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					     XI STATE NEWS
            Official Publication of the Tennessee Organization of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
VOLUME 56 No. 2                                                                                                                   November 2009

Have you heard? Xi State is having a birthday!
                                                                                  By Vera Jo Henegar, Chair, Ad Hoc 75th Anniversary Committee

F   or well over a year, plans have been
    brewing for the big celebration of Xi
State’s 75th anniversary.
                                               needs you and/or your chapter to do:
                                               • Contact Marsha Brewer (gnash81@
                                          if you or someone in your
                                                                                                 tive table trifold display about your
                                                                                                 chapter’s history at the Visual and
                                                                                                 Performing Arts display on Thursday
     The party will be held June 10-12,            chapter has written a song for Xi State       evening at the 2010 convention. Ad-
2010, at the University of the South in            and would be willing to share it.             ditional memorabilia may be displayed
Sewanee, Tennessee AND you are invited!        • Contact Jensi Souders (jsouders3@               on the table in front of the trifold.
     It won’t be nearly as much fun if you if you would like to be in    • Watch for information in Xi State News
are not there. Make your plans now to              a special presentation (acting/singing)       and on the Xi State website about the
attend this grand occasion.                        on Thursday evening at the Celebration        Book of Memories and the musical CD
     Although the Anniversary Committee            Convention.                                   and song book currently in production.
can make the big plans, it will be up to in-   • Help fund the celebration by contributing    • Purchasing a DKG bracelet from the An-
dividual chapters to make the celebration          $3.00 per member.                             niversary Committee. Contact Vera Jo
happen. Here are the things the committee      • Insure that your chapter has an informa-        Henegar (
                                                                                              Pi Chapter members Ann Gann, Kathy McGrew and Ann

        Xi State 75th Anniversary Celebration:
                                                                                              Brown make Delta Kappa Gamma bracelets for the 75th An-
                                                                                              niversary Committee. The bracelets are on sale for $20 and
                                                                                              may be purchased by emailing Vera Jo Henegar at vhenegar@

           Preview of Coming Publications                                           

        Glances into the Past . . . Glimpses into the Future:
                              75 Years of Xi State Memories
   Interesting articles and anecdotes written by 147 authors representing 76 chapters

                           Music CD and Song Book
   with original songs composed and recorded by members for meetings/ceremonies

          Watch the Xi State Website for additional information!

Take A Look Inside!
                                                                                           Xi State
              Eller “settles in” to new job 4
       Fielder welcomed as honorary member 5                                             Scholarships
   New planning conference schedule a success 6
  Regional conference transforms view of Society 6
   Legislative Symposium Registration Form/Info 7                                            Attention!
     Is this your year to update chapter Rules? 9                                   Xi State Graduate Students!
     Technology Committee tackles five tasks 10
                  Membership Matters 11                                  If you have been a member of Delta Kappa Gamma for
        It’s not just a good idea--It’s the law! 12                        three years and are enrolled in a graduate program,
  Interested in online networking with members? 12                                apply for a Xi State Scholarship today!
           State Scholarship Application 13-14
                     Xi State Seers 15                                         The application form is in this issue of Xi State News.
   Marketing and recruitment--viable strategies? 16                            The deadline for applying February 1, 2010
      The Delta Kappa Gamma
   Society International promotes                                     Persistence Pays
  professional and personal growth
                                                                 Persistence: the act or fact of persisting;
      of women educators and
                                                                 the quality of being persistent, contin-
       excellence in education.
                                                                 ued existence or occurrence, and/or the
                                                                 continuance of an effect after its cause is

   2009-2011 State Officers
                                                     ersistence is not allowing anything to stop you from
                                                                                                                       Dee Dee Rives
President                                            an activity once you start. It is an acquired skill and          Xi State President
Dee Dee Rives                                        not some kind of gift.
Pinson (West)
                                                    Children are persistent; a child will try the same thing over and over until
First Vice President / Program Chair
Beverly Smith                                  he or she either accomplishes the skill or is curbed by an adult. Think about
Chattanooga (East)                             a young child who is learning to walk. After the first few falls, does he say,
Second Vice President/Convention Chair
                                               “It looks like this walking thing is not working, so maybe I should crawl for
Dr. Dorrie Powell                              the rest of my life”? No, the child keeps on taking waddling steps until he can
Whiteville (West)                              walk and then run. This is persistence.
Recording Secretary
Mary Evelyn Perkinson                               Persistence pays. You will find a problem’s solution if you persist. If you
Decatur (East)                                 leave the problem idling, no solution will result. The power within us enables
Corresponding Secretary                        us to face failure and change anything in life. Many failures eventually bring
Dr. Kathie Harned                              success: Nelson Mandela kept his dream of freedom alive while spending
Nashville (Middle)                             decades in a South African prison. Walt Disney went bankrupt more than once.
Treasurer/Immediate Past President             The authors of the best-selling Chicken Soup books were rejected by publish-
Nancy Davis                                    ers many times because the books were thought to be losers! These people
Mountain City (East)
                                               were all persistent in their attempts to accomplish a goal.
Becky Sadowski
Brownsville (West)                                 W h a t -         Persistence is the voice that              ever it takes.
                                               According to         commands you forward when                   Napoleon Hill,
Executive Secretary                            author of Think everything inside screams at you                 and Grow Rich,
Elaine Warwick
Franklin (Middle)                              “The     major-                    to quit!                      ity of people
Interim Editor
                                               are ready to                                                     throw aims and
Dr. Jensi Souders                              purposes overboard and give up at the first sign of opposition or misfortune.
Ooltewah (East)                                A few carry on despite all opposition until they attain their goal. Weak desires
Webmaster                                      produce weak results.”
Judy Cross
Harriman (East)
                                                    All of us will be tested to keep going or quit at some time in our lives.
                                               Persistence means to go decisively on, some might say “pigheadedly” on, in
              Xi State News
  Published four times a year in September,    spite of difficulties. Persistence is a choice. At every given moment, we either
  November, February, and April by the         can give in to the challenges or discover a way to overcome them.
  Tennessee Organization of the Delta
  Kappa Gamma Society International.
                                                   I encourage each of you to embrace the quality and characteristics of
  State dues for active members are $13.00
  of which $4.00 is a subscription to the      persistence and help other sisters to do the same. How? Plan for success; write
  News.                                        down realistic goals; be flexible; hold on even if you feel like quitting; don’t
                                               ignore small situations; and be persistent when doing even the smallest task.
  Contributors to Xi State News are asked
  to send news as soon as it is available
  to insure its placement in the next issue.         Everyone has desire; few have persistence. As members of the Society,
  Send news items for the February issue       it is impossible to succeed without developing the discipline of persistence.
  no later than January 4, 2010, to:
                                               Persistence is the voice that commands you forward when everything inside
  Jensi Souders, Interim Editor                screams at you to quit! It is persistence you need to see a project to the end.
  7622 Twisting Creek Lane
  Ooltewah TN 37363-9753                            Most success stories result from persistence. If showing up and waiting
  (Fax) 423-344-2724
                                               for success is all it took, we would always experience the sweet taste of victo-
                                               ry. That is not the case. Persistence is the key. Without it, there is little success.
  Send address changes to:                     Think of our state, your chapter, or your life. Are you persisting, or do you
  The Delta Kappa Gamma Society Inter-         give up at the first difficulty? Let Us persist in our efforts with Delta Kappa
                                               Gamma and have the fortitude to make the choice to fully develop this skill.
  P.O. Box 1589, Austin, TX 78767

2 Xi State News November 2009
Wow! What a great group of women! Tennessee members made up the largest delegation at the Southeast Regional Conference last summer. Attendees were serious, attending and presenting/presiding
at sessions and workshops, but boy, did they have fun, too! (Picture by Photos by Jim).

