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Artists A to Z

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					    Big Erle                        Blue King Brown                                 Bruce Watson                              Carol Heuchan

                                                        Blue King Brown                                           SAT    Bazil’s Bar 1.15pm-1.45pm

Artists A to Z                                          The infectious energy and passion of this award-
                                                        winning, chart-topping rootsy reggae and funk 11
                                                                                                                         Sundeck 4.30pm-5pm
                                                                                                                         Smigs Stage 10am-11.15am
                                                        piece band is sure to draw one of the biggest crowds      SUN    Bazil’s Bar 3.30pm-4.45pm
A French Butler                                         to the Snowies. Led by dynamic front woman Natalie
cAlled Smith                                            Pa’apa’a, Blue King Brown is reminiscent of the           chASe the Sun
The 2009 festival favourite - A French Butler           socially conscious reggae of the 1970s and has had        If it’s blues you’re after well look no further than
Called Smith - will get Perisher pumping with their     sold out shows since it first hit the streets big-time    Chase the sun touted as a group of ‘sheer power,
high energy, organic funk and world roots music.        in 2005. Carlos Santana himself said ‘They are the        dexterity and originality’ (Drum Media). They’re a
Consisting of Scott French, Jake ‘the Butler’ Martin    voice of the street and the band of the future’.          sultry soul-tinged trio who sing of lonely highways
and Brennan Smith, since the last Snowies festival      SUN Smigs Stage 10.45pm-12.15am
                                                                                                                  and living free with a bit of Stevie Ray Vaughan and
the instrumental trio have been busy pumping dance                                                                Jimmy Hendrix thrown in. A must-see-live act -
floors across the country from Brisbane to Fremantle.   Bruce wAtSon                                              make sure you catch this powerhouse cranking out a
FRI    Smigs Stage 9pm-10pm                                                                                       new take on a classic sound.
                                                        Bruce is an icon of the Australian folk scene and a
SAT    The Man 10.30pm-12am                             major songwriter and performer. He has won a swag         SAT Jax Bar 7.30pm-8.45pm
SUN    The Man 7.15pm-8.30pm                            of awards and had his songs covered by the likes of       SUN Smigs Stage 5.30pm-6.45pm
MON    Smigs Stage 3.30pm-5pm (Final Party)             Eric Bogle and Joe Dolce. Bruce’s music reflects life,
                                                        ordinary people, social justice and the environment,      circuS wow
Big erle                                                often with a surprising twist and a quirky sense of       Feast your senses and laugh out loud! Celebrating
Big Erle is a Wollongong based musical group. Self      humour. Children also delight in Bruce’s antics and       the absurd and attempting the impossible, Circus
described as Bent Blues with an Afro twist. Big Erle    songs about vampires, pirates, hippopotamuses and         Wow dare to go where no other has ever gone
is a dynamic, energetic percussive blues band that      the eternal question. “Are we there yet?”                 before! Circus Wow exploded onto the local scene in
you can’t help but dance to.                            SAT Bazil’s Bar 5.30pm-6.30pm                             2001 and have been delighting audiences with their
                                                        SAT Kids Stage 11.30am-12pm
                                                                                                                  larrikin sense of humour, wit and twisted take on
FRI The Man 7.15pm-8pm
                                                                                                                  contemporary circus skills ever since. NO ANIMALS
SAT Sundeck 1.45pm-3pm                                  SUN Barrakee 7pm-8.15pm
                                                                                                                  but plenty of laughs balanced with a focus on the
SUN Smigs Stage 2pm-3.15pm                              MON Sundeck 11.30am-12.15pm
                                                                                                                  political, social and diverse issues that surround
Big Snore hAmmerS                                       cArol heuchAn                                             us. Circus Wow is a community Women’s circus
                                                                                                                  with a large membership of dedicated, educated,
Big Snore Hammers is 13 year old Samuel De              Carol Heuchan comes from the Hunter Valley                passionate and talented performers.
Santi’s dream band come to life. The band was           (though once lived in Cooma). An accomplished
originally assembled for the Illawarra Folk Festival    horsewoman, she taught riding and competed                SAT Perisher Centre 1.45pm-2.45pm
at Jamberoo in 2002 at Jamberoo when Sam was            and judged extensively throughout Australia and           SAT Kids Stage 3pm-3.45pm
5 years old. Members of Wongawilli combine with         internationally. In 2003, her first book “Horseplay”      SUN Kids Stage 10am-10.30am
percussionists and more for a 10 piece World Celtic     was published and following its huge success, she         SUN Kids Stage 4pm-4.40pm
flavoured party band. Accordion, fiddle, saxophone,     ‘fell’ in to the world of Bush Poetry, literally taking   MON Kids Stage 11.30am-12pm
bouzouki, piano, trombone, bagpipes, whistles and       it by storm and in just a few short years has won
lots of percussion!                                     an absolute swag of prestigious performance and
SAT Perisher Centre 12pm-1pm                            writing awards for everything from heart warming to
SUN The Man 2.15pm-3.15pm                               utterly hilarious!

