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     2016 San Antonio Ave.
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NOTICE:                                        Shop   ho~ra   are 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
                                                                  *each week. night.
General membership meetings are held the
second Wednesday of each month (except                               9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
July and August) at 7:30 p.m., Centennial                            Wednesday
Hall» 22292 Foothill Blvd. Hayward, C••
VISITORS ARE WELCOME. Refre_.eftU fire                               12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
served. There is a hobby related proll'''                            Thursday
in addition to the strictly business
session.                                       Shop hours from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
                                                               Saturdays, Juniors only.
                                               *:Monday nighta, the lapidary section is
$12.00 per husband and wife plus $1.00         for belinnerlO~YJ
for each active Junior 'ages 11-17).
$7.50 single adult; $4.00 single Junior;       Jewelr~ classes are held Tuesday and
associated members (former members who         Thursday nights, & Thursday afternoon.
live more than 100 miles from Castro Valley)
one-half regular rate.                         Check. calendar for special
YOLUME 26                                 JUNE 1982                                   NUl1 llFR (,

This is the monthly bulle t ine of the Kineral aud GeQ Society of Caatr o Vall ey . I nc .
A member o f tho Callfo r n18 Fodereti on of M ne r alogi cal Soc l ethl, I nc . and til<"
American Federat io n of Minerllogical Societiel, Inc. Editor: Ednah An tuno 'J i c n
2016 San Antonio Avenue, Alameda. California 94501 .

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETI NG :           Monday J un. 1 , 1982   7:)0   p.~.   at the Shop .

GENERAL HEETING:                        Wedae.da,. Junl 9 , 1992 7:)0 p. m. a t
                                        Centennial Hall, 19)00 Foothill Blvd. Ha Y"·ard.
                                        aefreahment.: All thoae with the initial s
                                        beginning with G thru' M bring dozen and ha l f
                                        coo kiel .

PETROGRAPH DEADLINE:                    Wednead ay Jun e 9. at the Gener.l Keeting .

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE:                   It 18 th e end of our till ed year and time to
                                       install th e new officer. of ou r Society. J
                                       icaline that every Board in the paat thinks
back and wonders if we have ac complis hed our goall i d ' the paat year. I . stat ed
in my firat message that the empbaUa'WQuld be on EiSucation t his year. Our Edu-
cational Chairperlon, Karsary Sanborn, hfe provided u. with a great number of
opportunities to attend claaaea ane . lea r. IIOre about .our ho bby . I hO Il ~· this n ,'n.!
wJll cont i nue in the co~ ina y .. r.

Our ahow waa t r elllendoully rec e ived. Every year I toh1nk "thi s ia the be at ye t".
Billie Ashley t old us at the last Board Mee t ing that fi fth new members have joined
the Society ainc e the Show and more sianing up every week. Certa lnly thl" 111 0''''
of the ways to measu re the aucceaa of a Show.

I would personally like to thank all of the Board membera who I~ve worked so
diligently this yea r. Your help and enthus18".   made t h iD past ye a r a ver y
enjoyahle one for lIIe.
» (WlD OP DIRIlC'l'ORS Kl'!ETlOO               ' o ~lf y h8d a stroke , 90 ther e
Kay 10, 1932                                            va»o't lilUCh leadel:ohip . 26 _ abe ro
                                                        a t c.wca4 .
The meeti ng ~aD called to o~der at 7:45
p •••    '
     hy 1 .... lIa ident A.. nold Ban"on .              tll.   aold Ilining trip i o IIchedulcd fo r
                                                        Juua 19. if thars's no s nowl
                              Ax-nold Ba.... ron.
                               Iultunovich,             Still plaoni ng a tr ip to Fernley for
RUB s Sanborn, VernK"~~:",d. J udge Ewing ,             July .
Bev and John Mac Donald, Jerre Schene.... -
horn, a ll Ufl "I'hley, ]lOTlI Co llil1f1, Del          Auguat t o Davia Creek. Would l ike to
Ray Johnson.                                            pla n soaa beach tripa between theae"

Voting membetil ahoell.t: Ca naan Cav. lio~i,           Speaker. Buraau , Del Ray Johnson , Vern
Gary Rowe, St, Noel Z j~erman . Releu                   loret.a i. goillg to Premont to speak.
Miguel. Ger ty Dllvill .                                Woe Cordon has alDo been SCheduled.

Non voting comalttce clwil"meu pre,aut:                 Ni311t hava a fi ald trip to t he shop
Pat and Wayne Cooper, Allen Ashl ey a ud                f or tba Boy Scout., to Dhow wha t i s
Matgery Sl'nbotn.                                       beiDJ done , particul arly on a Saturd ay
                                                        aoni !il.
Non vo ting coromittlle cha i~n abaen t;
Ann Mari", Kochendorfer, Roy LeRoy, Gene                Haed ttl have O;<*Ie rocka. minerals e tc .•
Uanzel. !luel Peter-an, Max Unland, J ill               for displ . y st t ho eehoola while giving
Barron , Jack DeVoe .                                   talks .

MSC; Willy Kochendorfer/Del ia, Jobnao~                 4140 a li.t of the cla8ses that are
The m nu t ea of the previoua .aatina ba                availabla for ou . . m~ber8 .
approved aa printed in the Patrograpb.
                                                                                    Ha'.&el'J .lauborq .
HSC I Del Ray Johnaon/Willy IDchandorfar                                            be the 3rd
The Trea»urar'a report ba accaptad ..                   W~d" ""!Y .r
raad and tha billa ba paid.                             ahop. Opan t o all a ..bera interested
                                                        to ",iMl.", raea tina . What tha tenas
COHMITtEE RJPORTS:                                      a r ., h. lp with probleaa. trenaferring
                                                        s tOGaa , ate. Th. vaek af ter the
NoaJnatiu& C~ it taa, Bdnah kntunovich ,                Cao.ral ... tina thi. mooth .
reported that Hartu 1'etar. baa agned
to accept a~ aftica.                                    Holt and Doatee., Bev 8n.d J ohn Kae Donald .
                                                        All ..-bara with l ast naae. beginning
Tha Praeideut viII aak tba off1£ar. whoa.               dtb G thru H pl ..s . br ina 8 dO len and
officea ara DOt filled to pI.... bold                   a ....If cookiell.
offica until thay ara replac" .
Cab of tha Honth. Villy Koehandofar,
only two caba have bean turned in . I t 's
t ima tn . tart vorkiDJ on , our cabs f or
                                                                                  Billi. As hley , we

                                                        rcdaratioo Diroc to r, Varn Korstad,
nu;tya.r '(I Shov.     8.1.,.
                          t~ jud,ad aad                 lor tha C. r.M. S. ahov v iII be $10.00 per
aea if they ara rea4y for oaapa~t ion .                 nl.Ibt Oll t he , rounda, no baokupe 0 ....
                                                        aloc tric1ty.
Librarian, Jer:re Seharu rboro., aoae of
 the overdue books that vera thoulht lo.t               Ve rn vill be attending t he A.Y . H.S. ahow
have been returned.                                     in lIou_ton.

Pield Trip Coo .... dinn tor. Dora Col l ins,           We are . n All "'~ ricftn Club if ve wa nt
The Lake County field trip va• • fieaeol                to go .ftar it. Encourage new ~ere.
Ono" leader:'. wife died, and t hB othe r               haw "lIhov end tell" at lIIeetings , etc.
l'E'CROGRAPtt                                       l                                   JUN E 1962
Junior Mentor, Ednah Antunovich,                Discusaion was held on how to bill
~uniors ~ave planned a trip to                  the Y.M.C~A. for the paper they have
Great America.                                  used from our print shop.

~o2  Foreman, Judge Ewing, The flat             Dora Collins suggested the Library
laps are being readied. The faceting            should have a membership in the Fossils
room is almost ready. Will make the             for Fun Society.
center door the main door ,because of
the increase in the size of the shop.           We should participate in the Alameda
                                                County Fair or Gems and Minerals will
Working on improving the light fixtures         be discontinued.
with flourescent lights. Light bars
will be ins talled on two of the tables         Correspondence:
:tn the Library.
                                                The City of Oakland, the Oakland
Show Chairman, Arnold Barron, Some of           Museum is preparing and exhibit and
~e past show chairmen met an4 discussed         need cutters and polishers to finish
ways to improve t~ show and . .ke               their exhibit.
Buggestions that will be pres~ted to
the Show Committee the 4th Wednesday            It's tiRe to renew our lease with
this month at 7:30 p.m.                         Centennial Ball for our General
                                                Meetings and negotiate for a meeting
Faceting will be the theme. ~ght use            room.
our own faceting ~chines to ~et the
public try their ~nd8. Woul~ like               The Judges ,nd Exhibitors Workshop
people to feel th~ could lea~ at our            we are spon,oring will be held at
show.                                           Centennial ,all, Room 4 on October
                                                30th9 9 to 3:30 p.m.
Working on a    face~d   stone to   ~tch
the quilt.                                      The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Will have a member8hip booth.

The parking lot will still not! be

Unfinished Bus,ines.s:                                   Secretary

Cases: Harvey Klein bought id a sample          @$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@
of the cases he has been makiqg. They           @@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$
were quite light. The glass ~as the             @$@$@@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$@$
heaviest part of the case. Tijey would          GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING
run $130.00 finished. Harvey 'will work         May 12, 1982
out a price if we assemble th~ cases            Centennial Hall
ourselves, and get our own gl~ss.
                                                The meeting was called to order at 7:40
We would rather have the     fron~   slanted.   p.m. by President Arnold Barron.

New Business:                                   Receptionist p Ann Marie Kochendorfer,
                                                introduced the guests and new members:
Vern Korstad recommended we s~nd Ken            Fred Hoffman and James Mangiapane.
Boynton as an alternate Feder_tion
Director to the convention in Long              MSC: Del Ray Johnson/Ed Hanzel
Beach and we allow $125.00 ex~enses.            The minutes of the previous meeting be
                                                accepted as printed in the Petrograph.
MSC: Dora Collins/Del Ray Johnson
We allow Ken Boynton $125.00 expenses      MSC: Jerre Schermerhorn/Jeanette Korstad
as our alternate Federation Director       the Treasurer's report be accepted as
to the C.F.M.S. Convention in Long Beach. printed in the Petrograph.
PETROGRAPH                               3                                JUNE 1982
fi~Yl ~li!_                                             D_ facet_chiDe. and opening
                                                            ~      ahould be
                                                                             the f:1r.   t
But!) the p1f.'@fit•
• peD-to
                                                  There will be a valk around the tables
Pr.ident" ~ld tMirron p                           with an exhibit of useful accessories
our .p.ker for the evmina 1> JllUU.               to faceting. Bring your own special
Manliapane of the               Cro•••            tools or hints with you.