Let’s play ‘Where in the state is Dee Dee?’                                                                                        Letters
November 7                                   Nashville                Technology Workshop
    Beta, Alpha Nu, Alpha Psi, Beta Upsilon                      March 4                                      Cleveland                                           August, 2009
November 12                                     Gallatin              Lambda                                                       Dear Members of Xi State:
    Beta Xi                                                      March 6                                    Winchester                  As Co-chairs of the Southeast’s ef-
November 16                                Clarksville                Alpha Beta                                                   forts to raise money for the International
    Eta, Alpha Chi                                               March 13                                      Nashville           Emergency Fund, we thank you for your
November 30                               Rogersville                 Vision Foundation Meeting                                    generous donation to the Southeast Re-
    Alpha Iota                                                   March 15                               Murfreesboro               gional Conference collection.
December 3                                 Blountville                Beta Epsilon
                                                                 March 20                   TBA East Tennessee
December 5                            Johnson City                    Chapter Officers Training, East
                                                                                                                                                            Ramona Jeffries,
    Area I                                                       March 25                             Lawrenceburg                                                                Kentucky
January 9
    Beta Sigma
                                                 Bolivar              Phi
                                                                 March 27                  TBA West Tennessee
                                                                                                                                             Loretta Persohn Brehm,
January 28                               Brownsville                  Chapter Officers Training, West
    Chi                                                          April 10              TBA Middle Tennessee
                                                                                                                                                                  October, 2009
February 6                             Chattanooga                    Chapter Officers Training, Middle
                                                                                                                                   Dear Xi State Sisters,
    Alpha Phi                                                    April 23-25           TBA Middle Tennessee
                                                                                                                                        What an honor and privilege it was to
February 8                             Maynardville                   Leadership Seminar
                                                                                                                                   serve as your state president 2007-2009. It
    Beta Pi                                                      April 26                                      Knoxville
                                                                                                                                   was a journey that I will always treasure
February 9,10                                Nashville                Beta Psi, Zeta, Alpha Tau, Alpha Mu
                                                                                                                                   and keep close to my heart.
    Legislative Seminar                                          April 27                                    Sevierville
                                                                                                                                        Thank you very much for the mon-
February 27                                Sevierville                Gamma Nu, Gamma Iota, Alpha Omega
                                                                                                                                   etary gift I received at the President’s
                                                                                                                                   Banquet. I bought a gold medallion that

     Send us a BLITZ of
                                                                                                                                   I will enjoy wearing for years to come. It
                                                                                                                                   will always remind me of a very special
               The Nominations Committee needs your                                                                                time in my life.
                   DELTA KAPPA GAMMA JEWELS                                                                                             I look forward to serving you in the
    who show leadership and service at the chapter level, committee                                                                future. May we continue to climb our
         work on the state level, and convention participation.
                                                                                                                                   mountain and reach our goals for Xi State!
     These outstanding women are needed to serve as Xi State officers and on the Xi State
         finance, personnel and nominations committee for the 2011-2013 biennium.
            Please send your recommendations to the Nominations Committee between
                                 March 1 and October 31, 2010.                                                                                                                   Nancy
                                                                                                                                                Xi State News November 2009 3
International News
Eller “settles” in to new job at Headquarters
F  ormer Xi State News Editor Linda Eller reported for work as Communications Services Administrator at International Headquar-
   ters in Austin, Texas, on September 11. Her first assignment was to read the International Constitution and Standing Rules!
    After a week, Eller reported that she was finding her way around town a little without a global positioning system, and that she’d
had a date!
                                               Week Four
                                                    By October 6, the report was, “I’m swamped! International Directory, DKG NEWS
                                               and the President’s Page all with the same or almost the same deadlines!”
                                                    October 9: “I just finished laying out the International Directory and am work-
                                               ing on the next issue of the DKG NEWS now. I think they let me come in easy the few
                                               couple of weeks but that honeymoon is over. . . I just got my business cards. They have
                                               the new logo and look pretty spiffy. . .I’m so glad I’m here.”

                                               Week Five
     October 15: “I’m hitting three deadlines all at once. Yikes.”
     And then, “It’s hot. I’ll need different kinds of clothes here. I love the area I’m renting right now. But Austin’s cost of living is
higher. My first International Directory will go out to print by Friday. I’m almost finished with the NEWS... and am working on up-
dating the website--at least I’m giving [members of my department] lots to do. . .We are making subtle changes now in preparation for
moving the site. I’m also working on getting Golightly going, to be called the
                                                                               October 17: “Now I’ve seen an international committee at
Committee recommendations                                                 work, taken new pictures and shared news with the POW com-
                                                                          mittee about and coming changes.
finalized                                                                      “We have a beautiful new look coming for the website. It’s
                 By Fran Young, Beta Upsilon, Ad Hoc Committee Task Force clean and smart looking. And I should have the President’s Page
                                                                          ready - but it’s not yet. Whew!

T    he following final recommendations come from the Inter-
     national Ad Hoc Committee on Committee Structure after
consulting with five regional Task Forces for the past four years:
                                                                               “Otherwise things are great. This department has decided I’ll
                                                                          do. I got my first boss’s day present.
                                                                               “Oh and in between I’m in the vault pulling pictures for Lois
     1. The international Research Committee and the Person-              and Willene. That was very fun.
nel Committee should be dissolved, and there should not be an                  “I’m loving it.”
international Fine Arts Committee.                                             It seems Eller’s love affair goes both ways at Headquarters,
     2. The Society should create a committee to replace the              as Executive Coordinator Corlea Plowman remarked, “I love her!
current Insurance Committee, also assume responsibility to                She is going to be perfect and the department loves her.”
explore and develop other sources of non-dues revenue. It should               Lest we think Eller has forgotten where she comes from, she
be called the Non-Dues Revenue Committee.                                 adds, “I’ve already marked out June for Xi State so I’ll be there
                                                                          this year at least. I’m looking forward to the big birthday!”
           “...Adoption of these recommendations
           will strengthen international committee                     Society develops online social
          structure and enable the Society to work
                  efficiently and effectively...”                      networking website
                                                                                                               By Michelle Steen, Theta Chapter

     3. The Membership Committee and Expansion Committee
should not be combined.
     4. The Society should not transfer either the Golden Gift
                                                                       A     t the 2009 Southeast Regional Conference in Little Rock, I
                                                                             attended a meeting for “Gen Xers” with Dr. Carolyn Rants,
                                                                       International President. Our discussion included topics impor-
Committee or the World Fellowships Committee to the Educa-             tant to “younger” members. One discussion topic was the use of
tional Foundation.                                                     technology.
     5. Restructure the Program of Work Committees by creat-                Rants announced that Delta Kappa Gamma is developing an
ing a Program and Projects Committee responsible for coordi-           online social networking site much like Facebook or MySpace,
nating and promoting the major programs/projects of the Society.       but it will be accessible only to members.
Its subcommittees would work together as one and would permit               In November, the Beta testing website should be up and
more continuity and consistency in communication at all lev-           running. Look for more information in the coming months about
els. This committee would include 13 members: One chair who            the website and how to join. It is going to be a great tool for new
would lead, coordinate, and oversee the work of the following:         members and not-so-new members to interface and interact with
a Professional Growth subcommittee of 5 members, one from              members from all over within the Society.
                                              Continued on page 6
4 Xi State News November 2009
State News
Fielder welcomed as honorary member and
Foundation contributor
                             i State added a distinctive new mem-
                             ber as Dr. Virginia (Jenny) Dodge
                        Fielder was inducted as a state honorary
                                                                                                                Among her long list of awards and accomplishments, Dr.
                                                                                                          Fielder was named as the MTSU 2006 Friend of the College,
                                                                                                          and was added to the Wall of Fame in 2007. She has received
                        member at the first general session of the                                        Kentucky School Board Association’s Education Reporter of the
                        Xi State Convention on June 4. Dr. Fielder                                        Year Award.
                        was recommended for membership by the                                                  During her professional career, Dr. Fielder worked for the
                        members of Alpha Rho Chapter.                                                     Lexington, Kentucky Herald-Leader, served as editorial research
                             Fielder’s many contributions to edu-                                         manager at The Chicago Sun-Times, and then served as Vice-
                        cation include a $100,000 endowment to                                            President of Research at Knight-Ridder, retiring from this posi-
Middle Tennessee State University to establish the Fielder Fam-                                           tion in 2004.
ily Fund to provide annual scholarships for MTSU students from
Wayne County. The endowment honors her late father, James
Harris Fielder, her mother, Eva Wilburn Fielder, and her aunt
Virginia Fielder Hobbs, all of whom were educators.
     Dr. Fielder serves on the Board of Advisors for the Col-
lege of Mass Communications at MTSU and previously served
on similar boards at the University of North Carolina and the
University of Texas. She is currently a member of the Associa-
tion for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications and
the American Society of Newspaper Editors. She taught two
classes as Batten Professor in Public Policy at Davidson College
in North Carolina during the fall semester of 2008.
Right: A true philanthropist, Dr. Fielder (right) surprises convention attendees as she presents a
gift of $500 to the Vision Foundation in honor of her mother, Mrs. Eva Fielder, the only living charter
member of Alpha Rho Chapter, and in memory of her aunt Louise Wilburn, a deceased member of
Alpha Gamma Chapter. Pictured with Field are Foundation Chair Doris Ann Hendrix and Founda-
tion/state treasurer Linda McCrary. (Contributed photos)