                                       2nd Perisher Snowy Mountains of Music 11 – 14 June 2010
                                                                             Doctor Stovepipe

     Coolgrass                                                               Fraud Millionaires                                               Gregory North

    coolgrASS                                              SAT    Guthega Alpine Inn 2.30pm-3.30pm                  goBSmAcKed!
    Coolgrass make musical mischief with bluegrass –       SAT    Barrakee 8.15pm-9.15pm                            Gobsmacked shows are a blend of folktale, song,
    no sacred cows for these boys! In addition to their    SUN    Kids Stage 12.15pm-12.45pm                        drama and crazy action. Their brand new show, ‘The
    own tongue-in-cheek songs, Coolgrass crash-tackle      SUN    Base 1720 Bar 5.30pm-6.30pm                       sun, the moon and the stars’, is the epic tale of two
    James Brown, Mozart, the Beatles, Queen and more                                                                gypsy boys who use their wits, music and a little
    in a show that is both musical and visual.             FeStivAl opening                                         gypsy magic on their quest to return the stars to the
    FRI The Man 8.15pm-9pm
                                                           The official opening of the festival with Winter         sky. Thrill to the action as they meet trolls, hags,
                                                           Olympians Esther Bottomley and Ben Sim. There’ll be      dragons and a giant pig along the way. Suitable for
    SAT Smigs Music Room 12pm-12.45pm
                                                           a taste of the music to be enjoyed with a Welcome to     children 3 to 103.
                                                           Country from Jarmbi's Corrobboree as well.               SAT Kids Stage 10am-10.30am
    SAT Barrakee 9.30pm-10.30pm
    SUN Smigs Stage 3.45pm-5pm                             SAT Jax Bar 10.30am-11am                                 SUN Kids Stage 10.45am-11.15am
                                                                                                                    SUN Kids Stage 1.45pm-2.15pm
    dAmien neil And                                        FeStivAl FinAle                                          MON Kids Stage 10am-10.30am
    cAroline trengrove                                     Enjoy a mad-cap finale to the festival with ski songs,
    Two incredible musicians playing together again for    mass bands, dancing and fun in the spirit of the         gregory north
    the first time. Damien Neil is known for his guitar    event.                                                   Discovered wandering in the Blue Mountains, this
    wizardry and Vocals but also plays a multitude of      MON Smigs Stage 2pm-3.15pm                               man of many hats will have you wondering which
    instruments and Caroline Trengove is the talented                                                               voice is really his. Known for his rendition of ‘The
    fiddle player and vocalist from Jigzag. Their powers   FrAud millionAireS                                       Man from Snowy River’ in 14 different accents, the
    combined could possibly change the world forever.      The ‘Fraud Millionaires’ represent everything that       voices and characters in his poems and yarns could
    With duel harmony fiddle tunes to old folk tunes       true music lovers believe in. Honest lyrics, straight    be the result of medical experimentation or maybe
    and originals with a dash of jazz and a sprinkle of    from the heart of singer John Roast, soar with           he’s just a freak of nature. Whichever it is, this two-
    bluegrass, Damien and Caroline will no doubt raise     power over tight grooves and memorable riffs.            time Australian bush poetry champion literally ‘lives’
    the bar for music connoisseurs.                        True originality and passion emanates from the five      each character whether its the little boy at the footy
                                                           members as they take to the stage, writhing and          match, the complaining granny or the suburban
    FRI    Smigs Stage 5pm-5.45pm
                                                           contorting through every verse, chorus and bridge,       dude in his fully sick ute. His ‘Man of Many Hats’
    SAT    The Eiger 3.30pm-4.45pm
                                                           leaving crowds breath taken with a sense of musical      DVD is a great way to relive the experience.
    SUN    Guthega Alpine Inn 1pm-2.15pm
    SUN    Sundeck 8.45pm-10pm                             fulfilment.                                              SAT Smigs Stage 2.45pm-3.15pm (Man
                                                           FRI The Man 11pm-12am                                    of Many Hats)
    doctor Stovepipe                                       SAT Smigs Music Room 3.45pm-                             SAT Sundeck 4pm-4.30pm
                                                           4.30pm (workshop)                                        SUN Bazil’s Bar 3.30pm-4.45pm
    Purveyors of Medicinal Euphony, Doctor Stovepipe’s
    51st Mounted Rhythm Brigade comprises Dr.              SAT Smigs Stage 8.45pm-10pm                              SUN Sundeck 7:30-8:30pm
    Jim Sharrock, Dr. Pablo Shopen & Dr. Edward            SUN Sundeck 10.45pm-12am                                 MON Smigs Stage 10.30am-11.30am
    Radclyffe. All guaranteed qualified & of Gentlemanly                                                            (Poets Brunch)
    composure, they employ the latest hygienic methods
    in Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle & Double Bass & practise
    proven techniques in Harmonizing Minstrelsy.
    All are experienced practitioners with current &
    previous membership in Dubba Rukki, The Fuelers
    & The Horses Leotard.
                                           2nd Perisher Snowy Mountains of Music 11 – 14 June 2010

