respect.—Gleaner                    ing from the same hymn sheet”
    good to know my status,” said                                                                                in case it upsets atheists. Salis-
    Paul Ratsara, president of the       ◆ Hundreds of Seventh-day           ◆ The Croatian Parliament           bury council in England, UK, has
    Southern Africa-Indian Ocean         Adventists in Puerto Rico are       passed a ruling to close the        told employees that the religious
    Division. Saying he wanted to        expressing concern over the         nation’s stores on Sundays. This    connotations of the saying could
    do his part in stamping out HIV/     steady rise in violence against     decision comes after heavy lob-     offend non-believers, reports the
    AIDS, Pastor Ratsara was joined      women, children and the eld-        bying from the Roman Catholic       Daily Telegraph. Officials have also
    by his wife, Denise, for a private   erly. Demonstrators recently        Church, whose members make          been told not to use the phrase
    and voluntary counselling and        carried a 182-metre long ban-       up 90 per cent of Croatia’s reli-   “colour blind” but instead, to refer
    testing session, and was one         ner through the streets of San      gious population. Certain excep-    to ‘colour visual impairment.”
    of the 54 leaders representing       Juan, with handprints of 7500       tions to the law will be made       —Ananova


6   November 29, 2008

Offering to extend “Hope” in                                                                        Women winners of
                                                                                                    academic awards
Fiji and Samoa                                                                                      COORANBONG, NEW SOUTH WALES

WAHROONGA, NEW SOUTH WALES                                                                                  record number of female theology
                                                                                                            students won awards at the aca-

       he mission extension offering on De-                                                                 demic awards forum on Avondale
       cember 6 this year will extend media                                                                 College’s Lake Macquarie campus
       ministry in Fiji and Samoa through                                                           on November 5.
       Hope Radio FM and Hope Chan-                                                                    Janet Augustinsen, Kelly Fry, Lyndelle
nel TV.                                                                                             Knight and Emma Weslake joined 14 other
   Previous mission extension offerings given                                                       female students on stage in Avondale College
to the Trans-Pacific Union Mission have                                                              Adventist church as recipients of awards
been directed to providing Bible studies and                                                        ranging in value from $A100 to $A1200.
evangelism series in local languages, building                                                         Ms Augustinsen received $A100 as the
a house and transit facility in Tonga, building                                                     winner of the Elwin Currow Prize for New
fences and housing in Kiribati, renovating           The radio and television antennas used         Testament Apocalyptic, Ms Fry $A500 for
                                                       to broadcast Hope Channel in Fiji.
the youth campsite in Fiji, and providing a                                                         the Edna Ferris Heise Award of Excellence
generator for Aore High School.                   television ministry and producing Samo-           in Communication, and Ms Knight and Ms
   “These are all very worthwhile projects        an-language programs each year. From              Weslake $A1000 and $A500 each for shar-
that help to extend the mission activity of       this ministry has grown a number of small         ing the Arthur Ferch Prize for Hebrew
the Adventist Church,” says Pastor Ray            groups, and members of these small groups         Studies and the Clifford Anderson Bursary
Coombe, director of Adventist Mission for         have been baptised and joined the Vailele         Award of Excellence respectively with male
the South Pacific Division. “But the exten-        Adventist church.”                                classmates.
sion of Hope Radio FM to the internet and            Literature evangelist unit leader in Samoa        “Female theology students come with a
development of a production studio in Fiji,       Nese Suisala says, “Since the operation of        keen sense of calling to pastoral ministry
along with the uplink of Hope Channel in          Hope Channel in Samoa, there has never            and a determination to serve God as His
Apia, Samoa, is real evangelism that will         been a time that our publications have been       ministers,” says one of the presenters, Ca-
touch the lives of many. It’ll result in hun-     more readily accepted. Many customers we          role Ferch-Johnson, associate to the Minis-
dreds of new interests joining the church         meet express appreciation for the work of         terial Association for the Australian Union
in the Pacific.”                                   Hope Channel.”                                    Conference.
   In 2007, the mission extension offering           Pastor Coombe says, “In Suva, Fiji, Hope          They currently make up only 25 per cent
collected in the SPD totalled $A142,000 and       Radio FM has been a great witness in the          of enrolment in the Faculty of Theology.
was directed to funding the transmission of       community and reaches within prison               “Their involvement in ministry will change
Hope Channel television to the city of Lae        walls.” This has resulted in a number of          the face of local churches,” says Theol-
in Papua New Guinea. “Now, on December            baptisms. The mission extension offering          ogy department dean Dr Ray Roennfeldt.
6, we have the opportunity to extend God’s        this year will also provide funds to enable the   “However, there is still much to do in break-
kingdom through media ministry to Fiji            Fiji Mission to develop a production studio       ing down prejudice, interpreting Scripture
and Samoa,” says Pastor Coombe.                   for Hope TV, which they wish to broadcast         responsibly and in providing support for
   Earlier this year, the 24-metre satellite      as a local channel.                               women in ministry.”—Brenton Stacey
dish that downlinks the Hope Channel for             “Media evangelism is the way to go,” says                 More @ www.avondale.edu.au
local broadcasting was dropped and dam-           Pastor Wame Sausau, general secretary of
aged while being cleaned, and now needs           the Fiji Mission. “After 117 years of the Ad-
to be repaired and reinstalled.                   ventist Church’s presence in Fiji, Adventists
   Pastor Coombe says, “The church has            make up less than four per cent of the popu-
been offered the use of the equipment and         lation. How else can we reach the others?
facilities of Samoa’s TV2—a station that          Radio and television are just beginning to
closed down last year. There’s obviously          scratch the surface for us and the responses
a large cost involved but it would provide        we’ve received so far indicate this is the most
the opportunity of broadcasting Hope              effective way to reach people at this time.”
                                                                                                       Avondale College Theology students
Channel programs to the whole Samoan              —Ray Coombe/RECORD staff                              Lyndelle Knight, Janet Augustinsen,
community.”                                         The mission extension offering will be           Emma Weslake and Kelly Fry each won an
   He adds, “The Ryan family in Apia have                collected in churches next week              academic award. They are pictured with
spent thousands of dollars supporting this                                 (December 6).              Carole-Ferch Johnson (second from left).