International Committee recommendations, continued from page 4
each Region; a Personal Growth subcommittee of 5 members, one from each Region;
a music representative to act as a liaison and resource to the committee, regional confer-
ences and state organizations; and an NGO representative.
      6. The Communications Committee should emphasize marketing and promoting
the Society.
      7. The actions of the Editorial Board should be subject to
review but not subject to approval by the Communications Committee before being
                                                                                                                                       Excellent Candidates
submitted to the Executive Board.
                                                                                                                                                      for the
      8. Each Region should continue to be represented on most committees.
      9. Most committees should continue at least one face-to-face meeting each bien-                                               Leadership Management
nium; when possible, the work should be done electronically.                                                                               Seminar!
      10. Committees should be charged with the responsibility of actively communicat-                                                     Date: April 23 – 25, 2010
ing with and assisting state organizations and chapters.                                                                                          Consultant:
      11. The Constitution Revision Team should review and, if necessary, revise the                                                          Dr. Beverly Helms,
                                                                                                                                   International Communications Chairman
titles of the committee groupings and placement of committees under each group.
      12. There should be more biennium-to-biennium continuity in the Society’s work.
      The Committee on Committee Structure believes that the adoption of these recom-
                                                                                                                                  Hachland Hill Vineyard Corporate Retreat,
mendations will strengthen international committee structure and enable the Society to                                                      Joelton, Tennessee
work efficiently and effectively in carrying out its mission and purposes. If there are any
questions regarding any of these recommendations, please contact Dr. Carolyn Rants,                                                      Application and reference forms are
                                                                                                                                          available on the Xi State web site.
Chair and International President.
                                                                                                                                      Completed applications must be
      All of the final recommendations will be voted upon by members at the Internation-                                                     postmarked by
al Convention next summer. Members will receive a final copy of all of the proposed                                                        February 15, 2010.
changes in the spring so as to be well informed before that vote.
                                                                                                                                          Xi State News November 2009 5
State News
                                              New planning conference schedule
                                              meets with success
                                              N     ew format . . . lots of new faces . . .63
                                                    of 81 chapters represented on state
                                              committees . . . What a great way to start
                                                                                                     Committee members arrived the next
                                                                                                morning, and after a short general orien-
                                                                                                tation session, committees went to their
                                              the state biennium!                               assigned spaces and planned for the bien-
                                                   President Dee Dee Rives conceived            nium through the provided lunch. After
                                              a new schedule for the Planning Confer-           lunch, committees reported their biennial
                                              ence for State Committees in September.           plans to the reunited group, and all were
                                              Only officers and committee chairs would          on their ways home by 2:45 p.m.!
                                              come in on Friday evening. Rives used                  First Vice President Beverly Smith
                                              the time to explain her goals and commit-         saw the new schedule this way: “ I thought
                                              tee charges, and to insure that all chairs        that the new way of having the commit-
                                              understood how the new state strategic            tee meetings was a great idea! It helped
                                              action plan relates to each of their com-         the committee chairs to meet the evening
                                              mittee’s work. Chairs “got the skinny”            before and get a handle on what their roles
                                              on committee finances, publicity ins and          were. I met with several committees and
                                              outs, and several other necessary segments        there was great discussion and lots of
                                              of information necessary to carry out an          brainstorming!”
                                              effective committee meeting.                           “Our venue (Franklin’s First Method-
        2009-2011                                                                               ist Church) was excellent,” said Second
State Committees at work:
                                                                                                Vice President Dr. Dorrie Powell. “The
(Top) Technology Commit-                                                                        classrooms and other spaces at the church
tee members Kay Porter,
Chair Wynona Clayborne,                                                                         were much more conducive to committee
and Tracy Collier.
                                                                                                work than hotel rooms. And of course, the
(Above) Forum Committee                                                                         price could not be beaten. I hope every-
members Amy Ballentine,
Donna Jerden, and Chair                                                                         one had a positive experience because I
Barbara Morgan.
                                                                                                believe our days of using hotels for this
(Right) Communications                                                                          kind of training are over simply because
Committee members Retika
Patterson, Chair Elaine McIn-                                                                   the cost is prohibitive.”
tosh, Jo Price, and Paula Fox.
(Photos by Dee Dee Rives)
                                                                                                     Dee Dee, it sounds like your schedul-
                                                                                                ing brainchild is a winner!

Regional conference transforms view of
Society               By Dr. Nancy Bibler, Alpha Xi Chapter President

I  wouldn’t say I was dragged kicking and screaming to the Southeast Regional, but I
   did feel obligated as a chapter president, to put in an appearance—especially since I’d
missed the 2008 DKG International Convention in Chicago.
     I thought I’d attend the Tennessee Breakfast; go to a few sessions; then, my husband
and I would explore Little Rock. It seemed like a good plan, until I attended the first
general session.
     I was hooked! I loved the “green moments” that introduced each meeting—to
inform and inspire us to make environmentally sound choices; I was impressed by the
speakers—once, I ran upstairs to get my husband so he could hear another presenta-
tion by a speaker I’d just heard; I found so many sessions I wanted to attend that it was
                                                                                                Scholarships Committee members are going all out to get
agonizing to choose among them.                                                                 members to apply for money! Chair Janice Sorsby, Dr. Nancy
     I can truly say that the conference transformed my view of Delta Kappa Gamma.              Sims (seated), Dr. Cyndy Allen, and Dr. June Gorski want to
                                                                                                give away the money, so fill out the application in this issue,
I’m very happy with my local chapter—with the good it does in the community, the                mail it in, and make these women happy! (Photo by Dee Dee
programs it provides for the members, and the fun we have together.
     But the Southeast Regional gave me a much greater appreciation of Delta Kappa
Gamma as an international force for good in the world. I am extremely proud to be a
part of it.
6 Xi State News November 2009
                                                         Catch the Legislative Wave
   Legislative Symposium                                                   by Marsha Rains, Omega, Xi State Legislative Committee

         February 9th & 10th, 2010                       C    ome and “hang ten” with members and legislators at the Xi
                                                              State Legislative Symposium on February 9-10 in Nash-
           Millennium Maxwell Hotel                           Exciting speakers on Tuesday evening will help attendees
                 Nashville, TN                           learn more about the “hot” topics facing educators in Tennes-
                                                         see. Jerry Winters, lobbyist from TEA will discuss issues on
             Registration Deadline:                      Tuesday night beginning at 7:30 p.m.
               January 10, 2010                               Also attending the forum on Tuesday evening for updates
                                                         and discussion will be Senator Dolores Gresham and Repre-
                                                         sentative Les Winningham.
               Cost $20.00 per person                         A Wednesday breakfast awaits early risers,with speaker Dr.
                                                         Connie Smith, Director of Accountability and Teaching and
      Hotel reservations are the responsibility          Learning for the Tennessee Dept. of Education. Breakfast will
                  of each attendee                       begin at 6:30 a.m. with Dr. Smith speaking at 7:00 a.m.
                                                              Afterwards, attendees will have the opportunity to visit with
            Cost $105.00 per room + tax                  legislators and attend committee meetings in Legislative Plaza.
                                                              The Xi State Legislative Committee looks forward to hav-
     1-800-457-4460                  ing a record number of attendees for this important and exciting           event. Complete the registration form (on in
     (Enter the group code 1002DELTAK when prompted).    interactive form, also below) as soon as possible and “catch the
                                                         legislative wave” in 2010!

                      Xi State Legislative Symposium Registration Form
                            (For symposium, breakfast, and visit with your legislators)
                   February 9-10, 2010 Nashville TN Application Deadline: January 10. 2010
Chapter Name:
Chapter Contact:
Individuals attending Leg. Sym.--Tuesday night, February 9, 7:30 p.m., Millennium Maxwell House Hotel--FREE

Individuals attending the Legislative Breakfast @$20 each (6:30 a.m. Wednesday, February 10, 2010, Millennium
Maxwell House Hotel)

Number of individuals attending:
Make checks payable to Xi State.                              Grand Total: $

Legislator(s) you will be visiting Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Return this completed form and payment no later than January 10, 2010, to
Marsha Rains, 746 Cobblestone Drive, Savannah, TN 38372
(731) 925-6716    

                                                                                            Xi State News November 2009 7
State News
R.S.V.P. by December 1 if you                                                                      Children’s International
are coming to the party!                                                                           Education Centers continue as
        By Dr. Dorrie Powell, Beta Sigma, Convention Steering Committee Chair                      state’s oldest project
T    he next Xi State Convention will be one for the history books
     as we celebrate the state organization’s 75th birthday. Come
be part of this historic convention June 10-12, 2010, on the beau-                                 C
                                                                                                                                 By Anne Littleford, Beta Delta, CIEC Committee Chair
                                                                                                        IEC was started in 1981 to increase awareness and apprecia-
                                                                                                        tion of cultures and customs from other nations. The goals
tiful campus of the University of the South at Sewanee.                                            centered on giving children a hands-on experience through realia
      The Xi State Convention Steering Committee hopes to match                                    and materials from other countries.
or exceed the attendance at the 50th Anniversary Convention in                                          This biennium’s CIEC Committee will continue with the
1985 when 520 members registered. Make plans now to be part                                        original goals while expanding the focus to include awareness
of this special celebration.                                                                       and ease of resources available. Teachers and community mem-
      The convention registration form will be available in Febru-                                 bers will be able to use center materials even if they don’t live
ary’s Xi State News and on the Xi State website. Register early                                    near one of the centers.
for best event seating and dorm assignment. On the registration                                         The committee welcomes your ideas and look forward to
form, you can also sign up to be a convention page, table hostess,                                 perfecting and expanding this wonderful state project.
or chorus member.
      To assist Xi State officers and the steering committee in
preparing for this special event, please let them know how many
from your chapter plan to attend. Email Dr. Dorrie Powell at by December 1.