                                              Grimick          Jarmbi's Corrobboree                                               Jeff Lang

greShKA                                                JAn lewiS & linton vogel                                 Monaro Region. And Peter Swain from the Wiradjuri
This amazing five piece busking band play a wide       Jan writes and recites bush poetry and coordinates       peoples, though Peter grew up on Ngarigo county.
range of eastern European styles, from the upbeat      festivals and events, encouraging adults and             He has been playing with Uncle Jandemarra for
Yiddish, to the drunken um-pah of Russia, to the       children to participate. She is secretary of the         many years. The rest of the ‘Jarmbis’ representing
complexities of the Balkans. All blended together      Victorian Bush Poetry & Music Association.               many different Aboriginal peoples join Jandemarra
with a pinch of rock and a dash of jazz.               Jan and Linton live in the Upper Murray NE Vic           and Peter to bring a deadly Indigenous Australian
                                                       and encourage all ages to keep the traditions of         experience!
FRI    Sundeck 11pm-12am
SAT    Mid Perisher Centre 12pm-12.45pm                Australian bush music and old time singalongs.           SAT Jax Bar 11am-11.45am
SAT    Smigs Stage 5.15pm-6.30pm                       Linton plays button accordion and Jan sings and          SAT Perisher Centre 3.30pm-4.30pm
SUN    Perisher Centre 12pm-12.45pm                    plays spoons.
SUN    The Man 10.45pm-12am                            SAT Kids Stage 10.45am-11.15am                           JeFF lAng
                                                       SUN Kids Stage 1pm-1.30pm                                Described as a musician that ‘paints pictures in
grimicK                                                                                                         sounds’, Jeff Lang has earned worldwide acclaim
An honest, rootsy mix of styles, Grimick are an        JAn preSton                                              as a virtuosic guitarist, dynamic songwriter and
                                                       Jan Preston is a composer, piano player, singer and      startlingly unique live performer. Jeff Lang is an
energetic duo who never stray far from the essential
                                                       songwriter who is often described as ‘Australia’s        extraordinarily individual musician blending rock,
ingredients - great rhythm, a contagious melody,
                                                       Queen of Boogie Piano.’ She plays festivals and          roots, folk, blues, ballads and improvisation and a
and something to say. Performing songs from
                                                       concerts throughout Australia, NZ and Europe and         stunning lyricist. Don’t miss out on this chance to
their latest album “Dazzle”, Grimick captivate their
                                                       writes music for films. Her theme to the iconic ABC      catch one of Australia’s most formidable talents live
audience performing in and around Sydney, as well
                                                       TV series ‘Australian Story’ can be heard nationwide     in action.
