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Grinding Gnomermegan Solo
There is a room in Gnomermegan where there are Healer Holdout Medics that will heal you when you are attacking a mob. It is easy to run out and pull a mob of 3 and bring them back to the healers where they automatically heal you. The mob that can be pulled range from lvl 25-30 Elite mobs. At lvl 33 the xp I was gaining was from 260-400 xp per kill and not to mention 3-4 gold per run. All in about an hour. I believe this can be done by all classes several lvl's lower than what I was when I was in here. It takes a Rogue's stealth to get to the room solo (which is very easy) but I'm sure any class can find a group to go with and drop off when you get to the room. Direction's: You first enter Gnomermegan and follow the hall until you get to the elevator. Take it down to the bottom and continue down the hall until you get to the Train Depot and take a left. Follow this hall until you come to the instance portal and go in, once in the other side follow this to the end and and go left to the hall of gears. Now follow this hall, then go to the second big entrance and take another left. When in this hallway it will say you are in the Dormitory and then the clean room. To save some time, there is a wall you can jump over and land into the clean room. The drop is about 500 dmg so do it with full health.(This is also the room were you turn in the Grime-Encrusted tokens). When you are in this room look around and you will see the npc's. I use the 3 that are to the right of the entrance when looking out. What I do is just run out and pull a mob and run back and stand in the center of the npc's and they will heal you. Hope this helps!

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