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                                                                                                                                    ISSUE 1

                           54                                   October 2009
                                                             DECEMBER 2008
                 Going Digital!!!!
                      BY BRITTNEY SINGLETARY
                                                                                          Melissa Martucci
                                       54 West has been a huge part of                    By Casey Doyle, Jenna Fitzgerald and Jaclyn Palummo
                                Washingtonville High School. Whether
                                                                                                                          June 20, 2009 was the
                                it‘s the puzzles or the fun articles you
                                like to read, we‘re a club that aims to
                                                                                                                 night of the tragic car accident
                                keep you informed.                                                               that changed our lives and the
                                          This is exactly why we‘re going                                        lives of the Washingtonville com-
                                digital. Think of being able to access our                                       munity. Melissa Martucci was
                                online newspapers at home or reading                                             home for the summer ready to
                                the new music column in school – cool                                            celebrate her brother, Nick’s
                                right? Yes, we are definitely testing the                                        graduation from Washington-
                                horizons. Unfortunately, those horizons                                          ville High School. Friday, the
                                are limited; monthly cost for printing is                                        night before his graduation
                                a huge factor in our decision to go digi-                                        party, Melissa and her cousin,
                                tal. Nevertheless, this is an improve-
                                                                                                                 Marina Petersen went to a party
                                ment and we view this new look as a                leap forward.                                Photo by Jaclyn Paulmmo             with some of Melissa’s best
                              In addition, we are adding a blog to the                                           friends. Marina and Melissa
new online newspaper. We are more than interested in your thoughts,          were also best-friends since birth and always gabbed about
opinions, and heartfelt ideas. However, this is a blog for everyone;         the future and how they would be each other’s maid of honor.
therefore, we would like a great deal of respect to be a part of your        Marina was welcomed to the party with Melissa’s best friends
aforesaid contributions. We aim to get more people involved and in-          who said Melissa looked especially beautiful that night. They
formed on school events. From school sports to personal student ex-          said she was excited about a new boy she had met, and was
periences, 54West will keep students and parents in touch with Wash-         pretty much glowing. Unfortunately Melissa and Marina did-
ingtonville High school.                                                     n’t make it home that Friday night.
          There are abundant benefits to having an online school news-               The wake was Tuesday, June 23, 2009 from 5:00-9:00
paper. However, just because the members of 54West agree with the
                                                                             P.M. The number of people that arrived to pay their respects
idea, doesn‘t mean the student body will embrace the idea. So, we did
field work and gathered the pros and cons of having an online newspa-
                                                                             and share their memories of Melissa was jaw-dropping. They
per. One student, Vashni Balleste, stated ―I love the idea of having an      didn’t want to turn anyone away, so the doors stayed open
online school newspaper, because the printed newspapers were always          until after 11:00 P.M. About a dozen frames were filled with
tossed in the garbage or ignored.‖ Indeed, Ms. Balleste points out an        pictures of Melissa with her friends and family, illustrating
important fact that 54 West has taken into consideration. This is yet        the magnitude of people that knew and loved her.
another reason why we now have an online newspaper.                                  During the service at St. Mary’s church a group of her
         Although there are many students who agree with the new             15 best friends filled the first pews, wearing purple ribbons in
newspaper, some students are unhappy about losing the ability to read        their hair. This was Melissa’s favorite color, and one of
printed newspapers. Sade McKenzie claimed ―I always read the news-           Scranton University’s colors. The church was packed with
papers and it made me feel as though I was reading the Times Herald          hundreds of family members, friends, and community mem-
Record.‖ Well, Ms. McKenzie has nothing to fear; 54 West has decided
                                                                             bers wanting to show their support. “Time of My Life” from
to print their last newspaper of the year in order to keep the tradition
alive. That issue will be printed in June and can be kept as a memento
                                                                             Dirty Dancing was one Melissa’s favorite songs, so it was
of the school year.                                                          played at the service bringing bitter-sweet tears to everyone’s
         We hope that you as students keep up the tradition of reading       eyes. The love and support shown at the services for Melissa
the school newspaper; whether online or printed. We hope to have a           deeply illustrated how she touched everyone in the commu-
wonderful year and don‘t forget to contribute via the blog. We have          nity with her joyful life and spirit.           — CONTINUED PAGE 2
issues and you have solutions, so visit our new online newspaper and
contribute! Contribute!
                                                                                              Homecoming                          By Katie Glynn
         Friday, September 25th- Homecoming Football Game.                                                       Photo courtesy of Danielle
                                  th                                                                             Dwyer
         Saturday, September 26 - Homecoming Parade? Wait-- what?! Where‘s the dance?
         That‘s what many Washingtonville High School students were left wondering when they noticed the
homecoming dance was not scheduled on the district calendar this year.
         While any sophomore, junior, or senior could tell you exactly why the school might have decided to
cancel it this year, nobody wanted to see it done away with. The only reason freshmen probably wouldn‘t un-
derstand why it would be cancelled is because they didn‘t attend last year‘s dance. Faculty chaperoning Home-
coming 2008 had to call the families of a few drunken teenagers, and deal with their unruly
antics during the dance as well as waiting for them to be picked up and escorted home.
         A few days into the new school year, Student Coalition met with Mr. Rossi to talk
about whether or not a dance would be held. Much to the student‘s relief, it was decided that
there WOULD be one, but there would also be a set of rules, and students would expect chap-
erones to be stricter.
         Another factor that led to the questioning of whether there would be a homecoming
dance this year was inappropriate dancing. Ever since middle school, monitors and chaperones
would wade through the mass of sweaty dancers imploring teenagers to avoid PDA and any
sexual contact. Other factors included disorderly conduct and endangering the welfare and       Photo by Scott Cornell
safety of other students.
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     54 WEST—OCTOBER 2009
                                                           NEWS                                                         P AGE

Continued from page 1
                                              Casey’s View: Melissa’s caring, loving, and kind character was present through-
                                              out her entire life. From an extremely young age she showed nothing but concern
                                              and love for her family. There is a home video of Melissa defending her brother at
                                              a party when the birthday girl got agitated, as he tried to help open her presents.
                                              As a younger sibling I was often left out of the childhood games, but Melissa al-
                                              ways made sure to include me. I remember on one summer day I was sad because
                                              my sister was going over her house to go swimming, so I wasn’t going to have play-
                                              mates for the day, but Melissa invited me as well, making a lasting childhood
                                              memory and impact on me. Another time she got a popular toy of the day; a Razor
                                              Scooter, even though it was brand new she let everyone have a turn on it, letting
                                              me ride it for hours upon hours. As we all grew up and the girls got older, moving
                                              on from playing hide and seek, Melissa would still always make me a part of the
                                              group, she would always talk and spend time with me, despite my being the young-
                                              est one around. I remember her sweet sixteen, it was the first I ever attended, it
                                              made me feel so special and mature that she thought to invite me, even though I
                                              was only twelve years old. Melissa’s kindness touched everyone she knew in one
                                              way or another. Throughout her attendance at Washingtonville High School she
                                              had a smile for everyone, as she worked hard to achieve good grades. Even as a
                                              child Melissa knew she wanted to work in the medical field, she dressed up as a
                                              doctor for Halloween one year. Her dreams were being fulfilled as she attended
                                              Scranton University, taking part in the nursing program.

                                             Jenna’s View: Melissa was somebody that could always put a smile on my face.
                               Whenever she came over my house to hang out with the girls, she would always make it a point
Photos courtesy of Martucci family
                               to come into my room and just sit down and talk for a couple minutes to ask me how I was do-
ing. She also never left the house without saying goodbye and thank my parents for having her over. I danced with Melissa
and she always made me laugh when I was there. I remember one day very specifically she came to dance and it looked like
she was wearing two pairs of tights. I remember everyone asking “Melissa why are you wearing two pairs of tights” she sim-
ply answered saying that she didn’t like when there were holes in her tights so she would wear two pairs. It was the little
things that Melissa did that made everyone laugh and have a good time.
Just the day before the accident, I was dropping off my friend in New
Castle. As I pulled out of the driveway I saw Melissa walking with her
friend, I waved to them and of course, there was Melissa smiling and
waving right back at me.

