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Vol. 37 - No. 4 - Feb. 25, 2010                                         haas^i>sa “Interesting News”
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                                                   Once in a                            Overlap wrinkles
                                                   Edward Ross from the Tseshaht
                                                 First Nation was chosen from hun-
                                                                                        to be ironed out
                                                 dreds of applicants from across                                                     those Nuu-chah-nulth nations that hadn’t
                                                 Canada to attend the Vancouver         By Debora Steel                              settled their boundaries excluded from
                                                 2010 Indigenous Youth Gathering.       Ha-Shilth-Sa Reporter                        the case. Justice Nicole Garson put
                                                   The 29-year-old Tseshaht resi-                                                    them into a second phase due to their
                                                 dent left for Vancouver on Jan. 30                                                  overlapping aboriginal title claims. It’s
                                                 to take part in the event, which       Tseshaht—It’s going to be a challenge,       unclear how this phase will proceed, but
                                                 runs until Feb. 14. It was hosted by   admits Chief Councillor Les Sam, but he Sam said the time is now to knuckle
                                                 the Four Host First Nations and the    and the Tseshaht Council are committed       down and prepare for it.
                                                 Vancouver Organizing Committee         to finding a resolution to                                        The decision in the
                                                 for the 2010 Olympic and               their territory overlap                                        fishing rights litigation
                                                 Paralympic Winter Games.               issues with Hupacasath.                                        was announced on Nov.
                                                   The event brought together more         The good news here is                                       3, 2009. Only five of the
                                                 than 300 First Nations, Inuit and      that Hupacasath is equal-                                      Nuu-chah-nulth nations
                                                 Metis youth between the ages of 19     ly committed to finding                                        that began the case
                                                 and 29 from across the country.        a way to put the bound-                                        remained until the end.
                                                 They participated and performed in     ary issues behind them.                                        Ahousaht, Ehattesaht,
                                                 various cultural activities at the        Chief Councillor                                            Hesquiaht,
                                                 Games.                                 Shaunee Casavant met                                           Mowachaht/Muchalaht
                                                   “I am very humbled and proud to      with Ha-Shilth-Sa and                                          and Tla-o-qui-aht had
                                                 be chosen to participate in an event   Chief Councillor Sam on                                        their right to fish and
Ed Ross prepares for his performance at                                                 Feb. 17. She said the                                          sell fish—any species—
                                                 of this magnitude,” Ross said
the 2010 Olympic Games.                                                                 two nations are up to the                                      into the commercial
                                                 before he left for Vancouver.
  The event focused on healthy living, sport, leadership, sustainability and the        challenge and ready to                                         marketplace affirmed.
Olympic Truce. There was also a variety of guest speakers, including Olympians          move forward toward a                                           The other nations either
and Paralympians, aboriginal athletes and other role models.                            future where boundary          Tseshaht Chief Councillor        went to phase two
  Ross, son of Darrell and Lena Ross, spent a lot of time at BC Place preparing to      disputes no longer                      Les Sam                 because of overlap, or
welcome athletes and spectators from                                                    impede them. She said overlap has            were compelled to drop out of the case
around the world to British Columbia.                                                   caused animosity among family members because a treaty agreement had been
He also attended a reception with the                                                   and friends.                                 finalized.
Governor General of Canada (2010                                                           Sam says too many opportunities have         Boundary disputes are the construct of
Olympic Truce Youth Dialogue:                                                           been lost because of overlap.                the Canadian government, Casavant and
Promoting Mutual Understanding),                                                           Both leaders are calling on community Sam said. Hupacasath and Tseshaht had
Nike N7 Launch, met with First                                                          members to step up and speak up about        their own ways of living and sharing
Nations Olympic medalists and First                                                     how the process for resolution should        before the treaty process made them
Nations leaders, and he toured many of                                                  unfold.                                      draw a line through the rivers and
the Olympic facilities.                                                                    Resolving the issues will only            streams that run through the territory
Ross showed his Nuu-chah-nulth pride Ed Ross met Olympic athletes, includ-              strengthen the nations, said Sam, who        and put a line around land for money.
as he danced for an hour and a half in   ing Billy Mills, the second Native             added that communities would have to            “There was no issue until the treaty
front of audience of 65,000 and three    American to ever win an Olympic gold           be creative around contentious issues;       process,” he said.
billion TV viewers worldwide at the      medal. His win came in the 10,000              reminding people that Nuu-chah-nulth            Then Canada was successful in bring-
opening ceremonies on Feb. 12.           meter run in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.          did have their own mechanisms for deal- ing that boundary issue into the mix for
                                                                                        ing with sharing territory and resolving     the fishing litigation.
                                                                                        boundary disputes.                              Sam said it was disheartening to be
                                                                                           Sam expects that each nation will dis-    formally excluded from the decision
                                                                                        cuss the process at their next community     because of it.
                                                                                        meeting and then come together to feast         The hereditary chiefs of the five
                                                                                        and have a forum about the reasons why       nations that were allowed to go forward
                                                                                        the issues must be dealt with. They          at trial made a declaration on Jan. 22
                                                                                        expect the process to be difficult, but      that said all Nuu-chah-nulth nations
                                                                                        respectful, inclusive and done in a way      would benefit from the fishing rights
                                                                                        that makes sense culturally.                 win.
                                                                                           There are two goals, said Casavant: 1.       The excluded nations have been invit-
                                                                                        Improve and maintain good relations          ed to the negotiation table to discuss
                                                                                        among the nations; 2. Meet the needs of      how the group will implement their right
                                                                                        the court in preparation for Phase Two of to Nuu-chah-nulth commercial fisheries.
                                                                                        the Nuu-chah-nulth fishing rights case.      A negotiation team has been established.
                                                                                           Sam has his eye on Phase Two. As the      The first meeting of the team was held
As part of the opening ceremonies, Aboriginal groups danced around four wel-
                                                                                        initial trial moved forward in BC            Feb. 17.
come figures that rose from floor in the most spectacular pole raising event
                                                                                        Supreme Court, Canada pushed to have
ever in the world. Three billion television viewers tuned in.

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Social Issues Forum coverage...........................Pages 4 to 7
Community and Beyond...........................................Page 11
Ucluelet Warriors place second in zones................Page 13
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                                             Walking for those who are lost
                                                                                           under whatever circumstances, it’s unac-       healthy.”
   Web page: www.nuuchahnulth.org            By Debora Steel                               ceptable for this country of theirs to just       He said what’s missing currently is the
                                             Ha-Shilth-Sa Reporter                         not care. It’s not right. Every opportunity    regular and constant teachings about
                                                                                           I get to raise the issue, I want to be there   respecting oneself and others. That com-
   2010 Subscription rates:                                                                on behalf of all Nuu-chah-nulth people.        mon foundation of regular teaching of
 $35.00 per year in Canada and $40 per       Victoria—Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal                We’re talking about the core of humani-        values and behaviors was dismantled
 year in the U.S.A. and $45 per year in      Council President Cliff Atleo lent his        ty.”                                           through the residential school experience
    foreign countries. Payable to the        support once again to the annual Stolen          He said that Assembly of Nations            and now has to be re-assembled.
     Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council.                                                        National Chief Shawn Atleo raised the             “We need to re-educate our people
                                             Sister Memorial March held in Victoria
                                             on Feb. 14.                                   subject with Prime Minister Stephen            about very basic fundamental things.”
       Manager/Editor/Reporter                                                             Harper when they met in Copenhagen at             Atleo wants Canada to step up and ini-
                                                The event was not a political protest
            Debora Steel                                                                   the Climate Change Conference, so the
                                             against government and police service                                                        tiate a public inquiry into the response of
 (250) 724-5757 - Fax: (250) 723-0463
                                             inaction and apathy regarding the hun-        issue is being pushed.                         authorities to the epidemic of missing
                                             dreds of missing or murdered Aboriginal          “What we are pushing up against is          and murdered women across Canada,
                                             women across Canada, as has been the          this incredible non-caring wall. …They         from the highway of tears in Northern
        Administration Assistant
             Annie Watts                     focus of past rallies. It was instead a       don’t care about it because it’s our peo-      BC, to the fields surrounding Edmonton,
 (250) 724-5757 - Fax: (250) 723-0463        commemoration of the memory of the            ple. I wonder if one woman went missing        where women’s bodies have been
    hashilthsa@nuuchahnulth.org              women themselves, lost through                from Shaughnessy or West Vancouver or          dumped over recent years, to Winnipeg,
                                             unchecked violence and the inadequate         British Properties, would they treat it the    Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside,
        Central Region Reporter              support of Canadian authorities for fami-     same way? I doubt it,” Cliff Atleo said.       Calgary. Canada’s forgotten and ignored.
               Denise Titian                 lies searching for their missing relatives.      He said First Nations communities too          Hesquiaht councillor Carol Anne
        (250) 726-7342 (ext. 26)                “We have Nuu-chah-nulth, at least two,     have a responsibility to promote safety        Hilton also took part in the event.
          Fax: (250) 726-7552                who have gone missing,” said Atleo as         and respect of women in their communi-            “It seems more and more that our
    denise.titian@nuuchahnulth.org           part of his reason for continuing to          ties.                                          Aboriginal women are lost in the justice
                                             march with the families of the stolen sis-       “It’s something that we work toward,”       system and there is never true justice for
      Sports, Culture & the North            ters. “We have to be there for that. Not      at such events like the recent social          the events that happens in the daily lives
               Jack Little                   only that, but any woman that is gone         issues forum. “It’s about becoming             of our women,” she told Ha-Shilth-Sa.
 (250) 724-5757 - Fax:(250) 723-0463                                                                                                         “I think it’s important to make it visi-
     jacklittle@nuuchahnulth.org                                                                                                          ble, because we are already less visible
 Please cc all materials to Annie Watts.                                                                                                  in society and our ability to make these
                                                                                                                                          issues more apparent is why I came out
       Audio / Video Technician
             Mike Watts
                                                                                                                                             She said there needs to be a unified
 (250) 724-5757 - Fax: (250) 723-0463
                                                                                                                                          voice that will set the expectations of
                                                                                                                                          what Aboriginal women want and move
                                                                                                                                          those expectations forward. She sees this
                                                                                                                                          happening on the provincial level now
      DEADLINE:                                                                                                                           through the Aboriginal Women’s
                                                                                                                                          Council, but more needs to be accom-
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                         UFN Members!                                                  Hupacasath, Tseshaht
 The 2010 Chief and Council Elections are just around
 the corner (June 2010) and we will need to provide the
 Electoral Officer with your most recent mailing address.
                                                                                       take new approach to
 If your contact information has changed please contact
 Christina Klotz, Membership Clerk so that we may                                      develop marina site
 update our records. She can be reached at the YFN                                                                                    and commercial fishermen. It also would
 Treaty Office, toll-free 1-888-926-2416, ext. 225 or                                  By Debora Steel                                have impacted the annual salmon festi-
                                                                                       Ha-Shilth-Sa Reporter                          val, a huge tourist draw for the Valley.
 email (membership@ufn.ca). Thank you.                                                                                                   Casavant was elected shortly after the
                                                                                                                                      “explosive bit of ugliness” that occurred
                                                                                       Port Alberni—It’s a fresh new start for        after the open house. During the 10
                        ACCEPTABLE IDENTIFICATION                                      the development planned at the Clutesi         months since her election, she said, she
                         FOR STATUS CARD ISSUANCE                                      Marina where Hupacasath was working            has been working to establish positive
                  (Certificate of Indian Status – CIS) for age 16+                     to construct an interpretive centre and        relationships with Valley community
                                                                                       museum on the water’s edge near                groups.
Clients must provide 2 pieces of the following I.D. when applying for a Status Card    Victoria Quay.                                    “I anticipate those relationships will
(one piece of primary I.D. or two pieces of secondary I.D. (one of which much have        One might call it a transformative start.   stay positive.”
                                  a digitized photo)                                      Chief Councillor Shaunee Casavant              Chief Councillor Les Sam of Tseshaht,
              or one piece of secondary I.D. with a Guarantor’s form):                 said the nation heard what people had to       the new partner in what will be known
                                                                                       say “loud and strong.” What began as a         as the Clutesi Marina Project, said he
      CATEGORY 1                   CATEGORY 2                   CATEGORY 3             discreet backroom plan to build what was       understood many of the concerns being
        Primary I.D.               Secondary I.D.                  Other I.D.          to be known as the Tsu-ma-as                   raised by Valley residents.
* Valid Canadian             * Certificate of Birth       * Guarantor’s form           Transformation Centre, has now become             “I used the marina a lot, all my life,”
  Passport                   * Marriage or Divorce           Guarantor Forms           an inclusive endeavor, with neighbor           Sam said. “We understand why people
* New Plastic CIS issued       Certificate                  should only be used in     Tseshaht signing on to the project, she        would be upset.”
  after April 2002           * Provincial Health Card       extreme circumstances.     explained.                                        There was some suggestion that the
 Only new hard plastic       * Provincial                   Ie: someone is flying to      People didn’t feel involved in the          project would be better suited on the
  card - Not laminated         Identification Card          another province.          process, she said of the controversy that      other side of the street, off of the water-
  status card                * Driver’s License           * CHILDREN UNDER             swirled around the centre. Casavant said       front. But that’s not going to happen; not
                             * Employee I.D. with           12: Must have one          she wants to leave that “vibe” behind.         then, not now. The site for the project is
                               digitized photo              piece of Secondary ID         The grand building that was to be cre-      a done deal, with almost every hurdle
                             * Student I.D. with digi-      and parent/guardian        ated is no more, she told Ha-Shilth-Sa. In     cleared, except for the traffic survey,
                               tized photo                  must have one primary      its place will be a commercial retail          which has yet to be completed, said
                             * Firearms license             or two secondary ID,       development that will be economically          Casavant.
                             * Old CIS card               * CHILDREN 12 to 16:         viable and sustainable, creating jobs and         “The project will go ahead. How is
                                – LAMINATED                May chose to meet           benefiting the entire Valley.                  open to discussion.”
                               CARD                         either adult or under 12      She said the original plan would have          Hupacasath and Tseshaht are throwing
                                                            ID requirement             given Hupacasath a beautiful building          open the doors for that discussion to take
* ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOCOPIED I.D. OR SIN CARDS ACCEPTED certi-                          with no way to pay the expenses of run-        place with such groups as the Port
fied photocopies)                                                                      ning it. Museums and cultural centres in       Authority, City of Port Alberni, sport and
* I.D. must be intact and must not be expired                                          Canada are typically heavily subsidized,       commercial fisheries, tourism authorities
* IRA must receive the original Guarantor’s form with signature (not a faxed ver-      she explained. The new approach will be        and the business community, so that all
sion) & client’s picture must be signed by the guarantor                               to create a project that will prove prof-      will have an opportunity to be heard.
                                                                                       itable and fit with the Alberni Valley’s          Casavant said the economic resources
FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE POLICY WILL RESULT IN NTC OR THE FIRST                           tourism strategy; a business plan that will    that First Nations have access to should
    NATION TO LOSE THEIR AUTHORITY TO ISSUE STATUS CARDS                               ensure the two nations involved will suc-      be able to benefit all the Valley.
                                                                                       ceed.                                             A new board has been struck and high
                Rosie Marsden, NTC Indian Registry Administrator                          Casavant said Hupacasath wanted to          on the agenda is a revisit of the constitu-
                                                                                       take a different approach to the project       tion and bylaws of the original board.
                                                                                       that sparked some concerns from Valley            “We are happy to be included,” said
                                                                                       residents, and a racial backlash from a        Sam. Tseshaht, he said, has four seats on
                                                                                       vocal minority in Port Alberni.                the board. “A new spirit is born. It’s a
                                                                                          “There was some ugliness, especially        project for everybody.”
                                                                                       after the open house,” she said. The              Casavant wants to make up for lost
                                                                                       nation hosted a community meeting as           time, so hopes that ground will be bro-
                                                                                       part of the process for changing the land-     ken on the project before the end of
                                                                                       use bylaws for the area where Clutesi          2010.
                                                                                       Haven Marina currently sits. The plan to          “There’s been so much struggle
                                                                                       build the centre on that site would have       around it,” she said. “It was good to
                                                                                       removed some parking stalls from the           pause for awhile and listen.”
                                                                                       dock area, a heavily-used site by sports