as quickly making a name for themselves in the
national music festival scene. With seemingly no       every week. Jan comes from a small town on the           SAT Jax Bar 9.15pm-10.30pm
upward limit to his vocal range, Griff is capable of   West Coast of the South Island of NZ and her             SUN Smigs Stage 9pm-10.15pm
both power & tenderness. Combine this with Mick’s      earliest memories are of honky tonk singalongs at
instrumentation, glorious harmonies, and earthy        the piano. Jan is known for her driving boogie left      John BroomhAll trio
percussive rhythms – and you have a live act not to    hand, winning personality, humour, honesty and           John Broomhall, Johnny Spillane and David De
be missed.                                             great songs.                                             Santi have been part of the Australian folk music
SAT The Man 3.30pm-4.45pm                              FRI Smigs Stage 6pm-6.45pm                               scene for over 20 years performing in various bands
SAT Bazil’s Bar 12pm-1pm                               SAT Smigs Music Room 1.15pm-2pm                          and contributing to the organisation of festivals and
SUN Guthega Alpine Inn 2.45pm-4pm                      (Learn Boogie Piano)                                     events. John has been a prolific songwriter in the
                                                       SAT The Man 5.15pm-6.30pm                                traditional Australian folk style with a number of
huSSy hicKS                                            SUN Sundeck 1.15pm-2.30pm                                albums. Broken Hill Miner, Free as the Breeze and
                                                       SUN Base 1720 Bar 4pm-5pm                                Driftin Down the Darling. He originally hails from
Hussy Hicks’ live performances have been winning
                                                                                                                Broken Hill, but has lived in the Illawarra enough
fans from Beijing to Berlin and beyond over the past
3 years. Their shows range from high-energy funky      JArmBi'S corroBBoree                                     years to become a local.
folk hoe-downs to intimate concerts showcasing         The word ‘Jarmbi’ means ‘Friends’ in Ngarigo             SAT Base 1720 Bar 4pm-5pm
singer Leesa’s soaring vocals and guitar virtuoso      people’s language. Jarmbi’s Corrobboree is a 10          SUN The Eiger 4pm-5.15pm
Julz’s eclectic gypsy/funk/acoustic guitar playing.    piece group comprising of a culmination of singing,
FRI Smigs Stage 8pm-8.45pm                             storytelling, dance, Didge playing and Aboriginal
SAT Sundeck 8.45pm-10pm                                culture! ‘Jarmbi’s Corrobboree’ is accompanied by
SUN Bazil’s Bar 1.45pm-3pm                             Uncle Jandemarra Wall – Community Elder of the

                                       2nd Perisher Snowy Mountains of Music 11 – 14 June 2010
                                                                                           Martin Pearson

    Kim Churchhill                                           Lilli Pilli              Mista Savona                                                           Mick Thomas

