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Quoi de Neuf?   Youth Connections   Adventist Education   ¿Qué Está Pasando?
                                                                                      Mission stateMent
                                    2007                                          To faithfully chronicle the work and progress of the
                                                                                  church in the Atlantic Union territory and inform,
                                                                                  instruct, and inspire our church members.

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       Let’s Talk
                                                                                  Youth Connections                                              7
                                                                                  Quoi de Neuf?                                                  8
         New York City
                                                                                  ¿Qué Está Pasando?                                             9
                                                                                  Positions of Our Faith                                        10

     6 Adventist Education: Child Insurance                                       neWs
                                                                                  Bermuda                                                      11

                    7 F.A.T. Youth Leaders                                        Atlantic Union College
                                                                                  Greater New York
                                                                                  New York                                                     18
                    10 Positions of Our Faith:
                       Homelessness and Poverty
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                                                                                  Southern New England                                         24

16 Academy Students Participate in
   Music Clinic
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the Atlantic Union. They include Let’s Talk with General Conference presi-
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                              E d i t o r i a l

        Knowing the Times

        he story is told of three men who        we’re moving to “the full corn in the ear.”
        were sent on a very important mis-       We must not only get ready, but stay ready
        sion. The first man didn’t make it       for eternity.
because his horse broke a leg. The sec-             This is no time to be weary. This is no
ond man didn’t make it because he was            time to compromise our standards. Some
ambushed and was wounded in the neck.            of us have been ambushed; we’ve relaxed
The third man arrived late, covered in blood.    on our health message; we’ve become inac-              “This is no
He apologized for the delay, saying only in      tive in church, and we’ve made Christian
his defense that it had taken him longer than    stewardship optional. Some of our children
he’d hoped because he’d been captured and        have been wounded; we’ve relaxed on our            time to be weary.
hurt and, as he’d lost his horse, he had no      family worship; we’ve forgotten that edu-
choice but to walk the rest of the way.          cation and evangelism are one, and we’ve
  It will take a special group of people         made Christian education optional. Ellen G.
                                                                                                     This is no time
to complete God’s mission on earth. 1            White states, “In planning for the education
Chronicles 12:32 (NLT) describes them:           of their children outside the home, parents          to compromise
“From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200      should realize that it is no longer safe to send
leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All   them to the public school…. Here are our
these men understood the signs of the times      children. Shall we allow them to be contami-       our standards.…
and knew the best course for Israel to take.”    nated by the world—by its iniquity, its dis-
  Firstly, do we know what time it is? Like      regard of God’s commandments? I ask those
Enoch, it’s time for us to walk our way          who are planning to send their children to         Find that first-love
home. It’s time to get our children and our      the public schools, where they are liable to
communities ready for eternity. Secondly,        be contaminated, How can you take such a           experience again
do we know what course to take?                  risk?”—Child GuidanCe, pp. 304, 315.
  The Bermuda Conference is on course               Whether we have to run or walk, be
to “Tell Bermuda.” “For the earth brin-          bloodied, bruised, or broken, we have only          with Christ and
geth forth fruit of herself; first the blade,    one redemptive option. “And do this, know-
then the ear, after that the full corn in the    ing the time, that now it is high time to
ear”—Mark 4:28. We’ve seen some “blade.”         awake out of sleep; for now our salvation              His church.”
We’ve seen some “ear.” Now we are gather-        is nearer than when we first believed”—
ing our “tribe of Issachar” for back-to-basics   Romans 13:11 (NKJV). Find that first-love
training and community outreach. This            experience again with Christ and His
will take the form of church officers’ train-    church. “Don’t let the world around you
ing, staff development, small group train-       squeeze you into its own mold”—Romans
ing, Revelation Seminars, CHIP (Coronary         12:2 (Phillips). Pray for your children, and
Health Improvement Project), the Journey         get them into Christian education—even if
(Family Life), Adventist Television (ATV),       you have to walk the rest of the way.
ChurchWorks, Andrews University Field
School of Evangelism, and intercultural          Jeffrey O. Brown is the Bermuda Conference
ministries. Our calendar is full because

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                            Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007   
                                                            New York
                                            he lights came on, the cameras     can establish a conversation with
                                            rolled, and there was definitely   our young professionals and not
                                            a lot of action in the studio in   just a question-and-answer period.”
                                      Manhattan, when 32 young adults          Highlighting the importance of view-
                                      from the Greater New York and            ing the Let’s Talk series not as mere
                                      Northeastern conferences and Atlantic    recordings, but as an opportunity to

    Let’s Talk is a                   Union College met with Jan Paulsen,
                                      president of the world-wide Seventh-
                                                                               listen to the concerns of youth and
                                                                               the challenges they face, Paulsen said,
                                      day Adventist Church, to have their      “We will deal with issues that are seri-

    place for young                   questions answered in the fifteenth
                                      live broadcast of Let’s Talk.
                                                                               ous issues, not frivolous issues, but
                                                                               serious issues.” Donald King added,
                                         The program finally became a real-    “All of [Paulsen’s] previous Let’s Talk

people to air their                   ity as a result of the combined effort
                                      of Greater New York Conference
                                                                               programs were in preparation for this
                                                                               one, as New York is not a simple place.
                                      youth director Jose Cortes and Donald    New York is a complex place with
                                      King, president of the Atlantic Union    multinational and multicultural people
    opinions, share                   Conference. “I am happy that the first   identified with multi-opinions and
                                      visit of the General Conference presi-   where our youth are not afraid to ask
                                      dent to New York City in 12 years was    direct questions.”
    their ideas, and                  to address the young people,” said          So when the countdown was given
                                      Cortes. “I hope this will go beyond      and the floor was opened for ques-
                                      a conversation.” Paulsen was greeted     tions, Paulsen was confronted with
     ask questions                    and welcomed to New York City on
                                      behalf of both conferences by Richard
                                                                               the most important question of the
                                                                               day posed by Derrick Cruz: “Pastor
                                      Marker, president of the Greater New     Paulsen, are you a Mets’ or Yankee’s
     of the World                     York Conference.
                                         Let’s Talk is a live, unscripted,
                                                                               fan?” Paulsen was quick with his
                                                                               response. “I am a fan of Manchester
                                      and unedited dialogue between the        United!” On a more serious note, the
Church president.                     Adventist World Church president and
                                      the youth of the Adventist Church.
                                                                               array of questions began and touched
                                                                               on such areas as evangelism, music,
                                      Paulsen travels the world, meeting,      mission, reaching secular minds,
                                      listening, and answering the ques-       homosexuality, women’s ordination,
                                      tions of our youth. When asked how       and more.
                                      he felt about this taping in New York       All the young people did well! They
                                      City, Paulsen responded, “I hope we      were articulate and direct with their

      Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
                                                                                                                                By Rohann D. Wellington

questions. Paulsen, who was grace-                               dent, Ella Louise
ful in his answers to our youth, was                             Smith Simmons.
apparently moved from his comfort                                  Reflecting the
zone and became very passionate                                  multicultural nature
when the issue of women’s ordina-                                of New York, the
tion and women’s involvement in the                              hot and contro-
leadership of the church was raised,                             versial issue of
and raised again, each time worded                               music with direct
differently. Paulsen who usually sits                            reference to the
when being questioned, got up and                                use of drums was

                                                                                              Photos: Rohann Wellington
paced the floor and was passionate in                            directed to Paulsen.
his response. He believes that there                             Recognizing the
is a place for women in the leader-                              sensitivity of the
ship of our church. He acknowledges                              use of drums in
                                                                                           Young adults from the Greater New York and Northeastern conferences with the leaders.
that even though this issue has been                             music and worship,
brought up twice at previous General                             Paulsen pointed to the manner in                       States and we may need to adapt to the
Conference sessions, it will inevitably                          which instruments are played in wor-                   culture of the United States. Paulsen
be raised again in the future. While                             ship to God. In essence, the manner                    further added, that, in the process,
Paulsen believes there is a place for                            in which drums are played is of more                   “you may lose some of your culture
female ordained pastors, he acknowl-                             significance than the instrument itself. from back home, but make sure you
edges that our church as a global                                He admonished respect for churches                     don’t lose heaven’s culture.”
community has voted this issue down                              that may or may not use these instru-                     The one hour-long program, punctu-
twice before and, as president, he                               ments, and in response to a direct                     ated with a few commercials showcas-
will respect and abide by it. Through                            question, he cautioned against any                     ing Atlantic Union College as well as
Paulsen’s leadership the world church                            one person imposing their opinions                     sights and sounds of New York City,
has seen the first female vice-presi-                            or beliefs on the entire congregation,                 was well received. The young profes-
                                                                                  regardless of their                   sionals expressed their joy at being
                                                                                  leadership position.                  able to converse with the world church
                                                                                     Another cultural                   president. Garnet Morris, associate
                                                                                  issue raised was that of youth director for the Northeastern
                                                                                  the division of church-               Conference, said, “It is clear that Elder
                                                                                  es along language lines               Paulsen is intentional in insuring that
                                                                                  while living in the                   our young people feel they are indeed
                                                                                  United States. One of                 a part of the church and that their
                                                                                  our youth expressed                   opinion counts.”
                                                                                  that he felt pressured                   The youth of Atlantic Union College,
                                                                                  to worship and speak                  Greater New York and Northeastern
                                                                                  in the language of his                conferences say thanks to Paulsen for
                                                                                  parents and felt lim-                 listening, and we hope by asking these
                                                                                  ited by not being able                questions that we have effected some
                                                                                  to freely worship in                  change.
                                                                                  English. Paulsen, again
                                                                                  with his gracefulness,                                       Rohann D. Wellington is a
                                                                                  pointed to the fact that                                     pastor in the Greater New
                                                                                                                                               York Conference.
                                                                                  while we have come to
                                                                                  the United States from
                                                                                  various countries, we
                                                                                  need to realize that we
                                                                                  are living in the United
General Conference president, Jan Paulsen, greets Matthew Lambert from the
Northeastern Conference.

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                                                                 Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                 
                                                                                     By Jerrell Gilkeson

                         Child Insurance
W      ouldn’t it be great if we could
       walk into an insurance agency
and purchase a Child Insurance
                                         attend and participate. This statistic
                                         increases to 80-90 percent if they
                                         attend Adventist schools for 12-16
                                                                                     life, these create powerful positive
                                                                                     habits for life. Youth will most often
                                                                                     follow what they see important
Policy?                                  years. When youth spend six hours a         people in their life doing. When
  What would you like to have            day with a caring Christian teacher,        the child’s friends are in Sabbath
written into that policy? For sure we    with two to four weeks of spiritual         School and church, this becomes a
would want to have our children’s        emphasis each year, this has a pow-         double reinforcement.
health insured. It would be nice to      erful influence. Adventist schools are         Prayer—This is the source of
include their teeth, grades in school    decidedly Christ-centered. Instead          the Christian’s power. Prayer is
and, of course, their safety in pass-    of being self-centered the Adventist        the hope of the Christian parents
ing into the stage in which they         curriculum is “other-centered.”             strength. One of the most powerful
begin driving a car, dating, and         Going to school where there is a            images in a child’s mind is to see
choosing a career.                       Bible class gives a child “the shield       their parent kneeling before God to
  Would you want to insure that          of faith.” Opportunities to do service      request a blessing for them. I can
they chose your church? Really!          reinforce the truths learned in class.      still remember my mother kneel-
Would you want your child or             Youth evangelism cements the Bible          ing by her bed asking God to give
grandchild to choose to be a             principles while helping others in the      her strength to raise me during my
Seventh-day Adventist? I would sug-      local community or participating in         teenage years when nothing she said
gest that you can take out an insur-     a short-term mission experience. The        made sense. This powerful example
ance policy that can statistically       Adventist school gives children pro-        was stronger than any words.
insure they will make that decision.     tection and enrichment at the most             Henry Carrubba, former Florida
  Here is what I consider the five       formative time in a person’s life. This     Conference president, compared
most important clauses to the insur-     is not a time in a child’s life to try to   this insurance policy to a great
ance policy of passing your faith on     live without an insurance policy!           evangelistic rake. Every tine is
to your child.                              Youth Camp—This is one of the            essential for success. If one tooth is
                                         church’s great secret evangelistic          missing, then some get left behind.
• Send your child to an Adventist        efforts to teenagers. Many youth            This is why every part of the insur-
  school—joyfully!                       make their decision to follow Christ        ance policy is important.
• Assist your child in earning           during the one week of summer                  Let me plainly say that every
  money for summer camp.                 camp. They are even more invested           single person must make his or
• Participate with your child in         in the camp if they have worked to          her own decision. Yes, there are
  Pathfinders.                           earn all or part of their own camp          people we know who seem to defy
• Attend church and Sabbath              fee. Additionally, the majority of          the odds. We all know wonder-
  School with your child.                the camp counselors come from               ful parents and grandparents who
• Pray for and with your child           Adventist schools.                          have given and sacrificed yet their
  every day.                                Pathfinders—Pathfinder activi-           children choose not to believe. The
                                         ties give youth an opportunity to           Good News is that God loves each
  Adventist schools—Studies show         learn to have fun and, enjoy nature         person individually.
that for every year that children        at a time in their life when they              The assurance God promises
are in Adventist education, they         enjoy learning. When parents par-           is that He will save our sons and
are more likely to choose to be a        ticipate with their children, both          daughters when we contend with
church member and continue to            get a double bonus of being able to         Him. (Isaiah 49:25)
                                         have fun together. Many of these
                                                     activities are connected to                    Jerrell Gilkeson is
                                                         Adventist schools.                         the Atlantic Union
                                                            Sabbath School                          Conference associate
                                                         and church—When                            director for education
                                                       religious services are                       and children’s minis-
                                                       part of a child’s parents

