Perry Miniatures - An Amusing Anecdote by dffhrtcv3


									Perr y Min iature s – An A mu sin g Ane cd ote !

Now a caveat before I spill the beans on what is a genuinely amusing anecdote!

This is in no way a dig at Perry Miniatures … in fact if anything I trust it actually paints
them in a very good light!

Being a big fan of AWI and the Perry Miniatures range of figures I do from time to
time order new additions for my collection. On this particular occasion I decided to
order some British cavalry … and so bought a few boxes of the 17th Light Dragoons.

                                         Now although I have never had any problems
                                         with orders in the past … on this particular
                                         occasion the officer was not all I had hoped for
                                         as his rather large intimidating sword … the
                                         scourge of those Continental dogs … was in
                                         fact more like a Midshipman’s ‘Hanger’!

                                         So I sent off an e-mail to Perry Miniatures …
                                         apologising for disturbing them … and
                                         expressing my concern at the alarming size of
                                         my officer’s weapon.

                                         Clearly they too were alarmed … because Alan
                                         immediately responded … confirming that my
                                         fears were in fact well grounded.

                                         He reassured me that a replacement of greater
                                         stature would be dispatched asap … and so I
                                         waited for my reinforcements to arrive.

Now when I saw the note indicating that I had something to collect from the Post
Office I was extremely impressed at how quickly Perry’s had dispatched the parcel.

Yet that is where my pleasure ended … because I started to doubt whether my
replacements could actually fit in the regular letter sized envelope that was handed
over to me!!!

For a moment I confess I thought maybe Perry’s had had a change of heart.

In the envelope was a copy of my original e-mail including the photo of the miniature
… and on it was the code of the box I required … but nothing else … which is when
the penny dropped!

Now I confess this part is conjecture … but I think you will agree that it is probably on
the money!

So I suspect events at Perry’s must have gone something like this …
Alan decides that it is fair and reasonable to replace the figure and so puts the code
on the hard copy of my e-mail and hands it to someone else saying something like
“Please send this to that size impaired guy in Perth”

                                      So whoever it was that took that directive
                                      literally did as asked and sent what was
                                      handed to them to me in Perth!

                                      Now for the second caveat … I hope and trust
                                      that whoever it was who sent the letter also
                                      has a sense of humour … and realises that this
                                      isn’t a dig at them!

                                      Those of us who have been around for even a
                                      short while all have stories like this one to tell
                                      about ourselves … and a good laugh is usually
                                      the best response to things going a wee bit
                                      pear shaped occasionally!

                                      As you can see my new British officer with his
                                      rebel intimidating blade has since arrived …
                                      and so I will always remember this little saga
                                      with a good natured chuckle.

                          GOD SAVE KING GEORGE ! ! !

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