                                                                                                       Annual General Meeting
                                                                                                         March 13, 14, 2010
                                                                                                           Zeballos Hall

                                                                                                       Advertise in
                                                                                                     Call 250-724-5757
Page 4 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Feb. 25, 2010

        Held Feb. 11 and 12
        at Maht Mahs Gym                           Social Issues Forum                                                                                  Stories by
                                                                                                                                                       Denise Titian

Creating Connections:
               NTC focuses on building bridges between
              Nuu-chah-nulth-aht and service organizations
                                                                                                                                           that go and listen to what’s within,” he
By Denise Titian                                                                                                                           urged.
Ha-Shilth-Sa Reporter                                                                                                                         “Celebrating Success” with Victoria
                                                                                                                                           Watts and Shelley Royendyk outlined
                                                                                                                                           the steps the NTC has taken in the past
Port Alberni–More than 140 people                                                                                                          year to address social issues. The pres-
from throughout Nuu-chah-nulth territo-                                                                                                    entation started with key issues that
ry arrived at Maht Mahs Feb. 11 to take                                                                                                    were identified in the 2009 social issues
part in a two-day Social Issues Forum.                                                                                                     forum: safety, alcohol and drugs, educa-
The forum allowed Nuu-chah-nulth-aht                                                                                                       tion, culture/language, unemployment,
to express their concerns about social                                                                                                     wiisak shulth or bullying our own peo-
issues they see in the communities. It                                                                                                     ple.
also provided an opportunity for the peo-                                                                                                     At the 2009 social issues forum,
ple to meet face-to-face with resource                                                                                                     breakout groups discussed each issue,
people and explore possible solutions to                                                                                                   what the challenge is and they offered
address those issues.                                                                                                                      up ideas for solutions. Watts reviewed
   Priscilla Sabbas-Watts, Nuu-chah-nulth                                                                                                  the information that came out of that
Tribal Council (NTC) vice-president,                                                                                                       session.
introduced herself following an opening                                                                                                       Royendyk said she will be traveling to
prayer by Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation                                                                                                       each community to lead a new round of
elder Levi Martin. Irma Robinson also                                                                                                      youth empowerment sessions starting
introduced herself before welcoming the                                                                                                    this spring.
crowd on behalf of Tseshaht First                                                                                                             Royendyk said youth have been learn-
Nation.                                                                                                                                    ing to look at the positive and set goals.
   “I think it’s really important to have as                                                                                                  “It is important to set goals, because
many support systems in place to help                                                                                                      without goals you don’t have dreams,”
our people,” she said. “We still need to                                                                                                   she explained.
maintain our connections to the past,                                                                                                         Nuu-chah-nulth youth have requested
because if we don’t then we lose our dis-                                                                                                  a gathering either in Port Alberni or
tinctive identities,” she added.                                                                                                           Gold River.
   Cliff Atleo, NTC President, could not                                                                                                      Adult empowerment sessions will
be at the forum on the first day and                                                                                                       take place in each of the communities
delivered his opening remarks through                                                                                                      beginning March 17 in Ehattesaht and
Sabbas-Watts. He named the key issues                                                                                                      ending June 3 in Ucluelet. Contact the
identified by Nuu-chah-nulth-aht at other                                                                                                  NTC and ask for Victoria or Shelley for
meetings and said the NTC is working                                                                                                       more information.
hard to find the ways and means to                                                                                                            The session was an opportunity to
address those issues.                                                                                                                      engage community members and open
   He talked about successes: cultural and                                                                                                 up discussion about social issues.
language preservation programs, the                                                                                                           Watts talked about Nuu-chah-nulth
fisheries rights court decision that could                                                                                                 successes in areas of education and grief
provide economic and social/cultural                                                                                                       and loss empowerment.
benefits.                                                                                                                                     Success including the achievements of
   Joe Tom, Hesquiaht chief councillor,                                                                                                    dozens of Nuu-chah-nulth Grade 12 and
speaking partly in Nuu-chah-nulth, said                                                                                                    post-secondary grads, she pointed out.
he wanted to acknowledge all the ances-                                                                                                       Ahousaht is building a new high
tors who brought the people here and                                                                                                       school and Hesquiaht celebrated its new
who gave them the teachings that made                                                                                                      school in Hot Springs Cove.
them who they are today. He said self-                                                                                                        There was a language symposium
care is the most important part of our                                                                                                     held at North Island College in 2009
lives.                                                                                                                                     where community efforts to save the
   Tom said he wanted to talk about eld-                                                                                                   Nuu-chah-nulth language were dis-
ers’ teachings.                                                                                                                            cussed. Also in 2009, language champi-
                                               The shark game: When the music stops jump onto a sheet of paper scattered like
   “If your elder relatives were here they                                                                                                 ons were named, recognizing the efforts
                                               islands around the floor and hold on or the sharks will get you. The game is
would tell you to come here, sit and lis-                                                                                                  of people that take it upon themselves to
                                               meant to break down the barriers between people and get them ready for open
ten. When you take away all distractions                                                                                                   teach others and preserve the mother
                                               communication, a necessity when dealing with weighty and complex issues, like
you can listen and learn. Then you go                                                                                                      language.
                                               social concerns in the communities.
away and think about what you were                                                                                                            The Trailblazing Cultural
told,” he advised.                             ing you need to ask yourself what is mak-    school is a factor in our lives that affects   Interpretation Program, along with sev-
   “We have a tendency to look at others       ing it hurt and find your own solutions,”    the way we think and the way we feel.          eral community-based language pro-
and what they are doing. Instead, we           he continued.                                  “We’ve listened long enough to influ-        grams and employment skills develop-
need to look within. If your heart is hurt-      He went on to say that residential         ences that keep us down. It’s time to let      ment programs, are examples of recent
                                                                                                                                           success stories for Nuu-chah-nulth-aht.
Aboriginal policing and the community                                                                                                         Sabbas-Watts was pleased with the
                                                                                                                                           forum saying that social issues are often
  Constable Boyd Pearson of the Port           working with band governments to meet                                                       times the most difficult to talk about and
Alberni RCMP detachment shared infor-          the policing needs with the community.                                                      begin addressing because they can be
mation about services and opportunities           Canada’s Aboriginal population is                                                        overwhelming.
for aboriginal people in the RCMP.             growing and with that comes opportuni-                                                         “I really believe that we have to
  The RCMP and aboriginal people, he           ties to find a career in Aboriginal polic-                                                  address things holistically to strengthen
said, share a long history. The Northwest      ing. Pearson said salaries can go as high                                                   our communities,” she said, adding “the
Mounted Police was established in the          as $75,657 after three years.                                                               social issues forum is a way of address-
1870s. Part of that shared history is the         “You can move into career specializa-                                                    ing what some of the fundamental issues
RCMP’s involvement in forcing aborigi-         tions, earning even more,” he added.                                                        are by bringing forward programs, serv-
nal children into residential schools.            The Aboriginal pre-cadet training pro-                                                   ices, resource people and best prac-
  Today, said Pearson, the RCMP                gram gives young people an opportunity                                                      tices.”
acknowledges past mistakes and is              to train and get a taste of what an RCMP                                                       “I think the forum this year was a
attempting to move forward. In 2010            career might be. It pays $20 an hour.                                                       great success; many of the participants
more than 1,300 RCMP members are                  Every year the RCMP takes part in the                                                    left armed with more tools to address
aboriginal. The RCMP serves 643 abo-           Pulling Together Canoe Journey.                                                             the issues within their communities.”.
riginal communities across Canada                                   Continued on page 6.    Constable Boyd Pearson
                                                                                                                              Feb. 25, 2010 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Page 5
       Held Feb. 11 and 12
       at Maht Mahs Gym                           Social Issues Forum                                                                                  Stories by
                                                                                                                                                      Denise Titian

Challenges can be overcome, with help
  A young woman, barely five feet tall,       mental abilities.                             lenge of looking after our own.               with a wide smile and twinkling eyes.
approachs the microphone and musters            Andrea Amos-Stoney was asked to                “There are many Rosas in our commu-        She is very sociable, and was seen at the
the courage to say her name—Rosa              speak on behalf of Rosa and the family        nity and they all deserve that chance to      Social Issues Forum visiting each infor-
Ross—in front of a crowd of more than         who gathered behind her. Amos-Stoney is       flourish and make their dreams come           mation booth proudly carrying her infant
100 people; she steps back, perhaps con-      the parent of an autistic child, so she       true,” said Amos-Stoney.                      Godson Leroy Bob.
fused or shy, and hands off the micro-        knows firsthand the challenges of navi-          To label Rosa in terms of her abilities      Rosa wants to one day live on her
phone she has been given.                     gating through daily life with a child that   and disabilities seems unfair, but to help    own, but she can’t without learning
                                              doesn’t fit the mold. She asked Nuu-          people understand Rosa’s situation, at
  Special guest Rosa Ross, 32, is a                                                                                                       basic living skills. Reading from a pre-
                                              chah-nulth leadership to meet the chal-       her last assessment nearly five years ago,
Tseshaht woman living with limited                                                                                                        pared statement, Amos-Stoney described
                                                                                            Rosa was, according to doctors, func-         the challenges Rosa faces as she strug-
                                                                                            tioning at the level of a five-year-old.      gles to find her place in a society that is
                                                                                               That innocence is apparent when Rosa       not always kind to the mentally handi-
                                                                                            attends public gatherings. She doesn’t        capped.
                                                                                            talk much, but she always greets people                           Continued on page 6.

                                                                                            Service Canada programs
                                                                                            availability explained
                                                                                               Tyson Atleo, program officer for
                                                                                            Service Canada, came to the Social
                                                                                            Issues Forum to provide information
                                                                                            about the federal government’s aboriginal
                                                                                            programs. He started out by saying he
                                                                                            deeply supports the spirit and intent of
                                                                                            this forum.
 Marie Donahue and Barb Atleo describe the work they do in Ahousaht’s
                                                                                               Atleo said Service Canada was estab-
 restorative justice program at the social issues forum held Feb. 11 and 12.
                                                                                            lished in 2005 to improve delivery of