Jackie’s View: Melissa was always ready for a dance party and of course
always with a smile on her face. A week or two after the accident, I was
cleaning my room when I found a DVD labeled “talent show,” from my
freshmen year. As I watched the video, I discovered that there was more
on the DVD than was expected. I had a big New Year’s Eve party at my
house going into the 2006 year, with family and a bunch of my sister’s
best girl friends. I have a crazy family that loves to dance around, so we
turned my kitchen into a dance floor, and Melissa fit right in. Melissa                               Photos courtesy of Martucci family
was in the middle of the dance floor laughing and dancing around as if she were in her bed-
room all by herself. I will always remember Melissa exactly that way, laughing, dancing, and smiling.
        Melissa’s effect on the community has been exemplified in these past months. Hundreds of people have come together
not only to share their sorrow but to demonstrate their support. Since this tragedy, everyone who was close to Melissa have
                                                             been organizing events for her remembrance. On September 20,
                                                             the three month anniversary, there was a memorial mass at the Uni-
                                                             versity of Scranton which was where Melissa attended for the past
                                                             two years. The mass was put together beautifully and you were
                                                             really able to tell how much of an amazing girl Melissa was.
                                                             Melissa was a nursing major, so the program honored her mother
                                                             and father, Sara and Nick Martucci with the nursing pin that she
                                                             would have received when she graduated. There were hundreds of
                                                             people that attended which included all of her friends from Scran-
                                                             ton and her family, relatives, and best friends from her hometown
                                                                     There was also a safety driving course at Fig’s auto driving
                                                             school. The money raised went to the memorial at the University of
                                                             Scranton. Sara and Nick Martucci are setting up a scholarship at
     Photos courtesy of Martucci family the school in memory of Meilssa . The scholarship will go to a student wishing to go into
                                        the medical field and embodies Melissa’s heart of gold. You may have seen people
around town wearing purple bracelets. The Martucci family have been giving these bracelets out to all of their family and
friends. Many people find comfort in wearing these bracelet as a remembrance of Melissa. On the bracelet, is Melissa favor-
ite quote that she often said, “Live the life you love, Love the life you live.” Melissa lived her life to the fullest as she spread
joy to everyone around her. Although her departure from earth came much too soon, her spirit is eternal, her memory cher-
ished by friends, family, and all who had the honor of knowing the extraordinary person she was.
     54 WEST—OCTOBER 2009
                                                                 NEWS                                                                P AGE

                                       Senior Perspectives: A Senior’s Sidekick
                                                                   BY KATI PAPPAAS
        Have you visited colleges you‘re considering? Taken the necessary standardized tests? Asked teachers for letters of recommendation?
Applied for private scholarships? Questions like these may leave you wondering, ―What needs to be done? And when?‖ As our class begins the
college application process, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed. To ensure that you are on track towards getting accepted to your
dream school, you may need to make a checklist in order to keep yourself organized. There are many steps
to applying, most of which the class of 2010 has only two months left to complete.
      During junior year, you may have begun looking at colleges to help narrow the search for your
school and taken standardized tests like the SATs or ACTs. If you haven‘t looked at any colleges yet,
don‘t panic! When looking at schools it‘s important to take into account your major, academic history, and
SAT or ACT scores. If your major is undecided, it may be best for you to look at universities with a wide
variety of majors and minors. In addition, you should have met with your guidance counselor to discuss
your schedule, class rank, and GPA. At, you can compare you standardized test scores,
GPA, and class rank with current college freshman in order to find a college that would best suit you and
your abilities. With this, you can separate your ―safety‖ schools from your ―match‖ and ―reach‖ schools.
Most students narrow their final choices down to 4 or 5, but some apply to as many as 10 colleges. Be-
cause most application deadlines are before December, it would be beneficial to avoid procrastination
                               when completing certain application requirements.
                                          Do you remember everything you‘ve done since ninth grade? Be-
                               cause teachers completing recommendations and college applications require
                                                                                                                         Kalina Winters
                               a resume, you may want to make a list of everything you‘ve accomplished
                               throughout high school. According to one of Washingtonville‘s business teachers, Mrs. Hartford, ―Teachers are
                               very busy this time of year and if you want a personalized letter from a teacher that really describes your positive
                               attributes and skills, the teacher needs time to read your resume and write a letter that portrays you in the best pos-
                               sible way for a college or university‖. Teachers often get bombarded with requests for letters of recommendation
                               around the beginning of November. In order to assist your teachers and alleviate stress off yourself, you should ask                 for letters of recommendation as soon as possible. Although often times letters of recommendation are optional,
                     sending one written by a teacher who knows your character and abilities can often improve your chances of acceptance.
Teachers will submit the letters to the guidance office to keep on file until you apply.
        Test dates, due dates, financial aid, admission essays, resumes, and recommendations -- college seems too overwhelming already! First
step? Take advantage of your school planner. This way, you can remind yourself of deadlines months in advance and organize what you have or
haven‘t finished yet. The application process can be awfully complicated if you procrastinate. Many experts suggest you begin writing your en-
trance essays as soon as possible, this way you can perfect them before you apply. Like letters of recommendation, admissions essays may not
be required by every school, but they can usually only help your application. If you struggle with writing, it may help to have an English teacher
or fellow student proofread your essay.
         Although the application process can be stressful, with proper organization, information, and timing, you can avoid being a ―stumped‖

                                           Freshmen Perspective: First Day Jitters
                                                                 BY KIMBERLY SANTIAGO
          The first day of school was the worst of them all. It was a whole new environment and I didn‘t know what to expect. When my father
parked in front of the school, I sat frozen in my seat not wanting to move at all. I anxiously watched as
the buses released all the students hoping to see one of my friends. Unfortunately, I didn‘t see any of
them and I was forced to walk to homeroom all alone.
          Sitting in my first period global class, I could still feel my heart pounding as I hoped for the day
to come to a quick end. Unfortunately, I had three periods left! I experienced a sense of relief when I
saw a couple of my friends walk into the classroom. Class began and Mr. Reil, my Global teacher, was
explaining all the requirements needed to pass his class. Strangely, the only thing going through my
mind was how I was going to survive this school year! At 8:55 the first bell rang meaning that it was
time for the Pledge of Allegiance and morning announcements. Finally, I got the opportunity to social-
ize with my friends, although it only lasted for about two minutes.
          Spanish was next; boy, was I in for a surprise! I assumed that on the first day of class, most
teachers would spend the whole period going over rules, procedures, routines and possibly an ice-
breaker, which is an activity that allows the class to get comfortable and familiar with each other. Mrs.
Otero, on the other hand, decided that in addition to the above activities, she would also give us review
work. Luckily, I found the work fairly easy because I still remembered most of last year‘s class work.
          The third period bell rang, it was time for lunch. But all of a sudden that feeling of excitement
turned to gloom. I thought to myself: Am I going to see any of my friends? Who am I going to sit with?
and worst of all, which way is the lunch room? All these feelings melted away when I saw my best friend. We walked
around while eating french fries and compared how each other‘s day was going.
          Why is it that lunch always ends so soon and classes seem to drag on forever?
          After lunch, it was time for Mrs. Hartford‘s Computer/Keyboarding class . We couldn‘t use the computers because the Micro Type pro-
gram we were going to use was down. So, we did the usual first-day activities and then I went off to math.
          Finally, it was time for my favorite subject, Math Modeling with Technology (MMT). It was the last period of the day. All those first-
day jitters were beginning to dissipate. This class is a little different than most others because we have three teachers. While having three sets of
eyes watching your every move can seem a little overwhelming at first, they come in handy when you need immediate help.
          The final bell rang and it was time to go home. I got through the day with no problems at all. Being a freshman was nerve-wracking at
first, but now after the completion of one full day, I can honestly say that it is not as bad as I thought it would be. High school is said to be some
of the best years of your life, and I now believe I am ready to embark on this journey.
      54 WEST—OCTOBER 2009
                                                                 NEWS                                                               P AGE