The progr~ va. on the techniqu" of                Thi. class is the result of a lot of
belping .omeone wo i. chokina awi                 people'. work.
on the change. in C.P.R. (Cardio
Pulmonary Resuscitation)                          Speakers Bureau~ Del Ray Johnson, have
                                                  sont out two apeakers so far. Will be
Alvays make sure the per.on                       making 1IIOre arrangements. Need spec i- ,
before you start.                                 mens to be taken on presentations.
                                                  Cont.ct Del Bay if you know a group
Brian Buhnerkempe vas a very cooper.ti.e          that wants or needs speakers.
live ndtmmty" for the chokina tecbi.... o
                                                  Junior President D Doug Griffin~ read
We were then .hovn a film of the                  the Petrograph. A nevs station has
earthquake di.a.ter in Los Angele ••              contacted Debbie Harton and would like
                                                  t(ll f iim her.
Cab of the Month~ Willy IDchewiotfer t
'J::wo cab. vere turned in by John Mlard          Sunshine Gir19 Gene Hanllel, reported
.corina 99 and 91 respectively.                   that Ilton Stranse had to have a foot
                                                  -.uUted ll he will befitted for a
Willy thanked the judge. he hAd u.ed              artificial liab. Ue is home from
dulting the yMlt g Allen Ashl.,- Bill
                                  1)              Brookside Hoapital now.
Wal.h" Jbl Bi.hop II Jim au Judie lwiaa·
                                                 .1983 Show Chainun t Am(llld Barron, the
Staltt aettina your cab. It.ady   ro~ ~t          f1'!r.t • •til1l will be on the 4 til
year@ ••hMi7.                            tide _nth. We will continue
                                                  the 3 atone coapetition f(llr cabs and
rederation Direct@r~ Vern Ioratad@                faceted .tone. aDd the 1 piete of j_elry.
fo~ for cor ""01., Slh~o ~iaa~.
ISO apac.. for . .iel•• "               If &bete    interested we could have
$10000 per 'iilliaht no bpok \ape   no            field collected Mineral. and fosaila.
electricity    0            '

                                                                will be facetina.
Bo~tonWe     Rati@nal
upeooive.                                         ~try    Store Chei~~ Billie Ashley,
                                                       .help. Will make two quil ta, on.
B~ roe tel'. of clube i. available ae                         only lifty aquare. have

well aa ooob" _DUlll. a . piu          0                put tOlether. Would like t(ll aet
                                                  .urted ae aoon aa poa.ible.
Col' oH.So 1. haviDi a .1aal. entry
cODpetition for Juniore thie ,·              Plea.e think of another name instead
                                                 of '·Country Store".
Education Coordinato)l'~ ~raery Sa~m9
DarleDe Pa.quiDi i. te.chinlforaina              The Bureau of Mines exhibit in the Ferry
a t the .hop e<i1ch Thure.y in "Yo.              Juildins Milht be phased out for lack
                                                 of fuwia. Write to your legislators
The la.t .cheduled cla.... thia            18    to retain thi. fine
the Faceting vorbhip which wil~           the
3rd (llf each lll(llnth. 34 have       .~   Business, MSC: Oliver Martin/Vern
signed up for lessons so far.        They         Korstad the electiono of officers be
vill be learning from each other aDd              .uapended for one month.
P!,:TROGRAPH                                    4                                 JUNE 1982
June will both election and instal-              Shop ill   (1957-8) East 14th St. and Melody
lation of officers.                                                  Way - Ashland Area.
                                                 Shop 112   (1965) 2380 Castro Valley Blvd.
Announcements: Livermore Lithophiles                               Castro Valley.
are having a rock swap May 23.                   Shop III   (1980) Eden Y.M.C.A., Palisades
Pamphlets on C.P.R., Choking and
Disasters are in the front. Courses              The shops get bigger and better each time
are available from the American Red              a mOve is made. Shop #3 has expanded
Cross.                                           twice believe it or not!

Door Prizes, Roy Le Roy,    Guest   wi~ner       ########################################
was James Mangiapane.
                                                 Meetin$ Places - The Executive Board has
Members were: Ken Boynton (living rocks)         met allover the surrounding area. Priv-
Ed Hanzel, Ray Bradfield, Willy Kochen-          ate homes, mobile park centers, banks. etc.
dorfer and Ednah Antunovich.                     Noew that our new shop has expanded we have
                                                 adequate rOOm in its new library to meet.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

                                                 The General Meeting has prospered in this
                                                 1. "Thr Adobe" On the grounds of Castro
                                                    Val ey Grammar School on Castro Valley
       Secretary                                    Blvtt. (1948)
                                                 2. Casfro Valley Community Center, Quail,
000000000000000000000000000000000000000             Wal ut and Seven Hills Road in Castro
oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOQ             Valley. (oct 8, 1948)
000000000000000000000000000000000000000          3. Haltard Union High School, Faculty Room,
                                                    Cat teria and Library. Hayward (Dec.
    FROM THE HISTORIAN'S NOTEBOOK                   9 D 11949).
                                                 4. Cheocryland Grammar School, Western and
Past Presidents    1948 - 1958                      Wili!ow, Hayward (1960)
                                                 5. Ed~ Youth Center,(Kimball School)
1948-49-50 Col. C.B. Branson                        HayWard (1978)
1950-51    Al Breeden (served for one            6. Ha~ard Centennial Hall, Civic Center,
1951-52            month in C.B.Bran.ob')           Hayjward (1980).
1952-53    Von Mc Bride
1953-54    Von Mc Bride
1954-55    Don Wills
1955-56    J.H. (Joe) Engbeck                    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@
1956-57    Gus Mollin                            $$$$$SaS$SSASSSSSSSSSSSSSS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
1957-58    May Meyers                                        USES FOR SOAPSTONE

##########################""##""""               Soapstone (steatite), also called Manchur-
                                                 ian "jade", can be used on your stove this
* June 18, 1948 First meeting of the             way; cut a piece about an inch thick the
Society's Executive Board. Mr. Buster            size of the racks on your gas or electric
Sledge was appointed to act as immediate         burners. Place it Over the flame and you
past president as stated in the by-laws.         have a slow heating plate. If you get a
Approved by the Board.                           piece bil enoulh to cover all four burners,
                                                 you will have a stove much like the new
#################################1####"          Corning IllItoves. In years past WOmen used
                                                 soaplllltone for griddles and hotcakes and
The Society has enjoyed the privilege            even baking by covering it with a deep lid.
of having three work shops in which to           It is eallllY to clean and holds. the heat well,
indulge in their progressive hobby or            1lI0 conserves energy. Try it in your camper.
hobbies.                                                Via Carmel Valley Prospector-
PETROGRAPH                                   ~                                       JUNE 1982
              He.Mr8hl,                         •     .,6$25
              '82                              :51$25
              llltan,t GIll .,dl.1..                 4U'@62
              Illtan,t ,l CD_r Sari...                 40.88
                                                     '88@00         10920 .. 59

              III ta r8 t to J!U:!4_1 'aD            _0@50
              To Clt'Ocbr Sari. . a                 2000@00
              To Shop hll.                           ,00,00 '
                                                    3680@50          1240@09

        DiaMara. . . tal

              .p                                     ~1'0"
              UtUiU••                                 12.41
              • •p Jbpea..                            ",33
                   -"ipllJlfit                      115"$4'
              ht. .~                                  51.'2
              Li"~~                                   1',64
              "dal                                   ~'~'J
              ·82.&maul                             1_.1'
              ~._b"             ••'b..               '.,01
                                                     J21, 04

                                            . . . . .11' ••1IJid tte4 1l

                                            ~11         I. Saabon
                                            ICICf '!'na••ar
PETROGltAPH                                                                   JUNE 1982
                                               Fossil: minimum size thumbnail; maximum
                                               5X5. Jewelry, hand crafted, pendant,
                                               bola, pin or ring, specimen must be
                                               labeled, identifying technique used.
      NEW S LETTEI=<                           Mineral: minimum size thumbnail;
                                               maximum 5X5. Nodule or Geode, all edges
MOST IMPORTANT:                                must be flat.

R.V. PARKING AT C.F.-M.S. SHOW AND             $&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&
CONVENTION - LONG BEACH August 27, 28,         $&$&$&~&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$$&$
and 29.                                        UNIFORM RULES
                                                  Kate Shaw, AFMS Rules Chairman
There will be a maximum of 150 spaces for
self contained R.V.'s at the show. It is       A distressing thought seems to be coming
now official. Price $10.00 per night.          from many comments that I have received,
If you wish - order right now as there         "We are making the rules too complex for
will be no spaces left in a month.             the newcomers." My question is, "Do we
                                               want to do to the rules what has been
Write to Mr. Mac Mac Graw, 43 Neopolitan       done tq the educational system, water
Lane e., Long Beach, Ca. 90803.                down the spirit of competition to the
                                               point where nobody learns or understands
Make checks payable to "Gems by the Sea"       anything?"
send your name, address and your home
phone. Give type of "rig" license number       ,Why is it that everyone thinks because
and length of vehicle.                          they have exhibited once that the second
                                                time they should win a Federation or
REMEMBER WRITE IMMEDIATELY.   HE WHO            National Trophy?
                                               We keep hearing or reading that the
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@       hobby is supposed to be a fund thing,
                                               competition is not a fun thing. When
SPECIAL JUNIOR COMPETITION SINGLE ENTRY        we look up the definition we see that
                                               to compete means to strive in opposition,
Cleo Adams has made it known that there        to par~icipate in a contest. Competition
will be a Special Junior Competition           is defined as rivalry, having a contest.
Award for Single Entry. Trophies will          This means just that - to compete.
be for those juniors whose entry scores        Whereas on the other hand - TO EXHIBIT
70 or more points in any of the followinl      means to show, to display or that which
categories: General Lapidary, Minerals~        is shown or displayed. Many have chosen
Jewelry, Carving, Facetinl and rossils.        to exhibit rather than to compete in
                                               order ~o share with others without the
Any Junior who is eight years old or           contest. Let's face it - if you want
older and no older than eighteen on the        to compete you have to go by the rules
opening day of the show is eligible.           and take the results.

