; Guinea Pig Weekend Schedule
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Guinea Pig Weekend Schedule


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									            Guinea Pig Weekend Schedule

August 17th ~ Morgan Vanlandingham

August 24th ~ Cam Sparkman

August 31st ~ Madison Walker ~ Long Weekend 

September 7th ~ Emily Hagood

September 14th ~ Mary Alexander

September 21st ~ Taylor Black

September 28th ~ Cole Gunnells

October 4th ~ Justin & Jarea Parker ~ Long Weekend 

October 12th ~ Anna Green

November 2nd ~ Annaliese Chambers

November 9th ~ Ben Solomon ~ Long Weekend

December 7th ~ Walker Johnson

December 14th ~ Morgan Vanlandingham

*If any of these dates are not good for you, please let me know so I can make
other arrangements.

Also if anyone would like to “pigsit” over Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday,
let me know. Max would love to spend the holidays with his friends. 

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