Homecoming Continued from page 1
                        In order to prevent any problems, several new procedures were instituted. The new procedure started when the students
Photo by Scott Cornell
                        bought their tickets. Along with the ticket, they were handed a white paper with the oh-so-familiar ‗Washingtonville
                        Central School District‘ letterhead on it, so people knew the information was ―legit‖. Along with a few other policies, it
                        stated bluntly that if any student was caught dancing inappropriately, they would be immediately removed from the
                        dance. Basically, no bumpin‘ and grindin‘. This was a disappointment to many, and the stricter rules this year may have
                        been the reason why less students attended the dance. Last year: homecoming ‘08 had about 650 guests, while only
                        about 500 students attended the dance this fall.
                                 Greeted by the usual, welcoming bag-search at the door, students didn‘t seem phased by it and began to mull
                        around the gym and cafeteria, chattering and taking pictures as the night began.
                                 This year, to prevent any unnecessary trouble, Washingtonville Policemen
                        supervised in the cafeteria, something that didn‘t make students feel too comfort-
                        able, but helped the event to remain manageable and a good time for everyone- not
                        one person had to be removed from the dance this year.
         Once unsure if it would work out well, Mr. Rossi said, ―It was a terrific homecoming dance, and
I‘m glad we did it. It went very smoothly.‖
         The majority of people seemed to enjoy this year‘s homecoming dance as well, despite the few
hoops they had to jump through to have the dance. Students partied to everything from Miley Cyrus, to
Michael Jackson, to Sean Kingston. Energy pulsated in sync with the bass during ―Evacuate the Dance            Photo by Mica Sandler
Floor‖ by Cascada, which ironically was more of a warning for the slow song that followed- do DJs real-
ize no one ever likes when those come on? Towards the end of the fun-filled night, Flynn Kelly and Danielle Dwyer won homecoming king
and queen, with Courtney Howard, Alexis Stuts, Christina Moscatello, Kalea-Noelle Fallon, Curtis Cello, Luke Manley, Timothy Barbetta, and
Nick Tramatozzi as Prom Court for 2009.
         Overall, students made this year‘s homecoming dance a success, proving they can still have fun while being responsible, and hopefully
setting a good example for the years to come.

                                       Students By Day, Rock Stars By Night                                              By Kait Blumberg

         A huge mixture of personalities can be found within the walls of Washingtonville High School, -- the timid, nervous teens shying away
from the limelight, the outwardly expressive theater enthusiasts, the fun-loving, competitive athletes, and more surprisingly, the rock stars. Yes
indeed, WHS is home to many hopeful adolescents yearning to make it in the world of legends
like ―The Rolling Stones‖ and ―Aerosmith,‖ or just hoping to make awesome music and have fun                       Photo courtesy of ―Planetary Gears‖
doing it.
         Two very impressive, budding bands whose members attend WHS are ―Planetary Gears‖
and ―Afterlife Crisis.‖ Both bands seem to have a firm grip on their musical stylings and goals;
however, they are in very different spots on their journeys to stardom.
         ―Planetary Gears‖ is just starting to find its footing in the world of high school bands.
Although they had been jamming for over four years, the band officially formed this past
Christmas when Jordan Russo and Jeff Artale received instruments as gifts. Eventually Miles
Garwood joined the two to play rhythm guitar. After going through a few different drummers, the
band finally found its match in Nick Scalise. Jordan, the band‘s bass player and vocalist, says that
―Nick is very creative and has the same goals as [the rest of the band].‖
         With an excellent drummer in tow, ―Planetary Gears‖ has been able to play a few
different venues in our small town. They have performed at talent shows, and also had their own
show at Jordan‘s house. Jeff, the lead guitar player, says that ―twenty five people showed up‖ to watch the ―Gears‖ play, but, as he explains with
much avidity, ― ‗Planetary Gears‘ needs fans!‖
         Jordan and Jeff describe their band as having ―...something for everyone to listen to‖. They write all of the music that they perform and
say they are influenced by almost everything. With enthusiasm in their eyes, the boys explain that ―all of [their] lyrics create a story line.‖ They
  Photo courtesy of ―Afterlife Cri- say that if you listen to their demo from beginning to end, you can hear the story behind the music.
  sis‖                                        The four boys hope to have their first demo out by the end of winter and a larger album out by summer,
                                     but in the mean time you can catch them live October 17th and find their music can be found on their MySpace:
                            The boys say that they ―...will have to go [their] separate ways
                                     eventually, but, for now, [they] want to have fun.‖
                                             ―Afterlife Crisis‖ is a second band attempting to rock the halls of Washingtonville High School. The
                                    band came together when Geoffrey Menda, guitar player and lead vocalist, decided it would be a good idea to
                                    form a band. He asked his friend Brian Manahan to play bass and Louis Silvestri to play drums. Their unique
                                    name came about after a session of mix-and -match with name ideas.
                                             The boys normally practice in Brian‘s garage and work hard to write their own songs. Geoffrey says that
                                    they are greatly influenced by bands such as ―Atreyu,‖ ―Bullet for My Valentine,‖ ―Mastodon,‖ ―Slipknot,‖ and
                                    the ―Red Hot Chili Peppers.‖ They say that they are on the verge of creating ―Psychedelic Metal‖ music.
                                             ―Afterlife Crisis‖ has had many gigs in our area. They played a show with ―Start At Capital‖, another
                                    awesome grouping of boys from WHS, and ―Planetary Gears.‖ In addition, they played on a local Port Jervis
                                    television show and at a benefit concert for Hunger Relief. They say that they were upstaged by a giant video of
Godzilla at the Benefit concert, but would like to assure everyone that they are far more entertaining than a gargantuan, green monster.
         Recently, the three boys were signed to a small, Indie record label in Newburgh. With their new label, Geoffrey says they will be able to
―book gigs and record.‖ So far, ―Afterlife Crisis‖ has recorded one song, ―Day of Black Sun.‖
         The three-man-band wants to keep playing their music after high school is over. Geoffrey says that everyone ―...should listen to
[―Afterlife Crisis‖], because [they‘re] awesome, and [they‘ll] rock your socks off.‖
         So, if you want those socks rocked off, remember to keep checking their MySpace ( for new songs
and information about upcoming gigs.
         It seems that Washingtonville is teeming with potential rock stars, just waiting to become the next Stephen Tyler or Jimi Hendrix. With
bands like ―Planetary Gears‖ and ―Afterlife Crisis,‖ the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had better make some room for some big, bad bands from
the ‗Ville.
     54 WEST—OCTOBER 2009
                                                                 NEWS                                                               P AGE

                          Washingtonville’s New Teachers                                  By Brittany Gallagher and Ali Crisci

         Washingtonville High School has made additions to their already wonderful fac-
ulty. There are quite a few new teachers to our school this year. We‘ve had the pleasure of
interviewing with a few of them to learn more about them and hear what they have to say
about their position as teachers.
         Ms. Seitz, one of the new staff members, teaches US history, Special Education,
and Skills at our school this year. She is new to the district, but not new to the area. Ms.
Seitz has previously taught in Wurtsboro, New York and Monroe. She went to college at
Oneonta, and always knew she wanted to go to school and become a teacher. She was in-
fluenced by her own teachers when she was in school and
chose to come to Washingtonville High School because
of its great reputation. Ms. Seitz was very creative when
she was a young girl, and loved kids even as a child her-
self. Growing up, she loved to role-play teaching and al-
ways had a fun imagination.
         We welcome Mrs. Cooper back to WHS! She has
previously worked in the Middle School, Little Britain,
and years ago worked as a BOCES teacher, as well as at                                                            Mrs. Kaste
this high school. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York
and after graduating high school she attended Hunter                                                               College. She majored in history and
communications while she was in school. Mrs. Cooper                                                                has always liked school; her favor-
ite part of school was the studying and research. She                                                              originally wanted to become a mu-
sic teacher, but instead she decided to teach ESL, or Eng-                                                         lish as a Second Language. She
likes that her subject allows her to meet kids from all                                                            over the world, and she loves that
                                                                Mrs. Cooper
she is always learning new things. She says the hardest                                      part about teaching is the paperwork. When asked why
she chose Washingtonville High School, Mrs. Cooper said Ms. Seitz not pictured               that Washingtonville chose her; she was hired from BO-
CES when she taught there. This year, she is a freshman                                      advisor and she is excited about her return to WHS.
         A new addition to the English department is Mrs. Kaste. She is a resident of Washingtonville and loves that she teaches in her own com-
munity. A graduate of Notre Dame, she originally went to school for publishing. Later on she studied philosophy, and then decided to become a
teacher. She taught at two other high schools: one in Dobbs Ferry, NY and another in Byram Hills, NY. To her, the best part of teaching is meet-
ing the students and making a difference, and that‘s why she teaches. Mrs. Kaste teaches English because she believes ideas and language are
powerful, and a great way to engage people. Her own teachers influenced her when she was in school by how much they made a difference in her
         It was a pleasure interviewing the new teachers of Washingtonville High School and we would like to give them all a very warm