                                                                                                                           November 29, 2008        7

    Lost 4
    Found 3

           elling a story is one of the best
           ways of conveying a message. But
           saying the same thing in a series of
           different stories can either be mo-
    notonous, or add emphasis and depth. In
    Jewish oral and written history, a storytell-
    ing device called parallelism was employed
    to repeat the message in two different ways.
    Jesus understood this tradition and used
    both in the familiar parable of Luke 15 to
    tell the salvation story.
       The Pharisees and the teachers of the
    law ridiculed Jesus’ association with pub-

    licans and sinners (see Luke 15:1, 2). In the
    thinking of these religious people, the sin-
    ners and publicans were regarded as out-
    side the covenant community. They were
    the backsliders—regarded as “lost.” The
    Pharisees and teachers of the law were the      the following celebrations.                      with our personal, family and business
    proud religionists, applying civil, religious      Jesus did not tell the listeners how the      concerns—which are very important to
    laws and truths in the minute details of        sheep was lost. Most listeners knew how          our livelihood—we may unintentionally
    life. Jesus responded to the behaviour of       it was lost. There are perhaps three sug-        lose our footing; forgetting to pray, do
    the Pharisees and the teachers of the law       gestions. First, a shepherd may have for-        Bible study or share Jesus with those who
    by telling them a parable.                      gotten an abandoned cistern during pad-          cross our path.
       Luke, like many Bible writers, did not       dock rotation. Grass might have grown,             Neglecting to spend quality time with
    provide headings like, “The parable of          covering the hole. The shepherd leads            and for Jesus can lead us to become unin-
    the lost sheep,” “The lost coin” and “The       the flock back to this paddock and leaves         tentionally lost. The Day of Atonement
    prodigal son.” Punctuation and section          them to graze. While grazing on this fresh       in the Old Testament was vital for those
    headings were added later for our use.          grass, one sheep accidentally falls into the     unintentional sins, just as the cross is for
    But Jesus told them one parable about the       old cistern.                                     us: “[Christ] was delivered over to death
    lost (see Luke 15:3). In the parable, He           Another possibility would be while graz-      for our sins and was raised to life for our
    described four types of lostness in three       ing along a cliff, a sheep loses its footing     justification” (Romans 4:25*). As in the
    different stories.                              and falls, perhaps becoming trapped. One         story Jesus told, we are found.
                                                    additional explanation might be an attack
    Unintentionally lost                            by wild animals. While the shepherd fights        Carelessly lost
    (see Luke 15: 4-7)                              to defend the flock, some animals run in          (see Luke 14: 8-10)
      The first story of the parable—“The lost       terror and one is lost. So it seems this story     Jesus illustrated the second lostness with
    sheep”—clearly indicates that Jesus’ audi-      illustrates one unintentionally lost.            a woman losing a coin. In those days, coins
    ence knew about sheep and shepherding.             Adam and Eve did not plan for our             were part of a woman’s dowry when she
    He described the shepherd’s realisation         world to be in this chaotic situation. While     was betrothed and married.1 The coin was
    and concern for the lost sheep, how hard        they made a choice, the results were un-         valuable to her because it was a visible sign
    he searched to finally find the sheep and         intentional. Similarly, when we are busy         of her engagement and marriage.

8   November 29, 2008
   Again, there are three suggestions as to       He is miserable, wretched and poor. He           like heart to put rhetoric into practice.
how the coin might have been lost. For-           is treated like an animal: “His poor con-
getfulness is one common way a coin can           dition and guilt exposed his longing for         Kinds of lost
be lost. Or when putting the coin in a bag        grace.”3 The boy comes to his senses and            When all four types of “losts” are put
or pocket that has holes, it falls out. Lastly,   starts for home.                                 together, we find that the unintentionally
when pulling something out of a purse or             People leave God and the church for a va-     lost sheep and the intentionally lost prodigal
bag, the coin could slip out without notice.      riety of reasons. Some leave for business or     son were out in the wild. This represented
The money is lost through carelessness.           marital reasons, while others compare the        the tax collectors and sinners outside the
   Interestingly, this second story focuses       church with worldly things in terms of its       covenant community. The carelessly lost
not on a shepherd but on a woman seeking          temporary benefits. Others just want to try       coin and stubbornly lost older son were
the lost coin. In the Bible, a woman often        a change of lifestyle. Whatever the reason,      lost inside. The Pharisee and the teachers
represents the church (see, for example, 2        they make a conscious choice to depart from      of the law thought they were doing the
Corinthians 11:2). When Adam and Eve              God and become lost intentionally.               right thing but were lost inside the church:
fell into sin, God established the church as         Matthew, who tried to become wealthy          “You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth
His agent to seek the lost.2                      through collecting taxes, reports Jesus’         and do not need a thing.’ But you do not
   There are people in the church who are         words: “What good will it be for a man if        realise that you are wretched, pitiful, poor,
lost because of carelessness. Backbiting is       he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his       blind and naked” (Revelation 3:17). We are
a pest that distances members. People fear        soul?” (Matthew 16:26). Like Adam and            warned not to be wise in our own eyes (see
criticism and do not want to participate.         Eve, the beginning of evil will appear at-       Proverbs 3:7).
Some people avoid responsibilities, and           tractive: “There is a way that seems right          Any lostness is a tragedy but perhaps
relationships without responsibilities can        to a man but in the end it leads to death”       the most dangerously lost is the one inside
be a sign of “lostness.”                          (Proverbs 14:12).                                the covenant community, when those who
   Too many members are “missing” but we             “Choosing to be lost is even more unbe-       claim to be in the light neglect the respon-
sometimes show little concern and forget to       lievable when we consider the depths Jesus       sibilities of faith.
pray for them. Some do not feel accepted          went to save us.”4 We need to heed the Holy         The lost sheep, coin and younger son
but just hang on because of the strength of       Spirit’s conviction and make a move back         were found and the stories end with cel-
their belief. Church membership may be            to God. The father’s run to welcome his          ebrations. But the tragedy at the end of the
fragmented and nothing holds them to-             son back home is an expression of God in         parable is that the older brother remains
gether. Where there is an absence of love,        a hurry to save us when we return.               outside the party.
the church suffers. Before a church becomes                                                           These four types of “lost” remind us that
an evangelistic force, it must first see the       Stubbornly lost                                  a broken relationship with God means we
evangelistic field within. The experiences         (see Luke 15: 25-32)                             are lost. All of us are, or have been, in one
we have in helping each other enables us             The behaviour of the older son reveals to     of these “lost” situations. But there is good
to tell others about Jesus.                       us the fourth type of lost. The lost sheep and   news: “For the Son of Man came to seek and
   This story reveals a relationship broken       the son knew they were lost. The older son       to save what was lost” (Luke 19:10). “And
through carelessness in the covenant fam-         did not. He resented that his father showed      grace declares that we are still God’s pride
ily. The good news is the coin is found and       love to his brother, who had squandered          and joy.”5 We are in the capable hands of
the relationship is restored.                     his wealth. He laboured with an anticipa-        our Master shepherd and the loving arms
                                                  tion of payment. He did not realise that         of the Father. In our lost condition, He is
Intentionally lost                                rewards are the result of love. His labour       mighty and can save us. He says, “My grace
(see Luke 15: 11-24)                              was an obedience lacking in love.                is sufficient for you, for my power is made
   The third story in the parable is about a         So he refused to participate in the feast     perfect is weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).
young man who decides to break free from          and share in its happiness. He hated the         What a Saviour! R
the “chains” of labour, parental control,         behaviour of his father. And the Phari-
and the cycle of family and farm life. He         sees and teachers of the law ridiculed the       *All Bible quotations are from the New International
wants something different, new, dynamic           behaviour Christ showed to sinners and
and exciting. He launches out to discover         publicans. Hatred and love never abide           1. Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, Vol
                                                                                                   5, page 817.
the world.                                        together. Inside the house, there was love
                                                                                                   2. Ellen White, Acts of the Apostles, page 9.
   He is lost because he left his family—the      at its best. Outside the house was hatred
source of love and care. He allows influ-          at its worst. The story finishes with these       3. Philip Yancey, What’s so Amazing About Grace?
                                                                                                   page 34.
ences from the outside world to control his       two extremes never agreeing. This is the
                                                                                                   4. Graeme Loftus, “The greatest story,” Signs of the Times,
life. He wastes his resources and strength        situation of the stubbornly lost.
                                                                                                   January–February 2006, page 40.
on things that do not benefit him.                    Without love, we are lost. A spirit of ex-
                                                                                                   5. Yancey, page 171.
   Escaping from labour suggests disobe-          clusiveness, self-righteousness and a disre-
dience or laziness. The irony is he finds          gard for our neighbours who do not know
himself slaving for another man. He started       Jesus is a recipe for stubbornness. We may            Andrew Opis writes from Millmerran,
out to glitterland and ended in a pigpen.         talk much about love but it takes a Christ-

