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JobTitle:               Head of Business Development, Fundraising and Income Generation

Directorate:            Business and Commerce

Reporting to:           Director

Hours:                  37 per week

Salary:                 £41,200 - £46,614 plus incentives

Job Purpose:

The Head of Business Development, Fundraising and Income Generation will head and create the
College’s sales culture by providing coaching and guidance to raise expertise and effectively
monitor the sales force in order to achieve business goals.

The post holder will be responsible for devising and implementing strategies in liaison with
operational managers and as agreed with the Chief Executive/Principal and Directors, within an
agreed time frame, for:

        Business Income Generation

        Fundraising Income Generation

        Marketing support for Income Generation

The post holder will also be required to achieve an agreed income target for the College, set in
consultation with the Chief Executive/Principal, Directors and Governors.

Main Duties and Responsibilities (time frames to be agreed with Director)


        Develop and manage an agreed and sustainable set of strategies to deliver a significant
         increase in income to support the College’s growth, against short, medium and long term

        Identify new sources of income and opportunities to generate increased revenue

        Research, list and allocate priorities for new funding and business opportunities

        Develop high level contacts and networks to help secure new sources of income

        Report to and advise senior managers as required on progress, issues and developments
         and market/competitor activities; provide evidence through record keeping and effective
       analysis; input into budgetary discussions and policy reviews as required.

      Liaise and have input with other Directorates’ areas (eg Finance and Resources and MIS)
       to achieve agreed objectives

      Attend meetings internally and externally as required by Senior Managers and as
       necessitated by work objectives


Work with Business Managers to develop a coherent and effective strategy to

      Maximise income through the College’s existing areas of business

      Identify and maximise business generation opportunities

      Assess and evaluate new and existing practices


      Act as Fundraising ambassador for the College

      Work with the Fundraising Manager to

            Develop the Legacy fundraising programme to provide future endowment funding for
             the College

            Ensure all fundraising systems, processes and procedures are efficient and cost
             effective, achieving maximum return on investment for all activities

            Lead, manage and motivate the Fundraising staff to ensure a dynamic, productive
             and creative team


      Work with the Marketing Manager to

            Develop an external communications strategy to promote all areas of the College’s
             activities, ensuring maintenance of a consistently high and positive profile amongst
             relevant target audiences, including:

                     o   Parents and families of students
                     o   Professionals (teachers, social workers, therapists, medical personnel and
                         other retained consultants and relevant professional associations)
                     o   Purchasers of College services (areas of Education, Social Services,
                         Health Authorities, Learning and Skills Council etc)
                     o   Funders (Trusts, companies, statutory bodies, and individuals)
                     o   Policy Makers (specific targets)
                     o   Local, regional and national media
          Develop and evaluate new and existing promotional materials and communication
           resources to support the College’s marketing and promotional needs

General Responsibilities of All Staff:


RNC is committed to the principles and practices of safeguarding. We believe that the
safeguarding of all RNC students has paramount importance, and everyone in the
College shares an objective to help keep young people and vulnerable adults safe. Each
staff member is required to take personal responsibility for ensuring the safeguarding of
our students, maintaining own knowledge and understanding through continued familiarity
with RNC policies and guidance, promoting safe practice and reporting any concerns

Equality & Diversity

RNC is committed to upholding the values that underpin current equality and diversity
legislation. We recognise the importance of equality and diversity being an integral part of
our work, to promote equality and prevent unlawful direct or indirect discrimination. Each
staff member is required to take personal responsibility for ensuring equality and diversity
is recognised and promoted in all aspects of the role, maintaining own knowledge and
understanding through continued familiarity with RNC policies and guidance

Health & Safety

RNC is committed to the health, safety and welfare of our students, employees, and all
visiting stakeholders. Each staff member is required to ensure that they and others take
notice of and operate within RNC Health and Safety guidelines.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

RNC is committed to the development of its staff. The successful applicant will be
required to take part in RNC’s programme of continuing professional development and
will be encouraged to communicate and discuss their personal and team development
needs with managers and colleagues.

Location:                   RNC

                            Off-campus working, including UK and international travel,
                            may be required
Note: This job description covers the main, current duties and responsibilities of
the job; however, it is subject to review and amendment in the light of developing
or changing organisational needs. Other activities commensurate with this Job
Description may from time to time be undertaken by the Job Holder.
  PERSON SPECIFICATION – Head of Business Development, Fundraising and
  Income Generation

ATTRIBUTES           ESSENTIAL                              DESIRABLE                      ASSESSED THROUGH

Experience              Substantial and demonstrable          Experience of                 A
                         experience of recent success           fundraising                   I
                         in large-scale fundraising, at        Experience of sales           T
                         a senior level                         relating to income
                        Experience of fundraising for          generation
                         capital and charitable projects
                        Development of high level
                         strategies and plans for
                         income generation/sales
                        Delivering presentations to
                         high-level, high-profile groups
                        Managing performance,
                         coaching others and
                         managing teams
Knowledge/skills        Sound knowledge of the                Broad knowledge of the        A
                         legislation, regulations and           needs of people who are       I
                         financial issues relating to           blind or visually             T
                         fundraising                            impaired, and who may
                        Outstanding communication              have additional learning
                         skills, tailoring the message          or physical disabilities
                         to fit the needs and interests
                         of specific audiences
                        Highly effective networking
                         skills, with an adaptive style
                         to meet different individuals
                        Experience of implementing a
                         Marketing Strategy to exceed
                         established targets
                        Keeps up-to-date with
                         external factors impacting on
                         the organisational
                        Highly effective research and
                         analysis skills, with confident,
                         clear report writing
                        Awareness of Health &
                         Safety practices and
Qualifications and      Recognised fundraising,sales          Business Management           A
training                 or marketing qualification,            first degree or Masters       C
                         e.g. IoF Certificate in
                         Fundraising Management or
                         CFRE Certificate
                        Educated to degree level
Aptitudes and           Understands and applies                                              A
abilities                commercial and financial                                             I
                         principles to improve                                                T
                         organisational performance
                        Identifies and utilises
                         contacts effectively
                        Creative approach to problem
ATTRIBUTES              ESSENTIAL                           DESIRABLE   ASSESSED THROUGH

Disposition, attitude      High degree of self-                           A
and motivation              motivation, determination and                  I
                           Committed to achieving
                            targets and takes personal
                            accountability for work
                           A genuine commitment to
                            RNCB’s core purpose
                           Understanding of
                            safeguarding for our
                            students, and a commitment
                            to safe practice
                           Commitment to equality and
                            diversity and its active
Additional/other           Willing and able to work                       I
                            evenings and weekends                          Sight of required
                            where required                                  documents and
                           Enhanced CRB (Criminal                          completed CRB Form
                            Records Bureau) disclosure                     Sight of original
                            required prior to appointment                   documents required
                            being confirmed
                           Eligibility to work in the UK

  ‘Assessed Through’ key:





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