    Kim churchill                                              SUN Kids Stage 11.30am-12pm                                 miKe mArtin trio
    Fresh from knockout performances at Byron Blues            SUN Kids Stage 2.30pm-3pm                                   Mike has been involved in the Australian traditional
    and Roots and Woodford Folk Festivals, guitar              MON Kids Stage 10.45am-11.15am                              scene for many years - promoting, recording &
    sensation Kim Churchill is proud to bring his                                                                          collecting Australian dance music & song. This
    explosive show to the Snowies. At only 19, Kim’s           mArtin peArSon                                              new venture is about Mike Martin, his stories and
    intricate guitar work and fiery, passionate songs          Martin Pearson – The world’s funniest male, long-           songs, many self written, that reflect the essence
    have already made the Australian music industry            haired, Victorian, Piscean folk singer. Formerly of         and meaning of folk today. Together, with some fine
    and festival scene stand up and listen. With several       the act “Martin Pearson”, Martin has rose to fame           musicians, the aim is to entertain, make people think
    overseas tours in 2009, Kim’s got the world in his         like a dead pigeon in a water tank. Martin plays            & show case Aussie talent.
    sights.                                                    the fool in B sharp, Martin is a very funny satirical
                                                                                                                           SAT    Mid Perisher Centre 1.15pm-2pm
                                                               performer. He has been amusing, even thrilling
    FRI Smigs Stage 7pm-7.45pm                                                                                             SAT    The Eiger 5.15pm-6.30pm
                                                               audiences around the globe for ages now, and if you
    SAT The Eiger 8.45pm-10pm                                                                                              SUN    Sundeck 11.30am-12.45pm
                                                               haven’t seen him live - you’re missing out. Martin
    SUN Bazil’s Bar 12pm-1.15pm                                                                                            SUN    Perisher Centre 2.30pm-3.15pm
                                                               tickles the funny bone. The act is full of scintillating
    lee tAylor-Friend                                          observations, he has an ability to take everyday
                                                                                                                           miStA SAvonA
                                                               current events and turn them into side splitting
    Snowy Mountains Poet - Lee Taylor-Friend rose              comedy routines.                                            ‘Turn up the music and let it play’ Melbourne’s
    to national attention when she penned the heartfelt                                                                    Mista Savona is going to get you moving, grooving
    ‘Don’t sell out Snowy Hydro’ in 2006. Since 2004           FRI Sundeck 8.45pm-9.30pm
                                                                                                                           and talking of revolution. This big band is one
    she has been playing a vital role recording our            SAT Bazil’s Bar 4pm-5pm                                     of Australia’s leading exponents of root reggae,
    high country history through her bush poetry. Lee          SUN The Man 3.45pm-5pm                                      dancehall and heavyweight dub music. Their
    released her first book ‘Tommy’s Girl’ in 2007, has                                                                    blistering new album just released - Warn the Nation
    won several awards including the inaugural ‘Broken         micK thomAS                                                 – is being hailed as one of the most accomplished
    Ski Award’ at last years ‘Snowy Mountains of Music         At a glance the schedule for twelve months of Mick’s        reggae albums ever to come out of Australia, and
    Festival’ and was a finalist for ‘Australian Bush Poem     professional life could seem an unholy mess. There          has just taken out Album of the Week on FBI and
    of the Year’ at the 2009 Australian Bush Laureate          may be a season of The Tank (the theatre show he            PBS Radio. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to
    Awards.                                                    wrote with his brother), into a solo tour of Europe or      catch one of the most exciting new bands on the
                                                               North America, studio production work, soundtrack           scene!
    SAT Bazil’s Bar 1.45pm-2.15pm (Two Up
                                                               work, not to mention his obligations to Croxton
    Poetesses)                                                                                                             FRI Smigs Stage 10.30pm-12am
                                                               Records or gigs with his fine band The Sure Thing.
                                                                                                                           SAT Jax Bar 11pm-12.15am
    lilli pilli                                                Hell - Weddings, Parties, Anything might even do
                                                               the odd show or three these days. But somehow it all        oneill & rodgerS
    Lilli can only be described as a dramatic, involved        seems to come together for the very reason that at
    and passionate storyteller. She will create worlds         the centre of it all lies a simple regard for music - for   Oneill and Rodgers have known each other for over
    and journeys and characters that take over your            the performing of it, the nurturing of it’s potential and   25 years and came together in 2008, drawn together
    imagination and win your heart. Lilli tells stories in     the simple human virtues of playing it along side           by a love for acoustic instruments and the folk
    English and uses repeated Spanish phrases/words            other equally enthused people.                              tradition of story telling in song. David O’Neill is an
    throughout her performance. She uses a range of                                                                        internationally recognised multi-instrumentalist in
    instruments so be prepared to clap, dance, sing,           SAT Smigs Stage 7pm-8.15pm                                  the Australian folk scene and plays fiddle, mandolin,
    creep and enjoy.                                           SUN Sundeck 4.45pm-6pm                                      guitar, and sings. Bob Rodgers originally discovered
                                                               MON Smigs Stage 12.45pm-1.30pm                              his love for acoustic instruments in the early 1980s
    SAT Kids Stage 1pm-1.30pm
    SAT Kids Stage 4pm-4.30pm                                                                                              playing with the seminal Canberra bluegrass band,