                                       Best-Dressed Teachers                                                By: Jaclyn Palummo

             Mrs. Angelilo                                            Mr. Shepard                                           Mrs. Bac

      ―I think fashion is                                      ―I‘ve taken a serious                                ―Buy clothes, don‘t
      what makes you feel                                      plunge into match-                                  spend money on
      comfortable and what                                     ing my shoes‖                                       drugs and alcohol‖
      you feel good
      [wearing] ‖                            Mrs. Connollly                            Mr. Ferry

         ―I just want to look                                                                                      ―You have the future
         professional, and I                                                                                       Mrs. Ferry to thank
         wear heels because                                                                                        for making me look
         my husband‘s so tall                                                                                      good‖
         and I don‘t want to
         look like a shrimp‖

                                                                                                                                             P AGE 6

                                     September 11, 2001: We Will Never Forget
                                                                 By Gabriella Muñoz

         On September 11, 2001, lives were lost, heroes were made and hearts were broken. The events of that day scarred the collective Ameri-
can consciousness. The attack on the World Trade Center was intended to shatter our nation, to break down our resolve; but we didn‘t break, we
stood tall. During the first months the United States stayed United; the anger and grief surrounding us held us together. The patriotism of our
country proved them wrong. We showed them that we could survive.
         Telling a kid ―Mommy or Daddy is in heaven‖ is hard, but many had to
face the pain of saying just that. Those who died will never be forgotten. They live
on in the hearts of their families and the prayers of their fellow Americans. Fire-
fighters, policemen, pilots, stewardesses, secretaries, mothers, fathers, sisters,
brothers - your average Joe, took on the role of hero that day, whether they made it
out to tell their tale, or not.
         These events sometimes may feel surreal, but if you look at the lives of
others realism hits you hard. Mr. Rossi, our own Principal was affected by these
events. A relative of his wife worked at the World Trade Center. When Mr. Rossi
heard of the events he was gripped with feelings of uncertainty and fear of what
had happened. Luckily his wife‘s relative made it out safe, by sheer luck, but oth-
ers weren‘t so fortunate.
         Similarly, Stephanie, a sophomore, knew someone who worked at the
World Trade Center; her own mom. Although she was young at the time she knew
something was wrong. What was happening? Was her mother okay? These ques-
tions crossed her mind all day, but she soon learned that her mother was fine; she
had been called into a meeting in a different building that day. Stephanie went on
to say ―We were relieved to find our she was okay.‖ That meeting saved her life.
         Eight years later and the scars from that day are still present throughout
                                                        America. Those scars may
                       In Memory                        never go away, and though
                      Pain rips us up                   we have to move on it is our
                   And tears us down                    role as the next generation
            It‘s hard to go without a frown             to never forget. The story of
                     We think of you                    the heroes and those lost
                    And have to smile                   must be told; it is the story of
            Why couldn't you stay a while?              the strength of America and
                   We have to wonder                    the bravery and courage of
                    It makes us frown                   our loved ones.
                     Did we mess up                                                                                           Art by Kevon Mathelier
                Did we push you down?
                     We try not to cry
                But we still wonder why
             We never got to say goodbye
           We may not know why you went
                But we‘ll keep you close
          Your memory will never be spent
                  By Gabriella Muñoz

                         Fighting for Flags and Glory: Powder Puff Style
                                                                 By Shannon Chambers

         The senior girls huddled together on Washingtonville High School‘s football field on Friday, September 25, to settle the big Powder Puff
Football feud with the juniors once and for all.
                                                          All fifty members of the senior team were outraged when the final score was announced:
                                                 it was a tie. Emily Kerley argued, ―After that war we just fought, we don‘t even get a legitimate
                                                 score?‖ The disappointment radiated from the field as the seniors slumped off to tailgate. The
                                                 juniors weren‘t pleased with the score either; or the fact that two of their teammates (Riley Roy
                                                 and Maureen Luedke) were sent to the hospital as a result of the game‘s brutality. "The Powder
                                                 Puff game brought out everyone's competitive sides whether it was good or bad. In the end it was
                                                 for fun and we all had a good time," said junior Jennifer Prendergast after the game.
                                                 The first touchdown of the game was made by senior Jaclyn Palummo. This made the junior of-
                                                 fense even more rowdy as they stepped onto the field.
                                                          The game‘s intensity peaked when the juniors tied the score 6 to 6 with their first touch-
                                                 down. The seniors immediately rushed the field protesting the call, claiming the junior running
                                                 the ball had stepped out of bounds and had begun the play wearing only one flag. Once the sen-
                                                 iors recoiled to the sidelines the game continued.
Photo courtesy of Jaclyn Paulmmo               The seniors then counteracted that touchdown with one of their own; made by quarterback Jennie
Carelli. The seniors exploded with excitement as they took the lead.
         Another controversy arose once the juniors made their final touchdown. Madison Davis ran the ball to the end zone before the field was
rushed with angry seniors once again. They claimed that Davis lacked a flag at the start of the play.
The seniors now had their third and final possession. It was time to put up or shut up. The seniors plowed through the junior defense before they
were stopped at the ten yard line. Both teams took a knee because there were two injured players on the field; Matison Williams and Maureen
         The commotion settled and the teams lined up for another face-off. The referees approached the teams and stated that the game was over
because there was no more time to play and that the final score was a tie. Mrs. Angelillo stated, ―All the girls took the game very seriously. The
intensity level was overwhelming!‖ Mrs. Angelillo went on to say, ―In the end I was glad it was a tie.‖
All of the girls that participated were disappointed there wasn‘t a clear winner. Captain of the senior team, Kalea Fallon said, ―The build-up to
the game was almost as fun as the actual thing. I had so much fun on that field I wish the game never ended, or we at least got to finish it. Oh,
and go seniors class of 2010!‖ The seniors have agreed that they can't change the past and all they are asking the juniors is... rematch?
54 WEST—OCTOBER 2009                                                                                                                              P AGE

