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									Square Grand Piano Rebuilding
      Overview of Process and Procedures
Square pianos are indeed an important part of the history of music. Many great
pianist of the 18th and 19th century used these pianos as well as the middle class
people. Even today, square piano can still function very well and sound wonderfully
if they are properly restored. Rebuilding a square piano involve several steps that
will take your instrument into a new and livelier one.

Rebuilding can refer to any operation that ranges from adding new hammers to
replacing almost all parts of the piano except for its case. It can as well includes the
processes such as restringing and replacing of new set of tuning pins, a new
pinblock, new hammers, new soundboard or just replacing the old one. Actually,
there are still more parts that need to be replaced if you consider a complete square
piano rebuilding. Partial rebuilding on the other hand only includes the replacement
of one or two piano parts. No matter what rebuilding you choose, they are still
necessary to restore the piano to its best playing condition.
Rebuilding a square piano is definitely a more complicated process as
compared to rebuilding other types of pianos. The entire process of
rebuilding a square includes various steps. Piano rebuilding professionals
are more knowledgeable in having this piece of instrument restored to take
to its good condition. When we say rebuilding, it is a kind of technique that
is being used in the process of restoration which involves a total
disassembly, evaluation, and repair only when necessary.
Furthermore, it is very imperative for you to understand the fact that there
are no shortcuts in rebuilding your square piano properly. There will come a
time that a square piano can no longer perform effectively without repairing
its major parts. It is therefore necessary to rebuild a square piano when you
notice that hammers can no longer file and produce a voice, or maybe the
tuning pins are getting loose.

Another important thing to consider when you do the rebuilding is to look for
a professional piano restorer. The knowledge and workmanship of those
who do the rebuilding will definitely create a huge difference. Although you
can’t assume that a rebuilder or a restorer can perform the service on your
piano as competent and perfect as originally done by the manufacturer
which built the piano, it is generally considered that a professional rebuilder
has the ability to rebuild the piano up to 90% of its original condition and
quality. The whole rebuilding process normally takes about 1-2 months to
A piano rebuilder should not only be a rebuilder. He or she should
possess experience and advanced knowledge when it comes to piano
rebuilding especially for square pianos. A rebuilder who specializes in
piano rebuilding will truly provide a quality service that you want for your

Rebuilding is a way to restore your piano to its original state or even
better. This broad kind of job is usually practical for high-quality, excellent,
and valuable instruments that need to be preserved and maintained.

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