                                                      Putting the Pieces Together
                 F. A.T. Youth Leaders
Y    outh Ministries need F.A.T. people as youth,              Are you teachable? Are you willing to learn and keep

     Pathfinder, and Adventure leaders. No, I am not        learning? Does you church have a youth ministries
speaking of individuals who say they need to exercise       library where those who work with young people of all
more. I am referring to those individuals who are faith-    ages can access tools that will help them? Does your
ful, available, and teachable.                              church subscribe to meaningful youth ministries jour-
   Are you faithful to the mission of the church, youth,    nals that always have a plethora of ideas and sug-
and Pathfinder ministries? A faithful individual is one     gestions? Are you looking for a good AYS program?
who sets an example, is a role model, and is someone        May I suggest you utilize the InsIght Youth ResouRce
the youth can look up to. My favorite youth ministry text   magazine that comes with the youth Sabbath School
is Luke 6:40. This verse teaches us that our example is     material? This important resource always has great
more important than anything we might say in Sabbath        suggestions for youth Sabbath Schools, AYS meet-
School or AYS meetings. We need to not only “talk                   ings, and more.
the talk, but walk the talk.” The question                                    As youth leaders we should never stop
we should ask ourselves everyday is,                                           growing and learning. In order to earn
“Does my life reflect the life of Jesus  If ever there was a                      the respect of the youth we need to
Christ?” That is being faithful!                                                    be credible. To do that we need to
   Are you available? Are you there     time when the youth                           constantly be in a learning mode.
for the youth? One principle of                                                        To stay current it is important
youth ministry is to practice           need an encouraging                             that we take advantage of
the principle of “presence.” To                                                          every opportunity to learn to
practice this principle, effec-        word it is now! They are                          be a great youth leader.
tive youth leaders need to be                                                              Lastly, youth ministry that
where the youth are. That is
                                        faced with so many                              impacts does not reach from
being available. Being available         outside influences                            head to head, but from heart
means attending their school                                                          to heart. Deuteronomy 6:4–6
functions, their basketball games        that could lead to                         (NIV) is one passage that reveals
or other sports events, and going                                                 the scriptural context. Moses said,
into their homes, if possible, and vis-    discouragement.                      “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the
iting with them. To be available is to sup-                                 LORD is one. Love the LORD your God with
port them in the tough times. So, to be more                          all your heart and with all your soul and with
effective, practice the principle of presence.              all your strength. These commandments that I give you
   As we are available to the youth, we also need to be     today are to be upon your hearts.”
encouragers. If ever there was a time when the youth           It is my prayer that every one of our faithful, avail-
need an encouraging word it is now! They are faced          able, and teachable youth leaders will have the com-
with so many outside influences that could lead to          mandments of the Lord written upon their hearts, so
discouragement.                                             the youth will see that Jesus lives in them. When this
   How can we become encouragers? How often do we           is evident our youth leaders will have a lasting impact
affirm our young people? It is important that we thank      on each youth with whom they work.
them for jobs well done. It is important to let them
know how much we appreciate who they are as individu-                      Bill Wood is the youth, Pathfinder, and
als. Remember their birthdays and other special events                     Adventurer director for the Atlantic
                                                                           Union Conference.
in their lives. When they are baptized, throw a party and
have a great celebration and remember those events
on a regular basis.

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                            Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007        
A TRAVeRs De l’eglise MonDiAle
                                        Eglise mondiale: L’assemblée de printemps de
                                     l’Eglise commence avec le programme ‘Dîtes-le au
                                            monde’ et la fidélisation des membres
                                 O     ù en est l’église adven-
                                       tiste dans son projet
                                 d’annoncer Jésus au monde?
                                                                  témoignage personnel,
                                                                  implantation d’église, aide
                                                                  dans la ville, programmes
                                                                                                   prochaines années.
                                                                                                      Gary Krause, directeur
                                                                                                   du bureau de la mission
                                                                                                                                         qui a trait à la fidélisation
                                                                                                                                         des membres d’églises et à
                                                                                                                                         la reconquête des anciens
                                 Cette question trouva une        d’évangélisation et ministère    adventiste de l’église, met           membres. Ce document est
                                 réponse au début de l’as-        des médias.                      l’accent sur le fait que les          le fruit d’une recomman-
                                 semblée de printemps.               Gabriel Maurer, secrétaire    membres doivent personnel-            dation du conseil de l’évan-
                                 Cette assemblée est une des      de l’église pour la division     lement nourrir leur foi. Cela         gélisation et est destiné à
                                 rencontres administratives       eurafricaine, s’exprime sur      est essentiel pour qu’une             une large diffusion aux diri-
                                 bi-annuelles de l’église. Pour   la croissance considérable       implantation d’église soit            geants de l’église mondiale
                                 commencer, des comptes-          du ministère des médias:         réussie. G. Krause pense ici          et des congrégations locales.
                                 rendus de tous pays firent       “Ce ne sont pas les grands       à la reprise qui a lieu dans             Ce document fait allusion
                                 l’exposé des sept manières       évènements mais plutôt des       les nouvelles congrégations           aussi à une croissance rapi-
                                 par lesquelles l’église met en   milliers de petits témoigna-     adventistes depuis 2001.              de du nombre de membres
                                 pratique sa vision.              ges qui amènent les gens au         A l’ordre du jour du mer-          à travers le monde. Entre
                                    La vision de l’église pour    Christ.”                         credi, on attendit un rap-            les années 2000 et 2005,
                                 2005 à 2010 est d’inviter           Michael L. Ryan, vice-pré-    port sur l’augmentation des           l’église a baptisé plus de
                                 chacun de ses membres à          sident de l’Eglise adventiste    offrandes des missions. Ce            cinq millions de personnes
                                 annoncer Jésus au monde.         mondiale, commente sur les       fait indique que la conscien-         et en a perdu presque 1,4
                                 Les rapports ont montré un       rapports: “C’est merveilleux     ce de la mission se dévelop-          million.
                                 accroissement au niveau          de faire partie d’une église     pe dans les églises locales à                     Adventist News Network Staff
                                 des objectifs du programme       qui avance.” Il ajoute que       travers le monde.                                               10 April, 2007
                                                                                                                                                      Traduction: Stephanie Elofer
                                 ‘Dîtes-le au monde’: crois-      l’église planifie de tenir          Le jeudi, le conseil a voté
                                                                                                                                         English translation available at news.adventist.org/
                                 sance spirituelle, implica-      400,000 réunions d’évan-         un article intitulé ‘Garder           data/2007/03/1176246731/index.html.en.
                                 tion dans la communauté,         gélisation au cours des cinq     nos membres,’ déclaration

                                        Eglise mondiale: Le président de l’église adven-
                                           tiste réagit à la tragédie de Virginia Tech

                                     C     ommentant sur le massacre
                                           qui a coûté la vie à trente-
                                     trois étudiants et professeurs de
                                                                              sieurs vies ont été detruites, d’espoirs
                                                                              et de rêves se sont éteints, et beau-
                                                                              coup de jans continuent à pleurer.”
                                                                                                                         la lumière de la compassion de
                                                                                                                         Dieu puisse briller. Alors que les
                                                                                                                         étudiants et le corps enseignant de
                                     l’Institut technologique université         La déclaration se poursuit en les       Virginia Tech regardent vers l’avenir,
                                     d’Etat de Virginie à Blacksburg          termes suivants: “Les membres de           qu’ils puissent sentir la main guéris-
                                     (Virginie) le 16 avril dernier,          l’église adventiste du monde entier        sante de l’Esprit de Dieu.
                                     Pasteur Jan Paulsen, président           prient pour les familles en deuil et          “Qu’ils puissent avoir l’assurance
                                     de l’église adventiste mondiale, a       pour ceux qui ont perdu des amis,          que le bien triomphera du mal, et

                                     délivré un message de compassion         des camarades de classe et des col-        faire l’expérience d’une espéran-
                                     et de solidarité aux membres des         lègues. Nous prions pour le complet        ce et d’une paix au-delà de toute
                                     familles, amis et camarades de           rétablissement de ceux qui ont été         compréhension.”
                                     classe des victimes, dans une déc-       blessés, et pour que ceux dont les                             Adventist News Network Staff

                                     laration publiée le 17 avril.            blessures ne sont pas physiques                                               18 Avril 2007
                                                                                                                                              Traduction: Stephanie Elofer
                                        “Quels mots sont appropriés face      puissent être profondément guéris.
                                     à une telle tragédie?” a dit Pasteur        “Nous prions aussi pour que             English translation available at news.adventist.
                                     Paulsen. “En quelques minutes, plu-      même au milieu de cette douleur,

                                         Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                            Visit the Atlantic Union Web site

                                                                                             ¿Qué está PasanDo?
¿Qué Está Pasando? en el Ministerio Hispano
   y Portugués en la Unión del Atlántico
L    os Comités de Asesoramiento
     Hispano y Portugués de la Unión
del Atlántico se reunieron en el mes
                                         ción de este boletín no ha sido deci-
                                         dida. Pedimos sus oraciones para que
                                         este proyecto se haga realidad.
                                                                                   beneficioso en alcanzar a la juven-
                                                                                   tud de nuestras iglesias mediante
                                                                                   los programas que presentan. Los
de marzo para discutir algunas de                                                  comités han discutido la función y
las iniciativas y los planes de traba-
jo por los próximos cinco años en
beneficio de los miembros hispanos
                                         2.     El evangelismo en la comuni-
                                                dad hispana y portuguesa es
                                         extremadamente importante e indu-
                                                                                   contribución de Sábado Joven y le
                                                                                   recomienda a las iglesias hispanas y
                                                                                   portuguesas a tomar ventaja de esta
y portugueses de esta Unión.             dablemente es una parte integral          iniciativa invitando a Sábado Joven
   Los miembros de estos comi-           de nuestro ministerio como hijos          a sus iglesias. Estoy seguro de que
tés se reunieron bajo un ambiente        de Dios. Por lo tanto, planes para el     esto será una bendición para cada
muy animador, cooperativo y por          evangelismo y el crecimiento de la        iglesia ya que Sábado Joven puede
sobre todo espiritual. Los miembros      obra hispana y portuguesa fueron          inclusive presentar programas en
entienden la responsabilidad que tie-    parte de nuestra discusión.               inglés para alcanzar a esos jóvenes
nen de trazar planes serios y sólidos       Uno de los planes discutidos, el       que prefieren adorar en este idioma.
para que la obra en estas dos comu-      cual creo que es muy importante
nidades de nuestra Unión pueda           y merece que lo compartamos con              Otros puntos discutidos induda-
continuar creciendo y perciban el        ustedes tiene que ver con un esfuer-      blemente serán implementados en
apoyo a este crecimiento.                zo evangélistico que estamos organi-      el futuro. Continuaremos reunién-
   Esta fue la primera reunión del       zando para ser llevado a cabo en el       donos con el objetivo en mente de
quinquenio para ambos comités.           mes de octubre. Este evento evangé-       contribuir al crecimiento de estas
Esperamos poder reunirnos una vez        listico correrá simultáneamente por       comunidades para servir como ins-

                                                                                                                                                              en lA Unión De ATlánT ico
cada tres meses. Desde luego, los        todo el territorio de la Unión del        piración a la armonía y crecimiento
miembros están de acuerdo que si la      Atlántico en todas las iglesias hispa-    de nuestra Unión en general. Es
necesidad lo demanda nos reunire-        nas y portuguesas durante la sema-        nuestro deseo que cada pastor, líder
mos más a menudo.                        na del 13 al 27 de octubre. El obje-      y miembro de iglesia local conti-
   Algunas de las iniciativas que        tivo es que todas las iglesias parti-     núe creciendo y desarrollándose
fueron discutidas con planes de          cipen del evento mediante alguna          espiritualmente, fortaleciendo así
implementación en el futuro son          clase de evangelismo. Concluiremos        su relación con Cristo Jesús para
las siguientes:                          este gran evento con una celebra-         estar preparados para su pronta
                                         ción que incluirá un bautismo el          segunda venida. Por medio de estas

