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									EVENT_ID     Event Date Substance Name        Event County Zipcode

FL20050004     1/1/2005 Sodium Hypochlorite   Lee           33990

FL20050012    1/30/2005 Sodium Cyanide        Lee           33912

FL20050080    4/18/2005 Ammonia               Lee           33917

FL20050123     6/1/2005 Sulfuric Acid         Lee           33920

FL20050143    6/28/2005 Chlorine              Lee           33912

FL20050187     8/4/2005 Sulfur Dioxide        Lee           33916

FL20050192     8/2/2005 Paint NOS             Lee           33920

FL20050202     8/5/2005 Sulfur Dioxide        Lee           33916

FL20050209    8/10/2005 Chlorine              Lee           34134

FL20050242    5/12/2005 Sodium Hydroxide      Lee           33913

FL20050317 10/13/2005 Sulfuric Acid           Lee           34135

FL20050327 10/24/2005 Sulfuric Acid           Lee           34135

FL20050328 10/25/2005 Carbon Monoxide         Lee           33912

FL20050354    11/7/2005 Chlorine              Lee           33956

FL20050389 11/18/2005 Sodium Hypochlorite     Lee           33024

FL20050390 11/18/2005 Chlorine                Lee           33919
FL20050391   5/17/2005 Peroxydicarbonic acid, bis(2-ethylhexyl) ester   Lee   33834

FL20050430   6/29/2005 Chlorine                                         Lee   33912

FL20050519   7/24/2005 Chlorine                                         Lee   33915

Misc store retailer (Gorman's Pools) had 50 gallons of liquid pool chlorine(10.5 % hypochlorite) which spilled onto ground and c

Private Household. This incident occurred at a private home. Member of the general public had a drum of Na Cyanide and had

Grocery and related product wholesalers discovered leak in outside storage tank. Shut down the system.

Water supply and irrigation systems release sulfuric acid due to broken pipe fitting.

Specialized freight trucking cylinder was transorting a 1 ton cylinder that developed a leak.

Sewage Treatment facilities. Occurred due to a broken pigtail (chemical feed line).

Transit ground passenger transportation. Traffic accident reason for spill.

Sewage treatment facility release compound due to human error. The incident occurred due to a broken pigtail. A lift operator in

Truck transport spilled chemical due to accident resulting in 2nd degree burns over 30% of his body.

Scheduled freight air transportation noticed a leak due to loose closure.

Water supply and irrigation system. Truck transportation spilled while unloading for unknown causes.

Utilities broken site tube due to hurricane Wilma

private household. See comments.

Water, sewage and other systems utilities found cylinder with leak.

Water sewage and other systems discovered a leak from broken pipe.

Water Sewage and other systems released due to faulty container.
industry not identified. See comments.

Specialized Freight local trucking discovered leak in route due to striped plug.

Private residence inhaled fumes.

spilled onto ground and concrete at pool supply company. Tank leaking.

m of Na Cyanide and had used it to produce cyanide capsules to commit suicide. Attempted to build a tent for fume exposure as well. Powde

              The leak was stopped before all contents were released. The final amount released was not documented.

en pigtail. A lift operator inadvertently lifted a full cylinder instead of an intended empty cylinder causing a valve to leak.

              Generator was being used in adjacent room. Carboxyhemoglobin was 0.6%. Classified as a confirmed case based on CDC cas
Caller was sprayed at work when the line broke. Active ingredients are 27.5% H202 and 5.8% of peroxyacetic acid. Industry no

Client arrived at ER weezing & sobbing stated he accidentally inhaled fumes while pouring product into pool.
exposure as well. Powder was scattered ab

d case based on CDC case definition
oxyacetic acid. Industry not identified.

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