                                                                                                   How can you not be ‘pleased as punch’ with state efforts in literacy? State committee mem-
                                                                                                   bers Sandra Smith, Jessica Mitchell, Mary Wadley, Mildred Welch (chair), and Allison Roberts are
                                                                                                   excited with plans for this biennium! (Photo by Dee Dee Rives)

                                                                                                      Get Excited about World Fellowships!
Legislative Committee committee members Judy Jackson (chair), Marsha Rains, Dr. Nancy
Bibler, Martha Scarborough, and Melinda Carroll have prepared a terrific legislative opportunity                     By Nancy Duggin, Delta, World Fellowships Committee member

for members in February. (Photo by Dee Dee Rives)
                                                                               ersist in your search of new ideas, commit to greater par-
Silent Auction calls out for                                                   ticipation, and celebrate often with your World Fellowship
unanimous chapter participation                                                                         World Fellowships will be 64 years
                                  By Mary Jo Wilson, Alpha Lambda, Special Events Committee Chair strong in 2010. This program began in

C    alling all chapters! We need your help!!! In honor of Xi State’s 75th Anniversary
     we want to make this the best Silent Auction yet. We would LOVE to have every
chapter participate in some way.
                                                                                                   1946 as a project to aid women in war-torn
                                                                                                        Through the years the program grew
     You say you’re a small chapter and can’t afford to donate a big item or basket?               and, to date, more than 555 women from
NOT TO WORRY! We will take a small basket or individual item to put on the auction over 100 countries have received fellow-
block. On the convention evaluation forms many members requested smaller baskets or                ships enabling them to pursue advanced
individual items to bid on.                                                                        study in the United States and Canada.
     You say your chapter likes to make up large themed baskets? NOT TO WORRY!                          Begin now to discuss how your
We will take your basket and put in on the auction block as well!                                  chapter will both honor and support your
     You say your chapter would rather make a monetary donation instead of donating a              assigned World Fellowship recipient
basket or item? NOT TO WORRY! We will gladly take that as well!                                    throughout 2010.
     There is no “theme” again this year, so let your imagination run wild. If you need                 Chapters should receive their assigned
any assistance or have any questions, just contact us at .                  recipient’s name by early December.
     We are looking for 100% participation from all the Xi State chapters. We are de-
pending on you to help us reach this lofty goal.
     Remember, all of the proceeds from the sale of Silent Auction items benefit leader-
ship training in the state. We will be looking for your chapter’s participation in June!
8 Xi State News November 2009
High School Essay Contest topic chosen
                                                                                                       “The whole purpose
T    he Xi State High School Essay Contest deadline is March 1, 2010, which is quickly
     A letter will be included in your president’s mailing in the fall that will also contain           of education is to
the essay contest rules sheet. Chapters are awarded Chapter Excellence Award points
for participation.
     The topic for this year is: “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into
                                                                                                       turn mirrors into
windows” – Sydney J. Harris
     The state contest winners will receive a monetary prize and a certificate. Their local
                                                                                                                         -- Sydney J. Harris
newspapers will be notified and the winning essay will be printed in the Xi State News.
     Each chapter president needs to email the chair of the committee, Katie Madden,
with the name and email address of their chapter’s high school essay contest chair. You
may email Katie at
                                                Is this your year to update your chapter
                 Beat the                       Rules?
                                                                                               By Joy Branham, Iota, Xi State Rules Committee Chair

           Chapter program/
                                                X     i State requests that you update your chapter Rules every three years and send a
                                                      copy to the Xi State Rules Committee to evaluate and put on file.
                                                     Well, it’s that time again! Some chapters religiously send in updated rules every
           yearbook chairs!                     three years. Some chapters sent in rules several years ago and haven’t found time to go
                                                over them lately. Some chapters have no idea when they updated their rules!
        Submit two copies of your                    Below is a list of chapters who need to send the committee a copy of updated
           chapter yearbook                     rules THIS YEAR. For some of you, it’s just your year. For some of you, the commit-
                    by                          tee has rules on file but they aren’t dated, so new, dated ones are needed. Some chapters
            December 15th                       have NOTHING in the file! Sisters, it’s time to remedy that!
                    to                               The Rules Committee members will willingly walk you through any problems you
    1st Vice President Beverly Smith,           have or questions that come up. Please email me at or send me a
            5014 Hunter Trail,                  letter at Joy Branham, 6443 Clinch Mountain Road, Eidson, TN 37731. I’ll be waiting
        Chattanooga, TN 37415.                  for communications from members of the following chapters:

          Chapter treasurers!                   Chapters needing updated Rules on file with state:
          Don’t forget that your                Alpha                   Psi                       Alpha Phi                 Beta Phi
         IRS 990-N epostcard                    Beta                    Alpha Beta                Alpha Omega               Beta Chi
    must be filed electronically before         Gamma                   Alpha Gamma               Beta Delta                Beta Omega
          November 15, 2009.                    Delta                   Alpha Delta               Beta Zeta                 Gamma Beta
    Every chapter must file every year!         Epsilon                 Alpha Epsilon             Beta Eta                  Gamma Gamma
                                                Lambda                  Alpha Zeta                Beta Theta                Gamma Delta
     State Officers/Committees!                 Nu                      Alpha Kappa               Beta Kappa                Gamma Epsilon
                                                Xi                      Alpha Lambda              Beta Lambda               Gamma Zeta
  Send receipts for reimbursements to           Omicron                 Alpha Mu                  Beta Nu                   Gamma Eta
 State Treasurer Nancy Davis within 60          Sigma                   Alpha Nu                  Beta Pi                   Gamma Theta
    days of expenditure if you want             Tau                     Alpha Xi                  Beta Tau                  Gamma Iota
            reimbursement!                      Phi                     Alpha Tau                 Beta Upsilon              Gamma Lambda
                                                Chi                     Alpha Upsilon