1.    Crear un boletín informativo
      para la hermandad hispana y
portuguesa de nuestra Unión. Hay
                                         sábado 27 de Octubre. Se le anima
                                         a cada iglesia para que comience
                                         a preparase para participar activa-
                                                                                   actividades, esperamos apresurar
                                                                                   ese gran encuentro con nuestro
                                                                                   amante Salvador.
muchas actividades que están ocu-        mente en este esfuerzo evangélistico
rriendo en nuestras iglesias que son     de la Unión del Atlántico.                                          Dionisio Olivo es el vice-
positivas y que podrían ser de bene-                                                                         presidente del Ministerio
                                                                                                             Hispano y Portugués,
ficio para toda nuestra hermandad.
Este boletín servirá como un instru-
mento para mantener a las iglesias
                                         3.    Sábado Joven es una organiza-
                                               ción dirigida por jóvenes que
                                         ha estado operando en la Unión
                                                                                                             director de vida familiar
                                                                                                             y escuela sabática en la
                                                                                                             Unión del Atlántico.
de la Unión informadas. Una fecha        del Atlántico por varios años.            English translation available at www.atlantic-union.org/news150.html

específica para comenzar la publica-     Consideramos que su trabajo es

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                         Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                       
                                           Homelessness and Poverty
                             In order to increase awareness of the views of the          effects of such ills through its courts, prisons,
                             Seventh-day Adventist Church on various subjects,           and welfare systems. Poverty and misfortune as
                             the Atlantic Union Gleaner will publish monthly             such do not cause crime and provide no excuse
                             one of the position statements or guidelines voted by       for it. But when the claims of compassion are
                             church leadership since 1980. These official statements     denied, discouragement, and even resentment
                             were issued by the General Conference in session, the       are likely to follow.
                             General Conference Executive Committee, the General            The claims upon the Christian’s compassion
Positions of Our Faith
                             Conference Administrative Committee, or the office of       are not ill-founded. They do not spring from any
                             the General Conference president.                           legal or even social contract theory, but from
                                As the church continues to grow and make an influ-       the clear teaching of scripture: “He has showed
                             ence, its role in the society will require that its views   you, O man, what is good: and what does the
                             and what it holds true become known. Such will contin-      Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love
                             ue to be the demands of the society, and such will be the   kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”
                             need to define Adventism’s relevance, or present truth,     (Micah 7:8 RSV)
                             to those who are asking questions and seeking answers          The fifty-eighth chapter of Isaiah is precious to
                             to their dilemmas and problems.                             Seventh-day Adventists. We see our responsibil-
                                The documents presented here are not an end in           ity in this chapter as those raised up to be “The
                             themselves, but a reflection of a movement sensitive to     repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to
                             its calling and the people who “know how to answer          dwell in” (verse 12).
                             everyone” (Colossians 4:6, NIV).                               The call is to restore and “to loose the bands of
                                                                                         wickedness… to deal thy bread to the hungry…
                                       Homelessness and Poverty                          bring the poor that are cast out to thy house…
                             In a world ravaged by sin, the bitter fruits of             when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him”
                             greed, war, and ignorance are multiplying. Even             (verses 6, 7). So as repairers of the breach, we are
                             in so called “affluent societies” the homeless and          to restore and care for the poor. If we carry out
                             the poor are growing populations. More than                 the principles of the law of God in acts of mercy
                             10,000 people starve to death every day. Two                and love, we will represent the character of God
                             billion more are malnourished, and thousands                to the world.
                             more go blind annually because of dietary defi-                In effecting Christ’s ministry today, we must
                             ciency. Approximately two-thirds of the world’s             do as He did, and not only preach the gospel
                             population remains caught in a cycle of hunger-             to the poor, but heal the sick, feed the hungry,
                             sickness-death.                                             and raise the downcast (see Luke 4:18, 19; Matt.
                                There are some who bear liability for their con-         14:14). But verse 16 explains that it was so that
                             dition, but the majority of these individuals and           “they need not go away.” Christ’s own example is
                             families are destitute by political, economic, cul-         determinative for His followers.
                             tural, or social events largely beyond their control.          In Christ’s response to Judas’ feigned concern
                                Historically, those in such circumstances have           for the poor: “For you always have the poor with
                             found succor and advocacy in the hearts of the              you, but you will not always have me” (Matt.26:11
                             followers of Jesus Christ. Caring institutions are          RSV), we are reminded that it is the “Living Bread”
                             in many cases begun by the church and later                 that people most desperately need. However, we
                             assumed by government agencies, or vice versa.              also recognize the inseparables between the physi-
                             These agencies, aside from any ideological altru-           cal and the spiritual. By supporting those church
                             ism, reflect society’s recognition that it is in its        and public policies that relieve suffering, and by
                             own best interest to deal compassionately with              individual and united efforts of compassion, we
                             the less fortunate.                                         augment that very spiritual endeavor.
                                Social scientists tell us that a number of ills
                             find fertile ground in the conditions of poverty.           This public statement was released by the General Conference
                                                                                         president, Neal C. Wilson, after consultation with the 16 world
                             Feelings of hopelessness, alienation, envy, and             vice presidents of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, on July 5,
                             resentment often lead to antisocial attitudes and           1990, at the General Conference session in Indianapolis, Indiana.
                             behavior. Then society is left to pay for the after-
  10            Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                                 Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
National Single Parents’ Day Proclaimed in Bermuda

                                                           foresight, and determination to bring                              vitality on the subject, “I Matter.”
                                                           this event to the attention of all in                              While there is never enough time,
                                                           Bermuda. I am therefore very pleased                               never enough money, and never
                                                           to have been asked to present this                                 enough energy, single parents
                                                           proclamation. I hereby declare this 21st                           rise up every day and fulfill their
                                                           day of March, 2007, to be the National                             responsibilities to their families
                                                           Single Parents’ Day in Bermuda.”                                   and communities. Single parents
                                                              In his affirmation of single parents,                           and their children are not parasites
                                                           Jeffrey Brown, Bermuda Conference                                  in our society, nor should they be
                                                           president, director of family minis-                               pariahs. Single parents are to be
                                                           tries, and author of SinGle and Gifted,                            accorded parity, esteem, and respect.
Minister for Parliament the Honorable Dale Butler, J.P.,   declared that single parents are often                             In short, single parents matter.
M.P., declared March 21 as National Single Parents’ Day    misunderstood, misinterpreted, and                                 Matthie’s spirited challenge was met
in Bermuda.                                                mistreated. Fixated with the circum-                               with resounding applause.

O     n the steps of city hall, in the
      capital of Bermuda, minister for
Parliament the Honorable Dale Butler,
                                                           stances surrounding their status, we
                                                           wrongly interpret their past, interrupt
                                                           their present, and ignore their future.
                                                                                                                                 Kudos to Christine O’Brien,
                                                                                                                              Bermuda Conference Adventist Single
                                                                                                                              Adult Ministries director, and her
J.P., M.P., declared that March 21 was                        Jeremiah’s “potter and clay” nar-                               team: Donna Belton, Renee Burrows,
National Single Parents’ Day. It was                       rative never focuses on how the clay                               Gwen Creary, Robert Dunnett,
a first for Bermuda. The event was                         became marred, scarred, or hard;                                   Loumeeka Orgill, Cheryl Simons,
planned for, prayed for, and promoted                      it simply declares that the clay was                               Melba Wilson, and Marsha Woolridge.
by the Bermuda Conference Adventist                        molded “in the hands of the potter.”                                  Here was a church simply and
Single Adult Ministries Department.                        We affirm, then, that single parents                               proudly declaring to the world,
Butler declared, “The Adventist Single                     are still in the Potter’s hands and                                “Single parents, we think you are
Adult Ministries has taken the initia-                     that, as with the rest of us, the Potter                           wonderful. May God bless you.”
tive and is sponsoring this day of                         wants to put us back together again.                                        Information provided by Jeffrey Brown
awareness. They are to be thanked                             Enda Matthie herself a single par-                                                   Family Ministries director
and congratulated for their concern,                       ent, spoke with vigor, verve, and                                                            Bermuda Conference

     Bermuda Institute Seniors Honored as Outstanding Teens
     T   he annual Outstanding Teen
         Awards program hosted by
     Teen Services Bermuda, took place
                                                           has displayed during her four years
                                                           in high school, while Martin was
                                                           honored for the tremendous strides
                                                                                                                            distinguished her as exceptional
                                                                                                                            among her peers and worthy of the
                                                                                                                            award for Academic Achievement.
     on March 4.                                           he has made toward improved                                      Micrae Smith, already an accom-
       Teens who are making a differ-                      behavior and deportment.                                         plished artist whose work has been
     ence in their communities are nom-                      In the categories of Visual Arts                               on display at City Hall and pur-
     inated by their churches, schools,                    and Academic Achievement,                                        chased by prestigious businesses
     and community organizations. They                                                                                      in Bermuda, was recognized as the
     are nominated in such categories as                                                                                    Outstanding Male for Visual Arts.
     community services, spiritual lead-                                                                                      Overall, it was an enlightening eve-
     ership, performing arts, and aca-                                                                                      ning highlighting all of the positive
     demics. Each nominee must attend                                                                                       contributions teens are making in
     an interview by a panel of judges,                                                                                     their community. All nominees were
     which selects an outstanding male                                                                                      recognized for being “the best of the
     and female for each category.                                                                                          best”—a fitting honor for their sig-
       This year Bermuda Institute                                                                                          nificant accomplishments. The staff
                                                           Adventist winners of the annual Outstanding Teen Awards pro-
     students emerged as winners in                        gram are: front row second from left to right, Samantha Scott,
                                                                                                                            and students of Bermuda Institute
     three of the ten categories. Senior                   Delrae Knight, and LaRoya Hardtman; back row: second from        give God all glory and praise for gift-
     students Delrae Knight and Martin                     left, Martin Wolffe, and fourth from left, Micrae Smith.         ing His children with the ability to
     Wolffe won both awards in the                         Bermuda Institute seniors                                        achieve excellence in their endeavors.
     Most Progress category. Delrae was                    Samantha Scott and Micrae Smith                                                Coleen M. Birkett, staff writer
     awarded for the outstanding aca-                      led the way. Samantha’s consistent                                                        Bermuda Institute
     demic growth and motivation she                       exemplary academic achievement

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                                                                   Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                   11
                                            AUC—A Family Tradition Since 1882
                                            Rooting Through History and Reminiscences by
                                            the President’s Wife

    M     y husband, George Babcock,
          and I came to AUC on a “tem-
    porary” assignment in 2003. He came
                                                   joined the farmer’s church. Alarmed,
                                                   his brother Asa came to straighten
                                                   him out—and ended up also becom-
                                                                                                  panied their grieving mother, Edna,
                                                                                                  back to South Lancaster where Ethel
                                                                                                  cared for her on Prescott Street until
    to serve as president. I had fond              ing an Adventist.                              she died in 1905. Last year, I located
    memories of being a faculty child                 After some training at Battle Creek, Edna’s grave beside graves of her par-
    here in the 1940s. I didn’t realize            Dores joined Stephen Haskell in nur-           ents in Berlin, Vermont, her family’s
    until we arrived that my connec-               turing the spread of the gospel in             hometown. Thus ended my family’s
    tion to AUC really started back                    New England. In addition to pas-           first encounter with AUC.
    in 1882!—Written by Fern                                toring the Village Church and
    Gibson Babcock.                                            serving as principal of the        Thayer Purchased for $12,500!
                                                                  new school, he became              Our second encounter began in
    Our Family’s First                                             conference secretary.          1941 when my father, Jesse O. Gibson,
    Encounter With AUC                                               In 1886, the Dores           moved our family into the little brown
       I discovered that                                              Robinsons, C. L.            house beside Mrs. Rochelle Kilgore and
    in 1882, my great-                                                 Boyd, and two              became business manager for AUC.
atLantiC union CoLLege