                                                               Amazing Travels                      By Casey Doyle

         This past summer I had the advantage of being able to travel to Europe. It was the opportunity of a           Photo by Casey Doyle
lifetime and turned out to be a wonderful experience. The ten-day excursion was made possible through EF
Tours and the efforts of Mr. Busch. Although EF Tours‘ trips are considered educational tours, they are not
funded or endorsed by Washingtonville High School or the District.
         After over a year of planning and organizing, several meetings, and weeks of packing the day of de-
                                                          parture finally arrived. Anticipation and excitement filled
                                                          the air as I boarded the redeye flight to Munich Germany
                                                          with about twenty other students and a number of adults.
                                                          Despite the over eight hour flight, jet lag, and complete
                                                          lack of sleep we hit the ground running. We met our de-
                                                          lightful tour guide Denise as we loaded our big, purple Travel Plan bus, which would be
                                                          trekking us all across Europe for the next ten days. We started with a walking tour of Mu-
                                                          nich, familiarizing ourselves with Marienplatz, the center of the city that we would all come
                                                          to love in our three day visit. While in Munich we climbed to the top of countless buildings
                                                          including the Frauenkirche, town hall, and several churches, getting a spectacular aerial
                                                          view of the entire city. We viewed the historic Glockenspiel, which went off three times a
                                                          day, with clocks chiming and figures dancing around the top of Town Hall. We also visited
                                                          the Hofbrauhaus, one of Germany‘s most famous beer halls for a traditional German dinner
                                                          and a show of music and dance. Perhaps one of the most memorable days of the trip was
                                                          our last day in Germany when we visited the concentration camp Dachau. The day was a
                                                          somber one, until the unexpected surprise of tickets to see Bruce Springsteen at Olympic
Photo by Casey Doyle
                                             Stadium brightened our spirits. This vast swing of emotions, shifting from great sadness at a concen-
tration camp to extreme excitement and hype at an awesome concert showed the spontaneity and diversity of the trip.
         Five days into the journey we made our way to Innsbruck Austria, stopping along the way at the astonishing Neuschwanstein Castle. As
we climbed up a hill to reach the castle we took in the breathtaking view of the Alps and the pure, crisp scent of mountain air. After touring the
fairytale castle we continued on our bus through the winding mountains and frightening goat trail roads,
taking in the sights which could have been the set of the Sound of Music. Arriving in Innsbruck that after-
noon, we took a tour of the charming city, including the famous Gold Roof and Swarovski Crystal Head-
quarters. As if the quaint buildings in the city weren‘t enough, Innsbruck is at the base of the Alps, giving
a dazzling view from every location in the city. The next day we sadly departed from Innsbruck, but our
next destination would be no disappointment. After a day of driving through the beautiful Italian moun-
tains and countryside we arrived in Jesolo, a town outside of Venice. We spent the rest of the day on the
beach, in the Adriatic Sea. The next day we took a ferry to Venice where we would take Gondola rides,
visit the Murano Glass Factory, Dodges Palace, and the Burano Lace factory, along with taking in the
sights of St. Marks Square and the intricate canal system of the city built on water. The next day we trans-
                                                                                                                                  Photo by Casey Doyle
ferred to Milan, stopping in Verona along the way. We saw a smaller version of the Coliseum and Casa Juliet, Shake-
speare‘s inspiration for Romeo and Juliette. We spent the following day of the trip touring the center of Milan. We took in the Milan‘s famous
theater, Teatro alla Scala and the fashionable shopping district Galleries Vittorio Emmanuele. We also visited the stunning Duomo, the second
                                             largest Roman Catholic Cathedral in the world. Made solely from marble it took over 500 years to
                                             craft! We were able to climb to the top of the Duomo, which allowed us a bird's eye view of Milan, as
                                             well as the opportunity to stand on top of and become a part of this extraordinary architectural master-
                                             piece. This wonderful trip was brought to an end with the group sharing some gelato in view of the
                                             Duomo on the last night of our voyage. As we left for the airport the next morning I couldn‘t help but
                                             feel sad that this amazing experience had come to an end but was of
                                             course extremely grateful for this remarkable opportunity.
                                                       Unfortunately the next trip for spring 2010, a cruise of Ath-
                                             ens and the Greek Isles is full, after filling up in just a few days. But
                                             no worries, the planning of the spring 2011 trip is already in motion.
                                             The plan is to fly to the Vatican in Rome, continue to Florence, then
                    Photo by Casey Doyle     the Italian Riviera, ending in the French Riviera. Of course all of the
                                             main tourist attractions including historic architecture and cultural
landmarks will be visited, along with the promise of memories and learning experiences that will last a lifetime.
         Mr. Busch has been traveling with students since the beginning of his teaching career and has been trav-
eling abroad for the last twelve years. He has visited a variety of places including Hawaii, Italy, Greece, Spain,
France, England, Ireland, Whales, Monaco, and Morocco, on top of this past summer‘s destinations. So why
does he choose to take on the responsibility of a few dozen young people, abroad, every single year? ―A lot of
people think I‘m crazy but I‘m giving teenagers an opportunity they wouldn‘t normally have.‖ Mr. Busch explains. He Photo by Casey Doyle
stresses the importance of understanding and being open to the cultures of other countries, and there is no better way to
                                                 do so but through travel. He further describes that these trips show that in this grand world ―there is
                                                 so much more than you and me.‖ Mr. Busch believes seeing students faces at Dachau, with the re-
                                                 alization that this actually happened, or on top of the Duomo, taking in and appreciating the detailed
                                                 work that meant so much to someone so many centuries previous is worth it; it‘s worth all of the
                                                 effort and possible stress and planning, and any missteps along the way because at that moment in
                                                 time we all just get it.                                     Traveling the world is an experience eve-
                                                 ryone should be able to have. Through EF tours and Mr. Busch‘s guidance this possibility is being
                                                 brought to you, the student. Compared to traveling on your own, EF Tours is extremely affordable.
                                                 It also ensures a student‘s safety while traveling abroad, with a large group and numerous chaper-
                                                 ones. It‘s a great way to safely and inexpensively explore the world with your friends, family, and
                                                 teachers. Seize this amazing opportunity to travel, I guarantee it will be one of the best experiences
Photo by Casey Doyle                             of your life.

                                                                                                                                             P AGE 8

                 Fashion Week 2010    st
                                                      By V
                 Sixth Avenue and 41 Street at Bryant Park—It‘s the feeling of subways swerving beneath your feet, the aroma of nuts sold by
                 the nearby corner, the constant movement, commotion, excitement!
                 If you‘re thinking New York City, your mind is in the right
                         About two weeks ago one of the biggest events took
place at Bryant Park in New York City. The Mercedes Benz fashion week was a
hit this season with designers from Marc Jacobs, to Ralph Lauren, to Diane von
Furstenburg. It is the most prestigious fashion show in the United States and
anybody who‘s anybody makes it to these shows. So who was there? What were
the most memorable pieces? Which designer made the biggest statement? And
most of all, what were the celebs wearing?
Well, read on.

         Ralph Lauren‘s Spring 2010 collection consisted of various shades of                                            
blues, whites, and silvers. Ralph wanted to emulate the image of ―hard times‖ and went with a lot of loose denim and cotton
dresses stressing comfort in an elegant way. Designer Donna Karan went completely opposite and pulled through more col-
orful, vibrant pieces. Skimming through all of the designers and their fashions I constantly came across a particular piece of clothing.
The ―Boyfriend‖ fit pants.
Whether it be suede, silk, denim, or cotton most of the pants from all of the known designers were tapered at the ankle.
         Big time appearances were made by Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, Russel Simmons, Corbin Bleu, and Janet Jackson. The Hills star
                             (LC) came through looking simple and sweet with a mature soft green dress that came just above the knee. The all
                             American Fave, Taylor Swift showed up in a red satin dress, her gold locks hanging a little below her chin as she
                             smiled sweetly for the camera. The title for the most interesting outfit I would have to give to Solange Knowles. After
                             boldly shaving her head, she decided to take her look a step further by wearing a black blazer with ropes draped and
                             attached to it. She paired this daring piece with some black tights and black pumps. Solange sat front row at the
                             BCBG Max Azira show next to Amanda Bynes.
                                      Finally, ―Mercedes Benz Presents‖ went to a designer named Narciso Rodriguez, the most recognized de-
                             signer this year. Known for his quality materials, exclusive style, and modern clothing, he
                             was inspired this year by three dimensional and graphic shapes.
                                      So here you have it—the celebrities, the designers, and of course the clothing. We
                             can definitely anticipate a lot of the fashions in this show slowly coming into the primary
                             stores we shop at today. The fashions on the runway subconsciously inspire the clothes pro-
                             vided in the typical malls and shops. Being the adolescents we are, we‘re always striving to
                             look a certain way and keep up with what our peers or idols have. Like history—fashion
                             repeats itself.                                                                                                          

 Sade’s: Take on…MUSIC                                                                 I love music. Music is a unique way of ex-
                                                                              pression. It helps us find who we are.
                   By Sade McKenzie                                                     Music is poetry. It sheds a light on our true
                                                                              feelings at the end of the tunnel. Music is medicine. It
                                                                              helps cure us when we are in pain.
                                                                                       Music is food. It nourishes our brains and
                                                                              hearts with its tunes and tones.
                                                                                       Music is school. It introduces us to different
                                                                              topics of genres. Music is love. It gives us a feeling of
                                                                              security and offers us a sense of companionship.
                                                                                       Music is life. I decided to conduct an informal
                                                                              survey to see people‘s different taste in music. Here
                                                                              are the top ten songs:

                                                                     1.     ―Successful‖
                                                                     2.     ―Party in the U.S.A‖
                                                                            Miley Cyrus
                                                                     3.     ―You Belong With Me‖
                                                                            Taylor Swift
                                                                     4.     ―One Time‖
                                                                            Justin Bieber
                                                                     5.     ―Run This Town‖
                                                                            Jay-z , Kanye West, Rhianna
                                                                     6.     ―303‖
                                                                     7.     ―The One‖
                                                                            Mary J Blige, Drake
                                                                     8.     ―What You Say‖
                                                                            Jason Derula
                                                                     9.     ―Obsessed‖
                                                                            Mariah Carey
                                             10.    ―Dollhouse‖
                                                                            Priscilla Renea
54 WEST—OCTOBER 2009                                                                                                                                P AGE

                                                        District 9          By Andrew Lightbody
            Producer Peter Jackson, the man behind the Lord of the Ring‘s series, takes rookie director and writer Neill Blomkamp to deliver a sci-fi
summer blockbuster. It is safe to say that District 9 isn‘t your traditional sci-fi where you see humans fighting off aliens in a generic fashion, in-
stead it‘s a fantastic story-line that catches your interest from the beginning.
            The story starts off when an alien space-craft breaks down in South African airspace. After much debate,
the humans launch a mission to make contact with the craft. Upon entry, they discover over a million malnour-
ished aliens. Immediately humanitarian groups evacuate the aliens to earth and set up camp to take care of them.
However as time goes on, the camp soon turns into a shanty town, and the inhabitants are forced to stay by the
humans. Citizens of Johannesburg grow restless, as the aliens or their derogatory term ―prawns‖ start to spur
small rebellions. The government then hatches a plan to relocate them father away from civilization into a new
facility District 10. The protagonist Wikus played by Sharlto Copley who works for the private company execut- Photo Courtesy of Trilogy Entertainment
                                                                                                                            District 9/Google Images
                                        ing the evictions, is put in charge of the task force.
                                                 Wikus is rather dorky and clueless as he goes around informing the
                                        prawns of their eviction and new facility. During this he gets caught in a freak accident and is exposed to alien
                                        fluid which slowly starts to mutate his body. Wikius now finds himself on the opposite side of the spectrum as
                                        he realizes the wrong is being done to the prawns. After encountering a intelligent prawn by the name of
                                        Christopher Johnson, they hatch a plan to save the prawn‘s.
                                                 The movie itself is well acted, Copley isn‘t exactly a renowned actor however he delivers a very com-
                                        pelling performance, the CGI and special effects are well done bringing the aliens and some futuristic weap-
                                        onry to life. The story has some symbolism; the aliens can be compared to the apartheid that existed in South
                                        Africa. Blomkamp who is a South African native, recounted many events of his childhood and implemented
                                        them into the story of the prawns, making this sci-fi not generic at all. There are some fast paced action scenes
                                        along with some dramatic ones, leaving you yearning to see what happens next. This movie is rated R, and be
                                        warned that District 9 is not for the feint of heart. There are several scenes that will make you want to quiver
                                        in your seat.
Photo Courtesy of Trilogy Entertainment
District 9/Google Images                All in all, District 9 delivered a compelling story and lived up to its summer blockbuster hype.

                                          Why are you such a jerk in the hallway?
                                              An opinionated piece by Lauren Knowles
                 As the clock ticks slowly towards passing time most students wait in anticipation for the bell to ring; for
        those 4 minutes of freedom between classes. Is it really freedom? Is freedom waiting impatiently for those kids
        who have to swallow their girlfriend‘s faces for the world to see, while simultaneously blocking the hallway?
        Really people, there are halls and there are private places. I understand you might not get to see your significant
        other for another 80 minutes, but why prevent everyone else from getting where they need to be. Face it, the         Google Images
        hallway is a jungle; a jungle full of screaming, howling, jumping, dancing monkeys, clapping to the same
        rhythm and doing the newest ―dance‖ by Soulja Boy. There is a time and place for everything people. Just because you care about each
        other doesn‘t mean that you have to create a roadblock, or shall I say ―hall block‖. It‘s rude not to exchange pleasantries with your ac-
        quaintances, but stopping for a 30 second chat at the expense of other people who have to be somewhere seems just a tad bit impolite. In
        certain Asian countries greetings are exchanged by bowing, but here in America a wave, or a high-five is quite an appropriate substitu-
        tion for a quick hello. Students of WHS, we need a change, and I have faith that by working together we can all improve our hallway
        eti-         quette.

                                                  By Dylan Berg

        ―A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.‖
                  ~Dwight Eisenhower
         School is back in session and stupidity is at an all-time high. It‘s becoming more and more apparent
that American is a depraved sideshow attraction with broadcasters as the bearded ladies, rappers as pin-headed
midgets (and I mean the deformity not the 1940s insult or the Spongebob reference) and Congressmen as the
one-eyed, flying, muscle bound men. These are strange times filled with bad craziness.
         In America we have a 1st Amendment right that allows us freedom of speech which I fully support in Google Images
nearly all cases except one: when the person talking is entirely wrong. Might I prompt these coming state-
ments with the fact that I do not pledge allegiance to either the Democratic or Republican parties, because I am too left-wing for either of them,
but I do support the President, for the most part. During President Obama‘s healthcare speech to the House, Congressman Joe Wilson of South
Carolina‘s 2nd District yelled ―YOU LIE!‖ after the President stated that no money in the bill would be allocated for illegal aliens. Now, I don‘t
mind someone screaming at the president or any leader for that matter. In fact, I was present at the large protest against George W. Bush and I
yelled at the president and all the neo-conservatism he stood for, but I am not a Congressman and I also never protest something without legiti-
mate factual information to back up my claims. Joe ―You Lie!‖ Wilson on the other hand did not. H.R. 3200, Sec. 246 clearly states: ―No fed-
eral payment for undocumented aliens.” Mr. Wilson, I completely support your freedom of speech, but the next time you so brashly express
yourself, at least be correct
         Along this vein we can also track Glenn Beck, conservative social commentator. Glenn Beck claimed that Rockefeller Center is filled
with socialist, communist and fascist symbolism and propaganda. Mr. Beck, socialism, communism, and fascism are all mutually exclusive of
each other. In fact, fascism is authoritarianism (an all-seeing, all-powerful government) whereas socialism and communism are supposed to be
mutually controlled anarchy (no government at all). This is besides the fact that Rockefeller Center was built by the family of John D. Rockefel-
ler, one of the champions of American capitalism. John D. Rockefeller is often regarded as the richest man in history with over $318.3 billion,
which he gained mainly from his Standard Oil Monopoly. So your ridiculous, paranoid, zealous rants, Mr. Beck are wrong.
         Finally we reach Kanye West. Regardless of whether Taylor Swift‘s or Beyonce‘s video was better (even though I definitely like Be-
yonce better than that pop-country, phony Taylor Swift), his interruption was based entirely on his own opinion. Opinions of this nature are not
based on fact and therefore are not valid reasons to interrupt live television. Mr. West, if you have a survey in your hand proving that more
Americans believed Beyonce‘s video was better, then you would have been basically a voice of the people. But, all you were armed with was a
microphone (that you snatched), an ego that could crush an M1 Abrams Tanks, and hair that reminds me of crop circles. Since there was no way
to determine who was right, the voting board of Kanye West, it comes down to the fact that people need to learn when to speak and be heard the
right way. Mr. West, protest something that can make an impact, don‘t interrupt an awards show that really doesn‘t matter.