                                             2nd Perisher Snowy Mountains of Music 11 – 14 June 2010
                                                                                                                                   The Lurkers

                                                                                                  Oneill and Rodgers                              Peter Mace
 Pete Wild

Tag and the Noose Brothers. Together, through the     peter mAce                                              FRI    The Man 5.15pm-6pm
blending of their voices and the instruments they     Peter Mace is a performer and writer of Bush Poetry     SAT    Smigs Stage 12pm-1.15pm
play, Bob and Dave tell stories in song.              who over recent years has established himself at        SAT    Base 1720 Bar 5.30pm-6.30pm
SAT Sundeck 12pm-1.15pm                               most of the major Folk and Country Music festivals      SUN    Sundeck 3pm-4.15pm
SAT Barrakee 7pm-8pm                                  throughout New South Wales and Queensland.
SUN Smigs Music Room 1.15pm-2pm                       He has presented his poetry at the John O’Brien         ruSSell hAnnAh
(Mandolin Workshop)                                   Bush Festival, Narrandera, Jambaroo Folk Festival,      Russell has been the anchor man of the Illawarra
SUN Bazil’s Bar 5.15pm-6.30pm                         Turning Wave Festival, Gundagai, Tamworth Country       Folk Club and Folk Festival since their inceptions.
                                                      Music Festival (Finalist 2005 and 2009, Winner          Russell fancies himself with the art of versifying in
perlA                                                 Original Section 2007) Gympie Muster (Finalist          addition to being a tripe aficionado, woolly yarn
Perla Aura will present workshops on African          2006/7) EKKA (Winner Bobby Miller Memorial              spinner, tormenter of accordion players and a fine
percussion. She has played with many Illawarra        Trophy 2006 and equal winner in both sections 2006      fellow to have schnapps with. He has recently
world music bands including Obrobini, Zumpa and       and 2008).                                              collaborated with Jim Haynes to produce a number
Big Snore Hammers.                                    SAT Sundeck 10.30am-11.35am (Poets
                                                                                                              of Australian poetry and storybooks.