    grandfather Dores                                                  colporteurs sailed         My sister Bonnie was born here, and I
    A. Robinson,                                                        to South Africa           began school at Browning Normal.
    then pastor of the                                                  to further spread            My memories include a flood that
    Village Church,                                                     the gospel, taking        covered the pasture and brought hun-
    worked with                                                        with them one of           dreds of tiny green frogs; a terrible fire
    Stephen Haskell and                                                South Lancaster            that burned up the maintenance build-
    others to start South                                             Academy’s first             ing; my daddy placing the final brick
    Lancaster Academy.                                               graduates, Miss              on the top of the new powerhouse
    Dores helped to select                                          Carrie Mace.                  smokestack; fun-filled days playing in
    the site, sold some of his                                      After a few years in          the two college barns with Elsie Olsen
    own land to the school,                                     South Africa, Dores was           and Janice Robinson; and my daddy’s
    and when it opened with                                  invited to go to England.            purchase of the Thayer Mansion with
                                        Dores A. Robinson
    19 students on April 19, 1882,                        There, the childless                            100-140 acres of land (sources
    he taught the Bible classes. Two years         Robinsons selected a daugh-                               vary) for only $12,500. I
    later, he became the second principal          ter from among the many                                      recall him saying that the
    of South Lancaster Academy and his             children of a strug-                                           price was the appraised
    wife, Edna Dewey Robinson, taught              gling widow. That                                               value of the rhodo-
    there also.                                    child became my                                                   dendron bushes
       Five male students boarded with the grandmother—Ethel                                                          on the property! I
    Robinsons and when a flu epidemic              Robinson Chilson.                                                   heard him saying
    struck. Edna took sick students home           In 1895, when the                                                   to mother that if
    and nursed them back to health.                Robinsons were                                                      the board members
       When the school board decided to            asked to take the                                                   didn’t approve the
    build the first building—later known           gospel to India,                                                    purchase quickly,
    as Founders Hall, Ellen White led the          they agreed and                                                     AUC would lose
    workers in donating to the project.            took Ethel with                                                    out. Then he got
                                                   them. Later they                                                  into the car and
    Unearthing A Time Capsule                      adopted Mary, an                                                 drove from person to
       In the Heritage Room of AUC’s               Indian orphan.                                                 person obtaining board
    library, I discovered that Dores, a               In 1899, Dores died of                                     member signatures until
    Canadian, came to the States to work           smallpox and was buried in                                 the documentation was
    for an Adventist farmer and then               India. Ethel and Mary accom-        Edna Dewey Robinson complete.

    1       Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                            Visit the Atlantic Union Web site

                                                                                                                                                                atLantiC union CoLLege
                                                                                                                                                            Joint chapel with South Lancaster Academy and Atlantic
                                                                                                                                                            Union College at the Village Church, one in a series of
                                                                                                                                                            125th anniversary celebrations.

                                                                                                                                                            A    tlantic Union College and
                                                                                                                                                                 South Lancaster Academy
                                                                                                                                                            are jointly celebrating their 125th
                                                                                                                                                            anniversary this year. The theme is
Jesse O. Gibson, Babcock’s father-in-law, Fern’s dad, purchased the Thayer Mansion for $12,500! He served as business manager
for Atlantic Union College from 1941–1944.                                                                                                                  Share the Light!

  From the Thayer auction, he bought                                         out in the school that he helped estab-                                        You Are Invited to Our
me a dollhouse complete with oriental                                        lish, attending concerts in the Thayer                                         Upcoming Celebrations:
rugs and china dolls—all for $8.00!                                          mansion that Daddy bought.                                                     • Join us for the 125th anniversary
While our parents cleaned out the                                               George and I were humbled as we                                               presentations at your conference
mansion, Janice Robinson and I ran                                           walked in the footsteps of these family                                          camp meeting.
from one marble bathroom to another                                          pioneers and focused on AUC’s mis-                                             • September 22, Worship Service,
collecting cosmetics. We couldn’t                                            sion of training young people for God                                            11:00 a.m. College Church. Speaker:
wear the nail polish and lipstick, of                                        and His service.                                                                 Bill Knott, editor, adventiSt review,
course, but we decorated our mud                                                                                                                              adventiSt world.
pies exquisitely for days! Mixed with                                                                                                                       • September 22, Lyceum. Historical
the Thayers’ genuine French perfume,                                                                                                                          Lecture, 8:00 p.m., Machlan
they smelled wonderful!                                                                                                                                       Auditorium, Atlantic Union College.
                                                                                                                                                            • September 23, 125th Anniversary
Mission Service                                                                                                                                               Walkathon, 10:00 a.m. Jack
  We Gibsons answered a mission                                                                                                                               Mentges and Coach Sandy Smith,
call to West Africa in 1944. Daddy                                                                                                                            coordinators.
worked in Ghana for the next 11                                                                                                                             • October 5–7, South Lancaster
years, supervising construction of                                                                                                                            Academy Alumni Weekend.
the Accra and Kumasi mission com-
pounds and becoming president
of the West African Union before
returning home again.
  Later, George and I and our two
                                                              Dave Sherwin

                                                                                                                                  Photos: Cindy Kurtzhals

children followed our mission heri-
tage by serving in Pakistan for more
than seven years.                                                                President George Babcock and Fern, his wife.
                                                                                         June 1, 2003 – May 31, 2007
Answering God’s Call                                                                                                                                        125th Anniversary Committee chair, Bordes Henry-Saturné,
                                                                                                                                                            and assistant to the president, Atlantic Union College;
  Pulled out of retirement, we served                                          Fern Gibson Babcock, author, wife of AUC                                     Allyson Cram, principal, South Lancaster Academy;
again—back on the campus that great-                                          president George Babcock, and great-grand-                                    Donald King, board chair, Atlantic Union College and
grandfather Robinson selected, leading                                             daughter of one of the school’s founders.                                president, Atlantic Union Conference; and George
                                                                                                                                                            Babcock, president, Atlantic Union College.

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                                                                       Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                     1
   Awards Presented to 47th Precinct Community Affairs Unit
                                                                                                       T   he Bronx Adventist youth awarded and acknowledged
                                                                                                           the Northeast Bronx 47th Precinct Community Affairs
                                                                                                       Unit for their untiring dedication to community services
                                                                                                       and programs. Receiving the awards were Officers Gary
                                                                                                       Bucknell and Debra Jack. It was noted that Officer Jack
                                                                                                       had been involved with the youth since their first rally in
                                                                                                       2005. She admonished the young people to continue to be
                                                                                                       involved and “to build strong character.” She also reminded
                                                                                                       them that if they are exemplary young people they will
                                                                                                       become achieving adults. Officer Bucknell said it was his
                                                                                                       delight to provide support and protection for the young
                                                                                                       people and that it was truly amazing to see such dedicated
                                                                                                       youth working for God and their community.
                                                                                                                                                          Alanzo Smith, communication director
                                                                                                                                                                  Greater New York Conference
   Pastor Lincoln Smith, right front, presents award to Officer Gary Bucknell.
gReateR neW yoRk

   Pathfinder Director Dahlia Reid, center, and Pastor Smith present an award to Officer Debra Jack.   The North Bronx church Pathfinder club marched in a youth rally in conjunction with the event.

          Oakview Students Raise Funds for ADRA Projects
          I f you asked the fifth-graders of
            Oakview Preparatory Seventh-day
          Adventist School what they are doing
                                                                          and have better care; to help the
                                                                          poor and the needy.” For these rea-
                                                                          sons many class members thought
                                                                                                                                      Elisabeth Yacoub, Eric Bogui, Tahani
                                                                                                                                      Hayles, Ariel James, Sasha Savage,
                                                                                                                                      Adria Williams, Teddy Cooper, and
          in their school to make a difference,                           that the project was important.                             Linton Witter, came up with many
          they would probably say that they                                 Students who went to the ADRA                             creative and insightful ideas to raise
          are working on projects with the                                Web site had to choose an ADRA                              money for the projects.
          Adventist Development and Relief                                project they were willing to sup-                             The students have not yet reached
          Agency (ADRA), a global Adventist                               port and then find ways of raising                          their goals, but they are really close.
          development relief organization                                 money for that project. Choices                             As they work effortlessly to raise
          established in 1956 whose purpose is                            included such projects as feeding                           funds for ADRA, they are, in their
          to help those in dire need.                                     an infant a hot meal for a day in                           own way, making a real difference
            When several class members                                    Bangladesh or giving a goat to an                           for someone who needs it most.
          were asked why they wanted to                                   Ethiopian family.                                                                           Fifth grade students
          work with ADRA, they replied, “To                                 Delighted to do something for oth-                                                 Oakview Preparatory school
          help others get food and supplies                               ers, the students, Biajha Anderson,

   1            Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                                                                     Visit the Atlantic Union Web site

                                                                                                                    gReateR neW yoRk
    Spotlight on a Growing Church

    T   he Bayanihan (Filipino) church
        was organized into a church
    in 2000 with a membership of 55.
                                               With its many programs, the
                                            church has become a beacon of
                                            light in the community. Every
                                                                                                         James Wong,
                                                                                                         a vision-
    Having no place to call home, they      Saturday visitors come and                                   ary leader,
    were like nomads moving from            Adventists from the Philippines vis-                         has given
    place to place. They started their                                                                   the church
    worship service as a company in                                                                      spiritual
    the basement of the Manhattan                                                                        leadership
    church; they moved next to the                                                                       and steered it
    apartment of a member, afterward                                                                     successfully          Pastor James Wong
    to the Korean church, then to the                                                                    through its challenging times. The
    Methodist church. Finally, in 2003,                                                                  church hosts a garden of singers and
    they bought their own church                                                                         its services are embellished with a
    building at a cost of $590,000. The                                                                  variety of talented singers and musi-
    experience brought joy mixed with                                                                    cians. Each Sabbath, the attendees
    sorrows. Soon after the purchase,      The Bayanihan church has become a beacon of light in the      are given a scrumptious meal after
    they learned that another inves-       community. Adventists from the Philippines visiting New       the midday service and most stay
    tor was challenging their rights to    York frequently seek out the Bayanihan church for worship.    for the afternoon service. We join
    ownership. It took three long years     iting New York frequently seek out                           with Pastor Wong and his congrega-
    to resolve the matter in the courts.    the Bayanihan church for worship.                            tion in saying, “to God be the glory,
    God prevailed on the church’s side      In a little more than six years the                          great things He has done.”
    and today the congregation legally      group’s membership has doubled;                                          Alanzo Smith, communication director
    owns the building at 3949 29th          today there are 107 members,                                                     Greater New York Conference
    Street, Long Island City.               besides visitors and friends.

Family Evangelism Meetings Held on the Turks and Caicos Islands
I  n the first quarter of
   2007 the Turks and
Caicos Mission launched
                                families against all odds.
                                He drew from a plethora of
                                family themes and family
one of its biggest attacks on   values, and augmented them
the deterioration of fam-       with relevant Bible stories
ily values with a series of     and Bible texts.
meetings on the island of         Energized by these pow-
Providenciales, one of eight    erful family messages and
islands that make up the        the call to repentance, 92
Turks and Caicos Islands.       individuals were baptized.
They are located more than      Many more signed up for
500 miles south of Miami,       baptism which will increase
Florida. There are only         the baptism total beyond
three Seventh-day Adventist     100. This represents the
churches on the island, one     largest first-quarter baptism
French and two English.         in the one hundred years
The challenge was given to      of Adventism on the Turks                 Ninety-two individuals were baptized as a result of the family evangelism meetings held on the
                                                                          Turks and Caicos Islands.
veteran evangelist and fam-     and Caicos Islands.
ily specialist, Alanzo Smith,     Government officials                    meetings brought to them                          God for the outpouring of
who preached through a          visited, members talked                   and their family. People                          His Holy Spirit during the
translator, for four weeks,     about the positive impact of              expressed feelings of sad-                        series of meetings.
five nights a week. Each        the meetings, and visitors                ness on the final night as                                  Lisa Gonzales, communication
night, he challenged the        raved about the spiritual                 they came to bid farewell to                                         department secretary
audience to build stronger      and social blessings the                  the evangelist and to thank                                  Greater New York Conference

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                                               Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                  1
                              Academy Students
                           Participate in Music Clinic
                                                                                                                “Make a Joyful Noise!” and dedicated
                                                                                                                it to the students attending the clinic.
                                                                                                                   The weekend performances included
                                                                                                                Friday evening vespers featuring SLA’s
                                                                                                                choir, Vocé, and speaker Bordes Henry-
                                                                                                                Saturne, a vice president at AUC. On
                                                                                                                Saturday, the clinic choir performed
                                                                                                                a mini-concert at the College Church.
                                                                                                                That afternoon’s vesper service featured
                                                                                                                a musical selection from each academy
                                                                                                                that reflected their cultural genre.
                                                                                                                   “Teachers and parents alike were
                                                                                                                very impressed with the perfor-
                                                                                                                mances,” says Astrid Thomassian,
                                                                                                                Atlantic Union Conference director of
Despite the wintry weather, academy students participated in the joint Atlantic Union Conference and
                                                                                                                education. “I received comments from
Atlantic Union College Music Clinic directed by Atlantic Union College music professor Erick Parris.            students that they didn’t realize they
                                                                                                                could stretch their vocal chords to