                                                                                                                        Cont. page 12
  54 WEST—OCTOBER 2009
                                                                  Sports                                                                   P AGE 10

                                             Football Players Keep Fighting

                                                            By Nick Markgjonaj, and Abbie Angelillo

                                                                                                                      Photo by Scott Cornell

                                            The Washingtonville Wizards traveled to Pine Bush Friday, September 11, 2009, to put up a fight
                                            against the Pine Bush Bushmen. Both teams lost their opening game for the season and were hungry for
                                            a win. Unfortunately, the Bushmen pulled away winning the game 35-0.
                                                     In the first quarter the Wizards held their own keeping the game at 0-0. Adam Diccio inter-
                                            cepted the ball for the Wizards. Then the Wizards gave it back on the next play. The Wizards defense
                                            held off the Bushmen the whole first quarter. Pine Bush attacked in the second quarter running 75
                                            yards, scoring 28 points. At half-time the game was left at 28-0. As the rain picked up and the third
                                            quarter began, the Bushmen ran another 37 yards touchdown leaving the game at 35-0. Adam Diccio
                                            gave the Wizards another boost in the third quarter with his second interception of the night. Even
                                            though the Wizards were losing the battle for the win, the
                                            fans never stopped encouraging the team. Even on the Photo by Jaclyn Paulmmo
                                            rainiest of Friday nights, the stands were filled with par-
                                            ents, students and friends cheering on their own Washing-
                                            tonville Wizards.
                                            The Wizards traveled to Minisink Thursday, September
              Photo by Scott Cornell
                                            17, 2009 to take on the Minisink Valley Warriors for their
                                            third game of the season. After another Wizards defeat
                                            Shane Nolan reflects, ―Unfortunate mistakes at the wrong
         The first quarter was quiet. Both teams came away scoreless after fifteen minutes of play.
The scoring began in the second quarter with Minisink scoring two touchdowns. Good effort by the
Wizards special team forced Minisink to convert only one extra point. The first half ended
putting the Warriors ahead 13-0. Hard hitting, timely blocking, and the will to fight kept
the Wizards‘ mind in the game.                                                                          JV Tennis Rising Stars
         The second half started as the Wizards charged out of the locker room ready for a                            By Lauren Knowles
fight resulting with no scoring for either team in the third quarter. Spencer Jackson‘s speed                            Though this season has
and agility led the Wizards‘ offense with two 20 plus yard runs. The fourth quarter opened                               been a tough one for the
up with key first downs by the Wizards. Shane Nolan barreled into the end zone for his                                   JV Tennis team, they took
first touchdown of the season. This got the Wizards fired up and hungry for more in the                                  a victory over Minisink
                                                fourth quarter. Unfortunately, Minisink scored                           Valley on September 23rd.
Photo by Jaclyn Paulmmo                         a costly touchdown that would make the game                              This brought their record
                                                unreachable for the Wizards.                                             to 3w-5L.
                                                The wizards were hoping they would gain                                           Second     singles
                                                their first win of the season, at their home-                            were plated by Sophia
                                                coming game on Friday, September 25th.                                   Warren, who holds the
                                                However, the sawyers pulled away winning best personal record of 5w – 2L. Her match lasted
                                                the game 17-0. Even though the Wizards lost longer than average because of a tie-breaker round,
                                                their battle to the Sawyers, the bleachers were in which she was victorious. Mary Burbridge, who
                                                packed with fans supporting their team. Eve- generally plays first singles, holds the second best
                                                ryone stayed until the end hoping the wizards personal record of 4w-3L. She also won her match
                                                would pull through in the end to win the against Minisink.
                                                game.                                                   Katherine Nishimoto and Samantha King,
         Prior to the game, Washingtonville held a tailgate party inviting students, teachers 3rd and 4th singles, also had wins over Minisink Val-
and alumni bringing the town together. All the fans were eager to watch to game looking ley. Colleen Bancroft and Ketty Sierra, who play 1st
forward to a possible win. The football game opened up with the National Anthem sung by doubles, had a win along with 2nd doubles team-
the Washingtonville High School Chamber Singers.                                                 mates, Amanda Maldonado and Jessica Pearson.
         The Washingtonville Wizards ventured to Warwick, Saturday October 3, 2009 but Amanda Berg and Mariah McCormick, 3rd doubles
unfortunately lost to the Warwick Valley Wildcats. The score was 54-0. Now the Washing- partners, had a great match.
tonville Wizards record stands 0-4.                                                                     Although Coach Hall is very modest about
         The Washingtonville Wizards hosted the NFA Goldbacks for a Saturday afternoon his coaching, the JV girls‘ tennis team sure is mak-
football game. The Wizards came up short losing the game 34-0 bringing their record to 0- ing a comeback.
6 for this season.
         Looking for their first win of the season, the Wizards welcome Roosevelt to Wash-
ingtonville for a Friday afternoon game.
                                                           Sports                                                                                     P AGE

      Wizards Cross Country; They Run This
                                                                                                                          Photo by Jaclyn Palummo
                                             By Emily Kerley
         The success of the Cross Country team shows in their astonishing races this season.
With success all around at their first meet, The Wizard Invitational, our runners had smiles all
around. Jeremy White led the FROSH race with a 7:30.6, and bringing the freshman team to
victory, scoring only 22 points. Wizard freshman boys took 4 of the 5 top places. Martin Hehir
finished 1st in the Boys Varsity Race to become the 3rd Wizard ever to run the course in under
16 minutes, setting a new junior record of 15:52.2 by 6 seconds. Martin led the varsity team to
2nd place. Lauren Hehir, a sophomore, placed 3rd to two Arlington runners, with a new personal
                                                    record for the Wizard Invitational of 18:57.7.
                                                    The Top 7 girls finished strong earning a 3rd
                                                    place title for the team. JV Boys placed 4th, led by Nick Johnson with 13:21, for the 2.2 mile
                                                    course. Will Johnson make his way up to the Varsity top 7? Only hard work and desire will
                                                    show his true potential. Raheema Robinson led the JV girls on the 2.2 mile course in 15:54.3 for
                                                    a new JV Course record. JV girls captured 3rd place with a total of 81 points.
                                                             At the Big Red Somers Invitational, Wizards continued to capture individual titles. Mar-
                                                    tin won his 2nd invitational in a row with a 16:16.9 helping the Varsity Boys take 2nd place. Jer-
                                                    emy White also took his 2nd invitational title right from the start running an 8:04 freshman race.
                                                    Freshman Ciara Christian did a great job for her first cross country race ever, taking 14th place,
                                                    and running a 11:51.5 in the freshman race. Melissa Abate was right behind her running 11:53.7
                                                    placing 16th. Out of twelve teams, Wizard Girls took 2nd place in the varsity race. Lauren Hehir
                   Photo by Jaclyn Palummo          took third again to the infamous Arlington pair, running 20:01.9 for the 3.1 mile race.
                                                             At the Valley Central Duel meet, Wizard boys defended their undefeated record bringing
it to 8-0. The top 5 running as a pack went through the mile at 5:30 and the 2 mile at 11:27. Vinny Di Salvo, returning to the trails after an injury,
and Eddie Moloney tied for first at 16:17 with Martin close behind at 16:18. The girls finished with a record of 6-2, defeating Burke and Goshen,
but losing 5 individual, close battles with Valley Central‘s top 5 runners.
                   At the North Rockland Invite, Varsity boys went home with the champion title. Martin Hehir won his 3rd straight individual invi-
tational running 17:00.12, a personal best time by over 7 seconds. Vinny Di Salvo set a new personal best of 17:06, taking 2 nd place, a success
for this first invitational of the season. The Varsity girls placed second against North Rockland who won with only 27 points to our 2nd place 54
points. Lauren Hehir easily won her first invitational improving her personal best of 19:49 to 19:46. The JV boys placed 2 nd to North Rockland
with a score of 15-69. The JV boy‘s team was led by Steve Pungello who ran 19:05 placed 8th, taking over 3 minutes of his PR of 22:24 from
last year. The JV girl‘s team placed 2nd led by the 3rd place finisher Monica Prager. She ran 23:05 putting her time at a 4th best for Washington-
ville at Anthony Wayne park. The Wizards left the bus mentally preparing themselves for the duel meet against their rivals Warwick the follow-
ing Tuesday.
         Wizards boys and girls ran a challenging race on their own course Tuesday, September 22nd, against Warwick. Coming into the race
they knew it would be a tight run; both schools had a chance to win. Last year the girls succeeded in taking the Conference Champion title over
Warwick, and boys taking the Counties Champion title. They knew each race would be a fight until the finish because Warwick and Washington-
ville had a shot at winning. With the results in, Martin Hehir set a new course record, despite the dreadful Woodchuck, beating the previous re-
cord by 7 seconds, with a 15:30.7. Vinny Di Salvo took 4th place, Eddie Moloney took 7th, Nick Morais 9th, and Jeremy White 16th. The wizard
boys defeated Seward with a shattering 15-50, but unfortunately Hehir‘s record wasn‘t enough to capture the victory over Warwick, losing 24-
34. With this latest meet the boys are at a record of 10-1. Lauren Hehir led the girls race against Warwick taking 1st place to Warwick‘s top 2 run-
ners with a 18:45.9 race. However Warwick‘s top 5 girls were in before Washingtonville‘s 2nd runner, Kerry Connors, bringing Warwick to a 20-
40 triumph. .
         On October 13, the Wizard boys defeated Warwick. Unfortunately, the girls let up another win to rival Warwick. Wizard girls now sit
with a 7-4 record, but past defeats won‘t hinder the rest of the season, they will only push the girls to work harder

