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Subscription License FAQs?
What happens if my institution stops subscribing?
As with many journals’ models, you will retain access to any new material published during the life of your subscription but lose access to the backlist archive. NB: These new subscription packages are not to be confused with our other annual subscription models, namely T&F eCollections, eBestseller packages and Pick & Mix. The latter do not offer free access to our backlist archive, nor continued access to titles purchased during subscription. If you would like further details on our T&F eCollections, eBestseller packages and Pick & Mix options. Please contact the Taylor & Francis Online Sales Team on online.sales@tandf.co.uk.

Are eBooks published at the same time as print editions?
Yes, our eBooks and print editions are published simultaneously.

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5% per reader/per book/per year

How many simultaneous users can there be?
Each title can be viewed by five online users simultaneously. An online reservation system is provided if anyone is ever unable to access a title

Where can I find these packages online?
For a full list of titles please contact us using the information below

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No, you only need a standard web browser

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Taylor & Francis eBooks are available on DX Reader

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Authentication is via IP recognition, username/password and ATHENS

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Our eBooks are hosted on the Taylor & Francis platform

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Take out a subscription now and it will start immediately. You will receive all of this year’s titles and access to the backlist package for the rest of 2008. We will give you the option of renewing your subscription for 2009 in November.


S u b S c r i p t i o n pa c k a g e S
Routledge Political Science eBooks Archive and Subscription Package
Includes FREE Access to Content worth approximately $344,656.98

Routledge Economics, Business and Management eBooks Archive and Subscription Package
Includes FREE Access to Backlist Content worth approximately $321,897.98

Routledge Research is Routledge’s home for cutting-edge, original research across the humanities and social sciences. Consisting of both single and multi-authored books and edited collections, the research program is characterized by dynamic interventions into established subjects and innovative studies on emerging topics. You can now subscribe to two of our most prestigious front list programmes digitally….. With our new eBook subscription packages you can maximise your resources effectively, with quick and efficient access to the right material at the right time, where and when you want it….

Routledge Political Science eBooks Archive and Subscription Package
An Outstanding Offer... As an Institution if you subscribe to our front list publishing programme you are entitled
to access our backlist archive of some 2,050 titles completely free This is FREE accEss To conTEnT woRTh approximately $344,656.98 •	 The	politics	collection	consists	of	over	2,000	backlist	titles,	plus	c.250	new	books	per	year •	 Subscribe	and	you	will	also	benefit	from	a	saving	of	$5,000	from	the	list	price

What does the backlist archive consist of?
Your subscription to our Political Science package entitles you to access our backlist content which spans the following subject areas… Political Science no. of titleS
70 219 64 83 113 20 33 265 40 37 200 191 77 135 206 7 91 157 44 2052

Subscription to Front list (250 titles x $120 per title) Saving $5,000 from list price! (250 x $140 per title)
The Evolution of Strategic Thought: Adelphi Paper	Classics Japanese-Russian Relations, 1907–2007 Constructing	Democracy	in	Southern	Europe Iraq’s	Armed	Forces Ethno-religious	Violence	in	Indonesia The	Impact	of	European	Integration	on	 Regional	Structural	Change	and	Cohesion Women and British Party Politics The	United	States	and	Iran Social	Democracy	in	Power International	Assistance	to	the	Palestinians	after	Oslo Democracy	Building	and	Civil	Society	in	 Post-Soviet Armenia NATO-Russia	Relations	in	the	Twenty-First	Century The	Rise	of	Israel Understanding Terrorism and Political Violence Politics Romania and The European Union Right Wing Extremism Global	Diasporas A	New	Japan	for	the	Twenty-First	Century A World of Polities Exploring	Intelligence	Archives Rethinking Japanese Security The British Party System Modern Japan The	Baltic	Question	during	the	Cold	War

$30,000 $35,000

American Politics Asian Politics British	&	Irish	Politics	 Chinese	Politics	 Comparative	Politics	 Development	 Environmental Politics European Politics Gender and Politics Human Rights IPE	(International	Political	Economy)	 IR	(International	Relations)	 Japanese Politics Middle East politics Political Theory Public Administration & Public Policy Russia and the former Soviet Union Security Studies Terrorism GRAnD ToTAl