                                                                     T     he voices of almost 50 students
                                                                           filled Machlan Auditorium for the
                                                                     grand finale concert on the campus
                                                                                                                that extent and parents thought they
                                                                                                                sounded like a college choir.”
                                                                                                                   Jerrell Gilkeson, Atlantic Union
                                                                     of Atlantic Union College (AUC) on         Conference associate director of edu-
                                                                     February 17. The concert was the cli-      cation, added: “One of the primary
                                                                     max of a four-day music clinic co-spon-    factors in the success of this clinic was
                                                                     sored by the Atlantic Union Conference     the teamwork of all those involved.
                                                                     and the Atlantic Union College.            The total cooperation between the
                                                                        Five of the eight high schools in       college and union office of education
                                                                     the Atlantic Union participating in        made a foundation of support for the
                                                                     the music clinic included Bermuda          music program. Additionally, the out-
                                                                     Institute (BI), Greater Boston Academy     standing job by Erik Parris, in prepar-
Breaking tradition in wardrobe, Hector Figueroa and Josh             (GBA), Pine Tree Academy (PTA),            ing, writing an original composition,
Gonzalez sang a duet “in costume” during the final perfor-
mance of the music clinic.
                                                                     South Lancaster Academy (SLA), and         and leading the students to a level of
                                                                     Union Springs Academy (USA).               excellence while still having fun, was
                                                                        The music clinic began on a snowy       a cornerstone of the clinic. The main
                                                                     Valentine’s Day. Even though most of       reason for the success was that Jesus
                                                                     the schools in the area were closed for    gave us music and gave these musi-
                                                                     the day, choir rehearsals took place as    cians the talents to praise Him.”
                                                                     scheduled. With about 15 hours to prac-       Robert Malin, South Lancaster
                                                                     tice before performance time, there was    Academy Vocé director added, “It is
                                                                     little time to waste. Fortunately, each    good for SLA students to realize that
                                                                     school prepared their music in advance     other schools are working hard to
                                                                     so choir clinician Erick Parris had only   perfect their musical craft and they
                                                                     to fine-tune the blended voices.           are not alone. It is also important
                                                                        Parris, originally from Panama,         for students to have our core values
Erick Parris, choral clinic conductor
                                                                     is presently the professor of music        reinforced from different individuals.
                                                                     theory and composition, choral direc-      Thank you Dr. Parris. SLA students
    By Tamara                                                        tor, and Atlantic Union College Music      liked the social interaction with stu-
                                                                     Department chair. He is also on the        dents from the other academies.”
    Michalenko                                                       board of directors of the International
                                                                     Adventist Musicians Association. A         Tamara Michalenko Terry is assistant
    Terry                                                            composer in his own right, he com-
                                                                     posed an original piece for the clinic,
                                                                                                                editor for the Atlantic Union Gleaner.

 16              Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                                       Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
Sacred spaces                                            By Bill Wood

O     n Saturday morning February 3, young adults attend-
      ing the Atlantic Union’s fifth GODenounters week-
end woke up to a snow-white winter wonderland at Camp
Winnekeag in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. One of the
attendees remarked that God has blanketed the camp with
this fresh snow to help us start the Sabbath day as a symbolic
gesture of what the Sabbath can mean in each one of our
lives—making our lives as white as snow!
   Nearly 150 young adults worshiped, praised God, and
enjoyed a “sacred space” as never before.
   John Henderson, a pastor from Oakland, California, was the
guest speaker. In his first message he gave a brief history of the
Sabbath and on Sunday he highlighted the spiritual importance
of the Sabbath. He called for commitments to keep the Sabbath
and prepare for baptism and several young adults responded.
   Several workshops were conducted through the weekend
highlighting several aspects of the Sabbath. Samuel Pipim, secu-
lar campus ministries director for the Michigan Conference,
conducted a seminar entitled “A Day to Remember – Ethics,
Relationships, and Spirituality,” Angelo Grasso, a young adult,
presented a seminar on, “Finding Your Sacred Space,” and
Rick Trott, a professor at Atlantic Union College, conducted a
seminar on, “Grace in the Sabbath.” All three seminars were
well attended.
   Scott Campbell and a young adult group from Freeport,
Maine, led out in a very worshipful “praise and worship”
time before each general session.
   Courtney Fadlin, from Silver Spring, Maryland, blessed
the group throughout the weekend with great music from
his saxophone.
   Saturday night was spent in group games, volleyball
and basketball, and just relaxing and “hanging out.”
   GODencounters 2008 is already in its planning
stages. The date is February 1–3. Mark it down on
your calendars now and plan to be part of this spe-
cial event for young adults in the Atlantic Union.

Bill Wood is the, youth, Pathfinder, and Adventurer
director for the Atlantic Union Conference.
                                                        ll Wo
                                                      os: B
 William Miller Site Gains a Schoolhouse
                                                                                        her sister-in-law,                            Though he traveled
                                                                                        Hazel Stannard                                    far and wide, it
                                                                                        with whom she                                        was here that he
                                                                                        now resides.                                          chose to await
                                                                                        According to                                            the coming
                                                                                        Jane, life was                                            of his Lord
                                                                                        not easy                                                   and Friend.
                                                                                        for school-                                                It was in
                                                                                        teachers in                                                 this school-
                                                                                        this remote                                                 house
                                                                                        area. She                                                   that the
                                                                                        remembers                                                  Millerites
                                                                                        boarding                                                   gathered to
                                                                                        with a family                                             pray for the
                                                                                        and sleeping                                            soon return
                                                                                        in a room so                                          of Jesus, mak-
 Plans call for restoring the schoolhouse so it can once more welcome children.
                                                                                        cold that she had                                   ing the property

 A   dventist
                                                              the William Miller
                                                                  farm just a short
                                                                    distance from
                                                                                        to go to bed with
                                                                                        all of her clothes on
                                                                                        to keep from freezing.
                                                                                                                                         recently donated to
                                                                                                                     Jane Stannard AHM so meaningful.
                                                                                                                                      Plans call for restor-
 (AHM) is                                                             Fair Haven,       Wages were $17 per week               ing the schoolhouse so it
 excited by                                                             Vermont.        and she sometimes had                 can once more welcome
 one of its                                                              Among          up to 15 students in many             children, exposing them to
 most recent                                                             its former     grades. Both Jane and Hazel their Millerite roots. Funds
 acquisi-                                                                 teachers      are descendants of William            for materials and volunteer
 tions—a                                                                  is Jane       Miller and many of the arti- help are needed to accom-
 one-room                                                                 Stannard,     facts that AHM has grate-             plish this restoration proj-
 public                                                                   an Advent-    fully placed on display in            ect. Why not be a part of
 school                                                                  ist.           the Miller home have been             the fun? Call the William
 known                                                                      This past   donated by great-grand-               Miller Home at (518) 282-
 as County                                                              December,       daughter Hazel.                       9617 or Jim Everhart at
 School #4,                                                            I was privi-        All who come to visit              (802) 442-4926 to reserve a
 now known as                                                        leged to inter-    this historic area fall in love time when you can help.
 the 19th Century                                                  view Stannard        with the land and its peo-                Linda Everhart, assistant manager
 Schoolhouse on                                                 at the home of          ple, as did William Miller.                           William Miller Farm
                                         Hazel Stannard

        Students Make a Joyful Sound at Annual Music Festival
                                                                                             U    nion Springs Academy hosted the annual
neW yoRk

                                                                                                  music festival on the campus March 8-10 for
                                                                                             students in grades 5–8. Students were blessed
                                                                                             with the return of Alisa Andrade whose goal for
                                                                                             the event was to help students learn and value the
                                                                                             hymns of the faith. She chose upbeat, kid-pleas-
                                                                                             ing arrangements and in short order transformed
                                                                                             students into a choir of amazing quality. In addi-
                                                                                             tion to learning some great music, students also
                                                                                             enjoyed fellowship and opportunities to grow spir-
                                                                                             itually. What a delight it will be to sing with these
                                                                                             young people in the celestial choir. May it be soon!
                                                                                                                           Kim Kaiser, communication director
                                                                                                                                         New York Conference
        Alisa Andrade inspires students musically.

 1           Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                                              Visit the Atlantic Union Web site

                                                                                                                    neW yoRk
    A Powerful Prayer Breakfast
    O     n January 21 the Kingsbury
          church women’s ministry
    team fulfilled its dream of minis-
                                             prayer, such as a sentence praise
                                             prayer session and an alphabet
                                             prayer, naming Bible texts starting
                                                                                                          vate prayer were available. A red
                                                                                                          rose was given to each one, sym-
                                                                                                          bolizing God’s love and forgive-
    tering to families when they con-        with each letter of the alphabet.                            ness. The event came to a touching
    ducted a family prayer breakfast           The “washed away” prayer station                           conclusion with a prayer of bless-
    entitled Powerful Praying.               encouraged a person to write what-                           ing on Pastor David Harriss and
      Transforming the gymnasium                                                                          his wife, Kathy, followed by the
    into an elegant prayer hall, the for-                                                                 song, “Sweet Hour of Prayer.”
    mally invited guests were treated                                                                       All of this became a reality as a
    to a buffet breakfast and dined on                                                                    result of the concerted efforts of the
    tables filled with fresh flowers.                                                                     women’s ministry team, including:
    Prayer stations were set up around                                                                    Wendy Wells, Ami Wells, Carol
    the room for guests to experience                                                                     Grimes, and Janice Close.
    different types of prayer, from a                                                                       If you want to put power into
    prayer walk, with large footsteps                                                                     your own prayer life, plan a prayer
    of specific prayer requests for          Orin and Wendy Wells, at one of the prayer stations, writ-   breakfast for your church. Prayer
    ministries within the church, to a       ing appreciation cards for the church family.                doesn’t just change circumstanc-
    “thank-you” prayer station where         ever they struggled with on a piece                          es… it changes us.
    each person wrote a prayer of            of cloth that was then submerged in                                      Janice Close, Women’s Ministries staff
    thanks to someone attending. They        a basin of water and washed away.                                                           Kingsbury church
    even engaged in different forms of         Areas for small-group and pri-

Rise to the Call
H     ow does one know that an
      organization is no longer doing
business as usual? Perhaps it is when
                                            inspired by leaders who have been
                                            used by God to bring many to Christ,
                                            resulting in dramatic church growth.
it radically alters the way it spends       Among them were Del Dunavant, S.
its money. The New York Conference          Joseph Kidder, Shane Anderson, and
is no longer doing God’s business           conference ministry director, Angel
in the usual way and, as evidence           Rodriquez.
of that, evangelism money was used            Dawn Phelps of the Lincklaen
to train more than 200 members as           Center church described the weekend                             Pastor Shane Anderson was among the presenters.
ministers for Christ. It happened at        as very motivational and inspiring.
a weekend seminar entitled Rise to          Victor Nelson, a non-member who
the Call hosted by the conference’s         came with his brother, was impressed
Lay Training Institute. The event took      by the Adventist teaching that mem-
place February 23–25 in Auburn,             bers can and should be taking their
New York, resulting in members              marching orders directly from God.
and pastors who were empowered to           Patricia Keys from the Macedonia
move forward with lay-driven min-           church described herself as an intro-
istry. Attendees were blessed and           vert but said that she gained a lot
                                            of helpful tools and was convinced                              Lisa Crittenden provided special music for the event.
                                            that others might benefit from what
   Camp Meeting                             she has to share. The weekend was
                                            intense and the presentations were
   Registration:                            Christ-centered, liberating individuals
                                            to claim upstate New York for Christ.
   For information or to register           Watch out world!
   for camp meeting. Contact the
   New York Conference at (315)                               Kim Kaiser, communication director
                                                                            New York Conference
                                                                                                            Joseph Kidder shares strategies for church growth.