 Restorative Justice,                                                                       government programs and services to all
                                                                                               One program that has received much
                                                                                            attention is the Common Experience

 a kinder approach                                                                          Payment (CEP) program with the Indian
                                                                                            Residential School Settlement
                                                                                            Agreement. Atleo he was involved with
    RCMP Constable Theresa Thompson              Nora Martin of Tla-o-qui-aht pointed       the CEP application processing. He
 of the Port Alberni detachment, and          out that an inordinate number of first        reminded the people that the CEP pro-
 Christina Spence-Proteau, a member of        nations youth go through the court sys-       gram ends September 19, 2011 and urged
 the Restorative Justice board, present-      tem. Spence-Proteau concurred, saying         people who haven’t done so yet to get
 ed a workshop on the alternative, more       if you go to court on a Thursday that is      their applications in.
 culturally-based method of correction        what you will see.                               Perhaps the most common Service
 and restitution, a justice program that         Martin wondered if alcohol abuse           Canada program is the provision of
 focuses more on accountability and           during pregnancy is a factor. There is        Social Insurance Number cards to all
 making amends to the victims and the         growing awareness of FAE and FASD             Canadians so they can enter the work
 community.                                   (Fetal Alcohol Effect and Fetal Alcohol       force. Other programs and services
    Constable Thompson said she has           Syndrome Disorder) which often affects        include: passports, employment insurance
 been involved with restorative justice       mental capacity of the sufferer. Mothers      and benefits, grants, pension, wills and
 programs for 13 of her 16 year career,       who drink alcohol during pregnancy put        estates, veteran’s services, immigration,
 and, she says, she totally believes in it.   their unborn children at risk for FAE         GST credit and employment opportuni-
    Spence-Proteau said it’s an old con-      and FASD.                                     ties.
 cept with a new name; its roots go              Marie Donahue and Barb Atleo                  Service Canada’s programs and servic-         Tyson Atleo, program officer for
 back to traditional first nations prac-                                                    es specific to aboriginal people include:               Service Canada.
                                              described the work they do in
                                                                                            Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry
 tices. The Port Alberni Restorative          Ahousaht’s restorative justice program.       Program, Common Experience Payment               NETP, said Oldale, provides opportu-
 Justice Society started in 2001.             Donahue said the mainstream justice           (CEP), Decedent Estates Program,              nities through education, training and
    “There were significant problems in       system is adversarial. Often, she said,       Growth Capital for Aboriginal Business,       employment.
 our (conventional) justice system; the       it’s not about who is wrong or right, but     Indian Registration and Band Lists, Legal        Kutiis, a-ma’aa-sip, Bladerunners,
 court is overloaded with minor cases         more about who has the better lawyer;         Studies for Aboriginal People Program         trades training, employment counseling,
 and frequent delays leading to long          it pits offender against victim.                 Living Estates Program, Non-Insured        youth programs, daycare, Cha-chum?a-
 stretches of time between offence and           “Jails are breeding grounds that cre-      Health Benefits, On-Reserve Loan              lthuk are some examples of training pro-
 court date,” said Spence-Proteau             ate angry, violent offenders,” she said.      Insurance, Post-Secondary Student             grams and services offered through
    Restorative justice is used for less         Back in 1994, Ahousaht members             Support Program, Residential                  NETP. Some programs are designed to
 serious offences, first time offenders       met with elders to design a community-        Rehabilitation Assistance Program—            provide participants with entry-level
 and non-violent offences. The offender       based justice system. Donahue said the        RRAP on Reserve, and the University           employment skills to improve their
 is held accountable, but not necessarily     elders, many of whom are now gone,            College Entrance Preparation Program          chances of finding a job in a highly
 put through the court system. The                                                          (UCEP).                                       competitive workforce.
                                              gave good teachings and direction.
                                                                                               Information about federal programs can        The Bladerunners program, they said,
 process provides the offender an             Their valuable information is now pre-        be found on the Internet or in the            is going through a change.
 opportunity to repair the harm done to       served in the meeting minutes.                Services Canada office in Port Alberni.          “It is difficult to get job placements in
 the victim and/or community and it              The Ahousaht Circle of Healing                Atleo also provides cultural awareness     the construction industry,” said Oldale.
 ensures the restorative measures are         works with the court system.                  training.                                        Bladerunners is now a 25-week pro-
 proportionate to the seriousness of the         Some offenders make restitution by            “We need to educate non-first nations      gram for youth ages 15 to 30. The pro-
 offence.                                     hosting a community feast where they          about our culture so that we can work         gram includes five weeks of pre-
    Thompson said the restorative justice     make a public apology. Families stand         better together,” he said.                    employment training followed by 20
 circles are very powerful and very           together to support one another.                 The Aboriginal Human Resources             weeks employment support.
 healing. The people taking part in a            The program is victim-driven and           Strategy is another Service Canada pro-          A-m’aa-sip is an individualized, cul-
 typical restorative justice circle talk      Donahue said it is effective because it       gram that Atleo is involved with. He said     turally-relevant learning program offered
 about how the offence affected them          requires active participation.                the Nuu-chah-nulth Employment and             year round through the Port Alberni
 while the offender talks about his feel-        “The offender learns about accounta-       Training Program (NETP) is part of this       office.
 ings, regrets, and makes apologies.                                                        strategy. There are several federally-spon-      Cha-chum-?a-lthluk Hospitality and
                                              bility and focuses on themselves,” she
                                                                                            sored benefits for those taking employ-       Tourism program is another example of
    The goals of this form of justice sys-    said.                                         ment training.                                a program that develops work skills. It is
 tem are zero recidivism, deterrence,            “Some even wish that they had stayed          Rob Oldale and Robyn Samuel of Nuu-        a 16 week program for people ages 19
 healing and forgiveness amongst oth-         in jail rather than focus on the hard         chah-nulth Employment and Training            to 30 years who wish to work in the
 ers. Restorative justice is about com-       work of healing, but they’ve always           Program outlined the various programs         hospitality and tourism industry. It offers
 munity healing and not all cases are         been grateful in the end,” said Atleo.        available to Nuu-chah-nulth-aht through       incentive bonuses and an $8/hr training
 appropriate for this method.                                                               NETP.                                         wage.
Page 6 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Feb. 25, 2010

Working to tackle the challenges in education
   A rather large education panel made       Superintendent, said schools in his dis-      12 education,” she said. Low education        said, often have trouble comprehending
up of representatives from SD70, SD84,       trict have implemented first nations-relat-   levels present a whole new set of prob-       their parole conditions or performing
the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council            ed programs, including language. They         lems for inmates coping in the prison sys-    readiness tests designed to assess
(NTC) education staff and other educa-       now hold annual school-sponsored pot-         tem. Inmates with little education, she       whether they are fit to be released.
tion professionals presented information     latches. The next one will be at Tahsis on
about programs and services available to
Nuu-chah-nulth learners.
   First to speak was Eileen Haggard,
                                             June 11.
                                                Tarasoff said they are trying to find
                                             ways to bring education to the communi-
                                                                                           Assisted living needed
NTC Elementary/Secondary Supervisor,         ties so that people don’t have to leave       Continued from page 5.                        and other community services as soon as
                                             home to achieve a Grade 12 education.            Rosa’s handicap was discovered at an       she turned 19.
who said families still face challenges in
                                                                                           early age and she was able to                                 A group home placement
terms of special education, not only            Darren Ausmus, director of Student
                                                                                           attend schools with special pro-                           through Community Living
here, but likely all across Canada.          Support Services, said he provides sup-       grams. She went on to graduate                             did not work out for Rosa.
   “We have so much to do not only to        port for school students with special         with her peers at Alberni                                  Her family believes the fail-
get our students on a level playing field,   needs, like speech therapy and special        District Secondary School,                                 ure was likely due to Rosa’s
but also for the future when our young       education.                                    many of whom still ask about                               grief over the recent loss of
ones step into leadership roles. There are      “We want to make sure families have a      Rosa when they run into family                             her mother and disconnection
many challenges,” she said.                  place in SD70 to come to when their chil-     members.                                                   between Rosa and her family
   Lynette Lucas, NTC Education              dren have special needs,” he said.               School was not always a                                 due to the institution’s strict
Manager, talked about post-secondary            Cam Pinkerton, SD70 Superintendant,        pleasant place for Rosa and she                            visiting schedules.
education programs and services avail-       said each Nuu-chah-nulth first nation has     learned that children can be                                  They hope for the develop-
able at the NTC.                             an education representative sitting on the    mean.                                                       ment of a Nuu-chah-nulth
                                                                                              “Rosa could have been shel-           Rosa Ross          assisted-living facility.
   “There are guidelines students need to    education liaison committee.
                                                “It is up to them to bring your commu-     tered from these abuses, but the family          Rosa is an eager learner, but she needs
meet in order to be eligible; reasonable
                                                                                           had to entrust the community. It takes a      educators who specialize in teaching the
ones like maintaining grades and attend-     nities’ education needs to the table to
                                                                                           village to raise a child,” said Amos-         learning disabled. The family truly
ing the required number of classes, but      have your concerns addressed,” he told        Stoney.                                       believes that with specialized training,
the rewards are great,” she said. In her     the people.                                      When Rosa could not defend herself         Rosa will one day have the necessary
case, she completed six years of post-          During the question and answer seg-        against bullies she could count on any        skills to get a job. Recently, Rosa went
secondary education student loan, and        ment, Carolyn Sampson pointed out that        one of her many relatives to stand up for     to a mall with family and approached
debt-free.                                   low education seems to be a factor in the     her. And Rosa always forgives, teaching       the mall manager to ask for a job.
   John Gomez of the NTC Mental              large number of aboriginal people in          the rest of us that everyone deserves a          “Unless Rosa finds a job she is des-
Health Program said he provides support      trouble with the law.                         fresh start.                                  tined to live at the poverty level for the
to school students in terms of mental           “In Canada’s prison system, 65 per cent       “Rosa wants to be treated as anyone        rest of her life,” Amos-Stoney explained.
health, addictions, legal problems and a     of native inmates have an education level     else would like to be treated, but she still     Tla-o-qui-aht elder Tom Curley said
wide variety of other issues.                of eighth grade or less. Only about 14 per    needs some help. Her dream is like what       he brought his son, who was suffering
   Lawrence Tarasoff, SD 84                  cent of aboriginal offenders have a Grade     others would dream; a job, a place to call with a high fever, to the hospital in
                                                                                           her own and someone to love her uncon-        1965. Medical staff informed the wor-
                                                                                           ditionally,” the statement read.              ried couple that their son had died.
Aboriginals more likely                                                                       Rosa’s needs are complex. She is due
                                                                                           for another assessment, and the family
                                                                                                                                            “My wife fell to the floor,” he said,
                                                                                                                                         choking back tears at the painful memo-
                                                                                           believes that Rosa has progressed. But        ry.
to be living behind bars                                                                   Rosa has the emotions of a teenager and
                                                                                           the desires of the young woman that she
                                                                                                                                            A little while later the couple was told
                                                                                                                                         that their son had been revived, but not
  Carolyn Sampson, an Aboriginal             prison back into the community.               is.                                           before severe brain damage was done. In
Community Development Officer, pre-             Sampson meets with the community to           “She wants and deserves the things that later years young Thomas had difficulty
sented startling statistics about the num-   determine the best method for moving          all young women want; she wants to get        communicating and controlling his
ber of Aboriginal people in Canada’s         the offender back home and into the           married someday and have a child,” said       movements, but he always seemed to be
                                                                                           Ross.                                         happy in spite of his condition. Young
prisons.                                     community. They may use the standard
                                                                                              Rosa is drug, alcohol, and smoke-free      Thomas Curley made it to adulthood,
  Aboriginal people, she said, make up       Corrections Services Canada method of
                                                                                           and she’s trying to learn the language.       but has since passed away.
four per cent of the Canada’s population     victim/offender mediation or they may         She knows her extended family and she            Curley thanked Gail Gus, whom his
yet nation-wide they make up about 40        choose a traditional healing                  is a role model. Gloria said Rosa knows       son adored, for caring for him.
per cent of the prison population.           circle/restorative justice method.            many Tseshaht songs and dances, better           “Let’s open that door...for our people
  For women it is worse, averaging 35           Offenders, said Sampson, must change       than Gloria does.                             like Rosa who can’t communicate with
to 55 per cent and as high as 70 per cent    habits and perhaps even friends to keep          Raised by her single mother and grand- us,” said Curley.
at a couple of BC institutions. On           from re-offending. She noted it’s diffi-      parents, Rosa enjoyed a strong support           Darleen Watts noted that Rosa is a
Vancouver Island 33 per cent of incar-       cult, but not impossible. Sampson illus-      system. Her beloved grandparents, Alan        member of the Tseshaht community.
cerated people are aboriginal.               trated her point by asking people to take     and Rose Ross passed away a few years            “We should stand with her and say we
  Sampson’s role is to assist aboriginal     off their shoes and put them on the           ago. Then, just last summer, the unthink-     are here for her. We need Health Canada
convicts reintegrate into the community      wrong feet.                                   able happened; Rosa’s mother, Brenda          here to hear the needs of our people.
after being released from prison.               “It feels really different, doesn’t it?”   Sherry Ross, and strongest advocate died They need to hear why some things are
                                                                                           suddenly. She had cared for Rosa in the       not working for us,” she said.
  She talked a little about what life        she asked. “Imagine if you had to do that
                                                                                           best way she could faced with the chal-          “We need someone with community
behind bars is like. Placing a 10’ x 12’     all the time from now on? Imagine that
                                                                                           lenges that needed to be met daily. It’s      development skills to ensure the
tarp on the floor, she invited people to     was your favorite drink that you had to       been a very difficult time for Rosa since     resources are there for all Nuu-chah-
take a closer look. The tarp, she said,      give up forever.”                             her mother’s passing.                         nulth so that individuals like Rosa can
represents the size of a prison cell. Each      “Sometimes offenders have to walk             Rosa’s aunts and uncles stepped in to      live and stand proudly,” Watts contin-
cell contains a bed, a cabinet, a sink and   away from family members or other             help, but they say it has been difficult      ued.
a toilet. This tiny space will be home,      loved ones so that they won’t be trig-        finding her the support that she needs.          “I’m proud of you Rosa, for standing
often for many years. Inmates call it        gered back into their criminal behavior          Pointing to the NTC Community              up for all individuals who live with chal-
their house.                                 but they must learn coping skills that        Human Services mission statement, “to         lenges and who can’t be here today,”
  Corrections Canada, Sampson saif,          won’t harm others or themselves,” said        promote the restoration of the health and     said Watts
values the opinion of the community          Sampson.                                      well-being of NTC communities and to             “We can’t keep paying lip service. We
when it comes to releasing inmates from                                                    provide people with opportunities to          need to start doing, and we have to do it
                                                                                           achieve self-sufficiency and self-determi- collectively,” she concluded.