                                                                                                                                 November 29, 2008               9


                  onder is a gift from God—a         will enter heaven hav-

                  tremendous gift given to us        ing never read a Bible
                  from the day we are born and       but rather, having be-
                  can be ours until the last day     held and found God in
     of our life on earth. The psalmist talks of     nature’s wonderland.
     “proclaiming aloud [God’s] praise and              A New England
     telling of all [God’s] wonderful deeds”         preacher, Phillip Brooks, was noted for         in his poem, he said: “Now, listen to this
     (Psalm 26:7*).                                  his poise and imperturbability, so when         thieving time, take what you must—/ My
        But most of us have to work to keep won-     one of his friends called one day to find        quickness to hear, to move, to see/ When
     der alive as the years pass by. We say, “I’ve   him pacing the floor, he inquired, “What’s       time is running thin, I understand, such
     done it all, seen it all” and, under the de-    the trouble?”                                   needs must be./ But please, leave exempt
     manding siege of daily existence, our vision       “The trouble is,” said Brooks, “I’m in a     for me/ My curiosity! My wonder!”
     of wonder and God’s goodness can slowly         hurry—but God isn’t.”                              The world will never starve for won-
     tarnish, shrivel and become blurred.               We speed up the maturing of our chil-        ders—only for want of wonder. Einstein
        I think the author of Proverbs had this      dren and, in the process, rob them of the       said, “The most beautiful thing we can ex-
     in mind when he said, “Where there is no        natural wonderment of childhood. Assimi-        perience is the mysteriousness of nature.”
     vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18,     lation of good is a slow process.               It is the source of all true science. Like the
     KJV). Thomas Carlyle understood the                A president of a large college was asked     Bible, we cannot understand all its mys-
     importance of wonder. He said, “The man         by a father if the course of study could be     teries but what is revealed is our hope and
     who cannot wonder (and in wonder is a           simplified to allow his son a shorter route.     wonder.
     type of worship) is but a pair of spectacles    “Certainly,” said the principal, “but it all       As David exclaimed, “I will remember
     with no eyes.”                                  depends what you want to make of your           the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remem-
        Do you remember the days of childhood,       boy. When God wants to make an oak              ber your miracles of long ago” (Psalm
     when each new discovery filled you with          tree, He takes 100 years. When He wants         77:11). Wonder has a fragrance about it.
     joy? It showed in your words and in your        to make a squash, He requires only three        The Bible doesn’t have a lot to say about
     eyes. Awhile ago, a mother sat with her         months.”                                        traffic jams—but it does speak positively
     four-year-old daughter on a bus. It was            In its wonderment, nature furnishes          about “Be still, and know that 1 am God”
     Christmas time. The little girl pressed her     abundant hints that the mad pace of today       (Psalm 46:10). In “stillness” and “won-
     face to the window in utter fascination,        is unnatural. But wonder also produces          derment,” we come into the company of
     turning to her mother again and again with      humility! Mary was deeply troubled by           our Maker.
     excited cries. “Look, Mummy, a Christmas        Gabriel’s message about the pregnancy.             Keep your “wonder” as long as life lasts.
     tree.” “Look, Mummy there’s Santa ringing       “How can this be?” she asked (see Luke          And I am certain that in the life to come,
     a bell!” “Look, Mummy—quick—there’s             1:34). She couldn’t understand what was         the wonder of it all shall be among the
     baby Jesus in a manger.”                        taking place but her profound sense of          greatest praises the redeemed shall sing in
        This continued as the bus swept past rows    wonder moved her to say, “My soul mag-          that land that “No eye has seen, no ear has
     of shops, until the mother looked over at       nifies the Lord.”                                heard, no mind has conceived what God
     me and said, apologetically, “You’ll have to       Life is lit by mysteries we can’t explain.   has prepared for those who love him” (1
     excuse her for all the commotion. She still     There is so much we can accept in nature        Corinthians 2:9). R
     thinks everything is wonderful!”                and life without completely understanding
        “That’s OK,” I laughed, “so do I.”           it. Wonder produces honest humility that        *Unless otherwise indicated, Bible quotations are from
                                                                                                     the New International Version.
        Wonder restores the clarity of our vision    frees us to serve God.
     when everything looks hopeless. It opens           Mark Howe thought we could safely let
     the soul’s eye. No wonder nature is God’s       everything else go in life, if we continue                        Enid Botting writes from
     second Bible. We are told that some people      to keep our capacity for wonder intact. So                  Cooranbong, New South Wales.