Judging will be done according to A.F.M.S      (Your Federation Representative's Comment:
Regional Uniform Rules, latest edition,        I agree with Kate - to compete is to enter
with the exception that certain specific       into the spirit of competition, and to
sizes have been set:                           try to outdo the others in workmanship
                                               and showmanship; to do better each time
 Cabachon: minimum sizes 18X25; maximum        until you are the best. So, let's quit
 30X40. Carving: one piece (solid mass)        complaining and get with it - do BETTER).
'minimum of 3X5; maximum 8XI0. Faceted
.stone, unmounted, minimum size lOmm;          %1%1%I%l%I%I%I%I%I%I%I%I%I%I%!%!%!%!%I%1
 maximum 15mm. Standard round brilliant,       1""'I'IIIIIIIII#I#I#!#I#!#I#!#!#!#!#!#
 57 facets; material to be Rock Crystal.       %I~I%!%I%I%I%I%I%I%I%!%!%!%!%!%!%!%!%!%!
 PETROGRAPH                                ~                                  JUNE 1982
                                                                       of a club affiliated with t'
                                                                i. eligible to enter competition
                                                       .~ovided the material ~hown i~ the pro-
                                                       perty of exhibitor and, in the case of
 Plans are becoming fi~alized on the up-               lapidary or jewelry. all work to be
 coming AFHS/SCFMS Shov and Convention                 judged val performed by the exhibitor&
 which is being hosted by the HOUlton G_          2. Ixhibitorl Iha11 provide their own dis-
 & Mineral Society - information and packet.           play C'UJel       0

                                                  3. Ixhibitori              be let up between noon
~are now in the       to the various orsani-
 zation. within our federatioft.@ In orde~             aftd 9               Wedne~day§ July 7.19820

 to reach more pOilible viiitore and/or           4. All·                IIIhoold be locked .. Ixhibiton
 exhibitori - gue.ti to Hou.ton. TX~e viii             IhOUld leave keyl to their cales with
 publish some of the event •• application              the c~petitive exhibitl chairman for
 forml, COltS. etc" alll .oon as ve areiAfont'"        exhibitl vnich              be opened for jud-
 ed of further d~velopa~nts6       .                   sing. Guardl viII            on the show premi-
                                                       eelat all               ; however. the hOlt
                                                       elu~ cannot be relponsib1e for 1011 9
                                                    . theft. or                •
                                                  5. Jud*ing lor local competition and SCl
                                                       e~etitioft Ihall began at 9a0m3 on
PLACE:                     ASTROHALL                   Thurlday@ July 8@ Judging for AlMS com-
                           Kirby at 610                petition Ihall hegan at 9a@B o on rriday
                           Houston e Texas             Jul, 9o All Exhibit. in SCI competition
                                                      wbi.h the eligibility requirement.
 HEADQUARTERS:                                       .for            . . .et.ition will aut~tical1y
 ASTRO VILLAGE HOTEL                                   be· 'j\MIS" in AnS competition@
 2350 South Loop West .                           ,@ The ,ifth Edition of tha AlMS Unifor.
 (610    Kirby)                                        bleliS & with aU applioabla alIIlI4lMDUllfltl
 Houston I TX 77054                                  . 4:ulI!'1tant at the begiMing                     of the
 Phone: (713)748 3221
                          or1"'~231"2360               Ih~. lbatl            used for jud,tngo
                                                  7e All Icore                                      G

 HEADQUARTER8CAMPGROUN~                                                                                 _til the
. Space ball bean provided for caapi.. Oft the                                       ""U'''''''''''W1§ July 11@
  ,rQUn4, of the Alt~Ob.ll in. ide fenced area                                                        i'Aside thru Sun4ay" There rill _ly b.          ..@          tIiUl t        'AO
  electric hookupl@              @ eo.t for
  this ••rvice is:                                      til!e.tioa of             or
                                                                          an, exhibit _til ju4"'"
                                                               lIllJ!.lDlII: _ _
  SalfContained(1O BOOIUPS) "'"       t'e/..,                                for ,ecurity realons              j

  Ilectri~ Hookup.       - On.                                                will not be
  DUPtIX OUTLIfn                                        _ score"                           are
    120 Vol~ Power Circ~its                                   en exhibitor       at hiloption
    500 vatts - $36@00      1000 vattl "" "2@00         write bil ~ on hi, OWD .core card"
                  2000 wattl - "2@00     .              Ixhibit.               in place until the
  Above 2,000 vatt. at "2,,00 pl~. '13~CO               GODel~li_       the      at 6 p"m@ on
  1,000 wattlll or fraction thereof.                             July 11@
  PARKING:            '                           APPLICATIOR rOl'lXHIBIT          eneloilled in
  Kotor homel in/outprivilese.@
  Carl & truckl pullins trailer. who want inl     thill i ••ue for tho.e who wi.h to enter
  out privilegel will need a parkins pailo        exhibitins at the            Show@ Early
  HOUSTON AREA CAHPGlOURD!:                       lubailllion of application viII aid in the
                                                  early procell.ins of your information. and
  Pine Shadows Trailer ¥ark(713)664-4371          the .el,ction of the different judges for
  Old South Trailer Park(713)665-9344             the varioul              pertaining to the
                                                  different          of the hobby"
                                                  Thaftk you      your prompt conilliderations o
                                                in reaching out to others and encouraging
                                                them to enjoy our hobby - that club will
                                                be a very successful one. Over the years,
                                                I have managed to get more clubs involved.
                                                Last year, our new AFMS President,Barbara
                                                GOBS, asked me to become the Education Chair-
                                                man. I gladly accepted, and now I hope
 VERN KORSTAD                                   that we can "reach out" and get more clubs
                                                and people involved.
Education Chairman

   I am a retired school teacher, and have
been a rockhound for some twenty yearl.                   FOR ,-SAFETY SAKE
How did I get involved in this great out-
of-doors hobby? Through my eight-year old       , TEN happy Rockhounds set out, ~~ust feelin~
son. He decided then that hil family               fine,
should become rockhounds; and we did. Mo-          One forgot directions, hence proceeded
ther, father, brother»' and silter; all join-      nine.
ed up. And we have been deeply involved            NINE eager Rockhounds, so not to be late,
ever since. That son went on to graduate          one-ignored a STOP SIGN, and then there
in the fie ld of geology. and to earn a PH D      were eight"
in science. and to become a teacher. The           EIGHT determined Rockhounds, and the sun
other son is an Electronics Engineer; and         blazed down from heaven,
my daughter is a Teacher-Librarian.                So hot one had a heat stroke, and thus
                                                   there were seven.
   Our first real experience with rocks w.        SEVEN thoughtful Rockhounds, were digging
on a club field trip one Easter to the Ca-        with their picks, -
lifornia Desert. Our club alway. goe8 to          A flying rock engaged one's eye, then
the desert at this time for one full week e        there were six.
It was a wonderful vacation out in the ope~       SIX silent Rockhounds, were working hard
camping, collecting, learning. We went on         'ind d:i:l strive,      .
to become quit~ proficient in collecting,         To climb a cliff, one lost his footing,
cutting, and polishing our 'finds j • or just     and then there were five.
cataloguing them. Later we harned to dh-          FIVE wary Rockhounds» a cave went to ex -
play and enjoy exhibiting at our ,howa and        plore,
other shows.                                      One had no light and knew not the way,
  - As time went on, I served as Vice-presi-      So there emerged just four.
dent, President, and later Field Trip Chair       FOUR worried Rockhounds, a desert mine
man of our Society. In the last eight             did see,
years, I have served as Federation Repre-           But failed to notice a blasting cap,
sentative for our club, Show Chairman, and        which blew up, leaving three.
Program Chairman. Then'we took on the .howI»      THREE discouraged Rockhounds, with their
Show, Exhibit and Set-Up Chairman. My wife        plan, now all askew, went their separate
                                                  ways to hunt, and'one is still lost, lea-
and I have exhibited at local and Federa-
                                                  ving two.
tion Shows, and National Shows. Our club         ITWO, just plain scared Rockhounds, set feel-
put on the very successful National and          ~ng quite undone, beneath an overhanging
California Federation Show - "Rockhound           rock, which gave way, leaving one.
Rendezvous" at Pleasanton, CA. in 1978.           ONE dejected Rockhound, sadly thought
We were involved.                                 "WHAT FOOLS"
    Four years ago, our California Federa-        ItVs such a crime, not one took time to
tion president asked me to be the All Ame-        learn our SAFETY RULES.
rican,Club Chairman. I was deeply intri-         STUDY YOUR AFMS SAFETY MANUAL. HAVE A
gued by the title and wanted to find out         WELL EQUIPPED FIRST AID KIT AVAILABLE.
more about it; so I accepted. It has been        TAKE ALL NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS.
a rewarding experience. I wondered the           HAVE 'A GOOD YEAR IN "82".
time how this worked; and I Boon learned.
 It is one of the most rewarding experiences
 for any club. If the members get involved
   BULLETIN EDITOltSPLEASE COPY II                    n
                              .' It. V" PABKlNG      ,
                       C" 'F 0 MoS .. SHOW AND OONVJJ;NTION

It. Vo   II"

The fee will be $10" 00 per nilht" .tarttal on ""UIU;'t 26 thru Sunday.

AUlult 29th.
                                          .               .         .
Space wUl b. allotted oa a          n:r.t coQi. fu., ·••:rv.dba.t.,,·   If you wi.h
                                                 ,.                            ,

to be camped near 101lf1f101leel.ell ;oul':r.,.enat1ou· .hould come ill


Lenltho« Vehicle
                                                                  Motor Home

                          Car _ __ T:raU.:r _ _ _ ' Campe:r ._ _ __
Number of Nilht. "US",               26
      «Ci:rele dat•• )

Amount         encl~.ed @ $10,,00   per mlht

!vJake check. payabl. OEMS BY THE SEA
Mail R ••• rvaUoll Fo:rm to:   ;;                             Mr .. Mac MacGraw
                                                              43 Neapolitan Lane E
                                                              Lonl :a.ach D CA 90803
                                JUNE                       Number 6
 his is the monthly bulletin of the          and Gem Society of Castro
Valley, Inc., Junior Division, a member of the California Federation
of, Mineralogical Societies, Inc. and the American Federation of
 ineralogical Societies, Inc. Editor: June Boynton, 4651 Emily Ct.
 astro Valley, CA 94546
                                      Junior Mentor .... Ednah Antunovich
    JUNIORS MEET EVERY SATURDAY       Junio~ Mentor .......... Gerry Davis
                                      President ............. Doug Griffin
        SHOP: 951 Palisades           Vice President ........ Garic Watson
               Hayward, CA.           Secretary-Tres ........ Do~ Griffin
        Phone: 881-9430               Reporters ..•........• AG~~ic Wat~on
                                                •............. Kurt Sheetz
        Time: 9:00 am - 12100 n.      Jr. Librarian .•....... Doug Griffin
********************************~        ************************************
MENTOR'S MESSAGE:                             T HAN KYO U,
    I'm very pleased with the                    CLEO ADAMS for donating
many great pieces being produced
by the Juniors. GOOD JOB---                   your April meeting door prize
KURT AND DEBBIE!!! I would                    of a Quartz Crystal to the
!really l.ike more Juniors to come
~o the SHOP.    It's yours---USE              Juniors .•
~T!!!!!    Keep up the good work.                        "ALL OF US"
   Gerry Davis--Junior Mentor
 JUNIC)R PETROGRAPH               JR - 3. -                 JUNE ,1982
                        ~ .....---....--
        PRE SID E N T ~MS.