The	Degradation	of	the	International	egal	Order? The	Postcolonial	Politics	of	Development Breaking	the	Political	Glass	Ceiling China	and	the	New	International	Order Critical	Political	Economy Judith Butler’s Precarious Politics Redistricting and Representation Recapturing	Democracy Judith Butler & Political Theory Japanese	Diplomacy	in	the	1950s Political Economy of Global Security Multilateralism	and	Security	Institutions	in	an	 Era of Globalization North Africa Humanitarian	Aid	in	Post-Soviet	Countries State	Building	and	International	Intervention	 in Bosnia Israel’s	National	Security The	Demise	of	the	Soviet	Communist	Party China-US	Relations	Transformed Power Shifts, Strategy and War Global Perspectives on Gender Equality Democratic	Responses	To	Terrorism Gramsci and Trotsky in the Shadow of Stalinism Cloaked	in	Virtue Frankfurt School Perspectives on Globalization, Democracy,	and	the	Law The Political Power of Business

If you are interested in purchasing the backlist archive for Political Science or any of the subsets, a list of titles is available on request. Please see contact details on back page.

The Economics, Business and Management eBooks Archive and Subscription Package
The	Economics,	Business	and	Management	package	consists	of	over	1,680	backlist	titles,	plus	c.160	new	books	per	year Subscribe to our front list package and get access to FREE backlisT conTEnT woRTh approximately $321,897.98 PLUS… Subscribe	to	the	Economics,	Business	and	Management	Online	Archive	and	Subscription	Package	and	you	will	also	benefit	 from	a	saving	of	$6,400	from	the	published	list	price

Your	subscription	to	our	Economics,	 Business	and	Management	 package entitles you to access our backlist content which spans the following subject areas… economicS, BuSineSS and management no. of titleS
70 19 218 20 9 109 41 35 23 63 37 64 40 15 155 40 78 49 69 47 26 47 15 43 54 74 116 36 16 35 16 53 18 1680

Subscription to Front list (160 titles x $150) Saving $6,400 from list price (160 x $190)
The	Impact	of	European	Integration	on	Regional	 Structural	Change	and	Cohesion Economics	of	Distance	and	Online	Learning Facets	of	Corporate	Identity,	Communication	 and Reputation Quantitative	Economic	History Information	Systems Complexity	and	the	Experience	of	Values,	Conflict	 and	Compromise	in	Organizations Economic Policy Proposals for Germany and Europe Space,	Oil	and	Capital Feminism, Economics and Utopia Industrial	Innovation	in	Japan Personality	and	Intelligence	at	Work Intellectual	Capital	and	Knowledge	Management Big	Business	and	Economic	Development Behaviour	and	Rationality	in	Corporate	Governance The	New	Economy	of	the	Inner	City The Third Sector in Europe Tourism at the Grassroots The	State,	Development	and	Identity	in	 Multi-Ethnic Societies Sex Markets Southeast	Asian	Development Expanding Frontiers of Global Trade Rules Managing	and	Marketing	Radical	Innovations Economics,	Law	and	Individual	Rights

$24,000 $30,400

American Politics Accounting and financial reporting Asian Business and Economics Austrian and free market economics Business ethics Development	Economics	 Economic History Economic policy Economic theory Employment relations and labour economics Environmental economics European economy Finance Health economics and management History of Economic Thought and Economic Methodology HRM Industrial	Economics	and	Industrial	 Organization International	Business	 International	Economics	 Macroeconomics Management Marketing Microeconomics and game theory Money and banking New technology and innovation Organizational Behaviour and Theory Political Economy Public/Non-Profit Management Reference Small Business and entrepreneurship Strategy Tourism Welfare and Social Economics ToTAl lIST PRICE

Privatization	and	Financial	Collapse	in	the	 Nuclear	Industry Keynes’s	Vision Efficiency Measurement in Health and Healthcare Women	and	Work	in	Indonesia The Triple Helix Entrepreneurial	Learning A Japanese Joint Venture in the Pacific Economic	Integration	in	the	Americas Economic	Policy	and	Performance	in	Industrial	 Democracies Critical	Political	Economy Macroeconomics	for	Developing	Countries Innovation	in	Small	Construction	Firms Contemporary	Corporate	Strategy The	Dynamics	of	Organizational	Collapse Marketing	Discourse Environment and Tourism Globalization	and	the	Indian	Economy The Study of Public Management in Europe and the US The	Changing	Face	of	Management	in	 South East Asia Growing your Business The Political Power of Business Tourism	and	Development	in	the	Developing	World Rethinking Municipal Privatization

If you are interested in purchasing the backlist archive for The Economics, Business and Management package or any of the subsets, a list of titles is available on request.

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