10   November 29, 2008

Visiting Quirindi                                                    Hi kids!
BY PEEMPAHN HENLEY                                                   God had shown Joseph, through
                                                                     Pharaoh’s dreams, that Egypt was

     ared and I drove in the driveway to see three cars park-        in for seven years of abundance,
     ing in the Adventist church’s car park in the small New         followed by seven years of famine.
     South Wales town of Quirindi. We had arrived in time for        What did Joseph suggest that
     the Sabbath school lesson and the adults were meeting in the    would make sure Egypt survived
church, so we checked in the back for a children’s class for our     the famine?
two-year-old son. The place was set up as a dining place in the
                                    older half, and the new half
                                    of the building had two tables   “And now let         look for a
                                    with a few chairs.               and        man and put him in                    of the
                                       There, we met a woman with    land of       .” Genesis 41:33, NIV
                                    two teenagers. She explained
                                    there had been no children at    Word Puzzle
                                    the church for quite awhile.      Pharaoh took Joseph’s advice and chose a
                                    But she rummaged through            wise man to take care of all the plans.
                                          the cupboard and found       He chose Joseph! Pharaoh gave Joseph his
                                          some flannels and a box      signet ring, put fine clothes on him and a
                                          of farm animals. Joshua      gold chain around his neck. He even gave
                                          had fun with them.           Joseph a new name. Colour in the letters
                                             During the follow-       that have a dot on them to discover what
                                          ing worship service, I
                                                                                Joseph’s new name was.
                                          was touched to the point

                                                                       Z NPH C
                                          of tears as we sang the
                                          hymns with the small
                                          congregation, 18 of them
                                          in all. The old organ
                                                                     ER A    CN
                                                                     AKNBG RD
                                          made music as sweet as

                                          the grand piped one we
had seen in St Peter’s Cathedral in Armidale. The service was
lovely and toward the end, everybody added their thoughts and
comments in a friendly way.
   After the service, we approached two sisters—one in her 80s.
She had gone to school in the “kitchen” building when it was just    J   S
                                                                      NAL OHLR
a square room. They knew Jared’s great aunt, who had lived in
Quirindi for many years, and that formed a tie between us.           Word Search
   We were told the new wing was added to the building so they
would have room to reach out to the community. A man by the          D E W A B U N D A N C E E G L X
name of Bill built the wing by himself and had been a faithful       M A G      I   C   I   A N S   J   S G J      P Y P
member of the church until he died recently of cancer—another
hero who gave his all for Christ.                                     I   R B U S R C E D M S R O H F A
   One woman apologised to us because they didn’t have lunch         A E    I   T D E E H A O G O S A A                    L
that week. Another invited us to move to Quirindi because they       P G S N V A M E A R L E E R M A
needed members with young children to keep the church alive. So
after all the chats, hugs and kisses, they sent us away with God’s   L Y H B G          I   R E K   I   B   J   P A    I   C
blessings on our journey around Australia.                           O P    Z S C D         I   D N O N Y H O N E
   Please pray that God will guide and bless the church in Quir-     C T    Z X     I   N T E R P R E           T H E M
indi as they reach out to the community. R
                                                                     Find these words in the puzzle above:
More @ http://quirindi.adventist.org.au
                                                                      JOSEPH, PHARAOH, DREAMS, INTERPRET,
                                                                     MAGICIANS, WISEMEN, PALACE, ABUNDANCE,
         Peempahn Henley (pictured centre) is from Sydney but is
            currently travelling around Australia with her family.
                                                                        FAMINE, EGYPT, RING, ROBES, CHAIN

                                                                                                            November 29, 2008   11
                                                     surance of salvation the moment they be-        whether in the local church, conference,
     The prayer of justice                           lieve in and accept Jesus. This is because
                                                     Jesus has paid for their sins and credits
                                                                                                     union or division and, perhaps, even the
                                                                                                     General Conference, people remain there
     JOY BUTLER, KENYA                               them with His perfect righteousness that        too long. And they become stale, rusty and
        In response to “Another prayer key,”         meets the requirements of God’s holy law        out of touch. Worse, they expect to continue
     (Letters, September 27), I firmly believe        (see Romans 3:22-26; 4:3-6; 8:1; 1 John         there as of right.
     prayer—personally and corporately—              5:11-13, John 5:24). If it’s the latter, be-      Maybe the US political system has some-
     leads to action and positive responses to       lievers don’t have assurance of salvation       thing to teach us and that serving terms
     the “poor, oppressed and afflicted” in our       until they are made perfect in glorifica-        should be restricted to three or four years,
     midst. Without communion and fellowship         tion. This makes salvation depend on the        with the right of being voted in again being
     with the Creator who designed this, we will     change in our lives, which is a subtle form     restricted to two terms.
     not be impressed or care about those less       of legalism.                                      One may enter administration with the
     fortunate than ourselves. Many of us will
     remain proud and self-satisfied but really                          The choice of which view
     be “poor, miserable and naked.”
        Maybe this is one of the problems in our                        we follow is ours but let’s
     church today—we are so busy planning,
     preparing and talking between ourselves
                                                                          be honest about it.
     about it, we neglect to pray and ask God           The difference between the two views         best of intentions—as did Pastor Craw-
     to show us the way ahead. We then be-           is the understanding of sin. The former         ford—but, if honest, find they are not
     come immersed in our own constructions          sees sin as a tremendous evil, resulting        indispensible and quickly lose touch with
     of what we think is important and neglect       from the Fall, permeating every part of         the church. Having pastors as long-term
     to hear God’s still, small voice, impressing    our being and preventing us from per-           administrators means they are usually no
     and leading us to action.                       fectly keeping God’s law (see Ephesians         longer pastors—leading the flock—but
        One reason I now live in the centre of       2:1-3; Romans 3:10-20; 1 John 1:8). The         simply businessmen—running a church.
     the world—in Kenya, Africa—is because           latter limits the effect of the Fall and has       I’d like to see two things happen: (1)
     I believe in justice. Millions of people on     a weak view of sin, confining it to only         bring in new people halfway through a
     this continent still need to know justice and   conscious wrongdoing.                           term, or at the end of the first term, and
     righteousness. I am here because prayer,           While not all Protestant churches follow     train them; and (2) have all administrators
     personally and corporately, led me and          the former view today, it is the Protestant     retire at the end of their second term at the
     I’ve come to hopefully help make a small        view from the Reformation. And while            latest. Perhaps they could be re-elected after
     difference. Please join with me in prayer       not all Catholics are legalists—many are        a term’s break.
     to see this happen.                             beautiful, born-again Christians—the lat-
                                                     ter view is still the official Catholic teach-