                                                                                                                              '~7f TO KNOW

         MESSAGE      ~ ).               L
    WELCOME JUNIORS     ~   ~
AND ADULTS, to another
packed , informative "JUNIOR •
PETROGRAPH" Each issue will                                                                                                                 YOUJ}      I   f
be packed with news, humor,                                                                                                           TIM DAILEY
cartoons(in the future) and
many great stories, I encourage                                                                                                    Tim Dailey is the latest
all members to read this, the                                                                                                 addition to the Junior_Clan.
"JUNIOR PETROGRAPH" as well as                                                                                                Tim was born on September 15,
the"PETROGRAPH" . This is the                                                                                                 1968 at Eden Hospital in Castro
first big issue, lots of time                                                                                                 Valley. Tim now lives in San
and energy went into this,                                                                                                    Lorenzo (It's a great city D. G.)
ENJOY, ENJOY!!!!                                                                                                              ~ith his mother, Pat, who baby-
THIS IS THE MONTH OF OUR JUNIOR                                                                                               ~its and his brother, Patrick,
PETROGRAPH EDITOR--JUNE BOYNTON.                                                                                              ! 14,
MANY, MANY THANKS FOR THE                                                                                                          Mr. Dailey attends Matthew
THIS "JUNIOR PETROGRAPH" A                                                                                                    Maris Professional School in
WINNER! !                                                                                                                     San Francisco. His favorite
           THANKS, THANKS,                                                                                                    subject is Science. His sport
                                                                                                                              is ice skating. He has won
               Doug Griffin                                                                                                   various awards for his Skating.
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :                                                             Tim joined the Juniors at the
"    If I f "   "   If "   "   If If "   If   "    fI " "   "    "   "   "   fI "   It "   "   "   "   "   "   fI If If "
                                                                                                                              March Show and is doing well
, , , t , , , , 9 t , , , , I , , , , , , , , , , , t , , , , t t
Il   ...............                          II   ....     .,   ....        II'    ...................                 ..
                                                                                                                              on his first cab,
                                                                                                                                   Tim is interested in possibly
THEY SAY "YOU CAN'T DRINK THE                                                                                                 becoming a Vet when he grows up.
  WATER",well did you know,                                                                                                   He already has many pets: over
                                                                                                                              100 fish; 2 guinea pigs - PIGLET
"YOU SHOULDN'T LICK THE ROCKS?"                                                                                               and SUNSHINE; 1 rabbit - ROSBY;
                                                                                                                              4 cats - SASSY, REGGIE, LUCKY
    There has been one death dir-                                                                                            AND 7.C; 3 dogs --Boots, Murt,
ectly attributed to LICKING ROCKS.                                                                                            Bear; and one parakeet - Nibbles.
The man suffered from a fungus                                                                                                With all those pets Tim should
in his mouth and died, ARSENIC,                                                                                               have no trouble in becoming a
MERCURY, SELENIUM, SOME OF THE                                                                                                Vet. WELCOME TO THE CLUB TIM!!
PHOSPHATES, and SOME OF THE BORON                                                                                            il:########
MINERALS ARE POISONOUS.                                                                                                                     Doug
DANGER: When you go to the Boron                                                                                                                Griffin
Mine Dump (not to be confused                                                                                                ################################
with the Junior Mine Dump) for
Colemanite, Ulexite and Borates,                                                                                              QUOTABLE QUIP
DON'T lick the rocks. The                                                                                                        I think it significant that
yellow minerals are realgar, the
orange-yellow are orpinent, both                                                                                             every lover always wants to give
are ARSENATES (that is-they con-                                                                                             the woman he hoves the sun,
tain the poison ARSENIC).
                                                                                                                             moon and the stars----all the
   PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND ALWAYS                                                                                              things God has given us for
BOTTLE FILLED WITH WATER WHEN                                                                                                free!! !
ROCKHOUNDING. (via CFMS newsletter)                                                                                                    (BARBARA CARTLAND)
JUNIOR PETRO GRAPH               - JR - 2                                                                                                    JUNE, 1982
                                                                                                      until he finishes the job he
                  SM ILE                                                                              starts.
                                                                                                                    - Coleman Cox

                          TI ME                                                                       CHILDREN:
                                                                                                         God sends children to enlarge
ROCKHOUND: "How much is that                                                                          our hearts, and to make us un-
geode?"                                                                                               ~elfish and full of kindly
DEALER: "$35000"                                                                                      sympathies and affections.
   The customer paused and                                                                                        - Mary Howitt
whistled. Then he asked, "How
much is that one over there?"                                                                            Life is a flame that is always
The dealer said, "That one is                                                                         burning itself out, but it catches
two whistles."                                                                                        fire again every time a child
        Via AGATIZER (South Bay)                                                                      is born.
                                                                                                               .- George Bernard Shaw
Grandfather had just bought a                                                                            We need love's tender lessons
small, almost invisible hearing                                                                       taught as only nwakness can;
aid and paid a return visit to                                                                        God hath his small interpreters                                                                                                  0

the salesman to express his                                                                           The child must teach the man.
satisfaction. "I imagine your
family is happy too," said the                                                                              - John Go Whittier
salesman. "Oh, they donit know
I've got it yet, chorkled            If                                                                  The great man is he who does
Grandpa. "And am I having fun!                                                                        not lose his child's heart.
In the past two days I've                                                                                   - Mercius
changed my will three times!"                                                                         •
                                                                                                                                      tI   '"
                                                                                                                                                fI   /I
                                                                                                                                                               •   "

      PIPELINE ENGINEER via                                                                           ACTION:
         PG&E PROG, VIA                                                                                   All the beautiful sentiments
             PEGMATITE                                                                                in the world weight less than a
                                                                                                      single lovely action.
•••••   fI   ••••••   "   •   (I;   •••   6   •   0"   \I   ••   CI   •   II   •   II   •   (I   II              -John R. Lowell
ACHIEVEMENT:                                                                                              For when the One Great Scorer
                                                                                                      comes to write against your name,
   Success is to be measured not                                                                      He writes not that you won or
so much by the position that one                                                                      lost--BUT HOW YOU PLAYED THE      '\
has reached in life as by the
obstacles which he has overcome                                                                       GAME    -Grantland Rice
                                                                                                                  0                     ;\
while trying to succeed.
         - Booker T. Washington                                                                               All our actions take their
                                                                                                           hue from the complexion of the
    If one advances confidently in                                                                         heart, as landscapes their
the direction of his dreams, and                                                                           variety from light.
endeavors to live the life which
he has imagined, he will meet with                                                                                - Frances Bacon
a success unexpected in common
hours.                                      All that is essential for the
          =Henry D. Thoreau             triumph of evil is that good
   Even the woodpecker owes his         men do nothing.
 success to the fact that he uses               - Edmund Burke
 his head and keeps picking away
  JUNIOR PETROGRAPH                - JR- 3                  JUNE, 1982
                                         Egyptains wore them as Talismans
                                         ... Stories about the gem have
                                         even found their way into
                                         Biblical accounts. Noah is
                                         said to have lighted his ark
                                         by the brilliance of a red
                                         garnet .....
                                                       via Daily Review
                                                      (Edited Doug Griffin)
                                           II   ••••••••••••   •   I;'   •••••••••••••

   Ernestine Wiseman's words about
GARNETS. "Until certain parts of         QUO TAB L E QUI P S
California's wilderness area was           Thought you Juniors and
closed, I was considering changing       members would enjoy the following
my birthdate to January .. birthstone                    Doug Griffin
for January being Garnet ... Many a
successful search for these beauti-      A dollar sign has been described
ful red garnet clusters was carried      as a Capital S which has been
out in the Sierras before that           double-crossed.
section was prohibited to hikers ...
around these brilliant red stones,                        -Chico Gems
however, most superstitions have         Even if opportunity knocked,
been formed. It was once believed        a pessimist would complain
that a garnet on or about the sleep-     about the noise.
er would ward off nightmares.                     Gems via Tule Smoke Sig.
                                         MONEY is the root of all evil
    Legend also informs us that it        ... and a man needs roots.
is good for chasing away the blues.
 .... It is a cure for blood disorders        -Carmel Valley Prospector
and a charm against anger. In the                    via Gems
latter case, the charm is supposed       Initials on pajamas are a waste
to work only for those people who        of time. If you don't know
become red-faced in certain combat:...   who you are by bedtime, you
ive situations.                          had better quit!!!
   History tells us that ancient                        Mineralog via Gems
soldiers were known to have WDrn         We cannot do everything at once!
garnets into battle, believing           But we can do something at
them a symbol of protection. It's        once! !!
just as well that they did live                      Calvin Coolidge
and fight in ancient times. Later,
other soldiers tried to make garnets     There are four dimensions to
bad luck for their enemies by            everything; length-breadth-
converting the gem into deadly           -thickness and COST.
bullets! ! !                                 via Gems, Today's Chuckles
   Hardly a country is without it's    Never apologize for showing
garnet lore. The Azetecs offered       feeling. Remember that, when
them as a tribute to their gods.       you do, you apologize for
Cleopatra and other wealthy            truth.   DISRAELI
 JUNIOR PETROGRAPH                - JR - 4                   JUNE, 1982
QUOTABLE QUIPS (Con't.)                      because of its simple design
                                             can be readily recognized by
The trouble with being a leader              everyone from a distance.
is that you can't be sure whether
  ,                                 .>$,.'
                                                The emplem is widely accept-
pe'ople are following you or      ' ;'       ed in Australia--here too????
chasing you.
                                                                    via News
Since we cannot know all that
is to be known of everything,                                       and Views
we ought to know a little                                           Wasatch G
about everything.                                                   Gem
          Blaise Pascal                                             Society)

Gold and silver are gifts that
are treasured by many .... but
the gifts that are treasured
by manY.e .. but the gifts
of the heart cost not a penny.

