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                                      WoW Mining Guide
                                                By Ruibo

Mining in World of Warcraft is one of the best gold makers. Just be sure to sell your stuff in the
Auction House in smelted stacks. The Buy Out option is one of your best advantages when you sell
so make sure you use it. It's usually best to smelt copper and tin into bronze or vice Versa. Be sure
to check the going price and figure out if selling the bases or the product will sell for more.

Lower level mining skill of course wouldn't make you as much as being on top of the chart and we
know it may be a little difficult or frustrating to level. It may take about 1 hour to get to tin level so
its not too bad. However tin is a little more aggravating. Near ashenvale there is a place with
harpies that has a few nice spots. From there stick to the wall and go south, head over to South
Barrens. Go around Scorpid, Bristleback and Razormane and you should be able to level your tin in
no time.

Mithril is the key to making the most World of Warcraft gold. Engineering and Blacksmiths both
need massive amounts to produce the items with their skills. Mithril usually sells off extremely fast
a nice price in the auction house.

In southern Kalimdor you'll find Tanaris, a level 40-50 zone. There are many mineral ores that will
make you filthy rich. You can start at Gadgetzan and cut across the desert to start. Be sure to check
all the rocks and croppings along the way. The place is dangerous with alot of spawns. Travel along
the edge, and then back along the outter boundary circling the map. Thistleshrub valley also has a
few hot spots along with Un'Goro crater, Zul'Farrak and the areas close to Gadgetzan. Mining mithril
may be a bit hard at low level, but the having the copper and tin will help you get some extra gold
to spare until higher level. If you're level 50 you should be able to farm mithril fine.

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