     Understanding sin
                                                     ing from the Council of Trent.
                                                        The choice of which view we follow is
                                                                                                     “Kitchen” applauded
                                                     ours but let’s be honest about it.              KRISTINE STAHL, SA
     ERROL WEBSTER, NSW                                                                                 I am excited about the new cafe in Bris-
       The central issue in salvation is not                                                         bane, Kitchen Sanitarium (“In Sanitarium’s
     whether God wants to make us righteous
     (“The real difference?” Letters, October
                                                     Terms of leadership                             Kitchen,” Feature, November 1). I always
                                                                                                     believed this type of venture would have
     25). Of course He does! The process of          DARYL MARTIN, NSW                               a positive impact—and why not? People
     making us righteous is the work of the             In the February 2007 issue of Ministry       are more aware today of the impact diet
     Holy Spirit, culminating in glorification        magazine, I read the following headings         has on their health.
     when the last vestiges of sin are removed       in an article written by Pastor Ken Craw-          I applaud Kitchen Sanitarium and would
     from our nature. Only sinless, perfect peo-     ford, then-president of the Alaskan Con-        like to see this duplicated in every major
     ple will go to heaven (see 1 Corinthians        ference: “I no longer study as deeply as I      city in Australia. What better way to ad-
     13:9-10; 15:51-57).                             did as a pastor. I am losing the ability to     vertise and share our wonderful health
       The central issue is on what basis does       preach. I am growing out of touch with          message?
     God save sinners—who deserve only               the spiritual heart of the people. I find
     death—and declare them righteous? Is it         it much more of a challenge to build an         Note: Views in Letters do not necessarily represent
     on the basis of the finished work of Jesus       evangelistic base. I sense a change in my       those of the editors or the denomination. Letters
                                                                                                     should be less than 250 words, and writers must
     on the cross (see John 19:30)? Or is it on      cognitive thinking.”
                                                                                                     include their name, address and phone number. All
     the basis of the ongoing work of the Holy          These comments were made after only          letters are edited to meet space and literary require-
     Spirit changing the life, culminating in        two years in his current position as presi-     ments, but the author’s original meaning will not be
     glorification?                                   dent. Yet many administrators serve for         changed. Not all letters received are published. See
       If it’s the former, believers have full as-   decades. It seems to me that too often,         masthead (page 2) for contact details.

12   November 29, 2008
                      Positions vacant                                                          ▲ Hope Channel Director—Adventist Media Network (Wahroonga, NSW). This full-
                                                                                                time position is an important part of the church structure and the applicant will work
                                                                                                throughout the South Pacific Division (including the Pacific islands), developing
▲ Webmaster—Avondale College (Cooranbong, NSW) requires a suitably-skilled                      programs and managing Hope Channel TV and Radio. The position also involves
webmaster to take responsibility for extending the provision of web-based services              a two-year project as manager of the new Search DVD series (undertaken concur-
for internal and external stakeholders of the college. In addition, the opportu-                rently with the management of Hope Channel). The successful applicant will ideally
nity to teach within the IT Faculty exists for suitably qualified and experienced                be details oriented, well organised and able to meet deadlines; able to provide creative
candidates. They will report to the Chief Information Officer. For the selection                 and strategic concept development; have technical skills to facilitate the development
criteria of the above position, please visit <www.avondale.edu.au>. Applications                of Hope TV and Radio infrastructure; be skilled at relationship building (between
addressing the selection criteria, with contact details of at least three referees,             a range of church entities and AMN personnel); have a passion for evangelism and
should be emailed to <employment@avondale.edu.au> or write to HR Officer,                        sharing Jesus; have communication and leadership skills; and be able to share the vi-
Avondale College, PO Box 19, Cooranbong NSW 2265, (02) 4980 2284. Applica-                      sion of Hope Channel. Applications close January 9, 2009.
tions close December 2, 2008.
                                                                                                ▲ Production Manager and Senior Producer/Director—Adventist Media Network
▲ Financial Controller—Adventist Residential Care (WA) is seeking a suitably-qualified           (Wahroonga, NSW) is seeking a full-time production manager and a senior pro-
person with a strong accounting background. The successful applicant will provide fi-            ducer/director for its Video Production department. Experience in managing a
nancial leadership and management of day-to-day accounting duties. Their primary role           production team in an environment with tight deadlines is highly desirable. The
will be ensuring adequate budgetary preparation and attentive economic management               successful applicant will ideally have skills and experience in consulting with cus-
to meet company needs.                                                                          tomers; management of all aspects of production; hands-on experience in video
                                                                                                production, including camera, edit, multi camera, studio lighting, sound, studio
▲ Catering Manager—Adventist Residential Care Rossmoyne (WA) is seeking a suitably-             floor management, DVD authoring, Final Cut Studio, and associated hardware and
qualified and experienced catering manager. This full-time position primarily includes           software; video technical skills and fault finding, equipment specification, routine
menu planning, supply ordering, food preparation, budget control and staff management.          maintenance; and administration of a production department, including budgeting.
The successful applicant will have a background in professional catering with supervisory       Applications close January 9, 2009.
experience. ARC predominately offers vegetarian meals. Above Award rates offered.
                                                                                                For further information, contact Kalvin Dever on (02) 9847 2222 or email <kalvin@ad-
For job descriptions or applications, contact Gary Blagden, Chief Executive Officer, Advent-     ventistmedia.org.au>. Applications in writing should be forwarded to Kalvin Dever, Op-
ist Residential Care, 31 Webb Street, Rossmoyne WA 6148. Email <garyblagden@adventist.          erations Manager, Adventist Media Network, PO Box 1115 Wahroonga NSW 2076.
org.au> or phone (08) 9354 4133. Applications close December 1, 2008.
                                                                                                ▲ Shift Engineer Fitter/Machinist—Sanitarium Health Food Company (Moorooka, Qld)
▲ Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Nursing (Part time)—Avondale College (Sydney Cam-                 is seeking a fitter/machinist with a strong work ethic and commitment to achieve
pus) seeks to appoint a part-time (22 hrs/week) lecturer/senior lecturer in nursing,            production goals. The successful applicant will have a fitting/turning trade certificate,
who will be required to undertake teaching and research in nursing and health to                a boiler attendance certificate, a forklift licence (desirable), and a first aid and CPR
commence January 2009. The successful applicant should be a registered nurse,                   certificate (desirable). They should have fitting and machining skills, be able to read,
with a higher degree and a record of successful recent teaching experience in higher            modify and develop mechanical drawings, fault find, service food machinery and
education or clinical nursing. A doctoral qualification will be highly regarded.The              equipment, understand OH and S, and have oral and written communication skills.
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer will report to the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and                  They may be required to work a reasonable amount of overtime, shift work, week-
Health. For more information, contact Dr Paul Race, <paul.race@avondale.edu.                    ends and nights on a rostered basis, and must be able to work in a team. Apply online
au> (02) 9487 9630. Applications addressing the selection criteria, with contact de-            at <www.sanitarium.com.au/company/employment.html> or send resume to
tails of at least three referees, should be emailed to <employment@avondale.edu.                Group Human Resources, Sanitarium Health Food Company, Locked Bag 7,
au> or HR Officer, Avondale College, PO Box 19, Cooranbong NSW 2265, (02)                        Central Coast Mail Centre NSW 2252. Applications close January 9, 2009.
4980 2284. Applications close December 2, 2008.
                                                                                                               For more employment options go to
▲ Positions—Karalundi Aboriginal Education Community Inc (Meekatharra, WA).
Male and female dorm supervisors—4 positions (1 immediately); manual arts
teacher—woodwork (0.5 FTE)/general maintenance (0.5 FTE); motor mechanic
teacher (0.5 FTE)/general maintenance (0.5 FTE); secondary teachers—boys and
                                                                                              Anniversaries                                         Volunteers!
girls (2 positions); sport and recreation officer, able to qualify as pool manager             Shinn, Kevin and Wilma, celebrated 60             Volunteer teachers—Tonga. Beulah
(available now); and primary teacher. Karalundi is an independent, SDA-affiliated              years of happy marriage on 28.10.08. Cur-         Adventist College requires an English
boarding facility, catering for Indigenous students from K to 12. It is situated 55           rently living on the Gold Coast, they met         teacher for Forms 4 to 6 and a comput-
kilometres north of Meekatharra in central WA. Salary package includes subsidised             with their original “bridal party,” Noreen        ing teacher for Forms 4 to 6. Mizpah
housing with salary sacrifice. For more information, visit <www.karalundi.wa.edu.              Weslake (now Knight) and brother, Don             Adventist High School requires a Sci-
au> or contact the CEO or principal on (08) 9981 2000, or email <ceo@karalundi.               Johanson. Both were born in the church            ence and Maths teacher for Form 5.
wa.edu.au>. Your CV with three work-related references should be sent to The                  circle and have remained staunch mem-
CEO, PMB 6, Meekatharra, WA 6642. Australian residents only. Applications                     bers. The couple met in New Zealand                              Email:
close December 31, 2008.                                                                      but Wilma returned to Sydney where her              <volunteers@adventist.org.au>
                                                                                                                                                For more positions, check the web on
▲ ICT Support Technician—Macquarie College (Wallsend, NSW). For job de-                                                                           <www.adventistvolunteers.org>
scriptions and application process, please email <kasher@macquariecollege.nsw.
edu.au>. Successful applicants (only) will be notified within one month and will                                                                 +61 2 9847 3275
be required to undertake a Working with Children Check. Applications in writ-
ing to: The Principal, Macquarie College, PO Box 517, Wallsend NSW 2287 or
email <kasher@macquariecollege.nsw.edu.au>. Applications close December
3, 2008.