RCMP has upgraded                                                                          nation for themselves and for our nation
                                                                                           as a whole,” Ross said, “to be a truly
                                                                                           healthy community or person, this mis-
                                                                                                                                            The Ross family said they would have
                                                                                                                                         liked to have seen information about
                                                                                                                                         supported living and special needs at the
                                                                                           sion must be understood in terms that         forum.

responder training                                                                         promote respect, empowerment, and
                                                                                                                                            “There are probably other Rosas in the
                                                                                                                                         Nuu-chah-nulth community and we
                                                                                              On Rosa’s behalf, they ask for the tools would like to see a support group started
Continued from page 4.                       saying local RCMP have recently               to help her become respected, empow-          to deal with these special issues,” said
   In July 2009 they were in the             received more medical emergency train-        ered and equal. Rosa would like the sup-      Kaanowish (Rosa’s Uncle Allan Ross).
Okanagan for a canoe journey. The jour-      ing.                                          port of the Nuu-chah-nulth community,            They recommended that the NTC
neys not only benefit the community, but        “We received some medical emergency        NTC leadership, Tseshaht leadership,          leadership look into the development of
also the RCMP in building positive rela-     training near the beginning of our RCMP       Social Services workers, Health Workers       a culturally appropriate assisted living
tionships.                                   training and in the past two months           and any other support networks that           facility for Nuu-chah-nulth people.
                                                                                           could help to make her dreams come               “They are our children and they are
   During the question and answer peri-      RCMP received upgraded emergency
                                                                                           true.                                         falling through the gaps,” said a family
od, a question was asked about the treat-    training, including recognizing the symp-        Rosa gets assistance through the           member.
ment of Aboriginal people who have           toms of stroke and heart attack,” said        provincially-run Community Living pro-           “Thanks to Rosa and family, for not
been taken into custody and suffer med-      Boyd. Local RCMP have taken level one         gram and NTC provides supported living only laying out what the problem is but
ical emergencies, unbeknownst to the         First Responders Training.                    assistance. But, according to the family,     also for offering solutions,” said NTC
attending officers. Pearson responded by                                                   it seems that Rosa lost access to camps       Vice-president Priscilla Sabbas-Watts.
                                                                                                                                     Feb. 25, 2010 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Page 7
       Held Feb. 11 and 12
       at Maht Mahs Gym                          Social Issues Forum                                                                                              Stories by
                                                                                                                                                                 Denise Titian

Group discussions focus on culture
   Of all the information and presenta-                                                                                                            law told him about why the t’itskin
tions made at the Social Issues Forum,                                                                                                             (thunderbird) is important to Nuu-chah-
the most popular was the men’s and                                                                                                                 nulth and why it is made in the image of
women’s group discussion which                                                                                                                     an eagle.
focused on language and culture.                                                                                                                      “Our people, eons ago, understood that
   The men were invited to another near-                                                                                                           t’itskin has vision and how that is impor-
by building where they would discuss                                                                                                               tant to us,” he said, alluding to a per-
culture and language with Joe Tom. The                                                                                                             son’s ability to look into the future and
women stayed at Maht Mahs to join                                                                                                                  make wise decisions.
Hesquiaht elder Julia Lucas who would                                                                                                                 “The thunderbird has strength and
speak on the same topic.                                                                                                                           vision; all artists’ versions have one
   Lucas talked to the women about                                                                                                                 thing in common. They have the image
important cultural teachings and practis-                                                                                                          of a human face on its chest,” Lucas
es, often illustrating her point with leg-                                                                                                         pointed out. “My wife’s father (Joe
ends. She spoke of her responsibilities as                                                                                                         Titian) told me that the face depicts us,
                                                                                                                                                   human beings.”
a woman, a mother and grandmother.
                                                                                                                                                      The human face on the thunderbird, he
   Later, women were invited to speak                                                                                                              said, is about transformation.
about the challenges they had faced in                                                                                                                “Maybe our ancestors were intelligent
life and gain the support of their peers.                                                                                                          enough to know that our people would
Many of the stories were painful and                                                                                                               have the ability to transform ourselves,”
many tears were shed, but sisterly sup-                                                                                                            he speculated.
port in the form of comforting words or      Julia and Simon Lucas discuss Nuu-chah-nulth culture with participants of the                            Lucas went on to note that each Nuu-
a hug and prayer always helped to ease       Social Issues Forum held at Maht Mahs on Feb. 11 and 12.                                              chah-nulth ha’wilth had songs and
the burden.                                  the moral of the story is to always tell the                                                          dances related to the t’itskin, something
                                                                                            groups reunited, Simon Lucas talked
   Lucas wrapped up the discussion by                                                                                                              that he said is rarely seen today.
                                             children they can achieve, no matter           about the thunderbird and its place in
telling a legend of the seagull that was                                                                                                              “It has a very significant meaning to
                                             what.                                          Nuu-chah-nulth culture.
smaller than the others and crippled. It                                                                                                           Nuu-chah-nulth people. It is about
                                               The men’s group discussion reportedly           He noted that every Nuu-chah-nulth                  strength and vision and the ability to
overcame seemingly insurmountable            was equally powerful and healing.              tribe has the thunderbird in their legends             work toward better futures for our-
obstacles and, in the end, won. She said       Back at Maht Mahs, with the two              and art forms. He said his late father-in-             selves,” said Lucas.

                                                                                            Health a priority
                                                                                               Eunice Joe, Vancouver Island                        well-being of First Nations and to close
                                                                                            Community Development Liaison, pre-                    the health gap between First Nations and
                                                                                            sented an overview of the services avail-              other British Columbians.
                                                                                            able through the First Nations Health                    There are four priority areas when it
                                                                                            Council.                                               comes to health actions: public health,
                                                                                               The role of the B.C. First Nations                  development of health human resources,
                                                                                            Health Council is to support and assist                health systems, research and develop-
                                                                                            BC’s 203 diverse First Nations communi-                ment.
                                                                                            ties to realize their health aspirations and             Joe’s role is to work with First
                                                                                            priorities.                                            Nations, the First Nations Health
                                                                                               The First Nations Health Council                    Council and Vancouver Island Health
                                                                                            (FNHC) was created in 2007 as a co-                    Authority. She has been assisting
                                                                                            ordinating body mandated to implement                  Vancouver Island first nations to come
                                                                                            the 10-year Tripartite First Nations                   together in a collective effort to get the
                                                                                            Health Plan.                                           health needs of their communities met.
                                                                                               The purpose of the First Nations                      For more information visit the website
                                                                                            Health Plan is to improve the health and               www.fnbc.ca.

                                                                                             Employment Opportunities
Tara Atleo and Cherie Smith named memorial scholarships winners                              Repair and Maintenance Heavy Duty Diesel Journeyman Mechanic:
                                                                                             Tofino, BC

Help with studies available                                                                  We are currently seeking a highly motivated and hard working team member to join Mainstream
                                                                                             Our company is the Canadian division of the international aquaculture company Cermaq. We are a
                                                The board honored both recipients at a       growth orientated company, focusing on being one of the major global salmon farming companies.
                                             luncheon at Solda’s Restaurant in Port          We strive for quality of our product, safe working environments and sustainable aquaculture.
By Jack F. Little
                                                                                             As a Heavy Duty Journeyman Mechanic you will be responsible in maintaining of all physical
Ha-Shilth-Sa Reporter                        Alberni.                                        assets of Mainstream Canada including, generators, buildings, boats and any other equipment. This
                                                The late George Watts was an advocate        includes accurate recording and reporting of issues, inventories and work completed.
                                             for education and the two scholarships          The ideal applicant will have the ability to work in a team environment to meet a common goal.
Port Alberni–Tara Atleo from Ahousaht        named in his honor.                             Previous boating experience would be an asset as well as experience working in a marine environ-
                                                Mike Watts said it was important to the      ment.
and Cherie Smith from Ehattesaht are                                                         You will work in a camp setting, and have an 8 day on / 6 day off shift. Prerequisites to hiring are a
the recipients of the George Watts           board to get the word out to all post-sec-      fitness test and criminal record check.
Memorial Scholarship that is annually        ondary students that the scholarships are       We offer competitive wages, a corporate bonus program, company paid benefits package, and a
                                             available.                                      matching retirement fund plan.
presented to Nuu-chah-nulth post-sec-
ondary students.                                This is the Tseshaht Market’s fourth
                                                                                             Saltwater Operations Crew Boat Operator: Tofino, BC
   Atleo and Smith each receive $2,500       annual George Watts Scholarships. The           We are currently seeking a highly motivated and hard working team member to join Mainstream
from the Tseshaht Market Board of            board, comprised of six members,                Canada.
                                             reviews all applications.                       As a Crew Boat Operator your primary responsibility is the transportation of Mainstream Staff and
                                                                                             Contractors, concentrated in our most northern operating areas of the west coast, Tofino area. Other
   “Each year the Tseshaht Market Board         Watts would like to acknowledge and          duties include, but are not limited to, the accurate recording and reporting of issues, and light repair
of Directors awards two scholarships to      congratulate Atleo and Smith on receiv-         and maintenance duties.
two Nuu-chah-nulth post-secondary stu-       ing the scholarship and he wishes them          The ideal applicant will have the following prerequisites: Safe Vessel Operators Proficiency, MED A3,
                                                                                             Marine Basic First Aid, Restricted Operators Certificate and basic Mechanical experience.
dents and this is separate from the NTC      well in their educational endeavors.            Knowledge of the local area would be an asset.
scholarships. Any Nuu-chah-nulth mem-           Should you have any questions or             You will work in a camp setting, and have an 8 day on / 6 day off shift. Prerequisites to hiring are a
ber can apply and the main criterion is in   would like any further information, con-        fitness test and criminal record check.
                                                                                             We offer competitive wages, a corporate bonus program, company paid benefits package, and a
the fields of education and business,”       tact the board. Their address is 7581           matching retirement fund plan.
said Board Chair Mike Watts.                 Pacific Rim Highway, Port Alberni, BC,          If you have the skills we are looking for, and you would like to become part of our team please
   This is a first time win for Atleo, who   V9Y 8Y5, and the phone number is 1-             forward a resume, in person, by fax or e-mail to:
is attending Vancouver Island University.    250-724-3944. You may check their Web
This was Smith’s second year in winning      site in the future at .                            Mainstream Canada, 61-4th Street, Tofino, BC, V0R 2Z0, Fax: 250-725-
the scholarship.                                                                                         1250 E-Mail: eric.jensen@mainstreamcanada.com
Page 8 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Feb. 25, 2010

                                      Salmon need food too
                                                Barkley Sound to the open ocean in May.       with the ocean water to form carbonic        reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by
By Katie Beach                                     The research also showed that returns      acid. Feely et al (2008) explain that the    driving less, flying less, and planting
NTC biologist                                   did not seem to be influenced by the          historical pH of seawater is about 8.16.     trees. Another helpful action is to get
                                                number of spawners or freshwater habi-        So far, the pH of our oceans has fallen to   more fish in the ocean. Fish feces regu-
                                                tat. What sockeye need most is food as        8.05 since the beginning of the Industrial   lates pH (calcium carbonate is created in
   On Jan. 26, the Clayoquot Biosphere          juveniles when they move into the sea.        Revolution, a change greater in magni-       fish intestines), so having more fish in
Trust’s Marine and Aquatic Committee               Since he didn’t capture many wild          tude than any time in the 650,000 years      the ocean will actually help keep their
hosted its first speaker series event. The      chum, his study focused instead on            before the Industrial Revolution. As         favoured food sources alive. Help
topic: the lack of food for juvenile and        hatchery chum, who were mostly influ-         ocean water becomes more acidic, it also     get/keep fish in the ocean by helping out
adult salmon and how that may be partly         enced by the presence of their main pred-     lowers the amount of calcium carbonate       your local Streamkeepers, following sus-
to blame for the poor local returns. In         ator, hake. If there are a lot of hake        available to aquatic animals (such as        tainable recreational fishing practices, or
my opinion, this is a fascinating topic,        around when the chum move into the sea,       krill, marine plankton, shellfish, and       by donating money to organizations that
and one that doesn’t get much press.            the returns of 4-5 year old chum are low.     corals) that use the mineral to build        help the ocean and its species. Most of
   In this article I will discuss some of          Hatchery chinook (again, there were        shells or skeletons. Ron showed that the     all, be aware of your carbon footprint.
the juvenile salmon diet findings present-      not enough wild chinook studied), were        euphausiid populations on the West Coast     To calculate your personal footprint,
ed by speaker Ron Tanasichuk, a biolo-          influenced heavily by the presence of         of Vancouver Island have been depressed      visit: www.myfootprint.org.
gist for DFO in Nanaimo. Because this           herring as a main competitor, but this        for most of the last 17 years and thinks
topic is so important, I will follow up         happened only when the hatchery               that ocean acidification might be the rea-     Katie Beach is a biologist with the
with an article about adult salmon food         released chinook in a few bunches of          son.                                         Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council.
limitations based on another presenta-          many fish, not when fish were released in                How Can We Help?                  Opinions expressed are the author’s.
tion by Ramona de Graff of the BC               more bunches of fewer fish. Ron found           To help change this trend, we need to      She lives in Tofino.
Shoreline Spawners Association.                 that juvenile chinook and young herring       consider our actions. Firstly, we can
         What’s on the Menus for                occur together in Barkley Sound. He
              Young Salmon?
   Ron Tanasichuk’s 25 years of research
                                                thinks that chinook might stay in the
                                                bunches they are released in. More
                                                                                                   Non-Insured Health Benefits – N I H B
in Barkley Sound, and offshore along the        schools of fewer fish could mean the chi-
West Coast of Vancouver Island, is dedi-        nook are more spread out and would              Medical Equipment And Supply Program
cated to learning how the ocean affects         interact with herring less. Since there is
herring and salmon. He believes if we           at least 100 times as many herring as                        ·   Audiology (hearing aid)
can understand why fish populations go          there are chinook, it made sense to Ron                      ·   Medical equipment (wheelchair, walker)
up and down, then we can see if/how we          that herring could be competing with chi-                    ·   Medical supplies (ostomy, bandage, dressing)
can improve the stocks and also manage          nook for food, or forcing them away                          ·   Orthotics and custom footwear
them more effectively.                          from where chinook like to be near                           ·   Pressure garments
   To learn how food for fish varies, Ron       shore.                                                       ·   Prosthetics
first began a plankton monitoring pro-             Basically, Ron’s research showed the                      ·   Oxygen therapy
gram in 1991. He then began his salmon          importance of the timely availability of                     ·   Respiratory therapy
work by looking at the distribution,            food for juvenile salmon. And the most
migration timing, diet, and hatchery/wild       important food source was krill. Ron            These benefits must be prescribed by a licensed doctor or med-
fish interactions of juvenile salmon in         believes that “krill makes the world go         ical specialist. Visit your doctor, obtain a prescription and take the
Barkley Sound. He put this information          around.” But what is krill?                     prescription to an approved service provider - {pharmacy/Health
together with information on salmon                   Food for the World’s Oceans
                                                                                                Care equipment and supplies Agency}
counts and the abundance of Pacific                Krill are known scientifically as
hake, the dominant fish-eating fish along       euphausiids, tiny shrimp-like crustaceans
                                                                                                Ensure you advise the provider you have coverage under your
the West Coast of Vancouver Island. He          that are low on the food chain. They feed
wanted to see if salmon spawner and             everything including salmon, herring,           NIHB program and any other third party agency.
smolt abundances, prey abundance, and           whales, birds, and hake. But these tiny         You can request assistance in finding a provider from your Band
hake predation affected coho, sockeye,          crustaceans have been in trouble. Their         office Community Health Worker or the NTC CHS NIHB Program
chum and chinook salmon returns.                populations are dropping, and this is           Department {1-888-407-4888}
   What he found was intriguing. He             affecting everything in the ocean. No one
noted that wild coho returns in Carnation       knows for sure why their populations are
Creek were influenced by three different        dropping, but two main factors have been
factors in order of importance: the num-        identified. One: Krill are being fished to
ber of spawners, the stream flows, and          supply the health supplement market
the availability of food (krill), specifical-   (such as Omega 3 supplements) and for
ly Thysanoessa spinifera, in August of          aquaculture feed. But the fishing impact
the year that the coho go out to sea.           is thought to be relatively small, and
   The sockeye returns in his study from        there are no krill fisheries along the West
Great Central and Sproat lakes were             Coast of Vancouver Island. Two: A larger
influenced entirely by the availability of      impact, and the leading hypothesis
krill (Thysanoessa spinifera), but this         behind krill declines, is that climate
time the krill in question were smaller,        change, and the resulting acidification of
and most benefited sockeye when the             the ocean, is having a huge effect.
juveniles are migrating out through                As carbon dioxide is absorbed, it reacts

                                                                                                    To advertise in Ha-Shilth-Sa
                                                                                                           call (250) 724-5757
                                                                                                                                     Feb. 25, 2010 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Page 9
        Employment Opportunity: Ittatsoo
Position:           Early Childhood Educator STILL OPEN
 Status:            Full-Time, Monday to Friday until June 30/10, re-opening after
                    summer Sept 8/10
  Wages:            Competitive wages and outstanding benefits package.