SAT Smigs Music Room 2.30pm-                          Brunch)                                                 SUN The Man 1pm-1.45pm (Folklore of
3.15pm (Percussion Workshop)                          SAT Sundeck 3.30pm-4pm                                  the Snowy)
SUN Smigs Music Room 12pm-12.45pm                     SUN Bazil’s Bar 3.30pm-4.45pm                           SUN The Eiger 5.45pm-7pm (Snowy
(More Percussion)                                                                                             Poetry Cup)
pete wild & the only oneS                             Riogh is an ensemble specialising in Irish and          SABrinA & the red vAnS
Pete Wild started playing ukulele aged 5 when         Celtic music. Combining Classic ballads and upbeat      Sabrina & the Red Vans continues to inspire and
he lived in Central Australia and was really into     favourites with a fresh take and a contemporary         impress with powerful vocals and easily relatable
his BMX. He learned keys on a piano rescued           sound, but keeping within the roots of a strong         lyrics and has been support for headline acts
from the bucket of a bulldozer at a demolition        traditional feel.                                       around the country, including Ross Wilson, Jordie
site. Combining his theatrical background and         FRI Sundeck 9.45pm-10.45pm
                                                                                                              Lane, Ash Grunwald and Blue King Brown. Lead
idiosyncratic honesty, Pete’s performance is deeply                                                           vocalist Sabrina Orwin-Sandapa has found fans
                                                      SAT The Man 1.45pm-3pm
compelling as he moves from quirky theatrical                                                                 internationally, earning a nomination for best female
                                                      SUN Smigs Stage 11.30am-12.45pm
absurdities to unexpected poignant and passionate                                                             vocal at the Los Angeles Music Awards(2007), as
expression. With the Only Ones Pete presents fresh,   rough red                                               well as FIRST place in the Folk/Acoustic sector
contemporary small-town Australian indie-folk-                                                                of the Australian Songwriting Contest (2009) and
                                                      Rough Red is a well travelled originals band            winner of the 2007 Coke a Cola live and local
pop incorporating broadway comedy, rock, polka,       whose credits include the Montreux Jazz Festival,
romantic bluegrass, and heart-wrenching epic-dirty-                                                           unsigned competition.
                                                      the Bardentreffen in Neuremberg Square, The
melancholic-folk ballads.                             National, Tamworth, Woodford, amongst a swag of         SAT The Man 7pm-8.15pm
SAT    The Man 12pm-1.15pm                            international events, gigs with the Dubliners, Steel-   SUN The Man 12pm-1pm
SAT    Sundeck 5.15pm-6.30pm                          Eye Span and Fairport Convention, international         MON Sundeck 10.30am-11.15am
SUN    Mid Perisher Centre 1.15pm-2pm                 airplay (still) and favourable reviews from many
SUN    The Man 9pm-10.15pm                            of the world’s respected street mags including
                                                      Billboard. The songs reflect the band’s Australian
                                                      heritage and many stories, masterful musicianship
                                                      and soaring four part harmonies.

                                      2nd Perisher Snowy Mountains of Music 11 – 14 June 2010

     The Barons of Tang                                        The Crooked Fiddle Band                                   Wongawilli