▲ Receptionist—New Zealand Pacific Union Conference (Manukau City, NZ) is seek-
ing applications for the position of a full-time receptionist in Manukau, starting            father, Bertram Johanson, was General
immediately. Successful applicants should be familiar with PABX phone systems                 Manager of the Sanitarium Health Food           Bell—Webb. Geoffrey Bell, son of Christo-
and confident with the computer. It would be an advantage to have experience                   Company (SHF). Kelvin attended Long-            pher and Suzanne (deceased) Bell (ACT),
with Outlook and computerised phone systems, and they should also have had                    burn College, undertaking a business            and Alysha Webb, daughter of Peter and
secretarial or website experience, as this role provides secretarial support and is           course, and Wilma also followed business        Carolyn Webb (Kenwick, WA), were mar-
responsible for our website. For further information or to apply, please contact              training and worked at the SHF office in         ried on 19.10.08 at Kings Park, Perth.
the Secretary-Treasurer, NZPUC, Private Bag 76 900, Manukau City or email                     Christchurch. Kelvin managed the SHF                                         Gervais Cangy
<plynch@adventist.org.nz>.                                                                    retail shops for many years. Wilma regu-
                                                                                              larly gives Bible instruction in various        Bond—Dunstan. Jeremy Thomas Bond, son
▲ Caretaker—Broome church (WA) is looking for a caretaker for the church                      non-Adventist schools. Both actively swim       of Royce and Karen Bond, and Amy Joy
property in a volunteer position from January 2009. Will be provided with a                   and play tennis several times a week, and       Dunstan, daughter of Syd and Nola Dun-
one-bedroom caretaker’s flat, free rent, water and electricity. Contact Chris                 their lovely home in the hills overlooking      stan, were married on 5.10.08 in the Capri-
Cavilla on 0439 920 250 or email <christopher.cavilla@bigpond.com>.                           the coast (replete with magpies, kangaroos      corn Rydges Chapel, Yeppoon, Qld.
                                                                                              and cockatoos) keeps them busy.                                             Alvin Coltheart

