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					NorthStar Digital Literacy Project:
    WorkStar/Core Computer Literacy Standards

1) Basic Computer Use                                                               Not Yet   With Assistance   Independently

Identify types of computers: desktop (stationary), laptop (portable)

Turn computer and monitor on and off

Log on and log off of a computer

Shutdown and restart computer
Identify specific computer hardware: CPU, monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse or
touchpad, USB port
Find and know function of keys on keyboard: enter, shift, control, backspace,
delete, arrow keys, tab, caps lock, number lock

Identify types of mice: mouse, touchpad, touch screen

Hold a mouse

Use and know functions of mouse buttons: left button, right button
Know that mice can be customized for left-handed people and that the speed of
clicking can also be customized

Recognize cursor shapes: typing, arrow, hand pointer, I-beam

Single click, double click, and right click

Click and drag

Use mouse to select check boxes, use drop-down menus and scroll

Adjust volume or mute audio. Use headphones when appropriate

Identify icons on desktop
Know that software programs are upgraded periodically and that different versions
may be installed on different computers

Understand trash/recycle bin and how to retrieve

Know that it is possible to customize a computer for increased accessibility

Know that screen resolution can be changed
Recognize various storage media including USB/flash drives (external) and hard
drive (internal)

Open programs: See Windows section

Open files: See Windows section

St. Paul Community Literacy Consortium
Digital Literacy Task Force:
   Created 8/10

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