2010 Visual & Performing Arts display to be historical
                                                                      By Wanda Wright, Beta Rho, Xi State Visual & Performing Arts Committee Chair
  s your chapter getting ready for the 75th
  celebration? Well, just hit the EASY          chapter’s history on a single trifold board,      the founding date provided.
button, look into your chapter’s history,       displayed three to a table, with the space             We are looking forward to having all
and get your exhibit ready!                     in front of the board available for arti-         81 chapters represented as we celebrate
    This year only, the Visual and Per-         facts from chapter history. ALL chapters’         our 75th anniversary. Encourage your
forming Arts displays will feature each         spaces will have a chapter name card and          chapter to have the best display there!
                                                                                                             Xi State News November 2009 9
State News
Technology Committee tackles five tasks
                             By Tracy Collier, Gamma Iota, Xi State Technology Committee member
Y     our Xi State technology committee would like to issue a warning: becoming
      plugged in to the information super highway of technology is addictive and you will
more than likely love it.
                                                                                                         is now available!
     In the field of education we constantly collect and consume information. The
internet allows us to de-clutter our lives by going paperless. I resisted this option, as I
thought I would never find what I was looking for again on my computer. But my com-                            Order now!
puter is much more organized than any filing cabinet I ever owned.                                      Contact Mary Jo Wilson
     Technology Committee members want to reassure everyone that the technology we           
encourage you to use is user friendly.                                                                       901-490-4560
     Our committee has been tasked this biennium with five jobs. With your help, Xi                       to place your order
State’s technology arena will move forward.
                                                                                                      All proceeds go to state leadership
     Task Five: Develop a DVD of chapter, area, state, regional and international                                  training
events to assist with orientation. Submit your events as they occur. Send pictures (in
.jpg format), music, video, or even paragraphs, to Wynona Clayborne, 8295 Scottsville
Road, Lafayette, TN 37083 or email as attachments to
     Task Four: Each grand division will host a technology workshop to help chapters              Planning Committee
                                          create a website that will be up and running upon       hits ground running!
         “With your help,                 the workshop completion. Look for information
               Xi State’s
                                          in the state president’s letter and the Xi State             t the first meeting of the new state
        technology arena                  website. Chapter presidents will receive flyers              Planning Committee, ideas for
                                          with details. Make plans to create your website.        improvement flew readily from members’
       will move forward.”
                                          If you can not make your grand division’s work-         heads.
                                          shop, try to visit one of the other divisions.               As the meeting ended, two ideas were
     Task Three: Create a visual presentation of Xi State’s Literacy project. Submit              foremost: correlate the new state Strategic
pictures, flyers, brochures, video and written materials that your chapter has used to            Action Plan to the Chapter Excellence
promote the Books From Birth Literacy Project to Kay Porter, 243 Scenic View Drive,               Award Guidelines, and plan more “face-
Clinton, TN 37716 (email: or Tracy Collier, 324 Crossfield                     to-face” meetings using Skype technology
Drive, Knoxville, TN 37920 (email: The deadline for submission                to avoid travel time and costs.
of these materials is March 1, 2010.
     Task Two: Create an online buzz and safe space to discuss topics related to The                Correlation intended to simplify
Delta Kappa Society International and Xi State. President Rives has joined the Delta                     chapter improvement
Kappa Gamma, Xi State Facebook social network and will post questions for open
discussion. Our goal is to quadruple our social network membership. See ad in this issue               While chapters are accustomed to us-
for how to sign up for Facebook.                                                                  ing the Chapter Excellence Award guide-
     Once on Facebook, you’ll find an icon of two people at the bottom of your Face-              lines as a means to chapter improvement
book page; click on this icon. It will open the group page. There is a box in the upper           and success, the few areas of the State
right hand corner that says Search. Type in Delta Kappa Gamma – Xi State (Tennes-                 Strategic Action Plan that relate specifi-
see). The group will have a “Create the Buzz about Delta Kappa Gamma” Bee logo and                cally to chapters are new.
should be the first one on the list. Click on the button “Request to Join.” You are then a             Committee members will prepare a
member and can contribute to the discussions, post pictures of your events or even glean          table that matches items in the Excellence
information from others’ discussions (lurk -- which is just read and not a bad thing to           Award guidelines to the objectives in the
do).                                                                                              plan that correlate. Those that do not cor-
     Task One: Our most urgent task is to collect photos of all past Xi State presi-              relate will be listed in the table as stand-
dents for a 75th Anniversary Celebration                                                          alone items.
presentation next June. It is imperative             “Our most urgent task is to                       This document will be available to
that, if a past president was a member of            collect photos of all past                   chapter presidents after the first of the
your chapter or one of the past presidents           Xi State presidents for [the]                year, sent to them through the state presi-
visited your chapter, you forward pho-                                                            dent’s letter to chapter president.
                                                          75th Anniversary
tos or .jpg files by February 1, 2010, to
Wynona Clayborne, 8295 Scottsville                             Celebration....”
Road, Lafayette, TN 37083, or email
     The technology committee is all a buzz about plugging you in to the information
super highway while streamlining and simplifying your life. We look forward to hearing
from you and seeing you on the internet.
10 Xi State News November 2009
Happy 10th Birthday to TEL                                                                         Encore presentation
                                             By Mary Frances Wadley, Xi State Literacy Committee
B    irthday greetings are in order for TEL—the Tennessee Electronic Library—as it
     celebrates ten years of information services to citizens of Tennessee. Created in
1999, TEL initially provided access to 18 databases covering a variety of subjects. Now            X     i State collected more than 300 books
                                                                                                         at the convention last summer. The
TEL provides access to over 400,000 electronic resources and 33 databases, and over                contributions included hardback books,
1.2 million searches are performed each month through TEL.                                         paperback books, board books, pop-up
     This virtual library is available to all Tennesseans from home, school libraries and          books, and even some stuffed animals.
computer labs, by iPhones—anywhere you have an internet connection. Its mission is                      The 2007-2009 State Literacy Com-
“to provide convenient and equitable access to library and information resources for all           mittee selected Huntsville Elementary
citizens of Tennessee to enhance the quality of their everyday lives, the depth of their           School in Scott County to receive those
educational experience, and the economic prosperity of their communities.”                         books for the second time. Donna Jerden
     All types of not-for-profit libraries participate in TEL and benefit from the wide            (Beta Beta) member of the Literacy Com-
range of information TEL databases offer. Students get homework help, consumers get                mittee last year, delivered the books to the
vital health information, genealogists search archives for missing family history infor-           school library.
mation and anyone can get practice tests to help with all sorts of test preparation.                    Patricia Terry, the librarian for the
     Library groups have worked together to make TEL a reality. Tenn-Share and the                 school that opened last year, is happy to
Tennessee Library Association spearheaded efforts, convincing members of the state                 accept the books on behalf of her students.
legislature to approve the original TEL bills unanimously in both the House and Senate.            She is grateful to be able to add to her col-
     TEL was entirely supported by federal funding until 2006 when the Tennessee leg-              lection with the help of Xi State.
islature allocated an additional one million dollars annually to expand TEL. In the long                Fayetta Litton, president of Gamma
run, TEL saves individual libraries money by providing access to magazines, journals,              Beta Chapter, teaches Pre-K at Huntsville
newspapers and other core reference materials which are of special benefit to smaller              Elementary and is delighted with the
and rural libraries across the state which could not afford these databases on their own.          board books, pop-up books, and picture
     The Xi State Literacy Committee extends sincere congratulations to the Tennessee              books that were donated.
Electronic Library (TEL) as it celebrates ten years of success in providing information                 Lynda Gunter was the Chairman
access to the citizenry of our great state. Check out TEL website at       of the Literacy Committee and wishes
                                                                                                   to thank everyone who gave and gave so
                                                                                                   generously. “Success in school is related

                Membership Matters!
                                                                                                   to success in reading. Success in reading
                                                                                                   is related to access to books. Access to
                                                                                                   books is what school libraries do best.”

                                             By Martha Bailey, State Membership Committee Chair

M       aintain, Increase, and Add is the goal of the DKG International Membership
        Committee that has issued the Shoe-In Challenge! ALL chapters who accomplish
one, two or all three of the following goals will receive recognition at the 2010 Interna-
                                                                                                   • Encourage members who have discontin-
                                                                                                   ued membership to reinstate.

tional Convention in Spokane, Washington:                                                          To add a member from an educational
      • Maintain the number of members in the chapter from 01/2009 through 05/2010                 environment not currently represented
      • Increase the overall number of members in the chapter from 01/2009 through                 in the chapter, you can:
        05/2010.                                                                                   • Think outside the traditional public
      • Add a member from an educational environment not currently represented in the                school classroom
        chapter.                                                                                   • Consider someone from an area of edu-
      The Xi State Membership Committee challenges all chapters in Tennessee to meet                 cation not currently represented in your
all three goals of the Shoe-In Challenge issued by the international membership commit-              chapter (Examples include elementary,
tee. What can YOU do?                                                                                secondary, post secondary, private etc.)

To maintain current members, you can:           To increase membership, you can:                        So let’s start now to make sure every
• Make attending chapter meetings a             • Refine your “elevator speech” to de-             Xi State chapter is recognized at the 2010
  priority                                        scribe DKG to others                             International Convention for meeting the
• Get involved in chapter projects and          • Invite prospective members to attend             Shoe-In Challenge!
  activities                                      meetings                                              Persist and Commit now to make sure
• Mentor new members                            • Nominate a key woman educator for                you do your part to help your chapter earn
• Make sure all members feel valued               membership                                       the shoes so you can celebrate when your
• Check on members who miss meetings            • Publicize and promote the work of your           chapter meets the challenge and brings
• Offer transportation to older members           chapter to the community                         home the shoes!!!
                                                                                                           Xi State News November 2009 11
State News
It’s not just a good idea--It’s the law!
                                           By Donna Jerden, Beta Beta, Forum Committee member
                                                                                                   Are you interested in
                                                                                                       online social
T    he federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) passed in 1990, re-
     placing the 1975 Education for All Handicapped Children Act (EAHCA), guarantee-
ing the right of all handicapped children to a public school education.
                                                                                                    networking with Xi
     Significant amendments passed as part of the act’s “reauthorization” included                   State members?
considerable changes relating to the discipline of special education students. While the
changes that accompanied the reauthorization have caused concern for teachers deal-                Are you new to Facebook or
                                                 ing with discipline on a daily basis of          maybe not so new and interest-
                                                 students covered under this act, the law          ed in having more “friends?”
          “While Congress                        brought awareness and mandated much
          mandates special                       needed change in educating children with
  services, it funds only about disabilities.
                                                      The TEA website provides some
   20% of the bill . . . Urge our
                                                 questions and answers about IDEA
   senators to support . . . full                and discipline. That link is http://www.            Then join the Xi State
          funding of IDEA.”                              group on Facebook!
                                                      The Forum Committee is focusing
                                                 this year on family crisis issues and sup-            Joining Facebook is easy.
port groups that help address the problems and provide assistance.                                It requires an email address and
     Legislative action is often part of managing some of these issues. Families with                        a password.
disabled children may go on-line for information and assistance. Some of the sites that
offer support are;; and www.specialchild.               Go to and join
com. A Parent Guide to numerous resources can be found at                 then follow these instructions:
     IDEA is up for “reauthorization” again this year. The House version has passed,
but the Senate has not yet considered the bill. Funding creates the most friction. While           1. If you are already a member
Congress mandates special services, it funds only about 20% of the bill. There is some              of Facebook and you want to
bipartisan support for a six-year plan to fully fund the mandates.                                  join the Xi State group, go to
     Urge our senators to support reauthorization and full funding of IDEA. The vote                your Facebook page.
is expected prior to adjournment in November. Senators Corker and Alexander may be
contacted at and                           2. Click on the two-people icon
                                                                                                     at the bottom and type in
                                                                                                     “Delta Kappa Gamma - Xi
Nominations sought for state                                                                         State.” The group should
                                                                                                     come up in a list of groups
Achievement Award                                                                                    and all you have to do is click
                              By Cindy Schepman, Alpha Lambda, Xi State Achievement Award Chair
                                                                                                     on it and join.