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                                                 Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                         1
  Mount Vernon Church Affirms Its Children
  O     ne hundred young
        people met at the
  Mount Vernon church in
                                           The mistresses of cer-
                                       emonies for the event were
                                       teenagers Janene Laurent
                                                                                     Selena Hackett sang “Count
                                                                                     on Me.” Tianna Livingston
                                                                                     gave a rendition of “We
                                                                                                                                        them repeat: “I am special
                                                                                                                                        because God made me.” He
                                                                                                                                        challenged them to work
  Mount Vernon, New York,              and Natoya Lewis who                          Shall Overcome.” Richard                           not only in the church, but
  on February 11, for                                                                               Anthony and                         to also work in their com-
  a first of its kind                                                                               Joshua Allison                      munity. He was joined by
  pre-Valentine’s Day                                                                               showed off their                    Lynette Cox, Pastor Edward
  awards banquet. This                                                                              talents as pianists. Herndon, and Litieth Coke,
  event was designed                                                                                   The high point                   who gave every award recip-
  to reinforce positive                                                                             of the after-                       ient a certificate of apprecia-
  values and to honor                                                                               noon was the                        tion for their involvement in
  and encourage youth                                                                               presentation of                     Sabbath School, Pathfinders,
  to continue being a                                                                                                                         and Adventurers.
  positive influence in                                                                                                                          Sandra Herndon
  our society.                                                                                                                                challenged the young
     During the event                                                                                                                         people to be what-
                             Enjoying the pre-Valentine’s Day awards
  one parent said,           banquet on the back row are, Amber                                                                               ever they want to be.
  “From where I am I         Forbes, Tianna Livingston, Candice Smith,                                                                        As the children left,
  can see carpenters,        Darby Allison, Taylor Ralph, and Nalani                                                                          their faces beamed
                             Thompson; on the front row, Briana Clark,
  plumbers, electri-         Moniesha Foot, Brianna Miller, and
                                                                                                                                              as they received a
  cians, lawyers, doc-       Jasmine Laurent.                                                                                                 heart-shaped box of
  tors, nurses, computer                                                                                                                      chocolates showing
  specialists, veterinarians,          kept the program                                                                                       how much they are
  astronauts, and on and               moving and had                                                                                         loved. “Our children
                                                                       Public speaking and Bible Bowl award recipients include, on the back
  on. These youngsters have            everyone laugh-                 row, Shane Booth-Hall, Sherman-Lee Rowe, Ebon Thomas, Danree
                                                                                                                                              are very special,” said
  already shown great poten-           ing. Darby Allison              Brown, Aishia Williamson, and Tierra Burrell; on the front row,        Pastor Herndon, and
  tial by their dedication to          led in the Black                Jervaun Higgs, Sederick Dawkins, Richard Anthony, Michel Scott,        this program demon-
  the church, the respect              National Anthem;                Sydney Spence, Marc Richardson, and Taylor Ralph.                      strated it.
  they show their parents              Shane Hall-Booth recited                      awards. Oswald Euell, the                                       Winsome Dyer Anthony
  and other adults, the high           the poem “What a Success.”                    Northeastern Conference                                 Children’s Ministries coordinator
  regard they have for their           Marc Richardson played El                     Sabbath School direc-                                              Mount Vernon church
  teachers, and, of course,            Shaddai on his alto saxo-                     tor, gave a charge to the
  their love for God.”                 phone. Amber Forbes and                       children and then had

        Northeastern Academy Alumni Association Establishes First

        Official Chapter
        C     ontinuing its efforts for growth
              and redefining itself, the
        Northeastern Academy Alumni
                                                              lege. The initial inquiry and request
                                                              was led by Adrienne Matthews,
                                                              associate dean of women and direc-
                                                                                                                     Carla Ephraim, class of 2005,
                                                                                                                     Northeastern Academy salutato-
                                                                                                                     rian and inaugural recipient of
        Association, Inc., is launching its                   tor of Carter Hall on the college’s                    the Delisa Gonzales Knight Esq.
        first official membership drive. If                   campus. In addition to involvement                     Academic Achievement Award.
        the current results are any indica-                   in community service projects,                           The association is pursuing the
        tion of what the future holds, they                   the chapter will also function as a                    possibility of establishing chapters
        are off to a great start. The asso-                   transition unit providing support                      in Maryland, Atlanta, and New
        ciation is pleased to announce the                    for students from Northeastern                         York City which is the home of its
        establishment of its first official                   Academy who are beginning college                      national headquarters.
        chapter at Oakwood College in                         life at Oakwood.                                         Any group or individuals inter-
        Huntsville, Alabama.                                     A few other members of the                          ested in joining the association may
           This chapter is the first com-                     chapter include Matthews’ hus-                         contact Barry Thomas, president at
        ponent of the region and will be                      band, Louis, Amanda (Barry)                            BarrryT@yahoo.com.
        known as N.E.A.3 South. The group                     Harris, Abdulla Sutherland,                                                Barry Thomas, president
        is comprised of both current and                      Gregory Allen, George Daley,                           Northeastern Academy Alumni Association, Inc.
        former staff and students of the col-                 Theodore and Ruth Gunn, and

  0          Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                                                    Visit the Atlantic Union Web site

    Women’s Day of Prayer Conference Held in Rhode Island
    T    he New England Region Women’s Ministries group
         held their eighth annual Women’s Day of Prayer
    conference on March 17 at the Pond Street Baptist
                                                               made us cognizant that we all can have viable minis-
                                                               tries. She further noted that ministry does not occur
                                                               just on Sabbath but every day of the week.
    Church in Providence, Rhode Island.                           The day concluded with information about two
       Esther Chandler, Gethsemane church’s public rela-       ministries coming from the Northeastern Conference
    tions officer, started the program with a poem called      Women’s Ministries Department:
    “Sister” by Annie Ruth. A workshop followed entitled
                                                                 • Rays of Hope — Aimed at creating a nucleus for
    “A Meeting in the Ladies Room: A Lesson in Conflict
                                                                   evangelism among women by providing the tools
    Resolution.” During the interactive segment, teams of
                                                                   necessary for conducting friendship evangelism.
    women paired up to resolve problem scenarios with
                                                                   This program would prepare people for Bible stud-
    insightful and often humorous results.
                                                                   ies and baptism and to utilize the time and talents
       Paulette Allen, women’s ministries coordinator from
                                                                   of women to help others in need.
    the Cambridge church in Medford, Massachusetts,
    performed an anointing service followed by a moment          • GEMS (Girls Emerging into Mature Sisters) —
    of meditation. Ednor Davison, Atlantic Union com-              Developed by members of the New England team
    munication director and Gleaner editor, was the guest          and geared to address the needs of young women
    speaker. In her message, “Hush…Somebody’s Calling              by establishing strong communities of Christian
    Your Name,” she expounded on how important it is to            young women between the ages of 12 and 19.
    develop a close relationship with God in order to be
                                                                 The entire event was captured on video by Jimmy
    able to discern when He is speaking to you. She shared
                                                               Jordan and family. If interested in obtaining a copy,
    a personal example of how God led her during a tumul-
                                                               please contact the Northeastern Conference Women’s
    tuous period in her life to act with great certainty.
                                                               Ministries Department.
       In the afternoon, Davison conducted a workshop
    entitled “The Secret to Having a Successful Ministry.”                             Carrie Peters, Women’s Ministries director
                                                                                    Northeastern Conference New England Region
    She gave practical steps with scriptural references that

Outstanding Teacher Recognized
T    hough teaching can
     be a thankless job at
times, there are precious
                               vice principal for Hispanic
                               Affairs and Spanish teacher
                               at Northeastern Academy,
                                                               has led him to be listed
                                                               in the Who’s Who (three
                                                               times), the International
                                                                                                 arts in administration edu-
                                                                                                 cation from the University
                                                                                                 of New Mexico, 1993; a
moments that make the          when Carla B. Ephraim, a        Biographical Centre               bachelor of arts in second-
effort worthwhile. That        student from the class of       (Cambridge, England,              ary education and litera-
moment came last year          2005 and the Northeastern       2005), the American               ture from the Dominican
for Juan D. Gomez, the         Academy salutatorian,           Biographical Institute            Adventist University, 1988,
                                        nominated him for      (U.S.A., 2005) and the            and several other associ-
                                        the National Honor     National Society of High          ate degrees. A speaker,
                                        Roll’s Outstanding     School Scholars (U.S.A.,          poet, and writer, he has
                                        Teacher                2006).                            authored several poems, a
                                        2005/2006.               “Mr. Gomez is part of           book on human relations,
                                           Having worked       the fabric of Northeastern        and various articles that
                                        at Northeastern        Academy,” said principal          were printed in newspapers
                                        Academy for the        Marlene Alvarez. “He is a         and magazines in Mexico
                                        past 11 years,         multi-lingual, multi-talented     and the United States. His
                                        Gomez is no            man of faith whose life is        radio program, Words and
                                        stranger to hon-       grounded in prayer. His           Songs, covers such topics as
                                        ors and awards.        infectious smile and easy-        religion and education and
                                        His personal phi-      going mannerisms will be          sometimes features church
                                        losophy (success       missed when he leaves us at       leaders.
                                        means God first,       the end of the year. May God         If you know of an outstand-
                                        prayer, and mak-       continue to guide and direct      ing teacher who you would like
                                        ing the effort to      him wherever life takes him.”     to see featured, please e-mail us
                                        get the excellence)      Gomez has a master of           at gleaner@atlanticunion.org.
               Juan D. Gomez

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                         Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                 1
    Mountain View Church Hosts Revelation of Hope Series
    A    fter a year of preparation, the
         Mountain View church members
    in Vernon, Vermont, and Pastor Art
                                                 2,000 Bible study cards, which were
                                                 faithfully distributed. A “Last-Day
                                                 Events” series was presented by Diane
    Miller hosted a “Revelation of Hope”         Gaspard and several local elders.
    series with Northern New England                Under the capable leadership of Deb
    Conference evangelist Rick Kuntz.            Campbell, head deaconess, the church
    Two hundred names were compiled              was cleaned from top to bottom.
    by interest coordinator Jean Brodis.         Lovely autumn plants were donated
    The prayer coordinator, Larry Farley,        by the Miller Farm. A large banner
    and his team were actively praying           announcing the meetings was provid-
    for those people and other attendees.        ed by Dennis Tier and Dennis Harris.
    The health ministries director, Ken             During the meetings, the 14 team
    Gaspard and his wife, Diane, present-        members arrived at least an hour early                  The church sign was updated each
    ed a successful community Coronary           to pray. About 20 other members                         evening by Dennis Harris.
    Health Improvement Program (CHIP).           assisted Laura Smead as greeters and                      God blessed our church. Church
    The music concert series director,           ushers. Music was coordinated by                        members grew spiritually and were
    Lloyd Condon, organized great musi-          Yolanda Harris.                                         connected as never before. Pastor
    cal programs on eight Saturday eve-             On opening night 35 non-mem-                         Miller began a baptismal class with
    nings. The Bible study coordinator,          bers and approximately 60 members                       about 14-16 attending. Each of the 14
    Gary Brodis, purchased more than             attended. As the meetings contin-                       new members is committed to being
noRtheRn neW engLanD

                                                 ued four to five evenings each week,                    an active part of the church family.
                                                 between 18 and 25 non-members                             A Bible marking class each Sabbath
                                                 attended and from 40-50 church mem-                     morning and Kim Johnson’s Spiritual
                                                 bers came. The messages Kuntz pre-                      Body Building class each Wednesday
                                                 sented resulted in decisions for Christ                 night provide continued fellowship
                                                 nearly every night. The reception host-                 and study. We are praising the Lord
                                                 esses baked and served refreshments,                    for His blessings.
                                                 providing a relaxing time of fellowship                                Jean Brodis, communication secretary
                                                 after the Saturday evening meeting.                                                   Mountain View church

    Jewel under Mount Washington
    M     ount Washington, in
          its lofty grandeur, has
    fame and followers a plenty,
                                    Edwards states, “I believe
                                    that within each child is the
                                    potential to excel spiritually,
                                                                                 ing Christianity every hour
                                                                                 of the day. Students are not
                                                                                 just learning doctrine, they
                                                                                                                       up their juicy, tree-ripened
                                                                                                                       oranges and grapefruit.
                                                                                                                       Visits to Sun Bridge Nursing
    but tucked away in the          academically, emotionally,                   are developing character.             Home enable students to
    Mount Washington Valley,        and physi-                                                          Outreach       mingle with the older gen-
    is a priceless jewel that is    cally. As an                                                     is a natural      eration and cheer those who
    very little known. Cady         educator, it                                                     outgrowth         are lonely and abandoned.
    Memorial school, sponsored      is my goal                                                       from this         Last Christmas the school
    by the Conway church,           to facilitate                                                    philoso-          longed for a spiritual cel-
    has benefitted children for     this process                                                     phy, and          ebration, so they planned
    the past 18 years. It was       in a safe and                                                    the school        an old-fashioned family
    inspired by Helen Cady, an      challenging                                                      is involved       Christmas and invited the
    older member who had a          environ-                                                         in ongoing        church and school family
    huge heart for children and     ment.” To                                                        ministry and      and friends from far and
    ministering to them.            foster spiri-                                                    mission. The      wide. This proved to be a
       Whereas public educa-        tual devel-                                                      fruit sale        wonderful evening with a
    tion has closed down the        opment is                                                        program not       festive meal, a thought-pro-
    village schoolhouses, and       a primary                                                        only helps        voking drama, and trim-
    is herding children by the      focus for                                                        with fund-        ming the tree with orna-
    bus load to large centralized   this teacher.     Earlier this year some of the students enjoyed ing, but gives    ments. The tree was also
    schools, Cady Memorial has      Yes, there        a snow day at Mt. Cranmore.                    students          decorated with donations
    fought to preserve the char-    is the daily Bible class and                 an opportunity to meet                to make up care packages
    acter of a one-room, multi-     the weekly worship with the the community and serve                                for injured soldiers from
    grade school. Teacher Sonia     pastor, but Edwards is teach- them as they come to pick                            the Iraq War. One package

          Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                                         Visit the Atlantic Union Web site

                                                                                                                              noRtheRn neW engLanD
The students made Christmas stockings for a soldier in Iraq.                        Hannah Leonard and Olivia Bragg petting an alligator on a recent trip to New England Reptile
was especially meaning-                            the important nutrients they     know Jesus there!”                                   Cady has a group of stu-
ful—the one being sent to                          need. Even language arts can        Cady may not have a huge                       dents about to graduate from
a soldier, church member                           be aided by activity. A young    playground, but it does have                      eighth grade, and will have
Tony Wilson. More recently,                        student struggling to learn      swings, slides, and a climb-                      openings this fall for fami-
Pastor Al Cyr and head elder                       long vowels, found they were     ing frame for daily recess.                       lies who want to avail them-
Jay Neil held a Breathe Free                       mastered much more easily        And once a week, students                         selves of the treasure of true
program. Students wanted                           when the words were written      pile into Mrs. Edwards van                        education at its best. Plans
to be part of this ministry                        on colored footprints, and       to make use of physical                           are in place to offer kinder-
too, so on graduation night                        she could hop a trail to learn   education facilities at the                       garten as well as grades 1-8.
they gladdened the celebra-                        them! This is a motivated,       village recreation center.                        There may be families who
tion with their music.                             enthusiastic classroom. How      Throughout the winter                             would like to consider mov-
   Academics also excel                            can students forget what         the school is able to enjoy                       ing to this area of outstand-
at Cady Memorial, but it                           they learned while having        downhill skiing at nearby                         ing natural beauty, in order
would be a rare sight to walk                      fun researching, building        Cranmore Mountain Ski                             to access Cady Memorial.
into the school and see the                        models and displays, and         Resort. Shortly after school                      Those interested may call
students confined to their                         going on field trips?            starts in September is anoth-                     Sonia Edwards at (603) 447-
desks. Edwards is not an                              The beauty of a small         er highlight—a whole week                         6298 for more information
“open your books to page                           school is that the teacher       of Outdoor School at Camp                         or to set up a visit.
101, and do the exercises,”                        knows each one individu-         Lawroweld, amid the lakes                          Jane Kuntz, evangelism correspondent
type teacher. Books are care-                      ally—his/her temperament,        and mountains of Maine.                               Northern New England Conference
fully selected and treasured,                      learning style, and special
but do not form the main-                          interests. She can become                                           LEGAL NOTICE
stay of the academic diet.                         equally acquainted with              Northern New England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Teaching and learning is                           each one’s emotional needs.         NOTICE is hereby given that a special constituency session of the Northern
                                                                                       New England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will be held at Pine Tree
very much project-oriented                         One student came to Cady            Academy, Freeport, Maine, on Sunday, June 24, 2007. The first meeting of the
and experiential. A recent                         from a very painful family          session is called for 10:00 a.m. The purpose of this meeting is to consider the
field trip to the Museum of                        break-up and divorce, but           two primary agenda items of building a new Conference Office/Heritage Center
                                                                                       and the forming of a single Corporation for all Conference business. Each church
Science in Boston sparked                          she found acceptance and            is entitled to one delegate for the organization and one additional delegate for
an entire unit on the human                        affirmation from the teacher        each fifteen members.
body. While older students                         and students alike. As she                                                                Michael F. Ortel, President
                                                                                                                                             Merlin L. Knowles, Secretary
compiled portfolios of the                         experienced understanding,
different body systems,                            warmth, and caring, heal-
first-grader Jasmine Kuntz                         ing began to take place, and
                                                                                                                       LEGAL NOTICE
drew around her own body                           she began to feel secure.                    Northern New England Conference of Seventh-day
and colored and named                              When asked by her father                     Adventists, Inc. and Maine Conference Association

her bones and muscles.                             if she wouldn’t prefer to go        NOTICE is hereby given that a special constituency session of the Northern
                                                                                       New England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc. and Maine Conference
Studying the body led to                           to public school, where she         Association will be held at Pine Tree Academy, Freeport, Maine, on Sunday, June
                                                                                       24, 2007. The first meeting of the session is called for 11:00 a.m. The purpose
health of the body, and stu-                       would have lots of friends          of this meeting is to consider the two primary agenda items of building a new
dents have been examining                          her age and a large, well-          Conference Office/Heritage Center and the forming of a single Corporation for all
                                                                                       Conference business. The delegates chosen for the regular session of the Northern
their diets to see how many                        equipped playground, this           New England Conference shall serve as delegates to the corporation session.
calories they are eating and                       little girl replied emphati-                                                              Michael F. Ortel, President
                                                                                                                                             Merlin L. Knowles, Secretary
whether they are getting all                       cally, “No Daddy. They don’t

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                                                         Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                
          Del Metellus Accepts New Education Evangelist Position
          T    he Southern New England
               Conference Executive
          Committee recently elected Del
                                                      nine years she was the principal of
                                                      Greater New York Academy. Most
                                                      recently, she served as director
                                                                                                                                         passion for Adventist education is
                                                                                                                                         absolutely contagious!”
                                                                                                                                           Conference president Frank
          Metellus as the new                                           of guidance for the                                              Tochterman added, “The days when
          education evangelist.                                         Greater New York                                                 parents automatically sent their chil-
          This newly-created                                            Conference.                                                      dren to our Seventh-day Adventist
          position was estab-                                              She attended                                                  schools are over. It’s more imperative
          lished to bring before                                        Andrews University                                               than ever that the church and school
          the constituency the                                          and received both a                                              work together to educate our par-
          importance of our                                             B.S.W. degree and a                                              ents on the importance of Adventist
          Adventist schools! In                                         M.A. degree in educa-                                            education. We need to prepare our
          her capacity as edu-                                          tion with an emphasis                                            children to live in eternity as well as
          cation evangelist, Del                                        in counseling. Del                                               to live in the world today.”
          will work with pas-                                           and her husband,                                                                       Tamara Michalenko Terry
          tors, principals, and                                         Louis, have two sons.                                                           assistant communication director
          church and school                                             Edmund graduated                                                              Southern New England Conference
          boards to more effec-               Del Metellus              from Southwestern
          tively promote the critical role of
          Adventist education in helping our
                                                      Adventist University in May and
                                                      Rendell is a sophomore at Andrews
                                                                                                                                            Camp Meeting
          children remain faithful Seventh-           University. Del enjoys outdoor                                                        Registration:
southeRn neW engLanD

          day Adventists as youth and adults. activities, especially if they involve
             Del is no stranger to Seventh-           water. She loves whitewater rafting!                                                  For more information or to reg-
          day Adventist education! She has                 “I am thrilled to have Del on our                                                ister for camp meeting, contact
          taught at all levels from elemen-           education team,” said Gary Swinyar,                                                   the Southern New England
          tary school through college. For            superintendent of schools. “Her                                                       Conference at (978) 365-4551.

    Students Gather to Share the Light
    S  outh Lancaster Academy
       (SLA) got a welcome
    change in schedule on
                                                     125th anniversary of Atlantic
                                                     Union College (AUC) and
                                                     SLA. The church was filled
                                                                                                                      dents squeezed in on the left
                                                                                                                      and into the balcony to join
                                                                                                                      the celebration. The pro-
                                                                                                                                                        Saturné introduced the
                                                                                                                                                        morning speaker, Donald
                                                                                                                                                        King, AUC board of trust-
    March 27 as the students                         to capacity as students from                                     gram started with an ener-        ees chair and Atlantic
    walked to the Village                            Browning and SLA filed in                                        getic song service by Kirosha     Union Conference presi-
    Church to celebrate the                          on the right and AUC stu-                                        Huggan, Milca Amich, and          dent. “Share the Light” was
                                                                                                                      Reevney St. Luc. It was fol-      the theme as he encouraged
                                                                                                                      lowed by a warm welcome           the youth of both campuses
                                                                                                                      from AUC president George         to be confident witnesses
                                                                                                                      Babcock and the opening           for Christ.
                                                                                                                      prayer by SLA principal              The service drew to a
                                                                                                                      Allyson Cram.                     close with the intonation of
                                                                                                                         As the musical portion         the hymn, “Jesus Is Coming
                                                                                                                      of the program began,             Again” and a solemn prayer
                                                                                                                      the audience was blessed          by AUC chaplain Luis
                                                                                                                      with the tremendous               Gracia. He thanked God
                                                                                                                      vocal abilities of Carline        for blessing our institutions
                                                                                                                      Waugh, soprano and music          with 125 years of Christian
                                                                                                                      major at AUC, as she sang         education. It was a very
                                                                                                                      “Upon the Rock,” empha-           enjoyable service and many
                                                                                                                      sizing Jesus as our rock          commented that events
                                                                                                    Cindy Kurtzhals

                                                                                                                      and stronghold. SLA’s             like these should happen
                                                                                                                      select choir, Vocé, sang          more often.
    Browning elementary and South Lancaster Academy students participate in the 125th anniversary                     “The Word” led by direc-                        Rebecca Barcelo, senior
    of Atlantic Union College at the Village Church in South Lancaster, Massachusetts.                                tor Robert Malin. Henry                       South Lancaster Academy

               Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                                                                    Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
Bob Daum Retires After 26 Years of Planned Giving & Trust Service

                                                                                                                                         southeRn neW engLanD
A   nyone who knows W. Robert (Bob)
    Daum knows that retirement is
merely a word. Bob is just as busy (if
                                                       California; Andrews University,
                                                       Michigan; Ohio Conference; New York
                                                       Conference; and at the Southern New
                                                                                                                                 ple around
                                                                                                                                 them by
                                                                                                                                 the use
not busier) after retirement than before.              England Conference for a total of 11                                      of the
  As a certified specialist in planned                 years (1980–1985 and 2001–2007).                                          resources
giving (CSPG), Bob has worked for more                   The mission of Bob’s preaching and                                      available
than 26 years as a director of planned                 teaching ministry is to help born-again                                   to them.
giving and trust services for the                      disciples of Christ…
Seventh-day Adventist Church in vari-                  • To know Jesus Christ enough to trust                                    will con-
ous locations: Pacific Union Conference,               Him with their tithes, offerings, and                                     tinue that
                                                                            even major gifts—                                    mission
                                                                            to trust Him with                                    while                     W. Robert Daum
  Students Let Freedom Ring                                                 all of their posses-                                 serving part-time for the Southern New

  E    ven with the largest
       snow of winter noth-
  ing could stop the young
                                                                            sions and life itself.
                                                                                                • To trust Jesus
                                                                                                                                 England Conference and part-time for
                                                                                                                                 It Is Written. When asked how long he
                                                                                                                                 expects to continue working part-time
                                                                                                Christ enough to
  people who were trained                                                                                                        for SNEC, Bob responded: “from 15 to
                                                                                                love Him with all
  and ready to deliver the                                                                                                       25 years—hoping the Lord comes way
                                                                                                their heart, mind,
  Word during their Let                                                                                                          before the end of that time.”
                                                                                                and will—in all of
  Freedom Ring evange-                                                                                                              Bob and his wife of 47 years, Mary Jo,
                                                                                                life’s joys, victories,
  listic series that began                                                                                                       have two adult children, Mike Daum and
                                                                                                trials, troubles,
  on Friday, March 16.                                                                                                           Terri Perrone. They are very proud of the
                                                                                                and frustrations.
  Using sermons written                                                                                                          fact that all five of their grandchildren
  by Skip Johnson, a pas-                                                                       • To love Jesus                  attend Seventh-day Adventist schools.
                                                                             Jerrell Gilkeson

  tor from the Stoneham,                                                                        Christ enough to                                               Tamara Michalenko Terry
  Massachusetts, district                                                                       give Him all that                                       assistant communication director
  students from Edgewood                                                                        they are, all that                                    Southern New England Conference
  elementary, Greater Boston Academy, and the Lynn                                              they have, and all
  church challenged listeners with fast-paced and
  timely connections between Bible characters and
                                                                                                that they ever hope
                                                                                                to be—to place all
                                                                                                                                    SNEC Legacy

  familiar names of today. Joshua Mendez, pictured                                              on the altar of God                     he Southern New England
  above, was one of the speakers who allowed God’s                                              in a “covenant by                       Conference Office of Planned
  freedom to ring in our lives. He is a freshman at                                             sacrifice.”                         Giving & Trust Services has a
  Greater Boston Academy.                                                                                                           new quarterly newsletter called
                                                                                                • To adopt Christ’s
    Information provided by Jerrell Gilkeson, Atlantic Union Conference                         mission to seek and                 leGaCy. Please call (978) 365-4551
                 associate director of education and children’s ministries                                                          ext. 27 if you would like a copy.
                                                                                                to save the lost peo-

    Growing in Christ
    T    he Little Lights Adventurer Club from the Merrimack
         Valley church held its first Adventurer Sabbath on
    March 3. Using the story of Zacchaeus the four-year-old
    little lambs shared how Jesus knows our name.
       Citing Saul’s experience on the way to Damascus, the six-
    to nine-year-old Adventurers told how Jesus comes looking
    for us.
       Jesus Himself said, “Unless you change and become
    like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of
    Heaven”—Matthew 18:3 (NIV). When we choose Him, He
    changes us!
                                                  Sherri Dovich, associate director
                                     Merrimack Valley Little Lights Adventurer Club
                                                                                                      Merrimack Valley Little Lights Adventurer Club on its first Adventurer Sabbath.

