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WoW World Of Warcraft Gold Earning
50+ Farming and Grinding - Great XP and 8g per Hour

I know this place has been mentioned before, but i thought i would go into it with a bit more detail.

The place im talking about is Fungal Rock in Un'Goro Crater, the Gorilla cave. The Mob's here are lvl 51 - 53 i
think with the exception of the boss who is 55.
I ground here yesterday for exactly an hour to see how much i could make, with a 60 warrior. The loot here is
pretty good, the mobs drop hair, whiskers
and things which sell for a fair bit, this is what i made in an hour:

19 x Tuft of Gorilla Hair which sold @ 2.2g
18 x Gorilla Fang @ 13s
2 x Empty Barrel @ 30s
3 x Coarse Gorilla Hair @ 18s
1 x Green Item (Leather Pants) which were 1.1g at vendor, but i sold for 4.2g on AH
12 x Ungoro Soil @ 15s

So out of this hour i made -8 or so, which isnt bad for 1 hour =) then again drops will vary, you might get more
you might get less but its usually good =
Anyway ill do a few more of these soon, ive got a lot more places to list if ppl want me to.

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