                                                                                                                                                             November 29, 2008              13
     Lawrence—Reed. Allan Lawrence, son               is survived by his parents, John and Noemi,       school principal or local mission presi-          ceased her in 1986. She is survived by three
     of Eric and Judy Lawrence (Narromine,            from Bendigo church (Vic); and his sisters,       dent. He tragically lost his wife and sons        of her six children, Doreen Hannam, Gra-
     NSW), and Elizabeth Reed, daughter of            Rebecca and Christina (Brisbane, Qld). He         in a mission boat accident. Only he and           ham and Brian. For over 55 years, Ethel was
     Bernie and Marilyn Reed (Bourke), were           joined the army in 2006 and completed             his baby son, Lester, survived. After two         a faithful member of the Timaru church,
     married on 5.10.08 at Grassy Head Beach,         the Royal Engineers training in early 2007.       years with the WA Conference as a pas-            NZ, and attended until a few weeks before
     Stuarts Point.               Sid Griffith         Paul-Michael moved from his Townsville            tor and speaker on the radio program              her death. Ethel now awaits the call of the
                                                      posting to WA to work in the construction         “Midday Meditations,” Ern remarried               Saviour, whom she loved. Jason Hankinson
     Lewis—Bongado. John Lewis, son of Peter          industry. He loved life, loved all people and     and returned to the mission field. From
     Lewis (deceased) and Pam Ashworth, and           was generous to friends and strangers alike.      1970 to his retirement in 1985, he served         Stott, Albert Henry (Bert), born 31.7.1938
     Marife Bongado, daughter of Max (de-             “Now, he lives in the hearts of all those he      as liason officer for the development of           in Brisbane, Qld; died 21.10.08 in Brisbane.
     ceased) and Esther Bongado, were mar-            touched.”                          Bud Beaty      the Auckland Adventist Hospital, Stew-            He is survived by his wife, Lyn (Fairfield),
     ried on 12.10.08 in Wistow church, SA.                                                             ardship director of TTUC, president of            whom he married in 1996; his sister, Dorothy
     Marife is a former medical missionary            East, David John, born 15.8.1951 in Syd-          SQLD Conference and Stewardship di-               (Acacia Ridge); his brother, Robert (Home
     with the Sulads Adventist Mission to Ani-        ney, NSW; died unexpectedly 12.10.08              rector for the SPD. Following retirement,         Hill); his children, Cole (Inala), Ted (Toow-
     mists in the southern Philippines.               in Dubbo Base Hospital. On 19.3.06, he            1985 to 1991 saw him as a volunteer direc-        oomba); his stepchildren, Tony and Shannon
                                   John Lewis         married Ingrid van der Spek in Penrith            tor for Christian Services for the Blind          Hall (Caboolture); his 11 grandchildren, and
                                                      church. He is survived by his wife; his           and Hearing Impaired. Ern lived a very            several great-grandchildren. Bert and Lyn
     Masters—Nurrish. Luke Aubrey Masters,            mother, Jean; and his brother, Bill. Dave         fulfilling life, and even though suffering,        were first met by a literature evangelist, Gary
     son of Robert and Eleanor Masters (Co-           loved the Lord and his positive attitude          sadness and tragedy were involved, God            Carr, in 1996, and were married and baptised
     oranbong, NSW), and Jessica Erin Nurrish,        was an inspiration to all who knew him.           wonderfully blessed his ministry. Only            by Mike Brownhill a short time later. Bert’s
     daughter of Stephen and Janice Nurrish           A very special person who will be greatly         in God’s kingdom will we see the results          was a tough life and he was no stranger to
     (Cooranbong), were married on 11.10.08 in        missed.                     Mark Turner           of God’s powerful leading in the life of          tragedy. The good news is that he died in
     Morisset Hospital Chapel, Morisset.                                                                this dedicated servant. “He fought a good         Christ and his eternal life is going to be a
                                   Wayne French       Hebbard, Iris Edna (nee Findley), born            fight, he finished the course, he kept the          whole lot happier.
     Roan—Vivers. Jamie Dale Roan, son of             15.10.1926 in Sale, Vic; died 12.7.08 in Bris-    faith. Well done.”                                       Mike Brownhill, Gary Carr, Ted White
     Audrey and David Pierce (Melbourne, Vic),        bane, Qld. She married Phillip in 1947,                               Orm Speck, Neil Tyler,
     and Jillian Lee Vivers, daughter of Philip       and had 10 children. She is survived by her                                 Bob Possingham          Tweedale, Arthur Thomas, born in Brisbane,
     and Lesley Vivers (Newcastle, NSW), were         daughters, Kaylene, Leonie and Nerida; and                                                          Qld; died 23.7.08, aged 86 years. He was a
     married on 12.10.08 in St Patricks, Nulkaba,     her sons, Trevor, Stephen, Ian, Andrew and        Lyne, May (nee Spruce), born 2.2.1916; died       member of the Beaudesert church, where a
     Cessnock.                     Wayne French       Keith, who all came to spend time with her        26.9.08 at the Adventist Retirement Village,      memorial service was held on 15.11.08. Alive
                                                      before the end. Iris knew sorrow in her life.     Brisbane, Qld. May married Eric Lyne in           forever more, when Jesus comes.
     Sparke—Gates. Jarod Lee Sparke, son of           She lost two of her sons—Phillip, at age          Cooranbong, June 1936. Most of their mar-                                       David Reilly
     Kerry and Julie Sparke (Alstonville, NSW),       2 and Kenneth at 11. In 1977, her oldest          ried life was spent in the Newcastle area
     and Katrina Gates, daughter of David and         granddaughter died at age 6. Also in 1977,        until 1992, when they moved to Brisbane,
     Rebecca Gates (Tenessee, USA, ministering
     in South America), were married on 19.10.08
                                                      Iris herself suffered a serious car accident,
                                                      which left her in a coma for several months.
                                                                                                        where both their sons Brian and Gregory
                                                                                                        had settled. May moved to the ARV in 2003,
     on Moreton Island, Qld.                          Throughout all her difficulties, she main-         after Eric’s death. She was much loved by         Note: Neither the editor, Signs Publishing
                            Andre van Rensburg        tained a vibrant, positive attitude to life and   her family, and will be remembered fondly         Company, nor the Seventh-day Adventist
                                                      a spirit of praise to her Heavenly Father. Iris   as a wonderful Christian Nanna to her six         Church is responsible for the quality of goods
                                                      was much admired by the staff at the Bris-        grandchildren, and great-grandmother to           or services advertised. Publication does not
     Obituaries                                       bane ARV Hostel for her courageous “can
                                                      do” attitude to life, which continued to the
                                                                                                        their 10 children. The staff at ARV recall her
                                                                                                        endearing smile and her faithful Christian
                                                                                                                                                          indicate endorsement of a product or service.
                                                                                                                                                          Advertisements approved by the editor will
     Brown, Lorna Alice, born 11.11.1915 at Pros-     end.                  Judy Fua, Barry Crabtree    witness. May rests now till the morning.          be inserted at the following rates: first 30
     pect, SA; died 12.10.08 at Enfield. She is                                                                                             Judy Fua       words or less, $A55; each additional word,
     survived by her sister, Joyce Hopkins, and       Hill, Kay Florence (nee Polglaze), born                                                             $A2.20. For your advertisement to appear,
     brother-in-law, Ted Hopkins (Lyndoch); her       27.5.1950 in Melbourne, Vic; died 3.10.08 in      Mucha, Helena, born 23.2.1932 in Wisla,           payment must be enclosed. Classified ad-
     niece, Cecelia Hopkins, and nephew, Lance        Perth, WA. She is survived by her husband,        Poland; died 2.9.08 in Modbury Hospital,          vertisements in RECORD are available to
     Hopkins (Prospect); her nieces, Dakodah          Vivian; children, Craig and Joanne; her           Adelaide, SA. She is survived by her hus-         Seventh-day Adventist members, churches
     Hopkins and Jenista Drewer; and great-           mother; her brothers, John, Robert and Paul;      band, Edward; her sons and their wives,           and institutions only. See masthead (page 2)
     nephew, Clifford Drewer. She was a caring        and her grandson. Suffering illness for some      Czes and Janene, and Mark and Shelley;            for contact details.
     maiden aunt, who also took care of her late      time, Kay’s faith in Jesus and her witness to     and her grandchildren, Ashleigh, Cameron,
     parents. She loved plants, animals and all na-   Him was an inspiration to many. Awaiting          Adam and Emily. Another son, Eugene,              Receive the Hope Channel and 3ABN.
     ture, and held different offices in the church    the call of Jesus at the Second Coming, Kay       predeceased her in 1966. A devoted wife and       Complete satellite kit $265 + freight;
     in her younger days.            Will Grobler.    now rests at the Pinnaroo Valley Memorial         mother, and an adoring “Babcia,” Helena           prime signal areas in Australia only. Full
                                                      Park, Perth, WA.                                  displayed great courage and faith during          instructions for DIY installation. Install-
     Clark, Leslie James, born 21.2.1926 at Inn-                           Eric Winter, Peter Fowler    her last brief illness, qualities which charac-   ers available. Rural Electronics (02) 6361
     isfail, Qld; died 19.10.08 in Cairns Private                                                       terised her life. She now awaits the Master’s     3636; or <ruralele@bigpond.net.au>.
     Hospital. On 11.2.1950, he marrried Les-         Johnson, Ivy Doris, born 16.6.1922 in Lon-        call to life when He returns.
     ley. He is survived by his wife (Innisfail);     don, UK; died 27.10.08 at Yarra Junction,                    Wolfgang Stefani, David McKibben       Data projectors, screens, DVDs, VCRs,
     his children, Russell (Brisbane), Susan          Vic. She is survived by Dr and Mrs John                                                             PA systems etc. Lower prices for SDA
     Pearce (Mackay), Graham (Adelaide, SA)           Clifford, Celia, Alicia, Tim, Dan, Len, Stella    Richter, Esther (Essie) Lily, born 16.5.1921 at   churches, schools etc. Australia only.
     and Linsay (Morisset, NSW).                      and Don. Ivy came to Australia in 1967 to         Toowoomba, Qld; died 12.9.08 in the Ad-           Rural Electronics (02) 6361 3636; or
                                  Wolfgang Jenke      join her sister, Margaret Clifford, and neph-     ventist Retirement Village, Victoria Point.       <greenfieldsenterprises@bigpond.com>.
                                                      ew, Dr John Clifford, and his family. She was     She married Edmund George Richter, who
     Coe, Lloyd Charles, born 27.3.1922 in Bris-      beloved to many people and will be dearly         predeceased her in 1984. Essie is survived        Eastward Missionary College—Enquiries
     bane, Qld; died 20.8.08 in Lismore, NSW.         missed.                          Dean Giles       by four sons and their spouses, Ian and Jill      for 2009 courses. Bible worker and health
     Lloyd is survived by his wife, Lela (Alston-                                                       (Perth, WA), Herbert and Violet (Ipswich,         evangelism certificates. Lay training for
     ville); his daughter, Anita Robinson (Wyral-     Lemke, Pastor Ernest Charles, born                Qld), Des and Christine (Brisbane) and            practical soul winning. Learn how to be-
     lah); his sons, Robert (Goonellabah) and         1.8.1922 in Sydney, NSW; died 22.8.08             Ray and Marie (Bundaberg); her 10 grand-          come an effective Bible worker and medi-
     Gary (Adelaide, SA); and many grandchil-         in the Mater Hospital, Brisbane, Qld. In          children; and 10 great-grandchildren; her         cal missionary. <http://www.eastward.
     dren and great-grandchildren. Lloyd had          1945, he married Delys Blair, who prede-          brother, Ypres Bodycott (Toowoomba); and          edu.au>. (02) 6585 8085
     a passion for youth ministry and Adventist       ceased him in 1951, along with his sons,          sister, Jean Gotz (Crows Nest, NSW). Essie
     education, and made an enormous contri-          Adrian and David, killed in a mission             loved her family, she loved her Lord and          A new budget daily devotional. Living with
     bution to the church in the Northern Rivers      boat accident in PNG. In 1954, he mar-            was a loyal and faithful member of Toow-          God will enrich your devotions, sermons
     area of NSW. Jesus will call him soon.           ried Val Richards. He is survived by his          oomba Central church. She now rests and           and worships. Amazing stories of God’s
                                     Paul Geelan      wife (Victoria Point, Qld); and his chil-         awaits the Lord’s call at the Resurrection.       providence—South Pacific and Europe
                                                      dren, Lester (Darwin, NT) and Mel (Co-                                            Clive Butcher     by David and Gaya Currie. Only $A19.95.
     Cummings, Paul-Michael, born 29.1.1987 in        oranbong, NSW). Pastor Lemke spent 20                                                               This beautiful hardcover book makes an
     Manila, Philippines; died 23.9.08 in Perth,      years (1948–1970) in the PNG and Cook             Sowerby, Ethel Lillian, born 25.3.1913; died      excellent present. Orders before Decem-
     WA, as a result of a motorcycle accident. He     Island Missions as a pioneer missionary,          8.9.08. She married Harold, who prede-            ber 22 receive a free DVD of more than