Location:      Ittatsoo Preschool/Daycare
               #406 Ucluelet East, PO Box 699 Ucluelet, BC V0R 3A0
Posting Date: Feb 11/10
Starting Date: As soon as possible
 Closing Date: as soon as a suitable candidate is found

A skilled, responsible worker to provide quality, inclusive child care services for
young children in a group setting under the direction of the centre’s Early
Childhood Education Supervisor/ECE.

Summary of Duties:
          • Plan, carry out, and assess developmentally appropriate activities and experiences that
          promote the well-being of each child and that respect and reflect the diverse needs of
          • Individualize the curriculum and ensure that all activities are accessible.
          • Ensure guidance of children’s behaviour that encourages positive self concept.
          • Ensure the child care environment is healthy and safe for all children.
          • Ensure positive communication with enrolling parents/legal guardians.
          • Contribute to the ongoing operation of the centre.
          •Assist children in expressing themselves by listening and responding with questions or
          comments that extend conversations.
          • Provide a daily balance of active/quiet, indoor/outdoor and individual/group activities.
          • Use a variety of teaching techniques including modeling, observing, questioning,
          demonstrating and reinforcing.
          • Set reasonable behaviour expectations consistent with the centre’s philosophy and
Job Skills and Abilities:
Ability to multitask & work independently
Must possess strong interpersonal communication skills
Plan/participation in Special Events
Must possess strong organizational skills
Conduct themselves in a professional manner and maintain strict confidentiality
Ability to work independently while also a team player
                                                                                                                   Have you ever thought of
Must love children
A valid Early Childhood Education Certificate and licence to practice (in accordance with the
                                                                                                         becoming a Safe (Resource) Home?
Child Care Regulation)                                                                                 Usma Nuu-chah-nulth is accepting applications for those interested in becom-
A valid safety oriented first aid certificate                                                          ing a Resource Home. Check out the Federation of Aboriginal Foster Parents
A Food Safe certificate
                                                                                                       or the Foster Parent Support Services Society website for information regard-
A tuberculosis test
A criminal record check clearance letter                                                               ing the process of applying and becoming an approved caregiver at www.
                                                                                                       Fafp.ca www. Fosterhope.ca or call a Resource Social Worker today at 1-
       Please fax or mail resume, a cover letter and two current references to:                        877-722-3232 or (250) 724-3232
           Vickie Touchie, Fax (250)726-2173, e-mail: preschool@ufn.ca
Page 10 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Feb. 25, 2010
                                                                                            Ben N. Have a great day. Love nephew
     Birthdays & Congratulations                                                            Marvin Sr, Michael, Marvin Jr. nieces
                                                                                            Lisa, Violet and Pearl.
                                                Happy birthday Feb. 2: Pamela Watts;          Feb. 25: Happy birthday #1 uncle Tom
                                              Feb. 2: Darlene Nookemis; Feb. 6: Uncle       Joe. Love niece Lisa, Violet. Enjoy your
                                              Noel L.; Feb. 14: Nora Peters; Feb. 15:       day.
                                              Darrell Ross Sr.; Feb. 15: Dave Smith.          Feb. 25: Happy birthday Diffie. Love
                                              From Marvin, Pearl, Lisa, Mike, Marv Jr.      Mike, Marvin Jr, Pearl, Marvin Sr
                                              and Violet.                                   Tutube.
                                                Feb. 16: Happy birthday to you Lisa           March 1: Happy birthday Uncle Tom
                                              Marie. Hope you enjoyed your day. Love        Gus. Love Pearl, Violet, Lisa, Michael,
                                              dad, mom, Violet, Mike, Marv Jr.              Marvin Jr. Marvin Sr.
                                                Happy 26th birthday Big Sister Lisa.          March 4: Happy ?? birthday to a won-
                                              Let’s have fun. Love baby bear, Niko, S.      derful husband Marvin. Love you very
                                                Feb. 17: Happy birthday Edna. Love          much. Love Pearl.
                                              auntie and uncle.                               March 4: Happy 5? birthday Dad. Love
                                                Feb. 17: Happy birthday Pam Castle.         Lisa, Violet, Michael and Marv Jr.
                                              From good friends Mike, Marvin, Violet          March 8: Happy ?? birthday Kevin
Sending Best                                                                                                                               Nathan Read is 14 years old and he
                                              and Lisa.                                     Watts. Love cuzin Pearl, Marvin and
Wishes for a                                                                                                                            is Hupacasath. His mother is Brenda
                                                Feb. 21: Happy birthday John C.W.           family.
Happy Birthday                                                                                                                          Read (Lauder) and his father is Simon
                                              Love auntie and family.                         March 15: Happy 23rd birthday Marv
to a Very Special                                                                                                                       Read.
                                                Feb. 22: Happy birthday James               Jr. Love Ma, Dad, brother Michael, sister
Uncle – May                                                                                                                                This is Nathan’s second year on the
                                              Nookemis. From Mr. and Mrs. Marvin            Lisa, Villy bears.
every day make                                                                                                                          Alberni Valley Bantam Rep Ice
                                              Tutube and kids.                                 March 4: Happy birthday bro Marvin.
you as happy as                                                                                                                         Hockey Team for Port Alberni. This
                                                Feb. 25: Let’s all sing Happy Birthday      Love Uncle Doug, Pete.
these fish heads                                                                                                                        year Nathan has been selected captain
                                              W. Tom. Joe. Love cuz Pearl, Marvin Sr,          March 15: Happy birthday nephew
did! :0) Happy                                                                                                                          of the team, which is a high honor.
                                              nephews Michael, Marv Jr, Lisa, and           Marvin Jr. From Dick, Dorothy, Nancy
75th! With love                                                                                                                         Nathan is a very hard working, dedi-
                                              Violet.                                       and Wilson family.
from your                                                                                                                               cated player for his team and every
                                                Happy Valentine’s Day to a wonderful           Happy birthday to Memphis Ross on
Favorite Niece                                                                                                                          day he is at hockey or training for
                                              wife Pearl. Thanks honey for the four         March 2. Love Auntie Annie, Uncle
and Family                                                                                                                              hockey. He is also on the honor roll at
                                              kids. Love you very much. Your honey          Dave Watts and family.
xoxo. :0)                                                                                                                               Alberni District Secondary School.
                                              and enjoy your day. Love Marvin C.
                                                                                                                Derrick Keenan          Way to go Nathan. We are very proud
  I would like to say happy 5th birthday      Tutube.
                                                                                                                Ulric                   of you.
to my beautiful little sunshine on March        Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet-
                                                                                                                Feb. 28, 1988              Bryan Read is 16 years old and he
2. Not so little anymore. Aaliyah Adams       heart Marvin C. Tutube. Love Pearl
                                                                                                                                        too is a member of Hupacasath.
you are my life. My world! I love you         Tutube.
                                                                                                                    Watching you        Parents are Brenda and Simon Read.
with all my heart ! Lots of love from           Happy Valentine’s Day to our lovely
                                                                                                                  grow, from a ninja       Bryan has been amazing in ice
your one and only mommy.                      daughter’s Lisa, Violet, and son Michael,
                                                                                                                  turtle, Wrestle       hockey over the years. Last year he
  Also happy 5th birthday to Haily            Marv Jr. Have great day all. Dad and
                                                                                                                  mania, collector, a   played for the Alberni Valley Midget
Donahue on March 10. Have a great day.        Mom.
                                                                                                                  very powerful cul-    Rep Ice Hockey Team. He was select-
Love from Aaliyah and Chrissy.                  Feb. 24: Happy birthday to a dear
                                                                                            tural Performer, a hip- hop, rap- crap      ed to the BC Aboriginal Team and
Happpy 1st birthday to a very special         daughter Daphne Rose, and many more.
                                                                                            writer, To this ... Our Hero. A young       went to Winnipeg to play in the
boy, Jordan Titian, on March 19. Love         All our love, mom and dad.
                                                                                            man, full of dreams. Recovering from        National Aboriginal Championships
you lots, from Aunty Trace and sis ya-          Feb. 25: Happy birthday to a dear
                                                                                            an unexpected injury. Witnessing your       for a week. Then later was selected to
ya.                                           brother, Leo Sabbas, and many, many
                                                                                            accomplishments makes us proud. We          the National Aboriginal Team.
  Happy 5? birthday to uncle/grandpa          more. Love you, bro. Your sis Rose.
                                                                                            as family give you our strength to help        This year Bryan also was selected to
Barrie on March 27, from Angel and              Feb. 16: Lisa M.T. Love Dad, Mom,
                                                                                            you carry on. We will pick you up           the Alberni Valley Midget Rep Ice
household.                                    Violet, Michael, Marv Jr.
                                                                                            when you fall down. We will be there        Hockey Team for Port Alberni and he
  Happy 23 birthday to neph/bro/uncle           Feb. 16: Nephew Josh. Love uncle
                                                                                            to protect you, when you are hurt           was selected as the captain of the
Leon on March 28, from Aunty Angel            Marvin, auntie Pearl, cuzins.
                                                                                              The pride we share is overwhelming        team, which is a great honor, because
and household.                                  Feb. 17: Edna M. Love uncle Marvin,
                                                                                              You came back into this world, with       there are older players up to 17 on the
Happy birthday to our daddy Justin            auntie Pearl and family.
                                                                                            incredible goals. The Love of family        team.
Croft on March 28. Miss you and love            Feb. 21: 34th Joc. Love Auntie Pearl,                                                      Every day he is at hockey or train-
you lots, from Shaq and Em-jo.                                                              and friends, and your precious daughter
                                              Uncle Marvin and family. Hope you had                                                     ing for hockey. This year Bryan also
  Happy belated birthday Jan. 6 Michael                                                     Angelene, gives you the courage to
                                              great birthday sunny.                                                                     has been selected to the Glacier Kings
Ernest David Tutube. Love dad, mom,                                                         fight for the responsibilities of Life
                                                Feb. 21: Happy 31 Anniversary Mr.                                                       Junior B team as an affiliate. Bryan’s
Violet, Marvin Jr., big sister Lisa. Jan.                                                     Running, weight-lifting, schooling,
                                              Roger, Ang Miller. Enjoy your day. Love                                                   hockey team has been to Merritt and
6: Happy belated birthday Corrine                                                           parenting classes, drug and alcohol ses-
                                              you both. Pearl, Marvin, Lisa, Mike,                                                      Kamloops this year for tournaments
Williams. Love Uncle Marvin, Auntie                                                         sions, your ambitious cultural artwork,
                                              Marv Jr. Violet Tutube.                                                                   and the team has won first place in
Pearl, Lisa, Violet, Michael, Marvin Jr.                                                    prove to us you are recovering. Our
                                                Feb. 24: Happy 75th birthday uncle          family will pass our strength onto you      both tournaments and they brought
Tutube.                                                                                                                                 home trophies. They also won their
                                                                                            for as long as you wish, so hold on and
                                                                                                                                        division of the Vancouver Island
  Canada Learning Bond – FREE Education Savings                                             don’t let go, we love you so much
                                                                                                                                        Hockey League. Way to go Bryan, we
The cost of obtaining a Post Secondary Education increases every year. Even with              We would like to wish you a happy
funding support through Canada Student Loans, Bursaries, Scholarships and First             22nd birthday, we are happy you are         are very proud of you.
Nations funding, students often find themselves in need of additional funds to help         here to celebrate.
ensure success. Make sure you access all the funds you are eligible to receive for your       Love you always and forever our
children’s future education. If you haven’t already started a Registered Education
Savings Plan (RESP) for your child, consider signing up for the Canada Learning Bond.
What is the Canada Learning Bond?                                                             from, Mom, Mary, and Janine
The Canada Learning Bond is money provided by the government to help you start
saving for your child’s education once they complete high school.
How much is it?
$500 is provided NOW to help you start saving for your child’s education. An extra $25
is included with this first payment to assist with the cost of opening the RESP. Each
year, up until your child turns 15, an additional $100 will be added. That’s up to $2,000
in bonds for your child’s education.
How do I know if I qualify?
In order to qualify for the Learning bond
          · Your child must have been born after December 31, 2003, and

         · You must qualify for the National Child Benefit Supplement as part of the
         Canada Child Tax Benefit.