      U N I V E R SAL                           I AM A PEARL!!!!!
       ROC K H 0 U N D                        I am the first known Gem
         E MB L E M                           of the World. I am revered in
                                              the Bible and other sacred
   The Universal' Rockhound Emble,m           books as a precious and beauti-
is a stylized design of a rock
hammer in gold on a background                ful possession. I am the only
of lapis lazuli blue. "The                    gem which attains it's per-
gold of the Earth that so few
of us can find and the blue of                fection in the sea. I am the
the sky that everyone can see."               symbol of health and longevity.
    It is an idea of Bill Thomps'on,          I am the product of magic and
of the Murwillumba Gem, Mineral
                                              mystery. I am the kiss of the
and Geology Club, New South
Wales, Australia who thought                  moon on the sea. I am the
that there should be a Universal              memory of an angel's tear.
Emblem to recognize a rockhound
anywhere for mutual benefit.                  I am the symbol of fashion for
   The design is Mrs. Jo Robin-               all women. I am the Queen of
son's of the Lismore Gem and                  Gems.
Mineral Soc. New South Wales,                         (via JEWELRY INDUSTRY
Australia. As a school teacher
she knows the value of a simple                          COUNCIL)
uncluttered symbol for instant
recognition in any part of the
world. This emblem can be any
size, easy to make and

  JUNIOR PETROGRAPH            -JR- 5 -                   JUNE, 1982
   FROM MINERALSCOOP (Mineralogical Society of
        Utah) comes this Rockhound's song to be sung
        to the tune of "Mommas, Don't Let Your Babies
        Grow Up To Be Cowboys"
               Mommas, don't let your babies grow up
                 to be Rockhounds.
               Don't let them crack geodes and polish
                 them up,
               Let 'them be doctors and lawyers and
               Mammas, don't let your babies grow up
                 to be Rockhounds,
               "Cause they'll always go 'round with
                 their nose to the ground,
               Thinkin' that they'll have good luck.
                 (Second ending " .•. make a buck."
               Rockhounds ain't easy to love and they're
                 harder to hold
               They's rather give you a rock than
                 diamonds or gold.
               Turquoise belt buckles and tigerseye
                 die tack
               Guaranteed to put you in a daze.
               Yo'll find 'em on hillsides, pickn'
                 up minerals
               To add to their new displays
                   Repeat Chorus, using 2nd ending.

JUNIOR PETROGRAPH              - JR --   6              JUNE, 1982
    r'\ ) '"
               )~)       s

ADOLESCENCE - That period when a boy             by Doug Griffin
    refuses to believe that someday he'll be as
    dumb as his father.
BARIUM - What to do with your clothes after meeting a
CORAL - A place to keep sea horses.
EXPERIENCE - is not what happens to you; it is what you do
    with what happens to you.
FIELD TRIP - Imposs~ble trek to inaccessible place for non--
    existent specimens.
GEOLO~IST PICK - Handy gadget that you always have with you
   when you don't need it, and leave at home when you do,
GYPSUM - What a greedy rockhound might do at a swap.
JUNIOR - Smart-mouthed kid who knows more about rocks than
    you do.
1AUGH - A smile that burst.
LIFE - 1) leaps like a geyser for those who drill the rock
    of inertia. 2) can only be understood backward but it
   must be lived forward.
MICROMOUNT - A very small horse.
VACATION - equals three weeks on the SAND and the rest of the
   year on the ROCKS.
ROCKHOUND - Person who learned about rocks the hard way.
Acknowledgements to those who supplied the above
   Galco Pebble Patter, Texas
   Auburn Ore-Bin
Diablo Diggin's
CFMS Newsletter
Aldous Huxley
Cedric Adams
Dr, Alexis Carrel
Patrica Nelson
Soren Kierkegaad
H.R. Everhart
  and other rock bulletins.

 JUNIOR PETROGRAPH            - JR - 7               JUNE, 1982

   This month's poem is written by Shel Silver~tein.
He is well-known by youth and adults alike. (What do
you mean, you never heard of him?). Anyway, here's
an interesting poem. Catch the meaning.
    THE FARMER AND THE QUEEN            by     She I Silverstein.

    "She's coming", the farmer said to the owl.
    "Oh, what shall I, what shall I do?
    Shall I bow when she comes?
    Shall I twiddle my thumbs?"
       The owl asked, "Who?"

    "The Queen, the Queen, the royal Queen--
    She'll pass the farm today.
    Shall I salute?", he asked the horse.
       The horse said, "Nay"

    "Shall I give her a gift?" he asked the wren
    "A lovely memento for her to keep?
    An egg or a peach or an ear of corn?"
       The wren said "Cheap."

    "But should I curtsy or should I cheer?
    Oh, here's her carriage now.
    What should I do?" he asked the dog.
       The dog said, "Bow"

    And so he did, and so she passed,
    Oh, tra lala lala,                                         From: Where
    "She smiled, she did!" he told the sheep                    The Sidewalk
       The sheep said, "BAH"                                     Ends by S.S ..
Here's an extra on Poetry on Parade.             It's seasonal and I
thought we'd all enjoy it. D.G.
    IT   's "SHORTCAKE   TlME~"   (again!!!)

    On a blue-sky sunny day
    In the month of June,
    I recall the fragrance
    Of strawberry bloom.
   Bright red nuggets, juicy-sweet
   Hanging from each vine,
   Reminded youthful palates
   It was strawberry shortcake time.

   And off we went with happy hearts
   To the pasture's sunny knoll,
   To harvest nature's tangy fruit
   A delicacy for all.           By Juanita Johnson
   JUNIOR PETROGRAPH          -JR - 8               JUNE, 1982
JUNIOR TRIP                                    WHAT YOU MUST BRING: _ _ _ __
                                               SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: __________
                                               (lower part to be returned and
                                               signed by parent)
   Well we finally took our                    --------------------------~------
"after-show" trip. This year                   My son/daughter        has per-
it was to Marriotts Great                      mission to go to           with
America. We met at the shop                    the Mineral and Gem Society of
at 8:30 and left after 9;00.                   Castro Valley (M.G.S.C.V.)
   Once at Great America we                    Juniors, and have read the above
split up in groups and hit the                 information and any questions I
park. It was fun; enjoying                     have will be answered by calling
the rides, games, and shows.                   either: Gerry Davis(Junior Mentor
Despite a few minor problems                   or Doug Griffin at 276-3321.
all those that went argeed it l
was fun.! ! !! It really was fut:l!                            Parents Signature
   Those members that went are:
      Jerre Schermerhorn
     Ken Boynton                                                        DATE
  The Juniors that went are:                   ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢
    Doug Griffin                               &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
    Kurt Sheetz
    Debbie Harton                               _A TRUE FRIEND is somebody who
    Diane Ison                                   can make us do what we can.
    Jason Sather                                                    Emerson.
    Mike Zerley                                 ****iHI-*-lI-K *-II-***S *&**il-D'~I-****S *****
    Brian McQueen                               Re~d the best bboks first, or
       ALSO:                                    you may not have a chance to
    Gerry Davis                                 read them at all.
    Ednah Antunovich                                              Thoreau.
   The following were guests:                   *******D***G***&**K***C*********
    Karen Claspill
    Debbie SWi th                               JUNIORS! ! ! 1
    Kara Kitchel                                   If you have a talent for
    Kim Dawdy and! DlTlUg Leek                  writting or would like to write
                                                something for the Junior Pet-
*******************************                 rograph please talk to Doug
*******************************                 Griffin. Everyone can do it
 A MESSAGE ON FIELD TRIPS                       It's EASY. WRITE-WRITE!!!! !NOW!
               By~ Doug Griffin.
   In my opinion, our recent                    Comin~oon! ~
trip was a success. A permiss-                     We are gOlng to have a
ion slip was handed out and                     "identify the rock group"
signed by the parents of all                    contest. We could win a
Juniors that went, in case you                  valuable prize or cash!!!!
missed it below is a rough idea                 Keep reading the Petrograph
of what our formal slips will                   for details!!!!! !!! !!I!! !!!!
look like when they are printed.                %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
DATE:                                           The Juniors will be preforming
PLACE-=T~O~B=E~V=I=S~I~T=E~D:=-   ____          for the membership at an up-
REQUIRED MONEY NEEDED:                          coming meeting. We need actors,
DEPARTURE & ARRIVAL TIMES:                      Watch for more and join the fun.
JUNIOR PETROGRAPH                        JR - 9 -                               JUNE, 1982

?   ?
                             . .
            DID YOU KNOW THAT??

                                                       Doug Griffin

                    WELCOME to the 2nd edition of our monthly DID
                    YOU KNOW? So relax and   D   •••