T   he Xi State Achievement Award Committee is actively seeking nominations for this
    prestigious award, which will be presented at the Xi State Convention.
                                                                                                        There are no fees,
                                                                                                    no membership restrictions,
Standards for Eligibility of Candidates are as follows:                                                  no passwords.
1. Contributions to the program and progress of Delta Kappa Gamma Society Interna-                  In the group you will find
   tional at the state level shall be the prime factor to be considered.                          questions from our state presi-
2. Consideration shall be given for service at the International level.                                 dent, photos, ideas
3. Consideration may be given to outstanding contributions to education with service                  about the Society and
   and activities outside Delta Kappa Gamma when such activities further the purposes               other useful information.
   of the Society.
4. No person may receive the award a second time. However, nominees who were not                    If you have any questions or
   selected one year may be offered for consideration at another time.                               problems, you may contact
                                                                                                          Michelle Steen at
Chapters or members may submit nominations by completing the application that is             
posted on the Xi State web site. The deadline is April 1.

12 Xi State News November 2009
                      The DelTa Kappa Gamma SocieTy inTernaTional
                             Xi STaTe ScholarShip proGram
A. International -- 27 scholarships for pursuing the doctoral degree are granted. Each carries a stipend of $5000.
   Contact the Executive Coordinator at International Headquarters for more information (P.O. Box 1589, Austin, TX 78767-1589)
   or visit
   1. To qualify for a scholarship at the international level, the applicant must
        • be an active member of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International for a minimum of three years;
        • provide evidence of active participation and of demonstrated leadership in The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International;
        • have completed a master’s degree or the equivalent;
        • be accepted and enrolled in a graduate program of a nationally accredited institution of higher education, preferably pursu-
           ing a doctoral degree;
        • have not received an international scholarship previously;
        • provide evidence of excellence in scholarship; and
        • provide evidence of service to the community;
   2. The deadline for application is February 1 of each year.

B. Xi State--Eight scholarships awarded, each carrying a stipend of $1250 to $3000.
   1. Scholarships awarded:
          Special (Stipend of $3000) for pursuing a doctoral program.
          Isabel Wheeler (Stipend of $3000) for pursuing a doctoral program.
          Maycie K. Southall (Stipend of $3000) for study beyond the Master’s Degree,
          Mary Hall (Stipend of $3000) for study beyond the Bachelor’s Degree,
          Evangeline Hartsook (Stipend of $1250) for study beyond the Bachelor’s Degree.
          Lottye McCall (Stipend of $1250) for study beyond the Bachelor’s Degree.
          Louise Oakley (Stipend of $1250) for study beyond the Bachelor’s Degree.
          Eleanor Osteen (Stipend of $1250) for study beyond the Bachelor’s Degree.
   2. Eligibility: All applicants must have been members of a Xi State chapter for at least three calendar years.
       Service to Delta Kappa Gamma is an important criterion in the selection of a recipient.
       Submit the original and six copies of the application packet. Each packet must include the following:
       a. The application form (see page 8 of this issue) with an attached, original photograph suitable for publication;
       b. A written account of applicant’s proposed program plans. This should include institution, major, degree, beginning date,
          anticipated completion date, courses completed, and professional goals to be accomplished as a result of this program;
       c. A written account of applicant’s service to Delta Kappa Gamma. This should include offices and committee appointments
          at the chapter, state, and international levels; attendance at Delta Kappa Gamma conferences and conventions; participation
          in training sessions and legislative and/or leadership seminars; and other services rendered to Delta Kappa Gamma. Please
          include dates of service or participation;
       d. The following letters of recommendation:
          (1) President of applicant’s chapter;
          (2) A supervisor or administrator familiar with applicant’s professional work; and
          (3) A university or college professor familiar with applicant’s academic work.
   5. A transcript, or transcripts, of the applicant’s undergraduate and graduate records are to be sent by the college or university
       directly to the State Scholarship Chairman.
   6. Due Date: All applications are due ON or BEFORE February 1 of each year.
   7. Send all applications to the Xi State Scholarship Committee Chairman :
                 Mrs. Janice Sorsby
                 Xi State Scholarship Committee Chairman
                 127 E. Lawnwood Drive
                 Collierville, TN 38017

Updated September 2009
                                                                                                    Xi State News November 2009 13
State News
                             ScholarShip applicaTion Form
                Xi STaTe, The DelTa Kappa Gamma SocieTy inTernaTional

Please Print:

NAME                                                                               BIRTH
         (First)           (Middle/Maiden)                      (Last)

           (Street and Number)                                  (City)                                        (Zip)

DELTA KAPPA GAMMA CHAPTER                                                                   INITIATION
                                                                                                              (Month and Year)

TELEPHONE: (Home)                                                         (Work)


                           (Institution)                        (Number of Years)                             (Grade/Subject/Area)


    INSTITUTION                                                 DEGREE EARNED                            YEAR

__________________________________________                      _________________                    ______________

__________________________________________                      _________________                    ______________

__________________________________________                      _________________                    ______________

__________________________________________                      _________________                    ______________



Carefully follow all directions/requirements listed on the preceding information page. All required components except official tran-
scripts must be included with application when it is received. Official transcripts must have been received before application can be

You will receive notification of receipt of your application. If you do not receive such notification by February 1, please contact
         Mrs. Janice Sorsby

Updated September 2009
14 Xi State News November 2009
                              FROM:             Xi State Research Committee
                              TO:               All Xi State Members
                              SUBJECT:          Local chapters need your help!

  Members from all areas of the state are needed for The Xi State Speakers and Musicians List. The Research Committee is com-
  piling a list of members who are willing to share their talents and interest with chapters in their areas to enrich chapter programs.
  Both vocal and instrumental musicians are needed.

  Interested? Please check the appropriate box and fill out the following:

              Speakers List                       Musicians List

  Name:                                                                      Chapter                              Area

  Speakers List Topic:

  Musicians List:                      Vocal                                 Instrument                                      Both

  Email to: or
  Pat Satterfield
  7338 Napa Valley Way, Knoxville, TN 37931-8000

When was the last time your chapter had
an Order of the Rose recipient?                                                                    Xi State Seers
Isn’t it time you nominated a person for this honor?

T    he Order of the Rose recognition is for members who have made outstanding con-           By Xi State Historians Audrey Doak (Alpha Alpha),
                                                                                               Edna Clemons (Beta Zeta), and Betty Only (Alpha
     tributions to chapter and community, but who have not received recognition at the

state level through other means.
                                                                                                   lora Rawls, fourth president of Xi
                                                                                                   State and co-founder of two chapters
• The nominee shall have been an active, participating member for at least 15 years.
                                                                                              of Delta Kappa Gamma, became Dean of
• Only one member may be nominated per chapter.
                                                                                              Women at Memphis State University in
• Each chapter is responsible for including a picture with the nomination.
• Applications are available on the Xi State Web site ( with
                                                                                                    She worked tirelessly in the best inter-
  directions to where they are to be sent.
                                                                                              est of the girls and women on campus,
• Applications are due on March 15, 2010.
                                                                                              doing extensive counseling herself and
• 12 nominees will be selected from the applications.
                                                                                              setting up programs to meet the needs of
• Honorees are recognized at the annual Xi State Convention.
                                                                                              incoming female students.
                                                                                                    Among her accomplishments were
NOTE: To help defray part of the cost for the Order of the Rose pin guard, chapters
                                                                                              the replacement of local social clubs with
must include a check for $10, made out to Xi State, with the application. This will be
                                                                                              national sororities, the plan for the Panhel-
refunded if applicant is not selected.
                                                                                              lenic building and the regulations that
                                                                                              governed its use, and the organization of
Contact the following Awards Committee members if you have questions:
                                                                                              Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman honorary
Cindy Lynn, Chairman ( East Division
                                                                                              society for women.
Chris Zeigler ( East Division
                                                                                                    For her contributions to education,
Bonnie Fussell ( Middle Division
                                                                                              women, and Delta Kappa Gamma, Xi
Carole Ivey ( Middle Division
                                                                                              State salutes Flora Rawls as A Xi State
Jenny Miller ( West Division
Delise Teague ( West Division

                                                                                                       Xi State News November 2009 15
Chapter News

Marketing and recruitment--viable strategies?
                                                                                                                              By Susie Westbrook, Alpha Phi Chapter President