     tAllAtAngo                                                  SUN The Man 5.30pm-6.45pm                                sound of Vorn Doolette, whom in 2009 was named
     Tango dance and tango music originated in                   MON Smigs Stage 11.45am-12.30pm                          among Rolling Stone’s 15 Artists to Watch.
     Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina,                                                                     FRI Sundeck 6.30pm-7.15pm
     the area of the Rio de la Plata, and spread to the
                                                                 the lurKerS                                              SAT Bazil’s Bar 2.30pm-3.30pm
     rest of the world soon after. Today, there are many         There’s nothing like some subversive banjo mixed         SUN The Eiger 9.15pm-10.30pm
     tango dance styles. TallaTango teaches at local folk        with real-world politics. With Double bass, banjo,
     festivals and in Canberra. Anyone can tango, and            guitar and three-part close harmonies The Lurkers        wongAwilli
     with Erika’s simple instructions you will be able to        play edgy home-spun hillbilly, old time bluegrass        The Wongawilli Band has been an ambassador
     dance straight away.                                        music about $300,000 mortgages, pirateering and          for Australian folk music since 1987. Since that
                                                                 environmental collapse. It’s a soundtrack for your       time they have continued to revive old songs and
     SAT Smigs Stage 1.45pm-2.45pm
                                                                 own non-privatised revolution.                           tunes and to create new ones in the style. In recent
     (Tango Dance workshop)
     SUN Smigs Stage 1pm-1.45pm (Tango                           FRI    Sundeck 5.30pm-6.15pm                             years the band has performed in China (3 times),
     Dance Workshop)                                             SAT    Guthega Alpine Inn 1pm-2pm                        Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, New Zealand
     SUN Sundeck 6.15pm-7.15pm                                   SAT    Smigs Stage 3.30pm-4.45pm                         and the UK. The band has performed at all major
                                                                 SUN    The Eiger 7.25pm-8.40pm                           folk festivals in all Australian states. Their recent
     the BAronS oF tAng                                                                                                   album ‘Australia Street’ is a fine reflection of their
     Lashing Tango, Rockabilly, Metal, Latin and Gypsy
                                                                 the teAleAveS                                            enthusiasm, musicianship and creativity.
     with breaks, hard hitting guitar riffs, double kick         The Tealeaves play music that warms you up               FRI The Man 6.15pm-7pm
     blast beats and massive horn arrangements The               inside. Described as channelling “early 70’s singer/     SAT Kids Stage 1.45-2.45pm (Bush Dance)
     Barons of Tang serve up their ‘gypsy deathcore’.            songwriter sounds like you wouldn’t believe              SAT Sundeck 7pm-8.15pm
     Leaving a trail of battered dance floors across the         possible”, their songs are inspired by the era of Cat    SUN Bazil’s Bar 7pm-8.15pm (Aussie
     nation, The Barons of Tang have toured mercilessly          Stevens, James Taylor and SiMON & Garfunkel –            Pub Singalong)
     over the past two years.                                    music that overflows with melody, harmony and
     FRI The Man 9.30pm-10.30pm
                                                                 lyrical honesty. James, Jess and the gang are excited    ZAmBoni – comedy mAgiciAn
                                                                 to be able to share a few songs from their soon-to-      “Zamboni provided an hilarious magic show.
     SAT Smigs Stage 10.30pm-12am
                                                                 be-released debut album, as well as some familiar        His playful personality, props, and magical
     SUN Sundeck 9pm-10.15pm
                                                                 surprises!                                               surprises delighted the children. His performance
     SUN Smigs Music Room 2.30pm-
     3.15pm (Percussion Workshop)                                FRI Sundeck 7.45pm-8.30pm                                invited audience participation and reflected his
                                                                 SAT The Man 8.45pm-10pm                                  understanding of child development. Zamboni’s
     the crooKed Fiddle BAnd                                     SUN Smigs Stage 7.15pm-8.30pm                            performance totally captivated and entertained the
     Fresh from Brian Eno’s Luminous Festival at the             MON Sundeck 12.30pm-1.30pm                               children from beginning to end, resulting in a truly
     Sydney Opera House, The Crooked Fiddle Band                                                                          memorable show for both children and adults.”
     will bring their signature no-holds-barred frenzied
                                                                 vorn doolette                                            SAT    The Eiger 7pm-8.15pm
     flavour to the festival program. It’s gypsy music like      With a voice like chocolate velvet South Australia’s     SAT    Kids Stage 12.15pm-12.45pm
     you’ve never heard it before – there’s no doubt by          pin-up troubadour Vorn Doolette is sure to swoon         SUN    Kids Stage 3.15pm-3.45pm
     the first song the entire audience will be pulsating in     and croon you. Already being compared to the likes       SUN    Mid Perisher Centre 12pm-12.45pm
     the mosh pit!                                               of some of the biggest male artists ever including
                                                                 Tom Waits, Johnny Cash and Rufus Wainwright,
     SAT Sundeck 10.30pm-11.45pm
                                                                 you’ll have no trouble wiling away the hours to the
     SUN Perisher Centre 1.15pm-2pm

                                             2nd Perisher Snowy Mountains of Music 11 – 14 June 2010

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