How do I apply:
       1. Get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for yourself and your child. Although
       there are no fee’s to do this, you will require certain documents such as a birth
       certificate in order to apply.

         2. Open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) account with an RESP
         provider that offers the Canada Learning Bond.

NOTE: you don’t even have to put money into the RESP. Your financial institution will
apply for the bond, which will be deposited directly into your child’s RESP account.
For more information:
Contact 1 800 O-Canada (1 800-662-6232) Or visit a service Canada Centre near you
                                                                                                                    Feb. 25, 2010 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Page 11

   Birthdays &
  Congratulations                                   Community Beyond
                                        Intermediate Basketbell tournament
                                                                                                            &                    Projecting Sales
                                        Feb. 26 to Feb. 28                          All Native Ball Hockey Tourney               April 7
                                        Ucluelet                                    March 26 to 28                               Port Alberni
                                                                                    Port Alberni
                                        Nitinaht Hawks Junior boys and girls                                                     Time: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Location:
                                        basketball teams Intermediate               Thunder Sports Men’s and Women’s Ball        NEDC Office,
                                        Basketbell tournament sarts Friday, Feb.    Hockey Tourney will be held in Maht          7563 Pacific Rim Hwy. To register:
                                        26 at 3 p.m. and ends Feb. 28 at 6 p.m.     Mahs Gym. Individual awards.First            Contact Jennifer or Caledonia @
Happy belated 24th birthday to Nick     To be held at Ucluelet Secondary            place: $1,500 mens (basedon 10 teams).       250-724-3131, Toll-free:
and happy 21st birthday to Julian.      School. Taking first 6 men’s teams and      First place $800 women’s (Based on six       1-866-444-6332. Visit our website
Love from Mom and Dad.                  first 6 ladies teams. Open to non-Native    teams). Men’s Entry Fee $350. Women’s        for full details: www.nedc.info/event
                                        teams as well. $200 per team...21 and       Entry Fee $300. Concession, 50/50 and
Happy 5th                               under. Send me confirmation of your         much more. Raffle ticket for three items.    Pre-service Orientation
birthday to my                          team via facebook or email                  Two Canucks Ticket for Final Game of         April 14 to 16
grand-daughter                          phyllis_shaw_74@hotmail.com or text         Season. Luongo Jersey and Burrows
                                                                                                                                 Port Alberni
Amelia for                              250 - 730-1173. Look forward to             Jersey. Raffle will be drawn at end of
March 11.                               watching this division play, not enough     tourney. Contacts Les Sam at
                                                                                                                                 Here’s your chance to learn more about
Daughter of Pat                         tourneys for this division.                 les.sam@tseshaht.com, Terry Sam (250)
                                                                                                                                 what is required to become a foster par-
Little and Rose                                                                     723-7795, Richard Sam (250) 731-5422
                                                                                                                                 ent for Usma Nuu-chah-nulth Famiy
Charles. Also a 6th happy birthday to   Business Communications                     and Ed Ross (250) 720-3728.
                                                                                                                                 and Child Services. A Pre-Servie
my other grand daughter Kaydence for    March 3                                     Marketing Kit
                                                                                                                                 Orientation is being hosted by the
March 8th. I love you both. Love
                                        Port Alberni                                                                             Federation of Aboriginal Foster Parents
grandma Maxine Little.                                                              March 26                                     and the Resource Team of Usma. It’s
                                        Time: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Location: NEDC       Port Alberni                                 free of charge, travel costs may be cov-
I would like
                                        Office, 7563 Pacific Rim Hwy. To                                                         ered. To register or start your foster
to say happy
                                        Register: Contact Jennifer or Caledonia     Time: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Location: Echo       home application, please call and speak
6th birthday
                                        at 250-724-3131, Toll-free:                 Park Field House, 4200 Wood Avenue.          to a resource worker at 1-877-722-3232
to mine and
                                        1-866-444-6332. Visit our website           To register: Contact Jennifer or             or 250-724-3232.
Len Jrs
                                        for full details: www.nedc.info/event       Caledonia at 250-724-3131, Toll-free:
                                                                                    1-866-444-6332. Visit our Web site           Cash Flow Management
Tom. I can’t                            Hawks 6th Annual Men’s-Ladies               for full details: www.nedc.info/event        April 14
believe you’re                          Open Basketball Tournament                                                               Port Alberni
                                        March 5 to 7                                How to Budget Your Marketing
6. The years                                                                                                                     Time: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Location:
have gone by so fast. You’re growing    Port Alberni                                March 26                                     NEDC Office, 7563 Pacific Rim Hwy.
up too fast on mommy. You’ll always                                                 Port Alberni                                 To register: Contact Jennifer or
be my baby though. I love you always.   To be held at Maht Mans Gym on the                                                       Caledonia at 250-724-3131, Toll-free:
Love mommy (Liz Little), baby broth-    Tseshaht reserve. (Based on 10 teams).      Time: 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Location: Echo       1-866-444-6332. Visit our website
er Tavius and grandma Maxine Little.    1st Place -$1,200. $100 deposit due by      Park Field House, 4200 Wood Avenue.          for full details: www.nedc.info/event
                                        Feb. 26.Contact: Bobby Rupert 250-          To register: Contact Jennifer or
                                        720-5454 or 250-731-6170 email:             Caledonia at 250-724-3131, Toll-free:        Exportation Seminar
                                        rupert23@hotmail.com                        1-866-444-6332. Visit our website            April 23
                                                                                    for full details: www.nedc.info/event.
                                                                                                                                 Port Alberni
                                        Loonie Toonie
                                        March 6                                     Health Fair
                                                                                                                                 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Location: Echo
                                        Port Alberni                                March 30                                     Park Field House, 4200 Wood Avenue.
                                                                                    Tsaxana                                      To register: Contact Jennifer or
                                        To be held at Somass Hall, 9 a.m. setup,                                                 Caledonia at 250-724-3131, Toll-free:
                                        10 a.m. pre-bids, 3 p.m. bids. Tables       This year’s Health Fair will be focused      1-866-444-6332. Visit our website
                                        available $10/each. Stop by Eva’s to        on Health and Education promotion. It        for full details: www.nedc.info/event
                                        book table. This is to help pay off the     will be held in the Wah-meesh gym at
                                        balance of our late brother Eddie           Tsaxana.                                     Workshop: Team Building
                                        Gallic’s funeral expenses. Also to help                                                  April 28
                                        Willard (Rocky) Gallic’s dental work        Effective Public Relations
                                                                                                                                 Port Alberni
Congratulations to our parents Fred
Thomas and Lillian John.
                                        done, i.e. root canal’s, in order for him   March 30
                                        to start his chemo. Donations greatly       Port Alberni                                 Time: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Location:
As everyday goes by , there will        appreciated. Can be dropped off at Eva
always be joy, happiness and plenty                                                 Time: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Location: Echo        NEDC Office, 7563 Pacific Rim Hwy.
                                        Harris place at 1014 Heequis Place, Port                                                 To register: Contact Jennifer or
of love. I am so happy about your                                                   Park Field House, 4200 Wood Avenue.
                                        Alberni. Klecko, klecko.                                                                 Caledonia at 250-724-3131, Toll-free:
wedding. What a lovely wedding you                                                  To register: Contact Jennifer or
both had on Feb. 3rd 2010.                                                          Caledonia at 250-724-3131, Toll-free:        1-866-444-6332. Visit our website
                                        Agriculture/Collection Training
XOXOXOXOX                                                                           1-866-444-6332. Visit our Web site           for full details: www.nedc.info/event
Love from Marlo and Joe.
                                        March 9 and 10                              for full details: www.nedc.info/event
Love from Freda and Tim                 Port Alberni                                                                             34th Annual B.C. Elders Gathering
Love from all your grandchildren                                                    Memorial Potlatch for late Jerry Jack        July 13 to 15
                                        Good Agricultural and Collection            Sr. and late Colleen Pendleton
                                                                                                                                 Salmon Arm, B.C.
                                        Practices Training Sessions. Wild           April 3 and 4
                                        Harvested Foods and Products from 9                                                      Hosted by Adams Lake Indian Band
 EFFECTIVE FEB. 20, 2010                                                            Port Alberni
                                        a.m. to 5 p.m. on March 9. On-Farm                                                       and the Secwepemc Nation at the
Kackaamin Family                        Food Safety from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on
                                                                                    The Jack and Pendleton Families would        Sunwave Centre. For more information
Development Centre will be              March 10. Sessions held at Tseshaht
                                                                                    like to invite you to Port Alberni for a     please contact Karen Everard at (250)
changing our Phone # to                 band office. Contact Keith Hunter at                                                     679-8841.
                                                                                    two-day potlatch to honor the memory of
(250) 723-7789. This is the             FirstNationsWildcrafters@shaw.ca or
                                                                                    the Late Hereditary Chief Jerry Jack Sr.
                                        call 250-720-8907 or 250-731-3998.
result of our old number                                                            and his late daughter Colleen Pendleton      Tlu-piich Games
being similar to a resident             New Media Marketing
                                                                                    (nee Jack). Starting at 10 a.m. sharp both   Aug. 5 to 9
phone number in Port                                                                days at Maht Mahs. For more informa-
                                        March 16                                    tion contact Jerry Jack Jr. at (250) 283-
                                                                                                                                 Port Alberni
                                        Port Alberni                                9123 or Ben Jack Sr. at (250) 283-2614
Please accept our apolo-                                                            (H) or 250-778-2487 (Cell) or
                                                                                                                                 They are back and your participation is
gies for any confusion.                                                                                                          encouraged. Watch Ha-Shilth-Sa for
                                        Time: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Location: Echo       Claire Newman at (250) 957-2487 (H) or
                                                                                                                                 more information in the coming
                                        Park Field House, 4200 Wood Avenue.         (250) 668-6304 (Cell) or email benp-
                   Yours Truly,         To Register: Contact Jennifer or            jack@hotmail.com or clarettajoan@hot-
              Sadie Greenaway           Caledonia at 250-724-3131, Toll-free:       mail.com
             Executive Director         1-866-444-6332. Visit our website           or jerry43307@hotmail.com.
                                        for full details: www.nedc.info/event
Page 12 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Feb. 25, 2010

   Notice to UFN
 Members and Visitors
                                           A small school with a big heart
                                                                                       in their fundraising
    of Hit-tat-soo                         Submitted by Patricia McAuley               efforts. At the Red
   (Ucluelet East):                                                                    Cross office in
                                                                                       Victoria there is a
    Throughout this next month and a
                                           Victoria—On Thursday Feb. 11, the           strong Nuu-chah-
 half, you may notice that many of the
                                           Grade 4 class of the Haahuupayak            nulth connection, as
  staff is away from the office. What’s
                                           School travelled to Victoria to the Red     well as an ex-
      happening? Well, CFO – Cathy
                                           Cross Office. With their mission com-       employee of
 Rothwell was successful in her appli-
                                           plete and much beyond the teacher and       Haahuupayak,
 cation to INAC for some Professional
                                           principal’s imagination, the class deliv-   Jessica Stephens (nee
  and Institutional Development Funds
                                           ered a cheque for $1,068 for the country    Robinson) from
  and has arranged for Instructors from
                                           of Haiti.                                   Tseshaht.
    Royal Roads University to visit us
                                             Teacher Carolyn Thibodeau took on            It was decided that
 here in Ucluelet. Various courses have
                                           the fundraising effort with her Grade 4     the students would
        been arranged, ranging from
                                           class and had a huge bottle drive. “Our     bring their donation
      ‘Performance Management’ to
                                           class at Haahuupayak worked very hard       to the Red Cross
  Adapting to Change’. Full participa-
                                           for three weeks and with the help, guid-    office and also share
 tion at these sessions is mandatory for
                                           ance and assistance from Jack Little, a     in their cultural tradi-
 the staff and successful completion of                                                                         Students from Haahuupayak raised $1,068 for Haiti.
                                           volunteer, we were able to exceed our       tions.
    all courses will award them with a                                                    Little then said that he would assist to Echo Toyota. The trip was sponsored
 Certificate – Competency Framework        fundraising goal. Originally we expect-
                                           ed to raise just a few hundred dollars,”    find the resources to bring the students to by all of the above.
 for Mid-Management Skills. We have                                                    Victoria. Businesses were approached          This meant that 100 per cent of the
 arranged to have someone fill in at the   said Thibodeau.
                                             An article appeared in the Ha-Shilth-     and Port Alberni, as usual, came through    proceeds of the bottle drive would go to
   front-desk of the Health Centre and                                                 and provided the transportation, food and the country of Haiti. Upon arrival at the
 the Administration Office to open and     Sa about Haahuupayak’s fundraising.
                                           The Grade 4 class has been involved in      costs for the return trip to Victoria.      Red Cross in Victoria the students were
    close for us while we are away on                                                     A bus load of students and a six pas-    quickly brought into a meeting room
                these dates:               another fundraiser called “Spread the
                                           Net” where they have a goal of raising      senger vehicle, compliments of the          where the Red Cross, compliments of
              Tues. February 23                                                        Tseshaht First Nation (bus) and vehicle     Jessica Stephens, provided a lunch for
              Wed. February 24             $1,000 for children who battle malaria
                                           on a daily basis. Many of the children      donated by Budget car and truck rental,     everyone. Also there was a Chek 6 TV
             Thurs. February 25                                                        then departed to go to Victoria.            reporter waiting for the group.
                Mon. March 1               were affected by what is happening in
                                           Africa, also with the recent major earth-   Sandwiches were donated by Quality            The Haahuupayak students then sang
                Tues. March 2                                                          Foods, along with drinks and the            a song prior to their presentation of a
               Mon. March 15               quake in Haiti, so the children wanted to
                                           do something about it.                      Tseshaht Market donated fresh fruit and     cheque to the Red Cross for $1,068.
               Tues. March 16                                                          drinks along with gift certificates from    Grade 4 students presented the cheque
                Fri. March 19                After the article was done in the Ha-
                                           Shilth-Sa, Little was very moved and        Safeway, Fairway Market and Randy’s         to Kimberly Nemrava, the provincial
               Mon. March 22                                                           Buy Low and a $25 fuel donation from        director of the Canadian Red Cross.
               Tues. March 23              offered to assist the students and school