F    or how long has the battle cry “Bring in the young teachers!”
     been heard from International down to chapter level? All have
agreed that in the interest of staying alive as an organization,
                                                                                                    chapter members on hand to explain the purposes of the Society
                                                                                                    and the benefits of membership.
                                                                                                         Upon being apprised of these benefits, many of the attend-
attracting the younger generation of educators is a must for The                                    ees eagerly give email addresses to receive information about
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.                                                                                      specific chapter meeting programs, tips for
     Why not dare to go directly to the front                                                                                 classroom management, and workshops
lines with the purpose of marketing Delta                               We can no longer assume                               designed to help the beginning teacher.
Kappa Gamma to first-year and newly                                                                                           The tempting attraction of free homemade
transferred teachers? Such a pro-active ap-                              the younger generation                               cookies is also a draw to the display table!
proach at the very least allows the Society
to put itself on the radar screen of that new
                                                                           knows who we are.                                       The key strategy is to keep a high
                                                                                                                              profile with these young educators. They
group of teachers. As brand new educators,                                                                                    are wading through so much as they begin
they are eagerly searching for any resource that will put and keep                                  to set priorities as they analyze all policies, programs, and poten-
them on the track to success as they begin their careers.                                           tially helpful resources. Once the proverbial foot is in the door, it
     With motivation in mind, Alpha Phi Chapter has for the last                                    is necessary to maintain frequent and effective communication.
two years made efforts to attract the newest teachers by partici-                                        Because of their fast-paced schedules and the myriad choices
pating in the local school system’s New Teacher Orientation Day.                                    of areas in which to invest their energies and time, we can no lon-
Along with vendors such as the teachers’ credit union, investment                                   ger assume the younger generation knows who we are. We need
firms, and businesses hoping for field trip consideration, Alpha                                    to sound the battle cry as we forge ahead into the future with the
Phi Chapter provides a visual display promoting the Society with                                    knowledge that to do so will secure a stronger membership base
                                                                                                    for the Society as a whole.

(Above, left) Gamma
chapter held its initiation
ceremony on September
29. New members pictured
left to right are Darla Dye, Pat
Williams, and Amy Martin.
(Contributed photo)

 (Above, right) Beta Omega
 Chapter in Weakley County
 celebrated its 25th an-
 niversary in the spring.
 Incoming State President
 Dee Dee Rives and Regional
 Director Susan Woods were
 on hand for the celebration.
Pictured are (seated) Chapter President Phyllis Brasher, Peggy Finch, Mary Jo Connell, (standing)
Mary Elizabeth Bell, Rives, Betty Henderson, Cathy Carroll, Carol Bowlin, and Pam Copeland.
(Contributed Photo)

(Below, left) Alpha Pi Chapter awarded $500 grants-in-aid to Ashley Benae Bowen (left), a
2009 graduate of Tullahoma High School, and to Holly Hatchett (right), a 2009 graduate of Coffee
County High School. Both young women began studies this fall to become teachers. (Contributed

(Below, right) Kappa hostessed Xi State President Dee Dee Rives (back row, center) at a
potluck dinner meeting in September. (Contributed photo)

16 Xi State News November 2009
Beta Lambda members Linda Cullity, Ashlee Ritzko, Janice Eberhart, Teresa Cowleyhold some of                               (Above) Melissa Nolen (past
the many stuffed animals the chapter collects for local Police, Fire, and Emergency personnel to                           president) and Beta Xi Pres-
use in situations involving children. (Contributed photo)                                                                  ident Bonnie Fussell (left)
                                                                                                                           look on as chapter member

Project of the month                                                                                                       Jennifer Lusk present gift
                                                                                                                           cards and a check totaling
                                                                                                                           $650 to Sumner County At-
recognized by school board                                                                                                 tendance Supervisor Grace
                                                                                                                           Oliver for needy children in
                                                                                                                           the school system. (Con-

                                                                                                                           tributed photo)
     eta Xi Chapter’s September service project addressed con-
     cerns for needy children in Sumner County.                                                                            (Left) Susie Westbrook (on
                                                                                                                           left), president of Alpha
     Board of Education Attendance Supervisor Grace Oliver                                                                 Phi Chapter, congratulates
                                                                                                                           Katie McConathy (first-year
spoke at the September meeting about the school system’s newly                                                             elementary teacher on right)
formed No Child Left Without Committee that alerts the commu-                                                              for receiving the chapter’s
                                                                                                                           2009 $500 grant-in-aid.
nity to the many children in need and in transition. Oliver spoke                                                          (Contributed photo)

passionately about the plight of these children and how the public
can help supply their needs.
     In response, chapter members brought store gift cards and
monetary donations to assist the work of the committee. The
total of $650 in cards and money was acknowledged by Sumner
County Board Member Ted Wise, chairman of the committee, at
the September school board meeting.

Member News
IUP teaching award goes to Harrington                                                              Alumni Association, character and per-
                                                                                                   sonal life, professional achievement and

A     nna Harrington, Beta Eta Chapter, was awarded the Thomas Farrell Language
      Arts Teacher Award at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she is a Ph.D.
candidate in their Composition & TESOL program, thanks to Xi State and DKG Interna-
                                                                                                   success in chosen endeavor and communi-
                                                                                                   ty service on local, state or national level.
                                                                                                        Payne has been a member of Alpha
tional scholarships.                                                                               Tau Chapter since 1977 and is a retired
     The award recognizes instructors who use reflection and action research to improve            teacher and Principal at the Tennessee
their teaching. In addition, her essay, “Through the Looking-Glass: Using Reflection to            School for the Deaf.
Gain Student Perspective” will also be published this September in Working Papers in                    After retirement she worked as a
Composition & TESOL.                                                                               mediator for the State Department of
                                                                                                   Education and as a parent advisor for the
                                                                                                   Tennessee Infant Parent Services.
Payne recognized as distinguished alumna by
University of Alabama
A    lpha Tau member Ann Patton Payne was recently conferred the 2009 Distin-
     guished Alumna Award by the University of Alabama National Alumni Association.
The award is based on loyalty and service to the University of Alabama and the National
                                                                                                            Xi State News November 2009 17
Member News
Finley selected for                                               Warwick cruises Eastern
                                                                                                                     International Cornetet
county honor                                                      Mediterranean

B     eta Zeta mem-
      ber Sammye
Finley was selected
                                                                  C    roatia, Turkey, the Greek Isles, the
                                                                       Amalfi Coast, Venice, Rome, Athens?
                                                                  A dream vacation, you say?
                                                                                                                      Development Award
as the Senior Ms.                                                      Elaine Warwick, Rho, along with
                                                                  five travel companions, spent 16 days                         May 2009
Sequatchie County
                                                                                          exploring the                  Michelle England ($600)
in August.
                                                                                          ruins of Ephesus,          Rhonda Richards, Alpha Iota ($500)
     The honor is
based on family,                                                                          the Acropolis of
church activities,                                                                        Rhodes, and other
                                                                                          sites from classical              September 2009
and community                Sammye Finley
                                                                                          Greek and Roman               Dr. Freddie Bowles ($700)
service. In addition to her activities with
                                                                                          times.                    Suzanne Rushworth, Alpha Xi ($250)
Delta Kappa Gamma, Finley is active
                                                                                               Her favorite                 April Crout ($500)
with church youth, juvenile court, and the
county’s Truancy Review Board.                                                            event from the trip?
     Asked what she tells young people,                                                   Eating gelato at
Finley replied, “Be true to yourself, to                                Elaine Warwick
                                                                                          least once a day!
God, your family and your country. Never
stop learning. Knowledge is happiness. Be                         Maddox teaches English/computers in India
a life-long learner.”

Athletic Hall of Fame                                             D    r. Teri Maddox, Beta Eta, spent a month in Hyderabad, India’s fourth largest city,
                                                                       teaching English, computer skills, and Western educational methods at a Muslim
inducts Householder                                                    Except for the heat, getting to live and work with a community which values God,
                                                                  family, and education was one of her life’s most rewarding experiences, Maddox said.