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                                                                    Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                          

6   Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007   Visit the Atlantic Union Web site

                            What’s cooking? Your career as a
                            chef in vegan/vegetarian culinary
                            arts—the new American cuisine!

                            C   hef instructors with 110 years combined
                                experience train future vegetarian chefs to
                            meet the demands of a society with a rapidly
                            growing vegetarian lifestyle. Apply now for
                            the one-year certificate program for the fall
                            semester. 1-800-282-2030, enroll@auc.edu

at www.atlantic-union.org              Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007      
                                                                                                  Adventist Single Adult Ministries convention,    managers, and directors to celebrate
  Sunset Table                                                                 Eastern Daylight
                                                                                 Saving Time
                                                                                                  July 5–7. Register for $179 through June
                                                                                                  26. Don’t miss the powerful speakers,
                                                                                                                                                   its 50th anniversary with programming
                                                                                                                                                   at Auburn Academy and Sunset Lake.
  July 2007                           6                  13            20              27         challenging seminars, fellowship with            Bring memorabilia to share. Call (253)
  Bangor, ME                         8:23               8:19          8:13            8:06                                                         681-6008 or visit www.sunsetlake.org
                                                                                                  other singles, networking opportuni-
  Portland, ME                       8:24               8:21          8:15            8:08
                                                                                                  ties, ministry training, Sabbath trip            for details.
  Boston, MA                         8:23               8:20          8:15            8:08
                                                                                                  to the Holy Land Experience, and
  South Lancaster, MA                8:26               8:22          8:17            8:11
                                                                                                  more. For more information visit www.
  Pittsfield, MA                     8:32               8:29          8:24            8:17
                                                                                                  PursueYourPassion2007.com or call
  Hartford, CT                       8:27               8:24          8:19            8:13
  New York, NY                       8:29               8:26          8:21            8:15
  Albany, NY                         8:33               8:30          8:25            8:18
                                                                                                  calling all alumni and friends of Southern
  Utica, NY                          8:42               8:39          8:33            8:27
                                                                                                  Adventist University! A supper meeting
  Syracuse, NY                       8:46               8:42          8:37            8:30
                                                                                                  will be held Sabbath, June 30, in the
  Rochester, NY                      8:52               8:48          8:43            8:36
                                                                                                  Union Springs Seventh-day Adventist
  Buffalo, NY                        8:56               8:52          8:47            8:40
  Hamilton, Bda                      8:27               8:25          8:22            8:18
                                                                                                  Church fellowship hall at 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                  Please RSVP to Rob Raney at (423)
                                                                                                  236-2781 or rraney@southern.edu.
                                                       Adventists, laurelton, new York, will be   Families are welcome!
         AtlAntic Union                                celebrating its 80th anniversary during
                                                                                                  June 23—Sunset lake camp in Wilkeson,
                                                       the week of Aug. 25–Sept. 2. Theme:
                                                      “To the Next Level…Heaven Next.”            Wash., invites former staff members,
AtlAntic Union collEGE
Earn the degree you’ve always wanted without           All former members and friends are
sacrificing your professional or personal life. The    encouraged to join us. For more infor-
Adult Degree Program at Atlantic Union                 mation call (718) 527-1950 or visit our

                                                                                                        ADVENTIST SINGLES
College in South Lancaster, Mass., is a flexible       Web site: www.lindensdachurch.org.
program designed so you can continue to
                                                       SoUtHERn nEW EnGlAnD

                                                                                                        MINISTRIES RETREAT
work while pursuing your education goals.
                                                      South lancaster Academy Alumni cruise
Design studies around personal interests and
                                                      to Alaska, July 9–20. This time we are
earn prior learning credit for life experience.
                                                      heading for Alaska. Two options are
There are two mandatory 2-week seminars
in January and July. The next seminar is July
                                                      being offered. A 7 day cruise only from                            Camp Cherokee
                                                      Vancouver, BC to Anchorage (Whittier)
8–19, 2007. Info: l-800-282-2030, (978)
368-2300, adp@auc.edu.
                                                      or a 12 day Sea and Land tour which                               August 23–26, 2007
                                                      continues on to Denali via glass domed
Degree in chaplaincy—If you are a working             train where we spend two nights, then
adult who wants to specialize in chap-                to Fairbanks for two additional nights.        Activities Include: boating, canoeing, surfing, sailing,
laincy ministries, a new master’s degree in           For more information contact our trav-         tennis, hiking, swimnming, horsebackriding, basketball,
education with a concentration in chap-               el agent: Kathy Rice at (215) 412-8367,
                                                      e-mail: krice@aaaeastpenn.com. Also            and more.
laincy is now being offered. There are
twice yearly intensives—two weeks each                contact June Harris, at (978)368-1667,
                                                      e-mail: ronald.harris3@comcast.net.            For more information on this seminar call Carmen
on campus—January and May. A 3-year
completion is possible and financial aid is                                                          Gonzalez at (315) 468-6915, or Barbara Bridgers at
available. chaplaincy@auc.edu.                                 oUt-oF-Union                          the New York Conference office (315) 469-6921.
noRtHEAStERn                                                                                         Fees: August 23–26: $95                               August 24–27: $65
the linden church of Seventh-day                       come to orlando, Florida, for the first
                                                                                                              Don’t miss out on a great time! Register now.

                                                                                                     Name:_ _________________________________

                                                                                                     Address:_ _______________________________



                            2007 Alumni Weekend                                                      Mail Registration to:
                              October 26–27, 2007                                                    Tpk.,_Syracuse,_NY_13215._Make_checks_payable_to_New_
       Honor Classes: 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002                                             York_Conference_–_Singles_Ministries.
   For more details visit the alumni section of the Pine Tree                                          Adventist Singles Ministries is active in New York!
       Academy Web site at www.pinetreeacademy.org

                Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                                                               Visit the Atlantic Union Web site

at www.atlantic-union.org   Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007   
                                                          DEGrEE OPPOrTUnITIES
                                                           FOr WOrkInG ADULTS
                                                               Attend short seminars and earn your degree from home
                                                          Associate Degrees:	      Para	Education	        Business
                                                          Bachelor’s Degrees:	     Art	                   English	
                                                          	                        Behavioral	Science	    History	
                                                          	                        Business	              Psychology	
                                                          	                        Communication	         Religion
                                                          Interdisciplinary Majors:	 BA	Liberal	Arts	    BA	Humanities
                                                          	                          BA	General	Science	 BA	in	Social	Science
                                                          Teacher Licensure:	      Early	Childhood	       Elementary	
                                                          baccalaureate	           English	               History	
                                                          & post baccalaureate
                                                          Teacher Licensure	       Early	Childhood	       Elementary	
                                                          baccalaureate	           Biology	               Math	
                                                          	                        English	               Music	
                                                          	                        History	               Spanish
                                                                  •	Keep	your	job	and	complete	your	degree	at	home	
                                                                  •	Develop	a	unit	of	study	in	your	area	of	interest	
                                                                  •	Earn	college	credit	for	prior	learning	experience
                                                                          Apply for July 8–19, 2007 Seminar

                                                           978-368-2300 • adp@auc.edu • www.auc.edu

                                                              Washington Sabbath
                                                                August 4, 2007

                                                               Seventh-day Adventist Church
                                                          Main Street, Washington, New Hampshire

                                Tell the
                                Tell Atlantic
                                                                                 James Nix
                                                                           Ellen G. White Estates

                                                                 Sabbath School . . . . . . . . . . . .9:30 a.m.
                                                                 Worship Service . . . . . . . . . . .11:00 p.m.
                                                                 Health Presentation . . . . . . . . . . Afternoon

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          Atlantic Union Adventist Media
               Union-Wide Offering

             August 11, 2007                                                                      The Official Publication for the Constituents
                                                                                                  of the Seventh-day Adventist® Church in the
                                                                                                      Northeast United States and Bermuda
                                                                                                              Established January 1, 1902
                                                                                                  Atlantic Union Conference
                                                                                          400 Main Street, South Lancaster, MA 01561
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         Atlantic Union Conference, 400 Main Street, South Lancaster, MA 01561         Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle C. Simmons
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                                                                                       Health Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle C. Simmons
                                                                                       Human Relations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle C. Simmons
                                                                                       Information Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Russell E. Wecker
                                                                                       Ministerial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Donald G. King
                                                                                       Ministerial, Assistant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Louis B. Metellus
                                                                                       Ministerial, Assistant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dionisio Olivo
                                                                                       Personal Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trevor S. Forbes
                                                                                       Plant Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Manfred H. Suckert
                                                                                       Prayer Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle C. Simmons
                                                                                       Prison Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Louis B. Metellus
                                                                                       Public Affairs/Religious Liberty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Charles Eusey
                                                      Ages 12–18                       Revolving Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Clifford O. Pope

                                                July 16-20, 2007                       Sabbath School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dionisio Olivo
                                                                                       Stewardship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Leon D. Thomassian
                                                                                       Trust Services/Inner City/Loss Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Leon D. Thomassian
                                                                                       Women’s Ministries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Charlotte L. V. Thoms
                                                       With                            Youth Ministries/Pathfinder/Adventurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . William Wood
                                                 Coach Sandy Smith
                                                                                                            Local Conferences and Institutions
                                          Former Draft Pick of the Phoenix Suns
                                                                                       Bermuda: Jeffrey Brown, President; Kenneth Manders, Secretary; Derek R.
                                                                                       Furbert, Treasurer. Office Address: Box 1170, Hamilton, Bermuda. (441) 292-
                                                 Nelson Field House                    4110. Web site: www.tagnet.org/bdaconf
                                         on the Campus of Atlantic Union College       Greater New York: Richard Marker, President; G. Earl Knight Secretary;
                                              South Lancaster, Massachusetts           Benjamin Santana, Treasurer. Office Address: 7 Shelter Rock Rd., Manhasset, NY
                                                                                       11030. (516) 627-9350. Web site: www.greaternewyork.org
                                                                                       New York: Stan Rouse, President; Angel Rodríguez, Secretary; Doug Falle,
                                             Time: 9:00 a.m.–4:45 p.m.                 Treasurer. Office Address: 4930 West Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13215.
                                               (Bring your own lunch)                  (315) 469-6921. Web site: www.nyconf.com
                                                                                       Northeastern: Trevor H. C. Baker, President; Larry Bailey, Secretary; Ebenezer
                                                                                       Agboka, Treasurer. Office Address: 115-50 Merrick Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11434.
                                                      Fee: $125.00                     (718) 291-8006. Web site: www.northeastern.org
                                                                                       Northern New England: Mike Ortel, President; Merlin Knowles, Secretary;
                                   For more information and an application, write:     Robert Sundin, Treasurer. Office Address: 91 Allen Ave., Portland, ME 04103.
                                    Coach Sandy Smith, PO Box 1142, So. Lancaster,     (207) 797-3760. Web site: www.nnec.org
                                       MA 01561 or e-mail sandy.smith@auc.edu.         Southern New England: Frank Tochterman, President; Juan Borges, Secretary;
                                                                                       Randall Terry, Treasurer. Office Address: 34 Sawyer St., South Lancaster, MA
                                                                                       01561. (978) 365-4551. Web site: www.sneconline.org
                                                                                       Atlantic Union College: George P. Babcock, President; 338 Main Street, South
                                                                                       Lancaster, MA 01561; (978) 368-2000. Web site: www.atlanticuc.edu

at www.atlantic-union.org                                                              Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 2007                                                          1
 ATlANTiC_uNioN_GleANer__              u.S._Postage
 55_WeST_oAk_ridGe_drive_                  PAid
  HAGerSToWN,_Md_21740               Hagerstown,_Md



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