                                                                                                     A Kicking Start
                                                                                                      By Joey Hass and Jackie Kiernan
                                                                                         On Tuesday September 22nd, the Wizards girls‘ soccer team took
                                                                              on their biggest rivals: The Warwick Wildcats. Both teams were undefeated
                                                                              going into the game.
                                                                                         Last year, when the Wildcats and Wizards faced each other,
                                                                              Washingtonville lost to Warwick 3-0 and 1-0. But, when it came to the Sec-
                                                                              tion 9 finals, the Wizards pulled it off and won the
                                                                              Section 3-2.
                                                                                         The 2009 season started off with a bang as coach of the year, Mr.
                                                                              Shepard (Shep), continued performing his magic. The girls won their first
                                                                              six games, but they knew the Warwick game was close at hand. Everybody
                                                                              knew that Warwick wanted revenge after the section championship game.
                                                                                         On that Tuesday, adrenaline filled the air as the Wildcats and Wiz-
                                                                              ards took the field. Anticipation grew stronger throughout the first half,
Photos by Jaclyn                                                              with few chances on the net for both teams with the game in the midfield.
Palummo                                                                       Once the second half started, Wizards and Wildcats fans were sitting on the
                                                                              edge of their seats. Then, with only eight minutes left in the game, Jenna
                                                                              Maisto scored for Warwick. When the final whistle blew, Wizards and fans
                                                                              alike felt the agony of defeat.
                                                                                         Since that loss, Washingtonville has continued to work towards
“...adrenaline                                                                earning a section seed. Although, the Wizards lost to Minisink a few days
filled the air as                                                             later, they went on to beat Middletown, 7-0. They also won against Pine
                                                                              Bush 7-1.
the Wildcats                                                                             On Friday October 16th, it will be the Wizards‘ turn to seek re-
and Wizards                                                                   venge as they travel to Warwick to face the Wildcats once again. These two
took the field.”                                                              teams will likely see each other at the section championship in Middletown
                                                                              later this year.
                                  The Back Page
  54 WEST—OCTOBER 2009                                                                                                                              Page 12

    Happenings and Accolades                                                           Welcome Back, Wizards!
                                                                            Print this page, the first person to bring
                                     By Kaitlin Blumberg                    this puzzle to Mrs. Thirsk in Room 241 will
                                        Happenings                          get a special prize!
                             It‘s October. The leaves are falling,
                             the air is suddenly crisp, and zom-
                             bies are going to take over the
                             world on the 31st. Ha! Just kidding.
                             But, seriously, with Halloween
                             creeping around the corner, there
                             are a ton of really cool, creepy,
                             events going on around town.
The first of these is Delightfully Demented Productions‘ Sin-
ister Cellars. Beginning October 16th, the cellars of Brother-
hood Winery will once again be haunted by actors and ac-
tresses dressed up as ghouls and crazy killers. The costumes
and make up make the production eerie and incredibly awe-
some. Sinister Cellars will be at the Winery on the 16th, 17th,
23rd, and 24th, from 7 till 11 on Fridays and from 6 till mid-
night on Saturdays. For more info, visit
          Up next on your list of scary things to do should be
the All Night Party Murder Mystery Dinner on October 29th,
at 6:30 PM. Come and enjoy a sit down dinner, served to you
by volunteers from the fabulous class of 2010. For a twenty
dollar donation, you will get: delicious food, awesome enter-
tainment, and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped the
seniors raise money for their drug and alcohol free All Night
                                                                       Down                                    Across
          Once you‘re done screaming your brains out, you can
                                                                       1. Everyone's favorite period of        2. I'm what all of the seniors are
go see Masque and Mime‘s production of David Copperfield.                 the day!                                looking forward to
The play takes place in England during the mid 1800s, and is           3. I'm the sound of freedom.            4. I hold your books.
fully equipped with British accents, horrific stepfathers,             6. I'm waiting for you after            5. Shhh! Be quiet when you're
thieves, dancing, and a beacon of hope. The production will               school.                                 here!
take place on October 23rd and 24th at 7 PM in the High                7. The people you've been               13. My classrooms are on the
School Auditorium.                                                        waiting to see all summer!                third floor.
          October seems to be a month packed with great ac-            8. We're finally upperclassmen!         14. Make sure you warm up
                                                                       9. I was the first big school event          before you do anything in
tivities. So, grab your pirate, ghost, and witch costumes, and            this year.                                here.
get ready to have a screaming good time.                               10. Thirty days has                     15. We're not the youngest
                                                                            ____________, April, June,              anymore!
Washingtonville Central School District is the recipient of the 2009
Section 9 Sportsmanship Award. The award is in honor of our
                                                                                                               54 W EST STAFF
students, coaches, parents, faculty and staff who have all demon-
strated exemplary sportsmanlike behavior during the 2008-2009
                                                                                                             Editor in Chief: Casey Doyle
school year. Congratulations to our Athletic Department!

          Rachel Hartford, a 2009 graduate, received a scholarship                        Executive Editors/ Business Managers: Brittney Singletary
for an article that she wrote about the Human Rights Assembly that                                            and Kait Blumberg
was held at our high school on December 11 th, 2008. Her article
was published in the Orange County Post last year.                                            News Editors: Brittany Gallacher and Kaitlyn Pappas

SEPTEMBER: A MONTH OF RUBES, MORONS AND                                                             Opinion/ Entertainment Editor: Dylan Berg
Continued from page 7                                                                                        Sports Editor: Kait Blumberg

                                                                                       Staff Writers: Brittney Singletary, Casey Doyle, Jaclyn
                                       During a time when people brandish as-        Palummo, Katie Glynn, Kaitie Pappas, Kimberly Santiago,
                                       sault rifles at political gatherings, bigotry  Kait Blumberg, Brittany Gallacher, Ali Cri sci, Gabrielle
                                       is on the rise, the economy is going down- Muñoz , Vashni Balleste, Sade, Lauren Knowles, Dylan
                                       hill, people are losing jobs, two wars are                           Berg, Erika Folkl
                                       going on, people‘s civil rights are being
                                       stepped on for reasons that haven‘t been       Guest Writers: Jenna Fitzgerald, Shannon Chambers,
                                       updated for the past few thousand years,
                                                                                       Andrew Lightbody, Nick Markgjonaj, Abbie Angelillo,
                                       and people actually believe that not every
                                                                                             Emily Kerley, Joey Hass , Jackie Kiernan
                                       person in this country and in this world
Google Images                          are entitled to sustain their lives, we need
                           to learn when wrongness cannot be accepted.                       Executive Layout Editor: Jacyln Palummo
         The month of September and the summer as well should be a wake up               Layout Staff: Katie Glynn Kaitlyn Pappas, Brittany
call to America, but I‘m not sure it was. Things are looking grim when such                                    Singletary
lunacy actually gains trac-
tion in an entire country,                                                              Photographers: Scott Cornell, Mica Sandler, Jaclyn
and it‘s made me wonder:                                                                                       Palummo
how much longer can we
                                “Common sense is not so common”
sustain being a country                                     -Voltaire                        Artists: Kevon Mathelier, Kalina Winters
always in the wrong, filled
to the brim with rubes, morons, and interruptions on both sides of the political
and cultural spectrum?                                                                      Thanks to the Journalism class for their input
                                                                                                         Adviser: Mrs. Thirsk
                                                                                                          Principal: Mr. Rossi

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