                    DID YOU KNOW .. The average man is composed of iron
                    enough for a medium sized nail; sugar enough to
                    fill a shaker; lime enough to whitewash a
                    chicken COOPi phosphorous enough to make 2,200
                    match tips; magnesium enough for a dose of
                    magnesia; potassium enough to explode a toy
                    cannon; sulphur enough to rid a dog of fleas;
                    fat enough for seven bars of soap and brass
                    enough to build his statue. o .
    DID YOU KNOW in less than three weeks, the Earth receives more
    solar energy than exists in all the recoverable oil, gas and
    coal in the Earth!
    DID YOU KNOW that you can tell man-made diamonds from natural
    ones by the use of a magnet. Synthetic diamonds will stick
    to a magnet and the natural one won't.
    DID YOU KNOW that in June of 79, our Club President was Dora
    Collins and Junior President was Ken Boynton.
    DID YOU KNOW that on June 15, 1924, Congress approved a law
    making all, Indians Citizens.
    DID YOU KN9W that in June 28, 1938, the National Minimum wage
    was enacted ..
    DID YOU KNOW that June 3-6, 1942 was THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY,
    This was io be Japari's first major defeat.
    DID YOU KNOW that illn June 22, 1944, the G.I. Bill of Rights
    was signed providing:veterans benefits.
    DID YOU KNOW that on June 25, 1950 the United Nations asked
    troops to restore peace in Korea and on June 27, the U.S.
    sent 35 military advisers to South Vietnam and Agreed to
    provide military and economic aid.
    DID YOU KNOW that on June 17, 1963 the Supreme Court ruled
     (8-1) that laws requiring recitation of the Lords Prayer or
    Bible verses in public schools were unconstitutional.
    DID YOU KNOW that on June 17, 1972, five men were arrested
    for breaking into the offices of the Democratic National
    Committee in the WATERGATE office complex in Washington D.C.
    DID YOU KNOW THAT on June 6, 1978, the California voters
    approved (by a 65% majority) the PROPOSITION 13 initiative to
    cut property taxes in the state by 57%, thus '/'~'v~~ -lirrl.lting
    government spending,     (Did it work?)          . '
    DID YOU KNOW that June 20th is Father's Day and that the last
    day of school for the Junior President, Vice-President and
    Re;porters is June 11 th
    JUNIOR PETROGRAPH            - JR - 10            JUNE, 1982
                                       molluscs whose shells are
                                       lined with mother-of-pearl or
                                       nacre are really fine pearls.
                                       Pearls from other molluscs
                                       are either reddish or whitish
                                       procellaneous, without nacreous
                                       lustre, and therefore not much
                                       in demand, called in the trade
                                       'fancy pearls'.
    Welcome to another
monthly fe~ture of the                    The Encyclopedia Britannica
Junior Petrograph --                   goes on with the formation,
BIRTHSTONE. Each                       structure, the pearl oyster,
month we will take                     pearl fisheries, pearl market,
month's stone and                      cultivated, and artificial
explain it. Info                  1    pearls but is too lengthy to
from Encyclopedia                      quote here.
Britannica             by Doug           ##############################
So here goes:          Griffin
JUNE -- PEA R L, traditional
gemstone - 20th Century Expansi-               WENDELL'S WISDOM
ion, Alexandrite--Synthetic
Supplement, cultured pearl and           If absence makes the heart
alexandrite(changeable synthetic         grow fonder, some people must
corundum - synthetic spinel is           really love their church.
rare) .
                                         How empty is the life that's
    "Pearl, a natural pearl is           filled with things!
a concretion formed by a mollusk,
it consists of the same material      . The dictionary is the only
as the mollusc's shell. Every            place where success comes before
mollusk endowed with a shell -           work.
not only the marine pearl oyster
and the fresh-water pearly mussels     " Having money and friends is
--can produce pearls; but pearl-         easy; having friends and no
like formaaions of a chitinous           money is an accomplishment.
composition have been in insects
and horny ones in horn-bearing              by: Wendall Miller
mammals. Thus, a broader                            THE AGATIZER
definition of the word might             ******************************
define a pearl as a concretion,          "Hard work will never hurt you.
skeletal or of other nonliving           Unless, of course, you ire pay~
tissue, of organic origin.               ing to have it done.          -
    In common use, however, pearls                   Franklin P. Jones
are understood to be globular            ******************************
concretions found in molluscs            GATE TO SUCCESS ... ,
and provided with qualities such
as iridescence and transluience              If you only knock LONG
which make them desirable and           ENOUGH and LOUD ENOUGH at the
often highly prized gems; the            gate, you are sure to wake up
more perfect the shape (sym-             somebody.
metrical ball - or drop like)            ******************************
                                            Strive to be fair - always
and the deeper the pearly lustre        remember that those who don't
the more the pearl is esteemed.          think as you do have a perfect
Hence only pearly found in               ri ht to their foOlish. opinioD3
   JUNIOR PETROGRAPH            - JR - 11                 J~NE, 1982
                                                    JUNE   1982

SUNDAY     MONDAY                    TUESDAY               WED'.NESDAY                                    FRIDAY             SATURDAY
                                       1                        2                      3                     4                             -
                                   Lapidary &          Lapidary                 Lap. &I Jewelry          Lapidary            Juniors
                                   Jewelry             9:00am-noon             12:00-3:00 pm ..         1:00-9:30 pm..
                                   7:00-9:30 pm..                                                                            9:00am-noon
                                                       7:00-9:30 pm ..         7: 00-9: 30 pm.

6               7                        8                     9                         10 .                11                  12
         Lapidary                 Lap. & Jewelry      Lapidary                  Lap. &I Jewelry
         9:00am-noon              7:00-9:30 pm.        9: OOam'""DOOD           12:00-3:00 pill..      Lapidary              Juniors
                                                      p.m. sheJP elosed         1:00-9: 30 pm..        1:00-9:30 pm..        9:00Nl-DOOn
         P.M. lap. res.
         tor beginners                                 GENERAL     )(BftIlfG

 13             14                      15
                                                                  16                   11                    18                   19
                                                      Lapidary                  Lap.. &3 JewelZy
         Lapidary                 Lap. &I Jewelry     9: OO__lIlOOft            12:00-3:00             Lapida.ry             Juniors
         9:00aa-noon              1: 00-9: 30 pill-   7: 00-9: 30 pill.         1: 00-9: 30 pas        1:00-9:30             9:00am.-noon
         BOARD. MEETING                                FACETORS GlOOP
         7:30   ~.   at shoE.:.                        1:30 pm. at shop
20             21                     22                      23                         24                  25                 26
         Lapidary                 Lap. & Jewelry       Lapidary                  Lap. &I Jewelry        Lapidary            Juniors
         9:00am-noon              7:00-9:30 pm..       9:00am-noon               12:00-3:00 pm.         1:00-9:30 pm..      9:00am-noon
                                                       7:00-9:30 pm.             1: 00-9: 30 pm.
         P.M~ lap. res.                                SHOW MEETING
         for beginners                                 AT SHOP     7: 30 .

21             28                      29                      30                 If you have info rma,tion that you w( iuld like
         Lapidary                 Lap. & Jewelry       Lapidary                 put on the c&lenda 1!l please call m.e ! It 582 ..1459
         9:00am-noon              7:00-9:30 pm..       9:00am-noon
                                                       7:00-9:30 pm.                                                 Bi~   ie Ashley
         P.M. lap. res.
         for beginners
                                                                                                         -                             -
                                             .                                  C.F.M.S. Newsletter

                                  Special Junior (Single Entry) Form


Exhibit Category - Check One

Cabochon (       )     Carving        )    Faceted Stone (   )   Fossil (   )     Jewelry (   )

Mineral (    )        Nodule (    )       Geode (   )

Only ~entry per Junior.

Exhibitor's Signature                                                           Birthdate
                            --------------------------=-------------                    -------
Exhibit Entry Deadline, August 10, 1982

                     Certification for Individual Junior Exhibitor

I hereby certify that all material entered by me for competition is my own personal

property and that aU workmanship (except as allowed by the AFMS Regional Rules)                       ", ,\

was done by me.

I have read the currentAFMS Uniform Rule. and the CFMS Supplemental Rules and

agree to abide by them.

I agree to leave my exhibit on display until the show close. on Sunday, August 29,


Exhibitor's Signature
Exhibitor's Society

Addres IS
I hereby certify,   1,1   an officer of the above named Society 8 that the exhibitor hll

a member in lood Itandinl of that Society and to the belt of my knowledle9 hi

eUllb1e to enter in the above stated cateloryo

Sisnature and Title
                      __________________'_'_v_________________ Date          _~   ________

AU entries are to be Bent to:                 Cleo Adami
                                              1unior Activit!e. Chairman
                                              24"1 CaUe Marluerita
                                              Los G_ta •• ,CA 950'0

                                              Phon. (408) 371e 9Z"IS

       ~udging P.rcent.... tor .,eo1&1 Janior Competition, Single Entry:
       Cat.gory           (.)    (D)  (c)   (4)  ee)    (f)   (g)
       Labelini           20     2()  20    :50  10     :50   20
       Quality            15     15   15    15   10     15    11
       Workmanship        65     &5   65         50--         65
                          -""                -- --
                                             -- --

       Specimen Preparation--               40      --  40


                                          ~   UZ Z L E C Q 8 N E 8
JUNE 5 -   6, CANOGA PA~K, CA.
Rockatomics Gem & Mineral Soc.            CIRCLE THE WORDS -
16th Annl Show
8500 Fallbrook Ave.
Canoga Park, CA'                   S A W E N W S R 0                   K   S
JUNE 5 -    6, GLENDORA, CA        L 8        L I   A A 0      0   C A     B
Goddard Jr: 'Rock Club
7th Annual State Wide Jr.          A L A P R T 0               C U T R
Invitational Ge~ & Mineral Show
Goddard Jr. High School            B     E T S Q E 8           K   D 0     P
859 E. Sierra Madre Ave.
Glendora, CA                       X     T S    J   U R 0      H   J   E R
JUNE 12 - 13, SAN DIEGO, CA        N A Y I          A N 0      0   P A L
Convair Rockhounds
Convair Recreational Hall          U G R        M   R D B U G          S   U
9115 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA                      F A C E T I               E N E     M   C
JUNE 19 - 20, SUSANVILLE, CA       T 0        P A Z G S D          M   Y   K
Lassen Rocks & Minerals Soc.
10th Annual Show                   0     F R I      E N D S H I            P
Lassen Co. Fairgrounds
Susanville, CA

JUNE 19 - 20, CAYUCOS, CA          CAB              AGATE
Estero Bay Gem & Mineral Club      CUT              FACET
Veterans Bldg. at the Pier         DOP              TOPAZ
Cayucos, CA                        FUN              WATER
                                   SAW              QUARTZ
                                   BUGS             CRYSTAL
                                   JADE             B00800S
                                   OPAL             FRIENDSHIP
                                   SLA8             ROCKHOUNDS