   We thank you in advance for your

   To advertise in
  call (250) 724-5757

  Submission dead-
   line is March 5.
                                                                                                                            Feb. 25, 2010 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Page 13

Nuu-chah-nulth wrestlers do well at invitational
                                                                                                                                           Isaiah Taylor faced Chad Roots from
By Jack F. Little                                                                                                                        Terry Fox in the semi-final. Roots sur-
Ha-Shilth-Sa Reporter                                                                                                                    prised Taylor with a throw and a take-
                                                                                                                                         down for three points in the first 10 sec-
                                                                                                                                         onds of the round. Taylor bounced back
Port Alberni–The 27th Annual Alberni                                                                                                     quickly with throws and take-downs and
Wrestling Invitational Tournament was                                                                                                    after the first round was over he had a
held on Feb. 4 to 6, and Nuu-chah-nulth                                                                                                  convincing 10 – 3 win. Taylor also won
wrestlers who competed did very well.                                                                                                    the second round and advanced to the
   Dailey Forbes, who has Hesquiaht                                                                                                      final.
roots, led the way winning a gold medal                                                                                                    He faced Clifton Connor from
in the Cadet, 90 kg weight division.                                                                                                     Burnaby South and lost a close match.
Former Alberni wrestler Isaiah Taylor,                                                                                                   Taylor and Connor were once teammates
who now toils in Nanaimo, Brianne                                                                                                        on Team BC. Taylor’s uncle Aaron
Charles and Russell David, all came in                                                                                                   Keitlah has coached his nephew since he
second in their categories, winning silver                                                                                               got interested in wrestling and was
medals.                                                                                                                                  pleased with Taylor’s effort.
   Forbes, and Charles wrestled for                                                                                                        “Isaiah was somewhat not in the best
Alberni District Secondary School, and                                                                                                            of condition as just a week
David wrestled for EJ Dunn Middle                                                                                                                 before this event he was jumped
School. Taylor wrestled for John Barsby                                                                                                           by a few teenagers and adoles-
School.                                                                                                                                           cents and had a concussion from
   Tom McEvay, principal of the VAST                                                                                                              the incident. The fact that he
School and President of the Alberni                                                                                                               wrestled and did quite well in
Valley Wrestling Association, was very                                                                                                            making the final is due to his
pleased with their results.                                                                                                                       love for wrestling,” said Keitlah.
   “Dailey Forbes wrestled very well in                                                                                                             Taylor had a lot of support as
her match in the final and was deserving                                                                                                          his teammates from Barsby, as
of the win. Unfortunately, Brianne                                                                                                                well as all those who knew
Charles met up against the eventual gold                                                                                                          Taylor from the Alberni Valley
place winner who was also chosen as the                                                                                                           Wrestling Club cheered him on
Most Outstanding Wrestler in the Cadet                                                                                                            for his matches. Taylor ended up
Division, but she did very well and lost a                                                                                                        with the silver medal in the
close match,” said McEvay. Charles                                                                                                                Juvenile 78 kilogram weight
wrestled Cara Munn from Burnaby                                                                                                                   division.
South in the semi-final with the winner                                                                                                             Russell David from EJ Dunn
advancing to the final.                                                                                                                           wrestled in the final of the
   In a very close match Munn scored the                                                                                                          school age 49 kg weight division
only point in the first round. In a match                                                                                                         but came up short in his match
there are three rounds of two minutes                                                                                                             against Aidan Fentiman from
each. The first to win two rounds wins                                                                                                            100 Mile House. Coach
the match unless a wrestler gets pinned.      Clockwise from top: One time                                                                        Messenger was very pleased
If a wrestler gets pinned then they lose      Alberni Valley wrestler Isaiah Taylor                                                               with David’s efforts, however.
the match, regardless if they have won a      now represents Nanaimo in competi-                                                                    McEvay was happy with the
round or not.                                 tion. Taylor ended up with the silver                                                               event overall.
   Charles found herself down a round         medal in the Juvenile 78 kilogram                                                                     “I cannot say enough about
and either had to win the second round        weight division. Dailey Forbes of                                                                   our amazing volunteers and the
or pin her opponent. The second round         Hesquiaht captured gold. Tom                                                                        support we get from the commu-
again was very close. In the first minute     McEvay, president of the Alberni                                                                    nity. Our visiting wrestlers and
of the second round, again Munn scored        Valley Wrestling Association, and                                                                   coaches are astounded at what
a point. Now Charles had to come back         coach Aaron Keitlah were very                                                                       we put on every year. They all
for the match to continue. Munn was on        pleased with the competition. Brianne                                                               love coming here. It is a mam-
the defensive to try and ensure she did       Charles capture silver at the event.                                                                moth undertaking that requires a
not get a point or points scored on her. If                                                                                                       huge effort from so many people
she succeeded she would win the match.        with Brianne’s character and composure        the Tournament. Charles lost to Topnik       and we thank them sincerely,” said.
   There was about 20 seconds left in the     as she did what she had to do to pull off     and ended up with the silver medal in the      An update: Brianne Charles and
round when all of a sudden Charles took       the win. Both Cara and Brianne wrestled       64 kilogram Cadet Division.                  Daley Forbes for the Alberni District
her opponent down to the mat on a             well in a fairly even match,” said               In the 90 kilogram Cadet Division         Secondary School competed in the
throw, scoring three points on the take-      Messenger.                                    final, Dailey Forbes was against             Vancouver Island Wrestling
down. With less than 10 seconds left in         “Brianne Charles had one of the best        Michelyn Bell from Terry Fox. Both           Championships held in Chemainus on
the round, Charles pinned her opponent        matches of the year in her semi-final         wrestlers started off tentatively in the     Feb. 20 and won their respective weight
and won the match.                            against Cara Munn from Burnaby South,         first round. In the last minute of the       classes, as Charles won in the 64 kg
   Alberni Valley Wrestling Coach James       as she had a throw followed by a pin in       round Forbes took a 2–0 lead and held on     Cadet Division. Forbes moved down in
Messenger was in her corner for the           her come- back win,” said McEvay.             for the first round win. Forbes was in       weight class and wrestled with an injury
match.                                        Charles faced off against Ashley Topnik       control of the match in the second round     to her foot and still won in the 75 kilo-
   “It was an amazing match between           from WJ Mouwat from Abbotsford, who           and ended up pinning her opponent for        gram Cadet division.Isaiah Taylor won
Brianne and Cara. I was very impressed        was chosen as the top Cadet Wrestler of       the decisive win.                            in the 78 kg Cadet division.

Ucluelet Warriors place second in zone playoffs
                                              71–34.                                        once again played a lot. Chemainus had a     as our players could not play hard
By Jack F. Little                               Kevin Nixon, teacher sponsor for the        few big players, but our team rebounded      defense. Fraser and Sheldon Touchie
Ha-Shilth-Sa Reporter                         Warriors team, said that all of the players   very well. Once again Fraser played a        eventually fouled out of the game and
                                              took part. John Tom led the attack with       strong role in the selection of our plays    two of our other starters and main play-
                                              17 points and team-mate Tyson Touchie         and our players executed them very           ers had four fouls,” said Nixon.
Victoria–The Ucluelet Warriors basket-        tallied 15 points. Point guard Shane          well,” said Nixon.                             Nixon said that this year only one
ball team participated in the Vancouver       Fraser played a solid game with 11               This then set up the championship         team qualifies for the BC Single A
Island Single A High School basketball        assists to go with six points. Nixon said     game against the host Glen Lyon team.        Senior Boys Championships and that the
zone playoffs at Glen Lyon School in          the play was disciplined and everyone         Both teams were fairly even and Ucluelet     Warriors season is now officially over.
Victoria on Feb. 19 and 20.                   had equal playing time.                       held on to a 21–18 lead after the first      In the final, Josh Grilli scored 30 points
Unfortunately they came up short, losing        In their next game the Warriors played      quarter. However a couple of key players     and John Tom scored 11 points.
the final to the host team Glen Lyon by a     the Chemainus Cougars and won the             ended up in foul trouble in the second         Nixon was very pleased however with
score of 80–64.                               game handily. They jumped to an early         quarter and Ucluelet trailed at the half     the team’s efforts and was especially
  There were six teams that participated      33–14 lead after the first quarter and led    39–35. Nixon said that the Warriors          happy that the Ucluelet Warriors were
in the qualifying tournament for the          at half time 45–18. Kenny David led a         missed quite a few uncontested lay-ups       chosen as the Most Sportsmanlike Team.
Senior Boys. The Warriors first game          balanced scoring attack with 19 points.       and easy shots, which would hurt them in     He also was very thankful for Coach
was against the Victor Brodeur School         Tyson Touchie scored 12 points. And all       the game.                                    Lance Martin and Melody Charlie for
and the Warriors dominated from start to      the players got on the score sheet.              “This, with our key players in foul       volunteering for the season and taking
finish defeating the team by a score of         “The bench players or second string         trouble, really hurt us in the second half   the team to the zone playoffs.
Page 14 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Feb. 25, 2010
                                                                                                   Services Offered                                             Wanted
                             In Memory
                                                                                                                                                WANTED: To buy house on Tseshaht
            Charles Allan Ross ~ Kaanowish ~ left us February 20, 2002                                                                          Reserve. Call Jay 250-723-7772 or cel
             and Lanny Ross ~ Mahoy ~ who left us February 25, 2002                                                                             735-2596.
                                                                                                                             Bruce Kivell       WANTED: whale teeth, whalebones,
Time has taken us from                                                                                                     Owner Operator       mastodon ivory and Russian blue cobalt
you,                                                                                                                                            trade beads. Lv. msg. For Steve and
                                                                                                                    Phone 250-720-6199
Although not very far.                                                                                     Email kframesnrenos@live.ca          Elsie John at 604-833-3645 or c/o #141-
We’ll be watching                                                                                                                               720 6th St, New Westminster BC
through the sunshine                                                                                                                            V3L3C5.
And through the bright-                                                                                                                         WANTED: Ucluelet First Nation is look-
est star.                                                                                                                                       ing to build a contact list for carpenters &
We’ll be watching all of                                                                                                                        contractors. Please send us this informa-
you,                                                                                                                                            tion by contacting us at (250)726-7342 or
From the heavens up                                                                                                                             fax (250)726-7552 attention to Housing
above.                                                                                                                                          Administrator.
                                                                                                                                                WANTED TO BUY: Good used running
So take good care of each other               Our dear father and brother are sadly
                                                                                                                                                90 HP motor with controls. Please phone
And carry all our love.                       missed and they will forever remain in                                                            Bernard at 1-250-670-1133.
If you’re ever wondering                      our hearts. The love they shared with us
if we’re there, here’s where you can start.   all will live on.                                                                                          Accommodations
Take a look inside yourself                   From Kaanowish and Joanne, Georgina
Deep within your heart.                       and Cyril Livingstone, Gloria Ross,                                                               FOR RENT: 2 bedroom house in
We’ll always be your father,                                                                                                                    Nanaimo. $800/month with $400 securi-
                                              Annie and Dave Watts, Darrell and Lena
Your brother, your best friend.                                                                                                                 ty deposit required. Call Robert Peters at
                                              Ross, Rosalee, Dawn, Jada, Dustin, Sara,
                                                                                                                                                (250) 591-1626
So anytime you need us,                       Harmony and all your grandchildren,
                                                                                                                                                FOR RENT: A non-profit organization
Close your eyes we’re back again.             great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
                                                                                                                                                has rooms to rent, by the day, week or
                                                                                                                                                month. Very reasonable rates for Room
                                                                                                                                                and Board. Also, there is a Boardroom
    Opportuniy                                                                                                                                  available for rent. For information phone
                                                                                                                                                FOR RENT: Equipment for power point
  Nuu-chah-nulth                                                                                                                                and DVD presentations. Projector and
                                                                                                                                                Screen. By the hour or day. Deposit
     Website                                                                                                                                    required. Telephone: 250-724-5290.
                                                                                                                                                NITINAHT LAKE MOTEL: Open
   Administrator                                                                                                   Tattoos                      year round! Coastal rainforest and world-
     Wanted                                                                                                        by Rick
                                                                                                                                                class recreation at your doorstep! For
                                                                                                                                                reservations and other information call
 Uu-a-thluk (NTC Fisheries) is                                                                                       Call                       TOQUART BAY CONVENIENCE
   looking for an administrator                                                                                                                 STORE, CAMPGROUND & MARI-
      to maintain our websites.                                                                                     (250)                       NA: Reservations available. Open year
                                                                                                                                                round. Status cigs available. 1-250- 726-
     These include a main site
  (www.uuathluk.ca), plus our
                                                                                                                  724-4931                      8306 or 1-250-726-8349.
        new sport fishing site
   fishingguides/index.html). If
    you speak html proficiently
        and understand basic
   javascript, drop us an email
     that includes your resume
      and your experience with                                                           SERVICES OFFERED: Everyone needs                       BEAR WATTSH INN 5201 Hector
                                                                                         a break. Will do housekeeping, yard work,              Road, Port Alberni, B.C. (250)724-2603
 these languages. Some men-
                                                                                         shopping, cooking and babysitting.                     or cel 731-5795. One Bedroom rooms
    toring will be provided. You                                                                                                                available, own shower and toilet facili-
    should also be reliable and                                                          Seniors discount @ $8 per hour and $9 per
                                                                                         hour cash only. Mary Anne 250-720-                     ties. Nuu-chah-nulth rate available.
     able to make site changes                                                                                                                  www.bearwattshinn.com
   quickly and efficiently, once
       contracted. Because the                                                                                      Coo-us Catering                      Services Offered
   position is only a few hours                                                                                         & Events
                                                                                                                Small or large events
  per month, it’s well suited to                                                                       Food Set-up/Clean-up
  someone doing other related                                                                          Decorating           DJ
                                                                                                       “Serving the people in a
                 work.                                                                                 creative, fun & respectful way
                                                                                                       with affordable rates”
    Send your messages by                                                                              Certified with experience
                                                                                             (250) 720-4782 or tinamgus@yahoo.ca
         March 19 to:
                                                                                         Daniel Blackstone
                                                                                             Community Development &