J   ulia Householder, Gamma Nu charter
    member, was recently inducted into the
Sevier County Athletic Hall of Fame. She
                                                                       A Jackson State Community College history professor coordinated her trip through
                                                                  the United States-India Basic Education Foundation, which seeks to “reverse the process
                                                                  of radicalization and extremism in some Muslim societies and communities….to help
is the first educator to be inducted.                             reduce the exponential growth of religious terrorism.”
      Householder and husband, James,                                  Maddox was the first American and Christian most of her students had ever met and
have missed only two high school football                         Maddox reports that they had many frank discussions about cultures and the need for
games in a 22-year span and continue                              better communication.
to attend home games 20 years after her
                                                                  Steen beta tests Society’s online social
                                                                  networking website

                                                                  A     t Southeast Regional Convention in Little Rock, AR, Michelle Steen, Theta, was
                                                                        selected by International President Carolyn Rants to participate in the beta-testing
                                                                  of the Society’s new social networking website.
                                                                       Steen, a member of the “GenX” generation, was selected while attending a discus-
                                                                  sion group meeting of the Society’s members in that age group. The testing will begin
                                                                  in November and should be available for all Society members by the end of the school
Bill Robertson, second from right, called “Chief” in his MTSU
athletic days, sponsored Julia Householder, second from left,

                                                                  Community relations grant awarded to Lockwood
into the Athletic Hall of Fame. Pictured with them are Gamma Nu
member Elaine McIntosh, left, and Gail Reeder, right. Both are
Householder’s daughters. (Contributed photo)

   We are sad to announce that Dr. Isabel
   Wheeler, past state president and Inter-
   national Program/Membership Services
                                                                  B    onnie Lockwood, Alpha Tau, has been awarded a $2000 Target Community Rela-
                                                                       tions grant. Called “Where the Wild Things Read” emphasizes early reading skills
                                                                  and the importance of family involvement in the development of those skills.
   Administrator, retired, passed away on
   October 22, as Xi State News was going
                                                                      Because of the award, Lockwood’s school library will be open before and after
         to press. A tribute will be in                           school, featuring different books for early readers. She will also adapt an ALA bro-
               the next edition.                                  chure with reading tips and suggestions for best books for home libraries.
18 Xi State News November 2009
                                                                                               Welcome to New and
                                                                                               Reinstated Members!
                                                                                                  Gamma             Alpha Sigma
                                                                                                   Darla Dye          Kay Aldridge (R)
                                                                                                  Amy Martin            Martha Baker
                                                                                                                     Libby Ledford (R)
Monica Ward, Gamma Zeta,                                                                          Pat Williams
recently attended the news-                                                                                              Kim Louis
letter and website training                                                                                            Tricia Marshall
camp held at North Carolina
                                                                                                                     Pamela McPherson
Center for the Advancement
of Teaching. Pictured are
                                                                                                    Zeta              Judy Rhodes (R)
                                                                                                 Becky Brown
Judy Cross, website instruc-                                                                                        Trish Stephenson (R)
tor, Beta Beta, and Ward.                                                                         Joanna Hood
                                                                                                                        Crystal Yoder
Also attending the website                                                                     Jessica Horton (R)
camp, but not pictured, is Dr.
Nancy Bibler, Alpha Xi. (Photo                                                                 Diane Scarborough
by Jensi Souders)                                                                               Myra Sowder (R)       Alpha Phi
                                                                                                                    Maryjo Baughman
Ward, Bibler attend NCCAT web camp                                                             Alpha Beta           Katherine Benefield
                                                                                                                       Rachel Price
                                                                                                Betty Fraley (H)
                                                                                                                        Kim Printz

                                                                                                 Carlotta Jones
       onica Ward, Gamma Zeta, and Dr. Nancy Bibler, Alpha Xi, were among 13 par-                 Kathy Knies
                                                                                                                     Erin Richardson
       ticipants in the fifth annual Newsletter/Website Camp held in Cullowhee, North                                   Tina Ware
                                                                                                Celeste Shibata
Carolina. Instructors included Xi State’s Judy Cross and Dr. Jensi Souders.                     Elizabeth Stiefel
     Ward said that, when asked to attend the Newsletter and Website Camp at NCCAT,                                  Beta Omega
her first thought was “Oh great! Another conference to be bored to death!” She contin-                                 Becky Belew
                                                                                                Alpha Mu               Jamie Doster
ued, “However, when I arrived at the conference, I was greeted by the most wonderful           Christine Furman
Delta Kappa Gamma members from six different states. Much to my dismay, I was                   Doris Moreland
involved in a grammar class, photography session, and an in-depth training for develop-         Jessica Seaton
                                                                                                 Carole Wolfe
ing websites. I learned so much, and I know that all of the information shared will help
my chapter to be our best. I will always treasure the memories made. I look forward to
my next Xi State event with Dr. Jensi and Mrs. Judy!

In Memoriam,                                 continued from page 20

              Anabel Jones                             Virginia Duff                              Mary Ruth Hall
              June 30, 2009                                  July 30, 2009                               August 19, 2009
   Ms. Jones taught 41 years in Obion         Mrs. Duff was initiated into Alpha Alpha      A member of Alpha Beta since 1962, Ms.
County and was inducted into Alpha Eta        Chapter in Bristol in 1993. She taught        Hall served as chapter president in the
Chapter in 1961.                              choral music at all levels, working most      1982-1984 biennium.
                                              of her 52-year career in the Bristol School
    Nellie Ruth Bingham                       System. She served her chapter as music                   Idell Payne
              July 24, 2009                   representative for several years.                          August 20, 2009
Beta Beta inducted Mrs. Bingham in 1973.                                                    A 45-year Sequatchie County teacher and
She taught 30 years in Morgan County                                                        principal, Ms. Payne was inducted into
Schools.                                                                                    Beta Zeta Chapter in 1982.
                                                   Mary Lane Conger
       Patricia E. Crabtree                                 August 13, 2009                   Mary Nance Huggins
               July 24, 2009                  Mrs. Conger, an elementary educator for                   September 19, 2009
Mrs. Crabtree was an eighth-grade history     30 years, was a charter member of Beta        A Society member for 60 years, 40 of
teacher for 20 years, department chair and    Kappa Chapter, inducted in 1953. She          them in Alpha Phi Chapter of Xi State,
yearbook sponsor. A member of Alpha           directed Lincoln County’s Head Start          Mrs. Huggins served the chapter as of-
Phi Chapter, she chaired the committee for    Program and was one of the first women        ficer, committee chair and member over
the hand-made cross-stitched bookmark         elected to the Lincoln County Commis-         the years. She was a supportive mentor to
favors that were given at the Tennes-         sion.                                         many younger members. She started her
see Night reception at the 2001 regional                                                    teaching career in Cohutta, GA, but spent
conference.                                                                                 many years as an elementary teacher in
                                                                                                     Xi State News November 2009 19
                                                                                                                  US POSTAGE PAID
                 Xi State News                                                                                       Permit No. 2
            7622 Twisting Creek Lane                                                                                 Rossville, GA
            Ooltewah TN 37363-9753

In Memoriam                                  They lived and brought a bit of beauty, love, and faith. And now their
                                                            lives will ever be reflected in our hearts.
         Debra Bridges                              Georgia Walker                         Mary Virginia Van Hook
             December 18, 2008                             March 20, 2009                                June 12, 2009
Initiated in 2007, Ms. Bridges was a         Ms. Walker transferred to Rho Chapter        Mrs. Cheatham’s first teaching job was in
resource teacher at Tellico Junior High in   from Irving, Texas, where she was initiat-   a one-room school in Cheatham County,
Monroe County.                               ed in 1986. After retiring from El Centro    teaching grades 1-12. She became a
                                             Jr. College in Texas, Ms. Walker volun-      member of Alpha Chi Chapter in 1964 and
         Nancy Henry                         teered in Williamson County Schools.         attended her last meeting at age 97. She
             January 21, 2009                                                             missed celebrating her 100th birthday by
A member of Alpha Xi Chapter since              Annie Maude Brown                         less than four months.
1972, Mrs. Henry was a guidance coun-                       March 24, 2009
selor for Chattanooga Public Schools and     Initiated into Eta Chapter (MS) before        Dorothy Butler Genung
co-president of the Freedoms Foundation.     transferring to Theta Chapter, Mrs. Brown                   June 19, 2009
She served Alpha Xi as president and first   taught home economics for 43 years, retir-   Inducted as a charter member of Alpha
vice president, and Served Xi State on       ing in 1977. She regularly attended Theta    Phi Chapter in 1961 in Chattanooga, Mrs.
several committees. She was an Order of      chapter meetings until age 94 and, during    Genung began her career at Tyner High
the Rose recipient.                          her active years, served the chapter as      School in 1941 as a trigonometry and
                                             committee member and officer.                physical education teacher for 11 years.
  Margaret C. Jennings                                                                    She then taught 6th grade for 26 years at
              February 15, 2009                 Lilburne M. Vollmer                       East Brainerd Elementary. Her daughter,
Initiated in 1955 in Phi Chapter, Ms.                       April 2, 2009                 Marcia Brown, is a member of Alpha
Jennings was a charter member of Beta        A vocational teacher for 31 years, Ms.       Chapter.
Kappa Chapter. She served both chapters      Vollmer became a member of Beta
as treasurer and was on the state Finance    Gamma Chapter in 1978. She was Shelby            Sara Louise Bennett
Committee. She taught English and Latin      County Vocational Teacher of the Year in                  June 22, 2009
and was a school librarian.                  1979.                                        Ms. Bennett was a beloved member of
                                                                                          Alpha Beta Chapter who was initiated in
                                                                                                              Continued on page 19

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