PETROGRAPH                        25                   JUNE 1982
                                                             ~me pretty good specimens from
"'ull~   LAKE   TRIP   APRIL
                                                        climbinl a steep hill but Gene Buhner-
            By Jean                                            and I got just as nice while stay-
                                                            at the bottom with Gertrude Oulton.
The day started out                - 5:00 to       w~ 3 took a short walk & discovered
rise so Dora could pi<:k                        a.B.1   some lovely water falls. Now it was
I had forgotten this """''''''''..                      lunchtime & everyone scattered. Our
rock hound as I haven't                                         = Dora - Ken and Schermerhorns
for quite awhile. We had a beautiful                    found ourselves alone so we took off
long ride up to Middletown thru~ Napa p                 down. a road that Mr. Land had suggested.
St. Helena and Calistoga. Would have                    Well~ we drove and drove and drove,
stopped at the winerys but we were                      lovely ride tho'. Schermerhorns decided
too early. Got to Middletown at 8:30 a.m.               enough was enough so after ~ hour. they
and there were lots of                                  turned around and headed home. Dora &
By 9:00 there were 15 cars and 2S                       len ~ept right on tho' and we found
raring to go. Then Dora dropped the                     ourselves on the road to a town ----?
pombo Jack Burris had a death in his                    Stopped at the first place (an A&W) &
family and had to go to the Bay Area so                 had Ice cream. We had discovered 2
we weren't going to get into the land for                         with babies haplessly mired
diamonds but, she had a back                  I         in the mud in a field in the middle of
Mr. LeRoy Land who live~ in K1dd:le1~01~                         wo we went to find help - found
would take us to some local                             an      tow truck on the highway & sent
was a very congEnial man whose wife                     them back. That is how come we found an
recovering from a bad stroke so he could'               ice cream store. On our way for help, we
nt be gone for long. He lived on West                   passed the road to the diamonds that is
Main St. - as the town is only about                    in our Field Trip bood. So back we went
3 blocks long in any direction 9 how c~e                refr.shed to see if we could find the
West MainT He first tock US to the'                     spotl. ~~- Well, we not only found the
stream bed right in tow - could find BOst'              placa but all of our lost field trippers.
anything there & several did. Dora ~nt                  They had been there for a long time & had
wading. Jim Schermerhorn took home the                  already found loU. Murray Oulton had
biggest rock from the stream for bookends&              bwouaht a screen & was panninl the tiny
jasper, I thi.nk. Chris Crone from LiNer-               str~.     Fred & Jean Pace had the largest
more (formerly our Beab.r) took a                       ones - couldn't miss Jean - she had on
ss the day was glorioust                                a ksokie hat - You old timers - cloesn' t
Crone had a hat on that      wa.                        that ring a bell when I always wore one
                                                        on ~ald trips! It was nice to see a new
all the gals. It was c~lla,..~le
folded up into a tiny circle bu~ when                   face 9 Dave        who lot 2 Sucret boxes
unfolded was a large picture hat. She                   full of the wee stones. Turns out he
lot it in Quartzite. They both took off                 isn't so new after al1 9 he joined as a
early as did Bil19 Janie. and Albert                    Jr. when he was 11 years old in 1964 &
Garcia. Evelyn Oulton               a acod              has come back into the fold.
!tan and lave.Earl Colb~m a ride u, -
we should all double up               this to tlUILVe       said when we arrived that it looked
gas~  Next we we~e tak~n up the mountains               just like someone had had a giant party
to a mine (tho the people said they could v             & smashed all their bottles - everywhere
nt find a trace of onel) where we lot                   was glitter - so tiney & yet irrestistable.
quartz plates. This is drusy erystals                   Bad to take quite a hike to get any good
that form seams. As it wa a roupt Ii                    sized ones & they weren't huge. A lady
steep road, we had to double             1n 4           in a green shirt, whose name I didn't get
wheel drive rigs. The bit motor home that               had 6 or 7 nice big ones. Wayne & Pat
Phyllis Dixson had was the dividing point               Cooper (he was taking pictures) left
when it couldn't make the grade. Ken                    before the diamond jaunt. Ed Kiser &
ferried Dora & I plus a lot of others -                 Vicky Fitreault, his friend? ·left early
Tracy had opted to go to the beach that                 also. As usual, it was the people who
day instead of rockhounding. The gang,                  make the trip and this bunch was great.
PETROGRAPH                                                                          JUNE 1982
Dora even had 2 other ex Juniors to                 THE MAKING OF FRIENDS
cavort with besides Ken - Bonnie and
Brian Buhnerkempe, who came up together.    If nobody smiled, and nobody cheered
Had a nice trip home.    Dora's new         And nobody helped us along;
car zooms arou~4 corners real well and
the gas mileage was fantanstic. We saw      If each little minute looked after itself
quail, jack rabbits and ~ven a mohair ,_    And the good things all went to the strong;
cow - that's right &w€ didn't even have
any wine because it was too late for the    If nobody care just a little for you
winerys. They plan another trip soon for    And nobody thought about me
diamonds - I hope I can,\go and see you
all there!                                  And we all stood alone in the battle of life,
                                            What a dreary Rock Club it would be.
#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#   Clubs are nice because of the friends we make,
&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&   The things in common we share.

                                            We want to keep on, not because of ourselves,
      THANKS FOR BRINGING                   But because of the people who care.
        THE GOODIES!
                                            It's giving and doing for somebody else,
         Al Bryant                          In which all life's splendor depends;
         Pat & Wayne Cooper
         Amy DeVoe                          And th~ joy of the club when it't all added uP.
         Ray Bradfield                      Is found in the making of FRIENDS.
         Allen & Billie Ashley
         Donna Daniels                                 By Bob Ross of the Tumberler
                                                          Via Gemt Time of Las Vegas
  We all enjoyed them.                                    Via Solano Chief tan

       Bev & John Mac Donald                Editor's Note:   AMEN

.%*%*%*%*%%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%%*%*%*%*%*%-1    @)@)@)t)@)@@)@)@)@)@)@)@}@)@)@@)@)@)@)@)@)
*%*%*%*%*%%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%*%%*%*%*%*1*   (@),(@ @(@)@(@)@(@)@(@)@(@)@(@)@(@)@(@)@(@)
*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*##*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#   (@(@(@ @(@(@(@(@(@(@(@(@@(@(@(@(@(@(@(@(@(
Be sure and participate in the Alameda      I thought I was a pretty good rockhound.
County Fair. Going to the fair and          A can pronounce chalcedony correctly,
not seeing and rocks in the Gems &          jasper agate, selinite, etc. have
Minerals Building would be terrible.
                                            been d~ftly dropped at the correct
                                            moments.    Now I'm hearing words like
While you are there, check out the          cheating, pavillion, girdle, table,
quilt entries, our own Billie Ashley        crown!    I thought my friends were
has entered a couple of her quilts          discussing a. new romance. They were!
this year.                                  Faceting!111    Our first workshop was
                                            very well attended. All the dumb
#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&'&#&1&    questions were answered promptly and
$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&&$    the mysterious tools were demonstrated
                                            until they were understood.
Allen Ashley caught a 175 pound marlin
on his recent vacation to Mexico! That      I should have known that the people I
must have been quite a thrill.              have pestered to find out if "this rock
                                            is any good?" or what is it?" would
Allen can usually find all the fishing      be just as generous with their knowledge
holes on field trips, too.                  about faceting. Please keep coming,
*****************************************   and you ask some dumb questions~ too.
PETROGRAPH                                                               JUNE 1982
                 Field Trip J_ne 19th and 20th 1982

 ~ou   can go up Friday nite if you wish@
 This trip is still on., Everett Carson - will be at the
 mineo he has another group The Western Mining Console of
 Santa Clara Will be their also@
(Duke)Mre Carlson says their will be ~o going to the Rivero
this time the Water is to high and Rapid from the Storms@
So don't take Gold Pans or DredgesQ
Highwy 88 from stockton@ St~y on 88 ~hrough Jackson to
Red Corral road (12 miles from Jackso~@) Watch for Signs
from Red Corral Roade Saying MGSoC"V e or WMSo Or bothe Turn
left on Skull Flat Road" WatCh for small lake on right as you
AplJroach gate to Property.. Dukes TraileR" is down the
side of the mountain from parking are~o You can walk or ride

    For Map see May 1982 issue page   19
 Some thing about !leld Trip.0

Our alub has some 400 members in it ftow,and that is more then
most clubs in Ckiifornia@ BUt.e ha~e the smallest group of
people that particapate then any aaub around@
1" have been in this Club oVj8r 15year.- myself and senceI became
active in being on a commit~ •• I have gotten mere enjoyment out
of the Club then I thought ,ossable@
This year I became Pield Cbornator hoping that in atwad of one
person haveing to lead field trips *hat more people.would like
to get on the road and enjoy leading trips@ Well so far no one
has volunteered to lead a trip and its been hard to f6nd some
one to say they will lead@ Ibw this is not hard wor. we have
maps and areas loeated@ !h8 olub pays tor leaders Gas to
PreScout the area to lOU     !8t aquainted with it before taking
people ..
Now I would like to recieve a few phops calls or send me a card
saying that you would like to lead a tripe We have a lot of
local places that can be taken we only need some one to lead~

IiIX On any Field trip no matter how far you should always
have water with you and a iock Hammer@ These are the most
important items their is@

                    Hope to hear from you
                            Dora anllins"
      JUNE 5-6


                             JASPER, JADE, CHERT

                        BECAUSE OF VERY LIMITED
                        PARKING WE ASK THAT THERE
                        BE NO TRAILERS BEYOND
                        COVELO, AND IF POSSIBLE,
                        TRY TO DOUBLE UP AT COVELO
                        & TAKE LESS CARS.
                        THERE ARE PARKING SPOTS IN
                        TOWN ON THE SIDE STREETS.

                        THERE ARE TO BE NO FIRES
                        OR FIREARMS AND WE ASK
                        THAT THOSE WHO SMOKE BE
                        VERY CAREFUL AS THIS IS
                        THE FIRE SEASON.

                        ROCK HAMMERS AND PERHAPS A
                        SMALL GAD OR CHISEL.

                        BRING YOUR WADING SHOES,
                        YOU ARE SURE TO GET YOUR
                        FEET WET.
                                HOSTS NORTH BAY PIBLD TRIP


                                 trip--Ho camping in Bollnaso
Meets    10.00 AM Agate Beach              @   Bolinaa ll Marin County

         The collecting area     a 1/2 to 3/4 mile walk north on beacho


Tools.   Small hand toola tor working          1 bedao

                   DO NOT DISTURB TIDB POOL LIFE

                      ST SON
                          Fernl~y   COOP Iiock Tri]2 .
                          Fourth of July Snecia1.
     ,Tul'T thc lr'd.       qt lO;~OO AM Meet just outside of town, just the r: 110nnin.-r: center on theHi n-hway
                                             G          Car with tent trailer on back
v'li 11 be t1--'crc Wi th C}lstro Valley sign on itG         That will be Scott
'"'nn N"ncy Pfe fer, yourlcfld'ers, They will be checking you in and making
surc ;you st:','rinp; :1.t one of the Camping ei~hts" Lahontan Dam is a
["ood Rrea fmd t~:cir are a few Motels in the area 8.lso"                'iVe hope to
keep most of the ~roup to~etherG
Tools needed - H"'tmmers 9 Chi.sels. Picks, shovels, bars, (sledge)
 f'ro:",;,O'les 9 Glo"lzes, rockbap:, Rock h:1,mmers, Hat Shoes, water/ c8nteen&
Bottle.             \ -,
This is hai~ rock di~Fin~, Wonderstone can be found,                 the heat i.s
 rour:h, the s!Clnd blows R.round when the wind comes up" The last time
'.fie took this tri 11 Vl:::,S :l.t least 6 yeare ago"
Hi~hwa~r   41') to Reno them to Fernley 95
Hirh'I'F"T 50   1;') Fernley 95