                      IMPORTANT NOTICE                                                       Mental Health:
                                                                                                   • Presentations
                                                                                                   • Workshops
 NTC is currently developing partnerships with urban Aboriginal agen-                              • Meetings, Formal or Informal
                                                                                         • Cultural Awareness
  cies in Victoria and Campbell River to provide support to Nuu-chah-                        (250) 757-9366 or
  nulth children living in foster care in and around those communities.                      blackstoned@shaw.ca
  An important part of the agreement with these agencies is that NTC
              will be represented on their Board of Directors.                                  Outstanding Curb Appeal
  Individuals selected for these positions would have experience and                               Fall/Spring Cleanup
 interest in the area of family and child services, and be willing to vol-                    Pruning, Trimming, Shearing,
                                                                                              Landscape, Gardening, Lawns,
   unteer their time in the interest of better service to Nuu-chah-nulth
                                                                                                   Handyman Services.
                       children living away from home.                                      Call Richard 720-9169 or Imre 724-
   If you are a Nuu-chah-nulth member living in Victoria or the North                           5063 for a FREE estimate!
 Island and interested in being involved in this important work, please
                contact Clorissa Ginger at (250) 724-5757                                          Secluded Health & Fitness                         Blackhawk Autobody
                                                                                                      Ms Naomi Horbatch                                   Port Alberni
                                                                                             Natural Health Practioner, Personal Trainer
                                                                                              Educating people from a different point of you!        Call Marcel Dorward
                                                                                               ~ Zyto Compass Testing ~ Infra-Red Sauna
         To advertise in Ha-Shilth-Sa                                                         ~ Natures Sunshine Products ~ Health Parties
                                                                                                   Call to book your Consultation
                                                                                                                                                Professional Availible:Workshops, con-
              call (250) 724-5757                                                                 Or naomi_horbatch@hotmail.com                 ferences, healing circles, retreats, canoe
                                                                                                                                                journeys. Telephone 250-726-7644
                                                                                                                                           Feb. 25, 2010 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - Page 15

                                                                CLASSIFIED ADS
                      Artists                                                                                                                                   Misc.
CEDAR WEAVER: Baseball                                                                                                                                   HOUSE RENOVATIONS: Decks, sid-
caps, bridal floral bouquets, for                                                                                                                        ing, basic plumbing. Phone Bill Webster
                                                                      For Purchase                                                                       778-421-1511.
sale. Traditional hats, headdresses,                                                                                 For Purchase                        MASSAGES in your home or mine.
bracelets for trade.
email whupelth_weaver@shaw.ca                             FOR SALE: Native Beadwork: Chokers,                                                            Call 250-735-2271.
ARTIST: Anne M. Robinson. Cedar bark                      Anklets, Bracelets, Keychains, Earrings                                                        LONG BEACH REFLEXOLOGY
                                                          and also fancy Chokers, moccasin pins or       FOR SALE:
jewellry, artwork, including cedar roses,                                                                                                                STUDIO offers foot reflexology sessions.
                                                          earrings. E-mail me at muriel_mal-             “George Watts –
taking orders 723-4827.                                                                                                                                  Experience foot reflexology for relaxation
                                                          colm@hotmail.com                               Creating
AUTHENTIC BASKET WEAVING                                                                                                                                 and to energize. To book a session phone
                                                          FOR SALE: Silk screening company. Can          Greatness” books:
GRASS: picked and processed by Linda                                                                                                                     250-725-3482
                                                          do up to 500 shirt per day. Can do four to     $20 each. All sales
Edgar of Nitinaht, 3 corner, sharp and                                                                                                                   CERTIFIED EXP. CARPENTER: for
                                                          eight colors. Call Billy Keitlah at (250)      proceeds go to
swamp grass and cedar bark. Please call                                                                                                                  hire phone Dave Watts 250-723-9870.
                                                          731-9943.                                      George Watts
741-4192 in Nanaimo.                                                                                                                                     Completed 4 year program Camosun
                                                          FOR SALE: Weedeater and carvings.              Scholarship Fund.
                                                                                                                                                         College in theoretical and practical
                                                                                                         Call Caledonia at
  CEDAR WEAVING                                           Call Bruce 728-3414 if you’re interested.
                                                                                                         NEDC: 250-724-3131
                                                                                                                                                         aspects of the Carpentry trade with inter-
      by wii-nuk                                          PACIFIC BALANCE SEAL OIL your                                                                  provincial certification ticket.
     Mary Martin.                                         source of OMEGA 3. Both Omega 3 and
                                                          Omega 6 are essential fatty acids (EFA’s)      REPREZENT DESIGNS: First                                        Marine
www.cedarweaving.com                                      (the good fats). Available from Faith and      Nations Graphics. Specializing in Native        FOR SALE: Area "G" AI Troll License
cedarweaving@shaw.ca.                                     Richard Watts @ (250) 724-2603 (cel)           Vinyl Decals. (Custom Made/All Sizes).          37.5 ft. Contact Louie Frank Sr. at 250-
                                                          731-5795.                                      All types of Native Graphics. Celeste           670-9573 or leave a message at the
                                                          FOR SALE: One 471 Diesel engine with           Howard. Email for quotes and prices.            Ahousaht Administration Office at 250-
                                                          capitol gear, 2 ½ - 1 reduction in good run-   reprezent.designs@gmail.com                     670-9563.
                                                                                                                                                         FOR SALE: Custom made nets (250)
             Gordon Dick                                  ning order. Can be seen in Ahousaht. Call
            Nuu-chh-nulth                                 Chester @670-2587.
                                                                                                                                                         WANTED: Boat Trailer for 20’ boat. Call
     Art in Gold Silver and Wood                          FOR SALE: House at 399 Esowista.
                                                                                                                                                         Michael @ 720-6026.
     e-mail: gordondick@shaw.ca                           Secluded location. Sold with bed and
                                                                                                                                                         FOR SALE: 48’ Fiberglass Troller. Area
                                                          breakfast business. $225,000. (250) 725-
                                                                                                                                                         F license. Very reasonably priced. View
                                                                                                                                                         at sellyourboat.ca. Phone (250) 380-3028.
                                                          FOR SALE: Priced to sell. 14 ft. X 70 ft.
                                                                                                                                                         FOR SALE: 16 FT. Malibu 90 horse
        House of Win-Chee                                 Deluxe Princeton 1993 Manufactured
                                                                                                         MEETING FACILITATOR /                           yamaha $4,400 take boat and motor. 250-
                                                          Home. 2 Bedroom, plus 12 ft. X 18 ft.
        Aboriginal Fashion                                addition, total 1190 square feet.
                                                                                                         NEGOTIATOR: Are you tired of meet-              745-6220.
     Denise Williams, Designer                                                                           ings going all night long, never finishing      1 BOAT FOR SALE: 1 - 32 foot fiber-
                                                          Located at Sproat Lake Mobile Home
            Victoria, B.C.                                                                               the agenda, going around in circles? 20         glass, 180 horse Isuzu motor, radar and
                                                          Park. Build in vacuum, dishwasher, sun-
                                                                                                         years experience and proven track record.       colour sounder. Serious inquiries only.
       Phone: (250) 382-7379                              deck, storage shed. Heat pump with Air
                                                                                                         Keep your meetings on track. Call               Boat can be seen in Ucluelet. Phone 250-
   Email: winchee@pacificcoast.net                        conditioning, Lake/Beach Access. $247.00
                                                                                                         Richard Watts, Weelth-tsah @ (250) 724-         726-4620.
                                                          month pad rent. Asking: $110,000. 00 or
                                                                                                         2603 or (cel) 731-5795. Available any           MARINE ISUZU ENGINE MODEL
                                                          best reasonable offer, By appointment
                                                                                                         time.                                           6BD, 145 HP complete with capitol
                                                          only. NO AGENTS!For Info telephone
                                                                                                         ELEGANT ADVANTAGE                               marine gear, 2 ½ to 1 ratio recently over-
                                                          =250-724-5290. E-mail:wally-
                                                                                                         DECORATING AND CATERING                         hauled engine and gear. Any serious offers
                                                          samuel@telus.net. Website:
                                                                                                         SERVICES: Tracey Robinson @                     will be considered. Call Louie Frank Sr @
       James “Wihayaqa,cik” Swan                                                                         home:723-8571. We do all occasions:             250.670.9573 (home) or 250.670.9563
               Native Artist.                                                                            Weddings, Showers, Graduations,                 (work).
                                                          FOR SALE: For Sale: Deer hide, excel-          Banquets, Brunches, Dinners, * Super
           250-383-9779 home                              lent for drum making. 250-724-2932
             250-361-7389 cell                                                                           Host and Food Safe Certified*
                                                          FOR SALE: A Captains mate twin bed,            T.S.G. TRUCKING SERVICE: Moving
           jamesswan@telus.net                            complete. It is in good condition. Asking
         jfswan@finearts.uvic.ca                                                                         And Hauling, Reasonable Rates. Tom Gus,
                                                          price is $150.00. Call John at 250- 723-       5231 Hector Road, Port Alberni, B.C.
                                                          4906.                                          Phone: (250) 724-3975.
                                                          FOR SALE: Hesquiaht Place of Learning          FOR HIRE:Pickup truck and driver. Need
                                                          has some new tables a chairs available for     something transported or towed?
                                                          sale. Shipping charges will apply. The         Transport/move furniture, fridge, stoves,
                                                          tables are 60 length X 30 wide X 24 high:      outboard motors, your boat, canoe or travel
                                                          $275 each. The desks are adjustable.           trailer towed or moved. By the km and by        FOR SALE: 1996 24’ Crew Boat For Sale
                                                          $53.35 each. Call250-670-1191; e-mail:         the hour. Call 250-724-5290.                    $90,000.00 (open to offers). This Vessle
                                                          spuds_18@hotmail.com Rebecca Atleo             TSAWAAYUUS ELDERS: Are requesting               features: Welded Aluminum. Total length
  4563 Dogwood, Port Alberni, BC, V9Y3Z8 (250) 724-6831   Principal: Hesquiaht Place of Learning         volunteers to come and share your time          26.6 10 FT. Beam, 36 FT Draft, 270HP
                                                          FOR SALE OR RENT: Great commer-                with us. Singing and drumming, native           Mercury 4.2Lt Diesel inboard (2007), 80
                                                          cial opportunity. Great location by            dancing, storytelling, crafts of any kind and   gallon aluminum fuel tank, Furono 1721
                                                          Tseshaht Market on Pacific Rim Highway.        crib players. Come and share some special       Radar, GPS, All safety equipment includ-
                                                          Also ideal for office, etc. Asking $80,000     times with us. If you are interested, please    ed, New replacement value $140,000.
                                                          or rent for $1,000 a month. Call Richard       contact Bunt Cranmer at 724-5655.               (250) 724-3915. EXECDIR@KACK-
                                                          Watts, 250-724-2603 or 250-731-5795.                                                           AAMIN.ORG Sadie Greenaway.
                                                          FOR SALE: Elegant wedding dress,
                                                          classy and simple, white satin dress with                Lost and Found                                    Employment
                                                          attractive beaded waistline. Size 9/10.        LOST: Drum with whale painted on it. On
                                                          Purchased for $1,550. Selling for $295.00.     Jan. 28 at party at Maht Mahs Gym. Call         ODD JOBS WANTED: A homeless
                                                          Contact 250-724-3049.                          (250) 745-3483.                                 woman (NCN) looking for any odd jobs,
                                                          FOR SALE: New Air Hockey Game.                 LOST: Gold necklace with a 1in X 1in            willing to do anything. Please call 250-
                                                          $95.00 and 14-ft metal boat for $375.00        Indian design butterfly pendant. Last seen      720-9800.
                                                          and large trampoline $150. 10 horsepower,      on my niece at the Ucluelet Secondary           SPEAKER AVAILABLE: I’ll be avail-
                                                          five speed Sears riding lawn mower             School in March. Please call Jeannine           able for Workshops and public speaking
                                                          $275.00. Large area rug. Attract sage          Adams @ 670-1150 or email ballgrrl@hot-         for people who live with F.A.S.D. (250)
                                                          green and cream with simple corner and         mail.com. Thanks.                               315-2188. I was born with this Sept. 26,
                                                          centre floral design, 12 X 8 ft, $150.         FOUND: A shawl was left at the House            1969. Tim Manson.
                 Automotive                               Contact 250-724-3049.                          of Himwitsa and has not been picked up
                                                          FOR SALE: Plymouth Grand Voyageur.             by the owner. Please pick up your shawl at
FOR SALE: 2005 Ford Windstar.                             Loaded, low mileage, easy on fuel. 4 new
Asking $7,000.00 Serious enquires only.
                                                          snow tires. $1900. (250) 723-8249. 15’
                                                                                                         the House of Himwitsa. Lewis George,
                                                                                                         House of Himwitsa Ltd.                                  To
                                                          Hourston Boat. 50 Horsepower motor and         LOST: A hummingbird carved by Butch
CAR FOR SALE: 1986 Firebird. 2 door,
seats up to 4 people, white, flip up head-
                                                          trailer. (250) 723-8249.
                                                          Welding: Truck flat decks, aluminum
                                                                                                         Dick on a black cord [necklace] at the
                                                                                                         Evelyn Marshall potlatch on October 25th
lights, good condition. Also, included are
                                                                                                         in the Alberni Athletic Hall. Contact : 250-
4 spare tires (2 large tires for the back). I
need a larger vehicle for grand kids con-
                                                          ramps and walk ways, repairs, ect. Call
                                                          Dustin. Telephone: 250-723-2828 or             598-0502.                                               in
tact Lavigne Jack at 250-286-3393 or cell                 250-720-6282
                                                                                                          Found at the
VAN FOR SALE: Blue 1995 GMC Van.
                                                                                                          House of                                        Ha-Shilth-Sa
Looks good, runs grood. Offers. Please
call Curt for more information at 250-
                                                                                                          Fisheries meeting
                                                                                                          on January 22,
723-0145.                                                                                                 2010- this ring.
                                                                                                          Please contact the NTC at (250) 724-
                                                                                                          5757 to claim this ring!
                                                                                                                                                          (250) 724-5757
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