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EXAM by hedongchenchen


Study Skills
   Attend academic support activities
       Review session, help sessions, etc.
   Soothing music in the background
   Scented floral candles or potpourri
    facilitate learning
   Avoid soft chair or bed
   Tutoring help is available
       Get it early
Tests are Important
   Usually only 3 – 4 per course
   May determine 75 – 100% of your grade
       Check your syllabus
   Make a study plan
       Five days for a major test
Test Preparation
   Learn the exam format: e.g. facts vs.
   Review course outline, notes and Quick
    Study chart
   Review previous tests; check at
    departmental office
   Summarize highlights on single sheet
Memory Dump
   At the beginning of the test write
    down on scrap paper everything you
    remember - formulas, facts, names,
   scan the test questions
   do second memory dump and begin
    the test
Before You Start
   Scan the exam to determine types of
    questions asked
   Always read & follow directions!
   Determine the exam's scoring rules and use
       If wrong answers are penalized, don't guess
        unless you can reduce the choices to two
   Answer easy questions first
   Mark difficult questions and return to
    them later
True - False Questions:
   Look for key words
   If any clause is false, the statement is false
Multiple Choice Questions
   Essentially T-F questions arranged in
       Only one answer is totally true
       Eliminate obvious false answers
       Look for the answer that most fully answers
        the question
Essay Exams
   Plan your time
   Read the exam through first
       Be sure to number your answers the same as
        the exam numbers
   Follow directions carefully
       Pay attention to key words
       Answer directly and concisely
More on Essay Exams
   Outlining
       Choose the questions you know most about
       Some instructors will give a list of choices days
        before the test
       Opening statement summarizes what you will say
       The rest supports your opening statement
   Write neatly or print
   Use correct spelling and grammar

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