See yoU in Fernley"
                                                   It' s very obvious ths!~i' our Sooiety
                                                   has toUDd a new\generiil interest!
           NEW MEMBERS                             Faoeting! At l@~U'~t 36 members
                                                   att@nded our tirst taceting work-
    Jason Lord (a jr. )              537-0240      shop" All' different,~ta,ges of
    860 Orchard Ave. #19                           talent, from those t~~t are inter-
    Hayward, Ca.                                   ested to the exp.ertpr.ii
    Mike Zerby (a jr. )                            The experts were v:~'ry helpful to
    347 Frederic                                   those 01' us who h~d only heard some
    Hayward, Ca. 94544                             mJsteriouswords ,nd seen the
                                                   b@autitul stones these artisans had
    Fred Huffman                     537-2516      oreated"
    1796 East Ave.
    Hayward, Ca, 94541                             We learned what those strange words
                                                   were to r@f@rring\to when talking
    Marty Livermore                  793 ..8406    aboUt a tao@ted st~ne:
    4651 Balboa Way
    Fremont, Ca. 94536
    Carol Baziuk                     793-0160                               ~--f'!;rown
    4364 Dali                                                                  -=41irdle
    Fremont, Ca. 94536                                                   f . / = - - - Pavilion
                                                                    'Jl7-_ _ _-Culet
    Alan Sakalay
    Box 2191                                       We l@arnerl how to use a polarasoope
    Castro Valley, Ca. 94546                       to tind the C axis 01' a stone o
    Ben & Karen Nott                               Calipers are used for measuring
    1960 Gomes Rd.                                 your aton@. Some speoialized
    Fremont, Ca'. 94539                            calipers show it you stone is
                                                   round or noto A stone setting
    Wilton & Verna Lamb             , 581-1916     tool ia helpful in putting your fin-
    27008 Duffel Place                             ished ston@ into a setting... A pen
    Hayward, Ca. 94544                             like '. 'devioe with prongs that can
                                                   b@ pushed out allows you to study
         CHANGE OF ADDRESS                         your stone"

    Jason Sather ( a jr. )                         Th@ reap@rs and sowers of this work
    21117 Gary Dr. #214                            shop weres Jim Bishop, Andy Sak81ay~
    Hayward, Ca. 94546                             Paul Letsoh, Ken Hayes, Kay Hayes, Anna
                                                   Culton, EVelyn Culton, Verlie Norfray~
                                                   Viola Groves, Loraine Zimmerman, Noel
                                                   Zimmerman, Dave Me Peak, Merle Paiva,
 MEMBERSHIP DUES WILL BE DUE ON JULY 1st.          B:inah Antunovioh ,l MargEirY Sanborn, A1
 PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME ALONG WITH A STAMPED,      Riohter, Russ Sanborn, D. Gillespie,
 SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE, AND I WILL SEND YOU      Pat Rigor, Roman GroveS, Tony Geraci,
 YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD FOR 1982 -1983.              B:i Rigor, Ray Barnum, Doug Hawn, Wayne
                                                   Cooper, Pat Cooper, Willie Kochendorfer,
 SEE INSIDE COVER FOR MEMBERSHIP DUES.             Allen Ashley, Jim Stand:ifc)l-q., Tana
                                                   Standiford, Florence Rickerdyke, Hal
                                                   Rickerdyke, Joe Ramos, Jcrhn ~ac Donald,
 BILLIE ASHLEY                                     ~nd Dave Ste6feno
 CASTRO VALLEY, Ca. 94546                          Rope to see you all again, and more,
                                                   June 16 at the Shope
 PETROGRAPH                                                                  JUNE 1982
                                              CITY OF OAKLAND


   "rSe J. Kramer
   2506 High Street
   Oakland p CA 9~601
   Dear   Dorothy~

        The Oakland MuseUlt, as you _y be, . . re, f. currently preparing an
   exceptional geologl~ exhIbIt on .. rth Dyn,.fc.o
        One 0' the fMtur.·_'~t. 181. 6· ba:thyMetrl~ globe Incorporatrng
   all of the.late.t ..e... rch and exp lor.4t tory JnfQnftllth:m on the topgraphh:al
   and geological'.., ...... of the ~ ftJSOf, a. provIded frOM world"'Wlde
   sources.'                                                     '

        Unfortunately, progress On th..IV0b8.t.a1 been slew becau,e of the
   la~k of both fund, and per.onnel to do ~he el.entlal grIndIng and carving
   for cample,tlon of the' proJee~"cr"the sd\eduled opening In April 1983.
        Aeeord'ngly, the IMJseUlt I, J,.~J~ a gen.r..1 ap.,..1 to .11 118mbe,..
   of Gem .nd Mineral Socletl •• '[p the a..i'lly for Y01unteer ••• ,.t.nee to
   complete this Import.nt project. ' '
         No experlen~e hi neeel •• ry but' .~ .s,nfty 'In the uleof Foredem
    type grinding tooh would be a helpful ...q~ir"nt. If youean ~ut and
   ,fbl'sh ro~ks you should be able to qualify. WOrk would be done under the
   supervhlon of Itaff personnel.,,'           ,
        Would you be wn~l~ .nCl .~le to 1., thl~ InterestIng proJe~t
   by contributing a ',few hours of YOUr, tlu' Mdt, week" .t your ~onventence?
        When ecmpleted, the exhl~lt and' the glebe will be the most ~omprehenstve
   of Its kind In the world. It ha •. ~n h'g~ty commended by nattonal and
   Internatlon.l scientists .na, wHtb. of ITgntfleant value .s an .duC4!Itlonal
   resour~e for our enttre ~Yntt1Q           '
        Volunteer a.slst.nee. It ,tl\tl tiM, .-. yltll to Its OOiOpletton on
fage- 2
HIlrc:h '. 1,82
"rtills J. Kr_r

     Plea.e re.p0n4 eIther .. '~Ivl~'~            orthr~   your society
ottlcer. by phone or letter to:

                        Pferlna I@ (Pat).Mlcho1.on
                        The o.k 'and   AUIII.,.
                        1000 Oak Str..t
                        Oak 1lind ., CA , ..601
                        Phone: (415. 27,-,884


P.s. It I. respectfully     reqUCIlt~
                                that the foreSOl."1iJ Info..-Uon be
      dell hit Mtad to the ~rt of ~r Soc:i ety" Thank you I

                  * ,     * * * *. * * * * *

Dear Club Membere:

able to o·ffer eome help to fat Nicholson at the Oakland MUlleum -

Thi. projectwill benefit all areaa of the Bay Area and help 1.

desperately needed.

                                         The East Bay Mineral Society
SOCIETY COLORS                     MINERAL & GEM SOCIETY OF CASTRO VALLEY                                     SOCIETY STONE
 Blue & Gold                                   P.O. BOX 2145                                                    Selenite
                                   SOCIETY                         SYMBOL

                                           CASTRO VALLEY, CA. 94546

                                           1981     ~   1982 ELECTED OFFICERS

 PRESIDENT                                              ARNOLD BARRON                                                   538-6254
 VICE PRESIDENT                                         WILLY KOCHENDORFER                                              582-72i8
 SECRETARY                                              EDNAH ANTUNOVICH                                                522-4214
 TREASURER                                              RUSS SANBORN                                                    582-2079
 3RD YEAR DIRECTOR                                      CARMEN CAVALIERI                                                886-4701
 2ND YEAR DIRECTOR                                      GARY ROWE, SR.                                                  796-5348
 1ST YEAR DIRECTOR                                      NOEL ZIMMERMAN                                                  357-2795
 FEDERATION DIRECTOR                                    VERN KORSTAD                                                    537-9485
 SHOP FOREMAN                                           JUDGE EWING                                                     886--4909
 SHOW CHAIRMAN 1983                                     ARNOLD BA.RRON                                                  538-6254
 EDITOR                                                 EDNAH ANTUNOVICH                                                522-4214
 HOST & HOSTESS                                         BEV & JOHN MAC DONALD                                           538-5563
 LIBRARIAN                                              JERRE SCHERMERHOP,~                                             278-5963
 HISTORIAN                                              HELEN MIGUEL                                                    276-4354
 MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN                                    BILLIE ASHLEY                                                   582-7459
 JUNIOR MENTOR                                          EDNAH ANTUNOVICH                                                522-4214
                                                        GERRY DAVIS                                                     839-7713
 FIELD TRIP COORDINATOR                                 DORA COLLINS                                                    889-8209
 PAST PRESIDENT                                         DEL RAY JOHNSON                                                 796-9069

                                                     *~PPOINTED        COMMITTEE        CP.AIRME~

 PUBLICITY                                              PATRICIA & WAYNE COOPER                                         471-1354
 RECEPTIONIST                                           ANN MARIE KOCHENDORFER                                          582-7278
 PARLIAMENTARIAN                                        ALLEN ASHLEY                                                    582-7459
 SUNSHINE                                               GENE HANZEL                                                     483-l.071
 SCHOLARSHIP                                            HAZEL PETERMAN                                                  357-4323
 SHOP STEERING                                          MAX UNLAND                                                      538-8627
 DOOR PRIZES                                            ROY LE ROY                                                      278-1882
 EDUCATION COORDINATOR                                  MARGERY SANBORl\f                                               582--2079
 BLOOD BANK                                             JIM BARRON                                                      276-0134
 Y.M.C.A. LIASON                                        JACK DE VOE                                                     537-0077

 *Without voting privileges at Board Meetings

 MOVING? - We will no longer guarantee return postage fo~ the PETROGRAPH. So if
 you will be moving, please send us your name and your new address so you won't
 miss news of your Society. MEMBERS: Mail to BILLIE ASHLf.·Y J 7781. Mayflower Dr.
 Ca'stro Valley, Ca.. 94546.  EXCHANGE EDITORS: Mail to EDNPJi ANTUNCJVICH (address
 on outside this sheet).
 NAME                                                   DATE CHANGE EFFECTIVE- - -
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 PEtROGRAPH                                             INSIDE BACK COVER                                                   1982
951                Ito     (//J!J

                                                AIIOWS- City Ordiaance
1&,.,.1'.11 cao MS42         .8

                                                             - Jt   I

         -                                       ;   ,

                                                 Bulk lat. "
                                            Uel. ~"m
                                             I . Lo~9caG'
                                                ,.mit '42.


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