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									             Qualities of Good Custom SEO Articles

Custom SEO articles are important for any site that wants to ensure it appears among
the first hits in search engines. These articles contain certain keywords that internet
users are likely to key in search engines when trying to access certain information.
Custom SEO articles should be well written, entertaining, informative and most of all
original. Originality is one of the most important qualities of a custom optimized article
and requires that you do not just copy paste content from other sites. To have original
content you should write unique articles that have fresh content. This will also ensure
that your site appear in search engines since sites which have duplicate content are
normally penalized and may be blocked from search engines all together.
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The other quality of good custom SEO articles is that they should be interesting to
read. It does not matter what topic you are writing about, to get people to read it you
have to make it quite interesting and informative. This will hold the reader's attention
and even make them want to know more by exploring your website. Therefore by
doing this they will be able to access your products and services thus giving you a
platform to showcase your products and services. Good custom SEO articles should
be both interesting and informative, since that is the major reason why the user was
searching in the internet. So you have to research well and write relevant and truthful
information about the keywords you are majoring on. Another quality of good custom
SEO articles is that they should have a good keyword density. This means that the key
words should not be too little and they should not be too much. The keywords should
flow well with the information in the article and should not just be fixed in the article
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Good custom SEO articles should be of optimum length. However much you are using
keywords that you want to fix into the article, you should make your article as short as
possible. This is because many people want to access information; they do not want to
spend hours reading a single article just to get information. This therefore requires that
you write short articles with a lot of information that address the key words properly. If
you have very many keywords then you can group them into different areas and into
groups that are related. You can then write an optimized article with related keywords
instead of trying to fit everything into one long article which might not even make
sense. Good custom SEO articles should be around five hundred words give or take
which is quite enough for you to pass information across.

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