14   November 29, 2008

800 pictures from Tasmania—ABC book                family and a friend. Drinks and nibbles
shops or <dcurrie@sws.net.au>.                     will be provided. The theme for this year
                                                   is the role of health work in spreading the
For sale. Lawn mowing business. Northern           gospel in the South Pacific. We encourage
suburbs, Brisbane, Qld. Established 14 years.      you to give a short talk on your experience
Grossing $A85, 000. Phone (07) 3886 7085.          in this area. Contact Ken Boehm on (02)
                                                   4365 3033, mobile 0408 072 313, or War-
Retirement village living. Rare opportu-           ren Martin on (02) 9489 5907 or email
nity! Units available in beautiful Kirkley         <warrenjmartin@hotmail.com>.
Gardens Retirement Village, Lithgow,
NSW. Two-bedroom units, gas-ducted                 Korean musical hymns event. The Korean
heating, all whitegoods supplied. Garage           SDA church will be holding a musical
included. Sold on a 99-year lease. Only            hymns event night, which we warmly
430 per week maintenence. Make a tree              invite everyone to attend. December 14, 7
change today, all this for only $A249,000.         pm at the Parramatta church, NSW.
Phone Janelle on 0408 259 278 to secure
your piece of paradise.                            Pure honey from Pitcairn Island. Certi-
                                                   fied, disease free, able to be exported
Retirement with meaning. Are you retired or        anywhere in the world. Support Pit-
about to retire? Do you still have more to give?   cairn Islanders by buying their honey.
Impact the world as a paid travelling mission-     Get yours from <www.government.pn>
ary or volunteer. Join the International Chil-     under “products.”
dren’s Care “Just Go” challenge today. Call
1300 881 846.                                      Looking for ex-missionaries at Kendu Ad-
                                                   ventist Hospital. If you were born, worked
Sea Change, Tree Change, Church Change.            at or even visited KAH in Kenya during
Leongatha SDA church could be for                  the past 83 years, please tell Joy Butler—
you! Beautiful Gippsland countryside,              in preparation for the 85th celebrations
contemporary worship, friendship, local            in 2010. If you belong to this category,
Christian schools, affordable housing.             why not plan to attend? Write for more
Contact Val Kane on 0417 572 222 or                details <butlerj@ecd.adventist.org>.
email <kev.val1@bigpond.com>. Visit

Missionaries’ Lunch—Avondale Gradu-
ation, Sabbath December 6. We will be
having our annual lunch immediately                Earth has no sorrow
after the church service in the Educa-
tion building, for missionaries and ex-            that heaven cannot
missionaries, families and friends. Please
bring a plate of food, sufficient for your          heal.—Thomas More

                                                                                                 November 29, 2008   15

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